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Younger Big Brother - Batfamily x Reader

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Requested by Anon -  You’re Damian’s older half-sister, and not as well-trained as he is. Most of the time he feels older than you since you act more young while Damian wants to be older and respected. Despite your differences (and fights), you are close as can be, literally and mentally. That is, until you’re kidnapped and Damian sneaks off to find you.

Damian was already at the breakfast table when you entered the kitchen. You moved around, gathering a orange and some cereal before you sat down across from him. 

“Good morning, Damian,” you greeted happily, giving him a big grin before digging into your cereal.

TT,” Damian huffed at you, wrinkling his nose. He went back to his breakfast without another word. The two of you fell into a comfortable silence, content with each other’s company.

Soon, Bruce drifted into the kitchen, dressed for work. He gathered his own breakfast before joining you and Damian at the table. You were eating your orange at that point, cutting it into slices. 

“(Y/N), I want you and Damian to train today. You kept dropping your left when you were taking out that mugger last night,” Bruce instructed, spreading butter onto a piece of toast. You pursed your lips as Damian opened his mouth.

“I doubt a day of training will help her with that,” he replied snarky. You rolled your eyes at him, putting a unpeeled orange slice in your mouth. Making a face at Damian, the orange slice hiding your teeth. Damian glared at you in disgust. “Grow up, Sister.”

You laughed, biting the orange off of the peel. “Funny, you say that Damian since I’m older than you.” 

TT, you don’t act like it,” Damian retorted with a glimmer of a smile on his face. Bruce watched your exchange, amused. 

“As I said, I want you two to train today,” Bruce interrupted, taking a bite of his toast. “If there is no improvement by patrol tonight, (Y/N), you will not be joining us.”

“Really? That seems a little drastic,” you protested, forgetting your food to glare at Bruce. “Just because I’m not very skilled in fighting yet, doesn’t mean I can’t help out on patrol.”

Bruce’s voice took on a stern tone. “No, (Y/N). You know what my rules are about patrol.” You wrinkled your nose, hating his logic. 

“But it’s not fair,” you whined, standing up from your chair. “I’m not useless.”

“(Y/N),” Bruce warned. You huffed, looking at Damian. Meeting his eye, you both shared the same thought. 

“I’m going to start training then,” you snapped, leaving the room. Damian got up to follow, giving Bruce a glare before exiting. Bruce shook his head in disbelief. He was still surprised by the connection between the two of you. Somehow, you and Damian were an amazing mixture of brother and sister that he had ever seen. Arguing and fighting one moment, teaming up against him the next. Despite that fact, Bruce was glad that you both had each other.

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Title: Rebel (Part 4 Lang Love Interest(Daughter of Scott! Reader x Peter Parker) 

Summary: The reader’s dad is back from Brussels with some news and new ground rules that are so outlandish, the reader will just have to rebel against them.

Word Count:  2359

A/N: Okay this one’s a long one but it was so much fun and I was so invested that I lowkey didn’t want to stop writing. ALSO I made another icon for myself and I’m lowkey obsessed… ANYWAY: I hope you enjoy! 




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Silver Silence Part 8

Pairing: Bucky x shy enhanced reader

Summary: Bucky finally finds himself able to live at the compound with the team, but finds it difficult to repress his feelings for his new very shy and gentle teammate.

Word count:  1,607

Warnings: Swearing as always

(it is so beyond hard to write normal lately. I’ve been reading a lot of A/B/O fics and honestly they are my favorite things ever, only problem is that they make it hard to write normal fics when you’re in the mindset that you’re a fucking omega

ps: if you know of any alphabucky reader inserts please tell me)

For the next couple of days Bucky kept a closer eye on you then normal, you where slowly getting your strength back to a normal humans capacity, and he was worried you would over exert yourself. To make him less paranoid you decided to stay clear of training until your body was at full strength, But that didn’t mean you couldn’t watch others train.

You where currently marveling over Steve and Bucky’s toned bodies as they lunged at one another, throwing punches and kicks.

It wasn’t the first time you had done this, but the first time you had been so open about it. In the past you would hide behind workout equipment and long to be able to actually fight. (and also maybe staring at the beautifully chiseled features of two of the hottest super soldiers in the world.)  

However currently, you where completely out in the open, not even bothering to act innocent as your eyes ran the length of Bucky’s body.

With one quick jab at Steve’s ribs, Bucky was able to knock him off balance enough to send a sweep of his feet to Steve’s legs.

Steve’s eyes traveled to you as he now lay on the matt in defeat, watching you sit cross legged near the wall.

You scribbled down a 0 on the small white board you stole from the medical wing, and held it up, giving him a thumbs down and laughing silently.

“I had ‘em on the ropes” he assured, but you just shook your head with a smile.

“(Y/N) do you want to try?” Steve asked, but was quickly shut down by Bucky.

“No, no she’s not ready yet”

You just smiled lightly, knowing Bucky just wanted you to be safe and healthy.

Before Steve could argue further, the door to the training room opened and tony strolled in, dressed in an over the top west wood suit.

“Fancy party?” Steve asked curiously.

“Hardly, no actually a meeting.” He replied, he took a couple of steps towards you and smiled gently, laying a careful hand on your shoulder.

“Miss your voice kid?” he asked softly.

You nodded sheepishly at him, looking over at Bucky who held a sort of jealous glint in his eyes.

Bucky was about to interject, probably some comment about Tony’s strange behavior, when tony began motioning towards the door.  “Come on then, I have something you’ll appreciate.”

You looked back at Bucky, quirking a brow and hoping that he takes the hint to ask tony what he means. Unfortunately he just shrugged, forcing you to suck it up and go with tony anyway.


“Alright kid, now I know surgeries are probably the least appealing thing to you, given the last couple of weeks, but its small and I’m almost certain the device will work.”

Tony sat you down on the same metal table you’ve felt the first time he explained your heart surgery. Only this time, it was some sort of brain and vocal cords type of surgery.

“It won’t take more than an hour, the healing is fast, and I promise you it won’t be like the last time.”

You looked up at him, thinking for a while but nodding your head. No pain no gain right?

