i can already see where this shit's going

I’m really interested to see how Max and El’s friendship and dynamic is gonna play out just because the two of them really are different sides of the same abuse. With El it was the lab, and we that it affects her in the way where she closes herself up and she’s quiet and kinda internalizes her emotions. We don’t really know much about Max yet, but we can already tell that there’s definitely going to be some shit with her parents and/or Billy, and we see she’s definitely gonna internalize her emotions too, just in a different way. She’s gonna be a much more abrasive and loud person, and she’s gonna put up a rough exterior towards everyone. Max and El have both been through really similar traumas, but they’re gonna have pretty contrasting personalities– but both of which are effects of their traumas. I’m just really looking forward to seeing how their dynamic works together and watching them bring out contrasting parts of themselves

me reading Carry On
  • me: simon
  • me: i like you
  • me: you're fucking in love with baz
  • me: dude
  • me: how can you not see?????
  • me: BAZ
  • me: i love him
  • me: ohmYGOD adfja;sldkfja;lsdalkjsdf;lakjsd;f
  • me: you kiss already
  • me: ...
  • me: yes
  • me: simon you go boy
  • me: yesyesyesyesyes
  • me: wow i think i know where this is go-
  • me: holy shit
  • me: that is so fucking cool
  • me: finally
  • me: is this really the end?
  • me: no
  • me: i need more of simon and baz and the world of mages and everything
  • me: give me
  • me: *lies on bed for three hours straight*
  • me: man this book is amazing
  • me: .....
  • me: *repeats everything*

Yuki through the stages. 
From January 2015 - May 2016.
Been through so much with this car, money, tears, sweats and memories. At one point I was thinking about selling her, but I realize it wasn’t worth it because I had already put so much into her that I just decided to keep her and I’m happy with her, through all the anger of being in a hit and run 2 times, being in accident to the times where I just drive the shit out of her. I love my car and I built this car the way I wanted it with help of friends and I will never build it to the liking of someone else. I just can’t wait to see where I go with her next. 

but imagine Calum coming to work for your family over the summer because he needs a job and your dad knows his dad so your dad hires him to do like landscaping and lawn maintenance or some shit idk but he also cleans your pool! and you’re always laying out and getting your tan on and you moved your favorite chair so that you can always see him (unless he’s in the front yard) but like he’s already so tan and he just get more tan because he works with his shirt off and he gets all sweaty while he’s cutting your grass and idk pruning your hedges and shit and yeah idk where I was going with this but it probably ends with him fucking you in the shed where you keep the pool net idk

Reasons why I'm wearing my makeup to bed tonight

•in case my house burns down and the hot fire fighter comes
•to either scare or stun a Bulger with my beauty/ugliness
•if I have to flee the country I’ll have the “messy but somewhat pretty” look or “she’s so hung over” look (hoping its the 1st one)
•to Snapchat in the morning how wearing makeup to bed is a bad idea
•to see the awesome face print it’ll leave on my pillow
•if I wake up to a camera crew in my room
•so I can say “I woke up like this”
•to laugh at myself
•this is like good reasons then bad idk where this is going
•in case a hot guy randomly comes to my house super early in the morn. And brings me coffee and donuts
•if a spy comes and is all like “welcome to the CIA or some shit”
•if I die in my sleep I already look fab and won’t have someone mess my “look” up
•if it starts raining men
•because I’m too damn lazy to take it off

“What is it you want to show me Jean?”

“Just go to my room and you’ll see,” Jean told Marco as he was looking through his dog’s toy pile, confused on where the carrot toy went.

Marco shrugged and went as Jean instructed.

After another minute of searching, he finally gave up. “Where the heck is it? Oh well, I can focus on that later. Time to surprise Marco with that chocolate i bought for him.”


Hearing his name, Jean looked up in confusion and worried Marco already found them. “Shit.” He sprinted to the bedroom and saw Marco beaming brightly as he saw him enter.

“Oh Jean, she’s perfect!”

“… Hah?”

Marco looked back at the bed, prompting Jean to look as well.

In the middle, was a tiny rabbit, dozing away while clinging to the carrot toy. Jean stood there baffled, wondering how it got inside.

“I love her,” Marco squealed as he cupped his cheeks.

“Marco… that’s not…” Jean tried to tell him that wasn’t the surprise, but could’t as the other boy bounced in glee.

Something i drew for my friend @dianeofarc ^^

You know for the past two years I’ve read about toxicity and if there are negative people in your life, just let them go. And I always used to think “but these are my friends who I’ve known my whole life. I can’t just do that.” But now I understand. You just get to this point that, yeah, they’re you’re friends I guess, but they don’t offer any positivity to your life. They only drag you down, and even though you’ve tried to be there for them and help them, they honestly don’t give two shits if you’re there or not. So yeah, I’m finally done. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can let go of those negative people in my life, even though a year ago I was so scared I was going to lose them. I had already lost them though, I just couldn’t see it. If people want to be in your life, they will. Otherwise, let them go.