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Handmade Gemstone Jewelry by My Luna Jewel

You might or might not know that my dad handcrafts gemstone and sterling silver jewelry. He puts a lot of time, love and effort into each piece but recently has had to put it on hold and going is on rest as he has found out he will need surgery sometime within the next few weeks. It would mean a lot if anyone could send some love his way by helping to support his store. This doesn’t mean you have to buy anything, but even just liking one item will help support it! My family and I would really appreciate it and if you do decide to make a purchase, you can even use LAP10 for 10% off your total! Thank you ♡

Prayer Request

Hey y’all, I have this beautiful roommate and wonderful friend who is currently serving the Lord as a missionary for seven weeks this summer. Em is experiencing a lot of spiritual desolation and she is very homesick, if you could keep her in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it. She is one of the most selfless people I know and she never ceases to give everything to God, but right now she needs prayers. 

Thank you! How can I pray for you?

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CONGRATS ON 1.K!!! I'd love to request a rebelcaptain drabble with the prompt "one of us is working nights and the other is working days and every time we see each other we are SUPER TIRED AND CRABBY but also I kind of miss you." <3


(side note: i tweaked the prompt A TEENY BIT, hope you don’t mind too much!)


[also on ao3]

At first, Cassian doesn’t think much of Jyn’s new job at the bar.

It’s miles better than her diner job in every way conceivable — better pay, shorter hours, friendlier clientele (although sometimes maybe too friendly, but that’s nothing Jyn can’t handle thanks to both her black belts). It’s a lot easier for her to tack on shifts to fit her class schedule, which she’s definitely going to appreciate, now that she’s on her very last semester of college.

Plus, Baze is there. Baze always seems to have some kind of weird calming effect on Jyn, which is odd only because the words “calm” and “Jyn” have probably never before been used in the same sentence by anyone on this planet, living or dead.

The best part is, they can keep hanging out with their friends at Baze’s bar without Jyn having to miss out on anything.

All in all, it’s a good arrangement.

That is, until Jyn actually starts working there.

“Eggs for one, then,” Cassian mutters to himself, dropping his free hand from the egg tray before closing the fridge door. Pretty much all of Jyn’s classes for this semester are afternoon ones, but for the past year or so they’ve been living together, she’s always gotten out of bed around the same time he does for work. 

Not that he minds or anything. He’s just used to their semi-routine of making breakfast together every morning, swerving and ducking lazily around each other as they pour coffee into mugs and shake cereal into bowls.

He supposes he can’t expect that to go on, now that Jyn’s going to be spending most of her nights at the bar, all the way till the wee hours of the morning.

No problem, he tells himself easily as he dumps his scrambled eggs onto a plate. Just get used to it.

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Opening commissions for the summer! I’ve just spent a lot of money investing in my future and I could really use the help so I can eat this summer lol.

I’m open to drawing most anything within my realm of ability, so don’t hesitate to PM me with any questions or inquiries. OCs, fanart, you name it! You can also reach out to me at my email address alexismaylambert@gmail.com. I tend to complete commissions in 3-7 days. Payment done through paypal.

If you’re unable to commission me, I really appreciate spreading the word by reblogging this post! Please!!!

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Hi sorry to bother you but maybe you could help me with something😊 but just if you want to. So I have to write a characterization for school and I choose to write about Isak. Do you maybe know a few adjektives I can describe Isak with before and after his character development? I would appreciate it so much if you could help me💖, but seriously you don't have to, I have to write my school assignments for myself after all

oooh, this is an interesting ask! this isn’t really adjectives, I’m sorry, I just sort of wrote what came to mind off the top of my head and I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you were looking for for inspiration haha good luck with your homework!

before I would describe Isak as:

