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Fuck the three men of the FCC

I don’t post politics on this blog; that’s why I have a main blog and even then I don’t post to many politics because event though I’m strongly against a lot of things are lovely government has done this pass year, politics just over whelms me at many of times, and because this is a Black Veil Brides and now slowly becoming half a Palaye Royale blog I don’t post politics because well it just doesn’t fit this blog, but I am going to make this post here because it’s seriously important.

The FCC voted, on a 3-2 vote, to repeal net neutrality. This is fucking horrifying and literally a gigantic slap in everyone’s face and a stomp on so many freedoms we have. However; this repeal has to go through Congress, Congress has voted against it before and will probably vote against it again. The courts can possibly go against, there is 18 state attorney general wanting to investigate this, 18 states planning to sue and have lawsuits against the FCC, we can still fight this. It’s not a battle that’s over. Our internet will not be changed over night. This can take months or a year. They can’t implement it over night like that. Plus, considering the lawsuits that will be happening and suing of the FCC, the possible investigation that might go on from the 18 state attorney generals, the fact that in 2003 the United Nations had stated that free internet is a right, our fight isn’t over. 

Yes, the panic is there and we have a fight to panic over this. I panicked the fuck last night and literally felt so empty because the fear was so there and it still is, yet you can’t stop fighting. You can’t stop fighting. Don’t stop fighting. It’s our right to have free internet, it’s our right to not have to go back to paying cable companies more money for faster internet speeds, and we all know, if you’ve grown up on very low income or just had low internet speeds because it was part of your TV+Phone+Internet package, it fucking sucks and having to pay more for faster speeds, because that’s what will happen. We will have to pay for more for faster speeds. This will allow the cable companies to compete against each other for internet prices again. Will this make them give pops up of “You have to pay this much to see this,” in apps you use or Google or whatever? Maybe, maybe not, but ultimately it will affect your internet speed and what those companies can charge for it and for paying for internet; which for a lot of people having both internet and cable at the same time, which is hard enough as it is. 

Don’t stop fighting. Seriously, don’t stop fighting. Call who needs to be call, call your representatives, call your members of congress, text Resist @ 504-09, text BATTLE @  384-387, email them, do whatever you can to stop it. Just, don’t stop fighting. 

Reasons I will politely step away from an RP:

1. I am uncomfortable with the interactions
2. I can no longer participate for RL reasons
3. The roleplay has become repetitive or forced
4. I am no longer enjoying the experience
5. I am no longer being included in the experience
6. My expectations may jeopardize others’ fun 

Stepping away from an RP does NOT mean:

1. I hate you
2. I hate your OC
3. I will speak poorly of you 
4. I will never RP with you again
5. I am unwilling to develop a fun and inclusive plot with you
6. I will meta-game our shared experiences away

Political Animals-Part 1

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running  for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisors call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away. 

 The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling sits down next to you and offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester

A/N: So I read this post from @moansmisha  and I started thinking about how I could put my own spin on it.  When I messaged her, she said  “Go to town, use whatever you want!”

When my mother told me two years ago she was considering running for office I just knew this would somehow come back to bite me in the ass.  I thought maybe she would run for City Council or the Parks Department or something like that.  But no.  Not my mother. Not Harvard educated, top of her class, excels-at everything-she-does, overachiever Naomi Novak. 

She’s running for Mayor.  Of New York-freaking City.   As if being one of the top heart surgeons in the world wasn’t enough?  But nothing was ever enough for her.  We were so different that when I was younger I was convinced I was adopted.  My brother Cas is just like her: brilliant, driven, successful, but with enough of my Dad in him that he is also kind, compassionate and caring.

Cas is a physician like my Mom, a pediatrician.  He is married to a wonderful Omega named Meg and has two beautiful kids, Claire and Jimmy.  In my Mom’s eyes he is the perfect son.  She gets along with Cas because he reminds her of her.

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Hi everybody! I’ve been ghosting on here as a studyblr for a while now, oops. So here’s my introduction post! 

My name is Alina, but you can also call me Lina. I’m going into sophomore year in August, at a magnet school in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). I’m mostly using this blog to prepare for next year!

Some things about me:

‣ I’m going to be 15 in August

‣ My Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff, with a dash of Slytherin

‣ My MBTI is ISxJ (but mostly ISTJ)

‣ I’m a Leo

‣ My favorite color is blue or black

‣ I speak English and am learning French

‣ I hope to major in political science/psychology, and go to either NYU or Columbia (probably the former, though)

Some of my interests/things I like:

‣ Myers Briggs

‣ Journalism

‣ Politics

‣ Feminist, LGBT and US history

‣ Cats and dogs, omg I love them so much!

