i can almost guarantee this will not end well

So imagine if Neil had a sibling he didn’t know existed. Just hear me out okay.

((this post seriously got away from me but I am definitely 100% not sorry))

He’s kidnapped and dragged to his dads house and they’re standing there ready to hack him piece from piece and Nathan calls for his guard upstairs and down comes this 10 year old with Lola’s hair and Nathan’s eyes and a set of bruises on her face and Neil just FREEZES.

(It could be a brother but I’m sticking with sister- you’ll see why)

And Neil doesn’t know WHY Nathan is bringing this kid - that looks like him- downstairs to watch a gruesome murder but she looks completely unsettled when she sees Neil and his half destroyed face. And she looks like she wants to step forward but the guard holds her back.

Nathan is rambling about her watching because she needs to know what would happen if she crosses him and Neil is so angry he can’t listen. He just keeps staring at her hoping that his expression is doing anything to tell her it’s okay, it’s okay, don’t be afraid, it’s okay. She starts crying as soon as Nathan is telling Neil what Lola is going to do to him.

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Voltron Characters You Should Fight
  • Lance McClain: hand to hand combat? yeah, sure, why not. you could win this fight if you really try. kinda a dick move, but go for it.
  • Coran: you could win this fight. easily. fight coran.
  • Pidge: you could win? but why? she is a smol child. like, small in every way. she's like 14. why are you thinking of fighting children? what the fuck
  • Hunk: this is a bad idea. i can almost guarantee he's like, twice your size and three times as strong. bad. bad bad idea.
  • Allura: also a bad idea. i have no idea what kinda crazy skills this girl has. don't do this. Do. Not.
  • Keith Kogane: the dude specializes in melee combat? why are you thinkig about fighting him? this was a terrible plan. you shouldn't do this. will 100% end with your failure.
  • Shiro: well you wouldn't win this fight to begin with? but ALSO. why would you want to fight this boy? life is fighting him enough he does not need this. don't fight him. leave him be
  • Zarkon: you'll lose. fight him anyway. Dude's a dick.

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What do you think about Tsukiyama's evolution? I mean he seems to have given up all of himself to just standing and existing by Kaneki's side...

I find it really weird and partly unsatisfactory that Tsukiyama is okay with staying by Kaneki side after what happened at Lunar Eclipse? The Rose Arc was pretty tragic for Tsukiyama and he was obviously distraught before Touka and Yomo showed up. But I guess, seeing his father and Chie’s words lessened whatever doubt he might have had of Kaneki but even then, it’s a bit like huh??? for me. It’s a little sad that he hasn’t mentioned or thought about Karren as well. Whatever happened, Kaneki is responsible for what happened to her, even if she did throw herself of her building in her own violation. Kaneki tried to save Tsukiyama in the most subtle way possible but it was done only with the guarantee of her sacrifice. So why Tsukiyama is able to look past all this is beyond me. 

But at the same time, I’m glad he’s not completely a sheep and he questions Kaneki as well. He’s advising Kaneki about how he sees things (how a ghoul sees things) when he questions Kaneki about not killing the investigators. But at the same time, he doesn’t really push it.

Tsukiyama’s evolution up to the end of Rose Arc was amazing in my opinions but it’s been falling flat lately. But I can see why. Though, I have to admit that almost all of Goat’s major members have really iffy reasons for being by Kaneki’s side as well. I honestly wonder if any of them really actually cares about the outcome of this revolution. A lot of them are just standing and existing by Kaneki’s side as well. It’s either that, or they’re there because they have nowhere else to go or they’re there because the people they care about are there. 

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Do you believe that there is a way for Laito to not be so pervent and maybe believe in true love besides sex?


No. And the reason I say that is because in all of the games even after he’s grown and has gained some understanding of love outside of it being purely physical, he’s still very focused on sex and I believe in Dark Fate he ends up stepping backwards and forces himself on Yui/the heroine. 

