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Could you explain a little bit more on why you think the JP fandom is focusing on the "look at me~" part of the drama instead of Chihoko stuff (what you mentioned in your ask abt the event). I'm just wondering what you mean about that, or if you could explain that part a bit better than it seems it was in the snippets we got from Twitter? Thank you for all you do :>

Hello! I think it’s a matter of wording… Like, some lines sound more impressive in Japanese. There are some parts I remember very clearly and some where I had forgotten the exact wording, but yesterday I could find a very complete and accurate Japanese report of the drama (to be honest I find it hard to believe that someone could have written such a perfect report by just taking notes on paper, but.. yeah…).

My impression is based on the fanarts/fancomics I’ve seen. Of course, I cannot possibly have seen each and every single fanart about the event, but for example let’s say that I’ve seen about 300 Japanese fanarts and 50 foreign fanarts (numbers are not exact but they are close to what I’ve seen so far). Out of all the Japanese ones, none of them used the line that in English has been translated by some as “I could search all over the world~”, while I’ve seen at least 5-7 foreign fanarts about it. That’s quite a difference. The reason is that this line doesn’t sound as “deep” in Japanese at all, so Japanese people don’t give it so much importance, it’s just Yuuri trying to convince Victor to get down.

Details and partial translations under the cut.

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if you like it (put a ring on it)

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“Why are you so jittery, Jungkook? It’s almost as if you’d lost the engagement ring you were supposed to propose to Jimin with tonight or something.”

“… Wait, oh my god.”

Pairing: jikook/kookmin

AU: established relationship, proposal AU

Tags: really fluffy gdi, jungkook messes up (like always), attempt at humor

Word Count: 2332

you can find it here on ao3!!

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ok here's the thing. i really love you and your blog, i love your aesthetic and your characters, but Plance makes me SO uncomfy because of the age Pidge is supposed to be (under 18, Lance being at least 18). i don't want to unfollow you after all this time but being on mobile, i can't blacklist the ship ;~; and i don't wanna tell you not to enjoy the ship, that's mean of me. what do you suggest i do?

Firstly, I’m flattered that you enjoy my blog so much. And I appreciate your coming to me personally so we can work this out like adults (even though I have no idea how old you actually are, but I digress)rather than taking part in the already overwhelming amount of fandom drama. So thank you for that.

Secondly, as a Pidgance shipper myself - and somebody who absolutely does NOT condone adult/child relationships - please allow me a second of your time to first attempt to solve the issue at it’s source, so there’s a possibility you may not have to work around it at all. 

See, the big problem with the Pidgance ship is less in the ship itself, and more in the way that some fans tend to inaccurately interpret it.

A lot of people view it as this:

When in reality, it’s really as simple as this:

We know very little about the Voltron characters, and one of the biggest missing links in terms of character info is the specific ages of the paladins. But here’s the thing, we DO have enough canon evidence to determine one thing: they’re all teenagers (Shiro being just slightly older, I wanna say 22 at the oldest).

You said above that the reason Pidgance as a ship makes you uncomfortable is solely because Lance is “at least 18″. But the thing is, there’s no supporting info for that claim. The most we’ve been given in terms of ‘specifics’ is that he’s in his “late teens”. In fact, it’s actually much more likely that he might be 16-17, at MOST. Which, in my opinion, is much more believable, because he appears to be somewhere in the high-school age region.

Pidge is, at the youngest, 14. That’s not canon, per se, but it’s the general consensus. A 14-year-old is still considered a teenager and-as I’ve stated before-is actually the age of the average high-school freshman in the US. So, they’re both within the high-schooler age range. They could be, at most, 5 years apart (which is honestly not that big a gap to start) in season 1, but it’s more plausible that the difference is closer to 2-3 years. Now consider how that gap will shrink as they age. Because the “teenager” age range is so small and such a crucial point for a person’s development, we tend to view the age gaps as being bigger than they actually are. Sure, when she’s 14, Pidge seems like a child still, but in less than a year she’ll be 15…which is within the age range of the average disney heroine who- more often than not- has an older love interest. See what I’m getting at here?

Me, personally, I don’t even much like the idea of Pidge and Lance getting together until several seasons have passed and they’ve both had a chance to mature some. And by the time I’d like to see something happen between them, they’d both be well old enough. So the fact that she’s (widely believed to be) 14 at this point in the series really isn’t even relevant to me. It’s not a big enough gap to be concerning in my opinion. If she were 12 or younger (or if Lance was older than we can justly assume he is), I would absolutely be opposed to it, but that’s not the case. And given the fact that my own parents are TEN years apart, I think 2-5 years is, honestly, not a big deal.


So, I hope that’s helped you see the ship in a less discomforting light. 

