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countdown to dino’s birthday: d-3

a playlist for chan: SUNLIGHT - DAY ver. 
         sunlight and warmth and dream-like states, 
         caught between a dream and reality
         but then i woke up to you

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do u ship sara/len? I actually ended up liking sara SO MUCH when I started watching lot and I can see the appeal of that ship and it's also very cute!! If so / if not, why?

mmmm no I don’t like it very much
I can see the appeal of it, and they actually had some realistic development in their relationship, but the reason why I don’t like it is bc mainly the fandom ruined it for me LOL
ppl tend to wildly misinterpret where their relationship stood, Sara wasn’t interested in him, that kiss she gave him was more out of “oh he’s dying for us I should at the very least try to make him happy” heat of the moment thing
If Leonard came back now, the same Leonard who blew himself up, I can tell u there’d be a LOT of awkward tension between them and they’d be right back at square one
It’s okay on its own right, if I completely ignore the fandom, bc they did have a nice dynamic !!

Yuta as a Doctor
  • Yuta is a dentist
  • a handsome dentist
  • who’s well known
  • and very good with his work
  • and he smiles A LOT
  • and you hated dentists
  • but your wisdom teeth were coming in
  • and they hurt a lot
  • your gums were swollen and you couldn’t eat without whining
  • so your mom took you to dr. nakamoto yuta
  • and at first you thought he would be a senile old man in a big chair waiting to pluck your teeth out 
  • but when you entered his room your world shattered
  • there was a young guy in a lab coat smiling 
  • “konichiwa” he was smiling and welcoming you and your mom inside
  • “we’re here to see dr. nakamoto yuta” you told because you couldn’t believe that this handsome man right in front of you would have to look inside your mouth and remove your teeth
  • “i am nakamoto yuta, miss Y/N”
  • your eyes widened at the way he said your name
  • you were nervous
  • you had looked up wisdom tooth stories on the internet and you knew it was going to be painful
  • so Dr. yuta lead you to the DENTAL CHAIR in the OPERATORY
  • and there where drills in there
  • “LOL BYE IM OUTTA HERE” you saw the equipment and started to walk away in fear
  • “lol no bish there’s no way out” and then you could see a nurse locking the door
  • and then you saw dr yuta putting on a mask and gloves he looked like a serial killer wtf
  • his eyes looked so piercing and dangerous
  • but then he removed his mask for a moment when he saw you sweating because you were terrified
  • and thEN HE SMILED
  • “what’s wrong sweetheart?” :))))
  • and then the sun came up
  • and flowers started growing
  • world poverty ended
  • and a rainbow came
  • until
  • the nurse told you sit in the dental chair
  • and dr. yuta put the mask back on
  • “okay so i’m going to inject some local anesthesia in your gums”
  • you shook your head in denial and you almost started crying
  • “open your mouth, sweatheart” :))))
  • and then your mouth opened so wide elephants could find shelter there
  • he injected the thing and then he picked up a weapon
  • “i’m going to make an incision in your gum”
  • you: what?
  • him: lol i’m gonna make a paper cut in your gum and its gonna hurt
  • and then he said it
  • sweetheart :))))
  • and then the nurse inserted something in your mouth to keep it open and then you blacked out 
  • he removed the bone that blocks access to your tooth
  • and then he finally removed the tooth
  • and did all the stitching up and all that magic
  • and when you woke up your mouth was numb and your mom was next to you and yuta was towering over you and he was smiLING :))))
  • “recovery is gonna hurt…
  • sweetheart” :))))
  • and the next few days it did hurt but you could tolerate it
  • and you almost chewed on the gauze thinking it was food once lol
  • you missed food
  • but yuta gave you ice cream when you came after 3 days
  • “you’re doing well sweETHEART” :))))

okay so i know this isnt as funny as JOHNNY THE GYNACOLOGIST idk how u spell it wtf i had to read loads of stuff about wisdom tootth extraction oh my GOD its terrifying lol DOYOUNG THE VET will be next up :D pls read johnny the gynacologist pls pls pls

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Hey, okay so my crush isn't a teacher but he's a security officer @ my college and we both have crushes on each other, he always tells me how beautiful I am and how he finds me sexy. He says that he wants me to be his. We've made out a few times and he always slides his hand up my dress when I wear one. I came home for the summer and he gave me a one of his t-shirts. We can't date because he'd lose his job. I'm 19 and he's 24 I just wanted to tell someone about this because no one knows.

