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Concuss and In Love

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Slight injury (mild concussion), Language (I dropped the f-bomb a few times, sorry I swear like a sailor), So fluffy it will rot your teeth out

Word count: 2088

A/N: So, this was written spur of the moment today. No outline, no plan, I just picked up my phone in the car and started typing. This was written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing or as most of you know her by Kari’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 7. The prompt was “Stop filming me, moron!”. I added a word to it to make it flow in the story hope that’s ok. I am not a nurse or doctor, but I did do research on concussions and at home treatments so if any of this is wrong I apologize. Sorry if this is complete shit like I said it was written in like a few hours. No beta so all mistakes are mine. And I always forget to add this but none of the GIF’s or pics are mine except for the text and social media posts and supply basket edit. Those were created by me. 

Summary: You are enjoying a nice relaxing morning in your home, when your husband Jensen comes home early scaring the crap out of you. This fright, however, may have been a little more dangerous than Jensen thought.

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Beaten Down

Dean Winchester x Reader

1000 Words (Sorry, this was supposed to be a drabble)

A/N: Requested by @katrena7 From the Angst/Fluff drabble list. Picked #107: “Regardless of what they think, I know you’re an amazing person.”

HERE is the list of angst/fluff prompts she picked from. 

It wasn’t very often you got together with your parents. Actually, you could count on one hand the number of times you had seen them in the past five years. Each one you had promised yourself it would be the last visit, but you always seemed to cave, still wanting that parental approval. And each and every time they treated you horribly, until you spent the night crying in your bed, and the next couple of weeks trying to talk yourself out of the doubts they brought up.

A vicious circle, each and every time, and you had fallen into it once again. Muttering to yourself, you paced your room, knowing you had to leave in five minutes. “Hey Y/N…you look nice!! Where ya heading?” Dean asked, coming into your shared room.

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Summary: Reader feels like everyone is leaving her but she still has Sam

Parings: College!Sam Winchester x College!Reader 

Warnings: The reader is sad and alone 

Word Count: 1,051

A/N: This was requested by @spn-demons-at-christmas , #27 and #46. Thanks for requesting, hope you like it! 

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It was a Saturday and Sam wanted to celebrate since he passed all of his exams with flying colors; so he decided to take you out to a fancy restaurant that was nearby. However, you weren’t in the best mood to celebrate, something seemed off with your friend and your parents but you couldn’t figure out what and you didn’t want to bring Sam down with something you were looking into too much. Plus you weren’t sure there was even a problem so you brushed it aside and agreed to dinner with him. During dinner everything was perfect; the food, the weather, Sam. He kept on making you laugh and managed to keep your mind off of your problem and you couldn’t be any happier. While the two of you were sharing a desert, Sam looked at you and asked,

“Do you want to know a secret?”

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Fighting Tigers

Daddy Dean- Fighting Tigers

Pairings: Dean Winchester x daughter reader.

Request: From jiggysupernatural: 
“Heeey, I was wondering if I could have a daughter dean imagine?? Like, maybe they get into an argument and dean says something that upsets the reader so she goes into her room crying, then he apologises???xo And can you just make it really fluffy, I’m in great need of some daddy dean xo”

Word count: 2127

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your eye colour

Summary: Your Dad (Dean) has been away longer then he promised whilst on a hunt. You worry about his safety but after a nightmare you overthink and believe that maybe he hasn’t come home because he doesn’t love you anymore. However, when you find your Dad being sewed up by Bobby after the nightmare you as run back to bed and away from him but he is following closely behind the to confront you on the issue. 

A/N: First of all, a big thank you to the beautiful user behind jiggysupernatural for the great request. I was unsure about doing a Daddy Dean but after help from ri-spn, (who was the one who introduced me to SPN and also happens to my best friend) we thought of a good plot and ran with that. Sorry it took a while to write out and hopefully this is fluffy enough for you. Every time I try to write something fluffy i feel like it just turns depressing somehow hahaha its surprisingly really hard. Also i might have had a bit to much fun getting gifs of Dean. As always please be patient with my rookie skills. Lots of love xxx Oh and this Gif seemed fitting but I didn’t know where to put so i’m just gonna leave it here:

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Three days he promised. That was a week ago. No phone calls, no texts, no nothing. Your Dad was completely off the grid. This worried you. You stopped playing with your toys and watching the TV. Drawing wasn’t appealing, nor was exploring Uncle Bobby’s car yard. Nothing could distract you from the worry your young mind possessed for your absent father. You missed your Dad tremendously. Without his presence in your life, everything seemed duller.

You missed how he made you feel safe and loved, through constant hugs and kisses. How he would dedicate all his time and attention on you when he was home from work. He would do anything you wanted, take you out for ice cream or bowling, the beach or the movies, or the Zoo, that was your favourite. You walked among the enclosures hand in hand seeing the exotic animals. Occasionally getting lost because he couldn’t read the map but the two of you didn’t mind as you ran around the zoo chasing each other. When your feet got sore or you were too short to see over all the people, he would put you on his shoulders and carry your around. I just want him to be home, you thought. He shouldn’t be away for so long.

You knew your father’s job was dangerous, you had seen the scars he possessed. However, he never would tell you the details of what he did or where he went. However, you knew that the longer the job was, the more battered and bruised he was when he finally came home. He was never phased by the intricate pattern of raised scars on his tan and worn skin. When you asked where a new one came from he would brush it off and tell you he got it fighting a tiger. 

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You would fall for it and be awestruck with the fact your Dad actually fought tigers. But you weren’t surprised, your Dad was pretty tough. You copied his tough attitude yourself, when you got hurt you would try to be strong like him. When he would find you with a bee sting or grazed knees he would always make a fuss over you asking if you were okay. He would wipe your tears away and pull you in for a tight hug whilst planting a gentle kiss on the top of your head. He would inspect the wound and patch it up. He always managed to make you laugh somehow whilst attending to you. You would forget about the pain and laugh with him, which won you a wide smile on your father’s face.

Now it seems that image of his smile was slowly slipping from your memory. He had been away for longer then he said and it was all you could think about. Every time the phone rang you thought it was him. You anticipated hearing your Dad’s faint gruff voice over Bobby’s ancient phone, but it was never him. Bobby would just look at you with sad eyes and shake his head to confirm what you already knew.

Every time you heard a car travelling down the motor way, you would run to the porch and sit and wait on the steps. Only to see the car you heard, continue to drive past. In recent days, you spent hours just sitting on the porch steps and staring at that road waiting for the familiar sleek black shiny car to pull in. When the sun was finally going down and the mosquitoes were emerging, Bobby would come and get you for dinner. Then you would go to sleep where you were flooded with dreams of your father being hurt and you being only just out of reach of helping him.

You woke up with a cold sweat coating the top of your lip and droplets falling down your brow. It was just a dream you told yourself, over and over as you sat up. You dreamt that you stayed at Uncle Bobby’s forever and your father never came home. Not because he was hurt but because he didn’t love you anymore. You remembered the sad dream and started to overthink the situation; that’s probably what he’s doing now, he has never left you for this long before you thought. You were crying again and became hot with anger with the idea your dream was true. This wasn’t fair you thought why didn’t he come home when he promised? Why didn’t he tell you what his job really was? Why couldn’t you just live in one place and stop moving around all the time? Why was he always leaving you? You sniffed away the last of your tears and got up to go downstairs. You pulled on your one of your Dad’s shirts for warmth. It brushed against the floor when you walked and you had to push up the sleeves so you could use your hands, but you loved it because it smelt of him. It smelt of home. You padded down the familiar stairs rubbing your weary eyes shut. When you got to the bottom of the stair case you turned to walk into the kitchen. You opened your eyes to be greeted with the sight of your father swigging on a clear bottle filled with a brown liquid. Your uncle Bobby was beside him dabbing his right shoulder and then putting down scissors in which he used to cut the string, that sewed up a large gash. Your eyes bulged with the surprise of your father sitting so casually in the kitchen after being away for so long. You were going to run to him but you remembered the dream and how he didn’t keep his word. You were angry at him because he didn’t even give you a phone call to say he was alright, instead he had left you in the dark. So, you planted your feet at the bottom of the stairs instead of running to him, now all you wanted to do was run back to your bed. But then your soft Y/E/C were caught in his forest green ones. When he first saw you he smiled but after reading your body language, he could see something was wrong. His smile fell and he looked older. 

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He didn’t like you acting out of character, usually you would scream out his name and run into his arms. He was looking forward to this and was smiling the whole way home thinking about seeing your eyes sparkle once more when you would see him. So much so, he didn’t feel the pain of the wounds when he drove a little faster so he could see you sooner. He did feel bad for leaving you for so long, he didn’t mean to but he was captured and had escaped only today from the monster he was hunting. 

“Bug?” He questioned, “Where’s my hug sweetheart?” he half smiled. You were battling an internal conflict of wanting to be in your father’s warm embrace but you were so angry at the same time. You already had one foot on the first step when you looked back to your father with glassy eyes and a wobbling lip belonging to a small pout. You then quickly ran up the stairs crying, still furious with your father.