Note:The point of this analysis really wasn’t to make you like the ship (although that’d be a cool result), it’s only meant to clear up some of the big misconstrued facts surrounding the ship and its legitimacy. Also, to reiterate the fact that I DO NOT support ships that consist of a child and an adult, and if that were the case with Pidgance, I WOULD NOT ship it. I’ve done my research, no morals are being compromised in the shipping of these characters.

However, if for any reason you still are strongly opposed to this ship, that’s fine. My cup of tea doesn’t have to be yours. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that I can do in the way of helping you avoid it while still enjoying my content, tumblr is fairly limited in that respect. I could recommend that you track some of my personalized tags so you can be aware of when something of a particular theme is posted? Maybe bookmark my blog’s tag searches so you can just pop in for updates? Or, you could email the staff and see if they can help with your mobile blacklisting issue. That’s all I can really think of to work around the problem, love, I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

Have a nice day, and God bless <3

Undisclosed Desires (part 8)

Words: 2.5k

Summary: You and Castiel return to the boys at the bunker and discuss Lucifer.

A/N: Feedback is always appreciated. Send me an ask or message if you’d like to be added to my master tag list. (Tumblr doesn’t always show replies and reblogs.)


The boys welcomed you back with much less issue than you had expected. It made you a little sad that they had been lied to so many times in their lives that it had become so normal.

“So, you guys kiss and make up then?” Dean asked with a silly grin.

You cocked your eyebrow at him. “Nah man, Feathers and I aren’t really the kiss and make up types. We’re more the hate-fuck and make up types.”

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In the sneak peek: Is it just me, or does Sam not answering seem very much like he doesn't agree with Dean? Like when Dean says "That wasn't Cas last night." Sam doesn't agree. He doesn't disagree, but he doesn't agree either. It's almost like Sam thinks that Cas was doing everything of his own free will, but doesn't want to say it out loud because he knows it will hurt Dean's feelings.

Yeah - we don’t know if this is how the scene starts although to me the close up on Dean’s hands seems like an intro - or it’s going to be even more telling in the episode if they use it as a reaction shot. Like. Too telling. (sometimes they crop these things of some chatter or silly set up so it’s hard to judge exactly and these clips aren’t picked by the show as far as I recall - @justanotheridijiton could tell you more but I think it’s the CW pr person who gets sent the episode to pick from) 

So if not we’re being dropped right into this conversation in the real episode as well we might not be given a reason why they’re talking like this, but it certainly LOOKS like they’re at least starting from a prompt where Sam’s taken one stance, or walked into it (like that line where he talked about Cas’s body as an “it” in 11x18) and we start with Dean on the defensive about Cas.

Honestly stressing the point like this for Dean with analysis that matches what we’re saying makes me feel like the show is going to at least temporarily show stuff that makes it feel like Dean might be wrong, although he makes incredibly good points, she says having said these exact things about Cas after the episode aired, so I feel like as usual Dean’s sense of what’s what will bear out and this might just be something he struggles with. 

But yeah, Sam at the start of that conversation really doesn’t want to share, either because he would normally talk devil’s advocate what ifs but is having to stop himself putting his giant moose foot in his mouth any more than he apparently already has before this section starts, or he has thoughts which he feels are not going to go over at all well with Dean. In 11x14 he tried talking to Dean that it was Cas’s choice to be/remain possessed by Lucifer, and Dean still threw himself into half a dozen episodes of save Cas overdrive. Sam being objective about it or feeling like Cas may have been genuinely swayed just on a “yeh good point” level, might not do much good when Dean is passionately arguing Cas can’t be Cas.

(I think they’re both going to be wrong and right - I’m not sure how it will play out but I think the “control” is much more subtle than that and nothing is turning Cas into a puppet, so much as affecting him emotionally and while it’s changed him dramatically in beliefs and confidence, I think he’s still going to feel like Cas still inside, and think he has choice in his actions - only they’re going contrary to everything he was literally 5 minutes before the power up. Figure that will cause plenty of drama when they meet up with him next; I can already taste him telling Dean he’s not controlled and he’s doing exactly what he wants to do. Well, yeah, because it made him want it, but he might FEEL like he has agency.)

ナミダメ “ニ”ノミヤユウガの場合 Sample Voice
二ノ宮憂 (Shirokawa Shuusaku)
ナミダメ “ニ”ノミヤユウガの場合 Sample Voice

ナミダメ “ニ”ノミヤユウガの場合 Sample Voice

*NSFW. (This is fondly known by me as Part 2 of the do-M boy series, after all.)

