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Fic for some amazing artwork for Lance and Lotor




Inspired by her lovely art that can be found here.

“The Galra could use someone like you…”

Lance was alone. Face to face with a grinning Galra, whom he had heard was called Lotor.

The cold voice, was playful, possessive, demanding. It made Lance’s deep blue eyes swim with fear.

“…an amazing sharpshooter. A brilliant strategist. That smart mouth of yours…”

Lance would have been flattered, if he wasn’t downright terrified. The smile Lotor gave sent chills up his spine.

“I could use someone like you…”

Lance had yet to even utter one word out, but he didn’t faulter in the slightest as the Galra towered over him. He didn’t budge, he didn’t move. He couldn’t tell if he was being brave or stupid.

“…but I won’t….”

Lance blinked, a bit taken back by those words. The cold yellow eyes softened a bit, that smile wasn’t so scary.

“I like to see you again, Blue Paladin. Next time, on better terms.”

Zarkon son moved away from the light, leaving the Blue Paladin to look on in a daze almost. In the darkness of the room, the Prince smiled back.

“What is your name, Blue Paladin?”

Lance let his lips part, his eyes studying the alien before him, his heart pounding in his ears.

“The names Lance…Lance McClain.”

Lotor turned away, his long hair swaying as he moved.

“Lance. What a fitting name for one such a lovely as yourself.”

Lance stood for a moment, watching as Lotor left his sight. It was then he noticed Hunk was yelling at him over the comms. He had panic in his voice and maybe even more. After all, it wasn’t everyday a scary, yet handsome,  Galra Prince let you go, ask for your name and call you lovely.

“I’m coming Hunk. I’ll be right there…”

Lance ran down the hallway, picking up his bayard Lotor had knocked out of his hand just mere seconds ago. His heart was racing again, this time for a whole new reason.

He just got praised and hit on by the enemy. Zarkon’s son no less.

For some reason, Lance got excitement out of it and that scared him most of all.


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boringtuesday  asked:

any fics where tony slowly realizes how important bucky is to Steve ?? thx !!

Here you go!

i need a forest fire by tomorrowsrain

“The past beats inside me like a second heart. These fragments I have shored against my ruins.”

In which Tony Stark makes a reckless decision, becomes a wanted fugitive, goes on the run with the former Winter Soldier, and learns how to forgive. For his part, Bucky Barnes is just trying to hold himself together. AU, post-Civil War.

(sequel of sorts to après nous le déluge, but can be read alone)

Miracle Max by Moosepelheim

Steve gets Bucky out five minutes sooner and it changes everything–Bucky’s never captured and the team never comes to blows. But there are new challenges the team must face as a consequence of Steve’s divided loyalties.

What Would You Do by Slenderlock

“Look, Klondike.” Tony draws a complicated diagram in the air. “Sometimes the only way you can get Capsicle to do anything you want him to do-” He draws a circle and drags his finger to the right. “Is to get him angry enough to make him want to do it himself.” He mimics a small explosion, then looks expectantly at Barnes.

Barnes blinks.

“Ergo,” Tony says, “go out with me.”

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hi! do u know of any accounts(tumblr or twitter) that are posting videos from either the best of bts making dvd or epilogue dvd?? I remember seeing jin in a video doing an interview alone and I thought it might be part of the best of dvd. I can't find it now but if you could help me that would be great!

Whitney (@sweaterpawsjimin) is uploading~ Here’s the link to her videos. A true angel <3 She’s the sweetest, please make sure to thank her! She works hard for all the ARMYs who can’t afford DVDs. Also she hasn’t uploaded EPILOGUE yet, but please be patient.
- Kylie

After I’ve seen THIS kiss it’s save to say that Aaron and Robert can get through anything there’s nothing that can come between them, their love is so very strong and they will survive everything together AND I AM A CRYING MESS coz their love is so beautiful.

Discourseprincesa and ableism

I am seeing a lot of posts regard discourseprincesa’s lies, which of course are vital to to be known, but I’ve seen nothing addressing her frequent ableism.