Dean was shocked and quickly put the liquor bottle down and gingerly stood up. He grabbed a tea towel and held it to where Bobby had finished sewing him up and followed you up the stairs. “Y/N” he called, but you didn’t respond. You had crawled under the covers and were crying, still wearing your father’s shirt. Dean walked into your room and switched on the light to see you hiding under the covers with small sniffles escaping from it. He knew something was terribly wrong, the last time you did this was when you found out your Mum wasn’t ever coming home again. You heard the door squeak as it was closed and saw your father’s shadow growing and growing as he came closer to you. You felt your mattress dip as a warming hand was placed on your blanket, patting your back, “Shush sweetheart, you alright…Y/N, what’s wrong baby” he soothed. Your sobs started to slow with your father’s encouragement until you could finally reply, “Y-You were away for so-o long Dad-dy…you sa-id you-‘d be three d-days and you didn’t come h-home for another w-week. I was so s-scared”. You then started to bawl again and Dean felt a wave of guilt crash on him, “Baby I’m so sorry-” he began, but you snapped at him, “You should have c-called. I thought you-u didn’t l-love me anymore” you sobbed. Dean was shocked and he couldn’t take it anymore. He peeled away the covers you were holding and scooped you up. He sat you down on his knee and he looked straight into you red puffy eyes, “Listen to me Y/N there is no way I’d ever stop loving you. You are my whole world sweetheart. I’m so lucky to have you. I don’t know what I do without you in my life. You’re all I think about and I do everything for you, including my job. It’s hard for me too when I leave you behind. I hate it! But I have too sometimes because I can’t take you with me, it’s too dangerous. Do you understand darling? I’ll always love you” 

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You continued to rub your eyes and nodded before another sob racked your body. You weren’t crying because you were angry now, you were crying because you were so scarred of losing your Dad and you had missed him so much. “Oh hunny sh-shhush… I got you now, Daddy’s home, I’m so sorry sweetheart” He comforted you once more as he pulled you in for a warming hug. The kind you had missed so much. The kind that you arranged your pillows at night to be like, but it wasn’t the same. Even wearing his shirt, the smell was off as it mixed with Bobby’s musty house. You let your sobs slow once more as you held onto your Dad’s shirt whilst his strong arms wrapped around you. In between soothing your sobs, he kissed the top of your head, pulling you in closer. He hated seeing you in pain, it broke his heart even more knowing it was his fault. “Silly Daddy’s phone ran out of battery, that’s why he couldn’t call you. I forgot to pack the charger” he chuckled through his lie, in hope of raising your spirits. “That was very silly Daddy” you croaked into your dad’s chest, which brought a large smile to your father’s face as it reached his eyes. You sat in his arms until you were feeling drowsy and warm again,

“Hey Daddy” you yawned,

“Yeah Bug”

“What happened to your arm?”, Dean had forgotten about the pain in his arm now that he was with you.

“Oh um…you know fighting tigers as usual baby” he lied

“He got you pretty good” you admitted

“Huh, I guess he did. But you should see the tiger.”

This brought a giggle out of you as you leaned back and sat up on your father’s knee. You started playing with the zipper of his jacket as the sniffles slowed. Dean pushed away the hair falling in your eyes and just stared at you with deep love. He was so proud of you. He never thought he would ever be this lucky or happy in his life and it was all due to you.

“Can we go to the zoo again soon?” You asked, still staring at your Dad’s zipper as you pulled it up and down.

“Of course sweetheart anything you want.”

“Good. I need to tell off the tiger that you fought again. No one messes with my Daddy”

Dean chuckled again, you were truly a Winchester girl. You fell back into your Dad’s chest and he automatically enclosed you again in his arms. You fell asleep soon afterwards. Dean gently picked you up and laid you down on your bed, tucking you in whilst you cuddled with your teddy. He planted a soft kiss on the top of your forehead, closing his eyes. He then crept towards the door and turned off the lights before pulling the door shut. You were already dreaming peacefully. This time no nightmares filled your slumber. You instead were dreaming about fighting tigers with your Dad. 

I’ve been asked to share my story here. I’ve commented bits and pieces of it when it seemed relevant on posts, but I’ve never told the whole thing before, so here goes:

I didn’t have it easy growing up: I lived with an abusive parent and spent my teenage years struggling with anorexia and then bulimia, whilst cutting myself and eventually becoming suicidal. When I moved away to college, rather than finding the freedom I’d hoped for, my depression only got worse. Then I discovered Supernatural.

I quickly caught up (watched seasons 1-8 in a month) and then a week after finishing I suddenly realised that I hadn’t cut myself, I’d eaten good healthy meals and been genuinely happy for that whole week. I’d always admired Sam greatly and identified with him to a certain point, I knew even then that this monumental shift in my thinking was due to his amazing example of perseverance through adversity and fighting for the good in this world even when it seemed hopeless. In retrospect (and after many a re-watch) I now know that the line that caused this turn around was from 7x04 Defending Your Life: “I finally feel like my past is my past and I can move on with my life.”

At first, after this first good week in years, it was hard not to relapse, but it seemed like if I did it would be betraying Sam and this miracle that he had done me. Then I went online to investigate the fandom and discovered the incredible SPNFamily. I soon realised that Jared is just as amazing as Sam and it became my dream to be able to go to a convention and thank him in person for changing my life. The thought of doing that is what I held onto when the road to recovery was hard, but I can proudly say that it’s been over two years now and I have not once relapsed and that is all down to Jared and the wonderful character he portrays.

But that’s not all Jared’s done for me. 

Despite now having lived away from home for six years, my biggest fear (really my only fear) was my abusive mother. On the rare occasions where I did have to see her - Christmas, grandmother’s birthday etc - I would spend the entire train ride to my hometown silently crying. When I got off the train (and at any time during the encounter I was struggling) I would imagine Sam was walking with me, holding my hand, and that gave me just enough courage to make it through the time I was there. Over the years, every time I re-watch season 1, I’ve noticed myself shifting from the way Dean blindly follows his father’s orders to the way Sam stands up to him and argues for what he thinks is right. Very recently I finally found the courage to stand up to my mother and confront her over the way she treated me as a child. We’re not quite there yet, but things have definitely improved and I do have genuine hope that one day we will be able to have a good mother/daughter relationship. Again, thank you Jared and Sam for making something that seemed impossible come true.

Finally (if anyone’s still reading), there was the time last November when everything went to shit and I nearly killed myself. I’d thought that I was in a good place, stable mentally and emotionally, and so was excited when I had the chance to move to another country for work. I was not prepared for the return of my depression along with crippling anxiety. I was having weekly panic attacks, I was so terrified that I’d made a mistake in something that I was unable to check my email or listen to my voicemail. I felt like a complete failure of a person and that just by being alive I was a burden to everyone around me and that they were constantly wishing I wasn’t there. I would spend the entirety of my work day counting down the seconds til I could leave, but then get back to my apartment and wish I were dead because being alive was so painful. I couldn’t even sleep because I felt so paranoid, but I didn’t even know what I was scared of. Just that I was shaking and had a pain in my chest that nothing would get rid of. Then one day when I was just staring out the window at the city (my apartment was on the 7th storey) it occurred to me how easy it would be to jump and end it all. I got up and walked to the window. I opened it. I took a deep breath and prepared myself, then another miracle happened. 

I had a flash of memory of Jared at a recent convention talking to a fan who was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. This is what Jared said to her: “Getting rid of yourself won’t help anyone. Keep fighting, even if you don’t know what you’re fighting for, one day it’ll become clear.”

It was Jared’s voice I was hearing in my head so I automatically listened. Then the words sank in and I was immediately overwhelmed with the knowledge that I didn’t want to die. That I wanted to live, and it didn’t matter if I’d been through hard times, I wanted to be like Sam and keep fighting for good and to help others wherever I could.

Since that moment I’ve never once thought about killing myself again and I know now that I never will. I’ve come to accept that yes, some days will be more difficult than others, but even when those days happen I just think about all the amazing the things Supernatural and the SPNFamily has done and it doesn’t seem so hard to carry on. 

I always enjoyed writing and now I focus my efforts on writing SPN fics dealing with triggering topics and the response I’ve had of people saying how I’ve helped them or made it possible for them to make it to tomorrow has been truly overwhelming. “I’m not some hero who can just hit the road to go fight monsters” but I’m trying to follow both Jared and Sam’s example to do a little good and help people where I can. 

I guess what I really want to say is: THANK YOU JARED for bringing such a truly inspirational character to life through your incredible hard-work and talent. You’ve definitely made the “saving people” part of the family business true in real life as much as on screen and the response to the #Always Keep Fighting campaign is proof of that. I wouldn’t be here today if you hadn’t said those words, and I know the same goes for so many people in the SPNFamily. So, thank you.

Growing Younger

Winchester x Sister!Reader

Imagine playing against the witch who takes and gives years depending if you win or lose in a game of poker against him. You’re playing for Dean’s years.

Warnings: Light language, some pranking at the end brother fluff

A/N: This was really fun to write. I know I’ve been writing a lot of Sister fics, I’ll be posting some different ones soon as I get some ideas!

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone ,@youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa

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Curses. Witches. Spells. The whole ordeal, it just gave you chills. Especially after that one time that you were stuck in a bad position and ended up being on the wrong side of a deal. Dean, had gone and been a dumbass who tried to get the Mark of Cain off. You didn’t know why the hell playing cards with a witch and purposely losing to loose some years of life was the answer, but he did it. Only, he lost more years her bargained for. When an old, grey haired man walked into the motel room that was rented for you and your two brothers, the first thing you did was grab your gun and aim it at him.

Whoa! Calm down! I’ve been through enough tonight, I don’t need to add being shot to the damn list,” there was something about how they talked. But one look into his candy apple green eyes and you knew who it was.

“Dean? You look- different…” switching your gun back to safety, you couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit.

“Yeah, I went and got a haircut. Of course I look different! I’m as old as Bobby!” the yelling took the breath out of Dean, making him sit down and catch his breath.

  “Watch it boy,” the old(er?) man behind Dean wheeled in the front door which was wide open. “Lookin’ good son,” the three of you, Sam, Bobby, and yourself, couldn’t help but laugh.

“Bad date?” Sam couldn’t help but pitch in. Not everyday your older brother ages like there’s no tomorrow. At the rate he was aging, there may not be a tomorrow for him.

  “Ha ha ha, shut up,” in each ‘ha’ Dean gave off, a short wheeze followed it. Making you laugh once again.

  “How many years did you loose, old timer?” even as you spoke, you giggled. He wasn’t amused.

  “I initially gambled to lose twenty years, but somehow a few drinks later, twenty turned to forty,” wait, was he serious? “Added with twenty…” okay he was screwed with a capital ‘S’.

“You lost sixty years? You’re already thirty you moron! And the way you down greasy foods like it's air, you won’t live much longer,” the tone in your voice was like he always did to you when scolding you back in the day- wait, last time he scolded you was yesterday…this age thing was messing you up.

  “Oh good, you can count and calculate,” the old man sitting on the bed tried to raise his voice but couldn’t, wheezes came out.

  “Make sure he doesn’t move, he might give himself a damn aneurism,” grabbing your coat, you headed towards the door. Nobody bothered asking what you were doing because it was obvious, you were getting your brother back to being your brother instead of your grandpa.


