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We Are Young: Chapter 1

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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“Coach is going to kill you.”

Aelin had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. She glanced over at Nehemia, but the dark skinned beauty was too busy backing into a parking spot of the school parking lot to pay her any attention.

Uncle Orlon,” The car came to a stop and Aelin sent Nehemia another pointed look - “Isn’t going to kill me for added a little extra sugar in my coffee.” A pause. “Uncle Weylan might though.”

“There are several things wrong with your statement,” Lysandra spoke up from the back of the car. She leant forward to look at herself in the rearview mirror, fixing her hair as she spoke. “One, you got a gingerbread latte and added three extra packets of sugar. I wouldn’t call that ‘a little’. And two,” Lysandra turned, sending Aelin a deadly smile. “Coach Weylan will definitely kill you when he finds out.”

If he finds out.” Aelin smirked, taking a big sip of her over sugared drink.

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anonymous asked:

Alright wayhaught prompt coming at ya. Nicole has to go undercover on some case she's working on and she has to dress up all sexy and when waverly sees the outfit for the first time she gets like super turned on

She’s used to Nicole wearing her uniform, and she’s used to Nicole’s casual wear.

She’s used to her in dresses, and she’s used to her in… well, nothing.

So Waverly figures, if she can handle working alongside Nicole in those boots and that hat and that belt; if she can handle fighting alongside Nicole in that dress while punching homophobes and saving her sister and the town; then she can handle Nicole wearing… well, anything.

What she’s not prepared for is Nicole in a full-out suit.

She’s not prepared for Nicole in a femmey black suit that hugs her body just right, complete with a sleek black skinny tie. 

She’s definitely not prepared for that.

Even though they’d talked about it. 


“You know I don’t like the idea of using you for bait on this mission. Or any mission. But since Dolls and Wynonna seem to think it’ll be fine – “

“Because it will, Nicole – I can handle myself, you know that – “

“I do, baby, of course I do. I just don’t like dangling you in front of lesbian demons.”

Waverly grinned even as Nicole flinched.

“God, you homophobe,” Waverly joked, and Nicole shook her head.

“Yeah, that could have come out better, huh?”

She flinched again, and Waverly laughed. The laughter lit Nicole up, inside and out.

“So punny, Officer Haught,” Waverly leaned in for a kiss. Nicole returned it with a grin, but sobered pretty quickly.

“But I’m serious, Waves. You know I’ll be there undercover to protect you – not that you need it, I know, I’m just saying, a little backup never hurt anyone – but you need to act like you don’t know me. Really, Waverly. Everything hinges on that.”

Waverly saluted and Nicole melted.

“I’ll be the best bait you’ve ever had,” Waverly promised.

But that was before she saw… this outfit.

This outfit that stops her heart and makes her mouth dry and makes her wish more than anything else in the world that they were back in her bed, or right on top of the pool table, or in this dingy bar bathroom… anywhere, really, but on an undercover mission where she has to pretend not to even know her.

“Dolls,” Waverly wires in, moving her lips as little as possible. “I’ve got a bit of a problem in here.”

“What is it, babygirl? Need me to come in and – “

“Wynonna, she was calling me, would you let me – “

“She’s my sister, Dolls, I – “

“Um, guys? If I were in actual danger, it’d probably be too late to save me now.”

“Right. What’s the problem, Waverly?”

“No one briefed me on… um… Nicole’s… outfit. How am I supposed to pretend to flirt with some lesbian demon when Nicole looks like… that?”

She hears Dolls groaning and Wynonna snickering.

“Keep it in your pants, Waves, and you can take hers off all you want when you get home safe and sound, okay?”

“Wynonna!” Waverly hisses, pretending to cough into her drink gently so no one would notice her lips moving. “Not helping.”

“Deal with it, Earp. Keep the comm line open for emergencies only, understood?” Dolls tells her.

“Have you seen Nicole in this outfit? It is an emergency,” Waverly mutters, but Dolls has already cut the comm.

She rolls her eyes, sips her drink, and tries to figure out the best way to be subtle about turning around to just… watch Nicole.

Because if she can’t have her right here and now, at least she can look.


But it turns out that what she sees is her girlfriend surrounded by women.

Very attractive women.

Her face falls.

She doesn’t know how Nicole sees her – if Nicole remembers she exists – because her attention seems so focused on entertaining the women around her. But she does see Nicole take out her phone, and a few moments later, her own buzzes.

She picks it up irritably.

I only have eyes for you, baby. This is only the mission. I can’t wait to take you home tonight. 

Waverly nearly melts off her bar stool, and she watches Nicole let herself catch her eye. She winks, soft, subtle. Perfect.

She gulps and she sits a little taller.

She’s the one who gets to take Nicole home tonight. 

The one Nicole wants to take home tonight.

She licks her lips and tries to wipe the goofy grin off her face.

She can hardly wait.


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SMUT AHEAD… You’ve been warned

“Shhh…” Jaebum chuckled as you let out a loud moan.

You shuddered, wanting him so badly to continue his movements.

“Please, Jae,” you pleaded, rolling your hips up to show your neediness.

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anonymous asked:

can i request for bts reacting to their s/o having a kink for the boys moaning loudly??? thank you!

This request shaved five years off my life span. Credit to gif owners!

Requests are closed!

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Celebrate Good Times

You woke up to the constant dings and dongs your house was making. You buried yourself in your bed sheet hoping that whoever was at the door would grow tired of not being answered and would whoosh itself away. Sadly, whoever was ringing your door was too diligent at it and you found yourself stomping towards the door in your nighties.

“Stop! I’m coming already. Sheesh.” You mumble as you sleepily tried to find where your door was.

You checked your monitor and saw a delivery guy holding a bouquet of sunflowers. You squeaked and pried the door open. You signed the delivery form and took the flowers from the guy and said thanks. You were about to close your door when he stopped it from shutting.

“Wait. Don’t you want the others?” he asked.

“What others?” you asked him suspiciously.

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Quarterback Comeback - Chris Evans

Request: Okay so you wrote the Falcon fan story, think you can write one where the reader is a Patriots fan? Because if I had been at that game I would have been flipping out right along side him! & 

Request: Hey, do you think you can write a Chris Evans x Reader at the Superbowl, she’s also a Pats fan, and sooo much into the game. And they both yell the same thing at the same time and Chris notices her and like immediate crush, please?

A/N: Sorry if this is a bit cramped or any sort of football terminology is off, I tried to be accurate as I could. I even watched highlights of the game and went on the NFL website to look up the players, lmao. I hope this is good for both requests! Lots of love - R .x 

people: Chris!SuperBowl - Reader ft. Scott Evans & Jeremy Renner

warnings: nope.

“Yeah! Fuck yeah! Is this was euphoria feels like? Cause I’m high as a fuckin’ kite, that was sick, man!” You gave a double high five to Renner before turning to take a sip of your beer, which was missing. 

What the fuck, who takes a beer at the Super Bowl? Are we savages?

“Chris, I think someone stole my beer, Imma go get another-” Just as you were searching through your purse you glanced up at your boyfriend to see him frozen, with a beer situated right on his lips.

Popping up, you snatched your beer out of the thieves hands. Putting it on your other side knowing Renner would spit it out any of the beer if he decided to steal it. It was Bud Light and Renner was too fancy for that shit, so he says.

“Hey! Asshole! Ain’t you got millions? Get your paws off my drink!” I poked at Chris’s Patriot covered chest and saw those blue eyes begin their trick of puppy dog eyes, the ones I never could resist from him, ever.

“I thought we share now? Besides, it’s like God is upon us now! We have a fucking lead we’re so close, babe. We’re gonna win. I know it. Forget the beer we are going to be champions again-” We swing our heads as Scott yells out for us to look out onto the field- oh fuck.



You saw your second boyfriend (to be fair, Chris didn’t really care and actually would agree anytime you talked about how Tom’s ass looked damn fine in his uniform. 

“Are you two fuckin’ like psychic? What the hell?” You both turned to Renner and rose a brow to him,

“What do ya mean?” Chris took a swig of his own beer can, and let his eyes drift back and forth to the field as Brady got Pat’s for his slide into the 40-yard line.

“You two have been yelling the same thing at the exact same time for like twenty minutes, I’d think you’ll we’re from the shining if you guys weren’t fuc-” 

Punching his shoulder you just smirked at Renner and shook your head, “It’s called telekinesis, Jer. We get it whenever we watch sports. It’s like all of a sudden we share a brain-” You took a slow glare to Chris jokingly, “And apparently beer’s now too…”

Chris only laughed and grasped your waist, pulling you snug into his side as the team set up again. “You think they’ll come back from 3 to 28?” 

Scott asked nonchalantly, only to have you and Chris simultaneously tell him, “Yeah we fuckin’ arah! We turning this steamboat around.”

You giggled at this weird formation that only now you realized looked probably quite disturbing outside of your mind and Chris’s as well. “We’re weird, aren’t we?”

“Yup. Psychos whose team is about to lock this shit down.” You gave Chris a peck to his arm before turning back to the game, only to see a goddamn miracle happen as White took a dive, landing a touchdown but just inches.

“Yeah! Oh, my! God!” You and Chris looked at each other with eyes filled to the brim with joy. Except, normally the passion that was in between you was not because a sweaty guy just got sacked by a bunch of other sweaty guys and managed to still land a touchdown.

