i call this the door of surprises

Y'all I'm so weak read this

So my friend Daria comes over to my house and as soon as I open the door Daria exclaims, “Biitttttcccchhhhh” (now y'all already know that when a black girl says this, it’s time to grab some snacks, make yourself comfortable because a legendary ass story is about to proceed).
So I sit down and get comfortable.

Daria proceeds, “So , you know how I’ve been talking to (I ’ll call him Trey) right? Yea, well today he finally asked me over to come watch movies and chill at his place.”

Now I get excited af because I knew this was about to be a hoe story. I act surprised like, “oh word?”

Daria’s like, “yes. Girl. I been waiting for this day because it’s been so long my virginity practically reformed inside my body…anyways, so yea so I start prepping for tonight. I’m doing my kegels, shaved, drank cran-pineapple juice. I went the whole nine yards.
So around 9 o'clock I go to this his house and immediately I become confused as a bitch. This nigga has no furniture in his living room. So I’m like "where’s your furniture?” Trey’s like “oh um…I threw a wild ass party last week and and they got fucked up so they getting cleaned.” Alright, cool I’m not tripping over living room furniture because I ain’t come for no furniture I came to get my cheeks clapped like a badass 2 year old. I go to his room…..and bitchhhh Trey has a fucking twin xl ass bunk bed in the corner of the room with no covers, just a small ass cloth for a blanket like we in Prison Break.“

Me: "Daria stfuuuuu you always exaggerating, there’s no possible way…”

Daria: “no bitch I fucking wish I was lying. Let me finish, so this nigga has this small ass bunkbed in the corner of his room. But you know what? I gave myself a pep-talk like ‘naw Daria, you deserve to get your ass ate. You been a good girl this week bitch take your own damn self to red lobster after this’ and talked myself out of leaving. I ask Trey if he live here with someone else and Trey is like, "yea my cousin stays here too but he’s gone for the week. Get comfortable, let me just change really quick.” Now, I’m looking all around because there’s no fucking tv in this small ass jail cell of a room. But I’m thinking maybe he packs it up so it won’t get stolen. So Trey comes back and I’m like, “so what movie we watching?” And he’s like “what movie you tryna watch?” And I take this opportunity to let him know what my intentions are upfront so I’m like, “it don’t even matter because I doubt we’ll be watching much of it” in my sexiest voice possible. So Trey look at me, smirk and starts typing some movie into his phone. He tells me to move over so he can lay by me. Now this is the part that pissed me the fuck off.

Me: what?????

Daria: BITCH THIS NIGGA TYPES IN NETFLIX ON HIS IPHONE (5s MIND YOU) STRETCHES HIS ARMS OUT AND SAYS, “ I don’t have a tv so we gon have to pretend my phone a 50 inch tv. Can you see okay?” Bitch I’ve never ran out of a house so fast.

Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
GUYS when I tell you that I busted out laughing. I had real tears streaming down my face.

Called Out (Part 8)

Summary: Bucky has been crushing on you for a while now, but he refuses to say anything. That is, until he butt-dials you and leaves a voicemail that records a very compromising conversation.

Word Count: 611

Warnings: None.

“Called Out” Masterlist

A/N: Surprise! I have the night off and I’ve taken a nap, so writing was on my mind. Hope you all like.

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Clint whistled as Sam and Tony shook their heads. Meanwhile, Steve had a victorious smile on his face. All their gazes were intensely focus on the giant screen in front of them, where drama was just about to unfold as the elevator doors opened and Diego and Laurie tore apart in surprise.

“The both of them will kick your ass. I promise you that, Rogers,” said Tony.

“But at least they’re seeing what I’ve been wanting to tell them this whole time!” protested Steve.

“You just had to take it one step further, man,” said Sam. “And meddle. You always meddle.”

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May I call you Albus?

Albus is sitting in his study, unable to focus on his work. He was hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious man in the graveyard, but the man hasn’t shown up that day and it is all Albus can think about when he hears a knock on his door.

He tries to ignore it, but the visitor knocks again, a bit more impatiently.

Annoyed and not wanting to be disturbed, Albus opens the door, but any word of refusal instantly dies on his tongue as he sees who the insistent visitor is.

Albus: *tries to compose himself*

Gellert: -Here I am. 

Gellert: *eyes light up in recognition*

Gellert: Albus. May I call you Albus? I’ve recently read your latest article in Transfiguration Today-

Albus: *is surprised that anyone actually read his article*

Gellert: *launches into a one sided discussion of the article at hand*

Gellert: *realizes that Albus is still looking slightly confused and far from sharing his excitement*

Albus: I’m just surprised that someone found it interesting

Gellert: The didn’t? Well…

Gellert: *fastens his eyes on Albus for a second too long*

Albus: *fidgets nervously under Gellert’s gaze*

[[ Gellert Grindelwald played by the incredible @kapitan5o​ ]]

Albus Prelude | Gellert Prelude


Your boyfriend, Damon pissed you off so you decided to go to your friend, Elena’s house to cool off and vent a little. She is dating his brother, Stefan and has never been a fan of Damon because she thinks he’s a ‘dick’. But whatever, she saw how happy you are with him and although he can be a complete asshole to people, he was always good to you. 

For the time being, both you and Elena sat on her couch, did some venting here and there, then, watched a movie while eating whatever junk food she had in her cupboard. 

You two were enjoying the movie until a loud knock comes from the front door. Elena gets up to answer the door and was surprised to see that it’s Damon. Before she can get a word out of her mouth, he whispered, “can I just speak to Y/N please?”

Elena rolled her eyes at his question, then mouthed, ‘fine’ and called for you. “Hey Y/N! It’s for you!” Once she saw you get up, she walked away towards her kitchen to wash the dishes.