“I want to make a deal,” the witch before you listened intently. “I’m 26- you take a certain amount of my years and when I win, you give them back to Dean and all the ones he lost,” he laughed at you.

 “That hardly seems like a fair trade, sweeten the pot,” rolling your eyes and scoffing, you realized this wasn’t going to end well for you. Dean sooooo owed you.

“Every year I gain, you get. I’ll stay that age forever. So…we got a deal, or what?” by the pleased look on his face at your offer, you could tell he was all in. Of course you won.

 You deserved a beer. Too bad a two and a half year old couldn’t drink beer…The boys and Bobby opened the door to be greeted by the witch who held you in his arms. Nobody questioned anything. Dean was himself, and well- you weren’t. He set you down and you did ran barefoot over to your oldest brother.

  “Bean!” you had no idea what had just happened, it was like any other day in your life, and this all seemed normal. “Shiny,” the tiny hands connected to your body reached for his Samulet. But he pulled away.

No, we don’t touch that,” it was like he had to teach you everything all over again. “So uh, any ideas on how to get her to the right age again? I’m not going through the toddler stage a second time…” every word he said was just like nonsense to you. Big sentences that confused you.

  “Why not?” Sam walked I’ve and took you from Dean. “I forgot how cute she was as a little kid,” as if on cue, both of your hands reached up on both sides of his face, grabbed a handful of hair directly from the root, and pulled.

  “Still think she’s cute? I don’t know about you, but I’d much prefer the annoying adult brat child instead of this one,” Dean cracked open a beer, sitting down at the table.

  “Well until we figure something out, looks like we’re stuck with her like this,” wheeling over to you, Bobby reached upward and took you from Sam, setting you in his lap. “We can take turns babysitting and whoever isn’t scheduled,  looks for a cure for this,” he continued taking while you were busy playing with the wheels on his wheel chair, trying to copy what his hands did.

  24 Hours In

Well your first night as a kid again was interesting. Sleeping situation was a problem at first, but Dean insisted Sam shared a bed with you. He must’ve remembered your potty problems at bedtime at this age because you wet the bed, and on Sam, in your sleep. Nobody was amused. Well Dean was, until the smell hit him. As punishment for his little prank, Dean got to bathe you. He’d forgotten how sensitive your stomach was to water either a little too hot or too cold for you, which ended with you throwing up on him.

“Forget the water has to be the same temperature as her body?” Sam poked his head in the door at the sound of Dean making a gross sound and you crying.

Shut up, can you take her so I can shower and get this crap off of me?” It was like an endless cycle of them using you for pranking each other.

Bobby was busy doing research so he wasn’t around to see it. He’s probably treat them like the children they were acting like…and watching.

48 Hours In

Sam was off helping Bobby and Cas with research so it was just you and Dean at the bunker. The worst time of the day was coming up: Nap time. Dean had tried everything to get you to go down just for an hour at minimum, but had no luck. He set you in the room, you cried until he came back. He left the door open, you cried until he came back. Put the TV on for you, guess what? You cried until he came back. Finally he realized there was no way in hell you were sleeping unless he was laying besides you, just like every normal nap time you had back when you were supposed to be this age. 

Reluctantly, Dean crawled under the covers with you in his bed, seeing as your pillows were wet from tears. Instantly your tiny body snuggled directly into his. He was laying on his left side and had you facing him, holding you into his chest.

The pointer finger on your right hand began twirling what hair it could from his head around your finger.  “Fre-tels.” you half yawned the words.

“What?” pulling you back a little, he looked into your sleepy eyes that were barely even open.

Fre-tels.” your hand pulled away from his strand of now messy curled hair and placed an open palm on his right cheek. “Fre-tels.” he couldn’t help but smile.

 “You want to play the freckle game?” a sleep nod was all he got in return. Crying took a lot out of you. “Start counting then, Princess,” bright green and hazel mixed eyes opened in front of him as your pointer finger from the same hand that was once on his cheek, extended in a crooked way.

One.” the finger landed directly on one of his freckles. He repeated what you did, only his finger landed on your face counting out loud as you did.

Two.” you found a freckle placed on his chin. It was the only one there, all alone in that one section on his perfect face. Only able to be seen up close. He returned with his own second freckle right on the tip of your nose. You giggled a little as he tapped it.

 “Tree.” he made his own giggle as you mispronounced the next number. By the time it was your turn, you were our cold. This game always worked before, looks like nothing changed.

1 Week In

Both your brothers continued switching back and forth on babysitting duty. Cas wasn’t trusted enough to be in charge of a young child so he didn’t get to watch you on his own. Bobby constantly worked at finding you a way out of this mess so he never watched you.

Today was Sam’s turn. Dean had left a few hours ago and the Rapunzel Disney movie you guys had just finished was over.

“Punzel braids.” sitting on the bed with your feet dangling down onto Sam’s shoulders who sat on the ground, you reached for his hair. He must’ve sensed you were going to grab hold because he moved. His head was pretty tender since you’d been de-aged and had an obsession with yanking on it.

No, Y/n. We don’t touch brother’s hair,” he turned around to look at you but was greeted by the biggest set of puppy dog eyes he’d ever seen. “I forgot you learned that from me…”

An Hour Later

“Well it took a week, but we finally found a-” Dean stopped talking at the site of the tangled and knotted rats nest resting on Sam’s head. With a very happy kid sitting behind him making it worse with all sorts of tools: a fork, hair brush, tiny pink clips, a few hair-ties, hair spray, and a straightener you thought was working but wasn’t even plugged in.

“Glad we found a way to reverse this because…I don’t know how much more of this I could take,” the sound of your humming was in the background as he spoke. “By the way, I might need help brushing this out…”

Later The Next Day

You were back to your proper age, everything was normal again. Well….

“I’m so sorry again, Sam…kids huh?” a sheepish smile played on your lips as you set down his salad you’d made.

“Well now when we want him to get a haircut, we know how to make it happen,” Dean walked by, brushing the short hair on his younger brothers full head of hair.

“I swear, I’m getting back at you for this, Y/n,” oh he would hold his promises. And he did a pretty good job too. He had short hair, and you had bright blonde hair instead of your beautiful black natural color. Family problems caused by witches…

You Idiot

Anonymous said: Hi!! Can I have a Kevin oneshot where he and the reader aren’t dating but they have feelings for one another but they don’t know? And one day they get into an argument and one of them admits how they feel towards the other?

A/N: Ugghh, Kevin is like the most adorable thing ever. On another note I’ve been looking through my one shots and I noticed that they’re getting really short, so expect to see them longer again (which on another note means it’ll take me a bit more time to write them).

Word count: 890

Relationship: Kevin/Reader

Warnings: swearing.


You stole glances at Kevin from the other side of the library every now and then, even though it was obvious he wasn’t paying attention to you. Or to anyone else. No, he was way too busy with his bloody angel tablet. You were sure he hadn’t had more than three hours of sleep for two weeks straight now, and you had to force him to eat every day.

You understood how important restoring the angels to heaven was, but Kevin had to take care of himself. You closed the book you were reading with a sigh and walked over to were Kevin sat. He was so immersed in the tablet that he didn’t even notice when you flopped down on the chair next to him.

“Hey, Kevin,” you said quite loudly, but Kevin didn’t show any signs of hearing you. You rolled your eyes and slowly put your lips just about an inch away from his right ear.

“Heya, Kev,” you whispered seductively, making him jump.

“Shit, (Y/N),” he mumbled, taking a deep breath. “You scared the hell out of me.”

“That was kind of the point,” you shrug. You and Kevin flirted all the time, though neither one of you had ever never admitted your true feelings, since you always thought the flirting was just in a friendly way. “Now that you’re not focused on that tablet of yours, how ‘bout we do something fun? C’mon let’s watch a movie or something.”

“(Y/N), can’t you see I’m busy?” Kevin mutters, looking at the tablet again. “I’ve got to translate this.”

“That’s all you ever do anymore,” you pout, sitting on his arm rest.

“Because it’s important,” he explains tiredly, but before he’s completely into the tablet again you take it and run out of the room.

“Taking care of yourself is important too!” You shout with a giggle. You can hear Kevin calling out behind you, but you keep running. It’s not long before he catches up with you, tackling you to the ground.

“Damn it, (Y/N),” he fumes, keeping you pinned to the ground. “Don’t you get how important this is?! I don’t have time to play games!”

“Well, you should at least find some time to make sure you’ll survive another day!” You blurt out, finally letting it all out. “It’s like you’re deliberately trying to destroy yourself! Do you know how worried sick I’ve been for the last few weeks?! You never eat or sleep unless someone pushes you to!”

“It’s my job as prophet, (Y/N)!” He shouts. “Why do you care about what happens to me?!”

You throw Kevin off of you, standing up with your fists clenched at your side.

“Because I fucking love you, okay!?” You don’t wait for Kevin to reply before pushing pass him and running into your room.

You slam the door behind you, angry tears streaming down your face. You scream frustratedly before throwing yourself onto the bed. The anger slowly turned to sadness, and you put a pillow over your face to muffle the sounds of your cries. Kevin probably hated you now, you were sure of it.

There was a knock on your door, but you just kept crying, hoping Kevin would go away. He didn’t, however, and you heard the small click of your lock being picked opened.

“(Y/N)?” You heard as Kevin entered your room, closing the door quietly.

“Go away,” you sniffle, but feel the bed shift as he sits close to you. “What do you want?”

“To apologise,” he says, and you lift you head off your pillow. “Look, I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You just wanted to take care of me, which shouldn’t be your responsibility in the first place.”

“You’re killing yourself, you know?” You whisper sadly, sitting up and putting your back against the headboard.

“Yeah, I know,” Kevin says, wrapping an arm around you. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m just afraid to have to go on a hunt or something and find you passed out on the floor,” you murmur, trying to fight new tears.

“I promise you won’t,” he replies, kissing the top of your head. You stayed silent for a few minutes, calming down. “(Y/N), did you mean what you said?”

“What part?” You asked, though you already knew what he was talking about.

“That you love me,” he answered, making you blush and look away.