  • very guarded, both physically and emotional
    • a lot of us have let things go a lot further than we wanted while we were in the closet, but Isak didn’t let things get too physical with Emma and I hope he was brave enough to do that with Sara and other girls too
    • I feel like Isak was the friend who would pull the “no homo” card if a talk got to emotional or real because anything real was a threat to his tightly guarded secret
  • very choreographed (his whole life was a well performed charade, nothing was done accidentally)
  • I’d also say bone tired (it’s very difficult to live that way it takes it’s toll on you)
  • closed off to anything real, anything that would threaten the image he made for himself and crack the hard shell he coated himself in even though he is actually a soft lil marshmallow
  • P R O J E C T I N G this boy was massively projecting the image of what he thought a totally straight teenage lad would be like rather than just being himself
  • grouchy as hell. he probably felt like everyone else had it so easy while he was there struggling with everything all the time, so yes he got crabby with people a lot
  • resigned. he just seemed so resigned to living this life where nothing was real and he never got to be himself. you could see it in his eyes in those quiet moments when he was alone and it was heartbreaking
  • wound super fucking tight (probably from the pressure of constantly being deceptive about himself). he just looked SO tense all the time, like one little thing would set him off in a temper

currently I would describe Isak as:

  • very open. to a lot of things, I think. you want to talk? sure, Isak can talk. you want to study? sure. you want to sit in silence for two hours because you don’t know how to say what you need to say? sure Isak can do that that’s chill
    • his face also just seems more open? before he was so frowny and stressed looking constantly but now his face is much smoother and softer because he’s more at ease with where his life is he knows where he stands there isn’t much he needs to scowl at now
  • lighter. just seeing the way he carries himself is different. he almost glides now, he isn’t crushed under the weight of the charade and the fear of people finding out who he really is
  • he seems to be standing taller too
    • for a lot of s3 I felt like Isak was trying to make himself physically smaller; shoulders hunched up or his body slouched low in a seat but there’s none of that now
  • dependable. steady. Isak seems to sure now. there’s so little doubt left in his life. he doesn’t need to worry about if Even loves him or if his friends will leave him if they learn the truth
    • sure things might still be challenging for him (family life, balancing work and school and making ends meet, the role he plays in Even’s life when Even is having an episode) but I feel like Isak is more capable to deal with them now than he was two years ago

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Hey Greg, I decided not to continue college next semester (cost and lack of interest in any particular field being the largest factors,) and am staying with my parents over the summer while I find an affordable place to live and start a career path in the KC area. I don't know anybody else who would know that kind of thing. Sorry if this is a difficult question but I lack a lot of real world experience so any advice would be appreciated. P.S. I used to volunteer at the cat store in Dirt Mall

