i came so close to killing her

I Think I Know What Happens Before Breath of the Wild?

so i saw this tumblr post and it instantly got the gears in my head turning and i came up with a theory as to what happened 100 years in the past before the events of breath of the wild.

so to start off, link and zelda already knew each other long before ganon appeared. (we know this because he already had the champions shirt before ganon appeared, so he was already close to the royal family.)

at some point, zelda regains her memories of her past lives, meaning she learns what will inevitably happen to her and link.

she knows that going on a quest and battling ganon will hurt link and possibly get him killed, so when ganon appears, she tries to stop him alone. however, it’s too much for her to handle. and when ganon awakens, he takes control of the sheikah guardians and they start to destroy castle town.

the king of hyrule sends link to stop zelda from hurting herself by trying to fight alone. “you must save her… my daughter.” so because she’s trying to protect link, link ends up needing to protect her too. they escape castle town and head into the woods near hyrule field.

despite zelda’s wishes for her and link to not need to face ganon, they must anyway. soon enough, the guardians catch up to them. link and zelda run and try their best to fight them off, getting dirty and injured. they are briefly separated, but zelda catches up to link later. link loses the master sword’s scabbard and the sword itself is badly damaged.

link is severely injured in battle and then this scene happens:

he collapses and struggles to get up. at this point, zelda has caught up to him and is right behind him. 

link is still extremely weak though, and slumps over after getting up. directly in front of them are 2 dead guardians and 1 active one. which is this scene in the e3 trailer: (you can tell that these scenes from different trailers are the connected because the positions of the 3 guardians are the same in both.)

zelda is behind link, which is why she isnt seen here. the guardian targets link and prepares to fire

before it can fire, zelda stops it, defending link.

unfortunately, link is already gravely injured and soon dies from his injuries. 

with link dead and zelda injured, the sheikah have been left to fight off ganon and the guardians. the sheikah use the power of their 4 divine beasts to seal ganon’s true power, and ganon becomes the primal calamity ganon. when ganon’s true power has been sealed, most of the sheikah are gone (having disappeared, scattered, or died.) 

zelda puts link’s body into the shrine of resurrection so he can heal. and then brings the master sword to the great deku tree to be restored over time.

zelda then returns to the castle and stays there, using her power to keep herself and ganon bound to it

zelda, ganon, and the rest of hyrule wait for the hero link to awaken 100 years in the future.

Tell Me What to Do- SHINee [MV Theory]

This MV has sparked up a lot of theories in our minds and the sad bit it, SM will never tell us the correct one. Now, i’m not one to come up with crazy theories but this just came to mind.

My initial reaction was that Taemin killed Minho because Minho took the love of his life away from him. That’s what we all thought. But this story can be bent.

Maybe he was in love with Minho. If you look closely at the lyric,

“I said you changed a lot”

He means Minho had changed. The girl’s character was quite constant throughout the whole MV so her changing is questionable.

 Although, this point can be contradicted with the way Taemin lovingly gazes at the girl:

But you know, we may have some K. Will shit coming our way.

Now onto what my friend found out. This might be a prequel of Taemin’s solo song ‘Press Your Number’.

There are many events that are similat in PYN and TMWTD. In TMWTD, taemin is contemplating on killing whoever is taking away his lover with a lighter. He toys with the lighter and lets it drop to the ground after a while.

Taemin in PYN does the same thing. He remembers how he killed his lover and due to utter guilt, he kills himself in the same manner:

Also, both deaths occur in flaming cars. In TMWTD, Taemin kills Minho and the girl by setting ablaze a car. He kills himself in PYN in the same manner:

There’s also the similarity of Taemin holding guns in both MVs. In TMWTD, he plays around with the gun and in PYN, he lets it drop, refusing to use it.

So yeah, Tell Me What to Do is most probably a prequel of Press Your Number and Taemin killed himself in the same way he killed minho and the girl because he felt so guilty.

not idle in grief

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I danced around it for months, afraid that he would shatter if I said it, afraid that it would become true if I said it, afraid of course that it had been true since the beginning of time.

“We can’t kill a Vala.”

He did not shatter. If the fangs of fate snapped closed around us they did so very gently; the air didn’t move.

“We need to kill a Vala,” he said. 

“Yes. And we can’t.”

He stood up, shrugged a cloak around his shoulders, and stepped outside. I had all but interpreted it as a dismissal, but then he said impatiently, “well, are you coming?”

So I came.

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Metal Torture - Chapter 21

AN: Here it is, my lovelies.  The Joker POV chapter.  I hope you enjoy it.  You know how much I love writing Daddy J. I’ve had a blistering headache all day, so I hope this shit makes sense.  


I barely had a chance to blink, my girl aiming the gun in our direction, her lips moving as she whispered something to herself under her breath. With a steady exhale, her eyes focused sharply, her finger pulling the trigger.

I felt the bullet as it came close and then there was an explosion of blood and bone, my eyes closing on reflex. I wasn’t sure if it was mine and felt as the soldier fell to the ground, pulling me with him. I didn’t even feel myself hit the ground, everything felt numb.

