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imagine getting drunk with rossi in a bar (with a smut ending of course) 

Requested by Anon~

“I had fun tonight.” You managed to breathe out before Rossi came in for another sloppy kiss. Between the taste of alcohol still on his lips and the feeling of his beard scraping across your sensitive skin, your head was in a whirl. Never mind the fact that his hands were exploring on their own accord.

Rossi didn’t answer at first. He just kept you pinned against his door; the two of you barely made it out of the bar, much less to his home. But he finally broke the kiss, and you two were panting heavily. “So did I.” He replied.

You flashed him a smile, pulling on the lapels of his coat. “I’d be up for some more fun.”

And Rossi didn’t need any other indicator. He nearly dragged you towards his bedroom, and the two of you laughed the whole way.


Summary: Imagine sticking with Weasel when Wade goes off and does something dangerous.

Characters: Reader, Weasel, Wade Wilson

Fandom: Marvel- Deadpool

Word Count: 1471

Idea From: @peterbennjaminparker 

AN: Y/F/S= your favorite series

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If Alexander the Great had lived to the old age, how much he could have done and conquered? how about the future of his empire? and if he didnt retreated from his India campaign? Thanks in advance.

Alexander could have conquered a great deal, but the big thing is whether that empire could stay together. Persia faced constant revolts and recognized a lot of regional autonomy from its component nations (this is a big reason why Persia always had the component armies fight in their own fashion). Alexander could have become a new Persian emperor, but I don’t think he would have handled wars with coin the way Persia did, and that meant he would have been constantly running back and forth, his throne a saddle.

I think Alexander had a decent chance, barring no bad luck, of winning every battle he came across until well into his old age, but I doubt his empire would long outlive him.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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Hi, I'm Scott from #lovethatbeauty. I came across your blog today and I had to say that it is breathtakingly beautiful! Your taste is amazing; and the positive mood that your blog creates is so special. Great job! Keep it up. :)

Hello Scott! Thank you so very much!!😊

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Oh since you asked for naughty I gotta know. Do you grow when you jerk off? Dose getting aroused or horny fuel your inner beast, making you want more power and size?

GOOD question! The answer is I USED to. It took YEARS of training to get good at it! fuck, i remember the first time teen beast started jacking off in earnest, wanting it so bad, feeling my cock swelling in my hands, ignoring the sounds of the bed creaking and groaning, the feeling of my feet stretching across the floor as my pj’s popped button after button! God it was so intense, forgetting everything around me as my head slid up the wall and within just a few strokes was brushing the roof, how my pre alone was spurting hard enough to dent the ceiling and chip the plaster!

God damn, the floorboards were groaning and I was about to fall right through the floor when I came (thank GOD I had shorter stamina, hadn’t trained it up yet!) I remember that cock spurting like a firehose, had to aim out the window, took the siding off my neighbours house as my thigh thick beastcock spurted so fucking hard! my muscled thighs jerking from the pleasure as I almost smothered myself in my hairy pecs it was AMAZING and TERRIFYING!

NOW though, you know how some guys think of baseball? or something to stop themselves from cumming too fast? I have to CONSTANTLY think of not growing, of holding back, of fighting off that urge, that desire to GROW. GOD it gets hard sometimes, and I can’t help it, it doesn’t work 100% of the time. The longer I edge, the more I can feel my back spread against my headboard, the more my cock fills my hands, and my balls push my thick legs apart! Feeling my pecs rising with every deep breath but never falling, just growing and heaving as I struggle to hold it “DON’t GROW…DON’T GROW…DON’T GROW” 

I’m so mad about Death Note. I JUST bought it two weeks ago. It’s so good. Then last night I randomly came across the trailer for the Netflix movie. I was so fucking excited, had no idea it was happening, had heard nothing about it.

Then of course…OF FUCKING COURSE, the shit is whitewashed.

I saw comments saying it’s in an American setting, excusing the casting. Tragic people easily accept white faces as the only face of America. Japanese-Americans exist, the excuse doesn’t work.

So here’s another “Sounds Extremely Fake But Actually Happened” Story from my occasionally interesting life.

I was working at a McDonald’s in 2007, when I came across this very specific five dollar bill. Someone had drawn something very distinctive on this particular 5 dollar bill, a small gun pointed at Lincoln and the words “Bang. Long Live John Wilkes Booth.”

Weird. Seen weirder. Whatever. It goes to the back of my mind.

Two weeks later, two very real, very intimidating looking FEDERAL BUREAU OF FUCKING INVESTIGATION AGENTS come to my McDonald’s and talk to the people on my shift, specifically me because I was the one who was working the drive-thru window that night and was handed that fiver.

My extremely limited understanding and drawn conclusions of exactly what happened is this. 

APPARENTLY, this specific five dollar bill had been previously used in conjunction with actual, literal domestic terrorism, and the drawing on it stood out enough that if anyone ever eventually complained about it, which someone eventually did, it would pop up a sort of red flag, and then these FBI guys would try to trace its circulation history in the vague hope of being able to get some dirt on these guys.