Laito went through years of sexual abuse and trauma and it’s not something that’s so easily fixed without the help of a professional and I can almost guarantee Laito isn’t seeing a shrink. Yui/the heroine can only do so much to “fix” Laito and help him through what very little she knows he’s gone through. Laito also isn’t looking for her help, he just wants her for his own needs and those needs are essentially sex and food. Trying to get through the exterior is almost impossible as well for Yui to do when she’s being broken down mentally and is being emotionally manipulated. 

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I'm going to college in a few months and I was wondering if you have any tips?

mostly under the cut because I tend to ramble

1. Plan. Plan. Plan.
It doesn’t matter if you’re taking electrical engineering or you’re taking underwater basket weaving. The college deadlines are eventually going to catch up with you, so as soon as you read the syllabus and you have time, input the syllabus into a deadline or calendar system so you can plan accordingly. I highly recommend using Google Keep for multiple reasons: it syncs with Google calendars, it’s pretty organized and gives your notifications, and has the ability to do part two.

2. Make a checklist
Make a checklist for what you have to do each day, week, month, and semester. It’ll keep track of your goals and what you have planned, and you get the satisfaction of checking off whatever you accomplish. The other reason I highly recommend using Google Keep is because you can make checklists with deadlines. I find that this and number three saved my last semester.

3. Physically writing deadlines
As an engineering and pre-med student, I find that both putting my deadlines with a notification system in my phone and planning out the day by physically writing them reduces my anxiety of how and when am I going to finish assignments. I recently started using the studyblr technique, which I think really works for me because it gets me looking forward to planning out my week and gives me a break with doodling/drawing and just generally giving me a much needed breather. I stumbled across studyblr through @studytildawn which is honestly an inspiration for so many of my spreads. You can track a lot of things through here, such as budget and water/food intake, so it’s an amazing support and organizational tool that you custom-make for yourself. Here’s one of mine from earlier this week:

4. Budget
Keep in mind how much you have to spend per month. If anything, overestimate your food and grocery budget so you have room for error. Budgeting is important in college, especially if you’re strapped for cash. Consider your income or scholarship and loan money, and then understand the main things you have to buy each month to survive. If you have money left over, save most of it and spend on wants. For example, my current budget per month is $100, and I live in the dorms, so my meal plan cost is included in my overall cost of living. There is a market on campus that takes my dining money for stuff like laundry detergent and the like. However, there are some restaurants and stuff right off campus that I would have to pay for, and I like to buy fruit off-campus because it’s better and lasts longer. I usually spend about $60 for food groceries and other necessary expenditures per month, $30 for off-campus food in restaurants, and I keep $10 as a buffer and to spend for something I like, such as gel pens. 

(more under the cut)

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So, this is something I wanted to talk about.

Supernatural, for whatever reason, has a large tendency towards fanonization, and by that I mean a lot of fans like to impose their own personal fanon interpretations and fanon writing styles onto the show itself.

We see this in the insistence of a small but vocal group of fans that a certain ship is absolutely one hundred percent canon. But I think we also see this is certain fans’ interpretation and representation of Dean Winchester, especially regarding his childhood.

You’ve read these fics. I can 99% guarantee that you have. They’re usually Mary-Sue fics but I’ve seen plenty using actual canon characters as well. 

They’re the fics where the poor, perfect, suffering character suffers so much that it almost looks impossible. Their parents never paid any attention to them. Actually, they’re both dead. The character raised themselves. They changed their own diapers, that’s how bad it was. Then they somehow ended up in foster care and were beaten and starved every single day but somehow still manage to be kind and caring and singlehandedly raise all the other children.

Get the picture?

It has a point, of sorts. It’s to make sure that we really, really understand how this character has suffered. They’ve suffered more than anyone, and they’re still such a good person. Why, they’re perfect. No one has ever been better. Considering what they’ve suffered, you must be pretty heartless to disagree.

While this tool isn’t exclusive to fan fiction it doesn’t tend to pop up in mainstream literature and media any longer, or at least not so blatantly, because, frankly, it’s shoddy writing. It doesn’t treat the character as a realistic human being and it forced sympathy that could be realistically gained in other ways, had the writing been better.

