i can barely see my laptop

I haven’t been able to play Overwatch for a while due to my desktop computer breaking down. I can only use my shitty laptop at the moment whilst my desktop computer is getting repaired :/ I decided to start playing WoW again (my laptop can barely handle it haha) and I noticed all of these friend requests once I got in-game. Even though I have also been playing Hearthstone I didn’t get these before logging into WoW because my region in Hearthstone is set to European and my region in WoW is set to American (at least I’m guessing this is why I didn’t see them before now). Just wanted to say sorry for not seeing these before now. I have accepted them all now :)


The one con to having such a super cuddly cat is that if she sees me lie on the couch and open up my laptop, she will–without fail–decide she needs to curl up in the crook of my arm so I can’t move it, and then stretch her legs out all over my keyboard so I can barely even type with my one mobile hand hahah.  I don’t have the heart to move her. 😻


whenever i draw on my laptop it looks ok but then i bring it onto my desktop computer and i can barely see it. >:Y

anyways, this isn’t really a headcanon of mine, but I’ve always liked the thought of Finitevus doing stuff like applying makeup, so i indulged myself. 

I would like to apologist for not being on much lately.

You see first I had just lost… my muse.. and I suppose interest… I sometimes lose, interest in things. suddenly mostly. for no reason I just wake up and… there is nothing that drives me to do certain things, sometimes I have no interest to do anything… I can’t explain it sorry… but that happened, I barely touched my laptop those days. only sometimes to watch movies… If I  felt like it…

Also earlier this week I feel and hurt my wrist rely bad. still hurts a bit from time to time, well anyway. that kinda put a dumper on mostly any activity in which I use my hands. But maybe I’m just using that as a excuse. sometimes I can’t tell with myself.

well anyhow. I hope you having a good day, and that this year will bring you happy moments:)

Please Daddy

Summery: Daddy!Phil fucks Dan.

Warning: Daddy!kink, Smut, A few swear words

Word Count: 2,026


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A creak from the floor boards causes me to look up. I’m lounging on the couch, knees bent, and my laptop precariously placed on top of them. My boyfriend is standing near the door. I sit up and place my laptop on the coffee table to my left. I find my eyes scanning my boyfriend’s body.

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Skype Date

A/N: A little something I decided to write for @anarchyaustralia and @feathermikey ‘s date night!5sos blurb night! 

You lay curled in bed, the soft Vera Bradley blanket warming your legs comfortingly. The lights in your room were off, except for the soft lamp on your dresser. Shifting the laptop balanced on your lap to a more stable position, the half-eaten bowl of popcorn settled on the otherwise vacant spot  next to you, unable to replace the lanky boy who usually stretched out beside you. The familiar Skype noise rang from the small speakers on your laptop, and you excitedly clicked the accept button. Luke’s face filled your screen, his grin taking up half of the image. “Hey! I’ve been waiting to see your beautiful face all day!”

You smirked, “Luke, you can barely see my face, I’m sitting in the dark.” He kept his face close to the screen, blocking your view of his surroundings.

“You always look stunning, I know that even if you really need to turn on some more lights.” His compliment made you blush; he was always eager to let you know how much he loved everything about you.

“Thank you, Luke,” you mumbled in response, slightly abashed. His eyes lit up again,

“Oh, I have something to show you! I know that it sucks that I’m away so much and we haven’t been able to go on a date in forever, and I wanted to do something special for you.” You raised your eyebrow in confusion, wondering what the enthusiastic guitarist had planned. Luke pulled his head back, and his room came into view. The hotel room had candles placed on most of the available surfaces, barring the areas, including the bed, where rose petals lay. Luke looked gorgeous in the soft lighting of the candles, his blue eyes sparkling with happiness, though you could see a flicker of nervousness behind his excited expression.

“Luke, oh my gosh, this is gorgeous!” You could feel yourself tearing up, overwhelmed with emotion. “This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me!” Luke’s expression radiated happiness, all worries gone.

“Awww, are you crying? Please don’t cry, I’m not there to hold you!” You  wiped at your eyes hastily, giggling somewhat wetly.

“I’m just so happy right now Luke, this is definitely the best date yet. I don’t know how you’re going to top this when you get home!” His eyes twinkled in the candlelight, a smirk creeping onto his face.

“Oh, don’t worry, I already have some ideas,” he replied with a wink, sending you thoughts swirling, anxious for Luke to take his spot on the bed again, but for now you settled into your blankets, turned up the volume on the laptop, and prepared to enjoy your romantic Skype date.

So. I caught a flu that’s been around Moscow this month and it finally caught up with me.

You see, I’m actually pretty rarely sick, so when it’s time for a flu, or a cold or another virus, I’m d y i n g. This week I spent two days barely moving and not sleeping due to my neck killing me. Yesterday I lied down for almost three hours imagining flu being an actual dude you can challenge to a fight and get better just from that. After a day of bottled up rage I could crawl to the laptop and do this little comic. I’m 15000% with Raph on the subject of being sick. I apologize for fonts, laptop is new and I don’t have strength to install all my usual fonts and whatnot.