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um, hi! I saw the anons asking you about why terms like male/masc-aligned are harmful just now and I wanted to let you know that a friend of mine came up with a system to help nonbinary people catagorize themselves without misgendering themselves. I think its called gender astronomy? they said it has to do with the sun, moon, and stars! anyway its definitely worth looking into :)


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MiBS Here: *cracks knuckles* "You're a what?" You ask. Your boyfriend groans and rises, "A weredragon, okay?" "Oh no i heard that part. What was the part about you being fluffy?" He blinks, and blushes, "I'm... i'm part werewolf on my mom's side so i... i'm kinda covered in fur." You blink before standing and moving the coffee table to the side, "Can you show me?" you ask. He blinks again, "Uh... s-sure. This is going better than i thought it would to be honest." part 1

part2: You smile, “I’m full of surprises. Just like someone else i know.” He blushes again and clears his throat, “Okay.” Taking a deep breath, he changed form. Your greeted with a large, serpentine dragon, covered in thick white fur and gold scales on his under belly. Bright blue eyes stare at you from a wolfish face, while steel gray talons lay coiled beneath him. “You sure you’re not part cloud?” you ask. He groans, “No.” You sink your hand into his fur.

part3: As you do so, he makes a sound low in his belly. After a moment you gasp, “You PURR?” Covering his muzzle with his hands, he nods, “Yeah. I also bark.” “Can i lay on top of you?” He glances up, “Uh… sure. I-if you want too.” You take off your shoes and climb up, before crawling across the fluffy mass of fur and boy, until you reach his face. Then you lie down, snuggling into him. “You’re so soft and warm.” you say.

part4: He doesn’t respond, just lays his head down beside you. You open an eye and see tears in his. You smile and stroke his forehead, “You were afraid i’d run? From a living cloud?” He laughs, and presses his forehead against yours, “Some have. One tried to kill me. I’m… not used to someone reacting like you have.” You kiss his muzzle, “Well, get used to it. Cause you’re gorgeous and i love you.” He smiles, “Same to you.” Your protests are cut off by his kiss. 

part 5: “Now i wouldn’t go that far.” You say when he lets you up for air. He tilts his head and whispers, “Gorgeous to me.” He kisses you again, “Now… about your bed…” You laugh, “You broke it didn’t you?” He nods, “I’m so sorry. I–” You place your hand over his muzzle, “I’ll forgive you. As long as i can use you for a bed.” He blinks twice, before nodding, “A tough but fair bargain. I accept the terms.” You kiss him again, “You dork." 


its time to draw yall.

Coy Hoe

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REQUESTS AND STORIES: Coy Hoe (Baekhyung x Reader)

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Tags: nsfw / + 18 / smut / fluff / bdsm: daddy kink, sub and dom, spanking / oral sex / reader’s pov (woman) x idol
Featuring: Byun Baekhyun, EXO
Writer: CL
Word Count: 2,3k words
Comments: Request said: “ Heeyyy there! I binge read your work today and I LOVE your writing omf its amazing adfh. I’d like to request Baek smut? :| smt like him being the usual flirty, coy hoe he is and unleashing his kinks and experience with his shy gf?? TIA! ❤❤” | Party at Baekhyun’s. Him, his friends and his girlfriend (you) are playing the “Never have I ever” game and many revelations appear, earning your boyfriend the title of “Coy Hoe” (the term is not mine, the adorable anon came up with it and I loved it, it’s my nickname for him now). | It’s almost 4 am and I did not proof read this, so changes might happen when I’m awake, functioning and read this again | Thank you anon, for the kind words! It might sound silly, but messages like this one give me strength to keep writing. Thank you! I would also like to thank @chanyeolspout for the pep talk this week!

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially.

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The Louisville Mega Cavern

What do you do with an abandoned mine?

Some entrepreneurs in Louisville, Kentucky had an innovative idea—turn it into an underground theme park.

Earlier this week, the Louisville Mega Cavern opened its newest attraction—a subterranean network of 45 bike trails complete with jumps and all the cycling hoopla you could imagine. And that’s not all—the site also offers a zip line, a tram ride, a ropes course, a Christmas lights show… all of it underground.

The Louisville Mega Cavern used to be a limestone quarry operated by Louisville Crushed Stone. Originally opened in the 1930’s, this mine supplied a large amount of stone used for road construction in mid-century America. The 100-acre man-made cavern has become famous for its other uses though—it was designated as a bomb shelter in the 1960’s and then sold in 1989 with the intention of becoming a high-security office area (there are still some businesses in it, in fact). In 2009, investors came up with another idea that was a bit more tourist-friendly…. creating an underworld of fun. Thrill-seeking, rock-loving fun.

As a geologist, I have to wonder about the long-term stability of a man-made cave full of bike trails and roads. But would I pass up the opportunity to zip line through some exposed limestone? No, no I would not. Sounds like an awesome new way to do fieldwork.


Plan your trip:http://bit.ly/UiFGvb
Photo Credit: Jacob Parker/ WFPL