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So you finally sold out?

I will never understand why people like to use the term “sold out” when it comes to doing what you love. This isn’t me “selling out” it’s me accepting the fact that I want to do more than just curate other people’s content. 

I posted original stuff before and I have seen them take off. But the problem is consistency and being marketable. The consistency problem can be solved, but the marketability requires people to actually WANT to share.

It all goes back to the name being “problematic”. No one wants to interview a viral content manager when there are blogs calling me “The Stormfront for Colored people” or “a blog lead by a Black Woman that hates White people” (there’s so much wrong with that statement that I’m just going to not even bother with correcting it.). Now, if you’re someone who’s been with this blog from the beginning, you know the blog’s former name is a thought-provoking statement, not a racist one. But nowadays, everyone is like “can you say this another way?” I had actual interviews where I gotta keep fixing what I have to say so it doesn’t become a firestorm (and yet somehow, it always managed to be one.)

It comes down to… what do I want to be known as? W3NK started with the intentions of being an experiment, but now there’s so much confusion, that it gets KINDA annoying that I have to fight these fires all the flipping time. And I have to fight more and more fires instead of focusing on what I want to do.

It is NOT an easy decision for me to make. But if this means I get to produced more meaningful content, then I rather do that.

If that means you see me as a sell-out, then I’m sorry to disappoint. But if I can get more people to get behind me, it would be more helpful than them hosing me down. Cause I’m honestly tired of fighting for air.

Conversations with my Kid

Me: “So…a new president was elected.  It was the big bully I didn’t want to get in.”

Kiddo: “Yeah I know. I watch Newsround at school.”

Me: “Yeah…basically what happened is Voldemort got elected because some people thought Dumbledore was just as bad.”

Kiddo: “That’s dumb. We’ll call the lady who lost ‘The Nice One’ from now on and the big Jerk Lord Voldemort…no wait. Tom Riddle.  To remind us that we can be more powerful then him no matter what.”

Me: *stunned*

Now that’s cute and all but I want you to understand how brave my 7 year old is with that.  I’ll say it here because Kiddo has given me permission.  Kiddo is non-binary.  They have been saying things to suggest it since they were 3 but at the beginning of this year they told me they were a ‘boygirl’ and that they ‘felt like a boy and a girl smooshed together’ we have since settled on the technical term of ‘bi-gender’ but use ‘boygirl’ at home. 

They are in the process of coming out at school and as I said have given me consent to talk about it here.  They are aware that people are closed minded, mean and bullies..and they have said they ‘will not lose to bullies’

To be honest I would probably never have come out as Genderfluid if my kid hadn’t come out to me first. Their bravery gave me to the courage to do so.

But there’s more to it then that.  

You come into that as well. 

Tumblr is a place where I learned about terms like bi-gender and gender fluid.  It’s a place where I was about to find pictures of people breaking gender barriers and expressing their non-binary identity and share it with my child.

You made my child feel like they weren’t alone.  I’ve seen them grow and open up as they expressed sides of themselves that they admitted they had kept hidden for fear of teasing and become happier more whole. 

Now kiddo understand that the president elect (at the moment) of the country one of their parents is from…is a the type of bully that would hate them. Who would be one of the people trying to get them to be a boy even though it causes my child great distress to be labelled as such. Kiddo understands that…and kiddo is saying “I can be more powerful then him”

I am learning bravery from my 7 year old…and I’m learning it from all of you.  I’m incredibly privileged in that I don’t currently live in the United States. I have permanent residency in England. I will do what little I can to help but I am removed from the worst of it.  Many of you are living in it and are far more vulnerable than I am but I see you saying “We’re not giving up, we’re not disappearing, we’re going to keep fighting” and I am blown away by how strong and powerful you all are.

In spite of all the darkness at the moment in the world you guys give me hope for the future. I will support you in any way I can as you take back the world from the idiots, bullies and liars.

Because you guys are amazing.

The Café Set Returneth

Well, that was quick.

Ok, so I already talked about the café parallels in 12.09 and 12.08 between Cas and Mary and how the colors in the room reflect the characters. (This post is pic heavy) Although at that time, I called the set a diner.

