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Please send requests

Hello everyone, I’m a newbie artist and I would love to get some requests to keep up with my daily drawing. I will be traveling for a long time soon, and usually I would stop drawing after coming back from traveling because of the sudden interruption. Therefore having requests will hold me accountable and it will help me getting back to my usual drawing habit after coming back from the trip.

This is where I need your help! All you need to do is send me a request of a character you would like me to draw! One character per request because that’s all I’m capable of right now, but you can send as much requests as you want!

Please understand that because I’m still learning how to draw, I won’t be able to draw fast, but I will try my best to go through every single one!

I will draw for these fandoms:

- Magi (I haven’t caught up since chapter 327)

- Haikyuu!!

- Boku hero no academia/ Vigilante

- Ookiku Furikabutte (aka Oofuri or Big Windup)

- No. 6

- Pandora Hearts

- Vanitas no Carte

- D. Gray man

- Maplestory

Thank you so much for your help! Feel free to reblog this so others can see and help me out!

Yoongi imagine; Super Psycho Love: Part One

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Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Warnings: Stockholm syndrome, yandere?!Yoongi, toxic relationship, smutty~

When one night standing becames something more. When he calls you everyday. When you saw him staring at you everytime you went to the club. You thought he was behaving like a child and he would eventually let go, but it didn’t happen. Why didn’t you stop him when you had the chance? Now you were involved with someone you shouldn’t. For some reason, you didn’t feel like complaining.

Disclaimer: Please, don’t continue if you are a sensitive person to certain topics. I don’t pretend to offend anyone. This is all fictional, and please, don’t let anyone do this to you. If you suspect, you can talk to anyone. Get help. If you want, you can anonymously send me an ask. I repeat, this is all fictional. Keep reading with caution.

Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.” the teacher made a long pause, but didn’t stop staring at the book. “but sometimes, the hostage can actually develop true feelings, not only as an actual strategy.”

You were, as usual, paying attention to the class. It was a part of your lesson, and you were interested in the topic. Everything about this topics was awesome to you; how the brain worked, why some people developed these kind of feelings. What caused it? You questioned everything. You were so submerged in your thoughts that you didn’t notice Jiwoo staring at you. To be honest, you didn’t even notice when she sat next to you.
“Boo!” she scared you, and you jumped on your seat making her laugh her ass off. 
“Were you thinking about shit again?” 
You knew she was right, but you hit her arm playfully anyways. 
Jiwoo was your best friend since you arrived Korea. Since highschool, she introduced to you her group of friends, who warmly welcomed you. After some years you trusted in her more than anyone, and you told her everything that happened to you. Your dates, the boys you were with, who you wanted to fuck, who wanted to fuck you, everything, and so did her. She was like your sister and she never left you alone. 
“Are you going to the club tonight?” she asked, even though she knew the answer. When you opened your mouth to reply, she interrupted you; “of course you’re going. I’ll be there at 9.” and just like that, she left.

You weren’t sure if you wanted to. You always went to the club, every friday night. There was always someone you were interested in, and ever since your boyfriend broke up with you, you just followed the conversation with any person that seemed interested in you, and didn’t flirt back until they did first. It was something common for you. Making out with someone sometimes, dancing with someone you liked and then forgetting about it. You were a mature person, and it wasn’t a sin, right? After all, you didn’t play with the person’s feelings. Since the beggining you told them that it was only one night. You didn’t want feelings involved, you didn’t want anything serious, and everyone agreed, until last friday.

One week ago, you went to the club, as usual. Jiwoo drove you there, and when you entered, she started looking for her boyfriend; like usual. Everything was usual, it wasn’t strange, neither it was the first time. As usual, again, you sat on the couch of the dance club that was in the back, where people sat down to drink calmly, to smoke, to make out and get touchy or simply because, like you, didn’t feel like dancing. 
As soon as you entered the club, you saw your ex with his girl. He looked happy, and the girl was, of course, very pretty. He had his left arm wrapped on her waist and she was smiling, and your self steem dropped to the floor. 
You broke up with him because he made you feel unwanted. He didn’t compliment you, he was so submerged in his own work that he didn’t even see you. He didn’t have sex with you more than once; in your 6 month old relationship, and in all the years of friendship, he touched you only one time he got home drunk. You tried to understand him, until you discovered the reason behind his behavior wasn’t his work, but his sidechick. 
And there he was, happily hugging her. The asshole and the bitch together.
You stared at the couple with wide eyes, tears aiming to spill out, but you watched at Jiwoo happilly. If she noticed how you were feeling, she would have to stay with you and you didn’t want that. She always put you before her boyfriend first, but it wasn’t a big deal. You broke up with him a long time ago, and she didn’t see her boy very often so you just let go.
Sitting there, staring at everyone, arms crossed and a frown, you were trying not to cry or burn his house down. She was pretty, tall, and you were you. You didn’t feel like being with anyone today, not after what you saw.