He smiled and got up to inform his team of surgeons, leaving you to stare at the screen he had used to explain everything.

It was some sort of metal device that would be installed in place of your vocal cords and also connect to your brain, and by some complicated mechanics that you honestly zoned out while listening to, it would give you the ability to talk. You honestly felt kind of weird about it, thinking at first that it would be some kind of mechanical voice, but as tony explained he’s able to match to pitch and tone of your normal voice and actually make it sound like you.

You just really hoped it worked.


Bucky hadn’t seen (Y/n) since yesterday, and honestly it started to worry him. Where the hell did tony take you, and why hadn’t you come back.

Just as he angrily shut the refrigerator door you came practically skipping into the kitchen.

“Oh hey doll.” He greeted softly, his eyes fixed on your brightly lit smile.

You gave him a wave, looking around and grabbing an orange from the bowl on the counter.

“Want any real food? I could make us some pasta?” he asked.

You gave him a nod, sitting yourself on one of the stools that lined up with the counter, while Bucky began to get a pan out, and search for the wooden spoon he seemed to always use. He looked through a couple draws and cabinets, but came up empty.

“it’s in the sink” you said casually.

“Oh thanks.” He replied, grabbing the spoon from the sink and rinsing it off.

After a few moments you heard the sudden drop of the spoon as Bucky’s head whipped around, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape.

“Y-You- did- I mean…”

“Hey handsome.” You answered.

He shuffled across the kitchen, grabbing your face in his hands smiling widly, and looking into your eyes almost trying to read your soul.

“How?!” he asked in a giddy voice.

“Tony gave me some sort of strange device that he got from his so called ‘client’.”  You replied, motioning to the stitches that you had on the side of your neck.

“You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice.”
He laughed softly, leaning in and placing a gentle kiss to your lips.


(two days later, finally full strength!)

You retracted your fist as far back as you could, and sent a roaring punch to the side of the black bag, feeling the pressure of your force connect with the object and sent it swinging back. Your other hand doing the same at a rhythmic beat, as a smile spread over face in triumph.

In your frenzies of punches you lifted your leg up, spun, and sent the back of your heal against the bag with so much force that it swung nearly a foot away from the blow. The action would have caused you a broken leg in the past, but today, in this moment, it did nothing but send that beautiful healthy burn coursing through your muscles.

You let your body rest for a few minutes, smiling from ear to ear and swinging your arms back and forth in excitement.

Next you decided to hop onto a tread mill, a thing you where familiar with walking on but never running. You pushed your normal speed of about 3 and let yourself slowly walk, breathing deeply and softly laughing at how little your energy had drained.

After about 2 or 3 minutes you pushed the incline up to 8 and adjusted the speed straight to 10. The light wind from the machines built in fan, made your hair gently caress your face, sticking to your open lips as your mouth was panting and huffing in a wide grin.

Light laughs escaped you as you bumped up the incline and felt the sweat beginning to form on your forehead and arms. In all your years of life, running had never been something you were capable of doing. Your body was like a crumbling piece of stale bread and any moving around that was to wild could send your body into a heap on the floor.

“Trying out the new bones I see?” you heard a voice call over the loud whirl of the machine and slowly glanced back to see Bucky standing in the doorway of the gym. Your smile only grew more as you looked down at your feet, seeing them fly through the air in fluid motions.

“Same bones I’ve always had, just aren’t blocked by a giant black tumor anymore!” you yelled back. He gave an airy laugh and then approached you, causing you to turn the machine back to walking speed.

“What did Helen say about your condition?” he asked, this time at normal talking levels.

“I no longer have brittle bone disease, asthma, kidney failure, or degenerative disc disease. Oh and my iron deficiency has improved.” You stated, smiling at his shocked expression.

“All of that was caused by your powers?”

“Yup! Nearly everything that has ever been wrong with me was caused by my powers excessive need for strength.” His mouth stood agape before he quickly shut it and looked you over. “There is one thing that sucks though.”

“Oh really what’s that?” Bucky’s eyebrows rose.

“I get periods now…” you mumbled.

He let out a barking laugh and shook his head. “You didn’t before?”

You sighed heavily, squirming slightly as you felt the slight presence of what you  body was doing down there.

“I was too skinny before, that stupid pocket kept all the nutrients and calories I got from any sort of food, so my period never really happened.”

He frowned slightly. “so you couldn’t have kids for two different reasons?”

You nodded. “Too frail and no periods, so yeah basically.”

“Hey.. I was wondering..” Bucky’s voice trailed off shyly.

“Go on.” You urged.

“Do you maybe want to go out to dinner tomorrow night?”

Your cheeks went red as you slowly lowered your head to hide it.

“i-I would love to.”

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I just wanted to say I love your writing! Do you think you could write a KageHina fan fiction based of your username? If you have time please do 😂

“Kageyama I swear, I fell asleep for like…two minutes, tops, and when I woke up they were just gone. Like that. Poof, into thin air.” 

Kageyama scrubs a hand over his face, and sighs.

“You’re telling me,” he says, and he’s trying to be calm about it all, he is, but his jaw is already aching from the grind of his teeth and his forehead hurts from all the frowning, “that someone stole your shoes, right off your feet, and you didn’t even notice?” 

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hunger - chapter 9

Hunger master post

Stiles can’t go to the Sheriff’s Department, but he needs to track down Kate Argent. He doesn’t know where she lives, but C. & V. Argent, according to the address that Stiles jotted down on his piece of paper last time he was using Allison’s computer, live over on Parkview Street. It’s a newer area. Stiles doesn’t know it very well. The houses here are big, the lawns uniformly neat and tidy. It’s not the best place to try to walk down the street without being noticed. Stiles imagines he can feel curtains flicking as he passes. He imagines narrow-eyed suburbanites reaching for their Neighborhood Watch information and their telephones. Stiles walks like he has a purpose, like he’s a kid visiting a friend. It’s just on dusk when he arrives at the Argents’ house.

The black SUV and the car he recognizes as Allison’s are parked in the driveway. So C. & V. Argent are her parents.

At least it’s not a common surname.