This is kind of a tough question. Education is expensive and I feel your pain, but if you work at all you’ll wind up in a field that would likely benefit from education. The staggering price tag of college can make it difficult to determine what’s a good idea to invest in. High demand degrees are also very competitive and require a lot of math and technical knowledge - they’re most likely to pay off, but I know engineers who have struggled to find work in their field because some of those jobs are regional or subject to the ebb and flow of material costs. Petroleum engineering is a good example, where it was previously a solid idea, but low oil prices have caused a bit of a slump - that slump has also affected chemical engineers to a lesser extent. Unfortunately, essentially zero young people can get their finger on the pulse of an industry from their schooling so the odds of you knowing what’ll be good in four years from now is likely nil.
That’s the real problem we have compared to our foreign counterparts. Most educations are good - except certain soft fields that sanctify confirmation biases just to stay relevant - but not every education is $40k tuition plus $900 in textbooks per semester good. In fact a lot of educations, including the  Education field, ironically, aren’t that good. I know that in the Midwest they’ve been developing some alternate methods to obtain teaching credentials because of the financial liability of the traditional pathway. That’s how you know we’re a mess - the system can’t technically sustain itself into another generation without special stopgaps.
Regardless, after working in retail a few years you’re almost guaranteed to find yourself wishing you had a degree. Retail work under a corporation is one of the most soul-leeching work environments available today because they’re designed around temporary efficiency. Almost no retail company expects you to stay on with them for more than a few years, so they build their models around exploiting you for the time they have you. If you’re the laid back type, you can survive in this environment by being friendly with your co-workers and not taking corporate seriously; you’ll never meet your metrics, but your immediate boss will forgive you because your personality makes the place less of a living hell.
Your boss will change frequently, is the problem. Retail promises incentives for meeting corporate’s standards, but it’s a trick, because the standards are unrealistic and you’ll rarely obtain them. If you do meet them, corporate will raise the bar to prevent you from meeting them again. It’s a carrot on a stick. When the manager doesn’t meet the standards, they’ll have to go to meetings and discuss what they did wrong as though it’s their fault. The manager is probably being underpaid and exploited as badly as you are, and some bosses are foolish enough to try to drive their employees to attempt to meet the metrics. I’ve watched bosses like that drive themselves to the bone and then fall into a state of complete despair when they finally hit their breaking point - sometimes they’re hard-asses but other times they can be well-meaning people who legitimately believe doing a good job will get them noticed. That’s not to say nobody gets promoted, but I only saw the coveted promotion happen once in over five years, and I don’t know what caused it.
Blue collar work is better emotionally, but less common and can be more competitive to get into. It also has drawbacks in terms of being more physically demanding, and sometimes your work hours are affected by the seasons. Construction work is a good field in plenty of ways, as is land survey. Working for a contractor is interesting in that your employer usually bills their client for the hours you spend on the project, which means they won’t discourage you from dawdling if jobs are sparse. Don’t get me wrong - they take it seriously and the client will be happy with a cheap and swift job, but unless your firm has a lot to do you’ll probably find yourself taking it easy some days - in Kansas you might be taking it slow on numerous days because the state budget has been in free-fall and there aren’t many projects active.
Getting into a trade is a good idea if jobs are available in your area. Many trades are also affected by seasons and the regional economy. For the KC area, it might be a good idea to look into openings at your nearest airport - there’s more than just MCI around here and air is one of the bigger portions of the regional economy. Planes need plenty of maintenance and looking after, and they’re active year round. In my experience, the guys at the downtown KC airport seemed nice and in reasonable spirits - although the economy has gotten a bit shaky on air so that may have changed by now. MCI is much busier and therefore a lot more strict. If you’d like to try to become an air controller, that’s a possibility that actually expects some job experience before you go to school for it, but it’s a very slowly growing field so there’s not an abundance of openings.
There are also plenty of medical specialties that require technicians. Specialists are probably grossly overpaid in the US, so that environment may change in a decade if our government doesn’t implode, but nobody makes a truly reliable ten year plan. Still, at the current moment you might be able to snag a technician’s education and a decent living looking at x-rays of the things other people put in their butts. Somebody has to! I’m told a lot of people go to the ER for that. Like, new person every day if you can believe it.
It’s a tight job market in KC! I think as a general plan, I’d say you may as well settle for retail if you absolutely can’t find anything else, but recognize that it’s a soul-crushing dead-end for most people. Use the retail wages - which will not be much and will probably require two employers to be livable - to cover expenses, and constantly be on the look out for work virtually anywhere else. A lot of people leave the KC area to look for work in greener pastures, so best of luck!

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May I request headcanons about Iwaizumi/Oikawa with a really lazy s/o? Thanks!😊

Oikawa Tooru

♡ Kinda ironic because he is an athlete

♡ He knew what he was getting into tho

♡ He likes it because it forces him to take a breather some days, not to always practice like he did before (and get injured)

♡ Lazy Sundays become incredibly lazy

♡ He fell in love with you all over again when you introduced him to video games (more especifically mass effect: Andromeda)

♡ Also lots of dates in your home when you can’t be bothered to go out

♡ He appreciates the slow moments so much, gave him more insight on both him and you

♡ Also his s/o is lazy in everything including schoolwork so he always got to help you with it

♡ You grin and smooch him for his troubles

♡ Doesn’t mean you stop

♡ Since you’re so lazy you know the optimal times for the movie theaters (when there’s less people on the feather and when it’s practically empty of people etc)

♡ You always marathon alien movies with him

Iwaizumi Hajime

♡ Another athlete, and definitely goes to the gym (those muscles weren’t from lazing around)

♡ Ironic that he’s with a lazy s/o

♡ His s/o’s laziness rubbed off on him

♡ Not too much tho he still goes to the gym

♡ Has a new found appreciation of videogames with you

♡ Turns into a big™ procrastinator with you now

♡ Dinners typically are either pizza delivery or food from the microwave

♡ Not helping Hajime in the least

♡ Also he’s not a huge fan of public outings and since you’re so lazy to go out he’s in heaven