Yoongi stared at you from the distance. He fell in love at first sight with you, you were gorgeous in his eyes. You always ended up with someone else, and it made his blood boil. He felt angry and he had to leave immediately before punching the guy in the face and scaring the hell out of you, discarding any chance he had with you.
When he saw you sitting there, with a sad face, he had to approach you. Whatever had happened to you, whoever tried to touch you, he had to take action on the matter. He was nervous, though; he loved you from the first time he saw you and he didn’t want to fuck up, he didn’t want to be so crazy for someone that despises him.
He sat next to you, without making any noise. He stared at you from that distance and he felt his heat rising up. Your face, your eyes, your hands, your hair, you fashion choices. Everything was perfect about you, but what wasn’t, was that you didn’t notice him. You were thinking so deeply that he had to sigh once, twice very loudly for you to see that he was sitting right next to you.
He stared at the crowd, and you stared at him. You didn’t want to be with anyone, didn’t your face tell him so? You were about to tell him that you weren’t on the mood to fuck or kiss him or whatever he wanted to, until he opened his mouth.
“So you hate clubs too, huh?”
He knew you didn’t. He knew you loved coming here, he heard your contagious laugh and saw your smile everytime you stepped into the dance floor, excepting this one time of course. But what could he say? He didn’t want to look like a weirdo, that he knew he kinda was, and he had to disimulate.
You sighed in relief. Apparently, he wasn’t direct nor he wanted to flirt right away. The anger disappeared a little bit. 
Actually, I don’t. I just saw something horrible, and I’m here because I don’t feel like dancing or drinking…” you were honest. Why would you lie? He was a random stranger, yes, but you were used to make friends or talk with people about some kind of things. You were kind of an open person, and the fact that you saw your ex with the bitch he cheated on you with wasn’t a big deal neither.
Yoongi felt his heartbeats rising, he heard your beautiful voice for the first time. But paying attention to your words, he actually got worried. There was something that was bothering you after all, someone did something to you or you felt bad because or something, so he just asked right away, shamelessly.
“Really? What is it?
You stared at him and laughed nervously, and then stared back at the crowd.
“Ah, it’s not a big deal. I saw my ex with the girl he cheated on me with.“ you made a pause. “She is pretty, so I kinda understand why he did it...” you made another long pause. Yoongi wanted to interrupt you, hold your hands and tell you that you didn’t have to think that way, and at the same time he wanted to kick that guy’s balls for not appreciating someone as gorgeus and so full of life like you; but he saw you were about to talk a little bit more, so he restrained.
My self steem kinda died a bit,” you laughed awkwardly, hidding that it hurt you. “so I just came here.” 
Yoongi wanted to talk, but when he opened his mouth, you interrupted him again. 
What about you? Do you really not like clubs? Or are you as miserable as me?” and once again, you laughed sadly. He loved and hated that laugh so much. He loved how it sounded, but hated the fact that it hid so much pain.
Actually, I like clubs.” he lied. “But this time I just didn’t feel like drinking or dancing or anything, and my friends left me all by myself.” he lied again. He went the the club all by himself. His friends were calm and didn’t go out; he went there because, even though he hated clubs, he went once just to try and he saw you. He didn’t drink that much, he didn’t dance, he didn’t flirt or fuck around. He just entered there and observed you like a creep, hoping one day he could talk to you.
“Ah, I see. So you’re not as miserable as me.” You said and smiled at him. You were happy to see that he didn’t seem like another fuckboy. He was really attractive, his voice was lazily beautiful, his hair was mint green and he looked like those boys from novels who are bad on the outside but are actually very soft on the inside; those boys on the books who were cold but loving. He was so surreal, you had to blink a million times to make sure your mind wasn’t playing a trick on you and made up a fake boy because of your low self-steem.
Don’t worry, you’re not miserable.” he added before you could continue hurting him without knowing. “It’s normal, it had happened to me,” he lied. His ex never cheated on him, he hadn’t had a girlfriend in six years. “but you have to forget about it. You seem very nice, so you shouldn’t worry. She is going to cheat on him anyways.” 
You laughed and Yoongi felt like his world was illuminated once again. He was nervous, mostly because he had to look for the right words to not scare you. If he flirted with you, or complimented your appearance, you would take it and flirt back, and then you’d hook up, and then you would forget about him like you did with every guy. He didn’t want that. He wanted to know you, to be with you, he didn’t want you to be with anyone else. He wanted you to himself, and the only way was acting like a friend, not like a fuckboy or a flirty random stranger who wanted to bang.
But when you stared at him once again with flirty eyes, he dropped everything. He stared back at you, right into your eyes; he couldn’t resist. He knew it was wrong. He knew he didn’t have to. He knew the plan was failing, but when it was about you, you drove him insane; and it happened.
After two hours of conversating, of drinking one beer between the two, the atmosphere changed completely. He was a nice guy, interesting. He told you about him; Min Yoongi. a 24 years old who liked to compose and was born in Daegu. He moved to Seoul to follow his dreams six years ago. 
Slowly, you became much more touchy. When you laughed, you placed your hand on his thigh, and he didn’t stop you. Slowly you forgot about your ex and just invited him to the dance floor, and he agreed. He didn’t like dancing, but how could he reject you? Even if you hit him, kicked him, stab him, he would still be crazy for you.
What started like an innocent dance became so much more. Yoongi forgot about the plan completely, his hands now running through your body, cupping your cheeks, slowly leaning down to kiss your lips. His lips were soft, the kiss was gentle. When realization hit him, he couldn’t stop. Not when you were already in his apartment, moaning his name, not when he was enjoying so much being inside you, touching your body, kissing your lips, hearing that the sounds that your mouth were making were because of him, because of what he was doing. Not when you were his already; at least for one night.
He slowly took off your clothes, he was the most gentle person you’ve met. Since your ex broke up with you, you didn’t sleep with anyone. You only kissed one boy per night, sometimes they got touchy, but this guy was so smooth. He didn’t have to compliment you or your appearance until things got heated up, and still, he had you on his feet. 
His dirty talk was the best. You couldn’t resist it. He was the best experience you’ve had and he was so gentle, yet so passionate at the same time. He touched you and made love to you like if he was afraid of hurting you, breaking you. Like if you were precious to him. How his fingers grazed gently your skin, your lips, how good he kissed you.
Everything was magical. You had one, two, three orgasms in one night, and you saw he enjoyed it a lot too. You cuddled, his arms hugged you tightly and he hid his face on your neck. 
But when he woke up, you were gone.
Oh god, he wanted to hit himself. He wanted to turn back time and at least ask for your address, now he had to wait until next friday. What if you didn’t want to see him? What if it really was just one night and now you forgot about him? He tried to resist, but since he had your number, he couldn’t avoid the temptation. It was wrong, you were going to hate him, but he couldn’t be rational anymore.

When he called the first time, you both talked for half an hour. When he called the second time, he asked how you were doing. When he called for the third time, you started to get scared. He didn’t get the message? You enjoyed it, but you didn’t want to develop feelings for someone that probably slept around with everyone. Yoongi wasn’t like that; but you didn’t know. You started suspecting that he didn’t call to fuck again, but simply to talk to you. It hurt you, rejecting him like that, because he was interesting. But you knew about that; you fucked him two hours after you met him, he probably did that with every girl. You didn’t want to remind yourself about the past. You wanted a normal relationship, where your partner doesn’t cheat on you. After all, you saw him every friday. You didn’t pay attention to him, but what was he doing there if he wasn’t fucking around? Of course he was. He was a man. He slept with you, he could sleep with anyone else. He probably was just a flirt.
Oh, but were you wrong.

