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I never pranked my parents again after the incident.

by reddit user Eigengraulogy

I was 11 years old when it happened.

As a kid, I knew that something wasn’t quite right with the events that unfolded at the time. Even though it was never brought up again under any circumstances by either one of my parents, it’s something that always stuck with me. I can’t say it’s a memory that I tried to suppress seeing as it was always there at the back of my mind, bothering me like an itch that wouldn’t go away unless properly scratched.

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Cursed Child Scorbus Rec List

This really has become more of an index than a rec list, with categories of: 

Full length chaptered stories, Series, arcs, collections and short chaptered stories, Atmospheric, poetic, ficlets and drabbles, Pre-slash, Fluff, Established relationships, Flangst, Dark Angst, Humor, Holidays, Coming Out, Smut, Fix-Its/Re-Writes, and AUs

Last time I counted there were over 200 fics on here!

Basically my requirements for this list are:
Is it Cursed Child compliant, in the CC universe or do the characterizations feel close enough to CC?
No disturbing side-pairings or themes (i.e. no dub-con, abuse, drug use, infidelity or major character death. Exceptions will have warnings.)
Is it decently written, easy enough to understand and not cringe-worthy?
Did it make me smile or feel things?
Have I actually read it?

There are many stories, especially multi-chapters and WIPs, that I haven’t gotten around to yet, so this list is mostly made up of one-shots. It is my New Year’s resolution to read longer works. Feel free to add your recommendations in your reblog! Happy Holidays you wonderful little fandom! 

Note: I have categorized these fairly loosely. Some fics may fit into more than one category, but I don’t list them twice unless they are individual parts of an arc. The first section is uncategorized. They are a few of my faves, though I definitely have favorites in other categories like atmospheric and fluff, however these ones seemed slightly more complex and are a bit longer. So consider this category…

A Good Place to Start

*Best Mates- picascribit

“You deserve to be with someone who really likes you. Who thinks you’re brilliant.“

Scorpius grinned. “I’ve got you for that.”

One of the first Albus/Scorpius stories I read after CC, and still one of my favorites. This is Part 1 of Pica’s Scorbus Arc, but it is perfect as a stand-alone. The stories do get more mature.

*The First Date- rainystreetlights

“Still under the impression that you should have been the first to get a girlfriend eh? What can I say… Ladies love me.”

“Ladies tolerate you.”

‘One-Shot set in Albus and Scorpius’ sixth year at Hogwarts. When Rose doesn’t show up, Albus and Scorpius end up going on an accidental first date. Pure Scorpius and Albus fluff. Awkward conversations and a lot of strange situations’.

I love this so much. This author has seen the play and it shows. Her characterizations and dialogue are so spot on. So awkward, adorable and heartfelt!

*The Ball- torestoreamends

‘A ball is being held at Hogwarts to celebrate the end of fifth and seventh year exams. Scorpius has agreed to go with Rose, and Albus shouldn’t be as upset about that as he is. Dancing, fancy robes, obliviousness, and a small sprinkling of brotherly advice ensue.’

This is so gorgeous. Just her description of the robes slayed me. Read everything by torestoreamends!

*Seasons- starlightpeddlar

‘From the moment Scorpius and Albus get on the Hogwarts Express for their fifth year, things start to change. Albus starts to gain confidence both in the classroom and out of it, and Scorpius’ realization that he has greater feelings for his best friend threatens to leave him more alone than he’d ever imagined’.

Wonderful four chapter prequel to ‘Quietly’. Quietly is quite long and intense, but this is a nice getting together story, though it is still quite meaty and introduces important themes for the series.

*Put Your Guns Away Its Tea Time- frombluetored

‘Ginny Potter estimates it will only take three days into the Weasley-Potter family holiday for Albus to act on his feelings for his best friend. Albus estimates it will only take three days for him to die of embarrassment. And Scorpius, well. Scorpius is just glad to be there with Albus in the first place.’

I love this so much! The characters are so spot on and we get to see other Next Gen kids as well as all the grown up characters we love. Come for the Scorbus, stay for Ginny and the whole Weasley clan.

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Distractions pt 9

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt. 9 || Pt. 10

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2465

Originally posted by bwipsul

“Hyung?” Jimin whispered as he peeped his head from behind the bedroom door. It wasn’t surprising to see a blanket burrito stuffed with only the most premium of geniuses: Min Yoongi. All that was needed was a side of guac.

“Hyung, are you awake?” With every step Jimin took, the ground beneath him creaked just slightly. From within the encased ball of cloth annoyed groans could be heard,

“Does it look like I’m awake?” A small tuft of black fluffy hair and the tired, irritated face of its owner could be seen from a teensiest of holes that breached his fortress. 

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Not Strong Enough (Adam Cole One Shot)

Originally posted by wrestlingsmarkmatty

This one is for @bizclizbaybay <3 I hope you like it!!!

The reader is the younger sister of the Young Bucks and Adam falls for her. Inspired by “Not Strong Enough” by Apocalyptica.

Sexy times with baybay ahead

Tags: @daintymissdevitt @iloveenzoamore @ang-78 @legitlunatic @fan-fiction-galore @imaginingwwesuperstars @tooweirdforlifex @darwarsnoam @alexispoo @shadow-of-wonder @mindsetcalamity  @omgmissmillie @skyrina @lifeoutofcontrol @laigy2213 @bulletbaybay @thedeboniardevistation @doitwithcole @sarahmatthews7 @waynscastle @mermaidfett @laziestgirlintheworld @alexahood21 @thathpchick @valeonmars @xxmaddhatter39xx @laochbaineann @jenn0755 @wrasslin-x @megan-monroe @brooklyns-scumbag @phlebotomyprincess1 @squirrel666 @effy-christine @wweximaginesxd @pjanina13 @awkward-potato-imagines @jazzytoosweet

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Bloomtale - Chapter 13 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 13 is up!!! This one chapter looks… different, somehow.

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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anonymous asked:

Sheila I am Mexican too and I have thought about skin bleaching a lot. I know I shouldn't but sometimes I think it might be easier to be whiter. What was your experience with it?

Hey friendo. 

Let me tell you right now that I’m not going to yell at you. Or make you feel guilty. If your like me, you already feel really guilty for even THINKING about bleaching. A lot of the small, discreet forums I ran too when I first started bleaching were these tiny corners of the internet where mexican, hispanic, and black girls talked on forum about where to buy bleaches, how they got lighter. And they were always interspliced with us trying to tell each other to be strong, to stop, to not feel bad about what they were doing but also encouraging others not to start. It’s a sucky, sucky place to be, but I understand that you’re there. You know? And sometimes the act of controlling the shade of your skin can feel like overcoming the insecurity (its not.) 

