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How YOU can help Wayward Sisters Succeed!!!

Guys. It’s happening, very VERY soon our screens with see the glory of the spin off we’ve hoped for and dreamed of and campiagned for FOR YEARS. It’s gonna be AMAZING and now it’s up to us to do everything we can to help it succee and show the network and powers that be that we want a series.

Now, most of us aren’t Nielsen families but that’s okay! There’s SO MUCH we can do to support the show,


Nielsen and the network track tagged tweets, so twitter users within the US should tweet WITH THE #Supernatural hashtag from three hours before the airing to one hour after! 

Things to remember:

  • Only TWO Hashtags  #Supernatural and #WaywardSisters 
    • Yes, it’s WaywardSisters, not Wayward, per Bobo. But it’s the Supernatural one that is tracked,
  • Check your hash tag, make sure the final letter is an L and not a capital I, becuase twitter will autofill the wrong one,
  • One way to be fast is to cut and paste both hash tags and just add them to tweets quickly.
  • Don’t live in the US, don’t worry, tag a USian and if they retweet you, it counts.

Also, tag the writers and actresses in LOVE. There is gonna be a LOT of bullshit from the antis clogging up the waves and so we have to drown out their hate with Love and positivity!!!!

2. View the episode online

There are LOTS of ways that you can watch the episode that the network tracks: The CW app or Website, iTunes and Amazon. Anything that is LEGAL and trackable will count! 

3. Rate the a ten episode on IMDB!

You can log in easily if you have a facebook account!

All in all, be LOUD, be positive and most importantly, be WAYWARD AS FUCK!!

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Alright, now I'm utterly stuck, I've been as 'nice' as demonically possible, have resisted throwing them into the gator pit with the other useless ones, made sure they've been eating three times a day, even given them several hours of the day to stop working and relax! And instead of being thankful and falling for me, THEY THINK I'M PLANNING SOMETHING BIGGER TO DO TO THEM. Are we SURE the shackles aren't a good idea? Would be easier than this at this point... -Angrily Lovesick

“Do n-not use shackles. You can’t just expect them t-to fall head over heels just like that only because you’re being nice now, especially if you didn’t treat them well before.”

Obviously you have conditioned them to fear you. Going by human nature, that’s going to take some time to fix, if you can even fix it at all. It all depends on how much work you’re willing to put in at this point, really. If what you’re looking for is for them to truly feel the same way about you as you do about them, then your methods are garbage. Change your approach. You’d really save yourself a lot of grief if you just bloody talk to them, for one thing.”

“But by all means, if you’re too impatient for that and all you want is to force them to stay in your presence and use them for whatever urges you need satisfied, then go with the shackles. Those unwilling to put in the necessary work to achieve their means aren’t worth helping.”


A Drop from Heaven Ch. 5

Summary: Kory Anders— a recently divorced single mother has been struggling to provide for her daughter Mar’i. After moving to Gotham for a fresh start she runs into a player, Dick Grayson.

Grayson expects a one night stand, but can’t couldn’t help falling in love with Kory and her little munchkin.

  • I was going to add more but I have so much homework to do, so if I have any grammar problems it’s because I was in the bus going home after a three hour exam so pls. Just give me feedback and enjoy!!

Mature content, angst, fluff will be included later!

Chapters: Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 (or go under #Koriandr-s writes)

Chapter 5

My heart was racing, I could hear the repetitive thumbs humming throughout my ear. My palms were sweaty with the feeling of the unknown. There’s never been a period in time when I would go home and have the want to bring another man into my house.

Bringing Dick into my home would mean he won a place in my heart. He had to manage breaking my stubborn wall of heart breaks and anger. That of course wasn’t directly towards him but at all men.

This wasn’t just about Kory being in love or falling in love. It was about whether Dick would run away because of Mar’i.

I expect him to take that sign and leave but he came back. The determination streaming from his eyes and soul into mine.

My heart hitches in my throat, I couldn’t—cannot let myself fall into the unknown destiny that could possibly spark between Dick and I. Mar’i came first which was why all access to men was invalid.

The game of wack-a-mole was accurate to my life. I wacked Dick with me having a daughter and he stepped right back out ready to be wacked again.

Hmm—I exhaled, relieving the stress and heartache building in my chest.

Keep reading

GAHHHHHH 3 and a half hours of work on the Overlords design for the comic. He’s going to have three forms and be very difficult with his designs.

