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Could you explain a little bit more on why you think the JP fandom is focusing on the "look at me~" part of the drama instead of Chihoko stuff (what you mentioned in your ask abt the event). I'm just wondering what you mean about that, or if you could explain that part a bit better than it seems it was in the snippets we got from Twitter? Thank you for all you do :>

Hello! I think it’s a matter of wording… Like, some lines sound more impressive in Japanese. There are some parts I remember very clearly and some where I had forgotten the exact wording, but yesterday I could find a very complete and accurate Japanese report of the drama (to be honest I find it hard to believe that someone could have written such a perfect report by just taking notes on paper, but.. yeah…).

My impression is based on the fanarts/fancomics I’ve seen. Of course, I cannot possibly have seen each and every single fanart about the event, but for example let’s say that I’ve seen about 300 Japanese fanarts and 50 foreign fanarts (numbers are not exact but they are close to what I’ve seen so far). Out of all the Japanese ones, none of them used the line that in English has been translated by some as “I could search all over the world~”, while I’ve seen at least 5-7 foreign fanarts about it. That’s quite a difference. The reason is that this line doesn’t sound as “deep” in Japanese at all, so Japanese people don’t give it so much importance, it’s just Yuuri trying to convince Victor to get down.

Details and partial translations under the cut.

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boyfriend; ong sungwoo

a/n: requested by anons // gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owner + stan this living meme 2k17


  • he’s a pretty crazy / wild person 
  • but when it comes to his crushes
  • ong is really really romantic
  • so, i think he’d bring you to some aquarium
  • but first he’d ask you in a smooth way while you’re around
  • “hey ___ ! what do you think about going to the aquarium that just opened.”
  • “i would love to go.”
  • “then we’re going tomorrow. get ready by 8.”
  • the next day, he’d be pretty nervous
  • so he’d begin searching online about how to treat a person on a first date and etc.
  • “this is so hard? what, i should just be myself.”
  • “yeah! sungwoo you should be yourself.”
  • “yeah, i know. wish me luck, sungwoon.”
  • “good luck.”
  • our ong was literally waiting there in front as he was making sure
  • you were safe on the way
  • i can already see him texting you for like the whole hour straight and when you arrived
  • he’d have a huge smile on his face 
  • “____ ! you’re here, finally.”
  • “hey ong.”
  • the two of you would have a wonderful time together but when night comes
  • you have to leave and that’s when he was going to confess
  • before you left, ong literally took your hand in his 
  • and it seemed like a scene from a k-drama !!
  • “hey ong? why are you holding my hand?”
  • “i need to tell you something, ____”
  • “what is it?”
  • “i like you.”
  • of course you accepted him to be yours and this guy was super super happy
  • i bet ong wouldn’t even sleep bc he’s so happy he’s able to call you, his


  • like the one in confession 
  • he’d take you to a lot of dates
  • so going on dates would be a normal thing for the two of you to do
  • you and sungwoo would go to places like a zoo, an aquarium, etc
  • i can even see the two of you renting bikes and then going on a bike date
  • “babe ! look at that view. han river is really beautiful.”
  • “i know, we should stop here to take a picture.”
  • “sure, babe.”
  • you and ong would take lots and lots of pictures throughout the date
  • and it’d be so cute
  • sometimes when you guys ask a stranger to take a picture
  • they would tell you guys that you two are a ‘very lovely couple’ & 'a perfect couple’
  • and that the two of you should get married
  • ong would even whisper something to that stranger like
  • “i will in a few years. they don’t know yet but i already have a ring.”
  • you would be confused and pull him by the arm to get back
  • “what did you say to that person?”
  • “nothing, you’ll see.”
  • you’d just shrug it off bc you love your boyfriend and you trust him
  • but when the two of you are at the zoo
  • i bet it’d be so funny
  • since ong would be wearing an headband that jaehwan gave him
  • and there are like monkey ears on it
  • i can also see ong trying to imitate some monkeys
  • and the people around him would laugh him out bc he really looks like one
  • “babe? what are you doing?”
  • “i’m a monkey, ___ !!”
  • “i don’t know you like at all.”
  • he’d keep following you around like some weird dude wearing a monkey headband
  • “baby, why are you ignoring your own boyfriend??”
  • “i’m not ignoring you. i just don’t know you.”
  • in the end of the day you and ong will be a lovely couple again 


  • uhm i just got butterflies just by thinking about kissing him oops
  • to be honest his kisses would be like long and really romantic
  • and when our ong is in the mood, he’d push you against the wall and oui je suis dead
  • “sungwoo and ____ at it again? make sure to lock the doors!!”
  • “yeah i will!”
  • when he’s just the normal boi we know
  • ong is literally gonna kiss you when it’s at places where it’s safe and less people
  • “baby, should i kiss here?”
  • “yeah, look around no one’s here.”
  • the two of you would cutely kiss each other
  • he’d say something like 'i love you’ and then kiss you again
  • sungwoo would keep saying 'i love you’ and kiss you until someone sends you two away
  • “kids, go away from here and kiss somewhere else.”
  • “yes, sorry sir.”
  • “sorry sir.”
  • i bet even the members would be used to the two of you kissing the whole time
  • and when the youngest are around ofc they’re amazed
  • bc you two kiss so much
  • “no seriously, why do you two keep kissing?”
  • “guanlin, it’s because we’re super in love.”
  • “i thought you were in love with daniel.”
  • “i did.”
  • okay so now we know our ong loves kissing and you’d too


  • his hugs !! omg 
  • y'all i bet our sungwoo is the perfect person to hug
  • even though he only hugs one side of you, he’s still so cuddly and warm
  • “____, let’s stay like this forever.”
  • “yes! good idea, babe!”
  • you’d tell all your friends and family about how perfect your boyfriend is 
  • especially when it comes to hugging
  • he is a real pro
  • “hey did you know my boyfriend is the best in hugging.”
  • “can i try?”
  • “no. only i can.”
  • like every other boyfriend
  • i think he’d love hugging you bc you’re his and he wants to show off
  • especially when the two of you are around the other members
  • “daniel, could you get me some water.”
  • “you can do it yourself, no?”
  • “i’m hugging ____ can’t you see?”
  • “okay okay”
  • or when you’re around at practice
  • “sungwoo get back here.”
  • “but i don’t want too!”
  • “you need too.”
  • our sungwoo would hug you whenever he can 
  • because he loves you a lot and he really loves your scent !!

missing each other:

  • ong would miss you a lot !!
  • he’d miss everything about you
  • especially when it comes to the sweet compliments and kisses you give him
  • “you can’t kiss me like ___ does.”
  • “i’m gonna kiss you sungwoo!”
  • “no, don’t!!”
  • “i want ____’s kisses not yours, daniel.”
  • “oh my god, this is why i miss ____.”
  • i can also see ong making a vlog every day
  • just to send to you, so that you can be happy and not worry about anything
  • “in this vlog, babe, i’ll be showing you that jihoon is not an angel.”
  • “what, i’m not an angel, i’m jeojang.”
  • “okay that’s actually the truth.”
  • his editing skills would be kind of bad, so it’d be more funny 
  • of course this boi would always make sure in the end of the video
  • there’s a part where he says 'i love you' 
  • “this is the end of today’s vlog, babe. bye bye, i love you.”
  • but sometimes when he’s feeling down, he wont show it
  • but you can see something is off and you’d normally call to let him know you’re there when there’s something
  • “babe, i’m sorry but i really miss you a lot.”
  • “i miss you too, honey. let’s cheer up, shall we? i love you.”
  • “i love you too.”
  • his members were there as well and would cheer him up again
  • so i don’t think when he’s gone, you’d feel empty 
  • bc he’s always there for you whenever you need him


  • expect a lot of smiles
  • the moment our ong would wake up
  • he’d have a smile on face bc he knows you’re next to him 
  • and you’re literally the person he loves the most
  • “wow, i woke up next to the most beautiful prince/ss.”
  • he’d eventually kiss you, every where on your face
  • it wouldn’t matter to him if you have morning breath
  • he still loves you
  • “oh, babe. you’re already awake?”
  • “yeah, i’ve been awake for a while.”
  • “so, what are we gonna do today?”
  • “i had to tell you something.”
  • “oh, really? what is it?”
  • “i don’t know why but whenever i wake up next to you i feel as if i’m dreaming because you’re so beautiful, sweet, no you’re literally perfect.”
  • he’d always compliment you and there would be like no stop
  • only if you ask him
  • “you’re so pretty.”
  • “you look like an angel.”
  • i can also see sungwoo making lots of stupid dad jokes
  • just to make you laugh
  • “i can’t believe i’m dating you.”
  • “me either, baby.”
  • “why do you even use those jokes.”
  • “because i wanna see your beautiful smile.”

First Part: Brave
Second Part: Breathing Space

The third part in my developing Roman/Virgil University!AU series

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Things continue relatively normally for a few weeks. Although, Virgil keeps on thinking of the way Roman’s face had lit up when he’d woken to the smell of pizza, how he’d exclaimed, “Virgil, you’re the best,” with such sincerity that Virgil’s stomach did a strange little swoop.

Which doesn’t mean anything, Virgil tells himself.

Roman does seem markedly quieter than usual, however, Virgil can hardly blame him for that. He curses Jake daily for it. It’s nothing too dramatic, but Virgil notices all the same: Roman being withdrawn during meal times, when he’d usually be bursting to tell the ridiculous stories of the day; the lack of singing when Roman makes his way up the stairs into the dorm. Virgil misses it, despite how he’d normally roll his eyes at Roman’s theatrics. 

He can’t think of what he can do to help, until one of his psychology lectures is delayed by the professor running late. The class are getting restless and Virgil is almost considering walking out, when someone hurries down the stairs to address the room. She introduces herself as Rachel, and it’s only when she starts talking about the drama society that Virgil’s mind makes the connection, Roman’s shaky voice coming back to him:

“But… anyway, I was only talking to Rachel, you know, she played Juliet?”

Huh. Virgil isn’t surprised that he’s never noticed her before- there are many psychology students, and he mainly keeps himself to himself, in any case. But now, he straightens up, doing his best to hear her over the racket. He catches something about auditions before the professor finally shows up, and she hastily goes back to her seat. 

Virgil keeps track of where she is- just a few rows in front of him- and after the lecture ends, he quickly moves out of his seat to go to her. He’s not used to being so bold but he realises he’s going to have to catch her attention somehow, so he clears his throat and raises his voice:

“Rachel, wait up!”

She turns around, and Virgil is shocked to see her break out into an enormous smile.

“Hey! You must be Virgil, right?”

“Uh… yeah, that’s me. How did you know?”

“Oh, Roman, of course!”

Virgil blinks. “Roman…?”

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if you like it (put a ring on it)

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“Why are you so jittery, Jungkook? It’s almost as if you’d lost the engagement ring you were supposed to propose to Jimin with tonight or something.”

“… Wait, oh my god.”

Pairing: jikook/kookmin

AU: established relationship, proposal AU

Tags: really fluffy gdi, jungkook messes up (like always), attempt at humor

Word Count: 2332

you can find it here on ao3!!

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Maybe kai for the characters analysis thing?

  - How I feel about this character

I don’t hate Kai as much as other characters, infact he holds a soft spot in my heart where I can’t help but still enjoy him no matter what, (ha ha he’s like a metaphor for the entire show) but that doesn’t mean he’s a good character.

A lot of Kai’s flaws lie in the writing of the show never making him an interesting character. Everyone likes to joke about how Kai was the main character of the show before Lloyd showed up, but it’s still true. A lot of season four was dedicated to Kai trying to adjust to not being the center of attention. And when he does accept that, he takes the backseat to all of the other characters and the arc for a long time, making him boring and make him feel like a pointless character.

But honestly, that’s not really his problem, yeah it’s a problem, but not the biggest one. His biggest problem are the writers always giving him a set up to be a really good character and grow, only for the writers to completely drop it and either do it lazily, never complete it, or just not take the chances.

A really big example of this is in Season 4 where we find out that Kai still holds grudges against Lloyd and wants to be powerful too. We get confirmation of this when Kai almost betrays everyone when he gets the Staff of Elements. (or whatever it was called) So what we learn from this is that now the ninja know of his inner anger and grudges, but guess what! It never gets addressed again!! We’re just lead to believe that the ninja never care to talk about what happened with him or get him help, and now we just got to have to wait until he possibly betrays them again and the ninja will actually deserve it!

Other examples of the writing being in his favor but never actually pulling off is in Season 5. Season 5 arguably could’ve been Kai’s best season, everything about the set up of the story could’ve made him the best character in the show. I don’t know if this is just me but I love stories where the protagonist and the antagonist have similar stories and motives. It can create really interesting drama and can teach kids that everyone can become corrupted.

Morro and Kai could’ve done this trope perfectly. We already know Kai wanted to be the green ninja too, and Morro’s whole thing is he wants to be the green ninja as well. So imagine the could’ve fights tey could’ve gotten into, Morro could try to take Kai down verbally by telling him that they’re a lot a like. He could even make Kai think he doesn’t deserve to call himself a hero. So many interesting stuff could’ve come from this season.

