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Wow. I love how fast you can get requests finished. And in really good art, too! That's something I can really appreciate in an artist. Speaking of requests, I've been thinking about Team Talon a lot. They're just so cute. You think you can maybe draw me something?

Thank you! Sadly I will have to stop taking as many requests soon because of work…

But here are Talon!

SH fix it

@shadowhunters-official has a lot of loose strings and I’m upset with s2 as a whole to be perfectly honest. What I’d like to see happen:

  1. Simon works on who he is as a person and learns to appreciate the people who love and help him
  2. Raphael is no longer the show’s personal punching bag (no more abuse)
  3. Izzy saves herself from addiction with the help and support of her family and friends
  4. Clary stops sabotaging and controlling everyone around her, she remains single until she can work through her issues
  5. Luke is allowed to properly grieve over Jocelyn and doesn’t have to deal with Cleo and Clary’s nonsense 
  6. Valentine is killed off for good
  7. Jace begins to heal his emotional wounds and Maryese hugs him often, she mothers him a lot. He is allowed to move back into the institute
  8. Maryese learns to accept Magnus in her son’s life and copes from her husband cheating on her, Izzy dotes on her 
  9. Alec learns to use his words instead of his hands when there’s a conflict and he and Magnus talk it out like adults when they have a disagreement, they have consensual sex where he doesn’t push Magnus into the bedroom when Magnus clearly wants to discuss it first
  10. Aldertree is punished for his crimes and Izzy and Raphael are there to witness his shame
  11. Izzy apologizes to Raphael’s clan for her actions in s1 
  12. Lydia steps up as the new Institute leader and is damn good at it 
  13. Meliorn returns and has parts outside of just being used by Isabelle Lightwood
  14. Izzy stops manipulating others into getting what she wants and understands No means no 
  15. Maia has a bigger speaking role and story outside of a romantic plotline (let her geek and boss ass bitch wolf side show, show her interacting with the pack and laughing)
  16. Simon finally apologizes (profusely) to Raphael for betraying him, treating him like garbage, blaming him for everything. He goes home to DuMort (if the clan is okay with it) 
  17. Elaine Lewis’ alcoholism is addressed and her children are there to help her overcome it, they visit more often, she and Raphael have more scenes together
  18. Magnus and Raphael bond over their past traumas 
  19. Lily and the female vampires get speaking roles 
  20. Izzy and Clary make nice with one another 
  21. The creepy surrogate lady goes poof because she was okay with essentially letting Clary get raped
  22. Alec and Magnus adopt the little girl with the gills (when they’re ready for that step as a couple) 
  23. Downworlders are treated with respect and dignity by the shadow world 
  24. Minority characters are given storylines that don’t include being a glorified drug dealer (Raphael) or the person who constantly has to pick up after everyone’s messes (Magnus)
  25. No more white savior complex (aka Clary ‘fixing’ things for Luke/Cleo) 
  26. Clace needs to either be eliminated or greatly repaired (let’s do away with the sibling storyline)
  27. Simon makes peace with being a vampire and is okay with it 
  28. The vampires, shadowhunters and wolves learn to tolerate one another
  29. Magnus gets to throw a lavish party that goes exactly as planned, he is thanked for his efforts
  30. Queer ships are no longer ambiguous and are not used to garner views without going through with it 
  31. Clary apologizes to everyone she has hurt 
  32. Raphael apologizes to Simon over the whole Kill them thing 
  33. Simon and Magnus screen time (pals)
  34. Allow Izzy to go to the Iron Sisters and fulfill her childhood dream 
  35. More religious!Simon and religious!Raphael as their religions are a huge part of who they are 
  36. The clave needs to be broken down and rebuilt (by Lydia) 
  37. No more of Raphael physically pushing Simon around 
  38. Elaine Lewis finally gets that family dinner with Clary, Raphael and Simon (she makes pot roast)
  39. Elaine learns of Jocelyn’s death and grieves 
  40. Simon comes out as both pansexual and a vamp and his family accepts him (after the shock of the revelations) 
  41. More scenes involving Magnus being a bad ass old as the hills warlock
  42. Camille’s abuse of Simon, Magnus and Raphael is addressed and understood that it’s not okay 
  43. Magnus and Alec are given some well earned fluffy boyfriend storylines without drama 
  44. Maia and Luke scenes 
  45. Raphael’s sexuality is mentioned and treated with respect 
  46. Raphael and Simon speak in their native language more 
  47. Add on? 