CV: 二ノ宮憂 () *Who is this…!?? ; ▽ ; I must know. (I feel like I’ve heard him before…)

Edit: Some people have said the CV’s voice resembles that of Aoi Shouta and Iguchi Yuuichi (to me, his voice has around the same register/timbre), among others, but I don’t think either are the 二ノ宮憂 in question… I guess we’ll have to wait until the next sample. But thank you for all your collective efforts—let’s solve this mystery together, haha. (Finding out the real identities of pseudonyms is, well, a task to say the least… > ᴗ <;; *This is especially true when the voice is a bit indistinct…)

Edit 2: Various sources have stated that the CV is Yamashita Daiki. • • 

Edit 3: Due to more information an anon provided me, the CV’s identity is up for questioning again.

Edit 4: Seiyuu has been corrected and confirmed to be 白川周作 (Shirokawa Shuusaku). Thank you, anon!

Release Date: June 26th, 2015.

Fuck You Negan!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader 

Requested: anonymous asked - can i get a castiel x reader where he’s human and reader teaches him how to do things like a human and he ends up watching TWD with you, all seasons, and instead of focusing on the show he’s watching you get so into it? and then major fluff, do whatever you want after that idk cuddling maybe? a kiss? lots of fluff please 

Warning: fluff, some angst, TWD spoilers 


A/N: I switched it up a little, I hope you don’t mind! I cried a little writing this only because I still have not yet gotten over either Abraham’s and Glenn’s death. 

It took you two days to convince Castiel to have a TV series marathon with you. He kept asking what six whole seasons of The Walking Dead would do in order to teach him how to be human. You would always groan at him and Dean would bud in and say, “Television series is what forms a relationship; you take interest in a show and someone else likes that same show, it becomes a topic to talk about and something you both have in common – and, oh look, a friendship starts to blossom.”

Sam would hear Dean’s comment and would have to state his own, “A television series is what defines a person. You find out what a person takes interest in, you can already tell what kind of person they are. Take Y/N for example, she likes The Walking Dead–“

“Loves!” You would cut him off as he rolled his eyes and continued speaking.

“–she loves The Walking Dead. What does that say about her already? That she takes an interest in horror and is not afraid of a little blood and gore. Which could possibly mean that she’s sassy, quite opinionated and isn’t much for drama. I only figured that out because I caught her watching season three when we first met and she was cheering for Rick to kill Shane.”

“Oh great!” You yelled, “You just spoiled the second greatest part of season two!”

Castiel would stare at them both like their words just went in through one ear and out the other. You had spent another hour after that trying to reason with him, promising to do anything he wanted if he watched the show with you. And eventually, he gave in. He came to your room that night with popcorn in one hand and two beers in the other. You only squealed when he silently agreed to have a marathon with you.

“Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Six days later and you were watching Last Day on Earth, the last episode of season six, whilst eating some popcorn. You had seen this episode over three times already, but every time, it made you want to tear up. You were going to lose one of the eleven characters that you had grown so damn attached to, so you were allowed to cry. Season seven would be airing live in two hours and you were growing anxious at the thought – you were so damn nervous and Castiel could practically taste the fear radiating off you.

“Why are they blocking the road?” Castiel asked, frowning at the situation.

“Just keep watching,” you mumbled, shoving more popcorn into your mouth.

Castiel had taken a major interest in the show. He even cried a little when Hershel and Beth died. It was amusing to see him grow so attached to the characters like you did, watching his every reaction to each scene. He even had begun to ship Rick and Michonne by the fourth season. Sam and Dean were both shocked when Castiel stated that he loved the show and wished he didn’t shut you down every time you tried to convince him to watch.

Your heart clenched when the group starting hearing the Savior’s whistles and you decided to look over at Castiel. He was anxiously biting his fingernails as he leaned forward, slightly shaking with fear for the group. His eyes darted across the screen, panicking when the group realised they were trapped. You knew the next scene was going to be hard for him, so you reached forward and grabbed his hand, holding it tightly.

He glanced over at you, squeezing your hand, before looking back at the screen. You had never seen Castiel so focused within the many years you had known him. And once Negan showed, his grip on your hand tightened, and he mumbled profanities to himself.

“Why does he have a baseball bat with barbed wire?”

You hushed him each time he asked questions, little whimpers leaving his mouth as Negan continued to speak. He let out a muffled sob when Negan threatened Maggie’s life and Glenn screamed in protest, his head falling back as he tried to hold back the tears. But he turned his gaze back to the TV just as Negan begun saying “Eney, meeny, miny, moe.” And Castiel’s hand flew up to his mouth as another sob left his mouth, watching each character come into view with the bat in their face.

“Why would you do that to me?” He yelled as Lucille came in contact with one of the members of Rick’s group, “Who did Negan kill!”

He stared hopelessly at the screen when it ended, tears streaming down his face.

“Part of me wants to fuck him,” you sighed, “but the other part really wants him dead.”