You started declining every call, not daring to block his number. It drove Yoongi crazy, he missed you so much, and he fucked up. Now he was regretting his life choices. If he didn’t call you more than four times, maybe he still would have a chance: but he didn’t stop. He wanted to hear your voice. He went to the club every night, hoping to see you there, to talk to you, even if he knew you had to attend college. He knew. But he didn’t care. 
He started to get obsessive over it. You were clouding his mind day and night, and all he thought about was you. He didn’t recognize that feeling; he wasn’t like that with anyone, specially girls. Not since it broke his heart leaving his ex girlfriend behind to chase his dream; and ironically, the work he was doing, his “dream” was interrupted by the thought of you. 

That’s why you didn’t know. That’s why you weren’t sure of it, what it you saw him there? After he did love to you, after you enjoyed it so much, after all his calls, you couldn’t just stare at him like if nothing happened. But you couldn’t tell Jiwoo, she was such a mom. Her boyfriend wouldn’t want to switch clubs, after all, he worked there. Your friends were there too, they would have to switch just because you were scared of a fuckfriend you had for once? It was ridiculous. After being scared for a whole afternoon, you decided to get ready and go there anyways. If you saw him, you were to flirt with some random boy for some minutes until he got the message and drop it.
But, once again, you were wrong.

A Doctor’s Log (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Summary: Being a collection of impressions, observations, and ruminations, by one Dr. Lexi T’Perro, staff physician on the Tempest. 

Notes: Spoilers abound, but specifically for Liam’s armor request and part of Jaal’s loyalty mission (through the end of “Flesh and Blood”). Pre-romance (incipient Sis!Ryder/Jaal).

This is loose, this is messy, and hopefully, this is funny. There may be more to come, but we shall see! <3

Read on: Ao3


Entry One:

Our young Pathfinder certainly has a talent for finding — well, talent, in the most unusual places. From what I understand, she found our resident krogan on Eos, slaughtering the local wildlife. I believe he’s wearing the bones of his kills.

And yet, he’s charming, but anyone’s standards. A little gruff, but that’s to be expected. He and Vetra seem to be getting along famously, if what I overhear from the crew’s quarters is any indication.

Cora is still dealing with residual frustration and resentment over the Pathfinder’s role passing from Alec to his daughter, but she is a consummate professional, and after an initial tense conversation with Ryder, has allowed herself to process and grieve in private. I’ve made a note to check in with her — something Cora will be astute enough to recognize — but I foresee no future issues in that quarter.

Sometimes it’s best simply to let time and distance do all the healing work. Harry, if you ever read this, know that I can hear you smirking.

Entry Seven:

Liam continues to impress me — his good humor and willingness to reach out to everyone has defused more than a few potential arguments. I’m rather amazed at how he dismantled what could have been a rather explosive argument over the last of the Fishdog Food Shack nuggets (I shudder to think what was in them, to have lasted so long in suspension!). His loyalty is unquestioned. He’d be an asset on any team, but I’m glad he’s with us.

Ryder stayed in her quarters for an extra forty-three minutes this morning. SAM assures me she was simply working out, but I’ve made a note to watch her stress levels a little more carefully. Excess exercise may be just one symptom of a larger problem.

I do hope they’re able to wake up her brother, soon. Her role is a lonely one.

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Can’t Buy Love (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

A/N: For the anon that asked for something spicier with Bruce this is not it! I’m still writing that but it should be done soon c: This one doesn’t have the happiest ending for V-Day, just a lil change of pace~ ♥

Word Count: 832

“Master Bruce, you have-”

“-Bruce!” I roared as I powered through Wayne Manor to make my way to the study.

“… A visitor. I tried to slow her down but I now know the power of a woman on a mission; I’m afraid you’re in for an earful.”

“Thank you, Alfred.”

“Yes, thank you, Alfred. Don’t think you’re off the hook either, I’ve got my own words for you.”

“Yes, miss,” he spoke nervously before pleasantly bowing out of the room, closing the door behind him. I didn’t miss the fleeting look of him wishing Bruce good luck before he left.

“Y/N, how can I help you?”

“You can turn the charm off, Bruce, it won’t work. You need to stop.”

“Stop what?”

“I brought all the gifts you sent me, they’re in the car. You can return them whenever you please.

“And why would I do that?”

“Fine, then keep them; the choice is yours. Just stop what you’re doing.

“I’ve never seen gifts make someone so angry.”

I shrugged casually. “I’m not angry at all, just annoyed.”

“Because I want to send you gifts for Valentine’s Day? I thought that was customary.”

“The more you try to play games here the more annoyed I’ll become, and then I’ll really be angry.”

He smiled to himself and leaned back against his giant desk, placing his hands comfortably in the pockets of his navy blue slacks. “I didn’t think what I was doing was wrong in any way, Y/N. My apologies.”

“Really? Sending me a gift every day so far this week? Did you think I wouldn’t pay attention to what they were, what they represented?” I looked at him incredulously as my heart had a faint ache. “Why are you doing this?”

Finally his face went serious, probably after sensing my mood falling sullen. “I miss you.”

I shook my head. “Gifts aren’t going to correct anything, not gonna make me unsee or magically forget, Bruce.”

“I know.”

“So what, you want to hurt me some more?”

“That’s the very last thing I want to do and you know that, Y/N.”

“Then why are you making me relive those memories with you? Sending me a bottle of the wine we had on our first date, the perfume you liked me to wear…”

“I think you deserve those things.”

“No, Bruce, what I deserve is to be allowed to move on. What I deserve is to carry on with my life without you throwing reminders of you in my face, as if it isn’t hard enough already.”

“If it’s hard maybe that’s for a reason…”

“Absolutely! Because I loved you! Because every moment of my life was spent thinking about you and wanting to build something with you- That doesn’t just fade away, Bruce!”

“I was stupid not to tell you.”

“Yes, you most certainly were.”

“You have to understand I thought I was keeping you safe, Y/N. I couldn’t think of one good reason to tell you-”

“-I don’t know, maybe because we were in a relationship? I thought that’s what people did, you tell me your secrets, you tell me everything that keeps you up at night, good or bad. You definitely don’t live a second life as some masked vigilante, putting your life on the line and not tell your partner about it. What if something serious were to happen to you? What if you got hurt or arrested or… I don’t know what! What, were you just gonna lie your way out of that, too?”