♡ You can use that lazy time to beat his high scores in games

♡ You forget to do homework and he does as well, so at school in the morning you’re running around trying to find someone to copy from

♡ (It’s always Oikawa in the end tho)

♡ You go to his practice only to fall asleep in the bleachers

♡ He ends up picking you up and carrying you home


Tag Time Thingy!!! Thank you @sandy-sims @rosecoffeesims and @dank-owski LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU TOO!! 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖

Most active are: @dank-owski @skadisim @blackthornsims and @negativeplumbobs You guys get a slow mesmerizing twerking ice king for my appreciation!!!  😘 😘 😘 😘

Please keep my family in your thoughts today. My grandfather, The one that I always joke is indistinguishable from the 12th Doctor, is in the hospital for a couple of days being monitored. He was having chest pain’s this morning and blood test revealed that he may have had some heart damage.

My uncle says he’s awake and alert and happy and fine, but there still a lot that needs to be observed. I’m home alone today worried about him with not much I can do until the hospital reports back. So I would appreciate your thoughts, your prayers if that’s how you swing, or whatever.

Also please excuse any ludicrous typos, doing voice to text while driving.

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Theeeeeen what's Penny like as a mom? And does she work her way up at QI like Felicity did or stay at home?

Taking a quick break to answer a few asks before I have to go meet my carpenter and foundation people and realtor for my house… If that sounds like a pain in the ass, it is. So, thank you for the asks lol. 

Penny’s always wanted a really big family. All of her cousins have huge families and she doesn’t have any siblings herself (her parents divorced when she was fairly young). In some ways, she’s cut from the same cloth as Nate. She’s big on rules and boundaries and expectations and routines, but she’s also loving, encouraging and appreciative of her kids and she easily expresses her pride in them. Penny gets a lot of joy over making others happy. That’s true with her kids, too. 

I can’t overstate how much Penny adores Nate, though. He’s always her priority (as she is for him) and she’d rather focus on him than do absolutely anything else. Even when they’re parents, they get pretty wrapped up in each other. By contrast to…. say Will and Amelia, Nate and Penny are the sort to take a vacation as a couple and leave the kids with his parents for a few days. Will and Amelia would never even think of that. Their boys will always come with them. 

Penny never moves up at QI, but she never aimed to. She likes being an assistant. And she stays one. In spite of clearly violating company policy, she stays Nate’s assistant and they work closely together at QI. 

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I just watched containment and damnnn I feel like Chris didn't get the applause he fckng deserves!!! HE IS SO TALENTED AND HE MADE ME CRY A LOT I feel like he being on sg is just waste of time tbh idk about you but I want him to do something more so he can get the appreciation he deserves :/

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! he was SO good in containment, he breaks my heart in every scene!!

he is wasted on sg, 1000%, he’s so talented and is capable of so much more

and yep to the last part, i’ve been quite clear on my opinion on the matter about that haha

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don't wanna flood you with messages, but you've got a lot of people who care about you, and if you get a bill, I can take up another comm <3

Awww Steven, thank you! :’D I’d really appreciate it! 

I was actually quite surprised at the bill. O_O You see, I’ve been so used to my mother treating me so I used to get everything for free and right now since she’s not here with me… I finally got the taste of horrible overpriced hospital bills OTL

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"Even though you only allowed me into it for a precious moment, I truly believe I left you heart better than I found it" // "I do not need you, but that does not make me miss you any less" (Texts that Lili liked in the last two days) I know these likes can mean nothing but damn I think they are not in a good vibe these last days 😔 what do u think?

I wouldn’t look too much into, my dear. ☺️ I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. (hopefully lol) they have been awfully quiet lately but that’s probably just them being busy, considering they’re about to begin production again.

I feel like lili is a very soulfully minded person and appreciates quotes like those, especially after going through what she’s gone through. because they show and express vulnerability, it’s something a lot of people can relate to, whether they are going through it or have gone through it. (:

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Hello! I'm a new follower here. :) If it's okay to you, can you join us make a trend on Twitter? Like post about a support to Ishida-sensei with "#IsihidaAppreciation", If it's only okay to you. And you can invite the other TG fandoms, too. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day.

