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Oh man oh man, you guys. I am OVERJOYED to talk about this! <3

Jaal’s first “oh, damn” moment came during the initial excursions on Havarl. He, Vetra, and Gemma had been slogging through some dense plant growth for hours when he spotted a shortcut from his childhood. It involved a lot of climbing, and Vetra gave him a (gentle) hard time about it, but what Jaal remembers is Gemma staring up the incline, a little frown on her still-strange face. When he asked her what she was doing, she said “I’m trying to figure out if I can do it in four boosts, or three”. Then she grinned at him, and said “I bet three,” and took off. He watched her jet to the first outcropping of rock, catch it, and leverage herself up, and then keep going. 

She made it in three, and laughed when she reached the top. 

He lost his handhold just before he reached her, the rock crumbling under his hand, but Gemma was already there, so fast he never even knew she had moved, and she had her hand locked around his wrist before he could yell for help. And to this day, he remembers the jolt that went through him at the contact, and how her grip did not falter – and how bright her eyes were as she pulled him up. Oh, he thought. This feels familiar. 

No, he added, only to himself, when Gemma – this alien woman – grinned up at him, this feels good. 


Gemma’s moment came later; it was seeing him on Aya, after they rescued the Moshae. She found him on a balcony, looking out over a forest so green it hurt her eyes. For the first time since she woke up, she had a moment to pause, and breathe, and not worry about getting attacked, and she was happy to just bask in the sunlight and the rustle of wind through the leaves with a friend. 

She would have been content to stay quiet – Jaal didn’t owe her conversation after all her prodding back on the Tempest and in the Nomad – but he started pointing out the farms where he had worked as a teenager, his favorite place to watch the sunset, the races he and his siblings used to run near that river to the west – and she felt every knot in her spine coming undone. 

He spoke with so much love for everything around him, and Gemma was so tired and lonely and hating being either of those things that she started crying. She’d always been one for a good stress-relief cry, but this was exhaustion, and longing for home, and grief, and the pressure of knowing everything depended on her. 

She tried to keep quiet about it – not really good diplomacy to start bawling in public, especially if you were the damn Pathfinder – but when Jaal noticed, he just put his arm around her shoulders and told her no one would shame her for this, of all things. 

Gemma tried to make a joke – cover my back for a few minutes till I stop looking like a boiled tomato, okay? – but he was looking at her so sincerely, so gently, that she just nodded and maybe – maybe – leaned into him a little. Jaal was alien, half his people wanted to kill her, and she didn’t really blame them – but he was warm, and solid, and he didn’t let go till her tears were done. 

Relationship story

the-angst-alchemist submitted: 

 I’ve been in a long-distance relationship with the best polysexual bigender I’ve ever met for two years now. I’m an asexual demi-homoromantic, and she understands how I am about sex and all that crud. When we actually got to be together in real life again instead of just online, we just cuddled for three straight hours while drawing and writing together.

Both of us love to write, draw, and theorize together, and that helps us to hold on to each other even as we’re kept apart by distance. It’s amazing and I love my girlfriend so much, since both of us can automatically will resort to “OH MY GOODNESS DEAR DO YOU REMEMBER THIS PART OF X SHOW” and we can just scream over everything together.

And yeah.

I love her, and she loves me, and we’re gonna travel the nation and gay it all up together in an Airstream. It’s gonna be good.

3 am_Kim Taehyung

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A/N: Leaving this here (along with the adorable squishy GIF) before I climb into bed forever…I take requests as inspiration so please, please, always feel free to send in prompts/requests and ideas that you would like! Goodnight, my loves~

With only three hours past the mark of a new day, the murky night still has yet to bid its goodbyes to the sky; making sure the gleaming stars stay lifelessly pinned, almost as if it were bowing down to the shimmering, crescent moon during its final hours of viewing.

At 3 am, the shrill calling of crickets can still be heard at the break of day from the far neighborhoods away. The occasional passing of cars can still be seen from the distance of a window, illuminating the moving specks of light that paint the darkening bedrooms.

But for you,

3 am is reserved for late-night conversations with Taehyung as the both of you snuggle underneath the plush blankets, too comfortable to let go of each other’s delicate embrace. And although you’d usually already have your eyes half-lidded by now, threatening to drown into a hazy pool of slumber after the hard day’s work, you somehow end up catching yourself still awake, giggling at the way his nose adorably scrunches as he reenacts the characters for each of the precious stories he tells.

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I’m solo parenting today… plrease save me.  Io is at a work thing until almost midnight.  Demon goat decided to wake up about three hours early. :(  And has been a complete handful since.

I’ve finally given in and have given him Yuri on Ice and he he is the happiest demon goat ever now.  Only made happier when he can love the cat too much.  Seriously, our cat is stupidly good with him.  The most patient cat soul in the universe.  (Maine Coon mix, if anyone is interested – our new cat (comes home on the 21st of April!!!!!!) is a Norwegian Forest Cat – purebred, but no papers))

(Also Viktor just stood up in the Onsen and declared himself to be Yuuri’s coach and I don’t think I’ll ever get over that wink, omg.  Viktor how are you so EXTRA, you pining fool. <3 <3 <3)

Friends, can we talk about how it’s been a little over two months now since the breakup with my ex and everything is turning out different than I thought?