This is what I mean by fanonization. Where elements almost exclusive to fanon are applied to the canon and warping the perception of canon.

Like I said, I see this applied to Dean’s childhood a lot. Over the last day I’ve been in a discussion about food in Supernatural, and specifically how it plays into their childhood and how it is perceived to have done so. There’s a belief that Dean often or almost always went hungry so Sam could eat, and while that may have happened, viewing of what canon we have makes it seem very rare and not nearly as pervasive as some make it seem. Examples people site are often, when viewed through canon, proven to be unlikely or false. 

But that doesn’t stop people from their poor, caretaker Dean beliefs. Poor Dean, never got to eat enough, ever. He could never do anything because he was too busy taking care of Sam. He sheltered Sam from John’s abuse and was abused himself as a result. He did everything for Sam, gave up everything, how dare Sam not be endlessly grateful?

Except Dean did eat enough on a very consistent basis, and while it wasn’t nutritionally sound, that’s something both boys faced. Except Dean did get time to himself, exemplified with him leaving Sam at Plucky’s, or going to the arcade, or dating the many girls he spent time with. Except we never see Dean “sheltering Sam” and in fact only see him handing the phone to John so John can verbally attack Sam. Dean deserves pity because his childhood sucked, and he did his best to be a caretaker, but it is not what some make it.

Basically, the argument is Dean’s childhood was THIS bad, so, therefore, Sam has to be endlessly grateful and forgive him everything. It relies on exaggeration and making Dean’s childhood look a way it wasn’t to gain sympathy and force the issue of what Sam “owes” Dean, but upon examination, Dean’s childhood wasn’t THIS bad, so their argument falls apart.

It’s about making Sam owe Dean. it’s about making him owe his life and his endless gratitude and eternal loyalty and unquestioning faith and forgiveness. It’s about making Dean SO sad and sympathetic that is appears inarguable that he deserves a free pass for just about everything.

It is inarguable, that is, until someone actually looks at canon and points out that it is pretty damn arguable.

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Hey, because I stalk everybody related to Star Wars on Instagram I noticed something interesting on Chelsea Hamill's(Marks daughter & PA) Instagram from a while ago. She posted several pics from Prague, one with Kelly Marie Tran. Tagged #starWarsLife #StarWarsEverywhere this was around the time they were shooting in Dubrovnik, which is a short flight away (I think).So I think there is a good chance that Rey and Luke could leave their Island during episode 8 after their early meeting with Kylo.

(2/3) That could also shed new light on that picture that was taken in Dubrovnik- believed to be Adam and Daisys stunt doubles ( I can’t actually remember if that photo was proven to be of somebody else in the end or not ??!). And we also know that Daisy’s stunt double was in Dubrovnik because she posted spoilery pics on Instagram of her in Dubrovnik that strangely went missing soon after?? Anyway haha - thought you might find that interesting ? I’m so obsessed #InTooDeepNow

(3/3)  Okay! So I’ve done some more research since I sent you my ask about Mark H in Prague. Apparently it’s common knowledge that scenes were filmed in Prague, as well as Dubrovnik. So we can almost guarantee that there will be scenescontaining Luke in Space Las Vagas. I’m still pretty intrigued to figure out the order of events now! I’m guessing that Kylo turns up on Ahch-too towards the beginning, then they go to the Prague/ Dub location ? Ahh it’s a mystery!!! And who is Benico playing? So many Qs!

- Huh. Interesting. Though I’m not overly surprised. I’ve kind of had this head canon for a while now, about how the sequence of events will unfold, but I haven’t really worked out how it could be possible, the ending sequence I mean.

Please note that this is VERY SPECULATIVE and MOSTLY HEAD CANON and WISHFUL THINKING basing on previous spoilers we’ve had.