She killed me.

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best theory ever

okay so i was thinking about South and North, and how we don’t actually know what happened when the Meta came for them.  All we have is that the last thing South remembers is hearing North scream, and then waking up with Wash there telling her North died.  And later, we have Delta saying that she put him in a position to be killed.


They’re both hiding from the Meta, yeah?  Like, in the same area, but not too close to each other.  And South, being South, doesn’t having her goddamn trackers set.  

Meta, with all sneakiness, manages to sneak up on her.  Surprises her.  Meta knocks her out, and the last thing she hears is North screaming and giving away where he was hiding.  

Meta leaves South alive because he can remember (through Maine’s memories and through the memories Eta and Iota had from Carolina maybe?) that North is the one that’s got the AI.  

Delta’s South put him in a position to be killed came from him being implanted in her and finding out that she feels guilty over North’s death - if the Meta hadn’t caught her, he wouldn’t have given away his position.  And also, Delta’s kind of a fucking dick at this point.  

There are a few dodgy spots, I know, but it’s better than the theory that she just fucking fed her brother to an AI-hungry Meta.  


Stefan + trying to bring Caroline back

Save the date 5/4/2016

So today i came out to my bestfriend as lesbian, the moments between my text and her reply were were years these moments of silence were killing me and my brain was thinking of the worst scenarios and tho I’m so thankful she replied “i love you no matter ” , i never expected myself to take such step, im always a coward, i run away instead of telling the truth, being in an arab country it’s more risky. I’m happy now i have someone close i can share all my feelings with, I’m happy now i have a backbone

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I dream a lot, but a while ago I think I beat my personal record of number of dreams I could remember having in a single night. eleven separate scenarios:

- in one dream I had magical powers and fought creatures who were like… black holes, and when I got close I got sucked in and came into what looked like a galaxy, so they were small on the outside but had universes inside of them. I had to kill them from inside this dimension.

- in another I meant to start a sex toy of mine, but started it remotely with a control of some sort, and unfortunately it lay in the room my mom was in, and she came to my door with the vibrating toy like “I couldn’t turn it off, sorry!” and I had to take my sex toy from her. embarrassment death.

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Things I’m still thinking about post-Gravity Falls finale

In no particular order

- Mabel made sweaters for EVERYONE

- Stan and Ford love Dipper and Mabel SO much, and it was heartbreaking to watch their pain and desperation when Bill lost his shit

- Bill came THIS close to snapping his fingers and killing Mabel

- Mabel sprayed Bill (all-powerful chaos demon who is in her face threatening her) in his new eye with spray paint, and Grunkle Stan was proud

- Bill singing

- Bill saying he has children to torture and make into corpses

- Bill in general for that whole episode holy shit

- How we all realised it was Stan and not Ford making the deal at the last second

- “Oh, hey there…kiddo. What’s your name?” & “Ha…Grunkle Stan?”

- Ford hugging Stan and crying

- Mabel desperately grabbing her scrapbook and sitting by Stan’s side to try to make him remember



- Bill pouting like a fucking baby when Ford reminds him of the rules

- Touch the hillbilly

- Blubbs and Durland

- “Oh no, it’s Bill…that’s what you’re all thinking, right?”

- Stan O War II

- “What’s an anime?”

- McGucket forgiving Ford

- “Guess I WAS good for something after all…”

- “I invoke the ancient power that I may return.”

- Pacifica wrapping presents for Dipper and Mabel

- The entire closing credits scene

- The fucking Shacktron

I feel like if LGP could do whatever they wanted with Counting Stars, they’d definitely make Horologium die. And it’s probably gonna be something like:

Horologium and Owena had recently found out Owena’s past life. Horologium still feels betrayed, Owena is still in denial. Meanwhile, Virgo just heard about the news.

Of course Virgo is furious. Everyone hated Ophiuchus, Virgo is no different. So she goes up to Owena, ready to kill her.

Owena closes her eyes. The impact never came. The pained shriek of a familiar male voice sure did, though.

She opens her eyes to see Horologium in front of her, bleeding. He took the hit for her, despite his anger and sadness and betrayal he felt by Owena’s betrayal. Virgo is shocked, she tries to go to Horologium, but his words to her are “don’t touch me, you tried to hurt Owena”.

Owena grips Horologium, screams why why why did he do that for her, despite the truth about her past life. Horologium just gives a weak smile, and says that when he saw Owena about to die, he didn’t see Ophiuchus, he saw his Owena. She would have done the same for him. And besides, he had to protect her, he couldn’t commit the same mistakes his variations did in his dreams.

Horlogium’s last breath leaves him. Owena is still hugging his body and screaming why because he was innocent, it should have been her and she’s sorry, so sorry. And Virgo can only stand there and watch as tears stream down her eyes because she killed not only an innocent man, but the one she loved, and the last words of that man she loved were so full of hate and anger and she could never apologize for them again.

Thankfully, Select Spirit Studios isn’t allowing LGP to pull off their shenanigans, of course.