Now that we have further pics from 12.10, I’m beginning to sense a pattern and now I want to track this set and see if it’s anywhere else in the show or just in S12. The set seems to reflect the color motif of a central character in the scene.

@mittensmorgul @awed-frog @elizabethrobertajones This looks like something that might be up your alleys. You may be better at elaborating on it than I can.

I’m operating under the idea that all three of the café’s we’ve seen are the same set with different dressings. I’ve seen this kind of thing done before. I’ve even helped do it sort of. Blocking windows is annoying but it happens all the time. Here are the most recent pics of the café set. They even brought Mary’s tile back. She’s… sort of here. 

If anyone is wondering. The little sign there says: The Wrights Spot. There is actually a deco diner with that name in real life but I don’t know much about it outside of a quick Google search.

Note the number of windows up there. All the windows on the sides are no longer visible. The only windows are covered by pink curtains and the window on the door has blinds on it.

Below the cut are the photos of the set with Cas and Mary and some further thoughts.

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It Wasn’t So Much “Ride or Die” As It Was “Let Me Call Out Sick A Couple Days” OR The Walking Dead Called, They Thought Cam Was One Of Their Zombies That Had Gotten Loose

My sad thoughts on the lame finale.  At first I had mocked Cameron’s caption on this photo, now I wonder that he managed that much enthusiasm for the episode.

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Being poly can present one with a lot of complicated and complex situations and emotions - much like any relationship, poly or monogamous.  People are complicated, relationships are complicated, emotions are complicated, the banister is complicated (my Rocky Horror is showing).  

So, I’m left wondering just where it all sits, you know?  I know things are the best they have ever been with my beloved wife but they have been getting a little more complicated emotionally with one of my … lovers? Girlfriends? Friends that fuck? I don’t even know what to call her at this point aside from friend, of course.  We still measure it as a friendship and it always will be but emotions are beginning to get involved.  I suppose they might be romantic inclinations but I honestly don’t know.  I know where she stands on it and she has expressed a romantic interest but I honestly don’t know if that’s what I want or if I am even looking to start such a relationship outside of what I have with my wife. 

What about the others I’m involved with?  What about those that are flirting with the idea of us “hooking up” in some manner? What about those I’m flirting with the idea of hooking up with or expressing interest in? What about those that might have an interest in said partner? Would this make things needlessly more complicated and spoil what we have?  That’s a lot of variables.  

Do I love her?  In a way, yes.  Romantically? There’s potential, if not outright inklings that there definitely are said sorts of emotions.  

Sorting through it all has been buzzing around in my head all week and I’m putting those thoughts down in a post because it helps me sort them.  Sorry about the emotional dribble but I need a space I can just vent such things without worrying about it.  Tumblr makes a good space for that.

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Listen I'm all for Idols interacting with black kpop fans but some of these girl are beginning to look desperate. I just feel like a lot some black kpop fans need a wake up call. Yeah, take that ass over to Korea and watch "Oppa" fetishize your blackness. These dudes for the most part only want to fuck. But you girls will take any form of attention from these Korean men Im utterly ashamed. I'm not saying it's impossible for Korean men to genuinely love black women.

Lol I think I know where you might’ve been lurking XD

But yeah, I understand you anon. You’re 100% right imo. I also understand why some of these girls on here are so obsessed with what their fave might think of them. Black women are the most disrespected women on this planet. We are told that we are undesirable while at the same time we are fetished. I totally understand why these girls would be so concerned with what a Kpop star would think of them, especially considering the culture Korean people live in.

But I think it’s important for them to realize that putting all their energy into one guy’s opinion can be so exhausting! And that their worth should start with what they think of themselves, not what some guy thousands of miles away thinks of them. It really sucks sometimes because I see some really beautiful black girls here on tumblr and on other websites who hate themselves because their fav said he preferred pale-skinned girls. Like ??? Girl, you are a PERFECT 10 and your self-esteem is dependent on that 2.5 in skinny jeans? Puh-lease!