Instead Imma tell you the realities of skin bleaching. 

First off, most of the brightening and bleaching products ARENT frederally regulated. I mean, they are super fucking dangerous. Just fyi. These companies are super shady and the ingrediants to even the FDA approved over-the-counter prescriptions of lighteners, have been linked to causing cancer. Over extended periods of time, it has been known to give a higher risk of, and even cause, cancer. They are still banned in a lot of countries. Yes, these are products that are used to help patients with post-sugery spotting, scarring, that are prescribed whiteners. Or even Vitilago patients, but even they are told the serious dangers and they are just using it for exactly that. SPOTTING. Not slathering it on your whole body.

Aside from being really fucking expensive, the ultimate thing that stopped me and others was this. 

You can’t actually strip your skin of melanin/pigment. 

It’s just not scientifically possible. Bleaching doesn’t actually BLEACH your skin. It just -delays and stops the melanin from forming- thats it. And in some whiteners, like the soap bar whitener, its actually peeling off layers of your skin to the non tanned cells beneath, and delaying melanin. This leads to redness, allergies, skin infections, and itchyness like a mutherfucker. It can be really painful.

But that also means that no matter how much you whiten, because you are only stopping melanin from forming instead of stripping, you will always be as tan as you are to begin with. You can only peel back and stop your layers so much before you reach your base shade. 

So guess what that means?

Your shade will always come back. 

Unless you plan on bleaching forever (see above about cancer) you will never reach a point that you won’t be tan, or won’t be in ‘need’ of bleaching. It will always, always come back. Because as soon as you stop using it, your melanin starts producing again. Unless of course, you damage your skin so badly you start DARKENING.

Yup, skin bleaching can also cause you to darken. 

And I don’t mean, it makes you get tanner. It blackens you. It’s called exogenous ochronosis. It’s when your skin gets damaged by the use of whiteners/bleachers and starts BLACKENING. Mostly in the thinner areas of your skin. Around your eyes is the most common one. Its practically unrepairable. Unless you want to sit under lasers at the dermatogloist weeks on end.

And finally, the shades you whiten never feel like enough. We all experienced this. It’ s a paranoia from your insecurity. As white as you get, you’ll still be staring at the mirror thinking ‘im too dark, im too dark.’ Because in the end it’s in your head, not in your skin. You’ll be endlessly torturing your body to try and fix your mind. I still struggle with this, despite having used it for 4-5 years and now stopped for another 4. And I realized that even though I was actively getting lighter, I was still not happy. Still not satisfied. That’s when I realized that I wasn’t targeting the right problem. What I had been made to think. Not what I had been made AS. 

And now, because I had beat up my skin so badly, I notice how much more easily I scar, I darken, I sun spot. The exact opposite of what I wanted. But i made my skin so tender, its more prone to tanning than not. 

I hope this helps. I know that when I realized all these things it turned me off completely, and many of the other girls that helped me stopped other from using just by explaining what they might be getting into. 

I’m always, always here to talk about this! On anon or privately! 

Stranded (Barry Allen x Reader) Part One

Pairing: Fred+George Weasley x Reader (platonic) // Barry Allen x Reader

Word Count: 943

Summary: Reader is best friends with Fred and George Weasley and has been for as long as they can remember. They were just going about their normal day at work when something rather peculiar occurred after a certain team Flash member decided to experiment with his powers. (I suck at summaries k sorry.)

A/N: So I’ve finally gotten around to starting this reader insert series, if you couldn’t tell it’s going to be a Harry PotterxFlash crossover because they were the highest chosen fandoms on my survey. I know it’s quite short, but this is more so just to set up the story if you get me.I really hope you enjoy this series and if you would like to be tagged in updates just drop me a message x 

Warnings: None as far as I am aware of

A soft smile spread across your lips as you made your way down Diagon Alley, possibly one of your favourite places on Earth, on your way down to work as you did every morning, greeting all the other shopkeepers who were setting up as you passed.
“Good Morning Sunshines!” You called out cheerfully as you entered the wonderfully magical ‘Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes’ store to greet your two best friends and business partners. Fred and George had hired you to deal with the part of the business that required high intellect so they could get on with the fun parts. Honestly, you still loved your job either way, even if you did end up as a test subject every so often. 
“(Y/N)! Just who we wanted to see.” Fred and George beamed, speaking in sync as they often did. 
“Let me guess, you’ve got a new product and you want me to test it for you?” You sighed with a clear blunt tone in your voice. 
“You know us too well.” Fred chuckled as George produced a deep green, glittering box from behind his back. He pulled out a small, black gobstopper looking object, holding it out to you with a proud grin on his face. 
“What in Merlin’s name is that?” You questioned with a raised brow. “This our dear (Y/N) is the inter-dimensional gobstopper.”
“The interwhonow?” Of all the things they had ever made, this had to be one of the strangest. 
“The inter-dimensional gobstopper. Basically, you eat it and wherever you imagine is created around you. You don’t actually travel anywhere, it’s like a lucid dream state.”
Well, what could possibly wrong? You shrugged in response, taking the strange sweet from his hand and placing it right into your mouth. You expected something to start fizzing or at least for it to do something, but no, it reacted just like a normal gobstopper. A small sigh escaped your lips, as terrifying as the concept was, you were quite disappointed with the result.
“Well, back to the drawing board boys.“ 
Spitting out the gobstopper into the nearest bin, not wanting to accidentally experience any strange side effects of consuming the whole thing, you continued on as you normally would. Your beaten combat boots dragged across the floor as you made your way through the store that was already full of life. For as long as you could remember, there had never been a dull day in the store, it practically radiated joy and you absolutely loved seeing how happy it made everyone that stepped foot inside. You could remember the opening day pretty clearly, your best friends had been absolute messes all morning, you having to take on the roll of Molly to make sure they were prepared. The store created so much happiness after the disaster the Death Eaters created of Diagon Alley. Every year, Fred and George would make a huge surprise for you when you arrived at work, they would always deck the store out head to toe for Christmas just to see the bright smile on your face. Honestly, as much trouble as they always got you in at school & by using you as their guinea pig, Fred and George had always been the lights of your life.