…But instead we get “oooh I’m afraid of water oh no,” something we’ve never seen him be scared of before. And to be fair, it’s not …awful. We at least get a complete arc of Kai overcoming his fears to save Lloyd at the end, but jesus imagine all the more cool stuff that could’ve happened! Kai could’ve come out of this being an amazing character, but instead all we’re left with is being annoyed at how the writers refuse to make anything really interesting with the characters anymore.


I like Kai in theory, but the writing and story in the show always fails him at being a good character.

 - All the people I ship romantically with this character

Plasmashipping, Oppositeshipping, Lavashipping, and…. i refuse to answer the last one it’s just not worth it

  - My non romantic Otp with this character

I guess if I had to say anyone I would say Kai and Nya. Even though I don’t think they’re relationship isn’t that interesting I still hope that we can see more cool Kai and Nya brother and sister moments (that was one of the few things season 7 did well actually)

  - My unpopular opinion about this character

No one will ever convince me that Kai isn’t a closet gay

  - One thing I wish would / had happened with this character in canon

Pretty much everything I said about Season 5 I wish would happen. Sorry to answer this question with the same answer but it’s the only thing I can think of to say.

Send me a Ninja and I’ll analyze them with these questions

Not Alone

Originally posted by complete-fandom-trashhh

 Requested by anon:  can you do and Eeic coulter x reader where the reader is always acting so happy and joyful but one day when him and the reader are hanging out he notices that something is wrong and then reader breaks down in frint of him and tells him all her problems that have been bugging her her whole life and the reason why she acts so happy is bc she doesnt want anyone to find out how sad she actually is and she doesnt want anyone feeling the same way as she does.

 Pairing: Eric Coulter X Reader

 Word count: 703

 “How’s everybody?” You storm into the office, taking your time to hug everyone before sitting on your chair. “What’s the matter now?”

 “Nothing too serious, (Y/N). Just need to organize who’ll be taking care of the initiates this year.” Josh, who’s replacing Max since he’s sick, gives you a warm smile.

 “I’ll do it. You know how I love to meet new people.” Smiling back to him, you take the papers and write up your name. “Love helping to take some weight off your shoulders too, Eric.”

 “Your happiness may still corrupt me one day.” He doesn’t smile, but you’re used to it. Maybe someday he’ll be so good as you are to hide some feelings.

 “Well, gotta go, guys. See ya around.” Waving a goodbye, you walk out the office, being followed by Eric.

 “I’ll help you this year.” He mutters as you walk through the dark corridors. “Are you ok with that?”

 “Sure.” Your voice faints, but you pretend it was nothing, hoping he won’t notice.

 “That’s all?” He stares down at you, but you just keep walking. “Something happened?”

 “No, of course not.”

 “Stop.” He grabs your arm, forcing you to stop. “Spit it out, right now.”

 “Eric, what do you want me to say? I’m all good.” You try to move again, but he doesn’t let go of your arm.

 “Do you think I’m stupid? You know I’m a very perceptive person and now you made it pretty clear that your life isn’t always that perfect.”

 “So what? You really think my life is perfect? Or is that what people tell you?” Pushing away violently, you notice confusing all over his face. “I’m trying to let it go, alright? It’s better when people love me because I’m happy and cheerful and light. People don’t want to carry someone else’s problems on their shoulders. Now, will you let me go?”


 “No?” You giggle, leaning against the wall. “What do you think you can do, huh?”

 “Look, (Y/N), I’m a cold guy. People hate me and I know it, but I rather them to hate me for being an asshole than loving me for being a good guy.”

 “And?” Raising your eyebrows, you wait patiently for his next words. But they don’t come out. Eric stands there, staring at you like you’re an open book he can read. “Can I go now?”

 “No. You’re my friend and I want to know what’s hurting you.” His voice has never been so kind and warm. How can you keep lying to him like this? How can you keep a smile on your face when you feel like you’ve made yourself a mask and now you’re forced to wear it every day?

 “The truth is what I already told you. People don’t want…”

 “But I do.” He comes closer, lifting my chin so I’ll stare into his eyes. “You took me in even though I’ve always been an idiot with you and with everyone else. You still stick with me, no matter what. I want to return your kindness. I want to be here for you just like you did to me. Now, tell me.”

 “It’s just drama. Dad used to beat on mom so she disappeared suddenly and… there you go. All this shit made me fall into a dark hole and…” You’re crying. For the first time in years, you’re crying. You try to dry up your tears, but they keep coming down. You’d break down if it weren’t for Eric’s arms holding you up. Listening to his heartbeat, you smile. The first honest smile you put on since you came here.

 “Why don’t you come to my place? I’ll cook something and we can talk until morning if you want.”

 “Would you do that? You can just walk away right now and be free from all this…”

 “Shhh. Let’s go.” He interrupts you, taking your hand and pulling you with him. “I’ll talk about my family too if you want.”

 “Really? I know nothing about your family.”

 “Nobody does. But you will.” With a smile on your lips and the feeling that you’re finally not alone, makes you tug on his jacket, bringing a beautiful smile to Eric’s lips as well.

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Neko,i feel sorry for you and Joku was an idol for me. Yet i simply can't bring myself to hate her since i know everyone can change,and can do good if they want to. What's your viewpoint?

Who told you to hate on her? 

Also of course that phase of ‘everyone can change’ is absolutely brilliant and all.. But I’m just having hard time believing her case as she’ve already told everyone the exact same thing after the tshirt drama, only to throw tantrums at people 3 times in a row like a month or two later.

Heck she already blocked me the moment she said she ‘wants to change’. She only tells that to the public- but how about the people that she ACTUALLY hurts? She blocked them..It’s not just me.. that’s what happened…

People said “she wants to change! Give her A CHANSE”

Oh I did.. I really did.. more than an ‘A’.

The only and last thing that keep me from saying “I think she will NEVER change”- is the fact that probability works in this world.. So don’t let me stop ya, You are always free to make your own decission.. (=^ω^=)

anonymous asked:

ok here's the thing. i really love you and your blog, i love your aesthetic and your characters, but Plance makes me SO uncomfy because of the age Pidge is supposed to be (under 18, Lance being at least 18). i don't want to unfollow you after all this time but being on mobile, i can't blacklist the ship ;~; and i don't wanna tell you not to enjoy the ship, that's mean of me. what do you suggest i do?