I don’t use twitter that much but I’d be happy to help! thank you for letting me know

also it’d be cool if any of you reading this would join cause i heard ishida got a LOT of hate on twitter for the last chapter (jfc) and we should support him and appreciate his work more! ♥

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Do you know of any stim toys with rough surfaces? Or some objects that could be used as sim toys

Anon, I am so sorry for making this one wait. I do try to answer things in order, but advisory posts and posts with safety concerns do tend to be answered out of order (also things I can do quickly if I have a few minutes between other things). Sadly, this means that my longer asks do tend to be pushed to the back a little, which isn’t fair or right, but it is what it is. I really appreciate your patience with me!

I think this is a cool question, personally, as someone who likes textured toys. (I like the asks that make me have to think and examine my own toys and what I like about them and why I like that.) It’s interesting because a lot of toys have texture, but they’re not really designed to be rough, so a little out-of-box thinking is required. With this one, too, I’m thinking about safe or safer items: wood chips/chip bark from the playground might be too splintery, as might wood offcuts (this one really depends on the type of wood), for stimmy-type handling.

I don’t have a lot of traditional stim toys for you. Many have texture, but most aren’t rough; I don’t think prickle balls and hedge creatures quite fit your brief, anon.

I’ve got a few ideas, though!

Last light, I was looking at a duck loofah/exfoliating sponge @ambiguouspieces​ gave me: plush sponge on the front, fabric loofah on the back. It’s slightly scratchy and rough to touch. Real loofah will be even rougher, so if you want something just for tactile stimming (touching and stroking) this should be ideal. I think they’re in every department store; these (sans duck) two sponges from K-Mart are pretty similar to mine (one, two, both $6 AUD).

This made me think about other rough sponges…

Bamboo Glass Dish Sponge: $3 AUD. I’ve handled this in store: it looks like it should be soft, but it’s rough and a little scratchy.

Scourer Sponge: $2 AUD for six. These are the sponges with a thick sponge base and a thin scourer side on top. Often yellow and green, here! I’m thinking of these as a rough-sided alternative to the make-up blending sponge: you can cut them into smaller pieces and easily keep one in a pocket, handbag, satchel, stim kit. Squishable and rough and easy to find!

(You can also buy these as just the scourer pad if you don’t want the squishable sponge part. Available on Woolworths for $0.70 AUD for six.)

Mesh Scourers: $1.99 AUD for five. Thinner sponges covered with a mesh bag. They’re not as scratchy as the scourer pads, but they have a good roughness. If you don’t quite like the scourer pad texture, I’d try this one for a good combination of sponginess and roughness.

This, of course, lead onto the next natural extension: steel scourers. They’re rough and can compress/be squished. You don’t want the steel wool scourers, as they’re harsher and contain dish soap; just the loose metal chain-like ones. Available on Woolworths for $0.89 AUD for three.

(All of these things will be available at your local dollar shop or department store, often for inexpensive prices. You don’t need brand-name items. Get whatever is cheapest.)

My next thought was tennis balls. You know how the ball nap (the soft-rough felty outer covering) is both soft but kind of rough all at once? Especially on the cheaper sort of tennis balls, like pet tennis balls? If you want a ball you can roll in your hands, something that doesn’t need a lot of explaining, this should work. K-Mart has several sorts from $2.50 AUD and up.

This, anon, was when I got to the random “running around my room touching things” stage. This one really isn’t portable, but wicker. As in baskets, chairs, sewing boxes. My laundry basket is made from cheap wicker and it is rough to touch in a really nice way. If you want to set up a safe stimmy-space corner, perhaps a wicker chair?

Next: towels. The cheap, low-thread-count kind. You want the cheapest towel you can find, the kind you ordinarily wouldn’t buy, so you might have to shop for this one offline. If you’re crafty and can sew a little, you can turn your rough, scratchy towel into pillows, a drawstring bag, even a weighted plush with the addition of a few button eyes. Or just cut it into portable-sized squares.