NOTES: This post will be edited and updated with new info.

Even though DiP is deleted, it is still important to call out ableism where it is seen so it can be avoided in the future. Receipts have also been provided to me by others.

Also. I am not here to argue ace discourse. If you disagree with the other topics in the posts, here is not the place to discuss that. This is simply to showcase DiP’s ableism.

If you have any additional points/evidence please add it if you feel comfortable to.

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Spent the night at my best friend of 10 yrs one weekend she was home from college. Her brother & sister watched movies with us in the basement all night. She & her sister went to bed leaving the brother & I. At 3am I wake up uncomfortable on the couch so he & I spoon. He ended up with his hands in my pants rubbing me. We finally fall asleep and I wake up alone in the basement. Never told a soul. Haven't spoken to him sense. It's been 4 months. And I live on the opposite side of the country now.

anonymous asked:

So I'm a senior in high school and I'm really excited to be moving away from the constant negativity and toxicity of my parents when I get to college next year, but I'm really nervous to be living any where other than home. Do you have any advice?

Hey there! congrats! that’s super exciting and i know must feel like such a huge relief. an amazing new chapter of your life is about to begin!

I made a post about living alone/apartment life way back when here. Also have a post about what to bring to a dorm if you’re staying in one here (and if you have any more questions regarding dorm life, feel free to hit me up!!)

As for other tips about living away from home that the 1st linked post didn’t mention:

At College:

  • If you can, it helps to have a part-time job, especially one on campus as your employer will be more understanding of your student status, and will offer flexible schedules.
  • Learn all the safety services your college has (on-campus police, safe rides at night, text message alerts, emergency call stations, etc). Have that campus police number in your Favorites/somewhere easy to dial. They know the campus buildings better than the local police, so call them first if you’re on campus. 
  • If you want to go to parties with alcohol, go with trustworthy friends, and watch each other’s backs/drinks. If shit’s going down, even if you’re not involved, leave before the police shows up.
  • Before buying any textbooks, email the professor and ask just how much required work will come from it. Sometimes they’re just there for “your reference”, so you don’t need to buy it if you don’t want to. I also used bigwords.com to find the cheapest textbooks online (it basically does the work of comparing between sites for you). Renting is also a good option because honestly, how many times have we actually gone back to an old textbook years later? Everything’s always being constantly updated anyway. 
  • And, if you’re gonna throw a party at your place, inform your neighbors. Tell them to call you before they call the police if things are too rowdy, and respect their wishes. 


  • Create a budget. There are plenty of online websites/apps to help or offer advice. Someone from your bank can also help you (they can also help you with all other financial stuff like what credit card is best for you (i also have some tips here for that)). If you already have a sense of personal finance, an Excel sheet works too!
  • Set up automatic payment for any bills. This can be done online through the company’s (electric, water, internet, etc) website, and directly links them to your bank account so that every month, they’ll automatically transfer the bill’s amount. It really helps prevent late fees/your power being shut off, etc. One less thing to think about during college! Just keep an eye on the numbers.
  • Before I buy anything, I always think: do I need it? do I want it? and can I really afford it? I mean, the treat yo self mantra is awesome and all, but so is not going broke. In college I did this whole “i can’t buy anything that’s not necessary” every other month (with a friend too, for accountability) and it really helped with my budgeting and self-discipline. 
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it. I use the Notes app on my phone and am constantly updating it until I go to the store. 


  • Download the Uber app. Comes in handy if you’re at a party and want to leave early/don’t want to get in a car with someone drunk/etc. If I’m riding by myself I always screenshot my driver + route and send to a friend and tell them hey if you don’t hear from me in __ minutes, call the police.
  • If you have a car, learn about the maintenance so you a) stay safe on the road and b) can have an educated say on what’s being done when you car does go to the shop.
  • Don’t leave anything valuable in your car unattended. I know this is such common sense, but my family had our car broken into once and my purse got stolen.. all because I was too lazy to carry it into the restaurant 20 ft away. Some people may even break in for loose change if they see an opportunity. But if you must leave something valuable in your car, hide it before you reach your destination. Sounds super paranoid, but people may be watching.
  • And as soon as you get into your car, lock the doors. 
  • If your phone comes with an Emergency Contact/Health info page (accessible without unlocking), I highly advise to fill it out. There should also be room for you to put your blood type and list any allergies, current medications, etc. 