Walking up to the door, Damon casually had one hand behind his back and the other relaxed straight down. The first thing you did was try to close the door on his face but he dodged it by pushing the door with his hand. “Baby, come on. You can’t still be mad at me?” Damon tries to be cute by pouting and using puppy dog eyes but you didn’t fall for it.

“Of course I’m still mad. I was waiting at The Grill like a fool only to find out that you forgot all about our date! This is the second time, Damon!” You yelled, crossing your arms in disappointment.

“I know I know.” Damon put his free hand up in defense. “I promise you it won’t happen again. And you know what? Forget The Grill, how about we go somewhere else? Somewhere…better!” 

“You promise?” You asked in a demanding tone.

“Yes.” Damon smiles, then reveals a teddy bear he’s been hiding behind his back. “And teddy promises too.”

He sounded very promising and since you’re so crazy in love with Damon, you chose to forgive him. You also thought his little teddy bear trick was adorable too.

katbarrell I cannot even begin to explain how overwhelmed I am by all the birthday love I received this weekend.  From cookies at my door to beautiful songs, special video notes to magic tricks, tweets and artwork, tubing with some of my incredible Wynonna Family, calls and texts from around the world and a birthday song from home, some of the most thoughtful (and completely unexpected) gifts I have ever received, all ending with the most delicious dinner with friends and a final surprise cake from my love thousands of miles away - I am truly blessed, beyond grateful and filled to the brim with happiness. This has easily been one of the best birthdays I have ever had. Thank you each and every one of you for your sweet wishes and being a part of it. I will never forget it ❤❤❤

Close Every Door, Epilogue

Characters – Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas, Crowley

Summary – TFW tries to find answers after the reader is kidnapped; what they uncover will surprise them.

Word Count – 4,130

Warnings – Aftermath of Kidnapping, Torture, talk about PTSD and different kinds of therapy used to treat it

A/N – So, yeah, the “epilogue” kind of got away from me (shocker, I know).  But we’ll call it an epilogue anyway!  Thank you all so much for your support and feedback on this series!  It makes me so happy to get your comments!  As always, feedback is appreciated and encouraged! Please let me know what you thought!

Catch up: Close Every Door Masterlist

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Your name: submit What is this?

“It is over, baby.” Dean agreed.  “And I’m going to be here for you – we all are – just as long as it takes.  And you take as long as you need, sweetheart.”

Dean had been thrilled when you’d hugged him just before telling off Vapula for what he’d done. While you had turned a major corner, there was still a long way to go.  The first night back, once Vapula was dead and his ashes buried, Dean helped you change into fresh pajamas and tucked you into bed – the bed you normally shared with him.  He noticed you tense when he climbed in next to you and paused. 

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Summary: In which you’re nervous and Bucky is there to help you calm down.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 993

A/N: For @avengerstories , it was so weird not having you edit this but I wrote it last night for you and wanted it to be a surprise.

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Bucky is calling your name but you can’t move. Fear and anxiety prevent you from doing so.

“Y/N, where are you?”

You press your body further against the wall, unintentionally knocking over a shoebox in the process. As it falls with a loud thud, you close your eyes and cross your fingers. Hopefully Bucky was too far away to hear that. Seconds tick by without any sign of him and you think that you’re in the clear. Just as this thought crosses your mind, the door in front of you is pulled open, bathing you in an unwanted stream of light.

“Doll, why are you in the closet?”

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This idea came from @imaginexmen


Hope you like it!


The drive up to Canada wasn’t too bad, it had been at least eight months since Logan and I became separated duo to an foreseen attack on the school. I briefly look to my little sweet girl, peacefully sleeping to the rhythm of the road.  The tree filled skyline started to disappear as I approached yet another lumber yard. I searched almost every single one in this enormous country. I drove up the muddy slope that could possibly be called a “drive way.” There was a man in a red flannel shirt, rich black hair that slightly stood up on end. My heart skipped as I saw my husband again. “I hope he didn’t think I was dead or something.” My mind flashes the thought as I park and get out of the car. Logan sensed something immediately. “Never could surprise the man.” I smile. I slam the door of the car and he instantly turns. Those ocean blue eyes in confusion, wonder, and excitement. He quickly ran to greet me. He breathed deeply, taking in my scent. His arms wrapped tighter around my waist as I grabbed his torso tighter in return. “I thought you-” I cut him off with a kiss that I wanted to give him for what felt like a life time. He stood there in a dream like state, his forehead up against mine, his eyes closed savoring the moment where his love came back from the dead to greet him once again. “How-” “I’ll tell you later, there will be enough time for sad news Logan. Besides, I have something to show you.” He was silent, but his face told me that he was beyond disoriented. I took his hand in mine and led him to the car, I softly opened the door to reveal our daughter, our little Ivory. His eyes didn’t leave her. His face scrunched up in confession. “You were pregnant?” He questioned, with his voice wavering slightly. “Yes,” I could read this man like an open book. He felt like he abandoned us, there was nothing he could do, he thought we were dead for heavens sake! “Logan it wasn’t your fault, we’er here now. We are a family now.” I put a hand on Logan’s broad shoulder. He hit the car frame in frustration. “I should’ve been there, I SHOULD’VE BEEN THERE!” He shouted. Tears started to well up, he felt unworthy. I gave him a moment. He recomposed himself. He turned to me and gently took my hand in his. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I wish I was there for you two.” I placed a hand on his cheek gently stroking it like he did my hand. “Logan, we’er here now.” I said softly. I meet his gaze, a small smile came to my face. “Do you want to meet her?” I ask. The same smile soon appears on his. “Yes, I would.”


Are we not gonna talk about how Mon-El brushes it aside when Kara begins to apologize for dashing out? Because I think this is adorable. 

