i can be insensitive


- High school AU’s include if one isn’t at school for a day they get cranky cause they have no one to yell at and they can’t loose their yelling buddy that not good

- Aggressively making sure the other is okay

- Defending each other cause “only I can call him that you insensitive prick!”

- Them hating each other but still worrying about each other

- Would never actually confess that they are worried when the other isn’t there

- DoUbLe DaTeS

- Being pared in ton of class projects and pretending to hate it

- Will lowkey defend each other
- hang out a lot but it’s only because “we have mutual friends and have no choice”

- College AU includes debate club only ever being filled with the shouts of them two

- They always think they themselves won

- Being dorm mates

- Thomas cleaning the dorm and organizing Alex’s stuff since “you will never spend time doing it and my OCD got to me”

- Late night gossip sessions

- They help each other threw brake ups

- “We hate each other but we know how to make each other feel happy and we know each other’s insecurities but would never pull on those heart strings cause that’s too bitchy”

- Late night talking sessions in general

- Thomas hating the hot but he keeps the heater on cause he knows how Alex is used to the hot Caribbean and how it’s hard for Alex to work with ten blankets on him

- They have totally fought people that made the other hurt

- “Do you know how much pain you put him threw cause I do! I see it everyday you fuckoo!”

- being each other’s wingman but like complaining about the “cute” shit the other does to make the person the other likes want to date which ever

- “sometime it’s so annoying cause he sneezes in his sleep like snoring but it’s like baby sneezes and I could almost call it cute if he was the worst ever and it wasn’t so god damn annoying, like it doesn’t happen every second or anything but frequent enough”

- Job AU consists of completely going against the others ideas

- fighting for the same higher position

- both getting the position and having to make compromises and such for big decisions

- having to go to the other'a house because of how much work they have to do

- Martha and Eliza competing in being the nicest to each other’s husband because “I just want them to work the best together and have a good working condition”

- defending each other in Job gossip

- “Excuse me how dare you accuse him of that he’s the worst ever but he wouldn’t do that

- late night Skype calls for work that turn into them venting to each other

- (teacher AU) jumping into each other’s class room and critiquing their lesson

- they help each other plan lessons

- “Pft oh come on, you could do this so much better”

- switching classes and teaching the other’s class every once and awhile

- PTO AU includes aggressively supporting their children

- Angelica Hamilton and Lucy Jefferson playing on the same soccer team

- Lucy first meeting Philip since they are closer in age and are in the same class together but she started being friends with Angelica instead

- Angelica going to Lucy’s house and vise versa but Alex/Thomas has to stay cause they are daddy’s girls and they find comfort in their dad’s just being in the same house as them

- Alex and Thomas slowly start rooting for each other’s kids for sports and such

- Lucy and Angelica start being so close that they have a schedule when they are going over to each other’s houses and the two dad’s being sorta sad that they can’t have tea and talk about things going

- soccer mom Alexander and Thomas tagging along for he ride with each other

- One of the dad’s can’t make it to the soccer game so the other cheers both of the girls on

- those Girl Scout selling cookies competitions get heated


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lol no hate but there's barely any new writing on this blog or even the talk of writing. it seems more like an advice, fun fandom blog rather than a writing blog. are you even planning to write any longer? some people here want to read your new work but it's impossible if you don't put anything out anymore. are you on an indefinite hiatus for your writing?

ngl this comes off a little pushy and insensitive but I’ll ignore that. this blog, however, isn’t just a writing blog, it’s where I go to fangirl and to keep up to date with bts, internet friends, and even my followers. that being said, this blog is not my main priority, though I certainly treat it as such in regards to many other things in my life and maybe that’s a bad thing but that doesn’t neglect the fact that I’m still a busy person. I write for fun just like many other writers on this site and because it is a hobby, I’m not a machine and nor am I even being paid to do this as I write out of my own free will in between school, homework, work, and trying to maintain what little social life I have. it just so happens that things are a little chaotic right now because school is almost over for me and so therefore I’ve had a lot of work to do to keep up but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing as much as I can in my free time. it will just take me a little longer than usual but in the meantime, there are plenty other brilliant writers on this site, some who are lesser known and are waiting for new readers. I am not on a hiatus but everyone needs a break some times and no one should be held accountable for that. I’m sorry if this disappoints you but that’s just how it goes! and if it means anything, I have plans on posting a new fic next week - that is, if you don’t become too impatient in waiting. thanks for understanding~

i think this is what makes ford so personally lovable to me like..
i stand with dipper there? innocent insensitivity can really hurt even if it’s playful. i’d never think of doing that to anyone because i don’t want to make them question themselves or become self conscious of their behavior. i dont know this just really resonates with me. even poking fun at someone playfully for something that they enjoy can become deep-rooted self esteem issues

and ford respects that and i’d feel a lot more comfortable talking to someone like him because i wouldnt have to worry about them not taking me seriously

