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So, I see you guys have lots of questions! So, I looked up Yuri on Ice on Anime News Network and as far as English releases are concerned, you can choose from either Crunchy Roll or Funimation.

You do not have to have an account to watch episodes 1-9 (10 will be added next Wed for free users).

Also if you’re going to watch it illegally (I can’t stop you, but I will happily benchpress you if I meet you & discover your sins lol) PLEASE WATCH IT LEGALLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! This will help support the show.

Also, yes… I love Game of Thrones…

The Mods send their regards,
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Hey Everybody

The instagram account, Hamilton_flops_/Hamilton.Flops, is being deleted.

I appreciate everyone reporting this account and standing up for their fellow artists. However I really hope none of you attacked this person or sent them hurtful messages. That’s never what I wanted out of this situation and as a person, we’re better than this.

I also ask you stop harassing this person on IG because they ARE deleting the account and made a public apology and promise not to make another account. I can’t really count on this for sure but please let the issue drop for now.

Also, this whole thing has caused me a lot, and I mean a lot of stress and anxiety so I would doubly appreciate it if people stopped sending me messages about it, screenshots of the account, and anything to do with it. If you tag me in something I won’t reblog and if you send an ask or submit something saying “Hey I think they’re deleting” I will delete your ask/submission.

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me in this, I love y’all!

I have an important announcement

Sorry guys, but I will stop drawing and probably will delete this account soon, thank you for everything so far and your support. My reasons for this are under read more since it’s kinda long, again I’m sorry.


Sorry for those who thought I was talking seriously :3c so today is Dec 28 and in Latin America is like our April fools (but in december, duh~) if you didn’t knew UwU This is my joke for this year, of course I ain’t gonna stop drawing!! and I’m not gonna delete this account. I can’t believe I’m procrastinating my projects just to draw that troll Peri with Gin-chan’s face xD (you can see how I suffer in snapchat)

So, happy December 28! Try to not fall in other jokes today and again, I’m sorry if you believed this for a second, you can breathe now and punch me if you want ^^


I can’t stop myself. Please send help before I drown in fake AU’s.

Quick Question - If I were to give the Ragnarrson’s sister a name for future imagine references do you prefer Ingrid or Hilde? Those were my favourite two names from a generic search and if you have any name suggestions please send them in :)

student!doyoung having a pocket sized y/n {au}
  • haaaalloooooo again, pocket sized y/n!!! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
  • let me tell you a little about student!doyoung
  • he wears glasses, constantly pushing them up, because they ALWAYS slide down his nose
  • this boy cares about his grades sooooo much you can’t even imagine
  • he actually enjoys the study of history more than anything else (?)
  • “yes I do”
  • don’t even ask, y/n ,please just don’t
  • anyway
  • it was summer and he was finally able to study rest
  • so his parents send him to visit his grandparents
  • poor boy
  • fresh air 24/7, so many bugs and animals, grandma cooking non-stop super delicious things
  • yet, he was still complaining ( ಠ ಠ )ᕗ
  • but do you know what was unacceptable, y/n?
  • when grandpa asked him to help in the garden
  • doyoung was whining, tossing sitting on the grass pretending to be working, secretly reading a history book, when he suddenly felt something crash into his leg
  • he jumped, ready to scream but when he saw you laying on the ground, crying, he panicked
  • “so small, so delicate…”
  • without thinking he picked you up carefully and ran towards his house
  • doyoung you forgot  your book
  • “who cares, y/n is hurting!!”
  • he panicked once again when he noticed how big the pill is for you
  • “oh my goshhhh what do I doooo”
  • “I’m okay really”
  • big shiny eyes staring at you curiously
  • at first he hesitates, listening quietly as you introduce yourself
  • “I was trying to catch a butterfly when I bumped into your… leg”
  • “but you so smol how can you catch this big butterfly?”
  • “are you sure you’re okay? Do you need anything?”
  • let’s just say he was more scared than you
  • forgetting about his book completely, doyoung took you to his room
  • when he got comfortable around you, he couldn’t stop talking
  • the first night, you and doyoung were under his blanket with a flashlight as he reads you his FAVOURITE BOOK DOYOUNG STOP
  • and he blushed when you told him he shouldn’t study so much, bc he’s already smart enough
  • “hey doyoung have you ever watched the stars?”
  • “you mean stargazing? no never”
  • and… pretty, little, cute, stop/make me y/n decided to show him how beautiful the sky was
  • every night, past midnight you would both lay on the grass, watching the  sky
  • “look y/n! a shooting star!! make a wish!”
  • “hey y/n… what did you wish for?”
  • “I can’t tell you. if I do, it won’t come true.”
  • “oh okay. just letting you know… I wished to stay with you forever” °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
  • his grandparents were very confused
  • like
  • wait a second
  • doyoung suggested to help and he’s not having a book with him!?
  • yes, he became more active physically bc of you
  • cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, helping in the garden, fishing
  • wait what
  • bc of his wish… doyoung returned in his home with a precious pocket sized y/n 
  • “this is the kitchen, this is the bathroom blablabla and this …is my room.”
  • his room is VERY clean ,you were surprised
  • “doyoung you have so many books”
  • he is the only child in his family
  • and, unlike student!taeyong, that’s the reason why he has to go every now and then to this toy shop to buy you clothes
  • “my sister lost her barbie’s favorite dress… so I’d like to buy this one” he says every time, blushing at the cashier
  • when school starts again, doyoung forgets about studying
  • like
  • when he’s supposed to do his homework- “let’s watch a movie, y/n!!!”
  • you’re happy to see him relax and avoid studying so much
  • bc he finally has a reason to have fun and enjoy his life with his new friend, a cute little pocket-sized y/n (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
A crush on the boy?// Draco x Reader