Hey guys, Ashley here~!

Since I unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs, my dash is kind of dead and I’m in need of more people to follow but I do kind of apologize if I don’t follow you back because I’m kind of picky but I promise its nothing against you or your blog ;-;

Can you guys please please reblog this post if you tag your posts and are multifandom? I would greatly appreciate it if you could please put your main fandoms in the tags!!!  

Things I’m interested in:

  •       ►Seasonal Anime
  •        ►Shingeki no Kyojin
  •       ►Haikyuu!!
  •        ►Tokyo Ghoul
  •        ►Voltron
  •        ► Mystic Messenger
  •        ► Yuri On Ice
  •       ► Boku no hero academia
  •       ► Bungou stray dogs
  •       ► Noragami
  •       ► Kuroshitsuji
  •       ► One Punch
  •       ►Makai Ouji
  •       ► Pandora hearts/Vanitas no carte 
  •       ► Ao No exorcist
  •       ► Katekyo hitman reborn
  •        ► Fairy tail

Also interested in non-anime stuff (like harry potter, lord of the rings, kpop, photography, scenery, otome games, final fantasy and kingdom hearts!)

Bonus if:

  • Make graphics/gifs/art
  • have a semi good tagging system!

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Okay real talk here.

I see a lot of AU fanfic around with characters having disabilities, say for example blind or deaf characters. But I’d say like 90% of them were angsty fics?

I understand people with disabilities face hardships I personally can’t comprehend, and putting a character into a difficult situation is interesting to see.

But like.

Can’t we have blind AUs that are just pure fluff? Am I being an asshole by saying that?

Guys. Guys. Taliesin said that Percy is all in on Darrington. Which, at first I thought was super out of character for him. But now, the more I think about it, the more I think it’s actually perfectly in character. 

It means Percy is the stupidest fucking smart person out there. Like, he basically invented Pandora’s Box, and - even though he’s already seen how much havoc it can wreak in the wrong hands - the first person smart enough to potentially understand his creation, he’s like, “Here, dude. Here. Check this out. I made it. Isn’t it cool? Open it. Open it. I want you to see how it works.”

Like, canonically now Percy is the biggest fucking idiot of the whole lot. And as someone who knows a lot of really smart people who are absolute dumbasses, I appreciate that. 

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You don't have to post this if you think it will spark some kind of controversy, but I just wanted to thank you for being so respectful. I don't ship, but I know that you do and obviously, you are able to do that and I respect your right to do it. However, there are a lot of shippers out there who are not as respectful and kind as you are, so I really appreciate you being one of the Wincest and Destiel shippers who don't force your ship onto others. Thank you so much!

Thanks! And thank you for being a respectful non-shipper. Too often, shippers are judged by the worst of us, and we’re made to feel like we can’t have a little fun with our fantasies. You’re awesome! XOXO



Part Seventeen Part Sixteen Parts One-Fifteen

There’s one rule of thumb when interacting with Dark: Never, NEVER, NEVER let him talk you into anything stupid. You will regret it.


Feel free to keep sending me suggestions!

Also, please don’t reblog this in the main tags or tag Mark or Jack in this particular post because it has sexual references. The last thing I want to do is have one of them see this and make them uncomfortable. I appreciate it, thank you.