“Still worried we ain’t gonna win, Scottie?” You leaned over and looked at Scott as he gave you a fuck off smirk and shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Oh good, god. I’m gonna have to have to Chris’s in my life now? Is this what it’s gonna be like, every time the Patriot’s get to the Super Bowl? Because if so, I’m gonna start charging you both for my additional weekly therapy sessions.” 

Chris just laughed loudly, clapping his heads as he threw his head back, obviously getting a bit Drunk Happy. You just chuckled to yourself and downed the rest of my beer, setting it aside and focusing back on the game.


You knew they were going to make a comeback, it was what New Englander’s did. We turned around in the last moments and came together to fucking smash the glass ceiling every time. We never stop and we don’t even let our minds wander in the final hours of the game. To see the ball make it across the white line, and into the zone, landing us Patriots, another. Fucking. Win.

Confetti went off as you and Chris jumped up and down, high from the electricity in the air of fellow Bostonians and Englander’s cheering the team for their miraculous victory. “Oh my god! Yes! Yeah, yeah, yeah!” You shouted along with Chris as we roared with the fans. 

Taking in the victory of another win. Feeling Chris tug slightly on your arm made you turn towards him only to be picked up by the inward curve of your waist, and have a pair of beer tasting lips kiss you fiercely. Not bothering in holding back anything between you both as he kissed you with as much force as he could without pain. You draped your arms around his neck, letting your legs snake around his waist. Suddenly forgetting you were in public and people we most likely filming this. You frankly, give a damn, because your Quarterback was kissing from the victory. 

You almost pulled away from Chris with the love he poured into the kiss, feeling as if it was too much for your body to handle with all the excitement and beer running through you, right now. He pulled his head away and gave a dreaming, toothy grin that made you giggle softly into his neck while leaned in. You embraced the teddy bear of a man while swaying together back and forth in almost a hypnotic motion. Letting the cheers take you both different places. It was weird looking at everyone jumping and screeching, yet you’d just been that person who was tugging at their hair, grabbing anyone in sighting to tug them towards the scene below you, or even just shouting fuck over and over.

You couldn’t help but chuckle at the chaos that surrounded you both, and the euphoria that laid in between are bodies, almost like we found a transportation device and we’re no longer at the stadium. We’re just together, loving one in another in a celebration of joy and love. After the last year, this win felt more than a victory for the Patriots, it felt like a win for you and Chris, personally. 

After the fights that you both went through together, united as one for the injustice that America was receiving these days, and much more to come, it sucked to believe tomorrow would resume normally. You kept in mind that in this moment, confetti popped and fell all around us, some catching even in your tangled locks.

“I mean, I hate to say this, Scott, but look how cute the Shining twins are? It’s like a football romantic dramedy!” Chris’s friend John teased you both as he pointed his camera towards us both, making Scott laugh and swat at John’s camera 

“Hey! It’s only during football season we become one. The rest of the time we are in a war together on who is better than the other at what. Let’s be honest, babe. I’m better, always.”

You slapped Chris on the chest and giggled, taking his unfinished Bud light from behind him, and slowly bringing it to your lips, “You keep telling yourself that, Buddy Boy. Just remember that we have film age of me kicking your ass all the way to Colorado in table tennis.”

“Shots already fired and we aren’t even out of the damn stadium yet!” Scott groaned, smacking his hand to his forehead. Jeremy let out a gruff laugh and patted my back as you situate yourself back on the ground again, fixing your top that had risen slightly.

“Congrats Scott on your newest sibling!” Jeremy teased to across at Scott who was smiling and shaking his head. “I’m in for a new hearing aid when they have a baby and becomes the ultimate super pat’s fan. Can you imagine?”

“Yes, I can, dork! And she’s also part of the team and is alongside all the best players and has gotten twenty super bowl rings so yeah!” You smiled at Chris delicately, as if he was suddenly made of glass. His voice never wavered when he replied to Scott, meaning he’d thought about our daughter in the NFL before. Not just making it up right now.

“Hmm, Baby Evans, Quarterback for the Patriots and winner of… a noble peace prize! I like that, babe. Let’s go start planning her future college fund, right now! Well, after we celebrate, then we can start her college fund and map out where she’ll play in college…”

Chris smiled and jumped for joy like a jumping bean suddenly made its way into his heart. Chris couldn’t help but dream about the perfection of you and him, crossed together to make the most amazing human being.

Chris knew that whatever gender, whatever personality, they’d have a Quarterback baby. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world to think about, though. He couldn’t help but smile more and more at the thought of a baby Evans wandering around during a future Super bowl, with a tiny Brady jersey on during the game.

Something to look forward too, in the next few years. 

At least that was Chris’s hope.

I can’t keep my Chris!Dad feels down, guys!!! I mean like look below, COME ONNNNN! They always come out in my writing, lol. I hope you enjoyed it! 

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First Kicks (ROMAN REIGNS)

Originally posted by lilkamz

Anon requested Reader feels her and Roman’s twins kick for the first time when they hear his voice while backstage at Raw (for @carolamicheals also since she wanted anything RomanxReader for her pregnancy request) anybody peep that butt tap tho? 🤗


Reader is 5 ½ months pregnant with twins, expecting for the first time with husband Roman: PREGNACY FLUFF




“You’re gonna name one of the twins, Jimmy, through right?” Roman’s cousin and one half of the Uso, asked me in a kinda hushed tone.

His twin brother Jey, came over playfully pushing him to the side. “Fuck off.” He grinned. “If anything she’s naming one of them Jey. Besides her and Roman do like me better.”

I giggled thinking about what kind of family I married into.

These two can be so crazy at times.

“I’m not naming anyone of me and Roman’s babies after the two of you.” I smiled placing my hand on my pregnant belly. “If anything I’m naming one after Roman. And Jey…” I said pointing at him. “Stop cursing around them. I don’t want them to hear such language.” I finished as well all laughed.

After a few minutes of silence Jimmy spoke up again. “But I’m just saying though…” He started and I playfully rolled my eyes following it up with a groan, already knowing where this was going. “If you name one after Ro, that still leaves one to be named after me.”

Instead of responding I put a finger to my mouth with another smile, as I heard my husband’s voice come from the tv backstage.

Roman was a guest on MizTv and if I’m being honest, he was looking extra good while sitting there letting his cockiness flow free.

I love that man so much, I sighed to my self.


Towards the end of MizTv I felt something that I’ve never felt before.

I gasped when I felt it again, placing my hand on my belly tears immediately fell from my hazel green eyes. “Oh, my…” I mumbled, about to get up, one hand still on my belly, as I pushed myself up with the other.

I knew Roman was still in his segment with Mis but by the time my pregnant self finally gets there he should be done.

“Whoa, whoa. Easy.” Jey said walking over and stopping me. “Careful.” He added, helping me straighten up.

Jimmy must have caught on too, rushing to my side. “Bathroom?” He asked.

I looked at him in disbelief. Would I be crying cause I had to pee? I know my pregnancy hormones are off the charts sometimes but still.

“No. I need Roman.”

Jimmy motioned to his twin as if telling him to go find my husband. “I’ll stay with here.” He said a loud trying to ease me back down.


Not even 5 minutes later Roman came rushing through the doors and over to my side.

“Babe. Jey, said you were crying. Is everything okay?” He looked down at my belly. “Is the boys okay?” He asked his worry even more evident than before.

I nodded happily with a smile, taking Roman’s hand, I placed it a little lower to where he could feel it also. “Say something Rome.” I urged him.

Roman raised one eye at my demand. “Y/N what’s going–” He stopped as he felt it to. “Babe, they’re…?” He trailed off as if at a lost for words.

“They’re kicking.” I finished for him. “The first one was right after we heard you on tv.” I hit his bicep, my mood changing instantly. “See Rome I told you they can here, in the womb. My baby book wasn’t stupid so after all.”

I watch as my husband’s face lit up. “This is unbelievable.”

He placed a kiss on my lips and as we pulled away I looked down talking to our boys.

“I love your daddy’s voice too.” I admitted winking at my husband.

The Uso’s who had been quiet letting us enjoy our moment, up until now came over.

Jey congratulating both, Roman and I.

Then there was Jimmy. He kneeled down in front of me. “It would’ve been cool if one of you got excited from my voice.” He said with a cute pout.

“Jimmy, leave my boys alone.” Roman chuckled taking Jimmy’s place after he had gotten up.

“Babe, tell him to leave me alone too.” I said pouting. “He’s been harassing me every since you left about naming one of our babies after him.”

Jimmy gasped as if offended I told on him. “I have not.” He lied when Roman looked at him.