It hadn’t taken long for the store to fill up with excitable witches and wizards and some rather concerned looking parents. With a welcoming smile on your face, you began to greet customers as they entered through the door, assisting some of the smaller children in reaching the things on the higher shelves when needed. 
"Hey (Y/N) can you grab some more Skiving Snackboxes from the stock room please? We’re running low.” You heard one of the twins call out to you.
“Sure thing!" 
The stock room was your least favourite part of the store, it seemed to have an eerie chill to it. Nevertheless, you snuck your way through the crowd to slip into the room marked ‘Staff Only’. A small shiver made its way down your spine as you made your way further into the dimly lit room. You wanted nothing more than to just grab the boxes and go, but a loud crash completely stopped you in your tracks. Instantly placing the snackboxes down, gripping your want tightly, your blood running cold, you tip toed your way to the source of the noise.
"Hello?” You called out, instantly mentally scalding yourself for doing something like that as if (if there was an intruder) the person would just call back to you.
When you turned the corner, you were not met with what you expected. The loud crash was most certainly not a group of mischievous children, but a huge blue portal looking thing. You knew you should have just ran to get Fred and George, but something was calling you towards the glowing blue matter. Your feet inched closer and closer, the hand containing your wand slowly dropping down to your side as if you had become entranced by this strange matter. Before you could even process what was happening, you felt a strong tug on your body, sucking you right into whatever the hell was in front of you. A small yelp escaped your lips as you were dragged inside, quickly falling unconscious.

Your body landed with a heavy thud against the hard, stone floor, still not waking you from your unconscious state. As your body hit the floor, a rather high pitched screech echoed off of the metal walls of the labratory, leaving the man stood over you in a state of complete shock.
“Uh Barry…We got a problem in here." 

New Wincest Fic: Distraction

Summary: Losing his memories means that Dean loses inhibitions Sam didn’t even know he had.Missing scene from s12 e11 Regarding Dean

Rating: PG13

Words: 2224


“Could be a memory spell. Did his hair fall out? His body hair too?”


“From the neck down, is he smooth like a ken doll?”

“I don’t know, and I’m not checking, either.”

The problem is, as soon as Sam puts the phone down on Rowena and her barely concealed glee, he knows he’ll be checking. He might mouth off to Rowena about it, but if there’s a chance that Dean’s body hair is a clue to saving his brother and his memory, then he’s not going to pass it up.

He sighs to himself. He’s barely holding back panic by the skin of his teeth, but at the same time, the whole situation is so unbearably frustrating. Having Dean is rapidly descending into having a large, skilled toddler who has license, in the eyes of the public, to go anywhere and do anything that adults do - but without any of the sense of preservation that most adults spend their lives developing (never mind the heightened sense of awareness both Winchester’s have experienced since childhood). He feels like he has to watch Dean every second to make sure he’s not causing mischief or wandering off, putting himself into who knows what danger.

So Sam already knows that he’s going to try anything to fix this. Including checking out Dean’s body hair.

The problem is that Dean, with his dark blonde hair and fair, freckled skin, has always been so lightly haired. Sam himself is covered in dark fur on his chest, arms, legs, hell even his feet - easy enough to check. But Sam has been sharing motel rooms with Dean for almost his entire life and he knows that Dean couldn’t be more different. So he’s going to have to really look.

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The Office

2 teams of 6 good looking men, 1 intern, 1 receptionist and an overwhelming amount of tension and flirting.

Part Two - The Hazing

Genre: CRACK | Fluff | Angst
Members:  OT7
Word count: 2,503

A/N: Honestly I’m not a big fan of this chapter but some tidbits of info in this one are essential for later on. Let’s just call it that one episode that almost cancelled the show… cool? cool. - Amelia

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Originally posted by jamless-vibes

“Kim Taehyung!” I yelled. “Are you kidding me?!”

“What now!?” Hoseok groaned. I probably killed his ears these last two days with all the shouting. The other boys looked up from their desks to see Jungkook’s computer mouse glued to my palm.

Jungkook slipped away from Jimin’s desk and rushed to my side, frantically asking if I’d be alright. The rest of the boys were murmuring amongst themselves then I could hear one of the chairs scraping back on the linoleum.

“Taehyung, you idiot.” Yoongi’s eyes darkened, like some kind of beast had awoken inside him.

“Hyung, don’t hit him again!” Jimin intervened, walking over and standing between the two boys desks.

“This is a big offence Jimin. Let me teach him another lesson?”

“How about we let Y/n decide how to deal with this situation?” Namjoon suggested, and then they all looked over to me.

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First Dates and Open Comms

[[Summary: After Ryder ends up spending a night with Tiran Kandros, she realizes that she wants this to be more than a fling. Humor ensues. It’s recommended you read New Galaxy, Same Old Thirst first, but not required! Special thanks to @stormcallart , whose work provided some of the inspiration for this. TO BE CONTINUED. <3 Let me know what you think of how I’m developing Kandros?

Kandros x Ryder, SFW but naughtiness implied and discussed.


There are nights you don’t remember, dimmed by a pleasant haze of alcohol, and nights you remember every detail of, despite how much you had to drink. When Wren Ryder awoke in a bed that was distinctly not her own, in a room that was definitely not on the Tempest, it took only a moment for her to remember everything that had happened the previous night. The presence of a distinctly turian arm looped gently around her waist also served to help that purpose, as did the fact she was wearing absolutely nothing at all.


Tiran Kandros was still blissfully passed out. By the light of simulated day, his quarters were Spartan neat and tidy, except for the pile that was Ryder’s clothes and his own armor. Even his little designated pile was neater than hers, and as she carefully slipped out from beneath his arm, she shook her head. Okay, so… What now? He didn’t seem like the ‘settle down for cuddling and breakfast’ type, but just getting up and leaving also didn’t seem like an option. This wasn’t exactly what she had wanted and planned; what she had thought of as a fun first date had turned into a fling, and now there were too many awkward questions hammering their way through her brain, hitting harder than any hangover ever could.

Step one- at least slip on her bra and underwear. Step two, find herself in Kandros’ bathroom, lined with mysterious turian dextro products and attempt not to panic. Step three, call a friend using her communicator. In this case, the unlucky victim was Vetra.

“Ryder, where the hell have you been? You didn’t come back to the Tempest last night, and SAM refused to tell us where you were. Lexi was about to send out a search party.” Step four: placate your friends, and in doing so, try and placate yourself.

“I… may have done something last night. Something potentially bad.” Honesty was the best policy. “Vetra, I slept with Kandros. Help.”

“Tiran Kandros? Head of Nexus Security Kandros? Blowhard Kandros?” Every sentence was increasingly incredulous, Vetra’s tone rising an octave.