Ohhhh forbidden love,,, I hope things workout for u two 💕

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Cutest headcanon i can think of is Garnet demanded snuggles from Roes. Rose gave them to Pearl regularly before Garnet came, and she always held Amethyst from the day she came there. Garnet was staying at the foster care home for maybe a week before she came up and hugged Rose tightly and wouldn't let go. Rose was stunned for a second, but then shifted so she was snuggling the poor little neglected survivor.

What is the cutest headcanon you have for my muse?

I’m gonna m u r d e r you this AU is my FAVORITE THING I’m screaming

I feel like Garnet was mostly nonverbal for awhile when she was adopted, bc of the things we discussed around “crying to a wall doesn’t do anything” so she was not aware she could ask for things and they would be given to her so she would definitely just walk up to Rose and hug her and hide her face and just say NOTHING

But also if she was hungry or something she’d just go and get food by her damn four-year-old self. She wouldn’t ask anyone.

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Hum okay I have two things to say. The first one is that for some reason you appeard in my dream last night, I asked for an autograph and a photo and you were very nice (It's so weird lol but I had to say it, sorry). The second thing is, is there some story behind your username? Just curious. Thank you, keep on the good working!

Firstly that is adorable and I’m glad I was nice to u, if u ever see me irl feel free to come say hi!!!! (My autograph wouldn’t be worth anything but if u want I’d love to send u something??? DM me I have loads of lil poem illustrations I don’t know what to do with 😂☺)
Secondly, kinda yeah, when I first started this blog I knew I was gonna be writing about very personal and sometimes controversial/sensitive things and I wanted to have the anonymity that the name gave me, and my wonderful girlfriend is the one who ultimately came up with “ThisNameIsFalse”

Thank u sm ily 💕💕💕

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Since Belle came into his life, Adam traveled often. His wife yearned for the sights and experiences of far off lands, and Adam soon discovered he enjoyed the travels, too. For the sake of them, and not just for the joy it gave Belle, and now their children. But Daventry was one place Adam didn’t expect he would end up. 

In fact, Adam didn’t even remember the kingdom until recently. They never visited it before, and Belle, naturally curious and wanting somewhere new to go, questioned why. Cue a long and embarrassing story of an attempted arranged marriage set up by his father and the disaster that ensued between him and Daventy’s then prince. Adam still, unfortunately, recalled the bruise left on his ego by Daventry’s then princess. 

And so, rather than plans for a normal visit, they instead began preparations for a visit to get the kingdoms on friendly terms again. They never outright considered themselves enemies, but the royal families did not part on good terms. 

Standing among the lush rose gardens outside the castle, where they decided to hold the more formal talks, Adam’s gaze focused on anything but the situation at hand. He had a lot of questions. The queen was so young, and that Alexander fellow who must be her father was no where in sight. Adam wondered if he was dead, and if he should express his sentiments for that, or if the man had simply given up his throne to his daughter early (he never did look like the sort of man to take well to being king) and would show up at any moment. 

Rather than comment on any of that, however, his eyes drifted towards the rose bushes. “…You’ve planted quite a bit of roses out here. It looks… nice. We’ve done similar with our own castle.” 

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OMG HOPE can u plz write a scenario or series for the knight!jb moodboard coz that drabble gave me all THE FEELS I would to see the story develop if u can? I know ur busy w/ work and stuff so take ur time if needed I just LOVED what you came up with :D

oh goodness lol thank you love ^^ but idk… that idea just kinda came to me on a whim while watching ‘the adventures of merlin’ lol maybe one day? i just have so much i wanna write rn and don’t really have the time to but i’ll keep it in the back of my mind :) dunno if it can be a series tho… maybe a long scenario or with two or three parts maybe?? again if i have time in the future i’ll see what i can do

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Hey Kaha! I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to games but I saw you talking about some games a while ago, do you have any recommendations? The console, difficulty level or availability don't matter, give it to me!

anon u came to the right place

Thus far I’ve played on 5 consoles. Being the consoles of; Wii, PS2, PS3, PS4, and X-box. As of now, I have my own PS4 that I traded my PS3 for. Some games I’d (highly) recommend, those only being three;

The Last of Us PS3/PS4: The best gave that could ever be made for the PS3/PS4. It’s one of my favorite games and it’s absolutely perfect and long enough to the point where you wanna play it just for fun - the plot is amazing and will continue 2018 as ‘The Last of Us II’.