I giggled. “Jimmy, don’t lie.”

suicide squad as i would have written it:

cut out the enchantress entirely. totally unnecessary. we can keep rick flag. actually for the squad we should only have: harley quinn, deadshot, killer croc, captain boomerang, and el diablo. so the original setup is fine. whatever. but the villain shouldn’t be enchantress and her weird brother, but it should be: the joker

i can already hear you all groaning. remove jared leto from the equation for a moment, and bear with me. the joker cant find harley. the joker loves harley. not as person loves a person, but as a megalomaniac loves their most prizes possession. harley is his queen, the best thing he’s ever stole. he won’t let her be taken from him. so he starts just – killing people, bombing shit. he can’t find her and he’s furious. he demands her back, says he’ll destroy this whole damn world if they don’t give her back. because amanda waller is INSANE she sends the squad after him.

so rick flag has been given the leash to people he REALLY DOESN’T WANT TO HAVE LEASH FOR. but what’s to make us give a fuck about this man now that his lady love isn’t thrown up all in this mess? this is where diablo comes in.

so in the movie they have diablo be this peaceful reformed whatever. yawn. i don’t want him to be ghandi. i want him to be SUICIDAL. i want him to try killing himself day after day, i want that fireproof room there because he spends hours trying to burn himself to death, but always failing, because fire won’t be the thing that kills him. he hates himself, hate what he’s done, he killed his wife and children. there’s no coming back for him.

so the threat of death won’t keep him in line, not like it will with the others. so that’s why amanda calls in rick. rick flag, not the enchantress’s lover, but rick flag – el diablo’s brother in law. rick says you’re going to save the whole goddamn world and follow my orders, because you OWE ME. you killed my sister and my niece and my nephew, and you don’t get to just die and join them, you asshole. you have to do your penance first. and diablo agrees.

note: harley and deadshot hate diablo. there’s bad people, and then there’s bad people. and it doesn’t really matter that he didn’t mean it, he killed his wife and kids. deadshot cares about nothing in this world more than his daughter, and all harley wants is to settle down and have a family. both deadshot and harley are itching to put a bullet in this guy, and rick finds himself in the unenviable position of having to protect the superpowered asshole who killed his sister from the other assholes he’s in charge of.

so harley and deadshot become fast friends, just like in the movie. and boomerang is an asshole, but he likes a good time, he likes an adventure. this is fun. so they all go after the joker, and you bet your ass that everyone is calling amanda waller ten kinds of idiot for sending harley in after the joker. but they’ve all  got explosives in their neck, and if they don’t follow orders they die. so harley is playing this delicate game of at least giving the appearance of following orders while the joker does a lot of background shit to get her off her leash so she can come home. so in the meanwhile they’re fighting their way through joker’s traps and his goons, which is especially hilarious because at least twice they catch sight of harley and either give up or just run away screaming. hey, just like amanda says: harley does everything the joker does, but backwards and in high heels. the last thing anyone in joker’s crew (her crew) wants to do is fight her. so they run. and this goes like it does, boomerang blowing shit up and crock being silent, and diablo quietly doing as he’s told while harley and deadshot keep on helping each other out and having each other’s backs. (side note: croc and diablo develop a broship. boomerang remains the comic relief and is treated as a beloved if rabid dog)

so deadshot choosing not to kill harley was nice and all. but how about:

joker gets rid of all the kill switches, just because its easier to take them all out than one. he comes to get harley, who’s so fucking down to go. but she looks at deadshot with some regret, because it’s been so long since she’s had a real friend. this is a mistake. the joker notices and is instantly jealous, instantly furious. harley’s appeal is that she loves him more than anything else, to the exclusion of everything and everyone. so he turns the tables, points a gun a deadshot and tells harley to shoot him. she doesn’t want to, tries to convince him to let it go. but he won’t, says if she doesn’t kill deadshot, he will, and then he’ll kill her. if she loves him, she’ll kill deadshot. and deadshot gets harley, he understands her. so he says it’s okay, he wasn’t that keen to returning to prison anyway. “just take care of her for me, okay?” he says, not being specific, but she knows. he’s saying to take care of his daughter, he’s willing to die by her own hand so she can be with the man she loves and after that he’s still trusting her with his kid, the person he loves most in the world. and deadshot is her friend, but joker is her everything. so she picks up her gun and pulls the trigger and –

– shoots the joker dead.

and she’s sobbing and tries to point the gun on herself, because she just killed the love her life, but deadshot stops her and saves her, and he’s shocked and the squad is shocked and amanda waller is fucking floored. harley quinn just killed the joker. batman owes her a fucking fruit basket. and harley says “you’re not going back to prison” and pushes deadshot in to the getaway helicopter, and smooths back joker’s hair and reaches for his gun to point it at herself again but deadshot yells her name and so she leaves it all behind and gets in the chopper.

and harley quinn and deadshot escape. they don’t go far, they stay in gothem. joker’s crew was her crew too, and none of them skip a beat when she retakes her mantel, deadshot at her side. they all knew how her and the joker were, and she killed him. if any of them were willing to cross her before, they aren’t now. and deadshot straight up kidnaps his daughter from her abusive mother, sends her to the best schools and lives in a nice house with her. and during the day he’s still an assassin, still kills on command – harley’s command, specifically. and harley comes to the house, and deadshot’s daughter loves her, and harley gets what she wanted, if not who she thought she wanted it with: a life of crime and a family to come home to, the two things she loves. harley and deadshot rule the streets their way, and no one’s really sure if they’re good guys or bad guys or what. and no one stops them. because harley quinn killed the joker, and for the good guys it’s out of a sense of gratefulness and for the bad guys its from a sense of wariness, because now they know, or think they know.

god help anyone who disrespects the queen.

(then they break everyone else out and splash suicide squad across the city, because they’re not the good guys, but to quote one of my favorite shows: sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get)

Roomies; Part 1

Pairings: Steve x Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff, sarcasm, second hand embarrassment, wanting

Word Count: 3,450+

Blurb: Tony fucks up, causing half the tower to relocate – you get to bunk with Steve for a few weeks.

You were sitting in the dining room, along with a few of the other Avengers. You were all talking and laughing when an explosion on the other side of the tower rattled through the building. You heard people screaming, glass shattering and then everyone was up and running out of the room.

Steve was in the lead, barking to FRIDAY. Before you could hear her reply Tony came over the PA system.

“Before anyone freaks out, I fucked up” he said, the group slowed to a steady walking pace. “All non-essential personnel please exit the building, anyone who currently lives in the tower, can you please meet me in the conference room now.”

You all headed for the conference room. There were already a heap of people in there, talking, yelling and groaning when you and the rest of the team arrived. Tony was standing at the head of the table; Bruce was sitting just beside him.

“Stark, explain!” Steve snarled as he entered the room, people parted like the Red Sea so he could stand and face off with Tony.

“Well, Bruce and I were testing out a new chemical compound and well, things didn’t go so well,” he started, before explaining what the chemical was for, how it was going to be used, and then what had happened and why the explosion occurred. “Now FRIDAY has scanned the building, no one was killed or injured, but –”

“You’re one lucky sonofabitch Stark” Bucky said plonking into a seat and putting his feet up on the table.

“But what, Tony?” Steve said.

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❝ I need you now ❞

Plot: It’s your first time with your boyfriend Taehyung and you’re scared because he’s experienced but you’re virgin. 

Pairing: TaehyungxReader 

Words Count: 2,3k+

Genre: Slightly smut/ Fluff

For Anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“Tae?!?!” Your voice echoed in the house, but there was no answer; “He said he would be here.. It’s weird.. ”  

The beep on your phone didn’t surprise you, it was a continuous buzz because of your part-time work, but it wasn’t the job that time, it was a message from your boyfriend who warned you would come home with a little delay.  

You smiled, it wasn’t a problem to reconcile time with his schedules, even because you needed a shower and a little space for you.  

Being the girlfriend of an idol was as strange as it was exciting. You even knew BTS before meeting Taehyung and now you were one of their most avid fans, always looking for information that could explain to you their music videos.  

By pulling the jacket off you walk towards the bathroom, dropping every garment in your passage, feeling much more free now that you had no more clothes on. Working and studying at the same time was tiring, but it was always nice to go home and know that your boyfriend would do everything to carve out some time for you.  

The water flowed into the shower, you took two minutes to find the right temperature, while with care and in front of the mirror you removed the makeup sighing repeatedly of pleasure. Another thing you hated was makeup, but as you worked in a cosmetics store, you were obliged to make makeup every afternoon. The joys of life, you kept repeating with a sarcastic tone into your head. Taehyung had repeatedly offered to help you financially in case you were fired, but you would never take advantage of his money, even if only on loan.  

Once in the shower everything all around you disappeared, the tinkling of the water on the shower tray lulled you gently and the water flowed over you, erasing every trace of fatigue accumulated throughout the day.  

You started humming an I.O.I’s song, almost moving your hips to the rhythm of the music that resonated in your head, without realizing that the door of your house had been opened and closed with a thump.  

“Jagi??” Taehyung’s deep voice failed to reach your ears, so he began to seek you first in the kitchen and then in the salon, but not to find you. But he smiled when he heard the noise of the water that flowed and taking his jacket off he approached the bathroom and came in trying not to make the slightest noise.  

Unaware of his presence you continued to hum, even if you were not the most in tune among the people, and he in the meantime enjoyed the panorama of your wet body through the glass of the shower.  

He had had an absolute respect of your times, your needs, and your desires because he was madly in love with you, but seeing your curves and your hand touching your skin slightly soapy had him turned on. He took a deep breath and without even taking off his clothes he opened one of the doors of the shower, entering and resting his chin on your shoulder making you completely shattered.  

“Taehyung!” You screamed throwing a nudge in the stomach, but not hurt him.