On the same theme, felt. Not the good felt you buy off the bolt at a fabric store; the nasty, cheap acrylic felt you buy in pre-cut pieces. Dollar store felt - stiff, rough to touch. It can be put to the same uses as your towel and it doesn’t fray. If you want a rough fabric, it’s hard to go past this for inexpensive.

If you like chewables and you want a rough pendant cord, ARK Therapeutic and Chewigem’s pendants both come with rough cord that our Mod Rainbow likened to a saw blade. You’ll want the Rugged cord ($3 AUD each), not the Soft cord, but I can confirm the Chewigem rugged cord is extremely rough to touch. You could even put a bead ring pendant on that same cord, if you’re not into chewing, and give yourself a take-everywhere rough-textured stim toy.

I was then buckling my splint back on and my fingers touched something rough: the Velcro straps. Why have we not discussed Velcro as a stim toy? Not only do you have two different textures (the rough hook and the soft loop side) but they make a great noise as you peel the two pieces apart. It’s epic stuff. I bet you already have something with velcro, anon, but if you don’t, I’ve seen Velcro (also sold as “hook and loop fastening”) in every craft and the sewing section of every dollar shop. There’s loads on eBay! You can fasten it to a toy (anything made from the rough towel or felt above) or just old each side of the strip and stick and peel it together over and over. Easy.

I hope this helps a little, even if the toys here aren’t quite conventional! If our lovely followers have any other awesome suggestions, please comment away. I’m sure there’s something obvious I have forgotten.

- Mod K.A.


Hey guys..
So I got kicked out of my home for good today, one for coming out and two bc I spoke my mind. So I left and I’m thankful that I can stay over at a good friend’s home for the night.
I will probably be on and off of here bc I have a lot happening right now. Im really sorry but I might be late to answer any vent asks or messages. ;;
I don’t really know if I can do commissions right now, I’m really sorry, but I really do need some support.
You guys know I’m really shy and dont like to ask for stuff, but my Paypal is azeeminshan@gmail.com and my patreon is Patreon.com/Azeem.
I would really, really appreciate it if my followers could share this. I have a pretty decent following but, it would really matter right now.
Thank you so much guys for everything you’ve done for me up to this point. I really want to start enjoying life and I hope I can get everything sorted out.

One of my pet peeves is I see a lot of vld blog’s that very rarely post about Hunk, and when they do it’s always some really fake sounding “he’s so soft and perfect!!” Post and like

Yes I love my boy and yes he is basically the human embodiment of sunshine, but he’s not perfect!!! Stop giving him half assed “appreciation” posts where all you talk about is how great he is!!

Hunk is vindictive, has no understanding of privacy, has a short temper, initially has issues with understanding grey morality, can be insensitive, and so on.

He’s not perfect and you’re doing him a disservice if you only talk about how perfect he is.


Public relationships are a weird thing. No one has an entitlement to anything within them but once one thing has been shared, it’s hard to know where the line is between what anyone other than you or your partner should/shouldn’t know. What I do know though is that if that relationship comes to an end, it’s hard to avoid telling people whether they have a right to know or not. Given the amount of questions I’ve already had, the longer I leave it, the worse it could be for all involved. So…here goes.

Pete and I broke up.

A couple of months ago.

It’s so much easier to explain a break up when something…happens. When someone lies, cheats, uses, abuses or even falls for someone else and you can say that’s why. That’s why we broke up. But in this case, nothing went wrong. We just simply weren’t right.

That’s really all I can and want to say on it all. Pete and I are still friends, of course. We shared two and a half incredibly magic years together, we both taught each other a lot and we’ll continue to be in each other’s lives until the end.

I just ask that you don’t ask questions and you don’t do the whole “OH BUT WHHHYYYY?! YOU WERE SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!!”…because who does that help, really? We both appreciate that in any public relationship, especially a “youtube” relationship everyone feels very *involved* but only two people were involved in our relationship: myself and Pete and we’d appreciate it if everyone could respect that. We’re both okay and moving forwards and that’s the main thing.

Much, MUCH love and thanks.