Possible Spoilers under the cut

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The Problem

Written by Ajahni

I’m not quite sure what to do at this point, no matter how much I try to pretend that I do. I am black, I was born black, I will die black. My entire family, the people in my neighborhood, and the people in my school are black as well. I am surrounded by blackness, and I can almost guarantee that among all these people, no one knows what to do either. We all have the problem.

If you Google when the Civil Rights Movement started and ended, you will see 1955 to 1968 as your answer. But anyone who has access to a television, phone or computer knows that the conditions this year have not been much different than the conditions back then. Students are still protesting for their freedom on campus, we are still marching for equality, we are still being killed and walked over and falsely incriminated. We are still at war with the police, at war with the government, at war with this nation called America that was built on the very ideals of genocide, inequality, white supremacy and injustice.

If you’ve been paying attention and if you have a brain and a heart (and a basic sense of human rights), you know how I feel. You know the knot that starts to form in my stomach when I see and hear the words “the grand jury fails to indict police officer involved in shooting of [insert name of black person]”. Any onlooker can examine the conditions in this country, the rampancy of systemic racism, and feel sorrow. You can feel anger and shock toward the fact that not only are people being murdered by those who are supposed to protect them, but the so-called justice system calls it okay. Yeah, you can feel that.

But it’s different when you’re black, and that’s the problem.

When you’re black, you are watching your brothers and sisters fall. There is an unexplainable connection that makes it harder to watch, harder to bear. When you’re black, a piece of you dies every time they do. When you’re black, you don’t just see the name on the news or the name that follows the hashtag. You see the black people who’ve been killed all year and last year, the black people who’ve been beaten, the black people who our prisons are filled with, the black people who picked cotton, the black people who were whipped, the black people who were hanging from trees like strange fruit. You see your ancestors and you feel their pain. You realize how long this has been happening and how long your people have been bearing this burden, and you want it to stop.

I want it to stop, and I was born with the mindset that I can make anything happen if I want it to. But I swear, I don’t know how to make this stop.

The problem is that we are not surprised when justice is not served, and we cannot stop it. Our reaction is always “this is unfortunate, but unsurprising, and I wish I could do something, but I don’t know what.” And that’s the problem.

@sageaflocka on Instagram posted something about a meetup taking place in Washington Square Park in regards to Tamir Rice. I live here in New York; I was in the mall with my mom at the time when I saw the post, and I told her about it. I knew what her response would be when I told her: “Why are they going to the park? To protest? For what? It’s just going to keep happening.” You can read those words and be outraged; I used to be puzzled that my mother could ever say such a thing, but after time and time again, I began to understand where she was coming from. The thought could cross anyone’s mind; what’s the point of protesting if it’s just going to keep happening?

To that, you could respond: well if we don’t protest, what are we supposed to do? Neither of you know the answer, and that’s the problem.

I think we should protest. I think we should shut the city down. But it’s not about what I think, it’s about what I do. And I have no idea what to do. I have no idea how to approach it in a way that hasn’t been done before, in a way that will get the message across and make a permanent change. I feel helpless. Worthless. Incapable.

When I first saw Sandra Bland’s mugshot, I got a very bad feeling in my chest. My breathing was uneven and it was hard to focus my mind on anything around me. In the days that followed, I could not get that image of her out of my mind. I could not turn the lights off in any room because I felt that image haunting me. I could not wash my face for more than ten seconds because every time I closed my eyes to splash water onto my skin, I saw the image etched into my brain. My parents would go to work and leave me home with my grandmother and I couldn’t find the words to beg them to stay, because I didn’t know how to tell them that this image was driving me crazy. I had my first anxiety attack. I couldn’t sleep. This was in the summer, and I remember wishing that I had school so that I had something to do during the day, something to take my mind off of her.

One of the most beautiful things in life to me has always been pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. I looked forward to the honor. But when I heard about Tamir Rice, I questioned whether I wanted to bring another black child into a world that didn’t want them. Into a world that would shoot them in less than two seconds.

In seven days I’ll be turning 15, and these are the things I think about, the feelings I have. These are the experiences that come with being a black child in America.