When she opens the door, you can already tell how pleased and excited he is she has asked him to come over. He says he was surprised by her call considering how their last conversation ended, but when Kara apologizes he quickly dismisses it and you can clearly see that he didn’t mention it because he’s holding a grudge against her for cutting their conversation short. He mentions it because he genuinely didn’t expect her to want to spend some time with him when she’s been avoiding him for days. He didn’t come over expecting nor wanting an apology from her (and you can even hear him whisper ‘No, that’s…’); he came because he thought that it was her attempt at patching things up and being friends with him again. Perhaps, he pictured an evening on the couch, watching a movie, catching up and just basically being buddies like they used to be (as he said he’s missed spending time with her).  

If you think that Mon-El has been guilt-tripping her since she rejected him, then you seriously need to watch this moment again. Mon-El is an innocent bean, a stray puppy who’s just longing to be friends with Kara again even if that is the only thing she is willing to be for him.


Requested, thank you

You sat in your chair across from Sherlock, the room was filled with silence until the door opened though neither of you turned to look. It was John that had walked in and was taken by surprise when he didn’t hear any noise whether it be the violin or talking between you and Sherlock. “Sherlock?” he called out curiously. “In here” he replied, eyes on your his clasped hands under his chin. John strolled into the room and instantly his brows furrowed. “What are you doing?” he asked confused. “Staring contest, don’t distract” you answered. “You can’t talk and stare without being distracted?” Sherlock questioned with a smirk. “I was saying to be quiet so you might have a chance of winning” you teased. 

Fluffy Surprise

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: ~800

Request: Could you do an imagine where Steve comes home from a mission and goes to his girlfriends flat and when he goes in she’s covered in scratches and cuts so he panics but she actually just got a puppy?also I really like your blog :)

Warnings: Adorably concerned Steve & too much fluff

A/N: I feel like we all need a little Steve fluff after Marvel’s big news. This is just something that I wrote like in 45 minutes as I locked myself out and needed to wait for someone to come home, oops. Hope you like it x

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A hard wave of excitement rushed through your body as you heard a key turning in the lock of your apartment’s door, accompanied with Steve’s familiar, soft voice calling for your name.

Grinning widely, you closed carefully the door of your bedroom before sprinting to run, jumping to his embrace.

“He-hey doll,” Steve laughed, his lips planting soft kisses to your hair, his arms wrapped tightly around you, holding you close to him. “Gosh, I missed you so much.”

“I know,” you chuckled, pulling slightly further from him. Yet his hands on your waist he pulled you back to him, planning to connect his lips with yours for a deep kiss –yet his tries got cut short by your pain filled yelp.

His expression changing from eager to deeply worried in nanoseconds, he stepped further from you, his eyebrows knitted.

“What’s wrong?” Steve breathed out moving his fingers to the hem of your long-sleeved shirt.

“Oh no, no, nothing,” you let out a nervous laughter, stepping slightly further from him –yet Steve, as usual, was way more quicker than you. Raising the hem of your shirt, he exposed your skin, covered in bright red scratches and cuts, causing the worry on his face to grow at least dozens of times deeper.

“Y/N what happened?” He cried out, causing you to nip your bottom lip between your teeth as you tried your best not to laugh at his unnecessary worrying. Failing hard, you bursted into giggles, burying your face into your hands.

“I’m sorry,” you laughed, shaking your head. “It was supposed to be a surprise-“

“What? That someone hurt you?” Steve breathed out in shock, rolling up the sleeves of your shirt to expose more scratches. “Doll you have to tell me what happened-“

“It’s okay, Steve, really. I’m better than fine,” you smiled brightly, grapping his face between your hands to connect your lips with his for a deep kiss, colored with earn and eagerness.

Relaxing seemingly under your gentle touches, Steve pulled you closer to him, his fingers caressing your neck as you tangled your fingers to his hair to deepen the kiss. Yet a bright smile rising to your lips made you broke the kiss.

“I have a surprise for you,” you chuckled, trying your best not to jump up and down, as you pulled your confused boyfriend after you towards your bedroom.

“In addition to the condition of your body?” Steve mumbled, unable to hide the amusement in his voice. This was exactly one of the things he loved about you the most; the almost childish enthusiasm on your voice and the bright smile on your face as you were dying to tell him something.

Shaking his head, Steve followed you to the door of your bedroom, frowning his eyebrows as you stopped, your fingers wrapped against the doorknob and innocent smile playing on your lips.

“You will always love me, right?” You chuckled, your voice bubbly and your eyes twinkling brightly.

“I’m starting to get really confused,” he laughed nervously, crossing his arms over his chest. Rushing, he nodded his head with a wide smile as he saw your suspicious stare. “Y/N you know I will.”

“Phew, try to remember that promise,” you smiled, nodding towards his crossed arms. “Oh, and I would keep those free for hedging.”

“For hedging?” he repeated your words, confused laugh escaping his lips.

Grinning, you nodded your head, as you twisted the doorknob, causing Steve to yelp from surprise as you released a big ball of fur from the room.

“No way,” Steve pointed at the creature that was hopping against his legs, the fluffy tail of it swinging recklessly from side to side. Steve’s eyes twinkling brightly, his lips turned into wider than wide smile as he got on his knees to greet the new member of your family. “Y/N, you –you got us a puppy?”

“Yes,” you squeaked with a laugh, nodding your head frequently. “I knew you had wanted one for ages and I thought that now that you were on a long mission, it was the perfect time to surprise you. Bucky helped me to arrange everything and I’ve been dying to tell you-“

A surprise laugh ran from your lips, cutting off your sentence as Steve pulled you down to the floor, crashing his lips against yours. Yet an acute barking caused both of you to laugh against each other’s lips as the little guy wanted its part from the attention.