Firstly, I’m flattered that you enjoy my blog so much. And I appreciate your coming to me personally so we can work this out like adults (even though I have no idea how old you actually are, but I digress)rather than taking part in the already overwhelming amount of fandom drama. So thank you for that.

Secondly, as a Pidgance shipper myself - and somebody who absolutely does NOT condone adult/child relationships - please allow me a second of your time to first attempt to solve the issue at it’s source, so there’s a possibility you may not have to work around it at all. 

See, the big problem with the Pidgance ship is less in the ship itself, and more in the way that some fans tend to inaccurately interpret it.

A lot of people view it as this:

When in reality, it’s really as simple as this:

We know very little about the Voltron characters, and one of the biggest missing links in terms of character info is the specific ages of the paladins. But here’s the thing, we DO have enough canon evidence to determine one thing: they’re all teenagers (Shiro being just slightly older, I wanna say 22 at the oldest).

You said above that the reason Pidgance as a ship makes you uncomfortable is solely because Lance is “at least 18″. But the thing is, there’s no supporting info for that claim. The most we’ve been given in terms of ‘specifics’ is that he’s in his “late teens”. In fact, it’s actually much more likely that he might be 16-17, at MOST. Which, in my opinion, is much more believable, because he appears to be somewhere in the high-school age region.

Pidge is, at the youngest, 14. That’s not canon, per se, but it’s the general consensus. A 14-year-old is still considered a teenager and-as I’ve stated before-is actually the age of the average high-school freshman in the US. So, they’re both within the high-schooler age range. They could be, at most, 5 years apart (which is honestly not that big a gap to start) in season 1, but it’s more plausible that the difference is closer to 2-3 years. Now consider how that gap will shrink as they age. Because the “teenager” age range is so small and such a crucial point for a person’s development, we tend to view the age gaps as being bigger than they actually are. Sure, when she’s 14, Pidge seems like a child still, but in less than a year she’ll be 15…which is within the age range of the average disney heroine who- more often than not- has an older love interest. See what I’m getting at here?

Me, personally, I don’t even much like the idea of Pidge and Lance getting together until several seasons have passed and they’ve both had a chance to mature some. And by the time I’d like to see something happen between them, they’d both be well old enough. So the fact that she’s (widely believed to be) 14 at this point in the series really isn’t even relevant to me. It’s not a big enough gap to be concerning in my opinion. If she were 12 or younger (or if Lance was older than we can justly assume he is), I would absolutely be opposed to it, but that’s not the case. And given the fact that my own parents are TEN years apart, I think 2-5 years is, honestly, not a big deal.


So, I hope that’s helped you see the ship in a less discomforting light. 

Note:The point of this analysis really wasn’t to make you like the ship (although that’d be a cool result), it’s only meant to clear up some of the big misconstrued facts surrounding the ship and its legitimacy. Also, to reiterate the fact that I DO NOT support ships that consist of a child and an adult, and if that were the case with Pidgance, I WOULD NOT ship it. I’ve done my research, no morals are being compromised in the shipping of these characters.

However, if for any reason you still are strongly opposed to this ship, that’s fine. My cup of tea doesn’t have to be yours. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that I can do in the way of helping you avoid it while still enjoying my content, tumblr is fairly limited in that respect. I could recommend that you track some of my personalized tags so you can be aware of when something of a particular theme is posted? Maybe bookmark my blog’s tag searches so you can just pop in for updates? Or, you could email the staff and see if they can help with your mobile blacklisting issue. That’s all I can really think of to work around the problem, love, I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

Have a nice day, and God bless <3

Undisclosed Desires (part 8)

Words: 2.5k

Summary: You and Castiel return to the boys at the bunker and discuss Lucifer.

A/N: Feedback is always appreciated. Send me an ask or message if you’d like to be added to my master tag list. (Tumblr doesn’t always show replies and reblogs.)


The boys welcomed you back with much less issue than you had expected. It made you a little sad that they had been lied to so many times in their lives that it had become so normal.

“So, you guys kiss and make up then?” Dean asked with a silly grin.

You cocked your eyebrow at him. “Nah man, Feathers and I aren’t really the kiss and make up types. We’re more the hate-fuck and make up types.”

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ナミダメ “ニ”ノミヤユウガの場合 Sample Voice
二ノ宮憂 (Shirokawa Shuusaku)
ナミダメ “ニ”ノミヤユウガの場合 Sample Voice

ナミダメ “ニ”ノミヤユウガの場合 Sample Voice

*NSFW. (This is fondly known by me as Part 2 of the do-M boy series, after all.)

CV: 二ノ宮憂 () *Who is this…!?? ; ▽ ; I must know. (I feel like I’ve heard him before…)

Edit: Some people have said the CV’s voice resembles that of Aoi Shouta and Iguchi Yuuichi (to me, his voice has around the same register/timbre), among others, but I don’t think either are the 二ノ宮憂 in question… I guess we’ll have to wait until the next sample. But thank you for all your collective efforts—let’s solve this mystery together, haha. (Finding out the real identities of pseudonyms is, well, a task to say the least… > ᴗ <;; *This is especially true when the voice is a bit indistinct…)

Edit 2: Various sources have stated that the CV is Yamashita Daiki. • • 

Edit 3: Due to more information an anon provided me, the CV’s identity is up for questioning again.

Edit 4: Seiyuu has been corrected and confirmed to be 白川周作 (Shirokawa Shuusaku). Thank you, anon!

Release Date: June 26th, 2015.

Home - Isco

 Hey guys! (yes I decided to put this on top again, since I feel like more people will read it that way, haha) 

Anyways.. this is my new Isco fan fiction! I know (and I’m already sorry) that it’s an Isco one again! 

This chapter is the first one and it’s dramatic and the drama will continue for a few parts but I hope you like this anyways and leave me your feedback?? xx 

This story will be a longer one than my other one but i understand if you don’t wanna read it because it’s an Isco one.. once again. 

also there’s no mention of Isco yet… he will come in later :-)

If you have requests just tell me (I’m planning on writing f1 imagines soon so if you have requests for those you can already send them in) 

Bye guys, i love y’all x 


„Miss“ the nurse kept shaking her awake, „Miss Elisabeth“ she said, her voice was full with concern as she finally woke the girl awake.

Brown eyes were now tiredly staring into the nurse ones which made her eyes soften as she sat down on Elisabeth’s bed, beside her.

„You had another bad dream and were yelling again“ the nurse, her name was Matilda, spoke as she watched Elisabeth rubbing the tiredness out of her eyes.

„Do you want me to call your sister?“ Matilda asked.

„Or someone else?“ she added quietly.