I just wanted to give him an elegant yet deadly look to his uniform I had like three to four ideas for his outfit and tried all of the, before settling on this I actually love this design. (His arms are showing but you can’t really tell and he’s wearing like arm band like metal things) I need to color these all next

Next up I think I’m going to do either Kai, Nya, or Jay


Hullo hullo!
I did a lil sketch of each of my gay boys, Malakos got a haircut bc I somehow couldn’t draw long curly hair. But since peeps be interested in my bois, I decided to share some more bout them (lol cause it only took me three stinking weeks to give em personalities)
Rory (wing dings)
-short and angry
-that’s his entire personality
-but seriously
-he short as heck and pissed about it
-hotheaded and has a “dummy brain” that can only be engaged by challenges and insults
-but seriously this boy is little and self conscious so don’t call him out or he’ll get mad and sob into his pillow in the wee hours of the morning
-also collects sea shells!!(like religiously)
Malakos (Tails the Fox)
-this child is the sweetest bean you will meet this side of the sea
-almost nice to a fault
-gets pushed around quite easily
-but he’s workin on it
-petted a shark once
-just honestly
-nice bean
-likes ocean life because he can pet fishes n shit how rad is that
-steps the heckidy up tho if you mess with his fwends
-kind of

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I bet no one woke NY!Corrin up because the night before he insisted that he would wake himself up, that he wants to be more independent so "yeah don't worry guys I'll wake up on time I swear! Do NOT wake me up no matter what, I can totally do it!" Cue Takumi, Azura, and Camilla the next morning taking Corrin out for comfort treats after he sadly showed up three hours late.

Awww no, the poor dear! XD But it’s so cute to imagine!! 

Get to know me!

Rules: Answer the questions and then tag 20 people to learn more about them.                       

I was tagged by: @umacaking

Name: Jamie

Gender: Female

Height: 5’2

Zodiac: Pisces

Sexuality: Straight

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Animal: Dogs, but I just recently got two kittens (Luna and Artemis) and they are my first cats. So, I’m excited!

Average Sleep: usually 4-5 hours.

Dogs or Cats: BOTH <3

Number of Blankets I Sleep with: It´s so cold these days I use three.

Dream Trip: Italy

When and Why I Joined Tumblr: Can´t remember exactly, I think it was early 2015, but I didn’t become active until August 2016. I originally got into Tumblr because of @keichanz when I read she used prompts from Tumblr and posted stories in her blog. I loved her writing and so I became active and met wonderful people through her. ❤

Number of Followers: 461 and I love all of you!

I’m Going to Tag: @keichanz @artistefish @mmhinman @akiza-hades-rose @shardetector @mustardyellowsunshine @grapefruitwannabe @inuyashaeienni @astarisms @blacksteel-art @kagomeforever @doginabirdcage @poetaprohibido @kittyburrito69 @sassybratt9791 @britonell and whoever else. I ran out of people to tag and I’m not sure whose done it already. 😔

i’ve got one thing to say...

guys, i have a huge test tomorrow.

it consists in 4 school subjects and each subject has three questions to answer, for a total of 12 open questions. the subjects are science, physics (which i know nothing about), philosophy and english. my classmates and i basically have to know the entire program of the first semester of each single subject, and the questions can be very vague or extremely detailed.

i’m gonna try to study everything most of the stuff and i’ll probably reach the first hours of tomorrow, like 1 am, which is waay past my bedtime. so please understand that this is my priority right now. another couple of tests are coming up for me (latin and greek literature) and i need to know the entire program for those subjects as well (but it’s not for tomorrow).

i’m saying this because i cannot guarantee my presence here on tumblr. these tests are very important and my #1 priority at the moment. i will be online during the weekends because i also need some time to recollect and distract myself from school, and i will attempt to write some stuff during the weekends (that’s literally the only time i have to allow myself some free time as well) but i won’t be online as much.

for the people i usually talk to on here: i’m not ignoring you. i promise. i just have a lot of stuff going on at the moment and i won’t even have the time to pee or breathe, particularly today. i’ll try to answer as soon as i can, though (the same goes with asks).

anyways, if you’ve arrived til here, thank you so much for reading and for your support. it means the world to me, really. i just want january to end already. it’s been a terrible 2018 for now, but i hope it gets better.

lots of love xo

Grad school Tumblr, I have a question.

I’m a current MA student studying Hispanic Studies, with a graduate minor in French. To maintain this, I need to take 36 credit hours for the Hispanic Studies MA and an additional 9 hours for the French minor; in specifically focusing on literature in both subject areas.