Title: A crush on the boy?

 Prompt/Request: Hey, love, can I request a Draco imagine where the reader (female) is best friends w/The Golden Trio (a part of it). She’s a Slytherin and hates Draco, who falls for her in her fourth year. They’re going in their own ways until she’s asked to help with Dracos mission, and they slowly fall in love, and eventually taking each off each other’s purity rings. Can this be an over the years thing, and can the reader make up with Harry and the gang? Thanks, love!

Pairing: Draco x Reader

 Warning(s): None?

 A/N: I LOVED DOING THIS EVEN THOUGH IT SUCKS!!!  this isnt really like the request, but i tried. and please stop sending requests and ships.

 First Year…

 Sighing, you walked with your friends. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. They took you in even though you were Slytherin. Ron and Harry absolutely hated you when Hermione brought you to them after finding out you have no friends. Hermione was you’re only real friend. “Hermione,” your soft voice rang in her ears waiting for your question, she hummed happily as you walked beside her. “Why don’t I have any friends?” the question wasn’t totally unanswerable, but it was answerable either. She stopped in her tracks “I don’t know. You haven’t found the right friends?” she shrugged. Maybe she was right? You shrugged also and continued walking.

 Third Year…

 Never have you ever hated someone so much. That was, of course, until you meet Draco Malfoy. He was the rudest Slytherin there. He always knew how to push your buttons.

 Even if you both were death eaters, you absolutely hated him.

You groaned loudly as Professor Snape divided you into partners, dividing you and Hermione from each other, and putting you with Draco (who groaned quite loudly), and pairing Hermione and Pansy together (you could hear Pansy’s scoff from the front of the room.) You turned and looked at Draco as he walked up to you, “Let me guess,” you started out “I do all the work, and you sit back and relax.” Your faces were close together and you watched his lips turn into a smirk, “Correct.” He turned to the front of the desk and started messing with the parchment you had out. “Stop it,” you muttered as he kept messing around.

 Sixth Year…

Lord Voldemort was coming back. Everyone knew it, unless you lived under a rock.

Draco’s mum was a deatheater, as so his aunt, Bellatrix, and father, Lucius. Draco was kind of just, put into this, as you were. Both of your parents we’re always into dark magic, even when they we’re in Hogwarts. They pushed it on you, even though you argued about it.

Today was the day. We all were going to a meeting. You knew everything. Everything about the mission, everything of how you, of all people had to help Draco, you’re worst enemy, with his deed.

You sighed deeply walking into the room with your mum and dad, “Stop shaking so much,” your mum hissed in your ear as you got closer and closer to the entrance, “Then stop making me nervous.” Your voice was loud, but not loud enough. She scoffed and pulled your arm with her as she pulled you into the room. She was the one to force you into helping Draco.

“She’ll help him, sir.”

She yelled out as she pulled you along that night. Narcissa, Dracos mum, was pleased. She and my mum were friends, and Narcissa always have loved you.

“Ah, Y/N.” Voldemort sighed as you walked in, “Just in time,” his smile was wicked, and it made you cringe. Not physically, of course not. “Hello, my Lord.” You bowed with your mum. As you both got up you felt two eyes on you. Your eyes meet a familiar pair of grey ones.