He looked over at you with disgust written in his features, pulling his hand out of your own.

“You will not be participating in any sexual activities involving Negan,” he growled, sitting back against the bedhead.

You giggled at his protective manner, leaning your head against his shoulder. He wiped the tears away from his face with the back of his hand as he stared at the now blank screen. Castiel sighed as he leaned his head against yours, his hands resting in his lap.

“Don’t worry,” you patted his thigh, “only an hour and a half until we find out who he kills.”

“I don’t think I’m ready.”

You smiled sadly before sitting up and grabbing your laptop from your bedside table, opening up YouTube. Deciding to lighten to mood a little, you searched for The Walking Dead vines, which always seemed to make you happy whenever you were down. You pressed on one of the videos, sitting back and leaning against Castiel’s arm.

“I don’t get his,” Castiel spoke as a vine of someone screaming “yes” to undeniably sexy pictures of Norman Reedus.

You laughed and shook your head, “they’re screaming because he’s one sexy bastard.”

Castiel remained silent as the video went on and your giggles grew louder with each passing vine. His attention wasn’t on the tiny screen anymore; instead, he was fixated on you. Your eyes were wide and wondrous as your gaze stayed focused on the laptop screen. He hadn’t felt this feeling before, so he felt confused when looking at you made him want to grab your face and kiss you until both of your breaths were lost.  

His ears tuned into the beautiful sound of your laugh whilst cutting out the rest, he continued to watch as your cheeks grew red from smiling too much. It made him smile. Your hand was resting on his thigh, fingers absentmindedly drawing patterns. He brought the arm that your head was resting on over your shoulders, making you snuggle down further on the bed and rests your head on his chest. Your arms wrapped around him tightly, now drawing patterns on his stomach whilst his fingers drew some on your back.

It stayed like that for another hour. He watched you whilst you watched vines. In thirty minutes, you’d both be in the lounging area stealing the TV away from Dean. But right now, you had shut your laptop and looked up at Cas to see him already looking down at you. He had a smile on his face that made you blush.


“Can I kiss you?”

Your eyes widened in shock as you stared at him completely muddled. Why would he want to kiss you? That was extremely random of him to ask. Then again, Castiel asked random things all the time.


He looked as if he was trying to find the right words to say, searching his mind for a good reason. A few minutes of silence went by before he spoke again.

“Dean said if I ever felt the urge to kiss someone, I should do it. It means I feel something for them,” he watched you as he spoke, taking in your reaction, “I have been wanting to kiss you since the moment you fought Dean for a slice of his pie.”

You only smiled as you leaned up to kiss the corner of his mouth. You were going to pull away but his hand grabbed the back of your neck and his lips were soon planted on yours. A satisfied hum left his mouth as your lips moved in sync, his hands wrapping themselves in your hair, pulling your head back slightly.

You spent fifteen minutes making out with the man who lost his grace, before pulling away and smiling up at him. He had managed to get you on your back as he hovered above you, hands wandering over one another’s body. But now it was time to get ready for the premiere and he whined at the loss of contact.

“We’ll continue you this after the episode,” you grinned, placing a chaste kiss to his lips, “I need to know who that dick kills.”

But neither of you returned to the task after the episode ended, you were both too distraught to continue. Castiel’s heart had broken when he watched your reaction to seeing Abraham die, tears welling in his own eyes when Abraham held a final peace to Sasha. But it was worse when Glenn’s death came around; you had screamed causing the Winchesters to race in and see what had happened.

“Fuck you Negan!”

Castiel heart clenched when you screamed that, and realised how truly connected you got with the characters in the show. He could practically hear your heart shattering as you dropped onto the floor in front of the TV. Sam and Dean watched you with concern; they hated seeing you like this. Nobody dared to say that it was just a show because in reality it was much more than that. It was something that connected with others. You grow so emotionally invested in a show or even a book and you can’t help but feel empty when death takes away a character you grew attached to.

So for the remainder of that night, Castiel laid in bed with you as you tried to process the fact that you lost two great characters.

“Do you still want to get physically involved with him?” Castiel asked, hoping he’d get a smile from you.

He received a giggle from you as you looked up at him and smiled softly.

“No,” you sighed, “I have you for that.”

Castiel blushed as you sleepily kissed his cheek, bidding him goodnight as he held you closer to his warm body. After watching you sleep peacefully, being certain that you were safe and content, he, too, fell into slumber with a smile on his face.

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A cishet girl I'm always stuck doing projects with in drama jokingly calls herself gay because "i only like boys lol!" and when i came out to her while we were still friends she told everyone because they "already knew" (they didn't) she makes creepy comments about me all the time like "ur the only drama gay ive met who seems like a top" it makes me feel disgusting about myself i don't want to go to class anymore but my parents won't let me change it because I can't even tell them what's wrong

That’s awful and totally inappropriate on her part! Can you complain to the school? Being outed without your consent and having sexual comments made about you is a pretty big deal.