So like, a very long time after the terrorist thing happened, it was just randomly in circulation until eventually it reached the point where some dude just randomly used it in my McDonald’s. 

Some time after that, like with someone’s change or something, it went out again to circulation through three or four more people until it reached whoever it was complained about the drawing on it. 

Red flag pops up. FBI starts working its way backwards hoping to find a way to connect that fiver to the terrorists, they reach me and my shift from that night. Question us. Finds the license plate or something of the guy who gave it to us from the surveillance cameras. Goes on to question him. 

I never hear anything else about it.

You see this shit. Disgusting. These are signs I had to hold when I was younger. My adoptive parents used me as a prolife prop. They still do. When I was younger all I remember is screaming and shouting. Being told to be thankful my birth mom chose life and not abortion. Being brought to pregnant women considering abortion to choose life and adoption. Disgusting. Now that I’m older I look back at these pictures and feel sad. These pictures are out there for all to see. Me with a sign saying I was almost aborted. Me with a sign saying to choose adoption. My story being read by others. Even my friends and classmates came across pics of me online. Some snicker and make rude comments. Others tell me I was unwanted and my birthmom almost killed me. I hate seeing this. I am not a poster child for abortion or adoption. My parents had no right to use me like this. They have no right to use me now. This is why I’m depressed. Other people know more about my story than I do. STOP USING ADOPTEES! You are telling me that I must thankful. Yet I see nobody else grateful they weren’t aborted.

Adoptive parents, what’s the point of you using your adopted child in the prolife movement? Do you use your own biological kids? Do you use yourself? You could’ve been aborted too. How come you’re not thankful for life? Do you realize you’re messing your adopted child up? Pregnant women have no obligation to provide you anything. Thank you for choosing life. This is not something we tell all pregnant women, so why is it such a popular thing to tell a birth mother? Do we thank women who keep their babies and parent them? No. So stop using shitty phrases. Stop using our name and picture. If you really loved your child you wouldn’t do this.

To the march for life movement. We adoptees aren’t your prolife props. Pregnant women have choices just like you do. Adoption isn’t a choice for every woman. Carrying a pregnancy isn’t a choice for every woman. If you’re so concerned with life, why not help families in need? Why not help foster kids? Why not help women with kids who don’t have resources? Or are you too selfish to see this?

Last night I dreamt about a lot of random stuff, but at one point I came across an office guy wearing bondage gear, and in the dream I immediately knew the whole story behind that.

In the 70’s a man was accused of killing his wife and children. I knew in the dream he had done it, but the world wasn’t sure because he kept claiming he was innocent. To show how unfairly he felt he was being treated, the man started wearing bondage gear to hinder his own movements. “Look how peaceful I am! I’m putting myself in bondage just for you!”

Many years later a hugely popular rapper got accused of tax evasion. He wrote a rap about it, and in the video he wore bondage inspired by the 70’s man, as a symbol of being hunted by society despite being innocent.

That kicked off a new bondage fashion trend. First among lower class people, then rich kids who wanted to be tough, and eventually the original reason for the bondage was forgotten and it became a required part of male fashion. Really rich men would even wear bondage so restrictive other people had to help them with everything.

That was by far the most interesting part of last nights dream.

Edit: People seem to think there’s some deep meaning to this. I had just seen some photos from a high fashion show that incorporated bondage gear into the clothes the evening before. Also, I’m always a sucker for crime shows which is why there’s so many crime lords running around in my dreams.
Do you like Doukyuusei?

If so, then here’s a PSA I needed and no one ever gave me.

There are TWO sequels - Sotsugyousei and Occupation To Beloved. I had no idea, and came across it by accident. So even though maybe everyone else in the world knows, I thought I’d tell you all. Before anyone else says, there’s a lot of comments about Sora To Hora, I know it exists, I haven’t read it yet, I’m unsure whether I’m going to like it.

Here are the links to Mangago, including the original story and a couple of other things starring these two. Reading all of them gives the full story, and it’s all just wonderful. I’d recommend reading them in this order.



Occupation to Beloved

Graduation Certificate (artbook)

Fanbook (this is by the same artist and is an extra story)