The house directly across the street from the Argents’ house has no lights turned on. It also has a screen of shrubs planted along the property line which, going by the rest of the neighborhood, are probably against the rules or something, but thank God for rebels. Stiles slips into the yard and hunkers down behind the shrubs. He’s hidden from view now, but has a perfect line of sight to the Argents’ house.

He sits and waits, and feels the phantom press of the dog’s nose against his cold fingers.

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Ashes, Ashes

Pairing: Pansy Parkinson x Ginny Weasley

AU: Modern, non-magical, Project Runway AU

Word Count: 1,157

Written For: getcozywithtposey (happy birthday, sweetie!)

Pansy almost misses the application deadline for the show.

She spends four hours shading in the lines of the pencil sketches in her portfolio and then wastes twenty-five minutes staring aghast at the blinking black cursor on her laptop screen when she gets to the lone lonely essay question at the end and it’s asking her ‘Who are you?’ like she has any idea how to answer and it’s frustrating.

Because she’s a crumpled white envelope overflowing with half-smoked cigarettes and expensive hotel stationary and she’s been around the world and back and has the scars and the postage stamps and the passport ink to prove it and she’d been The Snitch in high school and The Burnout in college and sometimes she’s blank but more often than not she’s empty and she’s been secretly steamed open and left out to dry so that no one could see the marks and she’s been taped shut and scribbled on and thrown away and she’s all of these things and all of these moments and how can she condense that into a 250-word personal statement?

She winds up writing about her idyllic childhood summers at the Cape and how graduating from Parsons had changed her life and when she gets her callback a few weeks later from the network she wears a black leather jacket over a lace-collared white Chanel dress and sneers at the other applicants in the sleek, chrome-accented waiting room and that isn’t the day she first speaks to Ginny Weasley, no, but it is the day that she first notices her.

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lets just see how it goes

It doesn’t start how you’d think it would

“Well, obviously it’s Moony”

“Fuck you Sirius.”

Sirius sits up from where he’s lying on the picnic table to raise his eyebrows. “Now Moony, that’s no way to speak to your prison master.”

“I am not your prison bitch. If anything, you’re my prison bitch.”  

Sirius looks scandalised, and thus James, lying with his legs in the air against the wall bordering the grounds, decides to cut in. “Neither of you are prison masters, I’m the prison master. You’re both my prison bitches.”

“You can’t have two prison bitches, that’s monopolising the prison bitch market.” They all turn, Sirius on the picnic table, James lying on the ground, Remus sitting beside him with splayed legs, to the voice and there- in an orange jumpsuit with one of the zippers broken off- is their ticket out.


Alternate ends to that sentence include:

1.       The girl who broke the daisy chain.

2.       The one least likely to be a prison bitch.

3.       The rest of James’s life.


She sits with them at dinner.

“What’s your name again?”

“Black, stop trying to look cool. I know you know what my name is.” Lily puts her tray next to Remus, who is sniggering into his hand. There is sunburn across her face from standing in the sun and talking to them nearly all yesterday, and as a result it is difficult to tell where her hair begins and her face ends. James looks up and grins.

“I think he intended it to be more of a power move actually.”

“He’d actually have to have power in order for that to be accomplished.”

Sirius brandishes his fork at her so forcefully that a piece of chicken flies off. “Listen here Evans, I don’t know what kind of prison gangs you associated with back at Northcote but here, things are different.”

“I would hardly call us a prison gang.” Remus is in the process of reaching for his napkin, only to find that James had stolen it pretty much the moment they sat down.

“Well Moony, we are in prison and we are a group of people who hang out, hereby, a prison gang.”

Lily gives Remus her napkin. “A prison gang implies you have sinister motives.”

“You have no idea what our motives are, Evans.”

James rolls his eyes and flicks Sirius on the ear. “Our motives are not sinister” he says to Lily, who smirks.

“’Thought not.”


A rumour goes around that Lily got transferred because she killed two prison guards and ripped out another inmate’s teeth after they removed cornflakes from the cafeteria. Noah Brewer goes around telling everyone that her hair is so red because its full of matted blood. It’s all very dramatic and Elise Porter makes a big show of moving stepping aside for her in the halls.

James finds the whole thing hilarious, and often talks her up in the guy’s bathroom to the point where everyone thinks she’s a mass murderer. Sirius joins in, and then they’re reenacting the supposed ‘ruthless killing’ once a week just before movie night. Someone suggests putting the idea forward for the annual play.

She tries to be bothered by it but, honestly? Remus charges everyone one baked potato from their Sunday lunch to watch and they’re making a killing.


“So why were you transferred, really?” James asks as she takes a book from him and shelves it. He’s been standing in the library and talking to her for the better part of an hour now, trying to figure out how to ask.

“You really want to know?”

“Well generally that’s why people ask things.”

She raises one eyebrow and reaches around him, grabbing a book from behind him. “just for that I’m not going to tell you.”

“What? Oh come on Evans, you can’t set me up like that and then get mad when I capitalise on the opportunity you created!”

“Stop using the word ‘capitalise’ in casual sentences, it’s embarrassing”

“Says the girl who used the word ‘monopolising’ the first time we met.”

“Oh James, are you reliving the moment I came into your life? Do you think about it all the time? Does it haunt your days and nights, making you sleepless-“


“-keeping you awake as you dream of me, shaking up your world with the word ‘monopolising’ and then shaking you up as you can think of nothing but me? oh James, I’m so flattered that you picture me always-“

“Please stop. God, Evans, I’ll leave this library. I’ll leave this fucking library and you’ll have to stack this bullshit all by yourself. Try me”


Sirius puts in a request for them all to get t-shirts that say #1 PRISON GANG for ‘medical purposes’ and they all get called in for counselling. After that they’re not allowed to have metal utensils so they have to eat with plastics. James breaks three forks in two days, Sirius ends up eating with his hands by day four, Remus tries to stab himself with the plastic knife in the middle of lunch because ‘any alternative would be better than this’ and Lily goes on a hunger strike by day seven.


They get their metal utensils back.


“Seriously? That’s it? You got 12 years for that?”

“We were pretty damn good.”

“You were stealing cars. I stole a car once when I was sixteen and so drunk I tried to start it by putting the keys in the glovebox.”  