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I'm going on my first tinder date tomorrow and it's also the first time I'm dating outside my race lol any advice

this sounds really awkward… like i can only imagine you’ll say something racially insensitive given that you’ve never dated outside of “X” race 

my advice? cancel the date and work on yourself to save the time lmao 

or just go ahead with the date be yourself and have fun and dont be as awkward as this ask please

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Hi. Can I just say I think one of the worst things Sam has ever said to Dean was in 8x14 after they moved in to the bunker and Dean made them burgers. Sam says "I didn't think you knew what kitchen was". What the hell? How can you say this to the person who has kept you fed your entire life? The person who went hungry so you could eat? Who was abandoned by his father for stealing food to keep both himself and you fed? How do you say THAT? It happened in S8 and I'm still not over it..

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Can I discuss how SICK and ANGRY hello consular makes me?

HOW INSENSITIVE they are to fucking serious matters???

“I should start throwing up!” Well you know fucking what? I’ll give you the anorexia my friend has, who is now in and out of the fucking hospital. 


I do not care if you live in KOREA and that mental illness is not taken serious. I really fucking don’t. If you are a grown god damn mother fucking adult, use your fucking BRAIN.


Brooklyn is the trashiest and most classless wrestling crowd ever right alongside with Chicago. They just have no tact or class or respect whatsoever. Crowds like them ruin wrestling and take the fun out of it. I don’t even think they care about wrestling at all. They’re just there to ridicule the wrestlers and are so fucking insensitive to other’s personal situations. I can’t believe their audacity to behave the way they are about the situation with Paige, Xavier Woods, and Brad Maddox.

And I happen to be from Brooklyn myself, but unlike the rest, I’m not trash and I actually care about wrestling and respect the wrestlers for their work ethic and dedication to the business. And I damn sure know how to be sensitive and respectful to other’s personal situations.

Brooklyn crowd, grow up and learn how to act! Stop spending your money on these shows when it’s clear you don’t even care at all about wrestling.

In the last year I’ve really gotten into the witcher. Particularly the books. I feel like the relationship between Geralt and Yennefer is similar to what Sam and I have.

They often rub each other the wrong way and even have relationships with other people. Yen can be a bitch, so can Sam. So can all women really. Geralt can be insensitive. So can I.

Geralt considers Yennefer to be the most beautiful women in all of the world. I consider Sam to be the most beautiful, cutest, sexiest girl in all the world.

The most important reason though is that despite all the shit that they go through. Whether it is self-inflicted or otherwise. They deeply love each other. I can’t speak for Sam but let me tell you, my love for Sam is equally as intense as Geralt’s devotion to Yen. He would do anything Yen asks. I would do anything, absolutely anything, she asks.

If you've been wanting to talk to me but are too nervous to do so:

This is your sign. Do it.

Just come into my messages and say hi. I dare you to. You’re not inconveniencing me. You’re not being annoying. I promise, I don’t bite. I’ll probably just start showing you pictures of my cats or something. You don’t have to be nervous. I’m probably equally as nervous to talk to you as you are to me. And, hey, we’ll never get to be friends if no one says hi, right?

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in laslows supports with elise, elise says that she thinks the reason girls don't like laslow isn't because of his dancing, but because of his personality, and like, jesus elise i get that he's kinda annoying at times but you don't gotta murder the guy

The worst/funniest part is I can’t even tell if Elise was being innocently insensitive about it or if she truly meant to roast him xD

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What kind of fights or arguments involving being in a relationship with harry would imply

I think he can be sort of forgetful sometimes.  So he’ll tell you he’ll do something or he’ll be somewhere and he may not show up exactly on time.  Once or twice is understandable but after the fifth or sixth time it’s gonna come off as insensitive.

I think he can be clingy but not in the way that’s annoying.  Sort of in the way I’m writing him in ETS.  Where he’s paranoid someone will get sick and tired of the hysteria surrounding him and peace out.  And instead of letting you know he has this hang up, he just pulls back when he feels like that’s what’s happening and folds into himself.

Incidentally I think that’s how he handles most conflict in his life.  Rather than fight it out and argue, he just pulls away and shuts down.  For someone like me who likes to fight it out and argue so we can get it resolved, that would drive me fucking nuts.

I think he can be closed off and standoffish when he thinks he’s in the right.  Unwilling to discuss the issue until he feels like your apology is sufficient

Things you would do that would upset him:

Leaving dishes around the house.  I think Harry likes clean/organized spaces.

Disparage yourself in the company of others as if you are just as shocked as anyone else as to why he’s with you.

Consistently bugging him to talk or discuss something he’s made well known he’s not in the mood to discuss.