“Sorry, Jagi.. I didn’t resist, you’re so beautiful. ”  

“You said you’d be late…”  

“I got rid of it before, I needed to be with you.” He murmured by offering his square smile, which made you melt into his arms.  

If there was a thing of Taehyung you loved about, it was just his smile and how he wouldn’t stop smiling even in his worst moments.  

“Didn’t I bother you..? I mean the fact that you’re naked in the shower… ”  

“You’ve seen me naked…” You remembered him, turning and squeezing the flaps of his shirt starting to lift it. He lifted his arms at the same time, thus helping to parade it, leaving it to fall at your feet.  

“True.. But not so close and intentionally.. ”  

You watched him in the eye and you could read the desire burning in that look so that you feel a violent pang in your lower abdomen. You knew you’d never feel 100 percent ready, but at that moment your body and mind were completely in sync.  

You wanted to feel his for the first time, a thing that frightened and excited you at the same time.  

“There is always a first time, huh..?”  

He watched your lips as they moved slowly, licking his and nodding untreated understanding only after a few seconds the meaning of your sentence. His eyes were wide open and you smiled in seeing that blank expression drawing onto his face, cupping his face and approaching your lips to his.  

You touched his lips, without kissing him, breathing slowly and then slipping your hands from his face along his chest, stroking then his abdomen not too outlined.  

“To take a shower you have to be naked, Tae..”  

“Are you.. Are you s-sure..? ” He asked you, stuttering the last word and feeling almost guilty of putting you in that situation.  

“If I wasn’t sure I’d already let you out, don’t you think?” Your voice was sweet, as you came back to caressing his face and moving his wet bangs from his forehead. It was perfect and you still couldn’t believe it was your boyfriend.  

“True.. But not in the shower, I want you to be comfortable at least.. ” He murmured gently, taking you into his arm and carefully stepped out of the shower. He didn’t bother to drip on the floor, the only thing he wanted at the time was to make love with you.  

And the idea that it was your first time, that you had chosen him, made him feel even more electrifying and excited.  

On the way to the bathroom and your room, you hid your face against his neck, inhaling the scent of his skin mixed with that of your bubble bath, trying to calm the frantic beats of your heart. There was nothing that could help you, so you concentrated on him starting to kiss and suck a small flap of his skin. The groans that followed, which seemed very satisfied, only contributed to increase your desire for him and when you finally felt your sheets under your back, a little sigh of pleasure left your lips.  

“I have never seen anything so beautiful..” Taehyung couldn’t look away from your body while resting you on your bed and with his fingertips began to brush your skin.  

He began by slipping his fingers along your neck, remaining standing next to the bed, gliding slowly along the breast and dwelling on one of your brest, squeezing it in his big hand with delicacy. You slightly arching your back to that touch, making him smile and resume his “exploration”; his hand ended on your belly that he stroked amused for the little laugh that tore you, finally coming to his goal. With his thumb caressed your already sensitive clit, for you, they were new sensations and too intense to not feel pleasure with every touch, causing you a new wave of groans and swearing under breath that he could hear.  



“I don’t know if I resist..” Whispered with the voice tense and charged with lust; “I don’t know if I can resist for all foreplay.. I need you now. ”  

“Then don’t wait..” You begged him, and he nodded, simply. You watched him as he walked off his pants and boxers, leaving them on the floor, and he was about to get on the bed when he blocked and you just had a second to figure out why.  

“In the drawer..”  

“You have condoms in the drawer..?”  

“Sooner or later it would have happened..” You almost snort in total embarrassment, while he giggled and leaned towards your bedside table.  

“Are you sure ?” He asked you after a few moments, while he finally spits on the bed and settles above you after you have widened your legs.  

Forcefully you cupped his face in your hands, drawing him to you and holding a groan when, because of that movement, your bodies clashed. You looked at him in the eyes and kissed him. It was a quick kiss but full of meaning, for both.

“Do you like this answer..?”  

“If I hurt you have to tell me..” Taehyung was scared, but he would do anything to not hurt you.  

You nodded, settling better on the bed already feeling the sheets around you completely wet because of you, looking while with expert gestures he slipped the condom.  

Your only fear at that time was not to be enough, he had already had his experiences while you were a virgin. What if he didn’t like it? What if I ruined it? It was the thoughts that kept tormenting you, but when he lay his forehead against yours, forcing to look at him in the eyes, your mind emptied completely and only the thought of you two was left.  

“If you think it again I don’t even start.”  

“But how..?”  

“I don’t care if you’re a virgin Jagi.. For me it’s just an honor.. That you love me so much to give me all of you. ” His voice was loaded with love, and your shy smile made him smile, while he gently supported the tip of his dick against your entrance.  

“I love you Jagi.”  

“I love you too.”  

With his sweet smile as a panorama, you looked at him while he slowly penetrated into you trying not to weigh with his own body on yours.  

The first moments were of pure pain. Your walls had violently squeezed around his dick, most wanting to dismiss him and he blocked immediately seeing you agonizing beneath him.  


“D-Don’t worry.. J-Just give me a few minutes to get used to.. ” You stutter, trying to think of everything but pain, resting your hands on his hips looking for something to cling to.  

Your breathing was accelerated, while he kept standing still into you waiting for your nod to be able to move again. He bit his bottom lip with violence, worried about you and an idea popped into his mind. He gently started to leave little kisses all over your face. First, he caressed your forehead, then leave a little peck on the tip of your nose, on your cheeks, even on your eyes closed until he got to your lips.  

He smoothly touched your lips, almost as if he was scared to touch them, but then you felt his lips pressed strongly against yours, needy and warmth. Immediately you began to reciprocate that kiss, losing yourself in it and feeling the pang of pain inside you begin to fade.  

Your tongues touched and searched for each other almost convulsively while following your instincts you tightened his hips stronger and you lured him towards you. That little move provoked you the first real pang of pleasure in your life.  

You could feel it inside you and there was no better feeling.  

“Tae.. You can move.. ” You hummed against his lips once your kiss went to fade, both short of breath, smiling shyly.  

He nodded and slowly moved away with his pelvis from yours, but immediately returning to sink into you giving to both another wave of pleasure.  

Some small pangs of pain were still present, but by now you were completely abandoning yourself to those intense and violent sensations that have him inside you were provoking you.  

So it was that your bodies began to move in one way, he with slow and calculated movements pushed into you feeling at paradise, you followed his peace as best you could.  

The pleasure was continuous, intense and he began to bite and leave purplish marks on your shoulder and descending towards you neck, where he almost tortured your skin trying to conceal his own groans against it.  

“T-tae..” You stammered without understanding what was that strange feeling of warmth that began to accumulate inside you, almost as if you wanted to explode, going to stick your fingernails in your hips when he pushed inside of you with more force than normal.  


“Jagi is just your first orgasm.. Let y-yourself g-go ” he gasped breathless, lifting his face from your neck, to be able to look at the ecstasy that would take possession of your face when you would have reached your climax.  

He began to move his pelvis against your fastest, with more strength, feeling the sound of skin against skin echoing between you, and you can no longer hold that new and intense feeling that shook you.  

You arching your pelvis, screaming again his name, while your body began to tremble and being in a grip of small convulsions due to the orgasm. You were completely breathless, felt your muscles aching and your walls very tightly around his dick, which provoked, even more, pleasure while the orgasm was doing its course.  

“F-fuck.. I-I’m coming.. ” Taehyung was completely red in the face, because of the effort, while with one last thrust sank inside you and came into the condom, collapsing over your body completely breathless.  

Completely exhausted but happy you two tried to catch your breath, feeling his head on your chest that stood up and lowered almost frantically.  


“How do you feel..?” He asked immediately, raising his head though with some effort, looking carefully at you.  

You smiled at him, cupping his cheeks and slipped him slowly towards you. Your quick breaths melted together as you touched his lips with your own, without ever stopping to smile.  

“In Paradise. I made the best choice.. ”  

“In what sense..?”  

“To wait. Because I know I’ve waited the right person. ”


He was six years old the first time he’d heard it.

“Stephen!’ His mother had snapped as soon as she opened the door to her husband’s study.  “Stop annoying your father, he’s got important things to do.”

Steve had stopped dead in his tracks, his story about his new friend from school ending abruptly.  He’d glanced at his father, hoping to hear some dismissive words along the lines of “it’s not annoying,” but his dad had just glared at him.  Steve had quickly left the room, being shooed off to play with the nanny.

He never did end up finishing that story.

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office hours.

Professor!Spencer. You were a good student. And good students don’t have crushes on their professors and do not go home after class and think about doing unspeakable things with them.

the long awaited prequel to what I go to school for. y’all can thank @wheresthewater​ because I would have never written more Professor!Reid fics without Cori !!!

Originally posted by spencereid

When you decided to take Criminological Theory, you did so under the impression that it would be a breeze. After all, the material seemed easy enough and you’ve heard raving reviews about how easy Professor Hansen’s syllabus was. It didn’t help that he was also held in very high regards in the field and a glowing recommendation from him would take you place.

This was probably going to be of your favorite classes of the semester.