Steve laughed, lifting the puppy to his embrace, the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes causing your heart to melt in your chest. “Bye-bye alone time.”

hello yamato how you doin’

Dear Daenerys

It’s not just the fact that you’re gone that hurts. It’s that sometimes I forget, and then remember again.

Last night I came home and was worried that you weren’t waiting at the door. I ran through the house looking for you, before I remembered you were no longer there.

Last night I got up and went up the stairs to go to bed and when I didn’t almost trip over you I turned to see where you were.

Last night I shifted and turned and was surprised when my foot didn’t come against you and disturb you as you sprawl over the bed.

This morning I reached out for you and you weren’t there. I called for you to come outside but you never came.

Knowing you’re gone isn’t even what hurts the most. It’s those moments when I think you’re still there that make me wonder when it will stop hurting.

It’s the moments I turn around and expect your smiling face that rip the wound open again.

It’s the moments I reach out for you and find nothing that make me break down.

I know you’re in a good place on the other side, running faster than you ever could in this realm. I know you’re waiting for the day I join you.

I know that a part of you is still here, that you’re there with every memory, and that with every time I turn around to look at you, it’s really you and I just can’t see you.

But it still hurts.

I miss you, you weird little dragon. With all my heart.

“Friends don’t do that..” Kyungsoo Smut

“Kyungsoo! I’m here!” You called out as soon as you entered the house, throwing your spare key on the table next to the door. It was the only way you would remember when you left later that night to take it. If it was in plain view.
There were no sounds in the house, so you assumed that he was sleeping, which wasn’t surprising walking into kyungsoo’s apartment. If he wasn’t curled up on the down stairs couch with a game controller in his hands he was upstairs under the blankets sound asleep. You set down the groceries you had brought over in the kitchen and made your way to the living room. The top of kyungsoo’s head came in to view barely seeing as he was slumped down on the couch. Without hesitation you walked to the back of the couch, determined to startle him but your body froze as you looked over his laptop.
You wanted to tear your eyes away from the sight of a women masturbating on your best friends screen but you couldn’t. His eyes were screwed shut from what you could see, and his hand moved slowly under the blanket that covered his lap.
He knew for a fact you were coming over at three. It was 3:15 now. Why would he think it was okay to start an activity like this when he knew you would be walking through the door at any time. You wanted to do something about it but your body was glued to the spot behind the couch, watching his careful but steady hand motions.
Before you could act like you weren’t watching, his hands were coming up to catch the edges of his laptop to slam it shut, and covering his whole body fully with the blanket. “Y/N! What are you doing here? Is it 3?” He looked back at you bewildered and all you could manage to do was nod. “Yeah, Kyungsoo. It’s past three..” He rustled under the blanket a bit, probably trying to fix himself up before he hopped of the couch. “I’m so sorry. You didn’t see much did you?” You shook your head, eyes wandering down his body to sneak a peak at the bulge that lined his sweats. You shouldn’t have looked because your face flushed and you found yourself even more embarrassed than before. “You go clean yourself up. I’ll start dinner..”
For the rest of the night, through making and eating dinner you tried your very best to get the thought of him out of your mind. But it wandered to all the times that you had seen him in this kind of light. That one time you caught him making out with his ex you wondered just how it would be to be in their position. The way he always rested his hands on your legs in public, you knew it was innocent and friendly but every time it always sparked something in you. And today, seeing how he was so gentle while pleasing himself. Was he like that with his women? You shook your head, trying to get the thoughts out but his voice interrupted. “Are you okay?” He asked, having already stood up from the table and walked over to you. “Yeah I’m fine. Are we gonna play a video game or? If so go set it up, while I clean up..” You brought yourself out of the chair and watched him as he walked away. Why did your thoughts seem so blurred right now and why wouldn’t you get the scenario out of your head. Maybe you should just go home.
“Loser has to text their ex something embarrassing.” You sighed picking up the game controller. “Bet.” You knew you were going to be the one to lose but the bet didn’t phase you. Did he not think it was awkward catching him masturbating earlier? Was it inappropriate to ask? You swallowed your pride, eyes still glued to the screen. “Kyungsoo. Uhm, I’m sorry that I walked in on you earlier..” You could tell he was a little shocked by your words by the way he allowed himself to get shot in the game. “Sorry for doing that when I knew you were coming. Its not your fault.” You nodded, getting too embarassed to say much else. But curiosity got the best of you, and you found words falling from your lips before thinking about them. “Did you finish?”
His eyes wandered over to you, pausing the game simultaneously. “Is that a question you should be asking?” You set down the controller, shaking your hands at him. “It’s just I feel bad that you had to stop, you must be uncomfortable..” You looked away, refusing to even look in his eyes. “If you’re not gonna fix it then stop talking about it..” He mumbled, looking away from you and leaning back into the couch. Did he just say what you thought he did? Did he want you to help him? You swallowed quickly, getting on your knees at the other end of the couch and finally looking at him. “You want me to help you?” His eyes never met yours once but you were too curious not to look. You could tell just by the way his member steadily hardened in his sweats that that’s exactly what he wanted.
This wasn’t what friends were supposed to do but before you got a response you found yourself crawling closer. You repeated your words. “Do you want me to help you..” Surprisingly steady hands found way to his clothed thighs, desperate lips finding a way to press against his jaw. A deep sigh came from the male as he pulled your body into his lap. “Do you know how crazy you are for wanting to do this? Friends don’t do that, y/n..” Although you both were saying it was wrong it didn’t stop your hands from caressing his chest or his hands from slipping under your shirt to grab at the soft skin of your sides. Without another word your lips were on each others, moving at a steady but obviously desperate pace.
You both knew it was wrong since you were such close friends, but in the time and moment it felt right. His hands travelled up your back, sending shivers everywhere from how cold they felt against your bare skin. You had to admit it wasn’t the first time you had thought about this act. Close friends or not, Kyungsoo was immensely attractive. And he had a way about him that was so mysteriously sexy, you couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be with him.
Shirts discarded and thrown across the room, you slipped off his lap, and onto the floor to your knees in front of him. No words came out of his mouth, the only sound was him shifting his body and your hands undoing his pants. “If you don’t want to, you don’t..” His words ceased with a moan when you pulled his pants along with his boxers down his legs, freeing his lengthening member. “I want to..” You mumbled, carefully taking his cock in your hands, pumping it slowly. His stomach tensed as he let out a soft groan at the contact. Kyungsoo and you had never even talked about sex with each other so you honestly had no idea what he even liked. But I guess that was sorta fun, every other sexual partner you had had you already knew everything about.
Not wanting to waste anymore time, you leaned forward dragging your tongue up his shaft to the head of his cock. His hips moved slightly upward, wanting more from you than he was currently receiving. You smirked, sensing how needy he actual was. It must have been bothering him all this time, seeing as he hadn’t been able to finish earlier.
Willingly, you took the head of his cock into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it carefully. It didn’t take him long for his hands to find way to your hair to help guide you. “Don’t be a tease..” He mumbled lowly. You smirked, taking him inch by inch into your mouth.
Finding a rhythm purely by his hands moving your head you got into it easily. It didn’t take long for his mouth to be hinged open and his eyes screwed shut just like they had been earlier today. You couldn’t help but take a free hand and slip it past the boundaries of your panties to rub your clit. It’s not like you didn’t enjoy what you were doing but it was nothing for you. You released his cock from your mouth with a pop, and his eyes shot open at the lose of the warmth. “What are you..” Before he could utter another word you were slipping out of your remaining clothes and climbing into his lap. “I didn’t know you wanted me this bad. If I did, I would have given it to you much earlier.” Your heart dropped, but now wasn’t the time to focus on the words he had just said. Ignoring them for your own sanity, you positioned his cock at your entrance and slid down his member. “Fuck..” You breathed, leaning forward to rest your head on his shoulder. You moved your hips slowly at first, wanting to get used to the feel of him before doing anything else. But Kyungsoo had other plans as he grabbed your hips, and pulled you forward and then back down onto his cock. The two of you set a pace of you bouncing on his lap and his hips coming up to crash against yours half way. It wasn’t long until moans were steadily falling from your lips, and your nails were clawing into his shoulders to keep yourself straight. “Kyungsoo. I’m not gonna last much longer..” You mumbled against the skin of his neck. His slender fingers worked their way into your hair, pulling your head back to look at him.
Sweat beaded on his face and body and even if you were stuck in a pleasure ridden haze you couldn’t believe how perfect he looked at this very moment. “Cum for me, y/n.” With a couple more moves from the both of you, your body was pulsating as your orgasm washed over you. Kyungsoo followed suit, releasing himself into your awaiting cunt.
All there was left after that was the come down. He pulled out of you, not worrying about the fact that the liquid he had just put inside you was working it’s way out into his lap. Your head rested in his neck, and you took comfort in the way his hands massaged your hips. “Friends don’t do that..” He mumbled making you pull your head back and look at him with a smile. “No they don’t..” You replied, stealing a kiss from him. Although you thought he would immediately want you to put back on your clothes and go he pulled you into his chest instead. “Stay tonight..” He said, running his hands along your sides. “Stay for awhile actually..” You could tell by the tone in his voice that he was sincere and that’s all that mattered. You nodded in agreement, cuddling further into him. “I wouldn’t even think about leaving.”