Time skip to like the last month at Hogwarts…

“Draco,” you hissed as you pulled his arm. You both had gone into an abandoned room. You needed to talk to him.”You have to do this,” you whispered in his ear as he shut the door. His eyes had tears in them, “I can’t do it,” he chocked out making you roll your eyes, “What was all that talk? Were you lying about how Dumbledore isn’t fit for Hogwarts? How he’s the worst Headmaster in history?”

His eyes flicked to yours. Draco had developed a crush. A huge crush on you.

He shook his head, he knew you were right. He was lying. He changed. “Then kill him.” Your words were harsh, you knew you didn’t mean it. You didn’t want Dumbledore gone, Dumbledore was amazing to you.

“Okay,” his voice was soft, barley above a whisper. He opened the door before walking out, you close behind him.

Standing beside Draco, Bellatrix Lestrange, was standing behind both of you, yelling in his ear. “Do it!” she said one last time before someone, you had not known was there, scoffed out, “Doesn’t have the stomach to do it, like his father.”

You turned and pointed your wand at him, raising an eyebrow. “Shut up,” you muttered, his eyebrows shot up. “Do you like the Malfoy boy?” he asked, smirking, “Do you like the boy you’re helping? He can’t catch up to you, you’re a much better witch than he and his father will ever be.” You took a deep breath, before turning around. “Draco,” you whispered, “Do it.” You pressured, he shook his head. Your hand started shaking; taking a deep breath you said the two words. The two words you have never wanted to say. Moving your wand you said them, “Avada Kedavra.”  You muttered loudly, Dumbledore fell off the top of the astronomy tower.

Bellatrix started laughing; you tilted your head down. “Ah, emotional like your mother, but you carry out your promises like your father.” A strange man said, “Yeah, I’m emotional because I’m not heartless, unlike you.” You spat, the man gave you a death look, “Now, if you’d excuse me, I’d like to go eat.” You turned on your heel, walking out.

Seventh Year:

You sat beside Draco, sighing as you read your text book again. “Stop reading,” Draco whined as you turned your page, again. “Then help me with the stupid O.W.L.S.” you muttered, not looking up from your book.

Draco had started messing with the ring his mum had gotten him for his sixteenth birthday, as she had gotten you one too. He looked at you before kissing your cheek, “I think it’s time we take them off,” he all of a sudden said, your eyebrows knitted together. “What? The purity ring? Draco, love, we promised your mum we wouldn’t take them off until we were ready, are you sure you’re ready?” you voice was low, he smiled nodding. “Yeah,” your gave lit up into a huge grin, “Okay.” You agreed, he closed your book before softly kissing you. “We don’t have to,” he whispered against your lips, “I want to,” you muttered out as he picked you up from his seat on his bed, putting you on his lap.

Skipping Smut because I do not want to nope nope nope!!!

You laid in his bed, cuddling into his side, “I love you,” he whispered, kissing your forehead. Your face blushed deeply, “I love you too.” You whispered, looking up at him.

You looked at the purity rings on the bedside table. Your names were carved into each one, his mum had them engraved so you didn’t lose them. Draco had fallen asleep, you closely behind him. Humming a tune you, whispered “I love you Draco. With all my heart.” before your eyes closed.

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You seem like a great person. Your beautiful. It sounds like you and your sister need a relationship with God. I hope you have already started one or do soon. He can help in so many ways it's unbelievable

im not religious in any way but thanks. ive stated this a lot so please stop sending me these asks!


[I had wanted a heart this whole time, but gaining one so suddenly is (hic) too much to handle at one time. (hic) From the recent events, is this what they call guilt?]

[This hurts; please make it stop.]


This is what I meant by this man made and still makes me spend so much.

The canime special version finally arrived!! I’m surprised to see the design for the canime DVD to be blue. Then again… I wouldn’t mind red too ahem Persona 5 ahem…

I shall watch the PV making later on and probably upload a few screenshots. Or even gifs? Depends. Also the magazines, I will do my best to translate snippets of it. I was reading a part that night and it made me laugh. That’s so FukuJun even back in his childhood days…

I can’t stop listening to his song. Someone send help please.

Stages of Period

Stage 1: Mood Swings
“What the fuck, you thought about another girl? ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME YOU FUCK FACE?!”
*sobbing* “I can’t believe you would do this to me, why are you so mean?”
*laughing* “I love youuuuuuuu.”