Normally, one would take 9 credit hours/semester, but I’m taking 12 so I can make up for the minor. I have four semesters of assistantship, which can our be extended.

I was used to taking 19-22 credit hours/semester for undergrad, but I’m aware that grad school is different. I know it’s a lot more work.

It’s possible that I will be taking 6 hours for the MA over the summer, but if not, would it be bad to anticipate three semesters where I’m taking 12 credit hours?

Any input would be appreciated!

“If the love of surgery is a proof of a person’s being adapted for it, then certainly I am fitted to be a surgeon; for thou can’st hardly conceive what a high degree of enjoyment I am from day to day experiencing in this bloody and butchering department of the healing art. I am more and more delighted with my profession.”

— Lord Joseph Lister

A friend once asked me how I manage to do my tasks so efficiently. I wrote a 500-word essay in 20 minutes. I finished my math homework and studied for a quiz in the half hour before morning assembly. I sleep at 9 pm on most nights. But how can I possibly achieve that?

I’ve seen people, even good students, check their phone every minute or two as they’re studying. I’ve seen students “study” for six hours straight, meaning taking down some notes then watching a YouTube video then reading their textbook then opening Instagram… you know what I mean.

My advice is to commit to whatever you’re doing. Not too long ago, another friend asked me, “Jo, do you ever get distracted at home?” to which I replied, “Distracted by what?” They told me about how they always have the urge to check their phones, talk to their friends, or get some food.  I can’t say I never get distracted, but it very rarely happens to me because I focus on what I’m doing–and only what I’m doing. Here’s how:

1. During the time I allocate for working, I turn my phone to airplane mode (with WiFi switched off, of course). No messages or notifications will distract me from what I’m currently doing. Recently, though, I’ve left my phone on in case there’s anything important. There might an RMUN photoshoot tomorrow, or a Physics quiz, or a music showcase. I know myself well enough to know that I have the discipline to do nothing more than glance at the notification. However, if this isn’t true for you, then I suggest you keep your phone on airplane mode.

2. When I allocate time for relaxing, that’s all I do. No homework. No textbooks. No opening emails as they come. Just me and a good book or Photoshop or the piano or something. That way, I can satiate my thirst to relax within the half hour or so and not crave more when I start working

As for music, it’s been proven that music makes you less productive when trying to recall and absorb information (studying, in other words). Music only makes you happier when you’re doing things but not more productive.

By this, I don’t only mean which ones are most urgent, but which ones you can’t accomplish anywhere other than at home. For example, let’s say you have these three tasks: a) research about structural unemployment; b) write a poem with the theme of death; c) answer some questions about quantum physics; d) do a problem set about implicit functions; and e) memorize a set of chemical reactions. This is how I would do them:

  • Write the poem on the way to school. Maybe this is just because I like poetry. And because I can’t write when other people are around. I’d probably get a first draft done by the time I get home.
  • Do the research about structural unemployment. My school’s WiFi is terrible.
  • Answer the quantum physics questions. The new information is still fresh in my brain and doing the homework will help me revise, easing the process of spaced repetition.
  • Memorize the chemical reactions before I go to bed. Studying before you sleep is supposed to improve your memory, and since my memory is terrible, that’s exactly what I’ll do.
  • Do the implicit functions problem set as soon as I get to school the next morning. Math is undoubtedly my best subject, and it’s very refreshing to do math at 6:45 AM in the morning.

If you saw the pattern, I assigned each task a time slot when I would be most productive. I also did them from easiest to most difficult to the easiest again. Because everyone works differently, I suggest you find out which types of tasks are the most difficult (memorizing, in my case) and which types of tasks require a certain environment (e.g. requiring WiFi for doing research).

I guess that’s pretty much self-explanatory. I like to nap right after I get home from school if I’m feeling especially tired. As for breaks, I prefer to take them between tasks instead of every 25 minutes because of my high study inertia.

  1. Commit to what you’re doing
  2. Delegate and prioritize
  3. Give yourself shorter deadlines
  4. Take breaks!

And that’s it! Hope this guide to efficiency was helpful in some way. I do believe that by following these four steps, you can accomplish all your tasks in a much shorter amount of time. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an ask!