“We once cleared out an entire dealership in a night.” Lily’s mouth drops open and Sirius’s best shit-eating grin appears.

“Told you we were good, Evans.” Lily shuts her mouth and pretends to not be impressed.

“Well alright” she leans forward, elbows on her knees, “what if I told you that I ran a multi-million-dollar underground meth ring out the back of an old lacrosse shed after I got back from working shifts at the supermarket my mum owned.”

There is a silence so loud she worries she might have actually scared them. Sirius is agog, eyes huge enough to see from at least 18 miles away and Remus is giving her look like he’s trying to figure her out in his head, a complicated math equation inside a girl. James breaks first.

“Hold on, so you’re a drug dealer and your mum owns a supermarket?” he’s starting to smile, struck by lightning through the skull, “Shit, Evans you’re fucking fantastic. You had access to drugs and free fruit roll ups. I’m outraged I haven’t known you my whole life.”


“One question.” Lily says and Remus starts from where he’s cleaning the sink, “If you guys were so damn good then why did you get caught?”

Remus doesn’t turn around, and after a minute she realises she’s asked something that has struck a nerve. He doesn’t look at her.

“There used to be four of us.” He says, quietly.


“Potter, I’ve just had your driver’s licence photo described to me in intense detail by Black, along with an accompanying drawing by Lupin. Please describe to me the exact thought process that lead to the green hair”

“Will it do any use denying this?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Fine. Then let me set the scene: it’s summer, I’m seventeen, and am on a lilo in a stranger’s pool at 3.a.m.…”


Lily gets some sort of severe sunburn even looking at a window and won’t stop humming David Bowie even after threats of bodily injury. Sirius is always diagnosing himself with dramatic, deadly diseases and won’t stop drumming on the table with his fingers. Remus once accidentally swallowed a fly in his orange juice and won’t stop rolling his eyes every time Sirius diagnoses himself with a dramatic, deadly disease. James asks every week on the phone for his mother to send him a dressing gown and won’t stop looking at Lily.

Honestly, someone should have caught on that this would happen. Clearly, they are the dream team.


“I’m fixing it!”

“Really, Black? because it looks like you’re fucking it!”

“What are you two doing.” Lily and Sirius wheel around and look so clearly guilty that James thinks it’s a wonder that they didn’t end up in prison years before. Sirius holds up two halves of what was once a daisy chain.

“Happy Birthday, Prongs. Evans broke your gift.”

Lily hits him over the head.


She has the idea in the middle of the night and sits up in bed- an electric fence turned on in the dark.

Oh, she thinks. Oh, yes. That could work.


Lily corners him by the toast and drags him by the collar out into the abandoned hall. James is about to object, but he can feel her fingers against his skin through his shirt fabric and- well- his tongue is suddenly too big for his mouth. Lily looks up at him, eyes full of what appears to be determination.

“I like you.” She states, a pure and simple fact.

He’s floored. “Like in a prison way?” he asks, and then wishes to be cremated immediately.

Pause. “How the hell do you like someone in a ‘prison way?’”

“I don’t know you just- just like them, when you’re- ah- when you’re in the prison- you like me?”

“Yeah.” her eyebrows are furrowed together and she crosses her arms over her chest, “in the normal way, meaning: I want to hang out with you and fuck when we get out here. Not in the ‘prison way’ you fucking-“

He’s kissed her before she can finish her sentence. Then-

He pulls back. “You said when.”

She opens her eyes, looking a little like she’s just been hit over the head with a bat. “What?”

“You said ‘when we get out of here’. And you said the ‘when’ like you thought ‘when’ would be happening soon.”

She grins at him.


“Are we really going to do this?” Remus asks.

Sirius blanches, “Of course we are, this is brilliant.”

“Yeah but…” Remus trails off, but the meaning is clear. If this goes wrong, it will mean more than having no metal utensils. Lily looks at James.

“We’re doing it.” He says firmly, “Lily knows what she’s doing.”


(She actually doesn’t, because that’s the thing about breaking out of prison, you only really get to do it once.)


It involves, in no particular order:

a fork, the cords from all the phones, a piece of sink piping, three sheets, a shower curtain, four really good hair ties, the stuffing of one mattress, four good pairs of shoes, and at least three excuses that could explain away any part of the plan, lest they be caught. These could include “we are barricading down this wall to get some exercise”, “I am purposefully blocking this sink because I am staging a protest against the water quality’ or “I’m stuffing all this mattress foam down my pants because I believe in comfort.”


“Moony, I’m willing to consider letting you off the hook for being my prison bitch if you pull this off.”

“Sirius, I am going to hire someone to murder you.”

“Hire someone?! We’ve been friends since we were eleven! You can’t even kill me yourself? Unbelievable. Typical prison bitch behaviour.”


They get out, the specifics are boring and, to be perfectly honest, Sirius hardly listened to the plan anyway and ended up winging his half, while Lily broke her wrist jumping over the wall because it turns out that the hair ties weren’t that good. Remus did alright, although he did get a cold from being in the water tank to long, and James, well-

Fingernails grow back.


They’re all over the news the next day, pictures plastered everywhere and news anchors calling them a ‘notorious prison gang’ that frequently performed plays detailing a gruesome murder and made other inmates ‘pay to watch’. ‘They also requested t-shirts be made to solidify their status’, many reporters claim.

Lily hums David Bowie until they cross the border, and Remus hits James every time he tries to change the radio. Sirius yells about how great they are for ten minutes and then falls asleep with his head on Lily’s shoulder.

“Hey,” she sticks herself in between the drivers and passenger seat, grinning, “So we’re out of prison and- against all odds- I still like you, so it must not be in a ‘prison way’ as-“

“Shut up. Oh God, Evans, mention that again and I’ll kill you and then happily go back to jail for your murder. Just-“

“Remus, do you know how you fancy someone in a ‘prison way’? because I sure don’t, let’s ask James her what that means exactly-“

“Moony, roll down the window. I’m throwing myself out of it.”

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prompt: tHEY GET MARRIED??????

More Like: “Nicky Hemmick Plans a Secret Wedding for Andrew and Neil and Tricks Them Into Showing Up”

This is going to be very long. This isn’t an apology, just a heads up.