“I’m getting your point. Vetra, what do I do?” Running a hand through her hair, she looked at her reflection in his mirror, noting that he didn’t even have fingerprints on it. Her hair was messy and her make-up had that caked on look that came from sleeping in it, but she had looked worse.

On the other end, Vetra sighed. “Ryder, I don’t even talk with Sid about boys, and I’m not going to talk to you about it.”

“Vetra, please. I really like him. How do I impress a turian?”

“Wasn’t raised by turians. Hold on, Ryder. Someone else wants to give advice.” There was a moment of silence, which Ryder protested with a loud hiss.

“Vetra, don’t you dare tell anyone else what I did and-”

“Ryder.” Drack’s voice was too loud for being so early, and far too happy.

Slapping water on her face, Ryder contemplated the ways this could be worse, finding herself coming up short.

“Vetra tells me you’re having romantic problems. Just tell him how you feel. None of this evasive bullshit you humans love. Peebee and Jaal say they agree.” Ah. That’s how it could get worse.

“Hanging up now guys, bye.” Now that at least four of her crewmates knew what had happened in the past twenty-four hours, there was no way Ryder could live this down. Maybe she could still sneak out of Kandros’ apartment and walk away with some of her dignity intact. Maybe they would never mention it again, and she could go back to pining from afar. It suddenly seemed like a better situation than just standing there and actually telling him she was interested in more than sex. Another splash of water, and she was ready to leave the bathroom, slip into her clothes, and leave as quietly as possible.

No such luck. As Ryder left the bathroom, Kandros was already stirring, sitting up in bed and watching her with what she imagined might be a raised eyebrow on a species that had them. “Removing your clothing was enjoyable, Ryder, but I didn’t think I’d have to do it again this morning.” The shade of pink Ryder turned was not at all attractive, but the response made Kandros laugh, the sound almost strange coming from him.

No time like the present, she reminded herself. “Can I ask you something Kandros? Not that round two wouldn’t be great, but before.” May as well implode the whole thing now, if that was going to be the way things went, instead of waiting until after they’d enjoyed another round in bed together.

Lying back slightly, Kandros nodded his ascent. “Go ahead, Pathfinder.” He drawled over the last word lazily, making her blush again, though she pressed forward.

“Do you want to go to Havarl with us? With me, I mean. To look for the turian ark. It’s really gorgeous there, and if anyone deserves a break from the Nexus it’s you…”

“Ryder, are you asking me on a date?” At least he was amused, mandibles curved slightly upward and fingers slightly open, palms upward.

“Uh. Yes. Yes I am.” It would have been easier to backtrack and insist he was misinterpreting her actions, but there was no use in going back now.

Kandros was shaking his head at her, sitting back up and then sliding halfway out of bed, feet on the floor. “Ryder, I’m not exactly boyfriend material. Are you sure we would even get along?” It was a valid point; they had disagreed on things in the past, arguments that they both knew would resurface eventually.

“Yes. Please, Kandros?” The Pathfinder shouldn’t have to beg, and it was hard to keep her tone from wheedling. But damn, he looked good even half-awake, and last night had been fun. It would be hard to walk around Ops in the Nexus and know he was there, know that she could look but not touch. Besides, they had so many more shared daddy issues to discuss.

He looked her up and down, not as hungry as he had been last night, and then shrugged, apparently having made some quick mental calculation, the same that made him run APEX so well. “Sure, why not. I can be ready at fourteen hundred hours. Give me time to clear up a few things, put some subordinates in charge. I’m owed time off anyway, and we both know you humans can’t handle turian politics.”

Resisting the urge to whoop, Ryder settled for enthusiastically nodding, scuttling forward to snatch up her clothes and pull them on eagerly. She needed a long, hot shower, and maybe some lotion if she could get it from Lexi without too many questions. Chafing might become a real issue if this thing, whatever it was, was going to continue. Wait, should she kiss him goodbye? This was going to be a first date, really- last night didn’t feel like it counted, exactly, and turians didn’t have lips and… She was just going to show herself out, though she couldn’t resist walking forward and kissing his forehead, the armor cool beneath her lips. Ryder could have sworn he smiled, though she turned away just as quickly, not wanting to be tempted back into bed. He really did look good even now. “I’ll see you on the Tempest at fourteen hundred hours.” That was 2PM, right? Right.

Outside his apartment, Ryder leaned against the wall and finally let out a small noise of victory, pumping her fist in the air.

“You asked him to Havarl, Ryder?” Her comms crackled to life, Vetra’s voice flooding back.

“Shit. How much did you hear of that?” If it was possible for a person to turn purple from embarrassment and die a little bit on the inside, that was what Ryder was doing.

“All of it. You forgot to hang up. Good luck, Ryder. You’ll need it.”

To first dates. To returning to the Tempest and knowing everyone had heard everything. Despite that, she smiled.

Rearranged Chapt. 2

Originally posted by seungcheofine

Seungcheol stood just smiling at your shocked face. He felt bad you had no say in what your father did but it was already done. He took a few steps closer to you and put his hand on your arm.

“This is some kind of joke right?” You looked up at him. “My dad likes to play jokes! This is all just a joke.”

“I’m sorry but it’s not. If I was you I’d start packing now. I’ll be back tomorrow morning to pick you up, because as of tomorrow you’ll be living with me, understood?” He was trying to be nice but he knew it came out bittersweet.

He left the room and closed the door behind him. You walked over to your window and waited for him to leave your house. He looked up at your window and waved when he spotted you before getting in and taking off. You watched his car disappear down several blocks and slumped back.

Your dad walked in carefully. “(Y/n), Can we talk?”

“I have nothing to say to you.”

“C’mon. Please just let me talk. Honey I’m so sorry.”

“Does mom even know.” You ask turning to finally face him. He stayed silent but shook his head. You wanted to smack him. He pretty much sold you to some guy and never told your mother about it. “Get out. I have packing to do after all.”

“(Y/n) I am sor-”

“I said get out! Get out!”

Your father hung his head and walked out saying one last sorry before shutting the door. You were scared to see how your mom would react to your situation but for now, you’ll just get ready for tomorrow.

You knew nothing about Seungcheol but here you were planning to marry him on account of your father’s debt. You just hoped for the best future you could have and in return give to your family. But for now you just needed to pack and finish off the day.

You checked around your packed up room to make sure nothing you needed was left behind. You packed your clothes, laptop and chargers, your hygiene products, a couple comfort items, and your blanket. You didn’t take everything just in case you wanted to come back and visit your parents.