// Fucking whoops. This isn’t my best and I totally could have done better but

Surprising Mycroft; Sherlock X Reader

Requested by countessoftelly:  Hi again! I was wondering if you could please write a one shot to go with sherlockholmesimagines “imagine Mycroft catching you and Sherlock together” and then there’s a hilarious gif of him saying “put your clothes on!”. Sherlockholmesimagines doesn’t write but I’ve got permission to find someone else to write a one shot based on it.

Based off the imagine by sherlockholmesimagines:


“Well last night was nice,” you commented to Sherlock as you rested your head on his bare chest.

“Only nice? That was some of my best work,” Sherlock joked with you after a particularly rousing night.

“Oh whatever. You’ve done better. Did you have a predominantly tiring day?”

“Actually I-“ Sherlock began before you heard the front door slam shut. “John?” Sherlock called.

You heard footsteps coming down the hallway and you were met with Mycroft opening the door. You fell off the bed in surprise and embarrassment, taking the sheet with you. Mycroft was taken for complete surprise which was evident on his face. “Oh for god’s sake! Put some clothes on!” he demanded before exiting the bedroom. “I’ll be waiting for you in the living room. Preferably fully clothed!”

“Well… what do you think he wants?” you causally asked from the floor.

“I have no idea. Should we put clothes on or scar him a little bit more?”


Matt may not need a guide dog, but having a soft, cuddly companion couldn’t hurt.

Hello everybody! There’s so many of you already haha. This is just a little drabble I thought could be cute while I’m writing a request (and finishing up school for the summer wooo~)

520 words. Enjoy xx

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You didn’t bother knocking as you took out your key to Matt’s apartment and went inside. Knowing he was Daredevil, you were positive he would have known who it was before you even got a chance to turn the handle.

“Y/n?” Matt called, getting up from the couch and facing the door. He was dressed in a hoodie, still resting from his latest ‘night out,’ with his red tinted glasses sitting on the side table.

“Yeah,” you walked inside, “I’ve got a surprise.” You spotted a bottle of beer on the table and rolled your eyes before picking it up with your free hand and throwing it out. He’d have to be more careful from now on.

You watched in amusement as Matt tilted his head slightly, brows drawn together in confusion. “You bought a dog?”