So, I did what I always do in my life at a time of crisis, I called Harry Styles. And God bless him, he was good enough to fill in for me.
When I spoke to him, I said, ‘Harry, I need a favor. Our show tapes in three hours, is there any way you can jump in and host the show for me?’
And he was incredibly nervous, bless him. He knew we were in a tight spot, and he just said, 'Sure. I’ll be there.’
And it was an amazing thing for him to do. And I said to him, I said, 'You know, look, this works both ways, man. You know, if you ever need me, I can fill in for you at one of your concerts. Just say the word.’
And he said, 'James, that won’t be necessary.’
—  James Corden
I’ve been in love before, it’s like a narcotic. At first it brings the euphoria of complete surrender. The next day you want more. You’re not addicted yet, but you like the sensation, and you think you can still control things.You think about the person you love for two minutes then forget them for three hours. But then you get used to that person, and you begin to be completely dependent on them. Now you think about him for three hours and forget him for two minutes. If he’s not there, you feel like an addict who can’t get a fix. And just as addicts steal and humiliate themselves to get what they need, you’re willing to do anything for love.
—  Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

How to study journal (and probably increase productivity)

As requested by some of you who read my post on Types of study methods to suit your current position, here’s how to study journal!

First of all, study journaling is an idea that I came up with somewhere in the beginning of December, and then used it for a week and checked its mechanics - which is why I think I can say that it is a nice way to boost your productivity and academic skills.

And I’m saying academic “skills” because I don’t really think that anyone has any less capability to do well in studies, it’s just a matter of time when you actually realise the right method to study. And once you do that, it’s like bam - you got it!

This idea hit me first when I heard about bullet journaling, and many studyblrs also kept mentioning to keep track of your study sessions and stuff, so I just mixed it all up and conjured this “studyjo” (lol that’s the worse name).

Here’s how you can studyjo :

1. Basic af essentials

A journal, duh.

  • The whole concept of studyjo is to boost your productivity, not your fancy ish, so picking a cheap ass journal isn’t gonna kill you.
  • My dad has a thing for collecting diaries and journals, so I usually pick one from the storeroom - which is why the one I used was of the year 2015. I mean, we’re gonna make our own custom calendar inside anyway so it didn’t matter to me.
  • You want a fancy ass journal? Go for it. A cheap ass composition notebook? Go for it. As long as it has pages and you can access it from your class/college /home/car/train/any spot on earth its eligible!

Writing tools, duh.

  • Use a brush pen, sharpie, markers or a pencil - doesn’t make a difference as long as it writes well.
  • So there’s a lot of you guys who think embellishing our notes/bujo is a waste of time, then by all means keep it simple.
  • I like colours because my eyes automatically want to look at them which complies me to go over my tasks again and again.
  • Of you think aesthetic is your thing then by all means use it to your advantage.
  • That doesn’t mean that you’ll stress over maintaining the pretty pages, we’ve already got enough stress to work with.

2. The basic spreads

Yearly calendar

  • You must have a page for yearly overview, where you can mark down all exam/assignment/project /event dates.
  • Sometimes the teachers tell us about our assignments 6 months prior too, at that point the monthly spread isn’t helping - use the yearly spread.
  • I write our finals dates, important exams, any birthdays, college events, orientation dates, class meeting dates, open House dates and holidays, etc in this calendar.
  • Keep a little notes section below your calendar to write down extremely important stuff that happens through the year.
  • Motivational quotes (if they help you) are the best to write down here, because you’ll be looking at them throughout the year.


  • You are a student, which means that sticky notes are your BFF.
  • I note down all my deadlines on a sticky note (when in college) and put it on my dashboard.
  • You can also keep any board passes/bits of paper you receive from the school.
  • Use one of those envelopes as a pocket and store all miscellaneous papers inside it. I also keep some question papers there.
  • Store flashcards (the thin ones ofc) in that pocket if you’re going to be carrying the journal everywhere with you.
  • I also keep a list of doubts that I have in some concepts so that when I meet the respective teacher I can just whip out my doubts list and get it cleared.

Monthly spread

  • This is where you start the planning.
  • Make a checklist /whatever sort of list you want of all tasks study related that you need to do. This includes assignments, homework, project, studying a topic, study dates, etc.
  • It’s best if you sort that list subject wise, but mine is just a general list tbh.
  • Learn how to break down your tasks. If you have a test on Chapter 1 in Friday, do section A of that chapter tomorrow, section B two days later and section C the day after. And make three separate checkboxes for each section.
  • The smaller the task, the easier it is to accomplish it.
  • Have 5 checkboxes for a huge task, so that even when you’ve done a portion of the task you’ll feel that sense of achievement when checking it off.
  • Keep them short and to the point. Nobody is gonna read a huge ass paragraph on completing that math homework.