Like, black girls!!! You DON’T need men to tell you that you are beautiful because you ARE!! And when you start believing that is when it’ll be easier to enjoy kpop!

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Do you have any tips for someone wanting to write a multi-chapter story? I'd rather plan my chapters out before I actually start to write. My anxiety levels are all over the place because this will be my first fanfic and I don't even know where to begin? What helps you to keep organized and focused when writing? - Anxious Anon

Oh, that’s a difficult one. My approach to writing isn’t exactly what you’d call “organized” but here are some tips that have helped me stay on track when making multi-chaps:

  • make sure you have a clear plot in mind and a general idea of where you want your story to go, but don’t plan everything out to the last detail. Planning your story out in excessive detail will make the actual writing feel like a tedious chore because you’ve already gotten past the fun part. Just settle the important points, and then let yourself wander in that general direction
  • some of your best writing will come from happy accidents. Don’t be afraid to embrace it! 
  • have your fic open in another tab/window whenever you’re writing an update, and don’t be afraid to regularly check back with it to keep everything consistent.
  • another good idea is to have the wiki open! If you’re unsure about something in a character’s past, check their wiki page! I can’t tell you how often the reborn wiki has saved my ass. Also, checking out the trivia section of a character’s wiki page can often give you unexpected inspiration
  • have a clear idea in your mind of your timeline. Make sure you always know what month it is, and how much time is passing.
  • have fun, and try not to stress too much! Writing is hard, but it’s also really rewarding. Most of your readers/commenters will be really nice, and to those that aren’t, just tell them to kiss your ass.
  • And don’t feel obligated to listen to whatever your readers say! This is your story! You do with it what you want!

You can do it, anon! I believe in you!

I love this scene because it’s the first time that Guts outright asks someone to back him up in a fight. (If I’m wrong please correct me).

It’s a huge development from a Guts who preferred to fight alone to now actively asking for direct support. The whole fight is full of Guts/Serpico bro moments, he’s acknowledged Serpico’s skills before but now he outright compliments him.

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Hey, I've been wanting to get into kpop for a while now, but I have no idea where to start? I've just heard of bts from a couple of people, so do you have any suggestions for songs and bands I should check out?

UM!!!!!! exo (listen to all their albums bc they are Art), blackpink, dean and nct127!! tiffany, taeyeon + seohyun also have some v good songs 👌🏼 here are some recs ✨

exo: call me baby, growl, they never know, monster, heaven, what if, moonlight

bts: autumn leaves, spring day, begin, blood sweat and tears, love isn’t over

blackpink: whistle, boombayah, playing with fire

dean: and you (outro), half moon, i love it, bonnie and clyde

misc faves: don’t say no, moonlight (seohyun), talk, heartbreak hotel (tiffany), 11:11, i (taeyeon), baby don’t like it, back 2 u (nct 127), don’t recall (kard)


“From the beginning you and the dragon had been one. You are becoming, and the dragon is your higher self.”

The way this show is currently paralleling Will Graham and Francis Dolarhyde is absolutely brilliant. The above conversation is even more significant when you consider Bedelia telling Will that he is capable of righteous violence because he is compassionate, and that extreme acts of cruelty require high levels of empathy, certainly something Will is in no short supply of.

Dolarhyde is not killing his victims because he wants to inflict pain upon them. In his madness he believes he is helping them. He believes he is elevating them to their higher selves by giving them to the darkness within himself that he calls the dragon. This is righteous violence. This is his compassion. But Hannibal knows that this darkness is something that has been inside him all along, and this harkens back to Will at the end of season 2. As he attempted to trick and trap Hannibal, Will unlocked a part of his nature that has always been present, and is just as natural to him as being sweet and good and kind, which he undoubtedly is. But as he said earlier this season, he never knew himself more than he did when he was with Hannibal.

And speaking of which, as soon as Dolarhyde said this:

I was immediately reminded of this:

Molly is to Will as Reba is to Dolarhyde. Through her he has found an escape from the darker side of himself. He consumed the Blake painting because he wanted to desperately to be someone else for her. He wants to step away from the darkness and into the light, but to do so would be to deny half of his true self, and Hannibal is dependent on him embracing that darkness at this point.