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I agree with you about the limited amount of Bellarke this season compared to season 3. I can't help but feel baited. They put in that hand nuzzle scene to get us all excited when in truth that scene fizzled out to Clarke eventually going to Ny/ah. I don't know anymore what to believe. I feel that they are spending so much on a dead character trying to appease other people who don't want to see the show go on. I feel like if we don't get a good Bellarke scene soon then others will feel used too.

ye i know i feel the same like you.. but there’re some things you’re missing.

during s3 hiatus i already knew we wont get canon-bellarke in s4 even though i thought we will get more smaller scenes not what we’re getting now. after the cl drama they just COULDN’T put bellarke together so fast (even though bc in s3 was really heavy. noone can watch 302 and tell me bell isnt in love with clarke pls.). so clarke sleeping with niy/ah isnt a big deal actually because you know it wont be a thing and it was more abt c getting over l so cls cant say ‘she is just getting over l’ when she is gonna sleep with bell. if they put c and b together so fast after 316 (where she lost l again n all writers/ejt claimed how l is her soulmate blabla because of the drama) all cls wouldnt stop talking how she doesnt give a shit abt bell but she is getting over l & they’d get tons of hate (writers) and idn maybe media would say shit too. they made bc huge slowburn and making them canon now in s4 - after s3 drama - would just kinda destroy it because we wouldnt be able to really enjoy it - because writers/cast/media couldnt really talk about bc in positive way because ‘what abt her dead lover from s3′. so i get that, i get what they’re doing, i get they couldn’t make them canon etc.

at the same time im tired. because i see im even losing interest in bc because of how dumb this storyline between them looks now in my opinion. (ofc i will never really lose interest in them, its enough for me to see one bc vid and im ready to cry, when they’re gonna kiss i will probably die no kiddin) but when you think about s2 or s3 how heavy some scenes were some things in s4 just… don’t match. in s2 clarke says ‘love is weakness & i was being weak’ and it really back then made us all think clarke was starting to fall in love with b/was feeling something to him. ACTUALLY in my opinion clarke was the one who felt something to him back then. (then - at least we’re supposed to believe according to ejt - c fell in love with l in s2b and then she left her and broke her heart. anyway) another heavy scene - 302 or 305. bellamy is screaming to her she left him??? like??? am i supposed to forget that??? and now we have s4 and like… i dont want bellamy to be “lets hook up cause world is ending and im suffering” but am i really supposed to believe clarke wouldn’t sleep with bell in this situation? like… it just doesn’t feel realistic at all and i KNOW its not only my shipper goggles because ive talked with many casual viewers are they’re all like “ok but what’s up with them i thought they’re gonna be together by now?”. this is the situation where this slow burn is taking too long. scene from 405 where bellamy is kidnapped. am i really supposed to believe clarke and bell wouldn’t hug after what happened? they were ready to kill him. and what we got? when b was free clarke asks him “are u ok” and we got shot at trees im like??? im not talking about romance here but they all - delinquents - have been through so much in situation like this for me even idn murph.amy would hug. (worth to mention in the same ep we got monty niylah hug but ok) it just feels like we’re not even moving forward with their development or we’re not even staying in the same place but we’re going backwards. because at their reunion in 302 we had bell caressing c’s face and in 405 reunion we had eyecontact and shot at trees with ‘are u ok’ quote. just…

eh anyway our fandom is already getting smaller because people are tired and are ‘leaving’. i have a lot of klaroline mutuals and they’re all bellarkers. when 403 happened they were screaming with me abt bc but when niy/arke scene happened i got dms with ‘what the fuck they’re doing the same thing again like with cl’ so i tried to explain why its like this because of the s3 drama. I KNOW once we’re starting to get anything again our fandom will get bigger and ppl will tweet ‘well lemme catch up on t100′ i just know it. it’s gonna be lit again, i promise you. i promise you they will happen, i just know this. and i do think we’re getting some good bc scene in ep 410 and 412 since it’s aaron’s episodes. just wait, dont leave. we gotta wait a big longer for our the slowest of slowburns ever

I'm sorry to bother you, I just need to talk about something

If you don’t feel like you can manage a bit of drama today, if might be better to scroll past this
I just need to ‘talk’ to someone about this, I can’t talk to anyone about this all without having to tell my secrets.