Here’s how it goes down:

  • It’s just a normal regular old Sunday. The holy-est day of the week. A day made for worshipping. 
  • Which is why Neil spends every Sunday morning praising Andrew’s body. 
  • And Andrew indulges him, usually, because they sleep in on Sundays and Andrew usually wakes up feeling well rested and comfortable.
  • They’re both professional Exy players at this point so Sunday is one of the few days where they don’t have games and get to spend quality time together
  • And while Neil is beginning the day on the giving end of a good old fashioned blow job
  • Nicky Hemmick is out there. And he is scheming. 
  • Everybody thinks it’s a bad idea. Everybody is sure that they won’t go for it. But who in the world could say no to Nicky when he is that excited?
  • Well, Andrew could. He would say “no” directly to his face if he knew what was happening.
  • But all the other Foxes are not immune to Nicky’s Puppy Pout™
  • Which is how the entire former Palmetto State Foxes Exy Team ends up back at Palmetto and back on the court
  • Renee is the most helpful with the planning because she is so gosh darned pure at heart and truly believes that Neil and Andrew will go for it even if the rest of everybody ever has their doubts
  • Wymack, Abby, and Bee are all showing up later
  • Even Aaron is there helping because Katelyn dragged him there
  • Katelyn is like bffs with Allison at this point and they both have planned the perfect orange color scheme for this wedding
  • Allison bought about a bajillion orange dyed flowers for everywhere
  • Aaron keeps sneezing and glaring but doesn’t dare say a word
  • Matt and Dan are setting up the altar which consists of a painted white platform that is decorated with fox prints
  • It was decided unanimously that Renee was the only one Holy enough to marry anybody and got her license, even though Nicky whined about that for about three straight weeks
  • Kevin had to block Nicky’s number because he couldn’t take the constant stream of texts from Nicky that would usually go to Neil but “I can’t ruin the surprise Kevin!!!!! I am going to prove to everybody that I can keep a secret!!!!”

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fuckthatsuckthis-deactivated201  asked:

I know this is terribly OOC but I cannot get over the idea of a big Andreil wedding, like a bunch of people are there and it's in a huge banquet hall and there are colors and lights and dancing, coach wymack walks neil down the aisle omg

this may be ooc but for the sake of both of us, i’m going in indulge

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 AN: I hope everyone is doing good and stuff :3 (idk I’m in a really good mood rn for some reason XD). Also, I hope you like this imagine! Thank you to the anon for sending it my way, I hope that this is what you envisioned! Enjoy! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Hey I know requests are closed now, but when they open, would you write one on the reader being a human avenger but when everyone’s falling during a battle, she has a sudden burst of power? Major pietroxreader fluff please 😘 Love your writing btw

((Okay so don’t kill me, but I almost completely ignored the fluff bit. I’m not sure what happened, but this imagine got really intense really fast. There was so many heavy feelings and a lot of struggling to survive, so I never really found the proper place to stick in fluff. I did, however, put in some Pietro X Reader for you! I hope that is okay! *gives you cookie*))

Warnings: Violence, swears , dark themes, feelings of extreme loss and hopelessness. Mentions of death.



The sun had just touched the rumble-blanketed horizon, illuminating the sky with an orange and red light. It would have looked absolutely beautiful, had it not reminded you of the blood-stained streets that were crumbling under your feet.

With every drop of the thick, red blood that fell from your friends, you felt your sanity further crack. Soon, you were going to shatter.

The rest of the team already has.

They weren’t dead, yet. You could see over the mounds of rocks and debris the Hulk, Bruce, frantically trying to protect Nat and Tony, both of which had fallen unconscious during the intense fighting. Even from where you stood, you could see the desperation in Bruce’s eyes, and even in his green form he looked weak.

The truth of the matter was that none of you were prepared for a light like this. And, you were convinced that no matter how many guns or how many SHIELD members you had brought with you, you still would have been no match for this army.

They were aliens that descended from the sky in the early hours of the day, killing hundreds of people and leveling dozens of buildings before the Avengers had even gotten the distress call. The creatures, as you were quick to find out, were larger in number and were willing to go to any lengths to kill. They were brutal, and there was too many of them to contain.

Your team didn’t have time to look over the attackers carefully and strategically, and you felt the consequences of that now.

This was one of your first major fights, seeing as you were the newest member of the Avengers, and you had gotten into a level of destruction and violence that you hadn’t even thought possible. You were only human, not some god like Thor or enhanced being like the Maximoffs were.

There was nothing for you to fall back on other than your newly acquired combat skills and a small pistol that you kept strapped to your thigh, and even that was out of bullets.

“Hello?” You whispered into your headset, hoping that one of your teammates would be well enough to respond. The fight had dragged on for the entire day, and as the sun set, the noises of gunshots and yelling aliens had died down to a faint lull of groaning civilians who had been wounded.

Even the Hulk was down now.

“Hello?” You repeated yourself, a feeling of worry and desperation setting over you. “Is anyone…is anyone still there?”


There was no longer any sunlight in the sky, it was as if someone had taken a paintbrush and swiped black ink across the sky and dotted it with white stars.

Still, the scenery was lit by the orange flames that erupted from the once-buildings. You could see the aliens, with their nasty grey skin and beady black eyes, wandering around the streets and checking for any people hiding in the shadows.

No. It can’t be over. They can’t win.

But, they had. How could they not? Every time you thought that the team had the advantage, every time you saw even a glimmer of hope, it was ripped away from you when another wave of aliens fell from the clouds. Wave after wave after wave after wave…

How was it that you, the weakest of the team, was the last one standing?

The answer was so painfully simple, yet you couldn’t properly admit it to yourself. The truth was: you were a coward. Yes, you had started out strong by fighting off a few dozen enemies, but it got to be too much. You hid in corners and under rocks when things began to get bad. You saved yourself as your teammates began to fall.

“Status report.” You heard Nick Fury’s voice boom through the speakers, making your fearful self jump. You couldn’t find your voice at first, prompting Fury to repeat himself. “Status report, is anyone still up out there?”

You swallowed the blood, tears, and fear. “I…I’m here.”