Hannibal’s ethics and motivations are fascinating. He is undeniably capable of experiencing love, but the nature of that love and the nature of who he is twists it and turns it into a truly destructive force. He likes testing people, he likes placing them in situations where they have a choice to do right or wrong to see which they will choose, and he is no stranger to a good old game of cat and mouse. But his motivations with Dolarhyde go a bit deeper than that… I believe he thinks if he can help Dolarhyde become his higher self, if he can help him become the dragon, then he can help Will come around again too. He can pull him away from his family (the family that he believes is a poor replacement for the family they were creating together) and back into his orbit. 

A striking difference between the canon of the books and what took place on the show is that Hannibal did not send Dolarhyde after Will AND his family… he only sent him after Molly and Walter. Hannibal doesn’t want Dolarhyde to kill Will in this universe, but he is unbelievably jealous and wants Will’s new family out of the picture as soon as possible. This isn’t simply about playing a game out of boredom for him. In the end it all comes down to his deep and twisted love for Will Graham.

Will and Molly love one another, there is no doubt about that, but we are being shown through visual subtext and absolutely blatant and heavy handed dialogue that Will and Hannibal belong together. They are two sides of the same coin, but Will’s true destiny to be with Hannibal cannot be realized until he learns to, once again, give in to his own becoming.

Will wanted to run away with Hannibal not only because they were friends, or because they truly do love one another on a deep and profound level, but because through Hannibal, Will found his freedom. His transformation at the end of season 2 also felt very deliberate, it began as a premeditated plan to capture Hannibal after all, but it resulted in Will discovering the true nature of the beast residing in his own belly. A part of him will always want to be with Hannibal, will always wish they had run away together all those years ago, and I guess only time (aka the final two episodes) will tell if that part of himself will be victorious in the end.

Early life crisis

This is going to sound so cheesy, but I had an epiphany this morning when I turned on my computer and it automatically put on my favorite Pandora station on for me.  You couldn’t wake up and listen to whatever song you wanted at the click of a button twenty years ago, nor could you talk to Siri or Cortana and make them call you “Queen Mandy” in a British accent. Of all the eras in history I could’ve been born in, I was born in this wild one. Tell me the square root of 27, Siri, and while you’re at it, tell me what the weather is like in Delhi.  

Technology is magical.

In other news, I just turned 20 a few days ago, which means it’s all going to go downhill from here. There’s been a mistake, I’m not capable of being an adult yet. Send help. I’M STILL A CHILD AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. I can’t use the excuse of “I’m still a teenager” anymore.

My mom said to me the other day, “It’s okay, sweetie, you’re a writer, so your dad and I figure you’re going to live with us until you’re thirty. Just please, don’t pick up a drinking habit.” 

It’s good to know they believe in me, haha! 

Hello, Darling

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Words: 1,973

Request: CrowleyxReader and you are the lil sis of the boys and Crowley kidnaps you to get revenge but you have always had some feelings for him and when he takes you to the room to torture you, you confess your feelings and he suddenly walks to leave the room to get the tools, but you call him Daddy and he stops and begin to torture you but in a sexual way… Lots of Smut and really long, please❤️ I know it’s a lot to ask, but, you know, you write amazing and it would be great to read it from you, so? - @craftersdust

Hey so, this isnt a specific request I just really want a smut fic where at the end Crowley insists he cum on readers’ glasses. like, I literally dont care what else happens, i just need that lol. thank you! – Anonymous

Author’s Notes: I kind of tweaked both request, but I hope you all like it. The smut is complete trash because I can’t ever write any good but thank you! I couldn’t think of anything better for the title. Don’t forget to send in your request. - Haley xx 

Your name: submit What is this?

As soon as I heard Crowley’s voice echo off the walls, I knew I wasn’t in my room in The Bunker. My temple was throbbing like there was no tomorrow and my eyes where blinded by the large overhead lights.