Study session tracker

  • The main purpose of studyjo is this tracker.
  • Everytime you sit down to study, note the time at which you started, the topic you think you’ll study now.
  • When you finish studying, note the time again and write down what you actually studied.
  • Rate your study session as per the satisfaction it gives you.
  • After some sessions you’ll actually want to study because you wanna add another session details to the tracker.
  • This works - I had three 2 hour sessions in a week because I wanted to add to my list of accomplishments and feel proud of myself.
  • Leave little comments on what you think you could’ve done to improve the quality of session, or what concepts you want to do next.

3. The not so basic but recommended spreads

Monthly calendar

  • Good to have a month wise calendar for better planning.
  • I note all weekly quiz dates and birthdays and upcoming holidays here, along with some plans for posting on this studyblr too!
  • You can totally try inspiring quotes here, along with some plans for the month.
  • Add little goals to achieve this month. My goal for December was to master derivatives, and I’m pretty sure I’m doing derivatives better than before.

Goal tracker

  • This is divided into two parts : major goals - which you add near the yearly spread and baby goals - which you can add near the monthly spread.
  • Major goals are generalised and just for motivation.
  • Minor goals are broken down major goals with details of how to achieve it and they’re the ones you actually will achieve too.
  • My major goal for 2018 is being consistent. I broke it into a minor goal as ‘study session of at least 30 minutes every day’ without missing!

Productivity tracker

  • Using graphs, charts, tables and other such diagrams to mark every day you think you spent doing something productive is very amazing.
  • I make a graph of each day that I got some work done, marking the wasted days with read and productive ones with blue/green.
  • This helps me point out the days where I’m usually not productive (which happens to be Wednesday and Thursday for me) and the days where my work is super flexible and productive (Monday is awesome).
  • You can fill in boxes for every day you studied for 1 hour minimum or something, if you like.

Project planner

  • This can be essential too sometimes. This is a spread you dedicate to planning out a long ass essay or a presentation or a speech or maybe a project.
  • Make tree diagrams/pie charts and write down notes on how you can structure your project - the conclusion, beginning and middle being the skeleton of each project. (want another long ass post on project planning? *everyone groans*).
  • Make detailed plans for the project and include dates that you can dedicate for the project making and all.
  • Mark those dates in the monthly calendar if it helps.

4. Random pile of tips

  • A weekly date strip is very useful for me. I write down the dates of the coming week on a strip of paper and stick it to the margin of my checklist page.
  • Mention your name and contact on the cover if the journal in case it gets lost.
  • Use sticky notes to leave little messages for your future self - I write stuff like 'keep going girl you got this’ and 'I’m hella proud of you babe’. It makes you smile lol.
  • Add a pen pocket to the journal if possible, that’ll make it easy to note things down on the go.
  • You can keep a mindfulness sort of page where you can dump all your feelings down?
  • Or a water tracker cuz damn this potato is always dehydrated.
  • Try writing down why you want to study - to impress the teacher? Get a good grade? Show off to others? Get closer to your career goals?
  • We all want to do stuff for selfish reasons sometimes, it’s okay if you note them down because what I noticed is that whenever I wrote down stuff like 'prove to them that I’m awesome’ or 'make the bio teacher adore me’ I actually wanted to work towards it. Maybe it’s just me. Worth trying tho.
  • Keep the last two pages for emergency note taking and instructions given by the teacher just in case you have nothing else atm.

Voila, here - your studyjo is ready!

Do let me know if you found this method useful and feel free to drop by any questions - my inbox is forever open!




Keith Haring painting a mural in Barcelona on February 27, 1989.

Keith Haring traveled to Barcelona where he painted a mural “Todos juntos podemos parar el SIDA” (Together We Can Stop AIDS). He did this in the drug infested Barrio del Chino, where used syringes and drug paraphernalia littered the streets. The mural was painted on a concrete buttress in la plaza Salvador Segui and contained many of Haring’s famous trademark symbols —dancing figures, snakes, hypodermic syringes and the three figures of see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil—or in this case: speak out, educate, and understand the dangers of AIDS. In his journal, he wrote about creating the mural:

“I spent five hours doing it, as I had planned. The wall had a strange inclination that made it difficult to paint, but one of the things I like about this work is the [physical] adaptability it requires. I found a posture that allowed me to paint in a homogeneous, balanced way. Some of the best photos of this mural reflect the body language and postures I adopt when painting it.”