“Y/N,” Fury breathed out, almost sounding relieved to hear someone. “Where are the others?”

“I…” Tears stung at your eyes, but you just shook your head and cast your emotions aside the best you could. You had to remember, the battle wasn’t over yet, and it was no time to let emotions get in the way of your guard. “I think I am the only one left, sir. Well, conscious at least.”

There was a pause, then his voice came through, much less stern than before. He sounded shaken, and worried. “I have a location on Quicksilver’s communication device, all of the other ones seemed to be busted. I’m sending you the cornets now, go and find him.”

You took out a small hand-held device that SHIELD had given you, and just as promised, a map popped up on the screen with a red dot where the Pietro’s headset was.

“Y/N.” Nick said through your speaker. “Listen…I know that you are new to this sort of thing, but even the other Avengers aren’t used to this kind of battle. Some of them may not have been strong enough for this fight. So…so when you find Pietro’s headset, he may not be with it, for all we know he could be on the other side of the city. Or, you could find him, but he may not be the same. There had been a lot of blood and a lot of death in this attack, he may not…”

“Fury?” Your heart was hammering in your chest as he clearly struggled to find the right words.

“He may not be in the state that you saw him in before you started the mission. Be ready for the potential findings of his…body. Do you understand me, Y/N?”

Silence, you couldn’t breath.

“Do you understand me?”

You swallowed and licked your chapped, ash covered lips. “Understood.”

Avoiding the aliens in the streets, you clung to the side of the buildings and used the shadows as cover as you made your way to the center of town where the directions told you to go.

This bit of the battle field was completely wrecked, even more so than where you were. Every step you took you saw a more and more gruesome reality.

You had initially thought that joining the Avengers would be some sort of amazing thing; fame, respect, and friendship. You were right about that much, but you hadn’t accounted for all the dirty stuff. All of the death, all of the destruction, all of the hopes crushed.

Moments like this, moments where you walk through the streets with your heart hanging from your chest and your tears racing down your face, you wondered why you had ever though that it was good. The good didn’t outweigh the bad, and in this case, the heroes didn’t defeat the villains.

You forgot what it was like to hope for better, happier moments. Your mind was plagued with dark clouds of hate and anger, as well as sadness.

If you couldn’t find Pietro, or if you found him with his heart not beating in his chest, you would give up. No more playing hero, no more Avengers.

You stood in the spot where the red dot flickered on your device, but there was not a body there. You pivoted your feet to look around, and you heard a crunching sound.

Pietro’s headset was in pieces under the heel of your boot.

“No, no, no, no…”

Numb, you were so numb inside. How could you feel so much overwhelming emotion inside, yet still feel nothing at all? How could one feel so filled with feelings of anger and pure agony, yet feel so hollow?

“No!” You picked the little machine in your fingers, seeing the specks of blood that were painted onto the sides of it. Not your blood. “Pietro, Pietro, no!”

You let go of all restraints that you had built inside of your head. Your screams echoed through the hills of ruble and wounded people, and carried on into the stars in the sky.

Soon enough, the aliens followed the scream back to you, and like ants to a cube of sugar, they began to come. You just sat with your knees on the ground, waiting for them to come.

“Y/N…” You heard a weak, accented voice from behind you. “Y/N, is that you?”

You jumped to your feet and spun around, facing a huge pile of rocks and the remains of a home. Through a gap between two collapsed walls, you saw Pietro’s silver hair and bright blue eyes.

“P…Pietro…” You almost smiled when you saw him, but then you understood the position he was in. You could see that his legs were pinned underneath a large boulder, and that he couldn’t move.

“My…my legs are completely crushed. They’re broken, I’m sure.” He gasped out painfully, then looked up to see the oncoming swarm of enemies coming at you. “Get out of here now, Y/N. They aren’t going to go easy on you, they’ll kill you. Get on a ship and get out of here now.”

“I am not leaving without you!” You shot back, turning to face the army and backing up to guard Pietro.

“You aren’t going to win this fight, Y/N.” Pietro said. “Don’t go around thinking that you are invincible, you are human.”

You didn’t move.

“Y/N!” Pietro was yelling now, slamming his hand against the ground. “Listen to me! This isn’t fucking training, this is real life, this is a war! People die in wars, it’s just what happens! You can’t try to save everyone, you have to save yourself and live to fight another day.”

“Then what? Then I just ‘move on’, right?” You closed your eyes and tightened your fists at your sides. “I just forget all about the team that I left for dead on the battle field, I am the lone survivor. People praise me for my bravery in fighting, even though I left a teammate in the path of the enemy. That is not the future I want. If I loose you, I won’t want to fight another day. If I’m not fighting side-by side with you, then I would rather die.”

Any words that he was going to say was cut off by the rumbling feet of the attackers.

They were five feet from you.





You were a fighter, and you had a fire in you that would burn until the moment that you stopped breathing. During the heat of the battle you had forgotten all the courage that you had, but now there was nothing blocking it from you. You were at a hundred percent, and you would take that with you to the grave.

They piled onto you like a herd of some sort of deranged animals; snapping their pointy teeth at your arms and legs, growling and hissing, and hitting blow after blow.

They seemed to be focusing all their attention onto you, which you were glad. They hadn’t noticed Pietro in the debris yet.

You dished out every punch and every kick that you could, never giving up, yet you could see the black begin to creep into your vision and blurring everything around you.

You were thankful for living that you did; for the amazing friends you had, and trying to save the world. If this was how you were going to go out, then fine.

Through the bodies on top of you and the violent attacks, you heard one distinct phrase leave Pietro’s lips, one that he said as though he intended for it to be the last thing you hear:

I love you!

A strange feeling brewed inside of you, one that you didn’t know you had, and spread to every fiber in your body. You felt your cells change. You felt your very soul vibrate.

Instinctively, without thinking, you shoved your hands forward so that it collided with the first body in front of you. A circle of energy shot out of your body in every direction, sending the enemies around you flying everywhere.

You looked down at your hands, and saw that they glowed with a faint purple hue, much like Wanda’s did red when she used her powers.

Stretching your fingers out in the direction of the oncoming wave of aliens, you shot out a ball of purple energy, knocking them all over like bowling pins.