I stepped into the next season, knowing it would be intensely hard and painful to try and heal from abuse with a broken and bruised heart. It has been. Some days, it still is. I expected to be walking with a fragile heart for a long time.

But now? Now I am entering a new season – and I am slightly terrified. There’s this guy who started talking to me a month ago. We met last summer at a Christian conference and talked a couple times – I can remember thinking he was nice but there was nothing more than that. But for some reason, a month ago he messaged me and a few days later we Skyped. Then he called me again. For the last three weeks, we have talked every day for at least two hours. We have both been so surprised, at how easy it is for us to talk with each other, how much we enjoy it and how much fun we have. How good it is.

The thing is, he makes me happy. He constantly points me towards Christ and we talk a lot about God and church and ministry. He makes me laugh easily. He is always there to listen to whatever worries there are going through my mind – and then he tells me what the Bible says about it. He gives good, biblical advice. He constantly encourages me and edifies me.

These days he usually calls me on his way home from work. Sometimes he calls me on his break at work, if he knows I don’t have classes at the time. We Skype every night and it feels weird if we don’t. He texts me here and there throughout the day. It feels weird if he doesn’t, as I’ve gotten so used to it.

I never expected this, never saw this one coming.

“I’ll leave it at flat colors”, I say as I begin detailing the pores on a character’s nose. 

“It’ll just be a quick little picture”, I continue, painting in 30.000 individual hairs on the character’s body.

“It’ll take an hour tops,” I whisper. What date is it? How long have I been working on this piece? I can’t recall the last time I saw the sun. I’m no longer sure where my ass ends and the chair begins.

I spend the next three hours moving an eye back and forth by a single pixel.


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degenezijde  asked:

Except for the "sulking after an argument" bc what argument

excuse me we totally have arguments. like just this week what do you mean *I* didn’t bring the remote just because you don’t share genes with it doesn’t mean you’re not responsible for it and what about the recurring how dare you be this cute fights and how can you forget the bane of our existence,  you’re-the-cutest-no-you

WREN CHAVEZ (cismale & he/him) has finally made an appearance at the Statue of Liberty. This TWENTY THREE year-old has lived in New York City for EIGHT months and are currently residing in RIVERDALE which is in the BRONX borough. Their neighbors will oftentimes call them AFFABLE but on their worst days they can be a bit OPINIONATED. Some claim that they look like FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI, but I don’t really see it. 

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the three adhd moods
  • can’t do it because im bored and nothing is interesting
  • can’t do it because im overwhelmed and im one slightly dissapointed glance away from crying for the next week
  • can’t do it because this one thing has had my full entire attention for the past three days and i think ive gotten two hours of sleep in that time and my blood has been replaced with coffee
  • A Ravenclaw pumped up on six cups of highly sugared coffee, a five hour energy, and three packs of skittles: listen man I can tell you 43 different types of birds and every feasible fact about the book I'm reading but if I have to name one more goddamn constellation I'm shoving this star chart up Galileo's ass

Dumb headcanon of the day: it’s very rare, but every so often Victor and Yuuri will get in a bad enough argument where they’ll try to give each other the cold shoulder and go off by themselves to sulk, but it never lasts more than 24 hours at the absolute tops because they’re the most pathetic sad babies when they have to be away from each other, and their friends usually intervene because they can’t put up with this nonsense.

Three hours after the fight about Victor forgetting their anniversary Phichit calls Victor’s phone and is like, ‘um, hi, this is Phichit! Yuuri came over to my place and he just ate an entire gallon of ice cream while watching sad movies and I think he’s in a legit food coma now and I’m kinda scared so can you come over and patch things up with him right now please??’

‘Uh, actually, this is Yuri. I just answered Victor’s phone because it rang like twenty times. That dumbass came to practice but then he just lay down on the ice and cried, and all the tears made his stupid face stick to the ice and Mila is trying to pry him off now, so it’s gonna be a while.’

I’ve been in love before, it’s like a narcotic. At first it brings the euphoria of complete surrender. The next day you want more. You’re not addicted yet, but you like the sensation, and you think you can still control things. You think about the person you love for two minutes then forget them for three hours. But then you get used to that person, and you begin to be completely dependent on them. Now you think about him for three hours and forget him for two minutes. If he’s not there, you feel like an addict who can’t get a fix. And just as addicts steal and humiliate themselves to get what they need, you’re willing to do anything for love.
—  Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

so I suppose that this scene still takes place in/near Berlin

next scene, they just arrived at Leipzig airport

which means these three huge guys sat the entire way from Berlin to Leipzig in this tiny car

y’all know it’s actually a two hours trip from Berlin to Leipzig, right? (if you’re driving fast) (but this is Germany so you can go however fast you want) (on the other hand, how fast will that car go?…)

so, @marvel, where is the two hours real time footage of Steve, Bucky and Sam in that small ass car on the road? hand it over

I don’t think people realize what rare and beautiful gifts really good full AMVs are.