I started this magazine for people of color, and when I heard about the threats at Mizzou I started making plans to organize a black activism group in 2016. I realized that I needed to take action, I needed to change what I was seeing. I’m doing all these things to facilitate a change and to raise awareness.

Raising awareness is important to me, yes. But so many people are already aware. We already know it’s happening, and we’re doing things to stop it, but it has not stopped. And I don’t know what else to do.

So this is my apology. To all the black people who have died at the hands of police and in the name of racism, to all the black families who won’t enjoy the holidays with their loved one, to all the black people who will suffer this same fate again, to Tamir Rice and to Sandra Bland, I’m sorry. If I could fix it, if I could make it right, I would.

But I don’t know how. And that’s the problem.

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cordia + bookstore au. maybe with secret book nerd cora? <3

I like to call this my trope galore!fic. Bookstore AU where: Werewolves are known, Hale family is alive, with mutual pining, “misunderstandings”, fake/pretend relationships, allusions to clothes sharing, and… I think that’s it. I hope you dig it, babe! <3

“You changed the storefront,” Lydia said, drumming her nails along the counter, eyes sizing Cora up like she was finding the best incapacitating pressure points. “You said I had free reign.”

“Free reign within reason,” Cora said. There might have been a time, just a very brief blip on the radar, when she had been intimidated by Lydia Martin–if only because the redhead could walk for hours on pinpoint high heels without complaint–but she sure as hell wasn’t cowed anymore. “For the last time, we’re a bookstore. Children walk past every day. I really don’t need little Bobby running home to mom to tell her about the new BDSM section–” 

“Bobby’s mom’s panties are still wet from 50 Shades,” Lydia interrupted primly, and–well, Cora had to admit she had a point. “Is it my fault I’m trying to actually introduce real, safe and consensual kink into people’s lives?”

“Do that on your own time, sweetheart.”

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Previous part can be found here.  Hartbigguyz and tvfreakinabox continue to remind me of how brilliant they are, because they are still being so lovely and pre-reading all of these words. 

Part 7 - SFW

On Thursday Mamrie leaves, without Grace. Which is fine, because Grace is an adult. She can look after herself for a few days. No big deal. Everything is under control.

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66(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/368c554d7de067c5c43bc89c495da3f5/tumblr_o6zp9nZFY71rzn1pxo1_540(.)png So one of the blogs I followed got some of their art stolen on this google+ community and reported it. Sorry for this but I'm so disgusted by the ignorance of some people over this issue of artists having the right to their work. I don't even have an account on there but honestly, it never fails to amaze me how entitled some ppl think they are and how little they understand other people.

I wasn’t sure what I would find when I opened the link but I can’t say that I not disappointed. 

Artists need to get over it and give up.

Yes, that would be the perfect utopia for you, wouldn’t it? While we’re at it, how about we abolish the laws that protect against violence because hey, people get hurt everyday. The same with fighting for equal rights, because discrimination happens all the time! People should just accept it and give up! It’s part of life! You can’t stop it!

[Please note the sarcasm.]

If there [they’re] just now noticing there [their] art is getting stolen since the second they posted it, it’s just to [too] late.

If that individual is just now noticing that artists are malcontent with the status quo, they are way behind I’m afraid. Artists/Translators/Creators/Writers have been dealing with theft, plagiarism, and reposts since way before the above commentator was even born.  

What artists or anyone don’t realize is once they post art or anything online it stays because other sites post it.

Oh, they know. They know all too well. And so do lawmakers from virtually every country, otherwise things such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act wouldn’t even exist to even the balance and give power back to the creators. Search almost any social media you can think of, and add ‘dmca’ at the end of it. I guarantee you there is a form that exists to take down copyrighted content. 

Why was the reason you made art. These are the consequences for your actions. 

There is no way to answer why artists make art without filling the entire post and then some. But I do know what artists do NOT make art for, and that’s for it to be taken without their permission. By the way, nice victim-blaming

Those fictional names belong to the Diabolik Lovers fandom it seems. 