“If lying meant protecting you, I’d do it again.”

“Yeah? Well lying also meant the end of us. Was that worth it?” I stared him in the eye and watched him struggle internally, while his face remained still as stone. He looked down at his feet before looking into the fireplace.

“No. Of course not. I want nothing more than to have you back in my life, back here in the manor, but… “

“You can’t have everything you want, Bruce. I know you don’t hear that often but that is the cold hard truth.”

He nodded. “I know. But I can’t give up the mask, Y/N. Not yet.”

With a sigh I positioned myself upright and began to make my exit. “And it’s not my job to stay ready and waiting until you can.” As I opened the study door to leave, I looked at him over my shoulder. “I’ll have Alfred get the gifts from my car.” I gave him one final glance after a long pause. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Bruce…”

He nodded curtly and gave me half a charming smile. “We’ve had happier…”

I smiled back before turning to leave him with his thoughts, and before I stared into those eyes a moment longer and allowed myself to fall back into old patterns. While I have no intention of waiting for Bruce to give up the mask, I knew I wouldn’t be moving on any time soon…

bellarinarobertso  asked:

This guy seems to like me and even though I have told him repeatedly that I'm not interested in him and that I'm an asexual he feels that 'I'm making an excuse' and that 'asexuality can be cured'. I feel very uncomfortable every time he sends me a message and when he keeps asking me to hang out with him? I don't want to be rude, please help.

Honestly? Now is the time to be rude, or at least direct. That’s sexual harassment, full stop, and it’s totally understandable for you to be uncomfortable. He’s proven that he has no respect for you or your boundaries and that he considers his personal desires more important than your safety and comfort. That’s not okay–if it were me, and it was safe to do so, I’d tell him as much, and that you’re not comfortable around him and that you need him to leave you alone because he makes you feel unsafe. Alternatively, if you don’t feel safe doing that, I would just block him entirely with or without a message saying you’re going to do so. You don’t owe him politeness when he can’t return the favour, and you don’t owe him any of your time or emotional labour.


anonymous asked:

Hi Thank you for your post on the imposter syndrome! I actually want to study Computer science but I got scared and studied Network tech instead, not I really want to get back into computer science but I am still scared. Can you give some tips on overcoming it? Also what got you into computer science? why do you like it? how did you learn to like it? how did you know it was what you wanted? I am discouraged because I think I can't do it since I am a girl.


I’m happy my posts help people, that’s why I make them. :) As for your problem:

Don’t let our sexist society prevent you from doing what you love! They are wrong and it’s awful that girls and women are made to feel this way. The best thing we can do, in my opinion, is to show them that YES WE CAN do all these things. Yes we can become computer scientists, engineers, physicists, everything men say that women can’t do. Fuck them, what do they know?

That being said, I know it’s not as easy as flipping a switch to actually go through with it. So I think it’s important to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are you afraid?
  • Are you afraid of what people might think if you fail?
  • Are you afraid of what you yourself would think if you failed?
  • Are you afraid of how people will treat you because you’re a girl?
  • What is the worst thing that could happen and why?

I think the answers will get you a whole lot closer to what you need to do to make yourself feel better about this. Regarding the different treatment, I can only really speak from my experience but I very rarely felt that people treated me like I couldn’t do things because I’m female. The professors never implied things like that girls are less intelligent/less capable of logical thinking/too emotional or anything. I rarely heard it from my classmates and then it was never an open “Girls can’t do this” but more general sexist remarks that you’ll find anywhere (sadly). I heard from a friend, though, that at her uni she’s the only engineering student in her year and her professors do say things like this so I’d say it depends. But please, don’t let this stop you from doing it in the first place! It’s okay to be angry and sad at this, it’s okay to go home or go to a bathroom and cry, as long as you come back out and do your best. It’s hard, but it’ll be worth it when you achieve your goals.

About my love for computer science: I was always interested in computers. My mom was tech-savvy and taught us how to be, too. I started opening up computers to get out the hard drive or CD drive when I was in my early teens (although I don’t know a lot about hardware, really). I guess I never questioned that women can do all this because of my mom. My interest led me to experimenting with HTML and CSS (later), which led me to taking computer science classes in school which absolutely rocked - I was lucky to have a great female teacher, though. I just really, really liked programming and analytical thinking.

When I was finished with school I sat down to think about what I wanted to study. I weighed my options and ultimately decided to go with English and computer science, because I loved both. I didn’t know if it was the right thing for me, I just kinda went with the flow. I haven’t regretted it, though. Computer science encompasses so much, but I especially love the beauty of good code - when things seem to magically fit, when a simple solution is so elegant and so functional and so cleanly coded that you can’t help but admire whoever built it. I love understanding complex things, algorithms, architectures, because it makes me feel smart and because I can then use them to make more beautiful code. I love how you can learn one principle in one course and then see it used over and over in completely different areas of computer science because it is so useful and universal that it applies all over the place.

No, I didn’t like all my courses. Some where hard as hell and I’m sometimes amazed that I passed those, but in retrospect they’ve taught me a lot (looking at you, robotics and advanced graph algorithms…). Man, the amount of time I spent on my friend’s couch pulling my hair and cursing my professors… But, still, everywhere I looked the same principles where used, even if only in small parts. It was still all logical. So yeah, eventually I knew I wanted to keep doing that, keep making beautiful software, in a way striving for perfection. And yeah, I know it’s not always possible, and I’m also so lazy, but the satisfaction when you found the freaking bug and your code runs and it works is just so amazing. I had to grin so hard a few days ago when I got the Javascript program to do what I wanted (I think I actually pumped my fist into the air) - it was so good.

