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First Breath After A Coma

*clears throat* So. We all knew this was coming one day. A sad fic. Like a really truly angsty fic that I find myself somewhat apologetic from, but you know what? I haven’t really tried it beyond super shorts, so enjoy this. (and please don’t hate me)

Some quick context: This fic takes place snugly between the events of Forever Evil and Nightwing #30 (from New 52) and is set fairly close to Dick joining Spyral. 

Words: 2,451

Rating: Gen

Warnings: dangerous/self destructive behavior, depression, very short thoughts of wishing to die, memories of death, this one’s sad, and please read at your discretion

Summary:  Dick’s trying to figure out just how he feels about dying, losing Damian, and everything in between.

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Dick steps into the tent. The tent with no power. Not anymore. Not after Joker and what he did. Not after it all fell apart. This doesn’t surprise Dick, nor does he actually need it. There is still light filtering in from the sun through the open flap, and torn slits in the fabric. The sun is hanging in the sky, lower than he’d like, but high enough for time to think.

That is what Dick needs. Time to think. That is the reason he is staring into this ruined tent and not at the safehouse Bruce tucked him away in trying to recover.

That is a lie. Dick does not need time to think. All he has is time to think. He is trapped. Trapped and hidden away like a prisoner or a jewel. Maybe both. He is supposed to be resting, recuperating from dying.

But if he’s really supposed to be doing that. If Bruce really cares, why is he here now?

That’s a stupid line of thought. Bruce cares. But Bruce must also keep up appearances.  “The world thinks you’re dead, and for now that’s a good thing.” He’d said, “Take this time to recover, Dick. No one will hover over you right now.”

All Dick wants is his family hovering over him. All he wants is everyone to know he’s alive. All he wants is Dami—

He needs to move.

It is not a run, but it should be with the time it takes him to make it from the opening of the tent to the center ring. It is just like he remembers it. Except for the blood. And the shattered pieces laying everywhere. Some of that is his blood. Most of it belongs to his friends, his old family.

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do you think you could give us some beautiful upd8 eridans? ;;;___; AHHH such a good upd8, i hope youre doin good

I can try! I was so happy about seeing the lil fishnerd again!
At first I planned to leave it at one picture, but then my drawing mojo sorta came back and I wondered: isn’t the last thing he would remember being chainsawed in half? So what if: 

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Oikawa's gf breaking up with him in front of his team. He asks if it's because he's choosing vball over her. she say it's not that he's choosing vball over her it's that he's pushing too hard/not taking care of himself so how can he take care of her

More angst! I actually really like this one lol. I hope you enjoy this!! I’m a total sucker for angst, though, seriously.


Oikawa couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of your mouth at first, his eyes widened and his mouth gape. He let out a small chuckle, as if he was blowing off your words like they were nothing. “Oh, come on. You don’t mean that,” he chuckled, completely and utterly denying everything you were saying.

“I mean it,” was all you said, rather flat and straight to the point. You expression was stoic at first, but you loosened up and gave him a small, rather sympathetic smile. “I’m so sorry it’s come down to this, Tooru.”

“Is it because of how much time I’m spending with volleyball? Well, just wait a month, and when nationals are finished, we can spend more time together…!” He tried to convince you, almost panicking. It didn’t help that the team was watching the two interact with each other, and for the first time, neither one of them was teasing their captain.

“It’s not that, Tooru, it really isn’t. I don’t mind the amount of time you’re putting in volleyball. I actually admire how much you care for this sport, but you are not taking care of yourself. Look at you! You haven’t slept for the past few weeks, you’re not even eating well, and you nearly sprained your knee the other day! How can I be with someone who can’t even take care of himself,” you murmured, fidgeting with your fingers as you stared down at the ground.

“That’s it? That’s the only reason? That’s so stupid! Why does that matter? Why are you breaking up with me for something so dumb!?” Sure, he shouldn’t have blown up on your face like that, but Oikawa was freaking out. He was about to lose the most important person in his life.

“Because I don’t want to one day have to visit you in the hospital because of malnutrition, Tooru!” You just shook your head, lifting one hand to stop him from saying any more. “Forget it, okay? Look, your team is obviously staring at us, probably waiting for practice to start or something. You should go. Bye, Tooru,” you said with that small smile again, and you left before you could watch your boyfriend break down into tears. You knew if you saw that, you’d just come crawling back to him. This was for his own good, you thought. Maybe he’d start thinking more about his health, who knows?

But a few months had gone by, and the two of you barely spoke to each other. You would pass each other on the hallways, and not even a single greeting was exchanged. You barely looked at each other, and being in the same room was nearly impossible since the silence that came along was overbearing. You had started to wonder whether this was a good thing or not, the whole break up. You wondered if Oikawa had been bothered by it, or was it just something insignificant to him? Were you even worth it at that point? You only laughed dryly to yourself, realizing that maybe Oikawa didn’t want to deal with someone like you. To him, you were just someone he could get.

You didn’t realize that tears were now filling your eyes, and when you blinked, a few of them had trickled down your cheeks. You wiped them with the back of your hand, and it wasn’t until you heard someone clear their throat that you looked up to see Oikawa standing in front of you. “Sorry, this is weird,” you said as you tried to walk past him, but he only caught your wrist. You gave him a rather faked smile. “Don’t worry about me, Oikawa-san. You should head to practice.”

“I-I’ve changed my diet. I’ve been eating healthier, getting the sleep that I need, and I’ve even got a whole journal to keep track of my food intake, sleep cycle, and my exercise. I’ve gotten the doctor to check my knee, and he said with the proper strap support and exercise, my knee would be in perfect condition. I even got Iwa-chan to make sure that I’m following all these things. I’ve been doing them for the past few months now, and it’s grown to be a habit,” he said as his hold on you tightened. “What I’m trying to say is, I’ve changed all of this, just so that I could have you back. I won’t go back to not taking care of myself, I swear,” Oikawa tried to convince you as he scratched the back of his head. “I love you. Please, be mine. Date me again. Don’t leave me,” his voice came out weak and shaky as he brought your hand to his lips.

“I love you, Tooru,” you said as you jumped in his arms, your face against the crook of his neck as you let out a small laugh.

Oikawa buried his face against your air, breathing in your scent that he had missed so much in the past few months. “Thank you…”