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Help! you have nice gifs. How to I capture a gi? Gif capture software I tried was either add on or only selected a small area. Advice, please?

I will be using Photoshop CS6 and GOM Player. (There’s a bunch of different ways you can make gifs, this is just the way I do it and it works for me.)

I’ve been pretty quiet on the gif-making front because (blog spoiler alert) I’m working on a series of Hannibal season 2 reaction gifs which isn’t finished yet. They’re pretty simple to make, so I’m going to take you through the process of making one of these.

1. Screenshotting the section you want to gif. You can do this inside Photoshop, but I find it easiest to use a free media player by GOMlab which you can download for free here. Inside the program when you open up the episode you’re capturing, you can go to settings > advanced capture set the amount of images to capture, the time between them and the quality. You can also set where you save the images to, I prefer to make a folder for each gif rather than have one big folder to sort through, but that’s personal preference. Here’s a look at my settings for this particular gif (right click > view image for full size).

Since Tumblr changed the gif limit to 2mb it’s a lot easier to make high quality gifs, for a standard 500 x 281 you can get a pretty decent compromise between gif length and quality.

2. Importing your images. Open up Photoshop (This will vary slightly depending on which version you use, or if you’re using another program). Go to file > scripts > load files into stack. Select your images and Photoshop will open the screencaptures in one document all layered ready to go. I’m using CS6 so I click timeline at the bottom and then go to create frame animation.

3. Making your gif. After you click you’ll have a single image in your timeline bar. Go across to the drop down arrow on the top right of the timeline bar and go to > make frames from layers. You can then click the little play icon on the timeline bar and your gif should play, albeit very quickly. Click the drop down arrow again > select all frames, and then click the the little arrow on the bottom right of one of the thumbnail images. Change the time from 0 sec to somewhere between 0.1 and 0.2. It varies with each gif, just keep changing it until it plays at an ideal smooth speed.

4. Effects and embellishments. So that’s a basic gif made and you can save there and be done, and it’ll look a little something like this.

But where’s the fun in that? Go to select all frames > convert to video timeline, then select all your layers on the right in the layer tab and make into a smart object. This allows you to add effects across and on top of the whole gif, rather than layer by layer (some more complicated gifs require editing layer by layer, but it’s very time consuming). Double check to make sure it plays correctly before you start making changes, otherwise you’ll then have to go back and it’s a pain. You can now add layers of brightness/contrast (layer > new adjustment layer > brightness/contrast), change the colouring with levels, colour balance, selective colouring, add a gradient map layer, sharpen the gif (filter > sharpen > unsharp mask and choose your ideal settings) as well as text. Before you save, make sure you have your video timeline correct and in the right position, that no layers cutting out halfway through the gif, or that text is running longer than the end of the image and into a transparent background instead. I also recommend adding your url somewhere, as I can guarantee you that your gifs will be used across Tumblr and the wider internet without credit.

5. Saving the gif. Almost there! File > save for web. Remember when I mentioned compromise between quality and quantity? Here is where you check to make sure your gif is under 2mbs. If it’s over, you can either play in the settings by cutting down the quality, either by changing the colour settings (e.g. 256 > 128, selective to perceptive colouring, using web snap, but bear in mind this will make your gif look very low quality) or go back and cut down the gifs size by removing frames or effects, or crop any unnecessary part of the image from the top or bottom. Make sure you keep the width at 500 (or 245 if its for a side-by-side gifset, depending what you’re making the gif for).

Provided that it is under 2mbs, I find the ideal settings to be Selective, Pattern (or Diffusion), 256,  0% web snap, and make sure in looping options you select forever, not once.

