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I think everyone should play Undertale so I’m gonna buy a copy for one random person who reblogs this post before 10:00 pm eastern tonight!!

(If you’ve already played the game you can still signal boost, and if I pick you then you can tell me whether you want me to pick someone else or if you want to take the copy so you can re-gift it to a cool friend)

It Has Been A Year

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I am writing to you because as of July 10th I will have had this blog for a year. An entire year. Twelve months. 366 days(since it was a leap year) and so many hours and minutes and seconds that I cherish with every part of me. I have been scrambling over what to do for weeks, and I have nothing cool to give you guys except a million thanks and this post dedicated to all of my mutuals that not only brighten my dashboard, but my life everyday. 

Before that I want to share the journey this past year has been and specifically thank a few people who have gotten me to this point: @abbyfabulousity, @therealprincessv, and @hobitastic were all admins on this blog at some point, they’ve put up with my crazy deadlines and workaholicness, they’ve forced me to sleep whenever I was trying to write at two in the morning, helped me through problems, given me advice and smiles and I’m happy to say I have a best friend in each of them that I know I can trust if I need anything. The many blogs mentioned below have had an impact on me and I’ve left messages for each of you below the cut. Much love and happy one year. It’s been the best one yet. 

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