Stage 2: Pain…CONSTANTLY

Stage 3: Random Cravings
“I kinda want something sweet.” *eats cookies* “Hmmm….I want some Pringles. I really want some frosting or cereal. Oh what, I didn’t know we had burrito stuff….oh wait there’s no meat wtf? I kinda want pickles now. Wait…I hate pickles.”

Stage 4: Bloating

Stage 5: Acceptance

*internal screaming as the gates of Hell open and you stay there for 3-7 days*

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Worried hajime from before, I ran out of room and had to be brief, any form of help for the himiko I mentioned but positivity would be nice I can't get ahold of her I'm still very worried. she's @residentialkinkshaner in case my last ask didn't send,

Oh jeez! Himiko I’m so so sorry this took so long! Whatever you’re doing that might harm you, please stop! You see this person is hecca worried for you! I’m not really sure what dangers you might be doing,, but,, please stay super safe! This person here and me really care for you! They care for you so much that they sent in a request for a positivity to help you! See! They really care! I also care! I want you to stay super safe and content okay Himiko? Especially this person! I’m love you @residentialkinkshaner

-Mod Amami

travel au’s for your otp

- “i’m visiting this city for the first time and they drive on the opposite side of the road here and when i looked the wrong way before trying to cross the street, you were the stranger who yanked me back and stopped me from being completely flattened by that bus. can i buy you a drink?”
- “we’re doing the same study abroad program and we didn’t get along at first, but you helped me with the language in an emergency and maybe you’re not so bad after all.”
- “we’re both lost and have run into each other like six times trying to find this obscure place. want to work together?”
- “the mona lisa is possibly the biggest letdown in all of france.”
- “you’re a tour guide in this insanely ancient, historical place and you’re the biggest nerd i’ve ever encountered in my life, but you’re also insanely hot and i’m enjoying your tour immensely so i’m going to ask all the questions i can think of and you actually seem pretty impressed.”
- “i’m having a spiritual epiphany looking out over the world and the incredible structures built in ancient times and you’re an amateur photographer who snapped some seriously breathtaking pictures of me.”
- “i asked you for directions and you spoke to me in broken english with a native accent but i ran into you again later and it turns out you actually grew up in the next town over from me.”
- “i’m an art student pursuing my degree abroad and i’m supposed to be sketching pieces in the museum but instead i’ve been sketching you and oh no i think you just saw me.”
- “i decided to move and work abroad but i’m pretty homesick and have no friends to speak of and you’re the insanely hot bartender who listened to my woes. i’m not entirely sure you understood much of what i was saying, but you invited me out with you and some of your friends and despite the language barrier, i think we have something here.”
- “i’m the only foreign student in this art history class and we were taking a class trip to a museum and we both ended up staying and going through the museum afterwards, and even though we’ve never spoken we’re kind of moving through at the same pace.”
- “i’ve never been to this country before and you’re the tour guide on this trip who just got me to eat this ‘local delicacy’ and holy shit what did i just put in my mouth?”
- “okay i’ve been touring around several cities and countries over the past few weeks and i’ve definitely seen you in several of them and also on a few of my trains. are you following me?”
- “i’ve gotten really into the local music scene in this city and you are in one of the bands and have seen me at a bunch of your shows.”
- “you’re very obviously new to this city and wow you suck at speaking this language here let me give you some key phrases. the most important one is how you ask someone out on a date. now repeat it back to me. oh, yes, i would like to go on a date with you i’m so glad you asked.”

Living with 5sos would include

·Grocery shopping every other day ·"Can I touch your hair?“ ·"After you wash the dye of your hands, Michael” ·"micHAEL STOP TRYING TO DYE LUKE’S HAIR BLACK" ·"Pretty please with a vanilla chocolate swirl with a cherry on top will you make me food?“ ·"MicHAEL STOP HITTING LUKE” ·"Luke stop letting him hit you!“ ·Having an emergency code name but it’s mostly used when a spider is around ·Sending you ‘NEED HELP ASAP’ texts because he ran out of toilet paper ·Constant pouting ·Whining when you won’t show them your boobs ·"say yoU’RE SORRY” ·"FUCK YOU LUKE" ·"I diDN’T DO ANYTHING" ·Movie nights ·Having to schedule cuddle time because they complain when you are cuddling someone else longer ·Group chatting each other when they’re all in the same room ·Random singing ·Air guitar ·So.much.pizza. ·Calum sassing everyone in existence ·"CaLUM PUT SOME PANTS ON" ·"Its my birthday, so I get what I want, so show me your boobs" “no” “why not” ·trying to prank you but giving up two minutes later ·Playing hide and seek, but when they can’t find you they whine like little puppies ·Squishing faces ·Nose booping ·"Fuck you y/n I do what I want I’m punk rock" ·So many keeks

Pentaholic Help Hotline!