“Yeah,” you nodded. Here it came, the part where Kevin told you that he was only your friend, that he-

“I love you too,” he said simply. You turned your head sharply, making him laugh.

“You what?” You asked disbelievingly. Instead of answering, Kevin leaned down, placing his soft lips on yours. Your body froze for a second, but then you put your arms around his neck, melting into the kiss. Kevin moved his hands to your waist as you wrapped your legs around his hips.

“Does that mean you forgive me?” He asked between kisses. You giggled before pulling away slightly.

“Of course I forgive you, you idiot,” you smiled. Kevin grinned, kissing you again.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked once you two separated again.

“Only if you start eating properly again, and sleep for at least five hours,” you say seriously, taking chance of your opportunity.

"Deal,” Kevin laughed.

I Won’t Let Them Touch You

Characters: Dean x Reader, MaryAnn Winchester (OC)

Word Count: 772

Warnings: None

Summary: Yours and Dean’s little girl comes to you in the middle of the night with a problem. (It’s shit, I know.)

Originally posted by frozen-delight

To say this has been a stressful week was a stretch. You and Dean have been married for almost 10 years now and you had an adorable little girl 6 years ago. Her name was MaryAnn Celeste Winchester and she was your pride and joy. You wanted to name her after both yours and Dean’s mother so MaryAnn seemed a best fit. Her middle name was your best friend’s name. You knew, from the minute you met Charlie, that you had a friend for life. You didn’t know who took it harder, you or Dean, when she died. So you wanted something to remember Charlie by and naming your little girls middle name seemed fit. She really was a wake-up call for the both of you because hunting was your life, it was Dean’s life. Yes, he still hunts with Sam and Cas but he’s always more careful now. He won’t let you go on any more hunts and you’re fine with that. You do research for the boys and you are basically a stay at home mom. At first, it was hard to not hunt since you’ve been doing it your whole life but as the years went on, you learned it was okay to stay home with your bundle of joy while her dad was away.

This week has been nonstop with hunts and your little girl wanted her daddy back home and when he finally was, she wouldn’t let go of him. It wasn’t like he minded but it broke your heart. You were always worried when he and Sam went away. You didn’t know how many new scars he might have or if he’ll even make it back home. Luckily, they haven’t got a case where there wasn’t any reception so every night, you and MaryAnn would stay on the phone with Dean. Sometimes you would FaceTime so she could see her dad was alright but you knew he was also doing it to reassure you.

You had just put your daughter down for a nap and was finally able to get some well-deserved sleep right next to your husband. It was peaceful and quiet until you heard the door open and patter of feet run to your side of the bed.

“Mommy?” A tiny voice said as you felt your daughter shake you.

“Yes baby? Why are you up?” You opened your eyes to see she had been crying. “Baby what’s wrong?” You tried to keep it down so you wouldn’t wake Dean. You knew how tired he’s become.

“I had a bad dream.” She sniffled. You frowned and sat up a little bit.

“Come here sweetheart.” She got on the bed and you put her in between you and Dean just in case he woke up and wanted to hold her. “Let’s try to not wake your daddy. You know he’s so tired.” She nodded and you moved some hair away from her face.

“What was your dream about?” You whispered.


“What kind of monsters?”

“Black eyed monsters and monsters with sharp teeth.” Your frown deepened at the thought of this.

“You know your dad and I love you so very much,” She nodded to that. “And you know that we wouldn’t let anything happen to you, right?” Once again, she nodded. “Baby you know this is the safest place for you to be. No monsters will hurt you here.” You whispered.

“It wasn’t me that the monsters were hurting.” She got tears once more. “It was daddy.” You pulled her into your arms and stroked her long, dirty blonde hair that she acquired from Dean.

“Oh baby. He’s right here. He’s not going anywhere. Your dad is the strongest person I know and he wouldn’t even think of letting something happen to himself or even Uncle Sammy. Because then it will hurt you and he wouldn’t dare hurt you.” You pulled away to look into her bright green eyes, once again from Dean.

“I know but sometimes it scares me.” She admitted.

“I know baby. Me too. But he loves you so very much. And I do too. Uncle Sammy and Uncle Cas do too. You know Uncles Cas is an Angel. He wouldn’t let anything happen to your dad.” You tried to reassure her.

“Can I sleep in here tonight?” She asked in a small voice.

“Absolutely.” Once you said that, she curled up to her father and closed her eyes. You scooted closer to her and laid your head next to Dean’s neck and wrapped an arm around her and Dean’s waist. You were there to protect your family, no matter what.

Honey Bee

This is my submission for the Louden Swain SPN Writing Challenge! @mysupernaturalfics gave me the great idea for Dad!Cas, but I forgot that I don’t have kids, and know nothing about when kids learn how to do stuff. Enter Google. If I got it all wrong, please tell me. 

Summary: Cas wakes up from a nightmare to soothe his child after a nightmare.

Song: Honey Bee from their album Sky Alive

Pairing: None. 

Warnings: None, really.

Word count: 1669

A/N: Un-beta’d, so all mistakes are mine. If you find any, let me know so I can fix them for the final project!

Cas tries to catch his breath, even though his grace means he doesn’t need to breathe. At the edge of his consciousness, he feels the approaching Leviathan gaining ground while he plans his next flight. Dean is in the direction he’s begun to call “North,” though Purgatory has no such distinctions, and he sometimes suspects that even his angelic sense of direction is no longer true. No matter if he calls it north, south, purple, or nine, that is the direction where Dean is, and therefore the one direction he needs to avoid.

The Leviathan appears in his peripheral vision, and he takes flight. He just needs to keep flying, and keep resting just long enough to attract the monsters away from his friend. In this endless twilight, that is the only thing that matters. Loneliness doesn’t matter. Exhaustion doesn’t matter. Longings for the Heaven he used to love, for the rare times on Earth when he was relaxed with his friends, or for the smile that his love seemed to save just for him, they don’t matter here. Everything is running; keep the monsters from Dean.

He lands in a clearing in the midst of a pack of werewolves. Before he can fly away again, one grabs hold of his arm. Striking out, he tries to shake the wolf off of him, but the animal is strong. A hand to his forehead, and the monster falls, eyes burned out. Two more attack from behind, and he fights to free himself.

“Daddy!” The child’s cry pierces through the wilderness of Purgatory and Cas’s heart races at the sound.


“Daddy, Daddy!!” Panicked cries mobilize Cas, and he uses every ounce of his angelic strength to throw off the wolves, but for every wolf he defeats, two more take its place. His daughter’s cries get louder and more insistent, and he fights to free himself and find her, in spite of the ocean of monsters that hold him down.

Cas wakes with a start, his heart racing, a cold sweat covering his skin, the sound of his daughter’s cries echoing through the bunker’s hallways. The feeling of monsters holding him down slowly passes as he takes in his surroundings. Not Purgatory. Not an angel, anymore. The bunker is safe, and his love is stirring on the other side of the bed.

“Daddy!!” Another heart-rending wail flies down the hallway, and her eyes open to look at him.

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Read It Wednesday

Week three!! Here is this weeks compilation of all (or mostly all) the fics I’ve been tagged in this week. If you don’t see a series on here, it means that I’m not caught up on it, but be on the lookout for it in future Read it Wednesdays. If you’d like to be included in Read it Wednesday, go ahead and tag me in your fics, I’d be happy to read them! Now, onto this weeks lovely authors!

Dean x Reader

  • I Know Everything” by @iwantthedean (angst) You know, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be crying or smiling because of that ending. This hit the feels in so many ways. Wonderfully written.
  • On Fire” by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (fluff) Poor Dean. This was a very funny and fluffy fic, I enjoyed every second of it. Amazing visuals, plus, I really loved how you wrote Dean being all disappointed in himself.
  • Just a Nice Night” by  @deathtonormalcy56 (fluff) This fic brings me back to camping. Toasting marshmallows and hanging out by the warm fire in the cold night. I only wish I had Dean to be there with me. Very cute fic!
  • Lopsided” by @imagineteamfreewill (fluff) The part where Dean decides to proclaim his love for the reader in front of everyone was my favorite. Seems just like something Dean would do. This fic was adorable! 
  • Charms - Soulmate AU” by @supernaturalyobessed (fluff) I love Soulmate AU’s and I love the ending where it’s the reader talking to their child, telling her about how they met. 
  • Self Conscious” by @chelsea-winchester (fluff) I really connected to this fic. Truthfully, I was always the ‘bigger’ friend, so reading stuff like this makes me a whole lot more body confident. I have no issues with my body anymore, but I still really enjoy fics like this. And pie. I love me some pie. Awesome fic!
  • Bed Sharing” by @supernatural-jackles (fluff) YES. YES I AM HERE FOR BED SHARING AND BED SHARING BEING THE REASON RELATIONSHIPS HAPPEN! Super fluffy and sweet. Awesome job Jen!
  • It’s The Thought That Counts” by @impala-dreamer (fluff) I love territorial Dean in the kitchen! Dean was a jerk, but at least he made it up to her and apologized. Wonderful fic!
  • Wild Heart” by @torn-and-frayed (angst) I love how you stuck to the storyline of Sam and Dean being the vessels, but I love the spin on it with the readers son being able to be a true vessel. But that ending just tore my heart apart. 
  • Thanksgiving Night in the Bunker” by @impala-dreamer (fluff) SO CUTE! I can agree I felt the same way Dean did after Thanksgiving. Food coma and ready to pass out anywhere, as long as I got my pie.
  • Dirty Dancing Tribute” by @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps (smut) Ohhh man do I love dirty dancing! I loved this stripper Dean. A good funny fic with some great smut!
  • Imagine Dean not being able to get his shirt off” by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious (fluff) AH YES I LOVE THAT GIF SO MUCH! I’m so so glad you made a little fic to go with it! This was just the right amount of funny and cute!
  • Zing” by @ellen-reincarnated1967 (angst/fluff) This was such a good fic! I love the whole description at the beginning and I also loved Dean and the readers sassy comments to each other. 
  • This is Goodbye” by @deals-with-demons (angst) First of all, I love your writing style and the tone of the fic. You captured both the boys very well! Second, I’m not crying, there’s just dust in my eyes.
  • Close” by @lipstickandwhiskey (fluff) Spelled!Dean is my jam! I really loved the idea for the spell and how it worked. Also, the awkwardness between the reader and Dean and the constant flirting between them was just amazingly written! I loved this fic a lot!
  • All That Matters” by @winchestersnco (smut) DAMMIT ERIN. I AM A SAM!GIRL. NOT A DEAN!GIRL. A SAM!GIRL. STOP TRYING TO TURN ME WITH YOUR WONDERFUL STEAMY HOT DEAN SEX! In other news, I really enjoyed the plot line for this. It was really great! I also really enjoyed the Dean sex… 
  • All I want for Christmas” by @fandommaniacx (smut) Wow!! This was a great fic, very smutty, very hot and smutty. And I’m totally with the reader on this, I think Christmas can be celebrated at any time, even in August!