So I’m sorry if this post doesn’t help you all that much, I generally have a lot of self-esteem, especially about being intelligent (enough), so please just send me another ask if you need more help. You can also message me or write to me off anon so I can reply privately if you’d like that. Just remember that being a girl/woman hasn’t stopped me or my friends from studying computer science and getting degrees and loving it all. If you want to do it, you can. If you fail, you try something else.

secret relations (Part 2)

Anonymous: Can you make an imagine where spencer is dating the reader and they both work at the BAU but they keep their relationship a secret to avoid being teased and the reader gets jealous when one of the cops at the station flirts with him. xoxo

A/N: i might make this into a series im not sure, but i do have some ideas i hope thats okay. x

Part 1

Originally posted by sweetg

You all shared the information you had and you all went your separate ways you hurried outside dialing Garcia’s number breathing heavy “Y/N? what’s wrong?” you couldn’t steady your breathing but you looked around to make sure no one was around “P I saw Spencer talking to a blonde, they were touchy and giggly and i just cannot handle that.” she sighed and tried to calm you down “Y/N try to talk to him maybe it was a misunderstanding” you shook your head but you told Garcia you would after you hung up you turned to see JJ her eyes written with sympathy you shook your head “JJ, please i don’t know why this is so hard for me i always thought this would happen i just thought i’d be able to walk up to him, grab his hand and walk away with him” she nodded and walked towards you “i know it’s hard but maybe you should talk to him” “talk to who about what?” you leaned your head on JJ’s shoulder sighing loudly as Derek walked up behind JJ “come on Y/N you can tell me anything” you shook your head walking back inside the building, you walked up to Hotch “hey um can i speak to you about something personal?” he stared for a bit then nodded and took you into the conference room you both sat down. You took a deep breath “meandspenceraredating” you said quickly hoping Hotch didn’t really hear you he chuckled lightly which is something Hotch never did “come on now Y/N im a profiler i know, and… Reid already told me.” you sat back in your seat sighing in relief running your hands through your hair “he’s afraid Derek is gonna make fun of him” Hotch nodded “I know” just as you were about to answer him Spencer walked in you looked at him then back at Hotch “im gonna get back to work Hotch stood up sternly saying “no you two are going to sit here talk about how you’re going to tell the rest of the team, but mostly Morgan.” he straightened his suit and walked out. Spencer sat down beside you “Baby, what’s wrong?” you looked down playing with your fingers “lack of eye contact, unsteady breathing, dialated pupils, tear stained chee-” “stop profiling me. just stop” Spencer was taken back at your sudden change of voice “Spencer, I want to tell the rest of the team we’re together, Hotch, Emily, JJ, and Garcia already know im sure Rossi knows its only going to take a short amount of time before Derek finds out i don’t want to keep us a secret anymore Spence.” he stared at you his eyes pleading “please Y/N, not now” “then when Spencer? I cannot continue this relationship if you cannot tell our family something that makes us extremely happy, unless… I don’t make you happy.” he paused for a second and took a deep breath “after the case, I promise.” you nodded as he kissed your forehead as you pulled apart Hotch walked in “there’s another body” you sighed and followed Hotch out and into the SUV with him, you Hotch and Morgan went to the crime scene and since it was a little ways to go Morgan chirped “so Y/N what did you have to talk to Reid about?” you drummed your fingers on your lap Hotch cleared his throat looking at Morgan in the rearview mirror he threw his hands up in defense as you approached the scene you heard gunshots you quickly pulled out your gun as the SUV came to a stop the three of you got out weapons drawn pointing it at the source of the shots “put your weapin down! Now!” Hotch screamed at the unsub, you stepped forward as he was pointing his gun at Hotch and Morgan you inched closer to him “Stephen, look at me, look here.” you held your weapon up showing him you were putting it away tears streaming down his face you looked back at Hotch who nodded you looked back at the unsub “Stephen, i know you were sexually assaulted as a kid by your step father and your mom did absolutely nothing about it and for that i am terribly sorry” your hands up, inching closer to him “You don’t know what i went through! You don’t know me!” you stopped moving and just stared “I do Stephen, I know exactly what that feels like I understand you completely. when I was younger my step father touched me as well and no one did anything about it and the thing is I never told anyone about it, until right now. we can get you the help you need” you held your hand out as the man shook and sobbed “now please, hand me the gun it doesn’t have to end like this” he rose the gun aiming it at you he squeezed his eyes shut “im sorry” and fired sending you to the side getting hit in the arm as you fell to the ground you heard another gunshot and Morgan ran to your side “Y/N, are you okay?” you nodded and held your arm to stop the bleeding “we got him Morgan” you said happily and out of breath. he nodded and helped you up. Hotch arrested the unsub but before he got in the cop car he stopped and talked to you “agent, will you please talk to me when I need you?” Hotch’s face wanted you to say no but you just couldn’t you nodded your head and walked towards the ambulance as you sat down letting the paramedics check you out Spencer ran over to you “Y/N, Y/N! are you okay?” you smiled and looked up at your cutely worried boyfriend you nodded “yes Spence, I’m okay I mean other than getting shot” you smiled and watched as he rubbed your knuckles with his thumb you slowly pulled your hand away as Morgan started to turn around and walk over to you two he rests his huge hand on your tiny shoulder “how ya feeling?” you shrugged looking at your wound, “just got shot by a psycho killer but other than that Im great” you glanced up at Spencer who was watching you as you responded to Morgan “Wait so what did you need to tell Reid?” you chuckled and patted his chest “You’ll know when we get back home.” you got up and walked towards Prentiss “So did you tell Morgan?” you smiled and shook your head “We’re telling him when we get back and I’m actually okay with that” 

We were all at the BAU Morgan was all too eager to hear the news “come on guys tell me.” you giggled and took Spencer’s hand “Me and Spencer are dating, and have been dating for 2 years now.” “Well actually 23 months, 17 days, 15 minutes and 52 seconds” you looked at Spencer which caused him to smile wide you both looked at Morgan who stood shocked but happy “I’m happy for you pretty boy, so when is there gonna be little baby geniuses?” after hearing that both you and Spencer blushed. You playfully shoved Morgan’s shoulder “not for a while, Morgan” Morgan pulled you into a hug but quickly retreated and looked at you all “everyone else knew except for me?” you looked up at him innocently and smiled “everyone else just kind of figured it out, come on man you’re a profiler for god sake” everyone laughed and Morgan lightly shoved your shoulder, ruffling Spencer’s hair. Just as you all were all talking and making jokes a familiar voice echoed through the bullpen “so, this is where my little flower works.”

A/N: this is far from over, please let me know what you think of it criticism is expected, and if you have any ideas that you want me to add that would be great too. thank you. x


Accurate Characterization

Modern/High School Au tumblr posts


Commander White: Headmaster, totally not in control of her school or her life, everything is falling apart send help stop starING AND HELP ME I CANT PUT MY OWN CLOTHES AWAY.