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I know alot of fans are going to be mad (more so I guess at the writers) that Stefan sacrifice himself for Damon but Stefan never forgave himself for turning Damon. It’s probably one of the things that always weighed heavy on him because of all the choices that led to both of them bringing pain to the other and of course, Damon did all his choices himself after he turned. They’ve both done terrible things we know this but we all understood why and have alot of regrets. Out of the both of the brothers, Damon always wanted to be human again from the beginning. Stefan wanted to give him that chance to relive his life as who he knew Damon was because he loved his brother and thought he deserve to see himself actually live a life, for his brother to see himself happy. They would have both died to give the other a life of happiness and just be human again.

Like, call it whatever you want but as Stefan’s character, that’s what he always wanted for him and he had the chance to give his brother.

Sam Wilkinson - Napping and cuddling

Request: Cute Sammy image where u guys cuddle but could u include that ur not dating and that u guys like each other and everyone knows but you guys plzzzzx ?????


Being a student and having a part time job is not the most relaxing thing. From school to work, from work to home to do homework, research, my choirs, and then go back to school, and the whole thing starts from the beginning again. I was exhausted and all I wanted is just to get some more sleep. But my best friends were in town and they wanted to spend the evening with me. Fortunately I wasn’t working that day, and I was planning on staying in bed and get some sleep for the next few weeks, but then Nate called me and I couldn’t say no. So it didn’t matter how tired I was, I wanted to be with them.

“Here is our favorite girl!” Nate greeted me as I stepped into his apartment.

“Hey,” I smiled at him giving him a hug. The Jacks, Nash, Hayes and Sammy was already there, of course I was the last one to arrive. “Hey boys!” I greeted all of them crushing down to the couch.

“Leave us some space!” Nash whined as I occupied the whole couch lying down comfortably.

“Nah, I’m half asleep, I need the whole couch,” I said grinning up at him, but then I made some space to them.

I watched as Sam smiled down at me and then went to the kitchen. I sighed taking a look at his back. Sam was always my secret crush, but hey, who didn’t have a crush on him? He was perfect in all ways, and I guess he knew it too, this is why he could get any girl so easily, while I was just dreaming that someday I will be the one he will have eyes for. I always had a feeling that he may like me, but then he went on and I saw him with another girl, and he always made me confused with his actions.

Hayes switched the TV on and we started to watch a series when all the guys came back in to the room. At first we were just talking about things that happened lately to us, and I swear I was interested in their stories, but I was just so sleepy I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

“I think our stories are too boring for Y/N,” Nate laughed poking me to wake me up. I groaned shaking my head.

“No, I’m just really tired.”

“Then take a nap,” Hayes suggested.

“No, I won’t spend our quality time sleeping,” I protested shaking my head but I already felt my eyes closing again. From that moment I only woke up for a few minutes several times. At first when I opened my eyes again the boys were watching dumb videos, so I just closed my eyes and fell back asleep. The next time Nash and Nate were out of the room, I was still crawled up on the couch and Sam was sitting at my leg.

“Did I miss something important?” I asked still half asleep. He gave me a warm smile and shook his head.

“Just sleep,” he told me and he put his hand to my feet massaging them. It just only made me fall asleep faster, his hands were magical.

The third time my legs were in his lap, he was holding them and he was just casually talking with the boys while caressing my legs. I didn’t move, he didn’t notice that I woke up. I wanted him to continue it, so I just closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

The fourth and last time when I woke up it was dark in the room, but some light was crawling in from the kitchen where the boys probably were, I heard their voices as they were laughing on something. But I wasn’t alone lying on the couch. Two arms were around my waist and someone was calmly sleeping behind my back spooning with me. I looked down and saw the armband Sammy was wearing that night realizing that it was him behind me. We were literally cuddling on Nate’s couch and the guys left us alone.

I didn’t want to wake him up so I didn’t even move, but a few moments later he woke up. I guess he was surprised by our position just as much as I was. I turned around facing him.

“Hey, did I wake you up?” I asked quietly, but I already knew his answer.