Your head still felt blurred and your vision was still going, but you never felt more awake. Your body, if it makes any sense at all, vibrated in excitement. Your skin crawled with a fiery, stinging sensation as you shot down each and every enemy that came your way.

As you continued to thin their waves of troops, you ripped the headset away from your ear and tossed it to Pietro so that he could get you two a transport out of there, and to tell Fury that you were well on your way to wiping out the entire enemy army.

Soon, you heard word from each of the Avengers. They were all alive, thought the road to recovery would be a long one. Still, that was okay.

When you were on the transport airship away from the battle, you thought back to the three phrases that kept running through your head as you fought:

No more.

No more death, no more giving up.

We will live.

((I went a lil overboard with this one XD I hope you all liked it though, tell me what you thought! Please, I would love to know!))

War Wounds

Part II.

In one world, Felix stabs Tucker, and Tucker stands back up. In one world he endures phantom pain and scar tissue and nightmare, but he survives, and continues to survive, and be a survivor. He learns his way around soldiers and death and can smile at it, the same way he smiles at his friends. He lives and he stands beside Washington as they face a new enemy, in one world.

This is not that world.

Part I.

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anonymous asked:

So I saw a post saying that both dex's parents have been to Hell, will Dex ever go will nursey be so sad and dex comes back like "I'm a demon it's kinda hard for me to actually die"

THIS IS MY FAVORITE IM SO HYPE. ANGST/STUPID. MY FAVORITE GENRE. This got very long. I will eventually put it up on AO3, stay tuned. 

Part of the Monster Haus AU. Featuring Dullahan Dex and Vampire Nursey and a whole bunch of other monsters.

Edit: Now on AO3!!!

Six weeks and four days.

It had been six weeks and four days since everything had come crashing down.

Dex had stopped texting towards the end of winter break. He had just seemed to drop off the face of the earth as he stopped responding to Nursey’s texts and the group chat. It hadn’t felt all that odd at the time, just Dex being his usual reclusive self.

Then he hadn’t shown on on his move in day and everyone started to question. When he missed the first team meeting, a sick feeling had begun to creep up Nursey’s spine, though he told Chowder was he sure it was fine. When he missed their first practice of the semester, no one had any comforting words to offer.

It was that night that Hall and Murray called the team in, and delivered the news with lowered eyes and tense shoulders.

None of it still felt real to Nursey. Not the cold shock that had raced through his veins, not Lardo’s pearly tears striking the floor or the thunderstorm Chowder had caused that had ripped the gutters off the Haus.

Dex had always seemed so indestructible. His head could come off. With that sort of physical leeway Nursey would have never thought him even capable of injury let alone death.

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Jilytober 4- Cat

James Potter had always been a dog person. Aside from the fact that his best friend would probably hex him if he said otherwise, he had never been very fond of cats.

If he looked really hard at his life, he might have realized that this likely had to do with the nasty old cat that his paternal grandmother (not any nicer than the cat) had had when he was a small child.

More than once he had come home from his grandmother’s house in tears with new scratches down his chubby little arms from the cat, that provoked or not, seemed to think of James as nothing more than a nuisance to get rid of.

However, those moments were locked away in his memories from before he could do much more than toddle and so he simply felt he didn’t like cats.

Lily Potter on the other hand was an incurable animal person and was the sort to excitedly point out a dog or cat, or whatever else when she spotted one when walking or driving with someone else.

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“Hey, Natsu?”

The volleyball spins between his palms, stilling in his clenched fingers just as his sister glances over from the swing, and he asks, “What color is this volleyball?”

A finger finds her chin, her face pinching over her big brother’s unexpected pop quiz. “There’s white, and red, and green,” she tells him, proudly uncurling three pudgy fingers. “So that makes three colors total.”

“Oh.” He stares numbly down at the ball in his grasp, at the white and grey patterns spiraling over the surface, and confesses, “I only see two.”

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Color Symbolism in Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus

So my AP English class has royally screwed me over and now I am OBSESSED with analyzation and symbolism so here, have a thing.


Blueis Percy’s favorite color, which I’ve always loved, since its the color of the ocean. As a color symbol, it symbolizes peace, tranquility, confidence, LOYALTY, and rebirth. From what little we know about Percy’s life BEFORE he became aware of his demigod powers, he was kind of a rough kid. He got in trouble a lot, kept getting kicked out of schools, and his family life wasn’t the most stable, mostly because Gabe is a jerk but for other reasons as well. When Percy discovered his demigod powers and learned to control them, he became more grounded, more at peace with himself. He found a place to call home in Camp Half-Blood and friends who he could relate with. Percy has always been a sort of underdog, as the only son of Poseidon, but he’s always been super sassy and does a pretty good job of appearing confident even when he’s terrified, which is why in the House of Hades, when he drops his sword and practically gives up, Annabeth is surprised (and scared herself, because she’s never seen him do anything of the sort before). He doesn’t let on just how scared he is. Which is part of why blue is a perfect color choice for Percy.


External image

It’s not as evident in this picture, but Riordan always feels the need to make the distinction that Annabeth’s eyes are grey. As a symbol, grey is typically a way to express security, reliability, maturity, dignity, and sadness. Annabeth has always been the one people turn to for the plans and ideas. The other demigods always rely on her to see a job through and to get her friends out of a mess (usually Percy, ‘cause he always seems to do something incredibly stupid and screw things up). She also comes across as more mature, and able to handle things in a more adult way, since her mental thought processes are pretty through and she always thinks things through before jumping into something (usually, anyways). In a way, she’s the Gandalf or the Dumbledore of the demigod community. 

Nico (I’m writing this one while listening to Sounds of Silence, so it’s going to be kinda long):

External image

So Nico wears mostly dark colors, and is typically associated with the color black. Black symbolizes power, formality, elegance, mystery, anger, remorse, fear, depth, and evil (Nico’s not evil, so this will be mostly disregarded). There is also the generic assumption that black and death go together (though white is also a death symbol in many countries outside of the United States). 