A2: Sup yo waddup •sees a thing, could be going wrong, could be not• nah man, fuck this shit I’m going back to bed.

2B: what do you mean I can’t adopt my Vice President he’s precious fight me

9S: I try to be cool but in reality I spend most of my time alone crying

21O: LeT Me TELl YoU aboUt mY Ex husbaND •drunken spiel about how her husband left her with two kids but you know what the fuck, additional drunken spiel•

6O: LET mE TeLL yOu abOuT mY lasT ThReE GiRlfriEnds aNd HoW thEY All SUCK *this post is in varying fonts and possibly all caps after the word “suck”.

4S: Hi, yes, I’m happy to be included.

Holt Family Reunion (because I have a lot of feelings)

When they finally find Pidge’s family it’s very heartwarming and it honestly makes everyone feel so much better? Like they get to actually see how Voltron is helping the universe and each of them kinda files that memory away as something that will get them through the hard time. It’s messy full of tears and laughter because one of the first things her dad says is “am I seeing double, why are there two matts? Wait, katie? KATIE? Oh my god katie” and then they just all collapse in a pile of hugs and tears. It takes them almost twenty minutes to stop crying and over an hour to separate from their hug on the floor. This mission resulted in a lot of aliens being rescued and most of them were injured in some way, but because there were so many aliens they couldn’t put them all in the healing pods. But almost all the aliens who saw the reunion insist on allowing matt and sam to go first so they can be strong enough to be with pidge. So the first set of healing pods contains pidge’s family. During this time, the remaining aliens and paladins try to organize how they will get everyone home. Some aliens planets have been destroyed and allura updates them on what planets have been rescued. Then they start talking about the people in the pods about where they come from, other aliens tell the home planets of the ones currently healing. But then they get to matt and sam holt. Allura says, oh earth okay, they’ll need their own pod because no one is near them. And pidge is like. What? You want to send them home in a pod? A POD?!? Hell no, I am taking them home Myself, you are not just sending them in a pod. And allura is like, “be rational, voltron is needed you can’t just take time off from being a paladin”. And pidge just Snaps. They’re like “What?! How dare you! You of all people should know! I have MY family back just because you can’t get yours doesn’t mean you will stop me from reuniting mine. My mom thinks all of us are Dead!!” “please pidge calm down” “NO I WILL NOT CALM DOWN, and if you don’t swear that you will open up a wormhole for me and the green lion to take my family back to earth, I will destroy this entire castle with the touch of a button. You think I won’t do it? I am doing you a FAVOR by promising to come back, if you try stop me, I will ruin you forever.” Allura looks over at the other paladins, like a little help here, but the Pidge Protection Squad is out in full force, and all she gets are hard stares. She agrees to send the green lion to earth, but when she says she’s doubling the patrols of the other paladins everyone else is like ??? no???? We’re going back to Earth. We don’t know what the hell the garrison told our families, but they most likely think we are dead, THEY THINK WE ARE DEAD. We are going and seeing them and there’s nothing you can do to stop us. Finally Allura turns to Coran like, help me please. And he just calmly takes her to the side and says, “I know what you’re just trying to do what is best, and you are not the bad guy in this situation, but it would be best to let them see their families one last time. You know as well as I do that they could die up here. You know we would have given anything to say goodbye to Altea, at least they have the chance to say goodbye to Earth.” Finally Allura gives in and says, okay you’ll all go in the green lion because it has the cloaking device and is the smallest, I’ll keep the castle near your moon so it stays hidden. Now first they go to the Holt family’s house because duh, out of everyone they deserve to be reunited first. But when they get there, there’s no sign of Mama Holt? And the house is a mess? Like someone went through it? And all the electronics are missing? What the heck, where is mom? Their neighbor almost has a heart attack when they see Katie, why is she here, didn’t she know? The neighbor very shakily tells them that their mother was arrested for treason. Apparently she had been caught sneaking around on a military base of some kind. Pidge has to be physically restrained to stop them from killing the neighbor yelling that they were a liar. When she finally calms down, they thank the neighbor and go back to the green lion, contacting allura… “we need Voltron”. On the way back to the castle pidge can’t stop talking, they keep saying “She knew, she knew something was wrong, she knew the garrison was lying but she didn’t want to believe me, why does she believe me now, why did she do that. Iverson didn’t arrest me because he would then have to admit that a little girl managed to hack in, but mom, mom is an adult, she could be executed, oh my god, what if she’s dead, what if she’s dead! How, I just, I just got my family back, how can they do this. We are going to obliterate the garrison, I don’t care if you think that’s excessive. They are corrupt and lying and dicks (language) I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT LANGUAGE SHIRO I WILL CUT YOU” Finally they get back to the castle and everyone gets their lions, it’s show time.

It was a normal day at this government facility, hidden, calm, no one was expecting a HUGE FREAKING ROBOT WITH A SWORD TO DROP FROM THE SKY AND TEAR OFF THE ROOF SCREAMING GIVE ME MRS. HOLT OR WE WILL DESTROY YOU. Everyone is frozen in fear, what the actual crap, someone finally snaps out of it when the robot throws some of the roof a mile down the road. Everyone is frantically looking for a Mrs. Holt, who the hell is Mrs. Holt where is she SOMEONE FIND HER IMMEDIATELY! But they are too late. The sword rips through the guard shack in it’s search to find Mrs. Holt. Suddenly, a middle age woman, wearing ripped prison clothes, stands up on the rubble and says “Katie? Katie is that you?” The paladins are ripped apart by the storms of emotions that come from the green lion. Everyone is crying and they can hear the Holts just saying mom over and over again. One second they’re voltron the next, the green lion is on the ground near her and three people are tumbling out of the mouth, running to meet Mama Holt. “Oh my god, my baby, my beautiful baby, you’re alive, you’re alive I knew they were lying, I’m so sorry, I thought I’d never see you again–oh my god Sam?! Matt! OH MYGOD YOU’RE ALIVE, YOU’RE ALIVE. Don’t you ever leave me again, I love you so much, where have you been, you’re alive, you’re alive, am I dreaming, oh my god” The other lions start to fly to other sides of the world, the yellow one goes to Hawaii, the black one heads to japan, the blue one starts to head to cuba when he realizes that the red one, is just staying there. Red and Blue head to Cuba together.