What you hadn’t expected was for him to take a sudden sabbatical, leaving you professor-less until an unknown just-graduated Professor Reid (who, despite your best efforts, absolutely cannot be found anywhere online except for a lengthy list of his credentials from MIT and CalTech) filled his spot at the last minute. The actual last minute, as in through email five minutes before you walked through the doors of the lecture hall.

Inwardly groaning, you chose a seat somewhere in the middle of the lecture hall for anonymity. The last thing you needed was an excited first-time professor calling on you to participate on the first day of class, after all. Your dreams of sailing through the semester and kissing up to a professor for that coveted recommendation had been dashed and now all you expected was to be bored out of your mind. That is, of course, until the new, absolutely gorgeous, professor walked in with his hair disheveled from the autumn wind and his tie, navy to match the cardigan he wore, crooked and a cup of coffee clutched in his hand like it was his lifeline.

Needless to say, you were suddenly determined to actually enjoy yourself.

“Good morning everyone,” he began, turning to the board to write some information down. “My name is Dr. Spencer Reid and welcome to Criminological Theory, CCJ 4014. I will be temporarily replacing Professor Hansen for the first half of this semester as he completes his sabbatical.”

You could spend hours listening to his voice, you decided.

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Cassian x Reader, Part 2

Title: Whatever It Takes Part 2 / AO3
Part 1: tumblr
Part 3: tumblr
Length: 9.5k
Rating: Mature for language, sexual content, and mentions of torture.
Summary: Reader struggles to cope in the aftermath of her torture and Cassian tries to understand why she keeps pushing him away. 
Masterlist / WIP List

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No Control | Chapter Seven


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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*WARNING: Major Smut Ahead; Daddy Kink*


“I want your cock, daddy, please,” I beg. My knees are already on the verge of giving out, and he hasn’t done more than spank me. I’m at the point where I don’t even need foreplay; this whole back and forth dirty talk has been foreplay enough.

“Just my cock, princess? Not my mouth or my fingers?” I feel his thumbs hook into the elastic band of my panties and peel them over my ass and down my legs. A groan rumbles through his chest. “Fuck. You’re dripping for me, pet.”

“Only you, daddy.” I can feel my arousal actually dripping down the inside of my thighs now, sticky and wet. I give out a startled moan when I feel Harry’s tongue drag up my right thigh, collecting what’s poured out of me. He stops just shy of my pussy, making me whimper and thrust my hips back to try to maintain contact.

He chuckles darkly at me. “You sure you don’t want my mouth on you, pet?”

“Please, daddy, just fuck me.”

Again with the hard smack to my bottom. I should be used to it at this point, but the thought of having those bruises left on me makes me yelp. “Good girls don’t curse, princess.”

“Sorry, daddy.”

“You’re forgiven; you didn’t know. Now, daddy’s gonna fuck you hard and fast. I’m not gonna hold back.” I hear the clinking of his belt being undone and the shuffling of fabric. I so badly want to see him naked again, but I wait for his instructions like he would want. “If I go too hard and you need me to ease up, say ‘yellow.’ If you need me to stop altogether, say ‘red.’ Do you understand, love?”

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About Last Night

They shouldn’t have slept together. But they did. Now for the aftermath.

Also on AO3/FF.NET 

unbeta’d. All mistakes my own…


A prompt from @distant-rose: best friends secretly pining plus locked in a closet by other frustrated, impatient and exasperated friends. A baby ficlet dedicated to @nickillian

Emma Swan: expert at running away from shit. That’s what her obituary would say.

And by shit it would mean anything remotely resembling a situation where her emotions would be exposed and she would get hurt. Which was why she was currently hiding in Mary Margaret Nolan’s den.

“I’m failing to see the problem,” the brunette mused over a steaming cup of tea.

“Ms - I slept with Killian.”

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I’m trying to study! Part 7

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Bucky x Reader College AU 

Catch up here!


Hey, darlings! GUESS WHO’S BACK? That’s right, it’s the awesome (late, forgetful, tired) me! I’m so sorry for the wait, but I hope you enjoy this part! Also, new fics coming out next week ^^

I present, part six!

Word count: 1736

Warnings: fluff!!!

The crisp, clean hospital air filled up your lungs as you stepped into the building. Looking around, you noticed the walls weren’t as bare as you imagined they would be; instead, the interior were filled with colourful paintings and children’s drawings. Vases of flowers were scattered on all of the coffee tables and the nurses bore cheerful, inviting smiles. For once in your life, you actually felt happy while being in a hospital.

Turning to face your boyfriend, you sent him a small, reassuring smile. His eyes flitted nervously to meet yours, small droplets of sweat visible on his forehead. Taking his shaking hand in yours, you squeezed tightly in an attempt to calm him.

Bucky released a breath, clearing his throat slightly. “Hey, uh… t-thanks for being here with me. It means a lot to me, I hope you understand.”

You chuckled, pressing your lips to his cheek. “You have nothing to thank me for. You know I adore your mom, so even if you didn’t want to take me with you, I’d either force you to or break in here.”

Bucky laughed, instantly seeming at easy. “You’re right. Thank you… you always have this unique way of helping me.” The brunet leaned forward slightly and a strand of chocolate hair escaped from his man bun and fell down the side of his face. Heart leaping, you reached up and tucked it behind his ear with a small grin. Bucky mirrored your expression. Holding your hand tightly, he walked down the corridor of the hospital, towards his waiting mother.

Winfred Barnes’ room was a splash of colour. A bouquet of vibrant tulips rested in a glass jar on the small bedside table, a bunch of red, green and blue balloons were tied to her bedpost and the curtain on the window was laced with pink and yellow ribbons. A few get-well-soon cards were taped above the bed and a Star Wars blanket was draped over the bed, Han Solo’s handsome face staring out of it.

Winifred herself looked much better than you expected. She wasn’t hooked up to any machine and she looked like she normally did, except for the slightly pale shade of her face. As soon as she saw you and Bucky entering her room, a large smile spread out across her face and she extended her arms out invitingly. Bucky let go of your hand and immediately rushed to his mom’s side, enveloping her in a tight hug.

“Gosh, James!” She chuckled. “I can’t breathe!”

Bucky laughed and let go of her carefully and glanced back at you, waving his hand to make you do the same as he did. Giggling, you walked over and hugged the woman gently making her coo at you.

As you pulled away, Winnie held your shoulder to look at you.

“My, my, (Y/n)!” She crooned. “Look at you! You’re all grown up now. And you look gorgeous, unlike that hobo in the corner.”

You burst out laughing and Bucky huffed in mock offense.

“Come on, Ma”, he complained. “At least I brushed my hair this time!”

Winnie shook her head. “He always says that”, she told you. “Truth is, he hardly ever brushes that dead animal on his head.”

You laughed, shaking your head. “I quite like it, ma’am.”

Winnie’s eyes widened at your words. “You’re the first!”

Bucky nodded sarcastically, but a huge smile was painted on his face. Pulling away from Winifred, you gestured for Bucky to give his mom the gift that he was carrying with him. Handing it over, Bucky urged his mother to open it.

As soon as she did, she began to laugh and quickly concealed the homemade cupcakes. “Children, you do realize it’s against the hospital’s policy to sneak food in for patients?”

A mischievous smile appeared on your face. “Eh, what they don’t know won’t hurt ‘em, right?”

Winnie shook her head sent you a look of mock disappointment. “And here I thought that the two of you finally wised up…”

Bucky smirked. “Did you really expect that, Ma?”

Winnie rolled her eyes. “Well, you two were always the troublemakers. I’m so glad you are friends, because you certainly make other peoples’ lives interesting.”

You blushed slightly and looked down as Bucky came forward and gripped your hand.

“Actually, Ma… (Y/n) and I have something to tell you.”

Winifred’s eyes widened. “Wait, are you two…”

You smiled warmly, meeting Winnie’s pleasantly surprised gaze. “Yes, Mrs. Barnes. Bucky and I are dating.”

“Have been for about a month now”, Bucky added, turning to look at you.

You met his eyes and felt like you were drowning in the vast ocean of azure that they contained. In his beautiful blue eyes, you could see happiness and trust.

But the love that they held made your heart explode with feeling and you could immediately feel a huge blush spread across your cheeks. You knew that your own expression mirrored his and, lost in the moment, you felt your hand reach up and brush loose strands behind his ear, just like earlier. Bucky moved his hands to your hips, his intense gaze falling from your eyes to your lips. But before he could do anything else, someone cleared their throat, making you jump away. Looking at Winnie, you could see the jovial amusement in her eyes as she folded her arms across her chest.  

You avoided her eyes and wrung your hands slightly, you face resembling a tomato. Bucky was almost exactly the same.

“Oh, don’t mind me, kids”, the old lady chuckled. “You can carry on.”

“Um…no.” You coughed lightly.

Winifred laughed loudly, shaking her head. “You two are… what do you call it these days? Relationship desires?”

“Relationship goals”, Bucky corrected.

“Right. That’s what you are.”

You glanced at your watch and groaned. You had agreed to come home at three to help Natasha make cookies for Clint, and it was already two forty-five.

Meeting Bucky’s gaze, you pointed to your watch sadly. Bucky nodded in understanding.

“Sorry, Ma”, the brunet apologized, “but we have to go now. We’ll visit again soon, I promise.”

“I can’t wait”, Winnie grinned. “And I expect to hear all about your relationship, you hear me?”