Your parents. Your mother didn’t take too lightly to your dad giving you away without notifying her at the least. Once she got over her anger she hugged you to try and calm you down, just as any good mother would have. She helped you pack which resulted in a lot of forgotten memories coming back up for the both of you. Your father hasn’t been spoken to since your mother finished her rants at him. He helped pick out stuff in your room to pack but that was all.Now you were getting ready to leave. Leave your house, leave your parents, your room, you were leaving your whole childhood.

Seungcheol pulled up to your house and helped you load everything onto his car. Lucky, since you didn’t have much, it all fit without much of a problem. You said goodbye to your mother and left your father with nothing but a saddened look. You still loved him, that will always be true, but this made it hard to like him. You got into Seungcheol’s car and turn in your seat, watching your house fade out of view.

The silence that filled the car was suffocating as you watched houses and buildings pass by. You finally turned forward and looked at Seungcheol. “How far away do you live?”

He glanced over at you for a split second and smiled. “Let’s just say we are going to be staying in a motel tonight. The motel is about another hour from here so you can only guess how far I live.”

“Oh. So, what do you do?” You decided on asking a bit more about your husband to be.


“Like, What’s your job?”

“You don’t want to know.” His smile disappeared and his voice lowered more. His answer made you feel uneasy. “Just know your safe as long as you are with me. No one can touch you.”

You had a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach but chose to ignore it not wanting to make the situation anymore uncomfortable with accusations and theories. You just went back to watching the world as it passed by the passenger side window.

Seungcheol took you to a motel that was pretty decent. Most motels in the area are run down and gross but this place was pretty put together. 

You got a change of clothes and walked in behind him. At the desk the boy behind it greeted Seungcheol happily, already aware who he was. “Hey Cheol! Usual room?”

“No. I have someone with me this time.” Seungcheol said moving to the side to show you to the boy. He smiled and waved at you and you just smiled back. He gave Seungcheol a room key and we left to find it. 

The room was a bit small, it consisted of a bed, a bedside table, a TV, a closet, and a bathroom. Seungcheol laid down on the bed and closed his eyes. 

“SO, Seungcheol, how do you plan on getting my dad out of debt?”

“You don’t wanna know.”

“Actually I do. And the more you say that the more I do! Tell me, how are you getting my dad out of debt, because if you don’t even know I’m leaving right now.” I said approaching the bed and standing next to him. 

“Okay, How about this, you’ll find out tomorrow. I live with other guys and it will be clear why when you meet them.” He said sitting up. He had his legs on either side of yours and rested his hands on the back of your thighs.

“How many other guy?”


Your eyes widened as he ran his hands across your thighs gently. 12 men all living under the same roof. That is insane to say the least. Now you were even more nervous than before, by a long shot. You closed your eyes when he began standing up his fingers trailing up your sides to find their place on your hips. “What would you like to do today, Princess?”

anonymous asked:

Reborn, Mukuro and Xanxus with civillian s/o


~Thanks for the support, Chief~. I hope you like the way this turned out, Anon. (^_^)v

admin Adelheid


He entered the foyer, took off his leather gloves and loosened his tie but only when he was halfway over to the living room did he remember he still had one thing left to do now that he was home.

“I’m home.” He called out quietly.

It went against every instinct he had as a hitman but it was the only thing you requested of him when you agreed to marry him and damned if he was going to make you unhappy because he can’t even do something as simple as this.

He heard your footsteps approach and he waited, already feeling that calm in his soul you always seem to inspire in him whenever you were around. As soon as you saw him his breath caught in his throat at the way your eyes skimmed his form as though looking for some injury.

He had suspected you knew what he did for a living for a while now. He should have known it would be impossible for him to hide such things from you. You have always seen right though him. But he didn’t have the strength to test your love for him at the moment. Not when he could come home to you like this every night. So he pretended to not have noticed; and you pretended to be ignorant. The Mafia an unspoken secret between you both.

Silently he walked toward you to quietly show you he was alright. You fell limp as he placed his arms around you and the both of you inhaled deeply of each other’s scent.

“Welcome home.” You greeted him quietly as you burrowed deeply in his arms.

Reborn couldn’t help but try to swallow the lump in his throat as he held you closer, his heart beating a mile a minute. The emotions you make him feel whenever you acted like this…

It was another thing he needed to get used to. His heart felt too full whenever he held you like this especially after a hit. It sometimes felt as though his heart was going to burst by how full it was with all the emotions you gave him. You are a comfort to him. A cleansing blessing from the sins he had bathed himself with the moment he stepped outside this house where you made him whole.

“Have you eaten yet?” you asked quietly, still unable to let go.

“No,” he replied, kissing your temple gently, running his fingers through your hair and relishing the feel of it. “Let’s just go to bed.”


He watched as the prisoner writhed and drooled at the literal mental torture Mukuro was putting him through. The man was a rat. He had caused the death of several people under the Vongola’s protection. Tsunayoshi had wanted the man to suffer while spilling all his secrets and called Mukuro in to do the job.

Mukuro smirked coldly and decided he would give the man five more minutes before he started questioning him again to see if there were any more rats like him littering within the Vongola.

Suddenly he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. His eyes widened at the name on the caller id and quickly sealed the man’s lips to shut him up without breaking the torture before he answered the phone.

“Darling?” he purred into the phone. “Is everything alright?”

You smiled on the other line while looking into the fridge. “Hi, honey. I was just wondering if you can make it to dinner tonight.”

Mukuro shot an annoyed glare at the writhing man in front of him before answering you. “Perhaps. I’m a little tied up at the moment.”

“Your boss is sure keeping you busy, huh? Is everything alright with the company?” you replied innocently, taking out a few ingredients out to the marble island in the middle of the kitchen.

“Just a few minor problems with the product launching,” he lied smoothly. He had decided long ago that he was not going to involve you in the dark business of the Mafia. “It’s nothing big but it involves a lot of paperwork.”

“My poor baby,” you tease him over the phone making him grin in delight. “Want me to bring you dinner? I’m making your favorite. I’ll even bring dessert.”

Mukuro felt his mouth water at the salacious innuendo from the offered treat. Sadly, he was going to be down here in the ‘basement’ for a little while longer. “Darling, stop distracting me.”

You laughed so sweetly on the other line that Mukuro couldn’t help but smile too. His heart feeling like it was made of cotton every time he heard that beautiful sound coming from you.

“Fine. Just in case you come home tonight I’ll keep some leftovers in the fridge. Don’t overwork, okay?”