Each reunion is filled with screams and tears and hugs. Almost everyone doesn’t believe the paladins story, until they show the lions and the bayards. For the first time in what feels like years, they get to eat real food: manapua, saimin, nachos, yuca fingers, sushi, PIZZA, spam, rice. A shock comes to them a few hours later when Allura calls to them and says, Okay, get ready to say goodbye. Almost immediately she has 4 very angry mothers yelling at her over the coms “I JUST GOT THEM BACK -what? You want them back? I HAVENT SEEN MY SON IN OVER A YEAR - auwe, no. you one lolo if you think I’m gonna let him leave, half of the family is still stuck in traffic trying to get here! No, a’ole pilikia no no - bsolutely not! Showing up here with a lion and a boyfriend (he’s not my boyfriend) be quiet lance, I am talking . I swear you go to space and now you have no manners, no he is staying here for at least a few days - Have you even been feeding them? They are so skinny. (we have to eat this weird green goo) YOU’VE BEEN FEEDING MY FAMILY GOO? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU-why don’t you come down here and try rip my child from my cold dead hands, I don’t care if she can throw shiro who’s shiro- SHE THREW MY BABY? NOPE I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE A GROWN MAN, YOU ARE NOT LEAVING, YOU ARE GROUNDED MISTER, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!-” this goes on for almost 20 minutes of different moms and dads and uncles and aunties yelling over one another about how they need at least a few days with their family. Finally allura and coran agree to 4 days on earth as long as the paladins are always ready to leave immediately if there is a distress call and Allura and Coran get to spend a day with each family.

Lance and Hunk almost immediately volunteer to bring the alteans down from the castle… it is very suspicious. However when they show up a few hours later with their lions full of nonperishable earth food it makes sense. No seriously, Hunk brought almost 70 pounds of rice with him and like 100 cans of spam and Lance brought almost every spice you could think of, their families were horrified when they realized they had had the same exact thing for almost every meal for months. All the paladins make frequent trips up to the castle, to bring family members to see it and to bring more food and clothes. They don’t know how long they’ll be paladins, but there is no way in hell they are leaving without some very essential items this time. Like their super soft blanket, another pair of shoes, a bucket filled with face cream, pictures of their family. In fact, by the second day, almost everyone has moved their entire room up into the castle. It’s like moving in for college, with the parents helping to decorate their child’s room and making sure they have everything. All this time pidge is working almost non stop to try create at least 4 long range communicators so the paladins can keep in touch with their family because she refuses to let them believe they are dead again. Shiro is enjoying tea with his mother and for the first time in a long time actually feels relaxed. Keith on the other hand is kinda overwhelmed by how many people there are in Lance’s house, but now he understands why Lance is loud and uncomfortable with the silence of space. Also Keith might fall in love with Mama Lance’s hugs, he’s never felt this warm and loved. Lance is so happy that he cries, multiple times, and is almost always in the middle of group hugs, and he easily falls back into the role of brother, uncle, and mama’s boy, he never wants to leave. Hunk spends almost all the time at the beach with his family. The sand beneath his feet, the tradewinds playing with his hair, the salty breeze, the sun warm on his skin, and the soothing sounds of a improv jam sesh with his uncles is everything he’s wanted.

The alteans are very surprised at how different each paladins’ family is. Hunk’s is large but relaxed. Shiro’s is small and peaceful. Lance’s is loud and chaotic. Pidge’s is quiet and silly. But the one thing that each family has is it exudes love and caring and accepting of the alteans.

Nothing is harder than the last day when everyone has to say goodbye. Allura and Coran go up to the castle first, giving the paladins their privacy. It hurts because everyone over age 13 knows that this might be the last time they see their family member. The parents hold onto their children softly crying because they are just kids, why do they have to fight in a war. Keith goes back next, visiting his desert home to pack everything up with him… and also possibly breaking into the garrison to steal back the stuff from Lance, pidge, and Hunk’s old room. His lion is actually filled by the time he’s flying up to the castle. Lance’s family insisted on giving him tons of food. Shiro heads back next. He and his mom go to a temple to pray and there is a tearful goodbye, especially when she says she is proud of him. His lion is filled with rice, seaweed, tea, noodles, fresh vegetables, plus small sprouts so he can grow them on the ship, and some family heirlooms his mom insisted on him taking to keep him safe. Pidge goes next, they managed to make a device that will allow the paladins to keep in touch with their family as long as they are in a nearby galaxy, it isn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing. The last hug is long and warm and when pidge goes into their lion she let’s out a half sob because it’s filled to the brim with peanut butter and spare electrical parts. They have to stop themselves from running back out to her family. They make quick pit stops to each of the paladins families giving them the communicators and instructions on how to use them. The sleepless nights were totally worth it when all the parents give her thankful hugs with tears in their eyes. Hunk and Lance leave at the same time, they both know that if they don’t go together, neither of them will leave. Hunk’s last day is a huge luau with his entire extended family, most of his old classmates, and the whole neighborhood. His lion is filled with all the leftovers, more rice and spam, tons of fresh and dried fruits, and an 8 string ukulele so he can have the sound of home with him. His whole family sings Aloha ‘Oe to him as he walks into his lion and he cries freely. Lance’s spends his last day hugging every family member as much as possible. He takes tons of selfies with everyone, including all the pets. He has a long talk with his war vet grandpa about how he’s scared of not being good enough, but is reassured when his badass of grandpa says he was the same way. It’s a tearful goodbye and everyone hugs Blue together as he walks in. His lion is filled with tons of family pictures, a disk with a video from each family member and of course hella food and spices. He’s able to fly off with a smile on his face because he knows his family won’t forget him and he won’t forget his family.

Bonus: When they all get back to the castle they realize that the food storage room can’t fit all the food they have and have to clear out one of the extra bedrooms to store the food there. They literally have enough food for years. And everyone realizes how much they needed this. The things that were holding them back from fully devoting themselves to Voltron had been solved and the alteans now understand the paladins so much more.