‣ Studying and generally being a nerd (Harry Potter and Star Wars are my faves)


‣ AP World History

‣ French 4

‣ Honors Humanities 2

‣ Honors Algebra 2

‣ Chemistry

‣ Psychology

‣ AP Art History

Thank you so much for reading! I hope I can use this blog to be more successful for the school year- that’s my main goal! <33

Studyblrs that I love and admire:

@studyblr @officiallystudying, @intellectys, @studyquill, @studypetals, @studyfuji, @stillstudies, @hufflepuffwannabe, @inteqrals, @studytune, @potterstudy, @scholarstudy, @eintsein, @studyign, and @bookmrk !!!

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MAGI 361 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!  

Please don’t repost without giving credits. If you use this translation, don’t forget to share the link to this post!.

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump-Netabare’s texts , some pics also belong to marumaru’s korean scans.^^  Many thanks to @hirohy for the full japanese raw!

@maumauxmau @sayakakat2012

UPDATE: I added the info that was missing. You can read this together with the japanese raw. the link is on my blog!.

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Alibaba: Spirit of politeness and austerity…

Alibaba: Thou who allows the king to gather power…. Bring forth the great hellfire that judges the earth !!

Kougyoku: That is… It can’t be…!!!



A power release beyond limits!!

Burning away his feelings, a blow with all of his might!!?  


Night 361 “The final blow”

(TN Title: “Coup de grâce”)

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anonymous asked:

Character A is a polite but apathetic and cold person and Character B is quite a charismatic and friendly person; the two bump into each other at a party and B attempts to become friends with A. Could you create prompts for them? BTW your blog's been very helpful for when I'm writing, thank you!

Thank you! Glad I can help! I’ll see what I can do: 

1. B:”Some party, am I right?” 


B:”Hey! Wait! You cant just walk away from me!”

A:”I just did???” 

B:”Yeah, but it wasn’t very nice.” 

2. B:”Can I get you a drink?” 

A:”Thank you, but I am good.” 

B:”Do you wanna dance?” 

A:”No, Thank you.” 

B:”Some weather were having, right?” 

A:”No thanks.” 

B:”That wasn’t even an offer!” 

A:”It was an offer of conversation, so I said No thanks.” 

3. B:”Is there a reason you won’t talk to me?” 

A:”Not really, I just don’t feel like talking.” 


A:”…But I suppose one conversation won’t hurt…” 

4. A:”Do you want something?” 

B:”You know, most of the time, if someone says ‘hi’ to you, you should just say it back.” 

I hope these help, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask! 

Potential unifying factor in inept activists

They don’t understand unconscious bias.

So, they think that

1) because they don’t want to be bigoted, they aren’t!

“Uh yeah no, I’m obviously a feminist? my blog is just 90% calling women bitches because there are bitches, like, everywhere I look.”

2) Anyone who they can see to be acting in a bigoted manner also sees it. So, they must just be bullshitting when they’re hurt by accusations of bigotry.

“lol why are you trying to act like you don’t know why you reblogged that ‘funny accent’ cartoon. you know damn well what you’re laughing at.”

No dude they for real probably do not fucking know.

prettybeggars  asked:

Hello Sajeon-nim! I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to explain things and talk about k-army observations. I know you don’t have to and it takes a lot of effort and people can be demanding, so I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts! And on a side note I really enjoy your personality in your replies and posts, thanks for being so cool and level-headed :) (Oh and good luck with your writing as well!)

Thank you! And I’m totally happy to share. This is not really a translating blog (I still consider it my external hard drive #2 lmao), but I do occasionally get asked to translate or put things in perspective. And 99.997% of people who send me those asks are super sweet and polite, so it’s no problem at all. I think my blog is finally at a size where it’s not too big and not too small and everybody who’s still here with me know what to expect and are tolerant of my quirks.

At least that’s how I feel. It’s comfortable here and I really want to thank everybody for making me feel that way. Tumblr is a hellsite, but hey, at least this corner of hell is pleasantly toasty.

Look, you can post whatever the hell you want on your blog, but I’m not here for politics, I’m here to write. So if 2/3rds of your blog’s activity is political in some fashion, I’m unfollowing. That doesn’t mean I’ll drop our threads, but I just don’t want to see it. I get enough of it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, why would I want it in the space I go to write fiction?