You grinned mischievously, bouncing the small fluffball lightly in your hands. “I did buy a dog. But not for me.”

“What?” Now he was really confused.

Said dog yipped quietly, and you watched Matt’s face melt at hearing the delicate noise. His lips parted in surprise and awe, and your eyes caught his slight movements forward as if he was restraining himself from grabbing the puppy directly out of your hands.

Smiling softly, you walked over to your best friend and transferred the snow white puppy into Matt’s hands. The tiny animal fit perfectly in his palms, and you watched, heart swelling, as the puppy yawned and snuggled into him.

A smile grew across Matt’s face, his eyes shining. “It’s so soft,” he whispered.

“She is,” you muttered back, rubbing her head one more time before letting her succumb to Matt’s careful petting. “Her fur is white. And she’s got a black button nose. Her eyes are brown, just like yours.”

“She’s mine?” He asked after a moment, looking hopeful.

“Yeah. I saw her in the window of the pet shop around the corner, and, I just-she was so soft,” you murmured, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

The smile still hadn’t left his face as he let the puppy rest against his chest. He reached out with his now free hand and gave you the best hug he could.

“Thank you. She’s amazing… You’re amazing.”

You felt your heart rate speed up and cursed yourself mentally as Matt’s chuckle reached your ears. He pulled back and, after only a moment’s hesitation, pressed his lips to yours in a slow kiss.

Pulling away, you swallowed, “It-really, I just…” You closed your eyes for a second, gathering your thoughts. “I should have gotten you a dog earlier.”

Matt’s laughter was drowned out by the small puppy yipping louder and louder. She leaned against Matt’s hand as he pet her softly.

“She’s so fluffy.” You watched him pet his new companion happily. “Thank you, for thinking of me. She is wonderful.”

You smiled brightly. “You’re welcome, Matty.”

“So are you going to train her to fight crime with you?”



The Son next door - Part 2

Believe me, I’m as surprised as you are dear reader, I didn’t see it coming…


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It was putting some distance between us, I had left my apartment and was looking for another one. I had called my friend, who worked in a hotel, and my suitcases were in a corner, while I walked around the room. I couldn’t go back to my parents house, they would ask too many questions and my nephew was sleeping in my old room.

I knew I was being a coward, another thing that I hated, but it was better this way. I couldn’t be with Juice while I was afraid of his club. We would forget each other and move on. I kept telling myself that while I looked for apartments on internet. Room service knocked on my door with dinner and I forced myself to eat it. It was night outside and I was tired of looking at the laptop screen. I just laid in bed, looking at the ceiling until a fall asleep.

The alarm on my phone woke me up, telling me I should get up and be ready for another day at work. I took a shower and put on the first pair of jeans I found on my suitcase. I was almost ready to leave when someone knocked on the door. I opened it and felt my heart skip a beat.

Juice’s POV

He crossed the hall with large steps and grabbed his laptop from the counter. This would probably make things worse, but he had to find her. Y/N had left because of him and Juice was feeling bad about it. 

He tried the easy alternative first, track her phone. He wrote the address down, but it was too late to go after her. Juice grabbed a beer and sat on the couch, the laptop on his lap. He did another quick research and she had used her credit card only to pay the hotel. He finished the beer and laid on his bed, computer on his side. Juice stared at the dot on the screen until he fall asleep.


He put a cap on and his hoodie, letting the kutte at home. Juice didn’t ask for her on the reception, he had the number of the room where she was. He took a deep breath before knock on her door. He heard steps and the keys, and then Y/N was in front of him, eyes wide and mouth ajar.

“How did you find me?”, she blurted, astonished.

“Your phone”, Juice said, biting his lip. Y/N creased her brow for a moment.

“Did you hack my phone?”, Y/N raised her voice and Juice gently pushed her inside the room.

“Can we talk inside please?”, he grimaced, closing the door behind him. She was glaring at him, arms crossed. “I got worried, you disappeared”

“That is not an excuse for hacking my phone”, she barked. Y/N closed her eyes, pinching her nose, “Jesus Christ”

Juice sat on bed, sighing, “Y/N, can we talk please?”, he begged.

“Talk about what?”, she asked, cocking her head to the side, “I already told you Juice, I can’t be with you. I can’t have the things that your club does in my conscience or live with the constant fear of something happening with the people I care about. This ain’t living Juice, you know that”

“Please”, he stared at her, hopeful.

“I’m sorry Juice”, Y/N let her arms fall down her sides and he knew, nothing he could say would change her mind.

“I thought we could work this out. Give us a chance”, Juice looked down, clenching his jaw hard, “I felt for you Y/N, but I will respect your wish… You don’t have to leave your apartment, I’ll leave mine”

“Juice…”, she whispered, but Juice cut her off.

“I can go back to the clubhouse, stay there until I find another place”, he got up and stood in front of Y/N, his hand itching to touch her, “You can go back by the end of the day. I won’t be there”


Juice left my room and I let myself fall on the bed, the tears finally flowing down my face. I had felt for him too, but I was scared. Thankfully, nobody close to me had suffered because of SAMCRO, but I heard stories. How was I supposed to live with the violence? What about prison? What would I do if Juice came home with blood on his clothes? I couldn’t see myself living like that.

I decided to call work, tell I was sick. I curled up in bed and turned off my phone. I only got up to go to the bathroom and finally ask for something to eat at lunch. I washed my face and combed my hair before leave the room. I returned the key, waiting for someone to help me with my suitcase. I decided to go back to my apartment, with or without Juice living next door.

When I got to our floor, I saw his apartment door open. Young boys were inside carrying boxes, they were wearing leather kuttes. I looked away and rushed to get inside my place, sliding to the floor as soon as the door closed.