@insan1tynow this is the thing I’m talking about. i was trying to be pacifist but i got confused and killed Toriel, so then i felt bad and reset to do it again without killing her. But when i reset, it brought me to the start, but when i accidentally closed the game before i even met Flowey at the start, when i reopened it, i was brought to the front of Toriels house. When i went in, she said “Oh there you are! I could’ve sworn you had already came in!”. And after the whole fight and sparing stuff, i went to Flowey and his face turned into Toriels and said “you murdered her…” and then the next bubble said “and you went back to change your mistakes”


that thing was gonna squish marco

marco was going to D I E, man, if star hadn’t given up her wand

we know that there was never a contest, that star wouldn’t even consider keeping the wand if it meant marco would die, but

can you imagine it

staring at each other, marco in that crystal cage, star on the table, toffee between them, while the top just sinks down

and it came SO close to killing him, he was flat against the ground, and the only thing left for him to do was watch

and the way marco stared at her, it kind of gives you chills, because beyond star being his last chance, she is his best friend and he would never, ever want her to give up something so important for him

he knows she will, though

So I was rearranging some of the books on my shelves, and I came across this one (this is relevant to Samifer, I swear):

This was one of my fav books as a kid. For anyone who hasn’t read it I’ll briefly explain the plot:

The main character is a girl who’s best friend is unexpectedly killed when she’s hit by a car. Shortly after her death, the protagonist starts seeing her friend when no one else can. Despite that they were extremely close before, the friend soon starts turning mean and saying cruel things to the protagonist, even telling her to kill herself to be with her. The protagonist feels guilty because they were arguing when her friend was hit, also coping with someone you were close to suddenly not being there is obviously a hard thing to deal with. The whole plot is the protagonist conflicted between being glad she can still see her friend, but suffering because she knows what she sees is not normal and it is bad for her.

Sound familiar?

Yes, there is a kid’s book with the same plot as the hallucifer storyline, and still people can’t understand it. I first read this when I was about 8 or 9. It’s a story for children and teenagers. Either I missed some secret connotation that the dead friend was supposed to be some evil psychopath previous to her death, or hallucinations that are mean do not actually reflect what someone was really like.

What a concept.


I never really thought companion animals where a serious thing, just an excuse to keep your pet when you move to a place that won’t allow them.

But now I know.

This little crazy bean came into my life when I needed it most, it was nothing short of fate for me to bring her into my home.
I was severally depressed and suicidal in February, I couldn’t function, I couldn’t stop cutting, I cried all of the time, and I came so, scary, close to killing myself it makes me physically sick to think about it and that time of my life.

Onyx was owned for 2 weeks by my (awful) coworker (who was horrible to her) whom I had just met because I worked at another shop out of town for a brief period of time. On my last day, She told me she had to get rid of her puppy or taker her to the pound and my heart dropped. I took her home that night (I don’t even like dogs) and she has brought me a lot of joy and happiness. I’m very thankful for this animal soul that has come into my life, and that has helped heal me.

I hate antis so much and their dumbasses always trying to bring up “but Kylo threw Rey into a tree!!! Meeeehhhhhh!!!!!!!” As if Rey didn’t shoot at Kylo when they met in the forest. Like her first thought when she saw him wasn’t to kill him even though she knew nothing about him. Like Rey didn’t slice Kylo’s face with a lightsaber at close range. And let’s face it Kylo probably came after she gave him that scar. My point is if you’re gonna point out every problematic thing Kylo Ren did then you need to do the same thing with Rey and not act like she’s some innocent goody two shoes that never did anything harmful to anyone ever

Real talk though. 

Isayama has never killed a character after getting their backstory? 

Sasha came close to suffering that fate but he spared her.

Every character that has died have all been minor character-of-the-day types (Mike and Hannes probably being the only exceptions?) who didn’t even get a backstory so I mean… ?

Another Theory

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I just can’t stop-won’t stop-with the theories. They keep coming to me.

What if the person who died, died saving Felicity? I imagine a bomb, directed at Felicity, going off and this person knocking Felicity to the ground and using their own body to protect Felicity. Felicity would still be hurt, probably still recovering either in the hospital or at home. Oliver would have the person who died to thank for her continuing to live. He’d be indebted to him or her, with no way to repay them.

And whoever set the bomb off (Darhk, Anarchy, Merlyn, another villain) would still being trying to kill Felicity. Which is why Oliver needs to end it once and for all. He came so close to losing Felicity, Oliver can’t risk coming that close again.

I think the person who died, the person who saved Felicity, is either Lance or Laurel. The Lance family isn’t coming out of this unscathed.

If it’s Lance, his final act will redeem him after working with Darhk. If it’s Laurel, the ex-girlfriend will save the new girlfriend (or fiancee). Thought I don’t know how the other would react to Team Arrow after the event. Nor do I have any idea how Sara would respond.

By this time Barry will have worked with Laurel during the crossover and Barry’s worked with Lance before, though briefly. Barry would try to make their funerals, even if it was just for Oliver and Felicity.

Anyway, just a theory. @dust2dust34 (See, I don’t just tag you with smut ideas. I said nothing here about limo sex.) @so-caffeinated