So a friend of mine just confessed he has a crush on me. Like in, he loves me and wants to be in a relationship with me. This really bothers me.
He’s a good person and I care a lot about him, but I don’t want a relationship.
The reasons I don’t want to have a relationship (ever) are complex:
- I am ace/aro and still confused about who I am and what my gender is (don’t feel like a woman nor like a man? I’m not sure what I am)
- I have a lot of problems with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more shit like that. Also I’m scared of men and especially when they’re angry or irritated (thanks dad for that)
- my younger sister is also depressed, and her boyfriend has suicidal tendencies, so everyday she has to check on him if he’s okay and alive (which is really bad for her mental health and because we’re very close, also bad for mine)
- he also has MANY problems and I just can’t take any more, I can barely manage the ones I already have
- I am still struggling with a friend’s suicide a few months ago
- I need a lot of alone time (introvert af) and he just doesn’t seem to need it and he’s really clingy
- He’s really outgoing and kinda loud and always talks, I am rather at home, quiet, and I don’t really like people who talk all the time
- I don’t think I’ll be able to live together with someone else than my younger sister, and especially not in a relationship way. I just want to have a doggo and peace, that would bring me happiness

He now knows I am ace and I struggle with fear disorders (I normally don’t tell people those things, not even my friends, so telling it is a big deal). I hope he understands I don’t want a relationship.
I’ve been feeling shit because of this all night and day. It’s really a stressful situation (for me at least) and I want things to be like they always were again. I don’t know how to solve this shit, and to be honest I’d just like to disappear and live my life as farmer in a faraway land and NEVER return and no ways to contact me.


I come back from work after 5 hours…. and someone tells me… THESE TWO DORKS ARE ACTING IN A WEBDRAMA TOGETHER?!?!?!

It’s like one of those impossible dreams I’ve always had that NBin would be in a drama together and omfg… the impossible became possible and I’m spazzing so fk’n hard and crying. (someone stop the tears)

I don’t care if they get love interest or play as rivals. I just want those behind the scenes !! LOL I can already smell the bromance! *cries harder*

Kong will NEVER escape Hakyeon and they will always be together forever ! 

*sings* You are my destiny ~ 

So…I just started writing Chapter 3 of Crumbling Facade which starts just at the end of Chapter 1 of Restraint.

Like…guys, Chapter 1 of Restraint was only 5k, and already there’s 14.3k of Crumbling Facade covering the same period of time in Chap 1 and 2…

I’m not liking the look of that. If that sort of ratio continues…wow, I might be looking at my new longest story…I can’t even comprehend that…

Seriously starting to reconsider Draco’s side plot…I mean…how important is it really? All the known drama in Restraint is already enough…and also reconsidering re-awakening the background plot I abandoned in Restraint…cos also…really? Is it necessary to do more than simply tell Draco’s side of things?

Really don’t need all that extra content…

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Can you do a BTS reaction pls? That, you are in a rookie but famous group. And BTS&you are lovers in a drama. But he realize he is really in love with you.

Rap Monster: “I wonder if she likes me too…”

Originally posted by monsterguks

J-Hope: //would be panicking inwardly// Do I tell her? Do I not tell her? What if she gets weird around me after I tell her?

Originally posted by jinkooks

Suga: “Oh sh*t.” //realizes that he’s pretty much screwed// 

Originally posted by sugagifs

Jimin: “No wonder my acting feels so real!” 

Originally posted by taetaehyungs

Jungkook: “Maybe if you do this right, you can actually make her like you.” //talking to himself// 

Originally posted by jinkooks

Jin: “We’d be such a great couple together!” //already thinking of the things he’d do for you as a boyfriend// 

Originally posted by bulletproof-boyscouts

V: “She just smiled at me. That means she likes me too, right?” 

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It’s the luminous and lovely thundersshadow’s birthday, and as per the usual, I gift her (and the rest of you, if she’s magnanimous enough to share) a birthday snippet. I panicked a bit over this one because I feel like I’ve already posted half the chapter in snippets and I have to leave some things to the imagination, but then I realized that I could actually build upon this one, the original bday snippet (which has changed slightly since then), which is the beginning of the chapter and thus won’t be giving too much else away, and yay everyone wins!

So have an awesome, amazing day, Sam, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. =D

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anonymous asked:

Your podcast talked about Callery's music choice in the finale, that it was Brody's music. Can you tell us the Episodes/scenes that was from? Do you think it was intentional or just more of Homeland laziness? Do you think any of the writers/producers preferred the Brody storyline? For me I saw an immediate connection and trust between Carrie and Quinn that made me forget all about Brody.

Anonymous #2: You said in the podcast before about how Callery used Brody music at Quinn’s end? Can you elaborate? Do you have episodes/scenes? Did they only do that in S6 for Quinn?

I have a suspicion that both of these were sent in by the same person, like, weeks apart. And I am SO sorry, but I had no idea what I was talking about and I had to go back to the friend who made these observations in the first place. 