Like… that’s hard. Really, really hard.

Something I’ve learned is that the longer you’ve been editing, the more time it takes to make an edit, which is probably the reason AMVs can take literal months to make, and most vidders usually cut the songs down and/or make short edits.

To keep up consistently good timing, clip choice, pacing, transitions, effects, and possibly even masking or typography over give or take three and a half minutes of song is a huge challenge.

It’s generally considered to take three hours to edit one minute of a movie. Apply that here, and we have it taking about nine hours for a fairly short AMV… and given that we don’t get paid to make these, and have to wrestle with hitting every single beat of the song, it can take much longer.

And we also have to keep our motivation up, find time to edit, not grow to detest the song, and struggle with technical difficulties. All of that is really grating.

I’ve been editing for a couple months over a year now, and, while I started out making almost exclusively full AMVs, I can’t do that anymore. I’ve improved a lot, and by this point, using the whole song is intimidating and requires a level of dedication that I could not possibly achieve every time I edit.

It’s been literally a year since the last time I’ve edited a full-length song that I didn’t trim.

So if you find an awesome full AMV, appreciate it! Tell the vidder that you love it!

I’m honestly just so in awe of AMVs and the people who edit them. Vidders are really badass.

Cherish them and their work.

Cocoa the Obnoxious Familiar

(I’m the proud player of a grumpy fighter, and my wonderful DM plays her obnoxious bearded vulture familiar.)

Cocoa: *mentally* Can I eat the old guy?

Fighter: He’s not even dead yet. Go wait, I guess if he drops dead you’ll have first dibs.

Cocoa: YAY! *flies off*

*two hours pass before she comes back*


Fighter: *exasperated* You waited two hours!

Cocoa: Nonono, I counted, see! *stomping a foot with each count* One ever, two ever, three ever, FOUR EVER!

Fighter: I’m questioning all of my life choices.


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A/N: I fought through some wicked writer’s block for this (apologies in advance for if it’s not great) so I hope I can get properly back on track now I’ve forced myself out of my rut 

Request: Archie x River vixen!reader where they make out in Freds truck and he catches them.

Word Count: 1,682

Warnings:There’s some heavy duty smooching involved.

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brought to you by me spending midnight to six thirty am in the airport, the obligatory “dregs stuck overnight in an airport” post, written by me on no sleep

  • nina heads immediately for the late-night coffee shop
  • matthias is that friend who’s like “we should probably try and sleep” and insists that sleeping on seats in the departure lounge is manageable, also refuses to admit that nobody can fall asleep on them and lies there for a good three hours just to make a point
  • jesper spends a good amount of time just walking around and exploring, wandering in and out of all the shops, going up and down stairs and corridors just to see what’s there (until an irate security guard pointedly redirects him back into the central departure lounge).  he probably drags wylan with him 
  • there’s a small twenty-four hour restaurant that they both end up at and spend most of the night in.  they order full meals and drinks just because they can, and stay way past the time the staff should have made them leave.  wylan falls asleep sometime after four, lying across one of the benches with his head on jesper’s legs
  • jesper is more than alright with this arrangement.  sitting there absentmindedly running a hand through wylan’s hair and people-watching is more peaceful than you might expect a relatively crowded airport to be in the early hours of the morning
  • after a few hours, matthias finally admits defeat and joins nina at the coffee shop.  she grins and wordlessly slides a mug over to him.  they have a makeshift date in the early hours of the morning (matthias tells nina about the book he’s reading.  she makes him listen to an entire album of obnoxious pop music she stole from jesper.) and it’s actually matthias’ favourite part of the whole trip
  • kuwei’s been in the corner with his headphones and a book since they checked in, but will occasionally look up to complain about how uncomfortable the seats are or how long they’re waiting.  he’s also that asshole that can fall asleep anywhere and eventually does just that, curled up on one of the airport seats in the most uncomfortable-looking position, but he’s fine
  • nina finds out the duty free shop is open all night and almost misses boarding with how long she’s in there.  she emerges with armfuls of new purchases and has to sit on her suitcase to make them all fit
  • kaz is Not a fan of airports.  they’re too busy and bright and crowded and there’s nowhere comfortable to sit if you can even find an empty seat, there’s too many tourists, everything is overpriced,
  • he probably just sits in the least-crowded area he can find, sipping coffee and scrolling on his phone.  after a while, inej joins him.  she doesn’t sleep well in airports so they spend a couple of hours just sitting together in silence, until at one point kaz looks up and sees inej has fallen asleep, head resting on folded arms and hair falling across the table.  it doesn’t affect him in the slightest, not at all, he’s definitely not staring
  • (he certainly doesn’t drape his jacket around her shoulders before going back to his coffee and his phone.  nina didn’t see a thing.  shut up, nina.)