Sam x Reader

  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (fluff) I am so ready for winter, you have no idea! I really loved the idea for the spell, very unique. I also wouldn’t mind Sam keeping me warm like that ;)
  • Work Song” by @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps (fluff) my heart is bursting!! I love this. I’m going to have to go listen to the song later, but I really love how you captured Sam’s memories and flashbacks throughout the song. 
  • Imagine Sam trying to find you the perfect Christmas gift” by @cleverdame (fluff) This was so cute! I love Dean’s input, but I also love that Sam completely ignores him. 
  • Happy Thanksgiving, Sweetie” by @teamfreewill-imagine (fluff) I love how you got the entire “family” involved, especially the part of Cas as a princess. This series gives me life!
  • Luck Be A Daisy” by @lipstickandwhiskey (fluff) First things first, Lips dedicated this fic to me and I still cry every time I remember that. Second things second, SAM AND DOGS! Daisy the dog has very good taste in men. This is the sweetest little fic about Sam and Dogs and I love every word.
  • Lost In Translation” by @inmysparetime0​ (fluff) CUTE CUTE! Of course Sam got mad, he can’t lose her! Really awesome fic and I love how they made up.
  • Imagine distracting Sam from research” by @spn-fan-girl-173 (fluff) I’d love to distract Sam any day. This was an awesome little fic and I can only imagine where things went from there ;)
  • Nine Years Later” by @inmysparetime0 (fluff) Well, first it hurt. Then it was wonderful! I loved the flashback especially, and I loved how you used the phrase. Awesome job!
  • More Than OK” by @impala-dreamer (smut) Well, I gotta say, the image you created of Sam in a pair of tight blue boxers is now stuck in my head. I loved that Sam kept checking in to make sure things were okay, and I mean, I will always love Sammy sex.
  • It’s a Guilty Pleasure” by @chelsea-winchester (fluff) I absolutely love the relationship between Dean and the reader. I was definitely laughing at their little exchange of the readers guilty pleasure. Awesome fic!
  • Blue Aint Your Color” by @impalaimagining​ (fluff/angst) Currently I’m in love with this song, so I was so excited to read this fic! I really like how you incorporated it into the fic along with the way the quote was used too. 

Jared x Reader

  • (Genevieve x Reader/Jared x Reader/Jared x Genevieve) I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind)” by @teamfreewill-imagine (smut) First of all, I’m here for Gen and Jared being so kind and understanding and letting the reader know that if she wanted to leave it was okay. I’m so here for this. Second of all, is it hot in here? I cannot wait for the next part of this(assuming there is more). The more I read this, the more in love with Gen I fall.

Cas x Reader

  • Preserving Tradition” by @ellen-reincarnated1967 (fluff) More Christmasy fics yay!! Now that it’s past Thanksgiving, it’s appropriate to read such fics. This was super cute and fluffy and I loved how you captured Cas being afraid for the trees. 
Lie to Me

Imagine leaving Dean after a demon told you he cheated and getting a call years later begging you to visit him in the hospital.

Author’s Note: It’s done! A Dean x reader one-shot requested by kendrawinchester. Spent a lot of time on his one, I hope you guys like it! Warnings: blood, language, and alcoholism.

In case you didn’t read the teaser (skip to the next section if you have).

“Dean, relax. I got this.” I scrubbed at the red paint under my fingernails. “Besides, you’re going to love what I’ve done to the place…” I admired my work with pride. “There’s some candles too, very romantic.” I heard him laugh over the line and imagined what it looked like. All these years together and that little grin never grew old. 

“Did I ever tell you I’ve got a thing for a girl who can make a mean demon summoning ritual? Oh and your cherry pie isn’t bad either.” His voice was my favorite sound, although it had gotten a lot deeper than when we first met in high school. I carefully stepped over the wet paint lines of my devil’s trap. 

“Anyway, I’ve got some black eyes to exorcise. I’ll talk to you later baby… Yes I’ll be careful. Bye.” I hung up my cell and my hand instinctively reached for the ring that hung my neck. Dean had made it out of a ball joint nut form the impala that he ground down and made smooth. I always found myself touching it when I though of him. “Solii voco virtus daemonis ultimi eas.” I threw my match into the bowl of remains at my feet which immediately ignited. A loud gust blew the curtains and rumbling shook the floor. “Ante conspectum meum.” Suddenly a figure appeared before me. She couldn’t be any older than 25, long blond hair falling in ringlets around her shoulders. If her eyes didn’t flicker with hateful darkness she might have been beautiful. 

“You’ve got balls calling me to this place.” She hissed, snapping her teeth together like an animal. I casually strode to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of water. 

“You don’t like it? I think I could be an interior decorator in another life.” I flippantly gestured to the devils trap on the floor. The demon cackled loudly. 

“Oh you think that’s going to hold me for long? I have friends, lots of friends. They’re coming for you, and they’ll strip the skin from your bones while I watch.” I took a sip and shrugged. 

“And here I thought I was being hospitable. Care for a drink?” I splashed the holy water in her direction and she writhed in pain, smoke rising from her scalding skin. She lunged as far as the trap allowed her, stopping inches from my face. 

“I would kill you, but you know what’s worse than death? Suffering.” I shook my finger at her fury and poured some more water over my knife before rolling it in salt. “Oh you laugh now, but there’s something I can do to you from here that will hurt far more than any physical pain.” She cocked her head and waited till she knew I was listening. 

“I can tell you the truth.” My eyebrows raised in the slightest and she grinned like a Cheshire Cat. “Yes… Aren’t you curious?” I weighed the knife in my hand carefully before throwing it hard in her direction. My aim had been perfected over time and I heard a groan as its blade sank into her shoulder. Another beastly scream erupted from her red lips. “Oh easy there Y/N, don’t bang this body up too much. I picked it special for meeting with you.” The demon seemed satisfied that I didn’t follow her meaning. She reached into her shirt and produced a sickeningly familiar necklace. “Y/N, meet Dean’s lady friend, or should I say, other lady friend.” I couldn’t stop staring at the ring pendant until I was sure that it was exactly like mine. I tried to fight back the sick feeling growing in my stomach. “You’re a lying bitch.” My fists clenched in and out on their own. The demon laughed loudly, her onyx eyes wide with enjoyment. “Oh, don’t you wish I was. The real fun part was picking which one of his sluts to show you, but I always wanted to be a blonde.”

(Teaser Ends)

“You have 17 missed calls and 8 messages.” The monotone voice of my phone filled the silence in my motel room. “Message one: ‘Hey Y/N it’s Dean, where the hell have you been. I’ve looked everywhere. You’re scaring me… Please call me back when you get a chance.” I signed and cracked open another beer. It had been so long since I’d done anything but played these over and over. I could recited the recordings word for word. 

“Message two: ‘Baby, I’m so worried about you. I need to know you’re okay. If you’re pissed at me for something fine but don’t leave me without knowing if something happened…” I cringed at the anxiety in his words. I felt so guilty for leaving without an explanation, but there was no other option. 

“Hey, it’s Sam. Everyone’s been looking for you. I’m worried about Dean, he’s kinda losing it. If you’re getting these, please call us back.” I rolled my eyes, so typical of Sam to try and make everyone play nice. I shed my clothing and climbed into the shower. Even then, my shirt had a the faint smell of warm leather and gasoline. I could hear the phone continuing, despite the water hitting my ears. 

“I know you’re getting these… Some hunters said they saw you going through Arizona a few days ago. Just pick up the damn phone and call me.” There was an obvious change in his tone around message number 5. His anxiety went from sadness to anger. 

“Y/N, I can’t believe this. All these years together, and you just freaking leave? What did we even have if you can do this, without even a goodbye to me?” His words seemed to pierce my heart and I shut my eyes in physical pain. Even after I turned off the phone the voices played on in my head. 

“I’m done. I’m so done waiting for you. Crying about you.” Dean’s drunk voice was scratchy and slow. “I loved you… Hell maybe I still do…" I could hear a glass shatter before the recording ended abruptly. All night I laid in bed with his messages replaying in my mind. Maybe some messed up part of me wanted to torture myself with these voicemails, maybe it was a twisted form of penance. But as much as I hated myself for leaving him, there was no going back now.

He called constantly for weeks, so I started leaving my phone in my motel room. To be honest, it wasn’t all that hard to move on with my life. I kept myself busy as possible, never turning down a hunt. When you spend all day getting blood on your hands and come home to a bottle, it’s not difficult to suppress all kinds of grief. It was those few quiet moments when I wasn’t working a case that the gravity of my decision was clear. It was the mornings that I awoke with a stranger’s arms around my waist. It was the conversations I overheard in the bar about “two Winchester brothers.” It was 3 am, when the phone rang and I had to drink myself into a stupor to keep myself from answering. Months later, Dean left me his last message. “Y/N, I hate this, I hate… Don’t bother coming back, and I won’t bother calling you anymore.” Even after years had passed, I still begrudged picking up my cell, even though I knew it wasn’t him on the line.


When I couldn’t sleep I camped out in a bar on the edge of town, talking smack with a few hunters. They weren’t Winchesters so they weren’t family, hell they weren’t even really my friends. But misery loves company, and every hunter’s got some ghost that haunts them when they climb into their sheets at night. I could always count on a few people being there no matter the hour. I was retelling an in depth story about ganking an entire vampire nest when the bartender shouted my name and beckoned me near. 