At Home:

  • Do all your chores religiously until they become habit, because the best thing about habits is that you never have to really think about doing them. Just like brushing your teeth, yeah? So if you hate doing dishes (like me), always do them after every meal until it just.. becomes something you just do without thinking. There: hate for doing dishes gone!
  • If you don’t know how to fix/do something, youtube tutorials are a godsend. 
  • Regularly get the mail, even if you’re not expecting anything. Ads/junk mail still come through, and if your postal service can’t fit anything in your mailbox, they may hold the rest of your mail in the post office, which could interfere with any important mail you may receive later. That being said, remember to change your address on any mailing lists every time you move, and set up a mail forwarding service with the post office (I think they do it for like.. 4 weeks or something?). If you’re going to be gone for a long period of time, you can also set up Mail Hold. 

And one last word (well, second to last): living on your own is amazing, but it’s also filled with learning curves. Everyone can give us advice all day long, but at the end of the day, sometimes we just gotta learn some things for ourselves. So it’s ok to make mistakes the first time round. I’ve burned food. Shattered glass pots. Set off the fire alarm. Clogged the sink with too many potato peels. Had something ridiculous and expensive happen to my car’s engine. Turned in my taxes late and got fined. Life happens, and we learn and adapt and grow. Honestly that’s what it means to be an Adult Who Knows Things–it’s because we’ve fucked up enough times and are old enough to have accumulated Knowledge and Experience. You’re gonna be ok, ok? :)

And.. last word. From one kid of toxic parents to another: life got.. so much better once i moved out and became independent. breathe. you’ve survived. and it’s all uphill from now on. your parents may still be a part of your life, and who knows, maybe in time they’ll realize their mistakes and try to make amends–like mine–but you just gotta remember… it’s all up to you now. it’s your life, all yours. and life’s gonna be so great for you <3 best of luck!

Sakura reaches for the crown shaped wreath, feeling the dream around her shiver. “I am no devil, but this is my dream and I will be its GOD.”

She crowns herself and her destruction is undone in darkness as the world falls away.

Here is a doodle of Sakura in @vesperlionheart‘s Obelisk series. This comes from the end of the last gate in part four, the Gladiator Boneyard. Originally I was going to draw some of the other characters featured in this part of the story before deciding to draw Sakura alone. It’s her crowning moment of awesome pun intended.

Everyone needs to treat themselves to this story which can be read here. If you are new to the series, start with Kingdom of Man. Happy reading!

mrs-haiba  asked:

I hope you down mind me ranting here but Imagine Saeko and Alisa going shopping and trying out the others style for fun and them being completely shocked or Alisa whispering sweet things in russian into Saeko's ear when they're alone and holy shit

And now i am definitely imagining it. *shivers* Imagine Saeko feeling the whisper of soft breath over her ear and thinking, “Yeah, I have the best damn girlfriend in the world.” It’s hard for her to behave herself until they can sneak away and Saeko can speak a language they both understand. 

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

Modern!Alexander Hamilton runs on caffeine

Spread it like butter, nerds

++info under the cut

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I’m at the front of the building when I feel a hand on my shoulder, “Hey wait up, I’ll walk with you.” Soleil’s almost out of breath like she ran to catch up. Her cheeks are pink and he chest expands deeply with every breath.  

I don’t want her company but I don’t want to be alone. I’m all kinds of fucked up and conflicted. I nod my head and my feet keep moving, not too fast so she can keep up.  

It’s a quiet night, just the normal sounds of a busy city that never seems to sleep, people yelling happily and car horns honking.  