“I’ll try.”

“I love you.”

Mukuro had to swallow the lump in his throat as his breath caught at the words. His mind briefly wondering how on earth he became so lucky as he responded a little hoarsely. “I love you.”

As soon as he hung up the phone he removed the illusion stopping his captive from making any more noises. It annoyed him now that he had to spend time with this stubborn creature when he could have been at home, having dinner and making love to his sweet wife.

“Alright now,” he finally stopped the illusion scrambling the man’s brains and the prisoner panted as he glared at the blue haired Mist user. “I’m still being generous. You can make this easy for the both of us if you tell me what I want to know.”

The prisoner responded by spitting at Mukuro’s shoes. The same shoes you had painstakingly cleaned and worked to a shine this morning before you yourself had gone off to work. The smile on the illusionist’s face turned from cold to absolutely sadistic. It made the man want to puke out his intestines in terror.

“Very well,” Mukuro sat back in his chair, legs crossed and arms relaxed in the chair’s arms. “Have it your way then.”


Xanxus dismissed your hidden bodyguards with a jerk of his head when he picked you up from the office that evening. Said bodyguard for the day rejoined his officers on a distant rooftop, carefully eyeing the perimeter as he picked you up from the building’s lobby.

“Really, Xanxus, you’re being weird. What is this all about?”

He said nothing as he led you into the sitting room. He had it all planned out today.

He picked you up from work and then took you out to eat at your favorite restaurant. Never mind that it was just an average diner that luckily had private booths for customers who wanted some privacy and served a mean combo of chicken wings and fries. He held you close as the both of you walked home together, trusting that Squalo and his men would keep any problems at bay.

And now this.

He was pretty sure you were going to like it but he still couldn’t help the little knot in his stomach as he led you into the room where he showed you a nice, comfortable chair within touching distance from his own.

Your gasp of pleasure and the naked delight on your face made his heart want to fly up into the air and dance. Not that he was going to admit that to anyone of course.

“Oh, Xanxus…” you approached the chair and ran your delicate fingers over it as though it was made of glass. “You remembered…!”

“Hn,” he grunted as he crossed his arms over his chest, watching you sit in the chair and hug a cushioned arm as though it were a stuffed toy. “I was sick of you mourning over that stupid chair.”

“Hey!” you pouted up at him. “I loved that chair!”

“It was butt ugly and smelled like Levi’s feet. It belonged to the trash.”

“A~HA! So you did burn it up on purpose!”

Xanxus gave you a stubborn scowl. “I should get a goddamn medal for burning that piece of shit up.”

You sigh as you leaned back against the comfortable chair. It was hard getting mad when you feel as though you were sitting on a cloud. So you gave up. “Xanxus, honey? I would argue that you had no sentimentality if you hadn’t just gotten me this perfect, perfect present. Thank you.”

His lip twitched into a semblance of a smile before walking over to his chair; his long legs knocking with yours as he did so. “Yeah.”

Your smile turned sweet and loving and Xanxus couldn’t stop himself from staring.  He wondered if he would ever get tired of staring at you.

“Now then, speaking of presents, I guess it’s my turn now,” and then your smile turned wicked as you stood up and―much to Xanxus’ surprise and excitement― started slowly, sensuously take your dress off revealing a delicious set of new lingerie exclusively for his eyes to see. “Happy anniversary, my love…”

TalesFromRetail: He steals, you should fire him

Wuhu the seconde post of mine. First of all I hope everyone had a fine day and if not I will read about it soon ;)

So I’m thankful for everyone who accepts my broken englando skills. (Those who dont, please be constructive). I post on reddit to improve my English and to share my best storys.

I’m working in a big supermarket chain as main cashier on Saturday. I got to stay all day long and work through the day. ( I got a one hour break)

Well well I got so many storys but for today I will tell the tail of the senile beer guy (=bg) . As many of you maybe know, the main cashier is the one person who gets the most of the complaints because: cashier’s are the last ones the customer’s meet, they are responsible for everything what go’s wrong and ofcourse we know everything (cough cough). That means im very used of exhausting customers and I cant even tell anymore what would be normally annoying and what not but some customers are very special.

For the better understanding. In Austria supermarket chains tolerate customer’s who open products or eat/drink already something in the supermarket. I dont know why. It was always a strange thing to me but many people do that. Even if the policy says that its not allowed its extrem common and I once read that the managers tolerant that because they dont want to offend anyone and normaly the customers who do that can pay for their products. Its a special goodie…

This one guy enters the supermarket sober or not this drunk (how should I know). Then he taks a rolly and as always go’s straight to the beer section. There he will take a beer drink it and put the empty bottle into his rolly. He will do that for 2 hours or 3. That means most of the time I deal with him he is drunk.

The first problem we had with him was, that he throws the empty bottles away and puts new ones into his rolly. So the first time he tricked us but after we noticed this we told our warehouse guy (wg) to observe him and count the beers. This system works as long as he isn’t aggressive or anything the manger won’t throw him out because bg always pays for his beer.

Now one day he came to me and wg told me that he had 4 beer. In his rolly were 3. So as he came to me he greeted me, told me he once worked too in a supermarket and knows how hard it can be. He tolled me this so many times that I dont even listen to it anymore.

I took one beer then I put 7 for seven beer Into the computer and told him the amount he had to pay me. He was shocked.

He wasn’t in rage yet but angered and asked me why I lie about the number of beer. I already knew that he forgot about what he had drunk till yet and told him that I saw him how he had drunk 4 beer. He grumbeld stood for about a minute in front of me without saying a thing and then told me that he wants to pay with his debitcard. I thought he remembered and did as he told me. I gave him the bill and he got really angry.

Bg: why did I pay for 7 beer? Are you trying to steal money from me? Me: sir, you already had 4 beer. And the 3 in your rolly make 7. But he dident cared. Bg: is it because I’m a immigrant? Do you got a problem with me? Me rining the bell for the manager: no sir, im sorry I will go with you through the bill and show you your empty cans. ( the wg always brings the empty cans to the counter) he seemd a little bit relaxed. (He just dropped the “poor immigrant” bomb, love when that happens) Bg: oh okay. Then its fine. I gave him his bill, hi did throw it into the trashcan and my manager arrived. I told her what happened. So thankfully she speaks the same language as he does because as he saw her he went to her and told her something.. I did not understand it. I could see the anger and hate that came from him and hoped that he would just leave. But then the manager asked me where I put the bill, because he told her that I didn’t gave the bill to him.