„No“ Elisabeth spoke up for the first time, through she wasn’t looking at Matilda.

„There’s no one“ she added and Matilda sighed out.

„I could call your sister I’m sure she could come over and keep you company for a little while“ Matilda stated but Elisabeth shook her head, her gaze still fixed at the ceiling.

„No“ Elisabeth quietly said and Matilda sighed out again but nodded to herself as she got off the bed and left the room of Elisabeth.

She had a room to herself, which may seemed nice to some people, but really she could care less about that. She really didn’t care if some old chubby man would keep her awake with his snoring or if it was her nightmares keeping her awake. She didn’t care if she got any sleep. So she stayed awake until the first sun rays were shining through the curtains signaling a beautiful sunny day in Madrid. She was tired, more than tired, she was exhausted, her eyes were so dry they begun to hurt yet she cried so much that they definitely wouldn’t dry out, her whole body hurt but she couldn’t sleep and she couldn’t stop crying and she couldn’t stop feeling.

„Good Morning Miss Rodriguez“ the door opened and a nurse came in to bring her breakfast.

She put it down on the table affixed at the hospital bed, unlike Matilda that nurse didn’t seem to want to make small talk or talk to her in general. Elisabeth noticed the sympathy look she gave her but she didn’t care to look up or say anything. She was tired of this too.

It was only a few minutes after the door was being closed that the door opened again, without looking up Elisabeth could tell that it was her sister visiting her, it was the expensive perfume, and her whole presence which was filling the room while she entered. Rosalie sat down on the bed and put her bag down at the end of the bed beside Elisabeth’s leg.

„Good Morning“ Rosalie sighed out but Elisabeth didn’t look up.

„How did you sleep?“ Rosalie asked, trying again to get Elisabeth to talk.

„I’ve slept better“ Elisabeth quietly answered.

„Are you not hungry?“ Rosalie asked as she looked at the table and saw all of the breakfast still untouched.

„No“ Elisabeth answered shaking her head slightly.

„C’mon you need to eat something“ Rosalie tried encouraging her.

Elisabeth looked away form the ceiling and looked at her sister for the first time this day.

„It’s not good for your body and health if you don’t eat anything“ Rosalie said, giving her a warm smile.

„Rose, I don’t care“ Elisabeth said, her gaze fixed back on the celling.

„Can you at least eat a little bit?“ Rosalie asked again.

„Or do you want me to bring you something else?“ Rosalie asked, she really tried, she really tried her best.

„I appreciate your effort“ Elisabeth uttered.

„I’m just not hungry“ she added.

„Okay“ Rosalie said just letting it go and nodded to herself.

„I brought you your favorite magazine if you wanna look at that?“ Rosalie said, turning around to pull the magazine she had bought earlier. She handed it over to Elisabeth who was now looking at her again. She took it and started skiing through the latest news magazine.

„The doctor said they wanted to do some last checks on you and then you can leave this evening. They actually wanted to let you leave this morning but some doctor got sick so the other one had to do some double shifts“ Rosalie rambled on, shaking her head slightly as she realized that Elisabeth probably wasn’t too keen into knowing that. 

„I’m gonna pick you up“ Rosalie added giving her another one of her warm smiles instead. 

„Do you want me to leave until then? To get some rest?“ Rosalie asked.

„If you have things to do you can leave Rose“ Elisabeth told her.

„I’ll be fine“ Elisabeth said.

„Okay but call me when you need something, okay? I’ll be here this evening“ Rosalie said, as she got off the bed.

She looked at her sister one more time before she turned around and walked out of the room. Elisabeth let herself sink further into the pillow as tears build up in her eyes. Oh she would be just fine. That fine, that she had been the last two days, that fine that you could be in this situation. Elisabeth didn’t fell asleep again, she stayed laying in bed, her eyes fixed at the white wall opposite to her. Tears kept running down her cheeks and she didn’t care to wipe them away anymore, that wouldn’t stop new teas from falling, anyways. The doctor who examined her yesterday came in at some point and made some last checks before she could pack her stuff together.

„Oh and Miss Rodriguez“ the doctor said as Elisabeth put her shirt back on.

„If you, you know, want to see your baby one last time you can do that now“ the doctor said, giving her a pleasant small smile.

„You want me to look at my dead child?“ Elisabeth asked, her eyes widen, as more tears build up and streamed down her cheeks soon after.

„You could say goodbye if you want to“ the doctor added.

„I can’t“ Elisabeth said shaking her head.

„Don’t worry thats okay“ the doctor said, putting his head on her shoulder in a comforting way.

„Oh look your sister is here“ the doctor said after the door has opened.

„Miss Rodriguez“ the doctor said towards her sister, greeting her.

„I’m done with the checks, you can leave now“ the doctor said towards Rosalie while Elisabeth kept standing beside her bed, looking down on the ground, new tears streaming down her cheeks and not stoping.

„Okay thank you“ Rosalie said before the doctor left the room.

„Hey El“ Rosalie said as she walked over to Elisabeth and wrapped an arm around her younger sister.

Elisabeth let a sob out and Rosalie quickly pulled her in her arms. Elisabeth didn’t wanted to cry so hard, she was tired of so many things and crying definitely was one of them but she didn’t knew how to stop crying, she didn’t knew how to put her feelings off.

„I’m here for you“ Rosalie said wrapping her arms tighter around her fragile sister.

After some minutes of both of them standing like this, Rosalie pulled out of the hug and looked down at her little sister, she gasped as she saw the red face, and tear streamed cheeks, tired eyes, this looked anything but her. Rosalie wiped the tears away before she turned around and took Elisabeth’s bag in one hand and the other arm wrapped around her sister.

„Let’s get out of here, okay?“ Rosalie asked and Elisabeth nodded as both of them left the hospital room.

They left the hospital soon after and made their way towards Rosalie’s car which was parked right in front of it. Rosalie put both their bags in the back and while Elisabeth sat down on the passenger seat, Rosalie sat down on the driver seat and soon after started the car. She pulled out of the parking lot and drove away from the hospital.

„I figured you wouldn’t wanna go to your old apartment?“ Rosalie said through it sounded more like a question.

Elisabeth bit down on her lip, she knew just the thought of her apartment and the last time she had been there would be enough of a reason to start crying again, but she didn’t wanted to anymore. The bloody taste was immediately on her tongue and she lowered the pressure her teeth gave.

„So I asked Aunt Olivia“ Rosalie said, looking over at her sister, who was only starring out of the window.

„This way you won’t be alone when I’m at work“ Rosalie said.

„Okay“ Elisabeth said, she really didn’t care about where she lived now.