~tragically empty dash~

in all of this, i need more blogs to follow! 

please like/reblog this if you’d like me to check out your blog 

and 2/3 of these apply:

  • asoiaf/game of thrones + cast
  • art/aesthetic pics
  • star wars
  • american gods
  • movies
  • history/politics as long as it’s done with coMMON SENSE ohmygod
  • fun quality shitposting, of the refined trash variety
  • cosmere/brandon sanderson
  • look guys you’ve seen the shit i post pretty much all things are cool with me as long as we’re all having fun

sadly we’re not meant to be if:

  • no tagging system
  • bad discourse™ of the guilt-tripping, name-calling, self-righteous quality
  • ship hate
  • don’t like romania’s eurovision yodeling rap

(please if we’re mutuals reblog this so more cool peeps can see it!)

Quick note: I reserve the right to decline to publish submissions, and will not do so if the prompt you submit is incorrectly formatted and/or contains subject matter inappropriate for this blog.

I guess the main guidelines would be:

1. This is a dialogue prompt blog. All prompts should be formatted as spoken dialogue, not exposition.

2. While I can get into some dark subject matter, there are topics on which I prefer not to touch. I decide this on a case by case basis, but your submission will probably not be posted if it includes or relates to: sexual assault, racism or other bigotry, slavery, current politics, explicit sexual content, and profanity.

Submissions that are published will be edited for grammar, clarity, etc.

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Hey so I'm really not trying to start shit but I just wanna know what you think about that whole johnny controversy with his wife about the domestic abuse or whatever. I never got the full story and just want to hear your take on it if that's cool?

First of all thank you for being polite and open minded about this situation.Most people on tumblr these days don’t look past the headlines and the sensasional propaganda-like articles.

The truth is that I’ve talked about this situation a lot here in my blog and you can find many of my posts on it if you go want.Here’s what went on:

Amber Heard filed for divorce,2 days after Johnny’s mother died, after he supposedly threw her an iphone in the face.That night that this incident took place the LAPD was actually called but cops say that Amber was uninjured.I’ll put a link in the end of my answer where you can find more info about what went on that night cause otherwise it will take me pages to actually talk about everything.In summary:

Initially there’s no mention about Domestic Violence.Amber sends a blackmail like letter to Johnny’s lawyer requesting spousal support,an SUV car with him paying for everything it needs,3 apartments again with Johnny continuing to pay for everything and attorney fees.She says that if he doesn’t give her what she wants she will go public with abuse.Johnny denies her requests and the shitstorm begins.Amber says that he’s been abusing her throughout all of their relationship and begins selling her evidence to the tabloids but refuses to actually give them to the police and file a police report.She gets a temporary restraining order against him,something that doesn’t need any proof to get .A trial about a pernament restraining order is set.To get  that,Amber needs solid proof that she’s in danger and that she was abused.After weeks of Amber avoiding her deposition and leaking evidence she dropped her pernament RO request,a few days before the court took place(August)You will hear people saying ‘’He settled so he’s guilty’’ but the truth is that she was the once who dropped her case.That famous 7mil settlement was about the divorce and had nothing to do with the allegations of DV.She said that she will donate the money but as of now it seems like she hasn’t done so yet with the money she has gotten so far.You can read more details about the whole case here

My take on this situation is that things never happened like Ms. Heard claimed they did,and there are tons of reasons about why I have that opinion.And no it’s not because I am a huge Depp fan who thinks that he can do no wrong cause,for the record,initially I believed her.I said to myself,wth would a woman lie about DV,it doesn’t make sense.As the days went by I realised that something shady was going on and as I started following the case closely I was persuaded,and still am,that it was all BS.Why I don’t believe Amber?

Well here are some of the reasons:

-She said she was afraid for her life but if Johnny has said yes to her initial requests she would never filed for a RO and she would continue living in his condos with no problem.Make sense.

-She choose to sell her ‘’abuse’’ photos to People mag instead of going to the police.She basically chose publicity over justice.

-The cops who went there when he allegedly threw a phone to her said that there was no sign of any injury

-She actually was arrested for assaulting her ex gf in public back in 2009.Her gf said that it was not true and that the cop was homophobic but it turned out that the cop was a lesbian

-She avoided her own deposition 3 times before she actually sit for one cause she would have been prosecuted otherwise.The first time she said that shw would be in London for a costume fitting but she was papped hiding at an LA hotel.The second time she did go but she threw a temper tantrum and in the end she wasn’t deposed.The third time she said that she couldn’t catch a flight for London.Then a judge order that she MUST go or she will be prosecuted and she finally was deposed,the 4th time.