“No,” he shook his head smiling and I couldn’t not notice that his arms were still around me. “Your sleepiness was so catchy, I fell asleep too,” he chuckled closing his eyes for a minute.

“Sorry. But to be honest, I still can sleep some more,” I admitted smiling widely.

“Then just sleep. I could use some more time too,” he replied. I thought that he would at least let go of me, but he didn’t. It encouraged me to make myself more comfortable, so I just did what I always wanted to do. I lay my head to his chest and hugged his body. I guess it surprised him at first, but then his arms were around me once again and he even kissed the top of my head.

I was still so damn sleepy, but in that position I just couldn’t fall asleep. I was listening to his breathing and heart beating, but I couldn’t drift back to sleep.

“Sam?” I whispered after a while hoping he couldn’t sleep as well.


“I can’t sleep,” I admitted.

“Am I uncomfortable?” he asked lightly laughing. I giggled looking up at him.

“No, I just…” I didn’t know what to say. I almost told him that I was just too nervous that we were literally cuddling.

“I can’t sleep either,” he admitted looking down at me with a small smile. “I’m not used to the feeling of your body next to mine.” I cracked a smile hearing his words. “Do you know why?” It was a bit stupid question, but I was sure he asked it for a reason. I shook my head no. “Because I imagined this plenty of times before.”

I raised my eyebrows at him slowly processing his words.

“You did?” I whispered and his answer was a nod. “Because I did too.”

He stared at me for a moment trying to decide if I really meant it, and when he knew that I did, he leaned down and just pressed his lips to mine. It wasn’t like I imagined it to be, we weren’t on the most romantic place. We were lying on Nate’s couch and I could hear the guys talk in the kitchen while Sam and I were kissing like little teenagers.

I don’t know how much time we spent like this, but then the light went on and we almost jumped away from each other.

“Look at the little love birds!” Gilinsky sang as they walked in from the kitchen. I felt myself blush and I just hid my face in Sammy’s chest.

“Did you wake up the sleeping beauty with a kiss?” Nash laughed sitting down to the floor.

“Okay, that’s enough, guys,” Sam told them putting his arms around me.

So, this is how my first and definitely not last kiss happened with Sam. It wasn’t a kiss you would write about in a book or put into a movie, but it was perfect for me.

Merry Kissmas (Jensen Ackles x Reader)

Summary: “Just ask her out already.”

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

A/N: Let me know what you think! I have written Jensen in a while but I quite like it :)

Warnings: Kissing (If that counts as a warning)

Word Count: 1076


You had been on the show for quite some time now. It was great being able to have made so many friends from it all, if someone told you that you would be starring on Supernatural 10 years ago you would have never believed them. You joined around the time Misha did although you were a female hunter, not an angel. Along the way you had gotten a little more interested in Jensen that you might first have wanted to, of course in the beginning you had no idea your character would be loved so much that you would stay for this long, you were only meant to be a guest star for a few episodes at the most. So when you got the call to become a season regular you were more than happy, more than ecstatic but you were also worried because it left you feelings for Jensen open to grow even more.

Right now you were at the Padalecki household, they were throwing a little Christmas party but not too many people were there, just enough for you to be able to make sure you would talk to everyone throughout the night.

You were wearing a simple black playsuit which had a small cut out around your tummy to show off a little bit more skin but not so much that it left nothing to the imagination. You also wanted to feel comfortable in yourself and showing off everything you had was not the way to do that. You paired it with some simple black boots and some neutral make-up although you did give yourself a darker lip. Finally you had pulled your hair to one side and let it fall in loose waves.

Jensen couldn’t help but watch you as you laughed with Gen about something or other. You were to far across the room for him to be able to hear but you were smiling so it must’ve been good. He watched the curve of your mouth, the little dimples that formed as you smile got wider, the gentle shake of your shoulders as you continued to laugh. Just you in general always made him feel like a lovestruck idiot. He was so deep in his trance that he hardly noticed Jared and Misha come up behind him, he finally realised when their chuckles took his eyes away from you.