Not recognizing his moods.  Expecting him to go to a dinner party or something when he’s stressed out because you’re not really paying attention to the fact that he’s not into it.

March 17th, 2017

breathing in and out like I am holding my world together
with thin gossamer threads
the web is failing,
I breathe faster
and I am so lightheaded
it doesn’t even matter
if the net snaps, I am floating
I do not fall to earth, do not become dense matter
they will not gawk over my ruined body
put hands on my transparent skin
talk, talk, the talk of the town
make headlines
a fall from heaven
is worth the chatter
I do not fall
I snap out, I am above and over
floating away faster 
than I can note their insensitivity

but wait i have even more things to say

i see y’all in the memeufacturing tag, so happy that august turned out to be an abuser. because you disagreed with their opinions, because you thought their jokes were annoying, whatever reason. fuck you. abuse is no laughing matter. it ruins peoples’ lives. you are being insensitive, callous, and cruel. i can think of nothing more callous than being genuinely relieved someone is an abuser because you thought they were annoying or had bad opinions.

you disgust me.

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You shouldnt try and dictate who can and can not reblog from you. Especially when you don't even have BPD yourself. Youre 15, like no. If you pro self dxers did half of the actual research you claim to have done you'd know that.

i reblog bpd specific posts. if people without bpd (diagnosed or self dxed) reblog these sorts of posts, it ruins the severeness of symptoms and it turns it into some sort of a “funny, relatable, over exaggerated” post. i can’t stop you from reblogging from this blog but it’s insensitive and gross if you do.

and i know you’re insinuating that you can’t have bpd if you’re under 18. newsflash, symptoms don’t just manifest over night! they develop over time, and if i need something to help cope with that (researching the disorder, making a blog, etc), you can’t say shit and say i don’t know what i’m talking about? i know myself better than anybody else.

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Hello! I'm a newcomer and wanted to ask about this "garbage boy" (although I think he is great!). What's interesting about him?

Eric.. my beautiful terrible son. I call him garbage boy because he can sometimes be a selfish and insensitive jerk. He can control shadows and create monsters; I’ve posted some more info about him before in another ask!

💔 The Signs As Break-up Texts 💔

♈️Aries: “You’re a pushover and you bore me. I’d rather win alone than lose with you. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m done fighting.”

♉️Taurus: “You talk to much, and your cooking is terrible. This relationship is just unnatural. Bye.”

♊️Gemini: “You don’t know how to communicate, you silly rabbit! How can we be together if we never even talk? It’s been an interesting couple of days but I’m moving on. Fun fact! ☝️Love is just a result of neurons in the brain transmitting the chemicals adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. :-)”

♋️Cancer: “I’m sorry but you’re too much for me! I can’t handle worrying about you all the time! You’re so insensitive. And you don’t understand my feelings. I wish you the best but this is the end for us. 💔”

♌️Leo: “Why can’t you pay more attention to me! You’re all work and no play! You don’t make me feel special! I can’t help it you’re always in my shadow! I have needs! I want more! I’m leaving you. 💅”

♍️Virgo: “You need my help, but I can’t fix you if you will not let me. You do not even care about bettering yourself. I will miss the flecks of gold in your green eyes, and the shape of your hands…but after careful analysis, I have decided that this relationship has zero potential. Goodbye.”

♎️Libra: “I’m sorry…I don’t know…I just think maybe we don’t harmonize well together, you know? Gee, I hate to say this, but… I think maybe we should go our separate ways. Please don’t be mad. You’re a beautiful person no matter what, okay? xoxo 🌺”

♏️Scorpio: “I feel like you won’t open up to me. You tell me you love me, but, honestly, I just don’t see it in your eyes…When we make love, it’s like you’re not even there. You’re an empty puppet, a shallow fool. I told you I would die for you, but no. You’re dead to me now. ”

♐️Sagittarius: “I’m going to Mexico, and I don’t care whether you come with me or not. You have no faith in me or in anything, for that matter. All you do is bring me down. Life is a gift and a journey! I hope you understand that one day. I’ll send you a post card. Adios. 🎉”

♑️Capricorn: “You’re immature. I’m ashamed to be seen with you, for Christ’s sake. Not to mention, you’re just so sexually vanilla. I won’t allow you to piggyback on my success because that would be a stain on your and my integrity. Grow up and maybe I’ll let you work for me someday. Bye.”

♒️Aquarius: “You’re a sheep, man. I’m sick of you trying to brainwash me. I can’t force you to open up your eyes. And let’s just face it, I’ll never fit in with your family. I gotta forge my own path in life and it’s clear to me now that I’ll have to do it alone.”

♓️Pisces: “Huh? Oh, no we’re not together anymore. I thought I told you? Maybe I dreamt that…Sorry. What do you mean, why? If I tried to explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand. Jeez, can’t you see I’m trying to relax? Just leave me alone.”

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