“Hey, you spotting me a free drink?” I leaned on the counter and gave him a coy smile. 

The bartender looked unimpressed, “You wish. Pay off your tab from last night and I’ll consider. There’s a call for you.” He pushed a corded phone in my direction. I questioned how anyone would know were to find me but the bartender persisted. 

”Fine, I’ll take it. Hello?” I motioned to the rest of my table that I’d be back in a minute, I wasn’t in the mood to chat with anyone sober. 

“You listen to me, you high and mighty little brat.” My eyes grew wide at the sound of Bobby’s voice. “Get your butt to Denver, right now.” I sat with my mouth agape for a moment. “I’ve got your attention? Good. Listen to me, you’re like the daughter I never had.” His words were a bit softer and I grimaced at how long it had been since I visited him last. “But right now, you’re just being an idjit. You know how hard it’s been to get ahold of you?” I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. 

“Bobby, I’ve been really busy. I’ve been hunting with a pack in San Antonio.” I heard him clear his throat and knew he was stressed. “Is something wrong?” The bartender was eavesdropping so I shot him a glare and lowered my voice. Bobby was quiet for a moment before continuing. 

“Y/N, it’s Dean. He got in a real bad accident today. He’s all beat up, his insides are bleeding all over…” The shot glass I had been playing with dropped to the bar with a ‘clink.’ I didn’t care that every eye was on me or that the room started to spin. 

”He’s at the hospital in Denver right now and Sam’s here with a demon in him. I’m exorcising Sam, but Dean… They aren’t sure he’d gonna make it.”


Everything was a blur as I sped along the highway. While my muscle memory took over driving, my mind was completely scattered. I couldn’t stop thinking about all those years ago and how they seemed so close. Denver was hours away but it didn’t matter, I was too upset to be tired. I never stopped once, my eyes growing red and puffy from exhaustion and held back tears. I white knuckled the steering wheel in one hand and let the other play with the metal ring in my pocket. I never could bring myself to get rid of it, joking to others that it was a good luck charm. Nothing else mattered in that moment, not even what the demon said to me years ago.

“I’m here to see a patient, a Dean Smith.” The secretary chewed on her pen and typed something into the computer. After an excessively long pause she shook her head. 

“Oh ya. The real cute one. He’s in ICU… We only allow direct family to visit criticals.” She looked me up and down incredulously, no doubt unimpressed by my sleep deprived state. “You family?” I imagined reaching over the desk and grabbing the snarky woman by her plastic pearl necklace but I stopped myself. My teeth ground impatiently. “I am.” The words came before I could think of my excuse. Grasping for an idea, I dug around in my pocket and slipped cold metal on my finger. I then lifted the hand to show her. 

“I’m his fiancé.” She stared for a long while and I began to wonder if my facade was good enough. Just stealing a nurse’s uniform from the supply closet was sounding more and more appealing. Finally she shrugged and pointed me down the hall. 

“Room 320, past radiology and to the left. He just got out of surgery, so save if for the honeymoon.” Before she could finish her infuriatingly slow sentence, I was running down the corridor. Time seemed to go by in slow motion, like a nightmare where you can’t run fast enough. The room numbers flashed by. “312…315…319” I came to a stop in front of the correct door, my heart beating out of my chest. I laid my hand on the nob and stopped. What was I doing? What if I was the last person Dean wanted to see, the woman that broke his heart? A thousand conflicting emotions gripped my lungs. Was this the right thing to do? I was tempted to stop there and walk away. Maybe I’d do what I was best at, and run. The sight of that ring on my finger made my stomach churn. Dean’s words on my phone rang in my ears, “I loved you… And hell maybe I still do.” He was drunk when he had said that, but god knows there is more truth in whiskey soaked rambling than in the holy seat of a confessional. I pushed back my fear and straightened my back to stand tall. Sometimes the things we know we have to do are the most painful. I swung open the door, not realizing I had instinctively closed my eyes. When I opened them a jagged gasp escaped my lips. 

“Dean?” A battered body lay in bed before me and I felt paralyzed with fear. Machines and cords made him seem more marionette than man. A slow, steady beat from the heart monitor reminded me that what I stared at was indeed alive. “Can you hear me?” There was no response and I crept forward a little bit at a time. Dean’s eyes were closed and his chest rose and fell peacefully thanks to an oxygen mask over his mouth. I couldn’t fight the tears that came. How many times had I examined this sleeping face in the mornings? I knew every detail of how he would stir by my side but never be the first to wake. I loved watching him, wondering what dreams he was having. But this, this was no happy dream. “Dean…” I stopped a foot from his side and struggled to find the words to say. Cuts covered his exposed skin, a few deep bruises eclipsing his muscular arms. He seemed to be held together by the wide bandages and stitches on his chest. 

“This isn’t what’s supposed to happen.” A sob rocked my body and placed my hands on the bed’s railing for support. “Not like this, not before we could…” My fingers brushed his as I tried to keep myself standing. His hands weren’t warm like I remembered, they were hauntingly cold. “I wanted to try and talk to you after that night, I did. But I didn’t know how, and after all the things we’d gone thought together… I just couldn’t handle it all.” I boldly laid my hand atop his and squeezed. He was so limp and weak. My grip grew tighter, a silent plea for some kind of response. “But I’m here now. I’m here. And, I’m so sorry.” My crying grew more intense and I leaned down to cover my face, some of my tears falling on Dean’s motionless arm. 

“I was so prideful, hell we both are. I couldn’t bear the thought of having to forgive you… But I do now.” I laid my forehead on the back of his hand and prayed something in him would be awakened by the love I poured out. After there were no more tears left I kissed his palm gently, tasting the salt I had left there. I pulled the ring from my finger and stared at it one last time. At least if he woke, he would know I came. I laid it in his calloused hand and curled his large fingers around it with my own. 

“You always told me you would be the first to go, well tell the devil I’ll be there soon.” A half hearted smile tugged at my tired features and I turned to leave. Suddenly the monitor went flat, a loud buzz filling the air before I could get out the door “No…” My hands flew to my mouth and I couldn’t breathe. It was over… maybe it was better he didn’t have me as his final memory. 

“Hey…” A weak voice sent chills up my spine. “Tell him yourself.”


I turned in shock, staring at the smug grin of a half conscious Dean. The nurses that ran in were furious that he had ripped out his cords and they sent me to stand outside. A two way observation mirror let me watch as they scolded and reattached everything he had removed. Although he couldn’t see me through the glass he still stared in my direction knowingly, his green eyes piercing the divide between us.
Once the nurses left I took a deep breath and walked back into the room, my feet seeming to move on their own accord. I could hear my heart louder than any monitor. Dean gave me the saddest look and a bittersweet smile. Never have a felt more pain that under that desirous and wounded gaze. We stayed silent for a long time, our speechlessness it’s own form of conversation. Finally, after staring at me intently, Dean motioned me close. I complied and stuttered through an explanation. 

“Shh. Just stop.” He opened his hand in my direction. “It’s rude to give back a gift.” I scoffed at his untimely humor and felt my eyes getting moist again. “I hunted down that demon you exorcised the night before you… Left.” I shifted uncomfortably and averted my eyes. A shaky hand grabbed my arm and squeezed with surprising strength. “I know what she told you.” I sighed and swallowed back a whimper. Dean looked so compassionate, it nearly killed me with guilt. With all the exertion he could muster he pulled me closer. “I was so, so hurt that you believed her. How could you…” He stopped and closed his eyes, staying his emotion with a choppy breath. “I would never, ever cheat on you.” My brow furrowed and I looked to the ceiling, trying to hide the pain on my face. 

“But the necklace-” Dean’s grip was close to leaving a mark on my skin. He lifted the ring in his other hand and held it high in the air for me to see. 

“This, is the only one of these that exists. Whatever she showed you, it was just an illusion.” I bit my lip hard, the faint taste of blood tainting my mouth. “Don’t you trust me?” I couldn’t make eye contact so Dean pulled me down forcefully. “Look at me!” His voice cracked and I gazed down at a desperate man, his green eyes glistening. I couldn’t tell if the storm inside him was love or rage. “Trust me.” I knew in that moment that all those years of running were in vain. I knew that this man, this honest, strong, and seriously wounded man, was the love of my life. I fell to his chest in defeat. My sobs made it hard to breathe but somehow I forced out apologies with every shallow gasp. I heard him swallow back his own sorrow as he held me tight. We were both so broken, so horribly scarred by each other. Maybe this was the only was we could get past our pride, complete surrender.

Later that night I lay at Dean’s side in the small hospital bed. Despite the smell of medication and incessant beeping, I was more comfortable than I’d been in years. Dean’s arm never eased it’s grip around me, afraid that I might be lost to him again. “Y/N?” I nodded and peered up at his sleepy face. 

“I’m here.” He smiled and held the ring in front of me. 

“Do you remember when I made this?” I snuggled against him closer, careful to avoid his IVs and monitors. He continued, “It was after you got in that bad crash in the Impala and you were in the hospital like I am now.” He was still weak so he had to stop to take a few deep breaths, smiling reassuringly when I showed concern. “I’m fine, really. And you kept apologizing to me over and over because you were afraid I be upset that you wrecked baby?” I went back to that day in my mind and remembered how terrible I felt. I was sure then that Dean would never forgive me. Lips pressed against my forehead and I shuddered, emotion still tense between us. “Of course I was just happy that you were okay. I wanted to show you that I truly wasn’t angry, so I made you this.” The little ring’s dull surface might as well have been a priceless metal in my eyes. “You remember what I said when I gave it to you?” A nostalgic smile played on my lips. I spent a moment gathering the words so they would be perfect. 

“You told me, ‘You can wreck the impala a thousand times for all I care, as long as you’re my Baby.” I choked out the phrase and took Dean’s hand in my own. We kissed until there was no more sadness in the way we touched each other. It was almost like we never truly separated, somehow the love just picked up where we left it. 

Later Bobby and Sam found us curled up together, sleeping. They both smiled at the sight. 

“Thank God those two idjits worked it out finally.” Sam laughed and leaned against the door. 