Hello everyone! It has come to my attention that there’s a lot of pentaholics that have had suicidal thoughts, or eating disorders, or other problems, and I wanted to do something to help everyone without being intrusive, so I’ve created the Pentaholic Help Hotline! Now for the first little bit of time it’ll be hard for me to get everything up and running, but don’t let that stop you form contacting me! The ask will always be open and I’ll answer the calls when I’m available. If I don’t answer please send an ask so I can return your call! I want all of you to be happy and I want all of you to get the help you deserve.

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Hello, it’s me @stabbysuggestion. Every time I see someone on their blog saying they want to die, or something is bothering them, I am always jumping straight to their ask box trying to help them. But sometimes it is hard to help someone, like if they stop answering asks. So I created this blog for those who need to vent, confess something, or just need to talk to someone. I will always try to help in any way that I can, so please if something is ever bothering you, send me either an ask, submit something, or message me and I will help. Anyone is allowed to use this, not only suggestion blogs. Please note that I am not available 24/7 as I have stuff to do sometimes, but I will try to get to it asap. Thank you, amazing suggestion blog community. Please, signal boost this so others that need it can see it and use it!

Imagine your kiss sends Pan back up to Storybooke from the Underworld

Originally posted by pans-dreamshade-of-neverland

You walked around the corner inside the twisted, hellish version of Gold’s shop after Rumple finished talking with your lover - ahem, his father.

“Pan, please, stop sending Rumple to do your work. Just let me help you, please,” you grabbed his hands in yours, forcing him to look at you despite his sinister smile and signature eye roll. “Pan, you know I’ll help you in anyway I can. Please, I love you.”

“There is one thing that could work, but it’s no longer an option,” he told you, cupping your cheek and running his thumb over your jaw. He glanced down at your lips, internally debating between capturing your lips or following Rumple, who was quietly standing by the doorway, waving the enchanted cuff with his hand. He decided on the latter, “I have to go.”

“Zelena, just tell me! What did Hades say? What can bring out someone from the Underworld?!” you screamed at the former green woman.

Zelena sighed, “He said that only one thing would work. A -”

“ - true love’s kiss?” Pan turned to you with an incredulous look on his face. “(Y/N), that might not even work!”

“How do you know?! I never stopped loving you, even after you died. Please, just let me-”

Pan gripped your neck, sliding his thumbs from your cheeks to jawbone to neck, kissing you hard and passionately.

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Masterlist Request things!!

Thedosian Idol, Pt. 3

Can’t stop, won’t stop, not sure how to stop. So here’s almost 5,000 words of FenHawke AU fluff! 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three


Fenris’ list of positive things in Kirkwall is a short one, but given that he had no such list for Tevinter, even a short list feels luxurious.

Kirkwall has cheap rent, if somewhat negligent landlords; it has free wireless; it has a farmer’s market every Tuesday and Saturday; it has the Hanged Man’s drink specials and half-price fries; it has the wind off the sea to wash away the stink of its streets.

It has the first friends he has made in years. It has places to hear music, places to play music.

It has Hawke.

The list of negative things — the distance from his mother and sister, crushing debt, a soul-eating job as a security guard at the high school, obnoxious neighbors, the ever-present reek of fish — is far longer, but much lighter. It took him three years to realize it, but he’s happy. Stressed, tired, sometimes hungry, but never thwarted. When he opens the door to his apartment, and looks at the second-hand couch and the battered table, he always wants to smile. He wants to dance, a feeling not lessened by the picture on his fridge: Hawke, sunburned, her feet buried in the sand, smiling at the camera. At him. There had been a bonfire later that night, and singing until his throat burned and the sun stained the far horizon. Driving home, Aveline tuned the radio to an oldies station while Hawke fell asleep with her head in his lap, and he thought of his guitar in the trunk as each song melted away into crisp morning light.

A life he never expected, and never dreamed of — and it was all his. How many songs had he gotten out of that day and night? Too many to count, but all he has to do is look at that picture and more come, flooding out of him.

An imperfect life, but his now, for three years, and he’s more than happy. He’s content.

Keep reading