(More author’s notes/inspiration under the cut)

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Hello lovelies! I decided to do a follow forever in honor of reaching 1.3K followers! Thank you for sticking with my sad, lame ass. It really means a lot and I love every single one of you! Also, I’m probably going to go on a following spree because I only follow 190 accounts…and most of them are inactive…haha. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this nice little list! ♡


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@stilesyukimura - I love you to pieces my dear! You make me smile so much, I can’t even explain it. You’re in my two main fandoms and we are now bonded! Haha, I love you and thanks for being friends with my lame ass :)

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“Hey,” Joe jumps lightly as Oli nudges him, “Where’d you go?”

“Nowhere, sorry.” He shakes his head, focusing back on Oli. “What were you saying?”

“Nothing important,” Oli chuckles, “Want to tell me what’s on your mind?”

“My mind?” Joe’s eyes dart back over to Jack briefly before meeting Oli’s inquiring stare. “Not a lot. Just random shit.”

“Seems like it keeps taking you’re attention though, I’m here if you need to talk.”

“Appreciate it, but don’t worry.” He smiles easily at Oli, “Not interesting enough to share.”

“Alright, then anyways, my publisher…” And Oli’s off again, and Joe ensures to listen this time.

Because he can’t get distracted again.

Even though Jack is laughing loudly, and Joe’s sure if he looked over, he’d see that wide grin on the younger man’s face.

But Oli is talking, and Joe has already spaced out and lost what was being said, so he silently scolds himself and jumps back into the conversation.

Except the next hour goes by much the same.

Joe keeps getting distracted by Jack, and finds himself staring quite obviously at the younger man. It’s bad, really. Because no one knows of his secret feelings, and he had been doing so good at keeping them a secret still.

Well, until lately.

Lately, Joe noticed, he’d been slipping up a lot more. He’s surprised no one has picked up on it really, although he was grateful no one has. Joe doesn’t want to change the dynamic of their group if he admits out loud to Jack that he likes him.

Especially since he doesn’t even know if Jack likes him too.

“Joe!” He jumps once again, pulled out of his own mind, but this time because of Caspar snapping his fingers in front of his face.

“Look, he’s back!” Conor teases, grinning over at him. Caspar and Josh are also smiling, and Joe feels his cheeks turn red.

“Sorry,” He mumbles, running a hand through his hair.

“It’s fine,” Josh replies, “We all get distracted by Jack once in a while.”

“Wh-what?” Joe’s eyes dart from each of his mates faces.

“You were staring at Jack, mate.” Josh chuckles as Caspar and Conor nod.

“No, I wasn’t.” Joe protests quickly, his blush deepening.

“It’s fine, it’s not like you have a crush on him.” Conor teases, just as Jack, Oli, and Mikey join them.

“Who has a crush?” Jack asks, looking around the small group.

“Oh my god…” Caspar says softly, staring at Joe, who has lowered his gaze to the floor quickly.

He’s not surprised that Caspar’s figured it out, the South African lived with him. He knew him too well.

“What?” Mikey asks, clearly confused.

“Joe?” Caspar nudges the smaller man, who fidgets with the end of his shirt.

“Is he okay?” Jack asks Conor softly.

“Tell him.” Caspar nudges Joe again, and he slowly lifts his eyes to meet Caspar’s first, before looking over at Jack, who’s staring over at him concerned.

“This is not how I planned on doing this…” Joe mumbles, closing his eyes briefly.

“Well if you hadn’t been staring at him all night,” Caspar teases, and Joe opens his eyes to glare over at his former roommate. “Sorry.”

“I’m so lost.” Mikey comments just as Josh lets out a small noise of surprise.

Shit, Joe thinks. Because Josh has just figured it out, and a moment later Conor’s eyes widen as well.

“Oh.” The older Maynard says, grinning over at Joe before he looks at his younger brother and back to Joe. “Do it.”

“Do what?” Oli exclaims, and Jack’s gaze is still locked onto Joe, waiting.