“They were bound to work their way back to each other somehow.”

Request: It Won’t Be Like This For Long

Request: Hi!! I literally am in love with all your writings!! ❤️❤️ Can you please do a oneshot with DeanxReader based off the song “It Won’t Be Like This For Long ” by Darius Rucker?

Word Count: 2,385 (whoops?)

This song made me cry. But it was beautiful. Thank you! I hope you have the best day ever<33

At the sound of crying, you shift out of Dean’s arms and roll out of bed. He looks up at you blearily, but you pat his shoulder and smile tiredly.

“You got her last time,” You murmur, “I got it.”

You stand carefully, and Dean watches as you pad through to the room next door and turn on the light, bathing yourself in the warm, vanilla light.

“Hey, little one,” You murmur softly, bending down to pick up your wailing daughter. You bring her close to you and cradle her gently, trying to find the source of her cries. She only fed an hour ago, but…

Ah, diaper change.

Even after you’ve changed her and stayed with her for a while, she won’t sleep. For some reason, she continues to cry, and cry, and cry. You sit down on the rocking chair and keep her settled enough so that Dean can at least sleep through the doorway.

Maria Eleanor Winchester is only three days old, but she’s already changed everything you thought you knew about life. Suddenly, there’s a teeny tiny being in your life that you have to fully sustain; to keep alive and protect with everything you have. There’s love in your heart you never thought possible until now. Although, between the three of you, you have little experience with newborns, you’ve been working through it together, like a real family.

You rock her in your arms, humming an old lullaby that you’ve long since forgotten the words to. It keeps her whines to a minimum – it must be hard for her, you ponder, to have been removed from the dark warmth that she’d always known and thrust out into this cold, dark world.

Meanwhile, Dean lies in bed, staring at the ceiling. The glow from the nursery isn’t what’s keeping him up – it’s the small cries coming from the room. He sighs, listening to your soothing melody. He remains awake as long as you do, even until the clock beside the bed flickers to display seven AM and you come through, dozing baby in your arms.

“Looks like it’s morning.” You say with a soft smile, “I’m gonna go-“

“I’m coming,” He says quickly, flinging the blanket off of him, “I’ll put come coffee on, you go and get comfy.” He insists, pressing a light kiss to your forehead and splashing his face with water from the glass beside the bed, before heading off towards the kitchen. You smile slightly at your husband, and head towards the library – Sam’s already in there, reading some old text. You heard him come back from his run a while ago.

“Mornin’,” He greets, eyes softening as they land on the baby girl in your arms. She’s almost asleep, but you just know if you put her down she’ll wake.

“Hey,” You sit down across from him, still rocking side to side gently, “Dean’s bringing coffee.”

“Sounds like you’ll need it. Been up long?”

“Only since three,” You laugh softly, looking down at Maria, “It’s okay, though. I don’t mind.”

Dean chooses that moment to come in, balancing three mugs in his hands. He places them on the table and takes the baby from your arms, looking at her worriedly.

“Is she okay?” He whispers, “She was crying for so long and…”

“She’s fine,” You promise him as he takes a seat beside you, “Don’t worry.”

“But what if something’s wrong, or- or-“

“Or nothing,” You smile slightly, “She’s okay. I’m sure of it.”

“Y/N, we don’t know what we’re doing here!” He hisses, “How do you know that she’s not going to… burst into flames?!”

At the sore subject, both brothers grimace. You, in return, lean over and kiss Dean’s lips.

“Everything is going to be okay.” You promise him, “It won’t be like this for long, you’ll see.”


“Mama?” The small voice comes from the foot of the bed, “Papa?”

You blink awake and lift Dean’s arm from your waist to sit up, looking down at your daughter’s worried expression in the darkness.

“What’s wrong, baby?” You ask quietly, feeling as Dean shifts beside you and lifts his head.

“I had a bad dream.” She admits, “Can I get in with you?”

“Of course.” Dean replies, holding out his arms. Maria wobbles up and onto the bed, crawling beneath the covers and landing in between you. You lie down as she snuggles into you – the leg of her beloved stuffed moose digs into your rib, but you could care less as Dean joins you, his arm stretching over you both and returning to rest on your waistline.

Before you know it, morning comes and although the bunker stays dark, the alarm begins to blare. You rouse your little family, before heading off to make breakfast.

It’s an important day for the three of you. A couple of months ago, Maria turned four – and, therefore, became eligible to begin school. You and Dean promised to give her the most normal upbringing possible, and so enrolled her. The beginning of the term came all too quickly, however, setting you both on edge. In her obliviousness, she’s equal parts excited and nervous.

While you eat your breakfast, she rambles on about the friends she’s going to make and the great time she’s going to have. You listen intently as if trying to soak up every little bit of her, like you’re going to lose her forever, rather than just a few hours.

You and Dean drive her to the school, walking her to the gate. The teacher stands there, taking names and reassuring nervy parents.

“Good morning,” She greets. She’s an older woman, with greying hair and kind eyes, “How are you this morning?”

When none of you answer, Dean speaks up.

“We’re okay, thanks.”

“First time?”

“Yes, ma’am.” He smiles uneasily. He’s about to say something else when there’s a small sniffle, and Maria grabs onto his leg in terror.

“I don’t wanna go, papa!” She cries, small tears suddenly running down her pink cheeks, “I don’t wanna!”

In panic, Dean looks to the woman in front of him as if to ask what can I do?!

The woman with the kind eyes merely smiles, all too relaxed for the situation.

“Don’t worry,” She says softly, “It’ll only last a week, or two at most.”

It takes a little encouragement, but you manage to get your daughter smiling and bounding off into the classroom. The teacher’s words ring true, though, as within the week she’s running off to talk to her new friends without so much as a second glance at you and Dean.


“I hate you!” Maria screams, “You don’t get it, Dad! I can’t replace everything you’ve lost and I can’t stay in here forever!”

“Maria, don’t you-“ Dean, in his panic, starts yelling. He’s never liked raising his voice to his daughter and you could probably count the amount of times he’s done it on one hand. You watch on, not wanting to interrupt either of them, “You’re not hunting, and that’s that!”

“For god’s sake, dad!” She cries, “My uncle is an angel! How the hell do I find that out and not want to learn more!”

“Then you ask me, or your mom, or either of your uncles. You do not touch the Black Magic books!”

“I didn’t know! You can’t protect me forever!” She snarls, an echo of Dean’s own temper evident in her tone. With that, she storms off and you hear the door to her room slam loudly.

Dean turns straight to you, taking the three strides necessary and throwing his arms around you. He falls into your embrace, tears pricking at his eyes.

“I couldn’t- she-“ He whispers into your ear, “She hates me.”

“No, she doesn’t,” You reply calmly, “She just had her whole life shaken up, Dean. She’s working through some stuff, and-“

“So am I!”

“I know. But you’re an adult, and you know how to deal with it. She, on the other hand, is sixteen.” You remind him, before pressing a kiss to his lips, “C’mon, you go get a beer, and I’ll go talk to her.”

Your hand had been forced, a week ago, after a demon had attacked her and a group of friends when they were at the mall. Dean, the ever-protective parent, had been ‘shopping’ in the vicinity and had stepped in, but the event had resulted in you telling her everything. It had been an eight-hour discussion, carrying on into the early hours of the next morning, but she’s filled in. It had scared her at first – you’d found her in the kitchen at four-thirty, drinking a glass of milk and shaking like a leaf as thoughts plagued her mind of the past she’d never seen. Apparently curious, however, she’d slipped into the ‘forbidden’ storeroom and taken out an old book that even you were too nervous to read through.

You head over to her room and knock twice on the door. You hear a sniffle, and a muffled ‘go away, dad!’

“It’s me,” You say softly, opening the door a crack. Maria looks over to you and wipes the tears from her cheeks, sitting up from the pillow she’d been crying into.

“Mom?” She whispers. You head over to the bed and pull her into your arms, cradling her close as she collects herself, “He hates me, mom.”

“No he doesn’t,” You shake your head, “He loves you more than anything.”

“He has a funny way of showing it!” She insists, looking at you through tearful green eyes, so like her father’s.

“He always has,” You smile thoughtfully, “The first time he said ‘I love you’ to me, he had a knife to my throat.”


“Do you really wanna know?”


“Fine, fine. He’d been dead for a while – you know that – and he came back, and I thought he was a demon, so… I tried to attack him. He was stronger – plus I was drunk, so it didn’t count – and he had the knife to my throat, so I was like, who the hell are you?! And he replied, I’m Dean Winchester, and I love you.”

“That’s brilliant.” She says, significantly cheered by your anecdote, “You’re sure he doesn’t hate me?”

“No. In fact, I think he kinda wants to talk to you.” You suggest softly, reaching for her hand and squeezing it gently, “I’m gonna find some ice-cream, and maybe we can have a movie night. And tomorrow… maybe we can talk about letting you read something?”

“Thanks, mom!” She smiles, throwing her arms around you, “I love you.”

“I love you too, baby.”


The music plays softly throughout the chapel as Dean guides your daughter down the aisle – well, more like she guides him. It’d be a miracle if he could see a thing behind the tears glassing his eyes. You smile quietly, shifting in your seat as pride swells within you. She’s so happy with this boy, and he’s normal – he knows about your hunting pasts, but has nothing to do with it. She gets to have a life away from all of that and, in your eyes, it’s the greatest gift he could ever give her.

As Dean reaches the end of the aisle, he lifts her veil from her face to reveal her beautiful face – she grew into such an incredible young woman, and you couldn’t be happier for her.

“I love you.” She mouths to him, and he returns the sentiment, before passing her hand to her husband-to-be and comes to sit beside you.

He reaches out and takes your hand, squeezing it tightly.


It’s a little under a year later when something bangs on the bunker door. It’s just after four-thirty and you’d be asleep weren’t it for the book you’ve been addicted to recently. As you hear the knocks, you instinctively reach out for Dean, who sleeps next to you. His eyes open and he frowns as the knocking sounds again.

“Who is that?” He murmurs, and you shrug, climbing out of bed. Dean follows and as three more loud knocks sound, you break into a jog.