Neither one of us talk until a few block from our apartment building, Soleil breaks the silence, “I know how hard a break up can be and I just want you to know that if you ever want to talk about it I’m here for you.”  

Ahh so I wasn’t imaging the pain I thought I saw in her eyes, “I appreciate that but I’m just not there yet.”  

We stop on the front stairs and I open the door for her to walk through first, the bright lights of the entrance burn my eyes, I blink trying to soothe the sting. When they open they land on Soleil standing to my side. Her smile open and understanding, I stick my arm out until it’s across her shoulder, I pull her close. 

“Thank you.” I whisper.  

“I mean it you know, I’m here for you, anytime.”  

When the elevator door opens with a ding I drop my arm, both of us walk forward. She presses the button while I lean against the back of the small box. 

Quickly it stops on our floor, I let her leave first trying to fight the sinking feeling in my stomach, the idea of going into my empty place is so unappealing. I linger behind her quietly until she takes mercy on me.  

“Did you want to come to my pace for a bit? I could make us something to eat and we could watch a movie or something.” She aks pulling her keys from her pocket.  

“Yeah, I would.”  

anonymous asked:

HEY, GET THAT PREVIOUS ANON OVER HERE. I have recently been in a very similar situation. My advice: if there's anyone at school you can go to, like a guidance counselor, go to them, explain the situation, and ask if THEY can help explain things to your teacher. This way you won't be alone. If this is not an option, another option is to go them and explain there's been problems in your personal life you'd rather not talk about. There's a good chance they'll give you an extension.

@ anon who asked about english assignment look! Thank you anon im not great with things but ty for this help!!!

my love is strong (i know yours is too)

by strong

Outside, the sky is a light grey that reminds him of the days where snow falls thick and coats the world in a thick layer of vanilla icing. He wants to believe that those days are coming soon, but with the unseasonably high temperatures, his heart refuses to let the hope dig its way too far into him. The garden is a forest of scraggly bushes, knee-high grass, and violet buds that Louis can appreciate but not name. Soon enough, he finds himself craving a shot of nicotine. Normally he avoids smoking when he’s here, especially in the house, but, since he’s alone, he swings the door open and lays back, plucking at the strings as he hums around a cigarette. He blows the smoke outside, watching it curl until it becomes too thin and disappears with the clouds.

“If you don’t post this photo, I’m going to,” a voice echoes in the hollow space. When it reaches Louis’ ears, he nearly drops the cigarette into the guitar. His wide eyes catch on the phone Harry lowers and tucks into his pocket, then follow Harry’s movements until he’s pressed right against Louis’ back. Suddenly it feels as though they’ve never been apart. “Hi. Can I have a hit?”

aka a behind-the-scenes look at louis’ recent harry-esque post on insta

anonymous asked:

I have to deal with A bunch of homophobic and misunderstanding people... I don't want to do this anymore :((((( I need someone who's been in the same situation for support. I can't find anyone so I came here.

Oh no sweetheart :( I think all of us have probably been there in some capacity. I know I have. I’ll say this, if anybody likes this post, that is that user saying that they are ok with you messaging them. You can message me as well. You’re not alone!

“The Love melody of ashes !”

I know how words are written,i found some lyrical,inspiring and quite beautiful,some are hilarious,meanless,talk about feelings,desires ,some in order to capture  who are still  lost …but for me ,the words ,the thoughts ,the Art of enchantement  are left behind my back but those memories,that killing thought,killing grief still remain here day by day consuming me ,being led like a wave in a tormented sea ,beating,cracking, turn me appart of this reality.This can be a mountain or a simple pebble,only,my faith tell me to overcome but faith is heard not seen nevertheless the wait is too awful and the truth is too hard ,,, you are there on the ground being transformed into ashes and your bones ,your flesh that once hold me is so alone ,so helpless …why didnt i merged into the valley of death taking your hand and embraked in the journey of the sleepy night? How coward was i ! How infected by a dying world i was ,i am…Everyday, i hear your voice ,everyday i merely bare this sick body ,this heart sliced in every layer of anger,,,