My life was back to normal; work, home, visiting my parents… Juice’s apartment was still empty and I hadn’t seen any Son around town in weeks. One of my coworkers was trying to introduce me her cousin, a lawyer, but I wasn’t really interested. I was spending my weekends on my apartment, ordering pizza for dinner and eating it as breakfast too.

I woke up late, I had been sleeping more in the last few days and I was also hungry. I walked to the kitchen and was ready to grab a slice of pepperoni pizza for my Sunday breakfast when its smell hit me and I felt sick. I rushed to the bathroom to throw up, already cursing my immune system for failing and let me get sick. I was pale when I finally got up and looked at the mirror. I washed my face, opened the cabinet to grab a new toothpaste, and then I froze, staring at the tampons there.

“Oh shit”, I cursed, feeling sick again.

To be continued…

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Accidental Findings

*this was a requested scenario, and we hope you like sweet anon!*

request: “Hi! Would you be able to do a fluff/smut about Tae accidentally finding out you have a thing for spanking? It’d be so funny omg, thank you!” 

Originally posted by gotjimin

Summary: You learn something new everyday. And sometimes those things you learn can be exciting.

Characters: Taehyung x Reader

Type: Smut/Fluffish

Length: 1,210  words

- Admin M & R

You are cleaning your house diligently, as Taehyung walks in through the front door.

You have your headphones on, so you don’t notice him, immediately, focusing hard on the task at hand.

“Hey, Y/N! I’m back!” he calls out. No answer. Confused, Tae turns around to take another look at you and notices you’re headphones. He laughs to himself as he walks up to you, puling your headphones off and giving you a kiss. Surprised and caught off guard you reluctantly kiss him back, but then smack his arm because he knows you hate it when he pulls your headphones off.

He chuckles and gives your ass a slap as he walks away heading towards the kitchen. Neither of you were expecting the soft moan that left your mouth in response to his action, but there you two stood, both left in shock. He immediately turned around to look back at you, your face a shy pink forcefully trying not to make eye contact with Taehyung.

“Did… did you just moan?” He asked.

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Wedding Bells - Sherlock x (y/n)

Part 2 of I Hate Christmas. Part One Here

Word Count: 1636

Warnings: A TON OF FLUFF 

The cold, brisk air of London swirled around you. You pulled your coat closer and tighter around your body. You entered 221B quickly, swiftly shutting the door behind you. “Sherlock!” You called out. “I’m home!” You listened closely for an answer. Nothing. You sighed and made your way up the stairs. He was either probably still in his mind palace or he hadn’t even noticed you had ever left in the first place. You open the door quietly, knowing he didn’t like to be disturbed when he was in his mind palace. What lay before you in the room caused you to gasp in surprise. A dozen or more so serviettes lying in various different shapes on the ground surrounding your fiancé. “Ah, (y/n). I was wondering when you would get back. What were you doing outside that was so important anyways?”

“I-I. I-uh, w-went o-outside to get the groceries.” You managed to stutter out in your surprise. “W-what exactly is going on?” You inquired as your gaze shifted from your fiancé to the rest of the surprisingly clean living room.

“I’m folding serviettes. Isn’t it obvious?”

“Y-yes, but what for?”

He sighed heavily, annoyed by your seemingly useless questions. “Our wedding. What else?”

“Um…” you started. “I-uh. I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.” You said slowly backing your way out of the living room. You turned around before whispering to yourself, “What in the bloody world is he doing?” You turned back around to face Sherlock, watching him as he, with nimble hands, folded 10 serviettes into a couple of swans. You coughed quietly, trying to get his attention.

“Yes?” He asked, not bothering to turn around to face you.

“I- never mind, it’s nothing of importance.” You turned back around and headed straight to your room. As soon as you entered you looked around the small but tidy room. The only thing that caught your eye in particular was the white dress hanging near the dresser. You smiled and walked toward it. As soon as you touched the fabric you were transported to the day you chose it out.


“Sherlock! Come on. We have to pick a dress.” You said dragging him to the shop and opening up the door.

“Why?” He said crossly. “It doesn’t even matter what you wear. You’ll look great in all the dresses. Just pick one, any one at random and it’ll look great.”

“Sherlock I don’t want great. I want to look perfect when I’m marrying the perfect man.” You said giving him the puppy dog eyes, while shoving him into the small quaint little shop.

He looked down at you, then sighed. Only you could sway his heart this way. “Ok, fine. Let’s go choose the perfect dress for your wedding.”

“Incorrect Sherlock. Our wedding.” You said smiling cheekily.

Sherlock only rolled his eyes. You both looked around the small shop. An old lady came out from inside a small door. “Hello happy couple.” She said. “Are you here for a dress for the lovely bride?”

“What else would we be here for?” Sherlock questioned sharply.

You intervened before Sherlock could say any other rude things to the nice old lady. “Yes of course. Do you think perhaps we could just look around a bit before trying any on?”

“Of course, of course. Take all the time you need dearies, this is no decision to rush.” The old lady said before walking away. She called back over her shoulder, “I’ll be in the dressing room, if you need me just call. My name is Susan.”

“Thank you, Susan.” You called after her. You turned back around to Sherlock. “Ok Sherly, this is an important decision. I have been waiting all my life for this decision.”

“Not really.” He commented with a fake yawn. “Considering you didn’t even know what a wedding was when you were first born.”

“Sherly!” You said exasperated.

He looked down at you. “What? I’m just being realistic.”

“You know what Sherly, I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that and we’re going to pretend like nothing happened. Now I’m going to find a dress and you’re going to sit here like a good little boy.”

“Not a boy (y/n). A man.” You stuck your tongue out at him like a child. He rolled his eyes.

Time Skip

“Sherlock!” You yelled for your fiancé. “I think I found the perfect dress.”