Laughing, you nodded. “Thank you, ma’am. It was lovely to meet you.” Leaning down, you kissed her cheek and then hugged her.

Seeing that Winifred wanted a private word with Bucky, you pointed to the door. “I’ll be outside”, you told them with a smile. Bucky nodded and Winifred blew you a kiss, making you happily walk out.

It was evening time and Bucky and you were sitting on the roof of his apartment, eating (un)healthy snacks and talking quietly. You enjoyed spending time with Bucky this way, as both of you could express your inner thoughts to each other without fear of anyone hearing. It was both simple and romantic, just the way you liked it.

“Wait, no! Are you telling me that Gilbert didn’t deserve Anne?” Bucky questioned.

“Well, he did deserve her… all I’m saying is that he shouldn’t have been that rude to her, because honestly, come on! He was part of the reason Anne cut her hair!”

Bucky shook his head, wrapping his arm around you. “Come on, (Y/n), he was just kidding around. It wasn’t his fault.”

You rolled your eyes. “Uh huh, whatever you say.”

Bucky laughed at you. “But hey, it’s a great book. I really love it.”

You nodded, leaning your head on his shoulder with a soft sigh. Right there, right then, you felt like nothing could get better. The moment was perfect and there was no place where you’d rather be.

Bucky chuckled, looking at your dreamy expression, and placed a soft, lingering kiss on your forehead. You looked up at him with a soft smile.

“Did I ever tell you you’re handsome as hell?” You murmured.

Bucky blushed. “Many times… did I ever tell you you’re stunningly beautiful?”

You giggled bashfully, hiding your face in his neck. “Stop that.”

Bucky laughed, pulling you closer. “Stop what? Telling the truth?”

You chuckled breathily, lifting your head and staring up into his eyes. Bucky leaned down slightly, brushing his lips against yours, before you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck and pulled him down properly, connecting your lips together in a passionate kiss. Bucky groaned slightly, squeezing your waist tightly with his strong arms, his tongue snaking past the barrier of your lips. You moaned, pressing yourself as close to Bucky as possible, electricity storming through the both of you.

Pulling away with a gasp, you leaned your forehead against his. Bucky breathed against your lips heatedly, an unsure emotion flashing in his eyes. A slight frown etched himself into your features but before you could ask what was wrong, Bucky whispered your name.

“Yes?” You questioned quietly, searching his eyes. Bucky cleared his throat and held your hands nervously.

“In the hospital, my mom wanted to talk to me… she wanted to talk about us.”

You heart hammered in your throat, your brain already conjuring up the worst.

“You know what she told me? She told me that the way we look at each other… it isn’t just us feeling attracted or ‘liking’ each other. She said that the emotion is… love.”

You felt ready to explode and your hand found its way to your mouth in shock.

“I…I guess what I’m trying to say is that… I l-love you, (Y/n). So much. I have loved you for a long time now, a long time before we started dating. I love you.”

Your stomach was squeezing itself into knots and you felt breathless, all the blood rushing to your head. After a few beats of silence, Bucky looked away, a clearly hurt expression on his face. However, before he could pull away completely, you gripped his hand and pulled him to you, smashing your lips together. Bucky made a surprised sound in the back of his throat but reciprocated nonetheless, your lips molding together in a perfect kiss.

Pulling away, your heart exploded in fireworks and your whole body filled with a pleasant warmth. Pulling Bucky flush against you, you leaned your forehead against his.

“I love you too, Bucky”, you whispered breathlessly. “More than anything. I. Love. You.”

Can’t I say that I’m in love? I wanna shout it from the rooftops…

What do you darlings think? Make sure to leave feedback, love you all :)

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A Promise

Originally posted by sockslide

“Adam?” You called as your hand gently knocked on his bedroom door, your head close to the crack as you tried to listen for him. “Are you alright?”

“I…I’m not going!” His panicked voice could be heard from inside, and judging by the volume you could tell he was close by.

“What do you mean? It’s your birthday celebration, your mother has had everything planned for weeks!” You exclaimed, trying to understand why the little prince didn’t want to go to his own ball.

“I look absolutely ridiculous!” He whined.

“Oh it can’t be that bad, come on out and let me see.” You ordered, stepping back so as to avoided getting knocked over.

And a smart move on your part because not a minute later the large wooden door swung open, and you could see the little boy pouting with his arms crossed.

Adam’s face was caked with white powder, blocking out all the lively color from his face. You could see two bright circles of pink colored rouge spread all over his cheeks, along with various drawn in beauty marks.

His coat was bright blue and adorned with intertwining patterns all over it and a matching waistcoat, his cravet had several layers of ruffles and you thought his chin might disappear.

But the pièce de résistance was the powdered wig resting on his head. It had several curls along the sides of his face and a small bump at the front of his head.

“Why is it so itchy?” Adam asked as his hand went behind his head to scratch at his neck. “It feels like it’s going to fall of my head.”

You couldn’t help but snort. “Wait till you see your mother’s,” You told him, walking up to brush down his coat. “Now what is all the fuss about?”

“I feel stupid, why can’t I wear my normal clothes?” He asked, as if he didn’t already know the answer.

“It’s your birthday celebration, the entire court has arrived to celebrate!” You said, fixing the ribbon at the back of his wig. “After all, you only turn ten once.”

Adam squirmed out of your hold and turned away from you. “I don’t care, I’m not going.”

You had to hold back the groan as you tried to find a way to reason with him. “Oh come on, you’re parents would be so upset if you weren’t to show up, I can almost hear your mother crying now.”

He turned his head to look over his shoulder. “Really?”

You met his eye and silently nodded your head. “It would break her heart.”

You heard Adam sigh and you thought it was the end of it until he suddenly grabbed onto your hands.

“But you will dance with me won’t you?” He asked with wide eyes and a smile.

“Oh, I can’t go.” You told him, watching the smile slide off his face as his brows knitted together.

“Well, why not?” He demanded. “Your father will be there.”

“My father’s a musician, he’s permitted to be there. I’m not allowed to be among the rest of the court, it wouldn’t be proper.”

“I’m not going unless you are too.” Adam said, folding his arms again.

Deciding there was no other way, you rolled your eyes and groaned. “Fine! But you have to make your entrance on your own. Then you can explain to your father why I’m there.”

The bright smile returned to his face as he took your hand again. “Okay, but you have to promise not to leave me alone.”

“Of course, I’d never.”

You slowly undid the ribbon from your bonnet as you sunk down onto the floor, leaning your back against Prince Adam’s door. “Adam…are you in there?”

As expected, you greeting silence, something that lingered around the entire castle. The sky was gray to match the mood, and rain pounded against the windows.

Regardless, you knew he was in there.

“Please talk to me,” You said, turning your head so your ear was pressed against the wood. “Your mother wouldn’t want to see you like this.”

Losing the Queen was the most tragic thing to happen to the castle. Everyone felt the great sense of greif and tragedy that came with the news of her death.

But no one felt it has hard as Prince Adam.

You sniffled and rubbed at your eyes with your sleeves. “Hey, remember your birthday? You made me promise not to leave you alone? I intend to keep it.”


Your eyes snapped open as your whole frame jolted forward, but a pair of arms stopped you from going to far.

Once your eyes recovered from their sleepy haze you were met with the face of Lumiere.

“Why are you asleep in front of the Prince’s door?” He asked as he picked up your bonnet and handed it too you.

You slowly nodded. “I told him I wouldn’t leave him.”

Lumiere smiled softly as he looked up at the door. “These kind of things take time, I think for now it would be best if we left our Prince alone, at least for now.”

You looked down at your hat. “Do you think that will help him?”

“At least for tonight, we can check on him together tomorrow.” He said, tapping the end of your now.

“For now,” He started as he lifted you up into his arms. “Let’s get you to bed.”

You silently pulled on the skirts of your dress as you walked the usual route to the Prince’s chambers, Mrs. Potts was following along beside you looking just as solemn.

You’re eyes landed on the familiar door and you reached out to knock it. “The court awaits you, Prince Adam.” You said with a blank tone.

“Just a moment!” You heard Cogsworth call out.

Your hands folded infront of you as you waited for the door to open, moving whenever it did to allow the company to exit the room.

You and Mrs. Potts both curtsied whenever the Prince came out of his room, however you kept your gaze focused on the carpeting.

“Good evening, (Y/n).” You heard him say to you.

Mrs. Potts gently tapped the lower part of your back and instantly you met his gaze, forcing a small smile at him. “A very good evening indeed, Prince Adam.”

You absolutely hated the kind of person your prince had grown into, the rest of the household felt in your pain, but you had grown up with him. And to see him as the vain and selfish person he turned into was enough to make you distance yourself from him.

Lumiere and Cogsworth followed after, and along with Mrs. Potts they started off the ballroom.

You made way to follow but Adam held you back, a confused expression on his face.

“Is something troubling you?”

It a took a bit of effort to hold back the scoff, but then again you weren’t surprised. He was never expected to apologize for anything, so rarely ever realize when something was wrong with those around him.

“Nothing, my prince.” You said as you looked him in the eye again. “Just tired is all.”

Prince Adam nodded before holding his arm out to you. “Accompany me?”

You slowly interlocked your arm with his. “If that’s what you wish.”