Dean gets to the door first and pulls it open. He’s about to pull a gun on whoever it is, the metal clatters to the floor as Maria barrels into his arms and begins crying profusely. You’re left shocked as the buried her head in her father’s chest and sobs openly, tears soaking into his shirt. You only catch a few words of her muffled grief, but what you do catch sets your blood boiling.

“He left me,” She says, “There’s- there’s another woman.”

You both manage to usher her to the sitting room and get a warm cup of tea in her hands, while Dean paces angrily. He keeps looking towards the door, where the weaponry still is, and then back to Maria.

“I’m gonna kill him,” He snarls, “I’m gonna tear his-“

“Dean,” You say softly, running your hand over Maria’s hair from where her head lies on your shoulder, “I think she just needs her papa.”

By employing the name she’s used for him when scared or worried as a child, you break Dean’s anger spell and he sits down on the floor in front of her, taking both of her hands in his.

“I’m not gonna kill him yet,” He promises, “Let’s get you some sleep, okay?”

She agrees readily and she and Dean had to the room she used to occupy. Old trinkets and posters still litter the walls, and she smiles ever so slightly as Dean tucks her into bed as he would a child.

“Dad?” She asks quietly as he kisses her forehead.


“Will you stay with me?” She shuffles up, opening the covers for him to climb in, “I just… don’t wanna be alone.”

Dean smiles, before nodding, “Of course.”

He climbs in and she curls into him, closing her eyes. His heart is as broken as hers; watching her cry is the worst form of torture he’s ever endured.

You stand silently in the doorway, arms wrapped around yourself as both she and Dean drift off. As much as she might like to think she’s all grown up, she can’t be that way forever.

Gabriel One Shot

Author: Rose-next-door

Word Count: 500

Warnings: Low self-esteem, I guess

A/N: This is a little fic I wrote a few weeks ago for a friend, and it seems to fit the request made by the Finnish anon about Gabriel. I hope it works!


You’re curled up in bed when Gabriel pops into the room, unannounced as usual. He misses your prone form underneath the blankets, considering you’ve tucked your body into the fetal position. But once he sees you, he knows something’s wrong. 

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Good Student

Request: Deanxreader oneshot where reader is really stressed out because there is so much homework and stuff like that and she is crying and dean helps her calm down…?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 734

Warnings: Implied smut

Tagging: @ath99 , The Pond @spnfanficpond

A/N: Just a short little fluffy thing. Also, I am thinking of doing a small little mini sequel thing to Family of His Own, which y’all seemed to love, so I hope you guys are ready for more extreme fluff


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Request:  Can I request an imagine where cas and dean both have a huge crush on the reader and are always fighting over her, reader has enough and gets mad then the rest is up to you? Sorry if its weird lol - tfw-bitch-jerk-assbutt

A/N: Ok so I said I wasn’t going to post this, but I felt so guilty that I did anyway. I’m probably going to go back and edit it a whole bunch, since this is 1am and I probably don’t even know what I’m saying right now. So here it is! Let me know what ya think!


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anonymous asked:

58. Sam Winchester

Prompt: 58.  “I left everything for this, I left it all…for you!”
Characters: Sam x Reader
Word Count: 500 (look how bad I am at writing drabbles)

Sam had been very distant to you in the past few weeks. At first you thought it had something to do with a hunt gone wrong but that wasn’t it because with Dean or Sam he acted completely normal. But whenever you entered the room, he left it. Whenever you tried to touch him, he got out of the way. 

Out of your reach. Almost out of your life.

The gap between the two of you in your shared bed started to become bigger. There was always this cold spot right next to you. The cold spot where you both used to lie together, legs intertwined and your head on his chest. Now it was almost like Sam was a stranger. 

And then one day he said it. The words you’d feared the most. 
“Y/N I don’t think you can live with us anymore.”

He wasn’t even looking at you. He simply stared down at his hands and you bit down hard on your lip trying not to start crying. You’d seen this coming. After all you weren’t an actual couple anymore for a few weeks now. But still, it hurt. More than every injury you ever had. More than anything you could imagine.

It fucking hurt.

You murmured a silent “okay” but didn’t left the room. You wanted him to say something. You wanted him to fight for you. You wanted him to say that he screwed up and didn’t mean it that way. But he didn’t and this made you almost explode out of anger.

“You know what? Fuck you Sam. I never thought you’d be like this. Of all these guys in the world I would’ve never - I left my family behind. I became a hunter. Because I wanted to be with you. Because I love you. Just, just tell me what happened between us. You owe me this because dammit Sam,I left everything for this. I left it all … for you.” You screamed the words into his direction and finally he had looked up.

His eyes were red from crying and he looked like he’d gone through hell and back. It made your heart break only more.

“That’s exactly the point Y/N. You did so many things for me and I can’t give you anything back. I can’t give you a normal life. I can’t give you a real family because who wants to raise children in this life? I can’t give you what you deserve and oh god -,” he rubbed his hands over his face. He was trembling, his entire body was shaking. 

“Sam hey, that’s not true,” you’d crossed the room and reached for his hands. How much you’d missed to hold them. “You give me so much. Waking up everyday next to you is the most perfect, most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. You give me a comforting shoulder when I am down. And you make me laugh and feel all of these butterflies in my stomach even though we are together for such a long time now. You make me happy. Can’t you see that?”

You pressed a light kiss against his lips and he wrapped his arms around you, hugging you like he was afraid of losing you anyway. But he wouldn’t. Sam Winchester would never lose you. 

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Request: Undone

Request: Hello. I was wondering if you could do a SamxReader based off of the song undone by Haley Reinhart? Thank you so much!!!

Word Count: 940

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

PS. The song made me cry like a baby. I hope you’re happy :p

Yet again, you find yourself staring at the bottom of a bottle. The burn of alcohol still tingles at your tongue and you sigh, wishing that it had some kind of effect.

You were told it was going to make the feelings go away, but you’re just a mess of muddled, swirling thoughts and feelings and memories – no different than you were three hours ago.

Y/N, I need you to listen to me.” Sam pleads, “You have to understand-”

“You’re too stubborn to make this work.” You hiss, rage blazing through every fibre of your body. You’ve never been so angry in your life.

You stumble over to the bag on the bed, digging through it in hopes of another bottle. No such look, and you’re left with nothing but your thoughts for company.

“It’s not about being stubborn. It’s about keeping you safe because I love you.”

“If you loved me at all, you’d… you’d stay.”

“Don’t, Y/N.”

“Don’t go, then.”
Lying back on the bed, your eyes fixate on a small speck of black on the otherwise bland alabaster ceiling. You sigh, closing your eyes.

Bad idea. Your mind floods with images of him. Laughing, crying, smiling, talking, reading. Everything.

“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.”

“You made it harder.” You choke back a sob, “What happened to forever?”

He looks at you sadly, his eyes brimming with tears that he won’t shed until later, when you can’t see. You know, though.

“Everything happened.”

Where does love go when it’s gone? Does it ever really leave at all? Or does it somehow transfer into other emotions? The fear, anger; sadness. Does that use up the love that once took up such a huge place in your heart? One day, will the cavity replenish itself with fondness? Bitterness?

“See that one up there?”

“Sam, there are billions of them.” You giggle, looking over at him. Your hand wanders over the dewy grass to find his own, and you lace your fingers with his.

“That one. Straight up there, the bright one.”

“Uh… yeah, I see you.” You follow the direction he’s pointing in, grinning.

“That’s our star.” He whispers, “So if we’re ever apart, you look up and so will I, and it can be like we’re together.”

It’s so dark outside; streetlights left off to conserve power in a small town like this. But the star burns bright still, like nothing has ever happened.


“Sam, get your ass back in here. You’ll catch your death.” Dean yells from the warmth of the motel room. His younger brother doesn’t answer, however, still lying on the hood of the Impala and staring at the sky.

Dean hauls himself to his feet and storms out, flinging the door open.


Still, no answer. Dean walks around, hopping up on the hood alongside his brother.

“What you lookin’ at?”

“It was ours,” Sam whispers.

“You and Y/N?” He asks, prompting a nod from his brother. Dean notices the clear tear-tracks down his cheeks and sighs, lying back against the windscreen miserably. Sure, you’d been with Sam, but you were his friend too. His sister in all but blood. He misses you too – the last week has been pure torture for him. It’s been lonely without your laughter and cheerful teasing; your jokes and your reassurances. There’s an empty space in the family now.

“Oh, come on, Sammy. Just call her.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“She hates me.” He whispers into the night, your words coming back to him.

“I don’t know why I ever bothered loving you, Sam Winchester.” You hiss, your words burdened with unshed tears and anger, “I should have known you’d be so pig-headed and pathetic.”

“No she doesn’t.” Dean states, “She couldn’t hate you.”

“You didn’t hear how she was talking, Dean.” Sam whispers, wiping away tears, “You couldn’t know. She hates me. I could die tomorrow and she wouldn’t care.”

“Not true.” Dean dismisses him, “You were perfect together, okay? I don’t know your reasoning behind all of this and honestly, I don’t care. The fact is, you’ve lost the love of your life and I’ve lost my best friend because of it.”

A shot of guilt rockets through Sam and he sighs, sliding off of the car.

“Tell me what I’m supposed to do.”

“I can’t.”


“I thought you said you wouldn’t be calling.” You say as soon as the ringing stops. Sam is silent, and you can’t even hear him breathing.

“I know. I lied.”

“Like you did about loving me?”

“Y/N, please.” He whispers, “Don’t.”

“Don’t what? Don’t leave you? Don’t kick you out of the only family you’ve ever known?” You hiss, raking a hand through your hair, “Sam-”

“I was wrong!” He bursts out, “I was so, so wrong Y/N. I don’t… I do… I love you, okay? I always have and I always will. I was trying to keep you safe but… safe is… I don’t know what safe is.”

“Sam, are you drunk?”


“Then get your ass down here so I can… I don’t know. Kick you, kill you, or kiss you. One or the other.” You find yourself laughing, despite the tears running down your face. After reeling off the location, you hang up, your head spinning. Maybe it’s the alcohol, or maybe it’s just hope, but you know one thing.

You thought it was the end, but now you realise… it’s just another beginning.