The rest of the car drive was silent, Rosalie wanted so bad to talk, in fact she was bad at not saying anything. But Elisabeth couldn’t say anything anymore, she was tired of people telling her that they knew how she must feel that it hurt but that it would get better, and she was tired in acting polite. She knew her sister only meant the best, but she couldn’t care about the small talk Rosalie was telling her. It was a few minutes after that Rosalie stopped the car in front of her aunt’s and uncle’s house and got out of the car. Elisabeth sighed out but did the same thing, Rosalie got their bags and stood beside her soon after.

„C’mon“ Rosalie encouraged her as she walked towards the front door.

Elisabeth nodded to herself and followed her older sister towards the front door, Rosalie already rang the doorbell and it only took a few seconds to see her aunt, uncle and cousin all stand behind the opened door. Elisabeth sighed out, tears had already build up in her eyes, she didn’t wanted to see them, she didn’t even wanted to be here, she didn’t wanted to be around people.

„Hey dear“ Olivia, her aunt, said as she stepped closer towards Elisabeth and pulled her in a long hug. It did took Elisabeth a lot to not start crying.

She hadn’t seen Olivia all week, and while she did last time, she could barely hug her because of the huge baby bell she had back then. Now it went way more easily and Elisabeth really wished it didn’t.

„Hey gorgeous“ her uncle Georg now said and hugged her.

After that her cousin hugged her and after they were all done they stepped inside and made their way towards the living room. They sat down on the couch and her aunt started talking about something and while Elisabeth tried listening at first she couldn’t concentrate for long, she started drifting off and her thoughts wandered towards him, towards her daughter and to what not else. She couldn’t help it, so she stood up and walked out of the living room a few seconds later, she walked upstairs and walked towards the guest room, the room she always stayed in whenever she was younger and had another fight with her parents and needed a place to stay.

She sat down on the ground and her back leaned against the bed, she pulled her legs closer to her body and rested her head on her knees. And for a moment, a small tiny moment everything was okay, she was not home, but somewhat this has felt more home than her real home with her parents ever did. But that moment was as soon gone as it appeared and she was faced back with the sad and heartbroken reality of the fact that she was no mother and no girlfriend anymore, but rather a left behind ex girlfriend with a dead kid.

Live up to Your Name - Ep. 1-3

I’m actually really quite pleased with how Live up to Your Name is going so far. We’ve got a female lead who doesn’t take shit from men, is both sexy and a competent, respected doctor, and who is struggling with what I assume is PTSD and yet stays in the medical field. I’m hoping she doesn’t get “toned down” for the sake of romance, but that she keeps her fierceness while also developing a more open mind about medicine. 

I also adore Im Heo’s little shuffling around and super awkardness. Homeboy’s already in love, obviously. And I like the layers of his character; he’s got a lot of development ahead of him, I can tell. (Or rather, I hope…)

One more thing I love: FINALLY THE GIRL GOES BACK TOO. This is what I’ve been dreaming of since QIHM ended. I literally had to pause the episode so I could do a little happy dance (and yes, I know that that Lee Min Ho drama has her go to the past, but this situation has/will have more back-and-forth and silliness, I feel like). So, even tho I don’t like medical dramas a whole lot, I am excited to see where it is going and for more “out of time” gags. My weakness.

What did you all think?

Nail Polish

Doctor Who, rated G, ~2000 words, Thoschei/Twissy implied

Just a fun little thing I wrote about Theta Sigma, Koschei and bottle of black nail polish. 

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A Little Bit of Appreciation

So I just felt like I needed to say this, and let you know that I appreciate you! SO I’m going to tag you and let you know what I think about you and all!! 

@trashasaurusrex I love your art and how nice you are to talk to and honestly it’s so amazing that we can quote movies together and come up with whack ideas, so yeah keep on shining dude!! Also I really want us to talk more I think you’re great


@luomoape DUDE!!! JUST!! You’re awesome, mkay! You can be an asshole like a lot but it’s okay cos you’re funny so I’ll let it slide just as long as you don’t insult tacos. Also you’re really crazy and fun to talk to

@mickelpickelvoiceacts you’re the best pickel ever!! And honestly really funny and weird and dude we need to talk more cos you seem lit!!!

@anheledir Ned you are by far my favorite bunny and I love yah!! You’re so sweet and awesome and you’re a drama king, but it’s okay cos I am too LOL. But anyways, I appreciate you!

@landsec YOU ARE MY LEGIT HISPANIC BEST FRIEND!!! LIKE Idk how to explain that but you know what I mean, and I appreciate that we can talk in spanish to each other and everyone else is just like “what the fuck are they saying” but yeah, I appreciate you

@andyourteeth Katie you’re awesome!! Like amaze balls awesome!! And even though we haven’t talked much just yet, I can tell that we are already great friends, you’re super talented and easy to talk to and I hope everyone thinks the same.

@thewinterbunny you’re the best!!! I honestly love talking with you and also RPing and you’re just awesome dude!!! You’re also crazy talented and unlike most who get intimidated or jealous I’m just over here like “I love and support you and please have some tacos” cos you is the best!! #AppreciateAndRespect

but yeah Imma do more, I can’t remember all of you off the top of my head but just know I will do a post for you too, hehe once I remember where I left my pants…. 


I come back from work after 5 hours…. and someone tells me… THESE TWO DORKS ARE ACTING IN A WEBDRAMA TOGETHER?!?!?!

It’s like one of those impossible dreams I’ve always had that NBin would be in a drama together and omfg… the impossible became possible and I’m spazzing so fk’n hard and crying. (someone stop the tears)

I don’t care if they get love interest or play as rivals. I just want those behind the scenes !! LOL I can already smell the bromance! *cries harder*

Kong will NEVER escape Hakyeon and they will always be together forever ! 

*sings* You are my destiny ~ 


Drama aside, here’s Jayne! I still can’t entirely tell what his eye color is–quick poll, is that grey or a really light blue? His dad’s are grey and Mara’s eyes are light blue. His look like both to me depending on the lighting.

His face is real cute. I can already tell he’s mostly going to take after Ben, but that’s okay. He’s outgoing, extremely neat and active, and very serious and grouchy.

anonymous asked:

In the sneak peek: Is it just me, or does Sam not answering seem very much like he doesn't agree with Dean? Like when Dean says "That wasn't Cas last night." Sam doesn't agree. He doesn't disagree, but he doesn't agree either. It's almost like Sam thinks that Cas was doing everything of his own free will, but doesn't want to say it out loud because he knows it will hurt Dean's feelings.