“I know this ball is intended for me to choose a wife, but I really don’t have those plans in mind just yet. Would you mind staying close by to me during the night so I have a quick get away?”

You turned your head slightly to look at him with a nod. “I made you a promise didn’t I?”

You were abruptly awoken from your sleep by a light knocking on your door. It took a few moments for you to truly work up the energy to pull yourself from your bed to answer it.

The plan was great expect the moment you stood on your legs you had to fall backwards onto the mattress.

During the ten year curse you were stuck as a painting aisle in the main drawing room. You had made wonderful friends with Belle while she was in the castle, often being the one she vented too when her relationship with Adam was becoming too much.

And you were much grieved to see her go after the curse was broken, but you knew all about her dream to travel the world and go on adventures. Something living in a grand castle as a Queen couldn’t really give her.

Pushing yourself up again and holding your arms to steady yourself you immediately went to answer whoever was visiting you so late into the night.

Upon opening it you had to restrain yourself from jumping back whenever you came face to face with the Prince himself.

“Adam?” You asked, opening the door fully. “What are you doing here?”

It had been several weeks since the spell was broken, but seeing his normal face again was something that still managed to surprise you.

Regardless of his previous deposition, you still found him remarkably handsome.

He was in his nightshirt, though the ends were tucked into a dark pair of trousers. And his long hair was brushed back at the front, telling you he had been running his hands through it a great deal.

“I’m having a rather hard time sleeping,” He told you quietly, his eyes focused solely on his fidgety hands. “And this thunderstorm really isn’t doing much to help,” He said with an breathy laugh.

Finally, his eyes met yours, and you saw the true fatigue swimming at the brims of them. “Would you mind if I stayed in here with you?” Adam asked as he looked up. “I remember whenever my mother passed away, I used to have a lot of night terrors and talking with you always helped me feel better.”

You were perplexed for a few moments, it had been years since even came to your door let alone asked to stay the night and talk.

“Of course, come on in,” You told him as you made to retrieve him a blanket. “You must be freezing walking around like that, it gets so drafty in the castle during storms,” You tossed your warmest blanket around his shoulders. “Here, I’ll light the fireplace and-”

Adam stopped your talking whenever he placed his hands in yours. “Slow down for a second, and relax,” He told you, taking the blanket and placing it on you instead. “I’ll light the fire for you.”

You silently agreed and sat down on one of the armchairs sat closet to the fire, watching as the warm glow from the fireplace lit up the room.

“What’s been keeping you up?”

Adam sat back and kept his gaze away from you. “Lots of things going on in my head at the moment,” He said quietly. “Mostly how awful I treated throughout all of this.”

“Oh, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle-”

“But that’s not the point,” He cut you off as he turned to face you. “You I still can’t understand how you found it in yourself to still be a good friend to me whenever I was so horrible to you,” He stopped for a moment as he recollected his thoughts. “You were always there for me, just like you promised.”

“Well, I’d really be lying if I said there weren’t times I wanted to scream at you in frustration or throw a few things in the direction of your face.”

Adam broke out in a chuckle. “I’m rather glad you chose not too,” His head tilted slightly as he continued to look at you. “Now that things are back to normal I want to be the one that’s there for you when you need me. I’d like for us to become close again.”

You smiled at him. “I’d like that too.”

Adam reached up and grasped your hand in his. “It’s a promise.”

           Note: Here’s a continuation of the Kacchako’s family fic. This one is mainly about daddy Bakugou. Also some todomomo bonus. Warning for some swearing. Enjoy!


In which Bakugou babysits

           “I don’t like this,” Bakugou spoke under his breath, carefully glancing over his shoulder. Uraraka’s homemade curry, now perfected to a t, was simmering away in the quaint kitchen of their home, its pungent smell travelling throughout the living room. Behind the couple, Angel, now 5 years-old, sat opposite a young boy, who appeared to be overly amused at the card game the two were engrossed in. The latter was Kazu, a name meaning ‘peace’. Inheriting his mother’s dark hair and intelligence, he was considered a genius at the young age of 4.

           “Todoroki and Yaoyorozu are away on a mission until,” the brunette tilted her head up briefly, noticing the hand that just struck 6, “11 tonight. They want someone to look after Kazu; Todoroki’s sister isn’t available and you know how Yaoyorozu’s parents live too far now. She’s not comfortable leaving him to their maid either.”

           A burst of loud giggles echoed.

           “I’m supposed to look after both of them alone?!” The blond man could already feel the dread sinking in and Uraraka covered his loud mouth in an instant.

           “The kids will hear you! I’ll be back, just gotta pick up the usb drive from Tsuyu’s, you know about our mission tomorrow right? You can do it! I believe in you.”

           Bakugou grunted, mouth opened, readying to propose a countermeasure.

           “No more complaining,” Uraraka playfully wagged her finger, “You can do it. The dinner’s ready anyways. All you have to do is scoop the rice and feed the kids.” Her hands landed on her hips and he knew a tirade was coming.

He groaned in preparation.

           “No swearing, wait for the curry to cool before you give it to them, and most importantly, don’t show them violent videos on youtube like you did last time,” she halted, eyes directed to the ceiling in thought, “oh and make sure to be careful of Kazu’s spouts of ice. Todoroki said he hasn’t fully developed his quirk yet so a lot of weird things could happen if he gets too excited or –“

           “Yeah I get it,” Bakugou cut in. That was the only way to signal her to a stop, “Just make sure you get back as soon as possible, I’m not sure if the house will still be standing after the next half hour.”

           Uraraka let out a short exhale, entertained by the images of her husband running around, chasing after the two younglings, “Alright, call me if you need anything.”


           “Uncle Katsuki!” Kazu cried out. His short legs dangled and swung as he scooped the rice, coated messily with yellow curry, “I want to watch more videos!”

           “Daddy, me too!” Bakugou’s daughter smiled from ear to ear, resembling greatly of the warmth that his wife imbued. His daughter’s fingers made zigzag motions, spinning and toying with the spoon that was in her hand just a second ago, in thin air. Having near perfect control of her telekinetic quirk at such a young age was a cause for celebration in their household, Bakugou clearly identifying such feat as the result of his talented genes.

           Nowhere in his DNA did talents in ‘babysitting’ lie, however. The man wiped his hands along his face, chest rising. He needed to calm the fuck down.

           “It’s ‘Frozen’ every time we decide on a movie,” Bakugou muttered. He could sing ‘Let It Go’ in his sleep by now. Not that he enjoyed singing. Hell, no one except for his wife needed to know that. Noticing a piece of potato stuck on the side of his daughter’s chubby cheeks, he flicked it off with his finger, “How about we do something else?”

           Kazu’s lips turned downwards, kicking his legs even harder. The squeak of his chair prompted the girl beside him to lay a gentle hand on her companion’s black spiky hair.

           “Daddy, how about stories,” Angel’s eyes sparkled in the prospect. “Kazu and I love stories. About heroes. ”

           Seemingly intrigued, Kazu’s back straightened and his spoon tapped in anticipation. Bakugou’s eyes darted at both of them. Their plates were half empty, and judging from the size of their tiny, bulgy stomachs, the kids were just about full.

           The man scratched the top of his forehead, “Well, what kind of stories do you guys want?” He was getting impatient. “Stories about your godfather, All Might?”

           A flash of excitement left their expressions as soon as it came.

           “Uncle Katsuki, I want stories about you and daddy,” Kazu rested his cute, little head on both of his palms. Angel followed suit, nodding.

           Bakugou sighed. Todoroki and I? He thought in frustration. Fabricating a tale about two princesses and a talking dog in space was probably easier than finding a story about him and two-face that didn’t involve too much swearing. And no way was he going to survive tonight if he dared make the story too violent. If Yaoyorozu didn’t scold him, his wife sure would pack a wallop to his stomach. A revelation hit him.

           “Okay,” He started, and leaned forward, red eyes blazing, “I’ll tell you guys a good story.” The kids tipped over, their elbows supporting their weight halfway on the dining table. If Uraraka were here, she’d tell them about table manners, but he wanted to keep his ‘cool Uncle Katsuki’ image, so screw etiquette.

           “Long ago, when Uncle Shouto,” he looked over from Angel to Kazu, “well your dad, were on a rescue operation-“

           “What’s an operation daddy?” Angel interrupted and Kazu quickly responded.

           “It’s like a mission,” the boy whispered, and Bakugou nodded.

           “Yes, exactly Kazy.” A nickname only Bakugou called him with. “So, we went to rescue a group of people who were stuck in a city destroyed by a giant tsunami.” The man raised his arms and made a towering motion to enhance the atmosphere. The kids gasped.

           “And then?”

           “And then, we found out that it was a villain with a water quirk. I tried to blast the sick bast—“ Bakugou paused immediately. Crap, almost said ‘bastard’ there.

           He cleared his throat to continue, “the enemy with a giant explosion. BOOM! It went.”

           The kids jumped a little from the sudden rise in volume.

           “Uncle Shouto was trying his best by freezing the water and it was really powerful, but it wasn’t enough. Even with my crazy amazing explosions, the enemy’s quirk was too strong.”

           Bakugou had to sneak in praise for himself; no way was he going to give all the glory to Todoroki.