You showed them the long white dress with lace curving down the arms. “See, isn’t it perfect?”

“Oh, a lovely choice. Simply splendid.” Susan commented. “Would you like to try it on?”

Sherlock was about to make a rude comment when you interrupted. “Of course. Thank you.” You said following her into the dressing room. As soon as you came out Sherlock’s eyes were on you. Examining and analyzing every inch of your body. You blushed under his stare. He looked up at you from his place on a chair and smiled. Then he stood up and kissed you. Kissed you so passionately that it felt like he had put every fiber of his being into that one kiss.

“So this is the one then?” Susan asked.

You both pulled apart, you blushing red in embarrassment and Sherlock with a scowl on his face.

“Yes, thank you for all your help Susan. This is most definitely the one.” You said with a small smile on your face.

“You don’t actually know if the husband of your choosing is the one if you aren’t married yet.” Sherlock said.

“I was talking about the dress Sherlock.” You retorted.

“Right, of course you were.” He said with a smug smile on his face.

The Present

You let go of the white fabric and smiled. You looked into the mirror on the dresser at your reflection. You couldn’t believe you were getting married in a few days. Everything was happening so fast. You touched the diamond necklace that lay resting on your neck. Everything felt perfect though. You marrying the love of your life was probably the best thing that was ever going to happen to you. Little did you know something better was coming soon.

Time Skip – The Wedding

“Sherlock!” You said in a sing-song voice. You tip-toed to kiss the tall man on the lips. “Are you ready?”

“Considering we’ve been planning this for weeks and I was the one to propose to you, I am ready.”

“Good, because I’m not. I’m so bloody nervous. What if I mess up? What if I trip and fall? What if-”

“You will not do any of those things because you will be with me. Whenever you are with me you are perfect. We are perfect This will be the best day of your life.”

“Sherlock… Stop, you’re going to make me cry and I’ll ruin my makeup.”

“You’ll look beautiful anyways.” He whispered. You smiled at him. You gave his arm one last squeeze and then he let go and left. Both you and Sherlock didn’t believe in all that ‘seeing each other before your wedding is bad luck’ crap. You had seen each other every day before the wedding. You both treated those days like normal days. After all, a wedding is basically just a big ceremony to unite two people who already live together and love each other just as much as a married couple. You took a deep breath and shook off all the doubts. Your father came and held out his arm.

“Shall we?” He asked.

You nodded. “Let’s go.”

Time Skip

After the wedding John gave his best man speech. You and Sherlock had your first dance and everything seemed perfect. Except for the fact that you were now in the bathroom, sitting on the floor nonstop puking. You were crying and tears of mascara slowly dripped down your face and off your chin. Mary was there trying to wipe away the tears.

“I ruined my own wedding!” You said sobbing and wailing.

“No you didn’t. The food just didn’t agree with you.” Mary said trying to comfort you. “Do you want me to get Sherlock?”

“No I don’t want him to see me like this.”

John, who always had impeccable timing, peeked his head into the door just then. “Sherlock’s looking for you (y/n). Should I tell him you’re in here?”

“No if he sees me like this he’ll think I’m weak.”

Sherlock pushed past John just then. “Too late for that.” He said in all seriousness. He knelt down next to you and said, “What happened?”

“I don’t know. I just got sick all of a sudden.” You said, sniffling pitifully.

“Get up. Let me analyze you.” He said helping you get up on your feet.

You stood shakily in front of your husband sniffling and whimpering pathetically. He looked you up and down twice, then looked back up at your eyes. John also studied you very carefully, trying to find some clue as to what was wrong with you. “I believe I know what the problem is.” Sherlock said. “(y/n), I think you’re pregnant.” He said pausing at the end. “With triplets…” He continued.

You jaw hit the floor. You were pregnant?! Your hand immediately flew to your stomach. You looked over at John. “Is- Is this true?” You asked him. “You’re a doctor. Tell me, is it true?”

“Yes. I believe you should take a pregnancy test (y/n).”

Sherlock chimed in, “No need for that I’ve already done all the calculations. If we are having triplets, this is very rare. Triplets are 1 in 8000 and the probability of them being identical is 1 in 1600. We need to go home. Now.” He offered you his arm, which you gratefully took. As John and Mary followed you out of the washroom you smiled. This truly was the best day of your life.

The End


Pairing: Sam x Ori

Request: Most recent selfie under #me, I’m 5ft3in. I’m a mermaid, so there’s that. ❤❤❤❤❤ me some Sam. And go with whatever genre you want! Dealers choice! - @oriona75

Word Count: ~1,890

Warnings: Sam being a big goofball, smut, fluff, cursing, dirty talk, Dean being Dean

A/N: Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I love this gif. Promise it’s worth it!

Originally posted by samwinchesterappreciation

“Sam Winchester, are you ready for your birthday surprise?” You called from your bedroom.

This was your first birthday as his wife, and you wanted to make it special. You had your favorite pin-up-esque lingerie on, your bright red hair pinned back just so, your makeup was absolutely perfect, and your heels accentuated every curve of your legs and backside. Sam walked through the door after your beckoning and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of you, standing in front of the bed, one hand on your hip and the other up behind your head, one knee bent.

“Y- you look amazing.” He stammered, eyes falling over your figure as he walked toward you.

“Not so bad yourself, Winchester.” You reached up and gripped the sides of his jacket, pulling him closet to you.

“There’s only one problem.” He shook his head.

“What?” Your face twisted in confusion.

“I’m a virgin!” He spread his arms out and looked at you in disbelief.

“Sam Winchester…” You chuckled. “After our honeymoon, trust me when I say, I know you are not a virgin.” Shooting him a wink, you reached for him again.

He laughed and stepped to you again, his arms lacing around your waist while you lifted yours around his neck. 

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