Bonus Bonus: It was at this time that the alteans realize how freaking young the paladins are because now pidge has set up a clock/calendar that is synced up to earth time. Each of them say when their birthdays are so they can celebrate and Allura almost faints when pidge says their 16th birthday is coming up. Like what is this infant doing here what. This leads to a very interesting conversation where they realize that Shiro is still considered a baby by altean standards. Coran has to sit down when they explain that the oldest human to ever live only lived to 128 years, which is still child years for alteans.

writing fics about muslim characters without getting ~offensive~

skam has made it’s way into my heart. i’m loving s4 and seeing a muslim character, especially a teenage muslim girl, get the spotlight is SO refreshing for me. when i was growing up, i never saw anything on tv or in books that i could really relate to. none of the characters looked like me or had the same cultural/religious outlook that i was raised with. seeing sana with her own storyline and facing struggles that resonate with me on a personal level, albeit years later than i could’ve used it, makes me so happy.

i love the yousefxsana aspect that they’ve incorporated in this season because not only have i gone through the same thing, i know every other muslim girl i’ve ever been friends with has too. at the end of the day we were still teenagers, still girls, and still humans. even if some of us chose not to indulge in things commonly accepted in society, it doesn’t mean we didn’t want to or we weren’t tempted.

i saw a post in the tags related towards some general guidelines that would help anyone who may want to write a fic for the ship remain respectful of the culture and religion that the characters follow, so here’s a couple of tips and guidelines you may want to follow as a writer. please link me to your fics if you do write them bc i am literal trash for this potential ship lol

disclaimer: i’m not claiming to be an expert on islamic conduct and i am most definitely NOT claiming that a muslim should act a certain way in order to be a muslim. religion is a personal thing and it varies for everyone. these are ‘rules’ i was taught when i was younger and personally choose to follow now. it’s not exactly the right way but it is my way. i’m not a scholar or someone highly educated in regards to this subject so feel free to add on to this post anything you think may be relevant.

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anythingforasunnyday  asked:

so i'm merging into a vegan diet (few reasons i'm not just switching right to it), and the hardest part for me is when I go out to eat with my boyfriend. I usually end up just picking something vegetarian instead of vegan bc it's easier, and I hate that mentality. Do you have any advice for me to help remedy that? Did you ever have issues with this?

what’s stopping you from going vegan right now? if you need any help with going vegan, please please shoot me another message so I can help you out! also please remember that there are plenty of ways to help animals if going vegan isn’t possible right now. you could buy vegan makeup, skincare items, household items, etc and try to go vegan in every way you can. meatless mondays or going vegetarian is a start at least. but I really suggest that you send me another message so I can hopefully help you go vegan 100% :)

eating vegan at restaurants can be tricky, but I have figured out a few hacks.

1. research! figure out where you are going to eat and quickly google “restaurant name + vegan”. This should lead you to any vegan items on their menu. Also this will give you blog posts from lovely vegan people who have tricks for ordering vegan at that place! This trick has helped me loads of times! My in-laws wanted burgers so they suggested applebees. I searched “applebees vegan” on google and found out they have pretty much ZERO vegan choices. But “red robin vegan” had loads of options, so i suggested red robin for my family instead of applebees. They got their burger place experience and I ended up having way more options (boca vegan burger with a side of broccoli!) 

2. hack that side menu. some places don’t have any vegan options or anything that can be veganized, so try to make a meal out of the side menu. I did this recently when my father-in-law wanted to go to red lobster for his birthday. red lobster has zero vegan choices. everything is smothered in cheese, cream, butter, or seafood so not vegan…but they have steamed veggies, steamed broccoli, baked potatoes, and baked sweet potatoes on their side menu. I ordered two sides of steamed broccoli without butter and two sides of baked potatoes without butter. My meal was a huge plate of broccoli and potatoes with NO OIL and NO BUTTER of any kind, and my meal ended up being cheaper than the people who ordered seafood meals.

hope this helps! these hacks save my butt a million times with my non-vegan family and in-laws and friends! :) also shoot me a message so I can help you go vegan if you need help babe good luck!! 

I can hardly believe it


it really, actually, truly happened. The fund reached its intended goal. It took over 70 individual people sending tiny little bits of support to get to this point, but it actually worked out. I can move safely, rest along the way, afford food for the trip, can store my things, and can cover having them shipped once I’ve earned a little more money for myself.

Any further donations will be refunded until the post stops making its rounds, so please be mindful to not send more support at the moment. I love you and immensely appreciate the desire to help, but this situation wasn’t intended to turn any sort of profit.

Thank you to everyone who reblogged, shared, sent money, sent kind wishes, supportive messages, cute photos, caring asks…

Most of all, thank you for reading the post and doing your best to help how you could. Please keep giving others’ pleas for assistance the same kind of love and support you did mine.

💙 💙 💙  I’m so relieved ᏊꈍꈊꈍᏊ 💙 💙 💙

Thank You For Your Support

I’m so proud of myself for how much ive improved and changed recently
I love doing what I do, with the writing and stuff.
I didnt think I’d ever get back into writing but i love it an im not ever stopping

If you are close to me you csn probably see how much ive improved the past few months and i still cant believe it
Thanks for supporting me by reading, sending asks and just you know, being the greatest friends i could ever ask for.
If theres anything i can do for you guys, please let me know
Also i just realised my next piece of work, chap 1 of Terraclaw is like 10 pages long (still not finished) to type up.oh god help me

You guys are amazing and i love you
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Okay Ya’ll I have an important request....

Some of you know I had a Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) named Levi. Below is Levi (Excuse the awful quality). Four days ago now Levi died due to sickness. None of the treatments I did worked and I came home from work to him at the bottom of the tank.


I got this guy today because I can’t stop looking at the empty tank. (It feels unnatural to not have my fish in there.) So here is where you all come in. HE NEEDS A NAME. All the names of my previous fish over the years have been Raizel, Frankenstein, Erwin and Levi. I DO NOT REPEAT FISH NAMES. SO I NEED HELP COMING UP WITH ONE FOR MY NEW BLUE BUDDY. He is a MALE BETTA. So please, please send me ideas and I will update this post with the name I choose.

Thank ya’ll so much <3


[I had wanted a heart this whole time, but gaining one so suddenly is (hic) too much to handle at one time. (hic) From the recent events, is this what they call guilt?]

[This hurts; please make it stop.]