I was annoyed and told here he throw it away, but that mad him even angrier as befor. He cursed me and got agressive. Something I cant stand at all. A drunken guy who starts to curse and threaten me is not thr best combination.

To my luck my manger could handle the situation. He then left but said to me and the manager: this guy is stealing our money you should fire him.

I was totally angerd. Some drunken old dude just accused me of stealing. He flipped the whole situation. I know he was too drunk to understand the situation and really thought he was right, but I have no patience for something like that.

My manager then told me not to worry about it and that if that happens again she would ban him from the store.

Moral of the story: customer gets drunk, trys to steal from the store, fails and accused the cashier of stealing.

By: mcflowerboss

Gruvia and how to fix it


Okay, as you all should know, Gruvia is my former OTP die hard ship. In recent months, I’ve realized that it’s not that great after all. I realized that the gruvia I love is not the one in Fairy Tail, but rather the one depicted in fanfics and fanart. I realized that the ship in canon is extremely one sided, damages ½ of the characters involved and is very forced.  A part of me will probably take this ship to the grave since I still can’t keep a straight face whenever they have a moment.

See, about 80% of Juvia’s current character is developed to gruvia or Gray in general which is not good for such a major character. Levy can get by with being attached to Gajeel because she’s not a major character, but not Juvia. AND practically all of the ship seems to favor her and only her in story. There isn’t any indication that Gray is getting anything from their close companionship besides discomfort in story for a long while. All of that equals a forced ship.

Before you read further, keep in mind that I’m not trying to bash gruvia or its supporters. I’m bashing Mashima’s writing and stating what I think would have made the progression of this ship smoother. In no way is this trying to disregard what happened in canon, I already know its too late to change anything. 

Now about how to improve it.

  • Give Juvia back her personality, relationships and character from Fantasia and Tower of Heaven arc. Have her function without Gray being in the equation somewhere. Show her having close relationships besides Gray, so that her crush on him is more of a character quirk rather than most of her character. (I would say that she has Meredy, but they get so little screen time together I don’t even know what their relationship is. ESPECIALLY Meredy because Mashima dedicated like 150 pages to jerza but couldn’t have more than 2 panels of Meredy and Juvia interacting??? Ditto for Gajeel. This is an element of Mashima’s poor writing style, unfortunately. It’s like how Lucy and Levy are supposedly best friends but almost never talk.) In turn, this will scale back the creep factor that’s ever present in this ship and will balance it out with character weight. You know when she was all shy and embarrassed to give him that lunch she made for him? That was the perfect balance. 
  • Scale down the obsessiveness and have it develop more like a relationship upgrade rather than Gray just giving up and settling because Juvia won’t leave him alone. If it’s supposed to be that Gray is slowly warming up to Juvia, then show it. Have him go from a blunt “no thanks, not interested” to a more tsundere attitude. Him bluntly telling her no then her persisting anyway is just her not having enough respect to listen to his opinions despite being in love which makes her affection seem a whole lot more shallow and ,surprise, one sided.
  • Go into detail about the relationship. Have them reflect on how the other person has helped them. Here, I’ll even give an example on the fly; Juvia loves and appreciates Gray for being her prince charming for taking her rain away because it made her depressed and isolated for the rest of her life. Gray appreciates Juvia because he knows she’s one of the people he can fall back on, she can lighten his mood when his thoughts get too morbid or he’s going through a tough time and generally makes him more cheerful/quirky. Seeing as Mashima has put so much effort into the ball of sexual tension and angst that is Jerza, he’s clearly capable of developing these things for relationships. He just…doesn’t for his other pairings.
  • Just let them talk. Have Juvia chill out for like 5 minutes and genuinely listen to what Gray thinks of her and her tendencies. And have Juvia explain exactly why she’s so devoted to Gray and how much it means to her. Because he has no idea what her thought process is and to him she’s just been this creepy stalker who won’t leave him alone and “loves” him. If she would do this, then that would explain why he could grow more receptive towards her affection.
  • When she starts getting close to him (say, Tenrou), have Juvia calm down with her obsession. Seriously. Tone it down from “obsessive and unable to function without him in her life” to “clingy” .
  • Honestly, Juvia’s character is like 75% of the problem with this ship. She’s like Sakura Haruno gone horribly wrong. Yes, Sakura chased Sasuke to the ends of the Earth despite him literally trying to kill her, but at least she 1) grew out of the puppy love stage and eventually genuinely wanted to save him from himself like Naruto and it showed 2) Had her own personality and relationships and was able to function without him there 3) Made an effort to search for him when he went missing //cough cough did it ever occur to her to go to sabertooth and ask for help? or to look for any of her former FT guildmates at all to help her?? like, a group manhunt is the next logical step up from looking by yourself, cmon-
  • I mean, she’s not even a yandere. At least yanderes are known for the badass and crazy lengths they go to for their love. At least yanderes has psychological layers and depth that many authors explore. Yet she’s not the love sick puppy character either. I wish she was one or the other instead of being stuck in this barely thicker than cardboard state.
  • Gruvia just seems to be an unfortunate victim of bad writing of all things. I’m not sure if there are major ft ships that are safe from this tho. 

EDIT: OK, so it seems that my passiveness for Levy has been taken the wrong way. And yikes this post has blown up. 

If you must know, no I don’t support the way Levy’s character has gone because of Gajevy. As opposed to Juvia who’s character seemed to become more revolved around her ship, Levy just kinda…slowly merges her existence with her ship. This problem is just a product of Mashima’s bad writing more than anything else tbh. It’s like…she keeps her personality and all that but now all of her major appearances come with Gajeel like they’re a pair set? I also noticed the strange, unintentional implication that she seems to be actively rejecting her own team in favor of Gajeel? (Why didn’t she go with them during the one year timeskip? They just had 7 years apart too?? And how much screentime does she spent with them vs with Gajeel?) The whole thing is really weird, especially since all the ship tease for gajevy came way before the fact that their first meeting was Gajeel kicking her ass and pinning her to a tree(?) was addressed. I like that it was addressed, but it really should have been so WAY earlier. That said, I don’t have many fucks to give about Levy, so other than those obvious faults, I don’t really care. 

Also, I don’t think this is anti gruvia…? I’m not hating on it or anything? It’s more like constructive criticism which DOES NOT equal hate. 