“What?” He asked in a gruff tone, it was no secret to those two that he had fallen for you but the endless teasing got a bit annoying sometimes.

“You, you’re so in love,” Jared said making his voice pitch a little higher.

“Yeah J we can literally see the heart eyes,” Misha laughed and patted Jensen on the back, “Just ask her out already.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, I really do, but what if she says no?” Jensens mind wandered at the thought. If you said no everything he had ever dreamt would have to be forgotten. He had often dreamt about what life with you would be like, how he would wake up next to you every morning, what your lips would taste like, what it would be like to be able to hold you and call you his. All three of the boys looked at you, still continuing to socialise with all those around you although they tried to quickly avert their gaze and cover up the fact they were staring which only made you giggle.

You began to walk over to them but you saw Jared and Misha running away leaving you only to talk to Jensen. He looked good, he hadn’t dressed too differently from what he usually would but he looked like he had put more effort in.

“Hey,” you smiled as you slid into the seat next to him. He smiled back but he seemed a little off, it wasn’t one of the huge grins he would usually return with. “Something up Ackles?”
“No, I’m fine, I just-”

“Don’t give the I’m fine crap just tell me what’s wrong,” you said. He took one deep breath in but he couldn’t say it, not yet the moment wasn’t right, instead he ended up letting out a shaky sigh. “Do you need to go outside and get some fresh air?”

He nodded at you and you both stood up. As you walked towards the doors you placed your hand on one of his shoulders to comfort him. Your feet crunched along in the snow as you walked and the cold hit you icy and cold. The lights all the way down the street were lit up and it truly did look amazing, just the way everyone had joined in made you feel happy. It was one of your favourite past times to decorate the house with your family and you had even taken to decorating the set sometimes if they would let you.

“Have you been drinking?” You asked crossing you arms over you chest and raising one eyebrow at him.

“What, no!” He scoffed.

“Then what is it J because you’re not acting yourself.”

Before you knew it he had cupped your face, put one arm around your waist and had pulled you closer into him. You stared into his eyes, the green consuming you and you fell harder than you ever had before. So you connected your lips to his and immersed yourself in pure bliss. You knew his lips would be soft but they felt like velvet on yours and it was amazing. His hand on your face made it’s way into your hair and you couldn’t help but feel him tug at it slightly which coaxed a small moan from your mouth. You hadn’t meant for it to happen but it had and now you felt yourself becoming more desperate to feel his lips on yours, never wanting the kiss to end. His lips made their way down your neck and you gasped.

“Jensen there are people here,” you said but you were still loving the feeling of the small kisses he peppered onto your shoulders. At your words he placed his lips upon your once again before he stopped. It ended almost as soon as it had began.

“Then maybe we should continue a little later,” he smirked and you raised one eyebrow at him but you couldn’t help the smile that came next.

“Merry Christmas Jensen,” you winked at him before you both returned to the party.

Call Me Monster Part 5 (A/F)

Summary: After events have left y/n with confusion, but as things get even more complicated, dark hidden truth begin to be revealed…

Word Count: 2.3k

Author: Admin B- I really don’t want to end the story here so let’s see how it does and I’ll let you know if there will be another part!

Warnings: language, vampire AU

Involving; Baekhyun ft. Chanyeol, Sehun

Exo Masterlist ~ Previous Part

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As the breath was stripped from your lungs the cold winter night became a cold memory once again. You had become tired with the constant battle you were in. You felt not just mentally broken but it was showing physically, the bruises that covered your skin described who you believed to be your lover perfectly. In one instance he was the most perfect human you had ever laid your eyes on, his touch felt heavenly, his scent intriguing, these moments represented in the warm purple bruises that were laced along your neck. However, his recent actions set all your previous thoughts on fire. No matter what he made you feel he was a monster. A monster. The cuts and rips of your legs and arms showed the danger he put you in, the pain you experienced by simply wanting to involve him in your life. You stopped running similar to how your thoughts instantly stopped due to the word that wreaked havoc inside of your own mind. One side of you begged yourself to deny it, protest against the thought but you knew the truth. He was. As much as you didn’t want him to be, he was one. He had to hurt people in order to survive, your selfishness begged him to stay with you. Why? You questioned yourself yet again, what had he done that made you want to stay with him? You didn’t know him, you didn’t…did you?

