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Creepypasta #631: Anyone Here Remember The Old News Story About The Dismembered Feet?

Story length: Super long

My basement apartment flooded just in time for Christmas. Ho ho ho. Don’t worry about me though, I’m staying with a friend who has a kickass oceanfront view which beats the hell out of my old shoebox. Speaking of boxes, this flooding thing finally forced me to root through all the old junk boxes I’ve been carting around for so long. A lot of my stuff was ruined by water damage, but there was one sheaf of hastily stapled papers that might be of interest to you guys.

Way back when I was a poor, sheltered home schooled student (I know) I’d spend my free time on the public library computers browsing livejournal for decent fanfiction (I know, I know). One wikiwalk led to another and I found myself linked to another website with the blog of a guy who crowed about solving the mystery of where the feet were coming from.

You might not remember this news oddity but it had a lot of experts stumped. Basically, human feet were washing up on the West Coast with disturbing regularity. Just the feet tied neatly in their shoes and nothing else. Go ahead and google ‘British Columbia feet’ if you don’t believe me.

Eventually some authority figures got together and declared that was just how human bodies decomposed in water; separating at the joints. The buoyant rubber soles of the shoes caused the feet to float away from their unfortunate owners and they bobbed along the currents until they would end up ruining some early morning jogger’s day by showing up on the beaches.

Some of the bodies have been identified and some have not. The police assured the public that a link between the victims was very unlikely, that many of them were simply suicides. This blogger wasn’t contesting that. He merely wanted to point out that he’d found the origin of the bodies - the place most of them had entered to water.

There was a bit of a hullabaloo in the comments about how unscientific his methods for tracing ocean currents was. Because my curfew was about to be up I copied and pasted the whole thing and printed it off for ten cents a page, intending to read it later. I promptly lost the papers and they stayed lost for years, until yesterday when I rediscovered them while sorting through my storage for ruined things.

The original post and the map that came with it is a multi colored blur. I’ve transcribed the surviving comments as accurately as I can below:


no U don’t get it!! there s no way any one can pinpoint wher they are from just from 'tracking currents’ ! if u could do this scientist woud do it all the time!!


Okay, wow. Was that even meant to be English, trRustM3? Your words are such a garbled mess I can’t even tell. And what do you mean by 'scientists’, hmm? You do know there’s different disciplines of science, right?


Fascinating theory! I;d love to hear more about your methods!


The water is cold


fuck u u entitled grammar nazi


you guys are missing the point. if we know where the bodies are coming from why don’t we tell the police?

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