Nes: “I can’t remember what the music was in THAT scene in the car with that terrible slow motion but yes, the Carrie going through his stuff/crying was the music from 2.12 when Carrie and Brody were escaping to kiss, and then the bomb happened… but I don’t really think it was supposed to draw a line from the tragedy that was CB to the CQ story/tragedy? Maybe it was… I also think, personally, it was unnecessarily dramatic… maybe something subtle would work better… as for other Q scenes… I actually thought Callery was recycling LESS in s6 than in other seasons…” 

(Nes, aka Neverending_Story on AO3, is a brilliant musician in her own right and she has written music inspired by these two idiots. You can find that stuff here. Her prose is only slightly less poetic than her poetry and I love her forever.)

Legend Costume Designer Caroline Harris: ‘I didn’t Want To Steal The Real Frances Kray’s Wedding Dress From Her’

There’s a new British gangster biopic in town and it stars our favourite character actor Tom Hardy, not once, but twice, as he takes on the roles of both Kray twins.

The film – Legend – also showcases a rising star that we’ve been watching with intrigue for some time over here on the Yahoo Style desk, not least because of her addictive Instagram account.

Emily Browning, a 26-year-old Melbourne born actress with amazing doe eyes and a deeply interesting look takes on the role of Frances, wife to the slightly less demonic Kray, Reggie.

In the lead up to today’s release, we sat down with Legend’s costume designer Caroline Harris, who’s job it was to turn take us, visually, on a journey through the glittering 60s, popping in and out of the cabaret bars and deep into the heart of the gangster underworld.

With some incredible notches on her professional bedpost – A Knight’s Tale,Repo Men, Fleming - Caroline was in a great position to cast her eye over the Legend script. Here she tells us everything from how the job landed on her doorstep, to what it was like trying to turn Tom Hardy into two different people:

So Caroline, You’ve already worked on some amazing dramas. But was it daunting to work on a film like Legend?

No, I wasn’t daunted I was excited. It’s was nice to be at home [London] whilst working. The film was 20th century so I knew I had the option to buy and scavenge around vintage shops, as you can still find late 50s and 60s items to use to be able to create the clothing for the film.

So how did the collaboration come about?

I’ve worked with the director before a long while ago on a film called A Knights Tale.  I also worked with him in the U.S on a film called 42 - a baseball film set in 1942, which actually was more daunting as I knew nothing of the language of baseball.

Were you nervous creating the visual concept for such an infamous period of British history?

Yes, that was more daunting, as people often have very fixed ideas of what the 60s was, which they base on other films set in that period, as opposed those that were made within it. It’s a telling of a world that still had one foot in the 1950s, it was apparent that the boys had an appetite for glamour, film stars and to be around the vibrancy of that. I tried to do my best to show it wasn’t just the ‘swinging 60s’ - that was more high-end and later on in the period.

You mentioned you looked at various imagery of the Krays for inspiration, did you look elsewhere i.e celebrities or any other gangsters of the time?

To further make sense of the cut of suit, I found very similar ones on French film stars. Jean Paul Belmondo wore a very similar cut, so watching his films helped me understand it more, as a photo is only one view.

How much influence did Tom Hardy and Emily Browning have on their costumes?

Actors always have plenty of input. Just by their very presence, they just exude input even when they’re not articulating it. It just can’t be helped. You just have to work the actor out. I wouldn’t dress them in something they wouldn’t want to wear; it’s pointless to have visual ideas and then to try to just slap them on people. Getting inspiration from the actor comes naturally.

How did you differentiate between the two characters Tom Hardy played; was it subtle changes or big differences and did you enjoy the challenge?

Simply put, Reg wore a single-breasted jacket, which left his chest area open and gave the impression of a much cleaner cut and Ron wore a three piece double-breasted suit which covered him more, so immediately the chest and shoulders of both characters look very different. Tom can just transform his body though; he can just breath a new shape into it - he’s a very physical performer. The challenge was great fun.

The film had quite a tight budget and schedule, how long did you have to research and prepare all the costumes? 

I think I had eight or nine weeks. The thing is the actors tend to appear three weeks before we’re due to start filming, so there’s a little island of a few great weeks of gathering and researching, researching to the extent that I could just go to a vintage market and scan the room and know exactly what I wanted. I bought a lot of stuff mainly for the fabrics, including bridesmaids’ dresses which I just chopped up for the details. Some of Emily’s dresses started out really wide but had beautiful details so we just took them back to the workshop and adjusted them.

Emily mentioned in our interview with her that her favourite costume was her wedding dress. She mentioned that it fitted like a glove, how many fittings did that take?

We actually made quite a few pieces for Emily to get the final fit. I had an excellent Italian tailor and amazing team of people. Emily is also an amazing person to fit as she has the patience to stand, whereas some actors just can’t stand still. If they can’t stand still its fine, we end up doing long distance fittings instead.