This game should be nominated as the best for both the PS3 and PS4. The graphics are amazing and so is the fighting experience.

The Walking Dead (Seasons 1-3) PS3/PS4: If you’ve ever wanted to be salty or sweet in a badass game then this is it. The player finally gets a voice of their own that affects the game - sort of like MCL, but way better - there are certain characters that you can play as through certain seasons. Those being Lee, Clementine, and Havier.

You can find out different types of endings and either make or break relationships with other characters, it’s a very lit game.

Tekken 5 (PS2), 6 (PS3), 7(PS4): Tekken is honestly my favorite video game franchise. It’s a fighting game filled with diverse characters ranging from all types of fight types. From a dance fighter to a master martial artist, to even a robot, the Tekken series hasn’t ever made me not want to buy it.

As I just recently bought Tekken 7 on its release date, June 2nd, I usually play with Asuka Kazama and the ultimate papi tm Claudio Serafino.

these games are great just like most of them but my dude, these are my favorite-


“According to legend, a great and wise bird raised the young warrior Zal in her nest atop the highest peak of Damavand. When he came of age, she gave him a plume of her radiant feathers to burn if he was ever in desperate need, and  s h e   w o u l d   c o m e   t o  h i s   a i d…”

Here’s the soundtrack for Ocean Gem! The amazing episode artwork is by Joe Johnston!

Composed by Aivi & Surasshu
Guitar performed by Edwin Rhodes

2. Night Drive
Composed by Aivi & Surasshu
Guitar performed by Edwin Rhodes

3. Mirror Match
Each section of the song represents each character fighting with their representative instruments!
Composed by Aivi & Surasshu
Strings performed by Jeff Ball

4. Lapis’ Tower
The idea for this track actually came from Ian JQ, who gave us the great suggestion to go super minimal chiptune on this part and really create an atmosphere that felt like the vacuum of space.
Composed by Aivi & Surasshu
Strings performed by Jeff Ball

5. Take My Hand
Composed by Aivi & Surasshu
Strings performed by Jeff Ball

6. Love Like You (The Ocean Returns)
Composed by Aivi & Surasshu

Made with SoundCloud

Inktober Day XXXI

WELL, since you asked me for the last day of Inktober… >u>  ❤️

Sorry that it’s so late, m’dears. I have been super tired lately and have been sleeping a bit more than my norm. So, this just didn’t get done right away. D:

Anyhoo, couple things:

- I can never decide if Finnemore is from a certain time or or if he’s just a bit of a loon. So that’s why I gave him shorts and converse. ;D

- Right when I finished inking the skull on the table, I immediately thought, ‘Why did I not put a diamond in one of the eye sockets???!’ D:

- I enjoy how my Croco-pie came out. >u>  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

But yah… I like how it came out and I do so hope you peoples do too. ^///^ ❤️

Thank you so much to everyone that commented and messaged me and liked and reblogged my Inktober shenanigans. You are all brilliant and… Thank you. You’re beautiful.  ❤️

Much, much love,

Carla  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


When you are there, it just makes me realize how much I  n e e d  y o u here. At the beginning I was going to do all of this by myself, and now with you and Diggle… I rely on you.


i ordered my beatles shoes (by vans) online and when it came in it came in with just the shoes but today i went into a vans store at the mall to exchange the ones i got online cause they were a bit tight and the girl asked me if my shoes had come with a free mug and i said they didnt and she said that was weird cause if u buy them at the store they gave you a free beatles mug and she said she was gonna give me one since i didnt get one :,D its so pretty! and free, wohoo!

Sans Fight

Hiya! I’m in Camp Nanowrimo, where I, and many other participants, gotta write a story in the month of April. (At least 10,000 words in all, if not more.) I’m writing a buncha one-shots for it! I’ve done fan art for Spagoots, so why not writing? To take up a portion of my word count, here’s Sans’s point of view during @knittinggiantbeanies and @chongoblog’s genocide stream. <3

<From this point in stream>


Warning: Spoilers for Undertale, Genocide route

Word Count: 966

Sans stood quietly, in the golden lighted corridor. Waiting. He stuffed his hands into his pocket, finding material already wedged in there. It took up almost all the space, leaving barely any room for his bony fingers.

He rubbed the material. Soft and silky, long and narrow. A scarf. Red. Papyrus’s. Dusty.

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