-She said that she will file a police report to prove that she isn’t lying but she never did cause she still ‘’loved him and didn’t want to bury his career’’.Sure Jan.

-Many of Johnny’s exes came to his defense

-He had a LOT of witnesses not only to support that he didn’t abuse her but also to say that she was the violent one

-He has lots of evidence including text and photos.He never leaked them but there were listed for the court that never happened x

-Neighbours and building workers who saw her the days she was supposedly bruised in the face say that she didn’t have any bruises and that she was make up free

-The phone incident happened on Saturday.On Sunday she went to a party and there was a photo where you could see half of her face and she didn’t seem to have a bruise.He supporters will argue that it was covered by hair but why was the photo taken down then?

-Amber’s bf Raquel lived nexdoors(in one of Johnny’s appartments,rent free of course)and she said that the bruise appeared immediately after Johnny supposedly threw her the phone.If the bruise appeared so quick then how come the cops didn’t see it when they arrived 45 minutes after?

-In the court docs Amber says that when threw the phone at her she was on the phone with another friend,iO Tillet Wright and she screamed at him to call the LAPD.In an essay he published later iO stated that he called the police cause she never would.So,did he call the police by himself or was he told by Amber to do so?We’ll never know.

-There’s actual footage from the tv show overhaulin where Amber actually hits Johnny.Playfouly,but pretty aggresivelly.Now what kind of abuse vitim would even think of hitting her abuser on public tv?

-People who were close to both,or to Amber have choosen to side with Johnny.(Greg Williams,Smantha McMillen,Brittany Eustis etc)

-She has a lying history.She falsified docs and lied to the Australian authorities.She has also lied on multiple smaller occassions so she does have a lying pattern.

-In court documents she says that Johnny had been abusing her emotionally,verballly and physically nonstop for the last 3 years.Later she said that he only abused her when drunk.

-As far as I’ve been informed a judge is obligated to take a DV case to court if he sees solid evidence even if the victim doesn’t want to proceed.A judge saw all of Amber’s evidence yet he let her withdraw the case with prejudice which means she can’t refile it.

(I’m too bored right now to put sources under my points but I’ll definitely give them to you if you ask about them)

Things you will hear about this case that aren’t true:

‘‘He admitted it’‘:FALSE.He never admitted it.There was a public statement released x true.It read that no one lied for financial reasons.Having been an admit of guilt it would read No one lied.fullstop.Therefore no he didn’t admit it.

‘‘He never denied it’‘:FALSE.His lawyer did address the allegations,calling them false.

‘‘He has a history of DV’‘:FALSE.He doesn’t have one and his exes came to his defense.

‘‘He settled so he is guilty’‘:FALSE.She dropped the case by herself.Even if Johnny didn’t want to proceed he could have done nothing if she wanted the court to happen.It was only up to her.The settlemet that happened later was about the divorce.

‘‘But there’s video footage’‘:Yes video footage of an angry man hitting his cabites.Bad behavior,yes.Proof of physical violence no.

‘‘She donated the money’‘.Well although she said she will,it doesn’t look like she has done so with the money she has recieved so far.Plus she’s dating a billionaire and there’s also that thing we call PR.

‘‘He avoided his deposition’‘:He was never ordered to give one,only a sworn statement.

Fun Facts:

Amber leaked the video AFTER she had agreed to drop her case which doesn’t make any sense unless you want to just smear your ex,

She said that all the money will go to charity and when Johnny sent the first 200k directly to the charities instead of her she went crazy.

She had no problem living in his condo till last December although he still had the keys and she was afraid of him.Sure Jan.

There’s a lot more on this case.Whatever you choose to believe always keep an open mind and never believe everything you read.

Well, net neutrality is dead.

For those of you who don’t live in the us, we just voted on whether or not to keep net neutrality, which is pretty much what keeps the internet avaliable to everyone. And we lost it with a 3-2 vote against it.

I’m not entirely sure what that means for the update schedule of this blog, but I will figure something out so that I can keep posting here. Just a heads up

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hi, in the chapters translated by Ultimateking, i see Mob curse sorta lightly. but that seems a bit unusual to me bc his manner seems very polite. is it an exaggerated translation or something else?

i can only think of 2 times mob says a cuss


i just went and checked in the raws, and for both of these, he says “kuso” = “shit,” so it’s not an exaggerated translation. mob truly does utter at least 2 cuss words. to be fair, mob was extremely upset on both occasions.