And this is my finished gif! Hope this was useful!

shade shenanigans

okay full disclosure i’ve never been able to sum up the attention span required to read the official site lore articles. so although i have approximate knowledge of the shade, i’m guaranteed to get details wrong. anyway

(this delves into horror-ish territory near the end so skip this post if you’re not into that)

  • shade manifests in times of conflict and ill-health
  • wouldn’t you know it, my dragons have been existing in a state of almost constant conflict for well over a year now (actually since they left the sunbeam ruins)
  • shade miasma accumulates over time, without anyone really noticing, and a healthy or religiously observant dragon can fight it off all right
  • but what about a clan of extremely weakened, near-starving dragons scraping for survival on the edge of a thriving monarchy? alternatively, what about the downtrodden serving class of said monarchy?
  • the corruption is very subtle and as it builds up it becomes harder to resist, until it physically manifests around the dragon’s body and, like a parasite, begins to assume control. sometimes the relationship can be symbiotic or at least mutually tolerated, but this is rare.
  • the results vary by dragon, but commonly the dragon will begin bleeding black rather than its usual elemental blood colour. eye colour will start to dim, turning black when the host is not currently in control. the shade will begin to manifest its own limbs in end-stage parasitism as the host’s body weakens.
  • the miasma is not fully conscious at first, its desires are dependent on the host’s own personality. as it grows and continues to accumulate, the shade will begin to have autonomous thoughts and form its own personality.
  • it can be gotten rid of with the help of the dragon’s deity, but the host may not survive.
  • it is infectious; like a virus it replicates itself in a host body and can pass on to others. but like it says above, it can usually be resisted.
  • so what you end up with (in the case of the monarchy’s serving class) is a population of passive carriers who are one or two bad experiences away from breaking out into full-on shade epidemic
  • if not resisted, the miasma will consume the host entirely and use their skeleton as a base for its new form. this is an amorphous black creature with the host’s bones at its core, to give it shape. it can mimic the host in appearance for short periods
  • so you might be talking to a nightmare monster wearing your dead friend’s face (and skeleton) without even knowing
  • by the time you realise most of your clan is either infected or already dead, it’s probably too late for you too

Lots of people are speculating that there are going to be Phyrexians on Kaladesh, as if Aether Revolt was going to be New Phyrexia 2: Electric Boogaloo.

I want to see Phyrexians too–badly. And I think Kaladesh makes sense as a plane for them to infiltrate. But–here’s the thing–I don’t expect it to happen this block.

This block is taking a smaller scale than either BFZ or SOI blocks. It’s started with a very personal pull–Chandra is returning home. The conflict that has been teased is very local: rebels versus an unfair government elite fighting over aether, which is a controlled resource. Even the Gatewatch, our protagonist team, is operating at half power.

And I think the game needs that right now. Launching into yet another Multiverse-level threat would be exhausting. We need small-scale conflicts to make the large ones feel appropriately epic.

Plus, Kaladesh seems to have everything in line to be a new fan favorite plane. People want to explore Kaladesh. They want to enjoy it.

In short, everything looks to me like Kaladesh is being built as a plane with a small-scale conflict that we can all enjoy in the next two sets.

Going full-on Phyrexian in Aether Revolt would disrupt that hardcore. We would have a single block to enjoy one of the most colorful planes yet created before the nightmarish Phyrexians began doing their terrible things to the beings of Kaladesh. The unique concept of aether access and the associated rebellion would be overshadowed by tendons and bloody metal. Kaladesh would be obliterated too soon, becoming a forgettable plane that served as a platform for Phyrexia’s return.

I think Wizards is smart enough not to do that.

I do think Phyrexia is coming to Kaladesh, just not this block. SOI showed that Wizards can pull off creeping horror remarkably well, and I think we’ll see it at the end of Aether Revolt. Just a handful of cards that signal unease, or some twisted influence. Something is coming, but it’s not here yet. The rebellion plot will be resolved and our heroes will planeswalk away to Amonkhet, unaware of the creeping corrosion sneaking into Kaladesh.

Then, when we return to Kaladesh–as seems almost guaranteed, unless this block completely bombs–things will have gotten much more Phyrexian. And we will weep black oily tears, because we loved Kaladesh so much after a whole block of playing with it and living in its lore.

Give it time. Let Phyrexia creep in to Kaladesh. All will be one.