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By the beginning of middle school i was used to have jimmy’s comments bouncing around my head for most of the day, but i only really saw him at night. I kinda wanted to talk to him, maybe then he wouldn’t be so mean all the time, so i asked “What’s your name?”
“None of your business” he replied annoyed
“Come on please tell me” i begged
“why the hell do you wanna know?”
“i have to know what to call you” i tried to explain to him
“maybe just don’t call me. Ever.” he said smirking
“come on, don’t be like that, just tell me”
he looked at me for a while, then took a deep breath and said “i can’t tell you” he pulled a weird face that stopped me from talking “i’m just not allowed to, ok? i’m not just doing it to be an asshole”
“why can’t you?”
“i don’t know, God maybe, they don’t tell me anything anymore” he looked between angry and sad.
“don’t you have a nickname or something i can call you?”
“not really”
“can i put you a name?”
“yeah, whatever, just don’t choose something lame”

I thought about it for a couple of days, but to me, there’s was just one name that would fit him

“can i call you Saint Jimmy?”
“like the song?” he sounded pretty amused by the idea
“yeah, you remind me of it a lot”
he smiled wide “sure, why not, but drop the saint idiot, that’s not a name”
i felt really embarrassed by the mix up, i still had a lot of English to learn.
“so just Jimmy then?” i asked
“just Jimmy”

He must have been very pleased with the name, because he was almost nice for the rest of the day.
We also started talking more from then on, almost every night, but it still wasn’t much better, he would use this time to mock me about stupid things that happened during the day, or, if he was in a really good mood, we would talk about little things. 

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Who’s Jimmy?
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All this mystery and intrigue surrounding why Wander keeps his origins hidden is all so much clearer if you consider the possibility that maybe he doesn’t even know.

“The folks around this galaxy called me tumbleweed; who am I to tell them whats what.” 

The surprised look he gave Sylvia when Melodie said she knew where he came from.

I even recall a cut scene from The Hole ‘Lotta Nuthin’ where Wander begins telling his origins to a bug, but starts it off by saying “from what I can remember.”

“The helper seeks to help because he knows what it is to be helpless.”

Imagine little Wander waking up someplace and not knowing who or what he is. Imagine him scared and alone until someone helps him. Imagine him finally feeling loved even if it’s for a short time and rationalizing that maybe this is what he what meant to do all along. Who cares if he doesn’t have a name? People can call him whatever they want. Or a home planet? He’ll visit thousands of planets? Or even a family? He’ll find his own. So he just does the only thing he would be capable of doing-starts wandering around. 


Yuu X Shinoa // Shinoa X Yuu // YuuNoa EP 12 [FINAL] Couple Highlight Screen Captures | Owari No Seraph // Seraph of The End | Codex Journalism

“As far I could remember I know everybody call these ‘ships’, and I do as well, but what I wanted to mention more importantly, that it is absolutely incredible to see such feelings being expressed between characters in such illustrious, priceless, honest manners, if you could remember from the very beginning of the show, Shinoa and Yuu quite possibly even seemed a bit incompatible in some senses, Yuu just hated people, and Shinoa might have been too sarcastic to understand for him, but as time progressively advanced, Shinoa did realize SHE chose to enroll him within the Demon Army…and from that point on, knowing that they would be within each other’s sight for a very, very long time, a ‘new family’ had begun, and when they are family, all you can do is do everything within your might and capabilities to protect each other, that is what I cherish about this relationship, Shinoa failed to admit such an affection, and yet Yuu said he was worried, the ideal of worrying constantly, back and forth, always was so valuable to me, they do care for each other, a lot now, and that will be all to look forward in the coming days once October hits :3 grand relationships can be made as you can see.″ 


Shinoa Hiiragi ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Yuuichirou Hyakuya 

Anime: Owari No Seraph // Seraph of The End (Just finished!!!)