“They want me to tell Jack that I like him.” Joe finally says, staring right at Jack.

“About bloody time.” The younger man smiles, stepping towards Joe.

“Wait, what?” But before Joe can say anything else, Jack has pulled him in for a kiss.

“I’m still lost,” Mikey says from somewhere else, but Joe doesn’t pay attention as he wraps his arms around Jack, kissing him back.

When they break apart, the group has left the room, and Joe blinks up at Jack, still surprised.

“You knew?”

“You’ve been staring at me all night, Joe.” He chuckles, “And its not the first time I’ve caught you.”


“It’s fine, I think it’s pretty adorable.”

“Well, that’s good. Better than creepy.” Joe tries to joke, still feeling shy.

“You aren’t creepy,” Jack assures him, “Although kind of mean to tell Caspar, Josh, and Conor before me.”

“What?! No!” Joe’s mouth falls open in surprise, “I didn’t tell anyone! They just figured it out!”

“I’m teasing, love.” Jack laughs, “It was kind of obvious they had just figured it out. Just like you were very obvious at staring at me.”

“Oh piss off.” Joe mutters, burying his face into Jack’s shoulder, smiling as he feels the body shake with laughter.

“You’re stuck with me now. Get used to it.” Jack tells him, kissing the side of Joe’s head.

“I suppose I will,” Joe replies, lifting his head to smile at Jack. “And hey, now I don’t have to worry about hiding when I want to stare at you.”

“Hmm, there is that too.” Jack smirks, kissing Joe again quickly. “Amongst other things.”

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As someone who used to never read slash fic, can I just say that your fics are easily my favorites? And that you single-handedly made me realize that the reason I didn't like slash before was because I had only ever seen terrible slash? Because good slash, much like good het (or good femslash, or good gen) is always a joy to read, even if you don't like the pairing. Quality goes beyond OTPs. And anyone that gets on your case for writing slash can come fight me, I've kicked grown men in the face.

Ah, thank you so much! Yeah, I tend to go for writing over pairings, myself, though I’ll admit there are some I like less. I appreciate the support - reverse gets a lot of idiots who feel they have to say something, and I just get fed up with it after a while. ^^’

Wow, 50 Really?!

I can’t believe I’m only one away from 50 followers and I know that doesn’t seem like a lot to mot of you guys, but seriously, I’m just a geek from a small town in Oklahoma. I never thought that even 10 people would be interested in the stuff I post/write/reblog. It’s amazing how fast you, my followers, have accumulated and I really appreciate you all supporting me and giving me great laughs and stories everyday. So to thank you guys I want you to give me some ideas to celebrate. So..cough ‘em up lovelies! Mwah! Thanks again!

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Karamel, let's get real

Anyone else see that BOTH these people are flawed, just like Olicity, that’s why a lot of people like this ship, because they aren’t perfect. Mon-El, he has ego issues, probably stemming from his unknown origin, but yet he still try’s to do the right thing. Same with Kara, but I feel like she needs an ego check just like Mom-El. She walks around like Miss Perfect, she isn’t. She thinks she can do everything by herself, she doesn’t appreciate others advice or input… they both need to grow a little before their relationship reaches Olicity level

Can we appreciate how much my arts grown. I’m not posting this as some bragging thing, I’m honestly amazed…
I put myself down a lot about my artwork and do the 1 thing an artist shouldn’t do, compare my art to other people’s art . But like yo I rarely realize how much I’ve grown…I mean they’re still lazy ass sketches, with the same bust/waist up poses but BETTER lazy ass sketches with the same poses. Tbh I’m shook and I feel a lot better tonight

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In a fannish context, queer baiting is a term used to describe the perceived attempt by canon creators (typically of television shows) to woo queer fans and/or slash fans, but with no intention of actually showing a gay relationship being consummated on screen. Harry is not a character in TV show. He's not a writer trying to lure in fans. He's real life human living his life. How YOU anon interpret his life is not his fault. The rainbow flag does not belong to larries. Harry made a lot of 1/