Thank You

@crankgameplays it is currently 12:49 in the morning and i just really want to fucking say thank you. I came across your channel a little less then a year ago. When i cam across you i was really shy, never talked to anyone, scared to make new friends, and very very self conscious. Then one night at like 3 in the morning i said to my self, “I want to get into a new gamer on youtube” so i grabbed my laptop and went to youtube and searched Gamers. Your channel was the 5th one to show up. I clicked on it and watched your newest video at the time. The static speaks your name. I had no idea what this game was but i said fuck it and watched it. The game was so emotional i started to tear up. When you finished it, you gave a little speech like you always do in more serious videos. What you said moved me so much i started crying. I wasn’t in the best place when i discovered your channel. I was really depressed and just wasn’t happy with anything i did. Then i found you and fell in love with your videos. They always make me smile and laugh my ass off. Now today, i am really hyper and energetic and i’m always happy. Ethan, just thank you so much for everything you have done not only for me, but everyone in th community. Stay Cranky for as long as you can because that is what makes Ethan Nestor…well Ethan Nestor. You are so amazing Ethan please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I love you so much, the community loves you so much. Keep up the amazing work on your videos. Stay Cranky! <3

okay so I was looking into greek mythology, as i tend to do, and came across Astraea (meaning star-maiden), the goddess of justice and innocence. when the earth became riddled with wickedness and humans treated each other unfairly she decided she’d had enough and left to literally become a constellation. she is what we now call Virgo. 

“In the photo studio he would try to do something unexpected. Sometimes it would be silly dangerous, inconsequential, but I came across a picture where he is lighting his tongue with a cigarette lighter. I don’t think he was actually burning himself, but the image looks like he is.”   [Nancy Ellison, The Mosquito Coast’s special photographer, on River].

“The shoot was one of the most remarkable experiences I ever had photographing someone. River was stunning and fearless and without my having to direct him much, more like trying to keep up with him, he went from one amazing pose to another like a great improvisational dancer. And kept going and going… so angelic at times and then raging at me to keep up… “Get this! Now this! What else can we do?”  — [Photographer Michael Tighe on River]. 

Nancy and Michael were both photographers who had the chance to work with River and described his common posture to just do whatever he felt like doing and to be spontaneous.

Corre (Part 6)

Summary: It was meant to be a one night thing, friends resolving the tension between them. But it turned into so much more.

Word Count: 473

Warnings: Pregnancy.

“Corre” Masterlist

You came to a white room, bright lights shining over you, and machines beeping rhythmically around you. Blinking against the fluorescent lighting, you took a deep breath that came out sounding like a soft moan as you tried to sit up. From across the room, Bruce Banner strode over to you.

“Hey, don’t force yourself to do too much,” he told you, pushing you back on the bed with a gentle hand to your shoulder.

Your heart sank. “Bruce-”

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How can Elide have witchblood and still be human?

We’ve all been there. When Manon scratched Elide in QoS and figured out the crippled servant girl had witchblood in her, and not just any, but specifically Ironteeth. We all asked ourselves the question: wait, what? How is that possible? Shouldn’t all girls born to witches be witchlings and, subsequently, witches?

Ironteeth witches breed with human men and have witches, right? 

Yes, but also no. 

Let me explain.

So I was rereading some scenes in Queen of Shadows and I came across this passage in Chapter 12 from Manon’s POV (point-of-view):

         “Witchlings were so rare, and all of them female, as a gift from the Three-          Faced Goddess.”

Only the Ironteeth seem to have the ‘all female’ rule, as we know Crochans can have boys too (although they are significantly rare).

         “They were sacred from the moment the mother showed signs of      pregnancy to when they came of age at sixteen.”

It seems that Ironteeth (Blackbeaks, if we’re getting specific here) do not need to go through a trial or something similar to “prove” they are no longer witchlings. The moment a witchling first bleeds she is ‘of age’ and considered a witch.

         “To harm a pregnant witch, to harm her unborn witchling or her daughter-”


         “Unborn witchling OR her daughter”??????

There’s a distinct separation of words there. As if Manon is referring to two different kinds of pregnancies. What I’m saying here is that witches can and do in fact, have human daughters.

This is further evidenced in the very next paragraph after the above statement first appeared.

         “Human children didn’t count-”

Manon is referring to how human children aren’t protected or at all as sacred as witchlings.

         “-human children were as good as veal to some of the Clans.”

Not all of them, however. Interesting.

         “Especially the Yellowlegs.”

Let’s be real, ya’ll, this isn’t a surprise.

         “But witchlings…there was no greater pride than to bear a witch-child for      your Clan; and no greater shame than to lose one.”

I bolded some words in the above sentence because it clearly implies there could be something other than a ‘witch-child,’ in other words a ‘human-child’, a daughter.

I assume Elide’s mother, Marion, was born human and so was let go, moved, or was thrown out from her Clan. Manon clearly mentions how only ‘some Clans’ see human-daughters as a waste, which means there are others that might value any children they have, including humans. Perranth is close to the Wastes so it makes sense.

That’s why Elide is human while having witch blood, because witches can in fact, have human children. (At least the Ironteeth, Crochans are still a mystery) It also explains why Manon asked her if she wanted to be a Blackbeak-to be considered a witch. I’m assuming it’s because Blackbeaks keep their human children, or at least, don’t kill them. I can see these human girls being of the lowest ranks, perhaps servants and cooks and whatnot.

Anyway, it’s a theory.


Also, thanks to @propshophannah for motivating me to make this haha, I’m still in finals and it feels like I don’t have much time or motivation to write fics or finish my theories.