           “My daddy freezes things all the time,” Kazu looked almost pleased, “he says I’ll be like him soon.”

           “That’s great Kazy,” Bakugou reached a hand over to ruffle the tuff of hair on the boy’s head and went on, “so Uncle Shouto and I had to retreat a little. JUST A LITTLE.” He had to emphasize, “Because our team-“ of crappy underlings, he wanted to add, “had to rescue the injured people stuck under the buildings. But just when we thought we were safe. A tower behind us came collapsing down like dominoes. You guys know dominoes right? We played it last time Kazy came over.”

           Kazu and Angel exchanged glances, a flux of fear running through their bodies.

           “Daddy, I’m scared,” Angel’s mouth scrunched into a frown, eyes teary, and Bakugou quickly wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

           “Hey nothing to be scared about, Uncle Shouto and I are too cool to get hurt,” he soothed.

           “So what did you and daddy do?” Kazu asked and Bakugou revealed a sly grin, fingers tapping.  

           “We immediately leapt away but a piece of the shattered concrete came flying over. WOOOOSHH,” The man waved his arm, ceasing right before it hit Kazu’s shoulder and the kid flinched.

           “But it never hit us, do you guys know why?”

           Angel wiped her eye with the back of her hand, “OH I KNOW! Is it because Daddy blew it away?”

           “OR MAYBE DADDY FROZE IT!” Kazu added quickly, but the man shook his head from side to side.

           “Nope, you two were both wrong. Your mommies came.”

           The pair slacked their jaws, a sense of admiration etched upon their bewildered faces.

Bakugou stared deeply into Kazu’s, “Your mommy created a giant metal wall in an instant. And your mommy-“ it was Angel’s turn, “your mommy swooped in and touched some of the debris, floating them up, up and away.”

           The ending roused the kids with exhilaration and both of them began to leap off their chairs, grabbing onto Bakugou and the man grinned.

“WHOA! MOMMY IS COOLER THAN DADDY!” Both of them chanted simultaneously, filling the room with lively chatter.

Little did the kids know they were the man’s weakness. Possibly even more concerning than Uraraka’s infamous puppy-dog eyes.  


           When the gravity hero arrived home, sandals kicked off at the front door in a hurry, her husband and the two kids were sound asleep in the center of the living room. Dishes placed haphazardly in the sink, cushions looked pounded on in the outskirts of the room, and she could probably count about 10 curry stains scattered in the kitchen.

It looked like a warzone.

           She walked over, surveying their relaxed figures, and sighed. She crouched down, watching as Angel’s blonde head rested soundly on her husband’s spread arm and was about to touch him gingerly on the shoulder to shove him awake. At the last second, she retracted. There was another hour until Todoroki and Yaoyorozu would come.

           For now, they all deserved a rest.



           “Yo,” Bakugou picked up his phone, “What’s up, two-face.”

           “Nothing, just wanted to thank you for taking care of Kazu yesterday,” Todoroki sounded distracted by something in the background, “Hey did anything out of the ordinary happen with you know, Kazu’s quirk?”

           A minor shriek in the back reached the blond man’s ears and he cocked an eyebrow, “No, why?”

           “Kazu came home last night talking about some story you told him and Angel that was apparently very…exciting.”


           “Well he wouldn’t go to bed, and when Momo was tucking him in,” Bakugou could make out a gulp from Todoroki’s side which was unusual of him, “he made a bunch of ice figurines without thinking. The ice was shaped like you and me.”

           “Isn’t that great? His quirk’s manifesting fully now,” Bakugou said, clearly unsure what his friend was getting at.

           “Well its awesome,” Todoroki paused. Another shriek.

           “But they fucking move, Bakugou.”


           “Yeah you heard me, the ice figures fucking move. Jesus you have no idea. The sculptures of you and I were fighting. It’s so realistic. He’s making a bunch of animals now. Momo’s going berserk.”

           Bakugou let out a chuckle. The cool and collected Todoroki getting frantic over his son? This was way too funny. Plus, he wanted to add, isnt this what you fucking get when your wife makes shit out of her skin? Genes were a fascinating thing.

           “Well if you wanna you can bring little Kazy over. I wouldn’t mind seeing what this is about.”

GOT7 Reaction To Falling For A ‘97 Liner


He wouldn’t act on his feelings, more like he would observe and see the situations. He wouldn’t want to scare you with his feelings nor would he want to speak too early on it.

He found himself smiling as he talks to you. He would never imagine talking as much as he has tonight. You are always there to just listen to him talk whether sad or happy.
“I think I talked too much” he laughs nervously “How was your day?”
“Alright, but tell me more about Coco’s eating habit” you urge on.
“You should come over and see her, then - I’m pretty sure she’d like you.”

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He wouldn’t know he was falling in love, the game gap meant a little distance to him, but small acts of jealousy and compassion would hint how much he likes you and gradually he’d come to accept his feelings and make them more known towards everyone around him.

“I think i love her” you hear him say on the phone “She’s so…i dont know, she gets it, she gets me - i just dont know if she’ll wait for us to grow up a little more.” he sighs into the phone “She’s your age Yugyeom - I don’t know how you think! What if i scare her away?”
He comes back as if nothing happend and sits down next to you “Yugyeom and BamBam are bringing food”
“I’ll wait then” you say looking at the screen, knowing fully well he understood what you meant
“You heard me?”
“You can’t whisper” you tease, “Plus I kinda figured it out last week that you liked me.”

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He wouldn’t care about you being younger. He loved how even if you were younger than him, you could remain completely calm as he freaked out or hyped himself up. If anything he was the younger one in the relationship

“Y/n” he said “y/n - y/n - y/n -”
“What? Jackson” you lock up from your computer to pay attentions to him
“My abs got more defined” he shows off, you scoff as you return to your computer. He quickly takes the computer away form you
“Yah” you warn, going over to grab it back but he puts it behind him on the table
“One kiss and you get your laptop” he jokes half hoping you do kiss him.

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As soon as he knows he has fallen for you, he won’t hesitate to tell/show you. He doesn’t see the point in wasting time when he can get your answer, and hopefully spend more time being your boyfriend

“Y/n” he starts to say but he feels his heart start to beat at a rapid past. he puts his hand in his chest in order to calm down and you notice
“Are you alright? Do you need me to call the hospital?” you start to worry as you sit him down next to you
“No - no listen, babe” in a silent shock you nod and tell him to go on, “I- uh.. would like to go out with you - andifyoudontthatsfineidontc-”
He stops when you start to laugh at his fast talking “So i’m thinking that’s a yes?”

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He wouldn’t mind you were a couple of years younger, he’d actually enjoy it. He would take it as an advantage to grow up more with you. He would shyly come to terms with the fact that he has to ask you out in order to get the relationship anywhere.

“I grabbed an extra soda for you” he says handing it out to you in the quiet movie theatre. The memebers and you decided to go to the movies that friday and Younjae made it his goal to at least touch your hand when you reach together for the popcorn.
Jinyoung passes the popcorn to you and you are about to pass it to Youngjae when he grabs the bucket - well rather your hands and makes the popcorn slightly fall
“Nice going” Jinyoung teases
“Yah, grab the popcorn” Jackson laughs
“Hyung! those were on the floor” Yugyeom whines. You begin to laugh as you see Youngjae ears redden in embarrassment. “Do you want some popcorn?” you ask and he shakes his head, passes the popcorn over to Jackson and quietly grabs your hand, not daring you look at your reaction.

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The fact that you were the same age as his most of his friends made him happy. He imagined introducing you to everyone he was friends with , but in order to do that he had to ask you out, which was something he kept procrastinating on. He already talked and acted like he was your boyfriend but he wanted to make it official

“So my girlfriend say-”
“She’s not your girlfriend” Yugyeom teased “You have to ask her”
“I’ll get to it” he said nervously “I just want to plan it out nicely”
“You said that last time too” they all groaned. As soon as you came into the room all joking stopped as they all surrounded you to see what they all had planned this weekend
“Bam - can pass me my bag?” you left your bag by the door and were already sitting down
“Sure anything for my girlfriend” he says loud enough for the neighbors to hear, you look up and raise you eyebrow in amusement.
“You haven’t asked me out yet, Bam”
“We can skip that part, right? You know i love you.”

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He’s not much for sappy romance. since you are the same age he’d probably play around and tease most of the time, dodging the serious questions and feelings, until he realizes just how much you mean to him.

He has just finished wrapping up the tour and the first thing on his mind was to call you to say he was heading over. The other members teased him at his own dense self.
”Tell y/n i said hi” JB says walking past him
”Oh yeah ask her if she got our post cards?”
”How do you know I was going to talk to her?”
All the members stare at each other and begin to laugh at the obvious answer.
“Alright, I get it” he says rolling his eyes. “Y/n!” he smiles at the phone camera as your face appears, all the other members begin mimicking his high pitch voice.
”Hey! Are you ready to head home?”
”Absolutely, first day back you-me and the best jajangmyeon place in town” he says
”Sounds like a plan, I’lll let you rest - you look tired” you say
”A bit” he admits, when he sees you ready to hang up “Wait!”
”Yugyeom you need sleep!”
"I know, but I have something important to say to you.” you look at him through the screen waiting for him to say it, when you seem him just smile at you “I promise I’ll tell you when I see you.”

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