Ooooo kayy, This will me my first post,and yeas, this will be moved into my FAQ blog

-Well then, thanks to my friend, I decided to open an ask blog for Bendy and Borris, and here’s something for you all to9 notice:

#0  I’m not so good with english, my appologies…

#1  I’m quite busy, so I’m not gonna active much, unless my holidays or weekends. But sometimes I’m busy on those days too, sorry, but my mail box won’t closed, so yeah, feel free to ask and send me your questions, I’ll try to answer as much as I can on my free time :33

#2  Pease notice that this blog will contain some gore, violently themes (I guess?) and heavy language, so please consider yourself okay?

#3  I’m not encourage you dear to take, edit, re-edit, trace, in ANY forms, so please ask for my permission before take my arts somewhere, if you don’t be polite to me, then I guess there’s nothing left to make me polite back to you dear~ *wink wink* :333

#4  You can ask anything you like, but please be polite to everyone around you, okay? 

Thank you for paid this blog a visit, I’m really really appreciated <3

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The annoying thing about this website is that it's pretty much impossible to get away from the pure stupidity surrounding fandoms. I'm not on here for politics or social justice, I'm here because there's nowhere else I can talk about my favourite characters and movies and books with people who have the same level of enthusiasm. But it's genuinely impossible to find one single, solitary fandom blog that isn't mired in social justice crap. I follow blogs where I like their content, but half (1)

(2) the time they’re posting shit about how they hate all men and “don’t trust male doctors, they’ll tell you stupid things” (genuinely something I saw on here and probably the stupidest sentence I’ve seen in a while), and how lesbians are superior to everyone and even when they’re talking about fandom it’s “this character shouldn’t have been played by a white woman, fuck that” even when the character is CANONICALLY white, “it would be 1000 times better if she was a WOC” and on and on with the

(3) ridiculous opinions. If I were to block everyone that said this shit I would have literally no one to follow. And the white guilt and virtue signaling and crap drives me mad. And the worst thing is I have to play along with all this shit because if you say one single thing that could be construed as disagreeing with them, you’re blocked. So I have to just try and ignore all the bullshit I see so I can enjoy what I’m here for but it is SO hard not to correct people sometimes, especially when

(4) absolutely blatantly false, like “I hate this actress because she whitewashes roles” (Scarlett johansson, who still gets flack for playing a CANONICALLY raceless character in a movie set in Japan where the entire point was she was not a native), and then in the next breath they claim every character in existence would be better if they were racebent, but only racebent in the right direction ( i.e the browner the better.) And “I LOVE jake peralta, he’s my favourite character, pity he’s

(5) white though, be so much better if he wasn’t” even though that character is Jewish but no one gives a fuck about that. They genuinely want every single character in a show set in America to be black and gay, because who gives a fuck about realism right? Ugh. I’m so sorry I didnt just submit this mags, I didn’t think I’d rant so long. It just pisses me off sometimes, how absolutely braindead people on this website can be.

Being part of a fandom on here used to be absolutely awesome. I had great people to talk to and it was so fun to gush about characters and plots and fan theories and fiction and art.

And then someone sent hate anons to themselves and their friends for attention.

And then someone screeched that men can’t be objectified in one breath, and then said she’d rape an actor if she met him in real life.

And then someone claimed that liking a certain character meant that you supported child abuse.

And then someone said that if you liked a certain trope, you hated trans people.

And then someone said that if you didn’t state that something was canon when it wasn’t, you were a bigot.

And then someone said if you didn’t ship a certain ship, you were homophobic.

And then someone was angry that she wasn’t allowed to sexually harass an actor at a convention.

And then a whole bunch of people faked suicide attempts for attention.

And so on. And so on.

And now I don’t have anyone to gush over silly fandom things with, and I can’t help but hate a character that I once loved thanks to idiots in the fandom. I can’t stand a ship that I loved because of idiots in the fandom. I don’t write dumb fanfiction anymore. I’ve totally cut myself off from fandom because of the awful, hateful people in it.

Unfortunately, though, that’s what Tumblr does to people. And this kind of thinking only invaded fandoms because fans needed some kind of twisted moral outrage to justify ridiculous fan wars over ships and squicks and characters and plots. That’s the only reason it’s like that.

People can be such complete assholes.

THIS WAS MORE ORGANIZED THE FIRST TWO TIMES I TRIED TO POST IT, I SWEAR. but tumblr keeps eating it, so here goes the third time!!