Give My Love to Huckleberry Finn (Part One)

A few days ago @finding–cat tagged me to share a piece of my favorite writing. This is the prologue to a story I wrote in the fall. I’m not sure it’s my best work but it was my first attempt at magical realism and I had a really good time writing it, which for me matters more than the final product. Since it’s completed and edited and just sitting on my hard drive, I figure why not share it?

Synopsis: Once schoolmates, Harry and Cece haven’t seen each other in ten years. That is until one Autumn afternoon when Cece stumbles onto the strawberry farm where Harry lives and works. After seeing his meager life conditions, she offers to teach him how to read in the hopes that he will make a better life for himself. Only, that’s easier said than done considering the fact that Harry has a pair of wings. 

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Fic: Once Bitten, Twice Shy (ao3 link)
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends (characterization)
Pairing: gen; some background hints of Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Leonard Snart doesn’t trust easy, but his aunt Noga - who some people call Nora - assures him that the man she married, Henry Allen, is a good one.

So when Len sees in the newspaper that Henry Allen has been arrested for killing his wife, he has only one thought.

“I’m going to kill him.”

A/N: For @oneiriad, who requested this to be cheered up from the season finale. I…tried?


When Len was very small, he liked to play tag with his aunt Noga. She was his mother’s half-sister – much, much younger than his mom, more of an elder sister than an aunt, a product of an affair which a rich white man who’d adopted Noga for his own when he found out.

He called her Nora, not Noga, because he said it was more “American”, but Len’s mother and grandmother cheerfully ignored him and continued to call her the name of her birth, though they permitted him to take her away so she could have what they called a better life.

Len figured it was because she was rich now. Respectable. But she was still his aunt.

When Len got a little older, and his dad went to prison and came back different, things changed. The rich man didn’t like his baby girl associating with criminals, so Noga couldn’t come around anymore.

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One More Day

Word Count: 4k

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Author’s note: So I wasn’t going to write this because I’m not into mafia!aus but since you’re my first request ever I decided to do it. I hope you enjoy it. (The fic title has nothing to do with the story. I just wrote it while listening to One More Day by Sistar on loop.)

“Mister Min”

Yoongi was snapped out of his reverie to see his men looking at him expectantly and a little bit confused. He realized he had gotten caught up in his thoughts again, this time right in the middle of a briefing. He looked at the photographs lying on the table in front of him, seeing the faces of the men who had presumed to move into his territory. He felt sorry for them, he really did. They were still kids, and in their youthful brashness they thought they could defy him and survive.

“Give them one last warning and if they refuse to leave, get rid of them.” The stupid bastards will probably stand their ground and that will be the end of them. He may feel sorry for them but life doesn’t look kindly to idiots and if he didn’t finish them off another person will, at least he’ll be merciful.

The men nodded their heads in understanding before one of them, Jimin, spoke up, “There is one more thing, boss.” He said then looked at the ground nervously, and just like that a shift seemed to settle heavily in the room. Yoongi waited for Jimin to continue but he didn’t look up. In fact all his men were now uncharacteristically timid, every one of them avoiding his gaze.

“Oh for fuck’s sake” It was Namjoon who finally spoke up, “You all are a bunch of pussies. It’s ___. We’ve lost her.”

“You’ve what!?” Yoongi slapped his hands on the table and stood up. There it was, the reason he had been distracted all day: You, his lovely, delicate wife. Namjoon who was just ridiculing his fellow members was now flinching and shifting discreetly to hide behind Seokjin.


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Here’s your Drarry theatre kid au

Harry sighed and walked in through the doors of the theatre. Rehearsals could drag on and on, but nothing was quite as bad as tech week. Luckily for him, tech week was for seventeen whole days! They had already been rehearsing for four days, so they had done a stumble through and worked in the space. It was a Saturday, so they’d be there for seven hours. Nobody could really do anything to change it, as the department at his school had decided to rent out a fairly large space, with nearly a thousand seats for sale. Also, the director, Prof. Sirius Black, was his godfather, so it would be absurd to call in sick.

He was a chorus member in their production of The Little Mermaid. Being a chorus member in the cast of this show meant he was a sea creature, a sailor, a “mer-person”, and a member of the “royal court”. Because of this, he was on stage all the fUCKING TIME. To make matters worse, all of his friends were never near him or off-stage with him. Hermione was Ursula, Ginny played Ariel, Ron was Sebastian, Neville was, surprisingly, Prince Eric, and even the Weasley twins played Scuttle and a gull (nobody was sure who played which). For a big ballroom scene, his partner was Luna Lovegood, which was nice, but that only lasted for around five minutes. For most of the numbers, he was near obnoxious girls or bloody rich prats, like Malfoy or Zabini. 

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under the same sky (m)

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

Genre: Fluff/Romance, Angst, Smut, art student!Jun

Word Count: 7320

Characters: Wen Junhui/Original Female Character, Jeon Wonwoo

(a/n): Inspired by BIGBANG’s Last Dance, 2NE1′s Goodbye, and SEVENTEEN’s Smiling Flower. ♡

Paintbrushes soaked in water. Tubes of watercolor scattered across a white plastic sheet covering the hardwood floor. Sunlight poured into their apartment, the natural lighting helping to achieve the perfect stroke and shade.

Their easels were propped up against each other back to back, both of them unable to see each other’s work. They were working on the first major project of their last semester as undergraduate art majors. Their task was to create an abstract painting expressing their feelings towards the future using only watercolors. They were situated next to the tall windows in their living room, the buildings and streets of Seoul in a landscape view below hoping to provide them with some inspiration.

For him, it was an easy task to accomplish since he pretty much mastered every type of medium by this point in his career. Although charcoal was his favorite, watercolor was a good way to experiment with different colors and opacities. He admired the streakiness of the water and how it made the colors overlap with each other to create one whole picture. His face was very relaxed as he dipped his paintbrush in the water and mixed colors together on his palette. He created soft but meaningful strokes on the canvas, effortlessly blending everything together.

For her, it felt more like an excruciating hike up a steep mountain than a simple walk in the park. Her strength came from drawing pieces using the classic paper and pencil. Painting was the form of art where she had the least control and struggled with the most. Pens and pencils gave her the most precision with their fine sharp tips, which gave her the ability to create the thinnest lines possible. Her main problem with paint, however, was that she had trouble letting herself go and having the brush create the image for her. Watercolor was the medium she struggled with most on top of that. Her eyebrows scrunched up together in the middle of her forehead, trying really hard to transfer the image from her head to the canvas. She hovered her brush over the painting and hesitated every time it almost made contact with her piece. She tried to find the perfect spot to place every color, thinking that one small mistake could ruin the entire image altogether.

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