Was the wedding dress based on the real Frances’ dress, or did you get inspiration from elsewhere?

The real dress was beautiful, but I didn’t want to feel intrusive and steal that from the real Frances. That was a happy day for her and I didn’t want to recreate that because of everything else we recreated, so i went completely different. But it was purely, almost sort of superstition, it just felt invasive as it must of meant a lot to her.

So finally any favourite costumes from the film?

There was a black dress that Emily wears towards the end of the film, originally that dress was enormous. We reached the end of the day at a fitting, we had tried lots of dresses on Emily and we pulled it out as a wildcard, we put it on her and immediately realised the potential of it and took it straight to the work room for alterations. So I’m particularity fond of that

Watch our interview with Emily Browning below:

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm actually new to the K fandom and I was just wondering if you can tell me or recommend to me where to start 'cause I'm so overwhelmed with all this materials from K I'm seeing. And I'm really really grateful I found your blog! And I'm really grateful for this blog. BTW, I've already watched the 13ep anime and the K:Missing Kings movie :) I hope you can help me. Thank you! :)

Heya! Since you’ve finished the anime and the movie you’ve already covered the present story line.

The more important things to catch up with right now would be the novels and mangas, since you can save the short stories and dramas for whenever you feel like it. (Most things in the indexes are listed in order of release date if that helps.)

Since the mangas are shorter than reading the novels I’ll put them higher up so you can get through more content faster. (If you’re interested in a particular clan/character, you might prefer to read their K SIDE: xxx novel first)

*Note this is my personal opinion on ordering, others may disagree

  1. K: Memory of Red & K: Days of Blue (Since MoR was the first thing to come out, yes, even before the anime, I usually put this first. I would’ve put Countdown first but MoR and DoB are quite short and Countdown has a few references to them so I think you’d enjoy it better if you get these two down.)
  2. K: Dog & Cat  (Kuroh and Neko after the anime and would have very high priority but no scanlations yet now moved to 2.)
  3. K: Countdown (I would’ve put this first if it wasn’t for the references. Covers events between the movie and season 2. Should read before season 2.)
  4. K: Stray Dog Story (Kuroh pre-anime story. Also is one of the earlier mangas along with Memory of Red.)
  5. K SIDE:BLUE (Learn about Zenjoh, Kusuhara and Munakata ASAP, I have a feeling Season 2 would make more sense with this context. Is also the first novel that was released. Should read before season 2.)
  6. K SIDE:RED & K SIDE:BLACK&WHITE (RED I would have recommended reading before Missing Kings because there was a huge amount of referencing, but since you’ve watched the movie already, BLUE takes priority. BLACK&WHITE has all the individual backstories of the Silver Clan and emphasizes why they are so important to one another)
  7. K: The First (Manga remake of the anime with small tweaks and added detail everywhere. Recommend reading it, but the background materials have higher priority since you haven’t gone through those yet.)
  8. K: Lost Small World (Novel & Manga) (Both being translated / scanlated at the moment. Covers Fushimi and Yata’s background. Manga adapted from the novel.)

The rest:

  1. K: Missing Kings (Remake, not much difference to the movie, no scanlations yet)

Notable short stories / dramas set between the season 1 and the movie. :

  1. K: Missing Kings - Short stories (Distant Sea of Dogs and Cats, Birthday, Blue that Melts in the City of Red, Public Stance, Mukaebi, Under the Empty Sky, I Talk with the Late Mentor in Late Summer)
  2. K: Missing Kings - Radio Dramas (If there was Homura, As Long as there is Scepter 4)

I hope this post hasn’t overwhelmed you…

Interview with DIR EN GREY - their TV-CM for Biohazard: Revelations 2 and meaningful collaboration

“Biohazard / Resident Evil: Revelations 2″ - edition for PS4/PS3/Xbox One from Capcom. We carried an interview with DIR EN GREY, a band whose song was used for TV-CM.

This game is the latest part of the series “Biohazard: Revelations″ which was described as a return to a concept of classic survival horror. In this game, we have “Claire’s Arc” - Claire, who survived from the Raccoon incident, and her female friend Moira are escaping from the solitary island; and also “Barry’s Arc” - Barry Burton (Claire’s father) explores the solitary island together with mysterious girl, Natalia; the story is told from those two perspectives.

The song from TV-CM “Un deux” comes from the 9th album of DIR EN GREY titled “ARCHE”. This time we got to talk with Kaoru and Kyo from DIR EN GREY about their favorite games, the circumstances of the collaboration, the way they create music and so on. We definitely want to show it to fans of DIR EN GREY and Biohazard. Also, we omitted the honorifics in the interview.

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