OKAY, SO WE HAVE MANAGED TO GET 40+ ( almost 50, actually!! ) followers on this sideblog!! I’m super excited that you all are here, in fact this is one of the best experiences I’ve had rping in a while!! this is just a really great community that has been super welcoming and nice and I really appreciate that!! therefore, to express how excited I am and how much i love??? you all??? i thought I’d make this little giveaway!!! here we gooooo—


1. YOU GOTTA BE FOLLOWING ME, FRIEND. ( now I know most of you guys will read this rule and be like, “well, no duh radio”, but TRUST ME. on some of my old blogs, people really liked trying to enter without?? me even knowing who they are?? also, please don’t follow just for the icons and then unfollow almost immediately after!! it sort of hurts my feelings. i definitely won’t force you to give them back or whatever, but jeez! rude!! )

2. 1 REBLOG AND LIKE PER BLOG PLEASE ( everyone gets at the most two entries, so please only reblog this once so that I don’t get confused with the notes!! you know how notes can be finicky and all, and a bunch of reblogs from one person makes it even more so. )

3. BE PATIENT AND POLITE IM AWKWARD AND IN SCHOOL ( please be friendly with me! i might take a bit with the icons due to school or my general scatterbrained nature!! i definitely WILL get the icons done, but i can’t guarantee that it’s gonna be super quick. )

that’s it for the rules! now here are the prizes!!




WOW!!! alright!! lastly, I just wanted to say again that I’m so grateful to all of you for everything!!! if you have any questions, shoot an ask or message me!! also, just as a reminder that the MAIN BLOG IS @cosmicradiio!! that’s where I follow from!! you guys are super duper great!!

edit:: ENDS 8/25/17

harry styles is the perfect representation of that kind of celebrity whose political correctness extends only to how much money they can make off of it. waving the lgbt flag up down left and right and going off abt equality on his concerts but ignoring the blm flag and signs? CHECK saying “women are the future” and wearing t-shirts saying “women are smarter” and then staying silent on sexist jokes that he’s a part of AND making himself jokes abt sexual assault and pedophilia? DOUBLE CHECK 

psa. / is active until the vote on net neutrality is done.

Sorry, guys, but until the vote about Net Neutrality will be done, this blog is no longer politics free. It’s really important. It’s incredibly important. You can block/blacklist tags such as ‘politics’ and ‘net neutrality’ right now. I may not be an American citizen but I’ve been living here for 2 solid years while studying, and I wish to become a citizen in the future. 

And let me be honest for once on this website regarding my standpoint: I do not wish to hear anything about supporting current president, I do not wish to hear anything from his supporters or hear anything that makes some people respect him. I am one of those people who utterly and completely hates the guy. The man’s nuts and he threatens the whole world with his unprofessionalism and his way of doing shit. 

This is the first and the last time I post my personal view on politics, so bear with me. I’m extremely stressed and pissed. Please, let’s try to protect, at least, Internet and our Privacy. These are the only things that WE - ourselves - can save since the election in the USA.

If you wish to unfollow me or block me because of my standpoint, me reblogging political things and posts about saving Net Neutrality — then do it. I don’t care. I have my opinion and I wish to share it with those who are with me so far. I will tag everything accordingly, of course. But I just want people to know that sometimes being neutral or trying to escape these things does not help. It only worsens the situation. 

Renata’s out. 

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so ive been following you for about two years and i just started a blog for a different fandom where somehow ending up i doing metas and headcanons and other request stuff and like... how do you do it omg... theres so many asks that take hours to answer... tons of research to do... it made me appreciate how much more work you put into your blog haha. keep bein awesome

omg, this is so sweet, thank you! and wow, 2 years!!! THANK YOU AGAIN…

i haven’t really done meta in a while, and i’m really sorry for that because i know a lot of people following this blog are interested in it and have politely requested more. it’s definitely time-consuming, and unfortunately i’m a really scatterbrained person so i’ll get a really interesting question and then completely forget about it by the time i’m home and i can look at my japanese manga ;-; (i need to keep a separate document w/ meta and translation-related asks so i don’t forget them!!)

so anyway, how i do it is……. um…. i don’t even know. it’s been too long. i guess i had folders on my computer w/ pics and screenshots and txt docs that had stream-of-consciousness notes in them and i would pull it all together into something hopefully coherent. but tbh a big help has been asks from people, there’s been so much i’ve learned/investigated because it was prompted by someone else, so i feel like a lot of the good things i’ve written only exist because of other people!! ❤️

good luck with your blog and try not to stress too much about it! you won’t be able to answer everything, unfortunately – there’s just not enough time in the day.