Blame me, but how can you? How can i pick you up and unite your wonderful and generous being and glue into me once again? Maybe my ashes will kiss you soon ,maybe some glimpse ,some hope ,some rainbow will remember our chant ,my chant of despair and maybe i can return to once a fairy tale where two beings didnt need to praise life because life itself was our melody ,our love made by the stars….Rest and wait for me my companion , in your resting  tumb and even your ashes and mine will be united to sing once again the melody of which was and still is a secret buried in the sands of time…I feel you near and i run to you …. 

anonymous asked:

So at Jaxcon, Jared said he filmed from 7am Saturday until 4am Sunday but made it to the con on time. How is that physically possible.? 4am Vancouver time is 7am Jacksonville time. It takes at least 4-5 hours to fly between them, if you have a private jet, longer if you're going commercial. Flight time alone puts him not arriving until 11am or later. That doesn't factor travel to/from airports or clearing customs. The panel was at 10am.

Hello, dear anon!

This is a very interesting find! It looks like a misunderstanding, to be honest. Here’s some talk I found on spn-gossip. Below the video where Jared explains why he’s so tired.

Can anyone with a better understanding of English make out exactly what the say? No matter how many times I replay the part, I don’t get it. My written English may be alright, but when I’m listening, every single “whoooo!” disturbs me enough that I don’t understand what I’m hearing. Apologies!

Now, if I understood right, Jared says he was filming until close to 4 AM yesterday (early Saturday morning?) and Jensen points out it was 7 AM Florida time. This would make a lot more sense than having filmed until 4 AM on Sunday morning - like you said, it would’ve been impossible to make it to the convention. 

P!a over at spn-gossip reported the flight to have been in process at around 1:38 PM Vancouver time. That would explain why they say something about flying all day (did I hear that right?)

I hope I got the timeline somewhat right, dear anon! Timezones are the most confusing concept, I swear. Have a marvellous week!

Originally posted by driverpicksthemusic-67


Hey, guys. So, me and a friend just moved into an apartment this month, and after paying for everything, I’ve realized we don’t really have enough left for rent after everything else, let alone food. I know I’m not really known on here - or anywhere - but we’re about $250 short of making rent. We both already work full time during the week plus a side job on the weekends, so we don’t really have any time to pick up another job.

So, I’m opening emergency commissions. Quick little things starting at $5 a sketch and going up to about $25 depending on complexity, and I’m always grateful if you want to do more. It’s just stuff I can complete in a night, ya know?

If you’re interested, please either message me on here or email me at fallaxentis@gmail.com and we can figure something out.

anonymous asked:

don't judge me but there's an r18otome game called "pub encounters" with a character who looks a lot like nishizono and even says "i can't live without you"- i haven't bought it but the resemblance is striking and idk who to tell, the fact there's a game where you can fuck this greasy old man's doppelganger will haunt my nightmares but also: YashiSato AU where Satoru is like Soos and Yashiro is like Giffany from gravity falls

No judgement here, anon! I am in the glass-est of houses with the biggest of stones haha. Do you mean this one? 

Oh god, the image of pizzaboy!Satoru playing an otome game with yandere!Yashiro as his character, between deliveries, just. Slays me. Oh god, the sparkles on that picture alone threaten to send me into a giggle fit. Kira-Kira Yashiro!

Mun// Hey.

I’ll cut to the chase.

I can’t do this anymore. I’m going to discontinue this AU.

It was fun while it lasted, but I feel tired of this.

There will be two more updates with no official releasing time, and then it’ll be over.

I’m very sorry.

If you were here for the content, thank you. If you were here for the creator, thank you.

It doesn’t matter, because you enjoyed what I created, and that alone makes me smile.

Once again, thank you. If you want to see what I’m up to, check out @serk8ts. It’s my main blog, and I’m planning to start an original series soon enough.

My gratitude can’t be explained. For the last time, thank you so much, and I’ll see you later.

- Prism