Accepted & welcome. He made us love ourselves because our favourite loves us. It’s not his fault if you and others equate rainbow flag with larries. It is sickening larries did that but I love it that Harry insisted not giving up the flag to them. He has supported us as long as I can remember. His insistence in expressing his support despite the shit storm larries raise to complicate his life made me appreciate him so much. Hate Harry I don’t care but don’t dismiss what he did for some of us 2/2


TaeTen moments ;)

Fun fact, TaeTen was the first international ship “established” by the NCT/SR1xB fandom, maybe because they’re hella obvious? :)))

^^ Taeyong fixing/fiddling with Ten’s shave XD cutie

The two are obviously super-booper close. Their camera-time together is impeccable <3

^^ Someone on y’ mind, Tae ;) ?

Oh yeah, and all y’all TaeTen stans who have yet to see THIS BEAUTY, I urge you to watch it ;). It’s clearly prime fan service, but it’ll fuel your feels. 


Sidenote, idk if you guys noticed, but Ten likes to tease Taeyong…a lot ;P

Honestly home-boi, no one can tell me they’re not one of the cutest things ever~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Also, can we…take a moment to appreciate the way Taeyong looks at Ten here?

O_o <3 

^^ Taeyong looking back and making eye-contact with Ten :3


(creds to OP) 

Also, my dash did a thing.


This is what I always wait for whenever they play. That rush of power, hunger for victory, and the action itself.

It’s not often that the animation turns like this, where you can see just how much power is being released in that spike.

It’s fucking fascinating. And even though you’re only watching, it feels like you’re also IN the game.

The intensity of these moments are not the only reason why I keep rewatching Haikyuu. It is the appreciation of almost every single fucking character. it’s something that you don’t get in a lot of shows. In Haikyuu, we see these individuals as they are, not as a villainous rival team and certainly not as an antagonist. Not one character in this show is deemed an antagonist. All we see are people trying to overcome their own obstacles and no one is the bad guys.

We get the chance to not only get to know each character, but also grow to love and understand them for who they are.

I find it absolutely amazing that everyone in this show has their own individuality and it FORCES us, the audience, to acknowledge it.

So yes. I am allowed to love each and every single one of them because they deserve it.



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hiya!! i'm planning to cosplay ouma in the summer, but i need help with the shoes. i'm not good at figuring shoes out at all, do you think you could help me out?? i live in the u.s. and if you could keep it around/under $20 i'd appreciate it!!

all you can really do is get a pair of black slip ons and paint them! we have lots of shoe painting tutorials in our tags. it IS inconsisten as to whether just the soles are painted purple, or if the back half of the shoes are too, but i always go for the more complicated thing! here’s a few shoes i think would work nicely–

1 2 3 4 5

hope that helps!

-mod n

Why are you guys always so nice to me, it looks like i’m making a victim of myself and i don’t mean to, but it surely looks like that and yet you always send me some message or write sth nice, i always say “thank you” and that’s all, because i don’t know what to say, i don’t know how to thank you all for being there for me even if you don’t have to and i sound like a whiny jerk all the time.. i can only thank you in these situations when im depressed because im mentally too exhausted to keep talking about it, but it is appreciated always, it means a lot that you message me, im so sorry for not responding how i should though, i wish i could but believe me, i am very tired in these situations and i can’t make myself talk to you… So instead i just make these short posts, i prefer talking to you like that.. Im really sorry again


Chen: Usually I like it fast and rough so it’s frustrating when Joonmyun teases me by going slow, but since I asked him to be gentle, I got to appreciate it a lot more. Joonmyunnie made it feel really good, hehe. Oh, and do you like my new collar? Hyung got it for me to wear more casually than the one he proposed to me with, so now I can show people whose kitty I am and I don’t have to worry about getting this one dirty! :3