Yeah - we don’t know if this is how the scene starts although to me the close up on Dean’s hands seems like an intro - or it’s going to be even more telling in the episode if they use it as a reaction shot. Like. Too telling. (sometimes they crop these things of some chatter or silly set up so it’s hard to judge exactly and these clips aren’t picked by the show as far as I recall - @justanotheridijiton could tell you more but I think it’s the CW pr person who gets sent the episode to pick from) 

So if not we’re being dropped right into this conversation in the real episode as well we might not be given a reason why they’re talking like this, but it certainly LOOKS like they’re at least starting from a prompt where Sam’s taken one stance, or walked into it (like that line where he talked about Cas’s body as an “it” in 11x18) and we start with Dean on the defensive about Cas.

Honestly stressing the point like this for Dean with analysis that matches what we’re saying makes me feel like the show is going to at least temporarily show stuff that makes it feel like Dean might be wrong, although he makes incredibly good points, she says having said these exact things about Cas after the episode aired, so I feel like as usual Dean’s sense of what’s what will bear out and this might just be something he struggles with. 

But yeah, Sam at the start of that conversation really doesn’t want to share, either because he would normally talk devil’s advocate what ifs but is having to stop himself putting his giant moose foot in his mouth any more than he apparently already has before this section starts, or he has thoughts which he feels are not going to go over at all well with Dean. In 11x14 he tried talking to Dean that it was Cas’s choice to be/remain possessed by Lucifer, and Dean still threw himself into half a dozen episodes of save Cas overdrive. Sam being objective about it or feeling like Cas may have been genuinely swayed just on a “yeh good point” level, might not do much good when Dean is passionately arguing Cas can’t be Cas.

(I think they’re both going to be wrong and right - I’m not sure how it will play out but I think the “control” is much more subtle than that and nothing is turning Cas into a puppet, so much as affecting him emotionally and while it’s changed him dramatically in beliefs and confidence, I think he’s still going to feel like Cas still inside, and think he has choice in his actions - only they’re going contrary to everything he was literally 5 minutes before the power up. Figure that will cause plenty of drama when they meet up with him next; I can already taste him telling Dean he’s not controlled and he’s doing exactly what he wants to do. Well, yeah, because it made him want it, but he might FEEL like he has agency.)

hi you lovely person

Dibidibidis my name Erin and im 17. help i need to stop , im actually so cringy please help

im not cool at all (idec but i should probs let you know) but i like to make people smile, i think im funny but im actualy so not.. atleast i can laught at myself haha.

I’ve done this so many times before and even if the friendships dont last (R.I.P) its so fun meeting new people. anyway im gonna tell you about some of my favourite things and if we have something in common i would love for you to contact me!!

the most important thing that i love is SHINee!!! if you are a Shawol please please please message me i propbably already love you.

i like all K-pop tho

i also love K-dramas

if you couldnt already tell i love korean culture, i dont think its perfect but i love learning about it (im not one of those kids), its just so interesting and i think the language is beautiful, im trying to learn it but im not very good.

im also a big fan of skin care and makeup, im actually currently training to be a makeup artist and i love it so much

i love to travel and learn about diffrent cultures

i also love vintage things and old music

okay so this list is a mess but whatever, if you like any of thsese things please contact me i really want to meet a friend who i really click with. also be prepared to be spammed with SHINee memes and gifs.

i would prefer it if you were around my age so 16-19 maybe??

i am aware that there is a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes in this but im prcrastinatiing and rushing this because i actually need to get some course work done today!!!

goodbye my lovely lil freaks i am looking forward to hearing from you!

my email is: berin68@ yahoo.com

thank you for reading this hot mess xxxxx

Well damn, I wish I had found out about this thing a bit earlier, this looks awful. Ugh, I had actually visualized very very different clothes, especially for Asami, and why not, have her wear pants and an nice jacket. They suit her so well.

ANYWAY. Canon couple yay!

I have to admit, being a fan of Avatar - The last airbender, I was terribly disappointed by all four seasons of Korra. Like, really really disappointed. I actually stopped watching during de second season (I can tell you that the precise moment I closed the window was when Korra, having magically forgotten about her break-up with Mako for various non-plot reasons, glomped-kissed him after coming back). GAH! Man, really? Wasn’t there already enough stupid romance drama shit going on?

Moving on. I recently watched season 4 and 3 (yes, in that order). And besides the numerous plotholes and bad 3D, it’s better than I thought. Still bad, but better.

And as much as I liked the fact that Korra and Asami end up as a real canon couple, I am then again disappointed by how they decided to show it. I had to read official posts by the makers to be sure that it was real, and not just some fan-shipping. Really? Is that all you could do? You’ve been showing hetero couples AND non-couples kissing all over your show, and THEY ONLY GET TO HOLD HANDS AND LOOK EACH-OTHER IN THE EYES FOR LESS THAN FIVE SECONDS?

Fuck You Negan!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader 

Requested: anonymous asked - can i get a castiel x reader where he’s human and reader teaches him how to do things like a human and he ends up watching TWD with you, all seasons, and instead of focusing on the show he’s watching you get so into it? and then major fluff, do whatever you want after that idk cuddling maybe? a kiss? lots of fluff please 

Warning: fluff, some angst, TWD spoilers 


A/N: I switched it up a little, I hope you don’t mind! I cried a little writing this only because I still have not yet gotten over either Abraham’s and Glenn’s death. 

It took you two days to convince Castiel to have a TV series marathon with you. He kept asking what six whole seasons of The Walking Dead would do in order to teach him how to be human. You would always groan at him and Dean would bud in and say, “Television series is what forms a relationship; you take interest in a show and someone else likes that same show, it becomes a topic to talk about and something you both have in common – and, oh look, a friendship starts to blossom.”

Sam would hear Dean’s comment and would have to state his own, “A television series is what defines a person. You find out what a person takes interest in, you can already tell what kind of person they are. Take Y/N for example, she likes The Walking Dead–“

“Loves!” You would cut him off as he rolled his eyes and continued speaking.

“–she loves The Walking Dead. What does that say about her already? That she takes an interest in horror and is not afraid of a little blood and gore. Which could possibly mean that she’s sassy, quite opinionated and isn’t much for drama. I only figured that out because I caught her watching season three when we first met and she was cheering for Rick to kill Shane.”

“Oh great!” You yelled, “You just spoiled the second greatest part of season two!”

Castiel would stare at them both like their words just went in through one ear and out the other. You had spent another hour after that trying to reason with him, promising to do anything he wanted if he watched the show with you. And eventually, he gave in. He came to your room that night with popcorn in one hand and two beers in the other. You only squealed when he silently agreed to have a marathon with you.

“Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Six days later and you were watching Last Day on Earth, the last episode of season six, whilst eating some popcorn. You had seen this episode over three times already, but every time, it made you want to tear up. You were going to lose one of the eleven characters that you had grown so damn attached to, so you were allowed to cry. Season seven would be airing live in two hours and you were growing anxious at the thought – you were so damn nervous and Castiel could practically taste the fear radiating off you.

“Why are they blocking the road?” Castiel asked, frowning at the situation.

“Just keep watching,” you mumbled, shoving more popcorn into your mouth.

Castiel had taken a major interest in the show. He even cried a little when Hershel and Beth died. It was amusing to see him grow so attached to the characters like you did, watching his every reaction to each scene. He even had begun to ship Rick and Michonne by the fourth season. Sam and Dean were both shocked when Castiel stated that he loved the show and wished he didn’t shut you down every time you tried to convince him to watch.

Your heart clenched when the group starting hearing the Savior’s whistles and you decided to look over at Castiel. He was anxiously biting his fingernails as he leaned forward, slightly shaking with fear for the group. His eyes darted across the screen, panicking when the group realised they were trapped. You knew the next scene was going to be hard for him, so you reached forward and grabbed his hand, holding it tightly.

He glanced over at you, squeezing your hand, before looking back at the screen. You had never seen Castiel so focused within the many years you had known him. And once Negan showed, his grip on your hand tightened, and he mumbled profanities to himself.

“Why does he have a baseball bat with barbed wire?”

You hushed him each time he asked questions, little whimpers leaving his mouth as Negan continued to speak. He let out a muffled sob when Negan threatened Maggie’s life and Glenn screamed in protest, his head falling back as he tried to hold back the tears. But he turned his gaze back to the TV just as Negan begun saying “Eney, meeny, miny, moe.” And Castiel’s hand flew up to his mouth as another sob left his mouth, watching each character come into view with the bat in their face.

“Why would you do that to me?” He yelled as Lucille came in contact with one of the members of Rick’s group, “Who did Negan kill!”

He stared hopelessly at the screen when it ended, tears streaming down his face.

“Part of me wants to fuck him,” you sighed, “but the other part really wants him dead.”

He looked over at you with disgust written in his features, pulling his hand out of your own.

“You will not be participating in any sexual activities involving Negan,” he growled, sitting back against the bedhead.

You giggled at his protective manner, leaning your head against his shoulder. He wiped the tears away from his face with the back of his hand as he stared at the now blank screen. Castiel sighed as he leaned his head against yours, his hands resting in his lap.

“Don’t worry,” you patted his thigh, “only an hour and a half until we find out who he kills.”

“I don’t think I’m ready.”

You smiled sadly before sitting up and grabbing your laptop from your bedside table, opening up YouTube. Deciding to lighten to mood a little, you searched for The Walking Dead vines, which always seemed to make you happy whenever you were down. You pressed on one of the videos, sitting back and leaning against Castiel’s arm.

“I don’t get his,” Castiel spoke as a vine of someone screaming “yes” to undeniably sexy pictures of Norman Reedus.

You laughed and shook your head, “they’re screaming because he’s one sexy bastard.”

Castiel remained silent as the video went on and your giggles grew louder with each passing vine. His attention wasn’t on the tiny screen anymore; instead, he was fixated on you. Your eyes were wide and wondrous as your gaze stayed focused on the laptop screen. He hadn’t felt this feeling before, so he felt confused when looking at you made him want to grab your face and kiss you until both of your breaths were lost.  

His ears tuned into the beautiful sound of your laugh whilst cutting out the rest, he continued to watch as your cheeks grew red from smiling too much. It made him smile. Your hand was resting on his thigh, fingers absentmindedly drawing patterns. He brought the arm that your head was resting on over your shoulders, making you snuggle down further on the bed and rests your head on his chest. Your arms wrapped around him tightly, now drawing patterns on his stomach whilst his fingers drew some on your back.

It stayed like that for another hour. He watched you whilst you watched vines. In thirty minutes, you’d both be in the lounging area stealing the TV away from Dean. But right now, you had shut your laptop and looked up at Cas to see him already looking down at you. He had a smile on his face that made you blush.


“Can I kiss you?”

Your eyes widened in shock as you stared at him completely muddled. Why would he want to kiss you? That was extremely random of him to ask. Then again, Castiel asked random things all the time.


He looked as if he was trying to find the right words to say, searching his mind for a good reason. A few minutes of silence went by before he spoke again.

“Dean said if I ever felt the urge to kiss someone, I should do it. It means I feel something for them,” he watched you as he spoke, taking in your reaction, “I have been wanting to kiss you since the moment you fought Dean for a slice of his pie.”

You only smiled as you leaned up to kiss the corner of his mouth. You were going to pull away but his hand grabbed the back of your neck and his lips were soon planted on yours. A satisfied hum left his mouth as your lips moved in sync, his hands wrapping themselves in your hair, pulling your head back slightly.

You spent fifteen minutes making out with the man who lost his grace, before pulling away and smiling up at him. He had managed to get you on your back as he hovered above you, hands wandering over one another’s body. But now it was time to get ready for the premiere and he whined at the loss of contact.

“We’ll continue you this after the episode,” you grinned, placing a chaste kiss to his lips, “I need to know who that dick kills.”

But neither of you returned to the task after the episode ended, you were both too distraught to continue. Castiel’s heart had broken when he watched your reaction to seeing Abraham die, tears welling in his own eyes when Abraham held a final peace to Sasha. But it was worse when Glenn’s death came around; you had screamed causing the Winchesters to race in and see what had happened.

“Fuck you Negan!”

Castiel heart clenched when you screamed that, and realised how truly connected you got with the characters in the show. He could practically hear your heart shattering as you dropped onto the floor in front of the TV. Sam and Dean watched you with concern; they hated seeing you like this. Nobody dared to say that it was just a show because in reality it was much more than that. It was something that connected with others. You grow so emotionally invested in a show or even a book and you can’t help but feel empty when death takes away a character you grew attached to.

So for the remainder of that night, Castiel laid in bed with you as you tried to process the fact that you lost two great characters.

“Do you still want to get physically involved with him?” Castiel asked, hoping he’d get a smile from you.

He received a giggle from you as you looked up at him and smiled softly.

“No,” you sighed, “I have you for that.”

Castiel blushed as you sleepily kissed his cheek, bidding him goodnight as he held you closer to his warm body. After watching you sleep peacefully, being certain that you were safe and content, he, too, fell into slumber with a smile on his face.