Beginning with power, Nico’s abilities are definitely potent (and pretty freaking scary, lets be honest). Hazel has even said that Nico is one of the most powerful demigods she knows (Percy being on the top of that list… of course). Character wise, he’s also pretty polite, and he’s typically not mean, and he’s pretty formal with the gods we’ve seen him interact with (when he’s not pissed off, like with Triptolemus). He’s also plenty mysterious; he does a good job of keeping up his mental walls, so other characters don’t learn all that much about him than what he’s willing to share, which isn’t much. Even Percy doesn’t really understand, or know what to think of him, and out of the seven, he’s had the most interaction with him.

Aside from being more than a little creepy, Nico definitely has some unresolved anger issues. Going back into the Battle of the Labyrinth and even The Titian's Curse, Nico appears to be mad with a lot of things (which he can be justifiably upset about) including, but not limited too Percy. He grows out of it a little in The Last Olympian, and it isn’t until The House of Hades his animosity, and tendency to lash out at people he’s upset with begins showing up again. (I could go into more detail, but not here). He’s also not completely un-remorseful, if memory serves, he’s done a pretty substantial amount of apologizing to people (like Percy and Hazel for a couple of examples). 

Nico, just like every other character, has displayed fear of something, perhaps the most recent being the encounter with Cupid in House of Hades. The difference is, he’s the one character that doesn’t get a point of view, so it’s heard to pinpoint exactly what his fears are. Lastly, Nico’s character, despite what some fans seem to believe, actually has a significant amount of depth. It just takes some cracking open and trying to get inside his head to properly analyze it, which is difficult, since he’s such a closed off character.

Hazel (just moving right along with the Underworld siblings):

External image

So aside from her ethnicity, Hazel is typically associated with earthy colors, such as brown. Brown is typically associated with the earth, comfort, endurance, material security and the accumulation of material possessions. It implies structure and support, as well as stability. Hazel is a very down-to-earth type of character; her general thought processes and how she interacts with people is, not always completely serious, but she’s not a fiery ball of energy or prone to lashing out when she’s upset. Most of the characters feel completely comfortable around her, despite the fact that as an Underworld escapee, most people probably would have been a little turned off. She’s a dependable character, Then their is the material possessions, which is a little obvious, given her powers. 


External image

The fandom tends to associate Leo with fiery colors, such as red and orange, which makes complete sense, given his powers and personality. Red is a symbol of many things including fire, excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, danger, power, heat, aggression, danger, blood and violence. Personality wise Leo is full of energy and excitement, and is a passionate character, even if his passion is not necessarily directed towards a person. He has plenty of emotional strength, where he lacks it physically, (since he spends to much time building things, I imagine he’s not completely physically weak though). 

Deviating from the characters: Camp Half-Blood

External image

Camp Half-Blood’s shirts are orange. Why? Why not green? Orange is a symbol of energy, balance, flamboyance, and screams LOOK AT ME. Greek heroes of old were typically solo heroes, (not always, like the original Jason but mostly). Camp Half-Blood allows the heroes to develop and play on their own strengths. They can come together as a team when they need too, but they’re also not a cohesive group the same way the Roman’s are. Heroes are more prone to do things in small groups, or alone to try and prove themselves. But the Camp as a whole has a pretty good balanced feel, even if some people end up alone due to cabin separation. They are a little more laid back, in comparison to the Romans. 

Camp Jupiter:

Camp Jupiter is purple, which is the color of royalty, mysteriousness, arrogance and cruelty. The Roman world, prior to the modern age, was definitely a harsh one, but it was, in theory and mostly in practice, a fair and just system. Purple as a color of royalty is part of the reason the praetors have purple cloaks; they are at the top of the military totem pole. Camp Jupiter also come across as more cohesive, and a little more arrogant than Camp Half-Blood. They also burn a tattoo in demigod’s flesh to point out years of service, which appears to be necessarily harsh, like WE OWN YOU NOW.

I could do more, but I have rehearsal. If anyone is interested in any analyzation or have questions, my ask box is always open. 

External image

Child of Hidden Magic

Series: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Future
Type: On-going Fanfiction
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure
Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza; Elfever, Miraxus; and their children.

Chapters: Here

FF.net: Here

Chapter One

Walking down the streets of Magnolia, Natalie Dragneel’s hometown, she makes her way towards the infamous Guild; Fairy Tail. It was a lovely day with the sun shining bright and a clear sky. “Today should be a good day!” She said to herself. Natsu and Lucy should be on their way home from their mission, after being gone for a week, so she wanted to be at the guild early to see her parents. Since they were S-class mages now, they went on tougher missions. But they also didn’t have to go on too many since they got paid better. Being Natsu’s daughter, she had spiky pink hair that straightened at the base of her head, and went down to the middle of her back. She had bright brown eyes and her mother’s figure. She wore a maroon colored top that hugged her figure, had a black collar, a black trim at the base of her top, and stopped above her stomach. Black colored sleeves with a maroon trim, separated from her top, fit her arms and wrapped around her fingers. A maroon colored, tight fit skirt with black leggings adorned her legs, ending with brown boots.

Saying her hello’s to everyone in town, she often reminisces about walking through the town when she was younger. Of course she picked up a lot of Natsu’s traits, as well as Fire Dragon Slaying Magic, so she was very rambunctious and destructive. She remembered one time she ended up sneezing and used “Karyu no Hoko” on a small diner, which went up in flames. This memory leads to her remembering her twin sister, Lucille, who ended up laughing at her, despite the destruction. Natalie was freaking out while Lucille continued to laugh. Natalie stops walking and shakes her head to rid her of thinking about her sister. ’No, no, no. I can’t think about it!’ She breathes in and out, and smiles like her mother. Pushing thoughts of her sister to the back crevices of her mind; locking them away.

Walking in, or rather busting through the doors of Fairy Tail, Natalie walks in. She spots Wendy and Romeo getting ready to leave. “Hey! Where are you guys headed?”

Wendy smiles back at Natalie. Her and Romeo were in their late twenties and were considered a couple. Everyone expects them to get married but they never touch the subject. Though they don’t voice what they will be in the future, everyone in Fairy Tail knows wedding bells will be happening soon.

Wendy puts her things down. “We’re heading off on a mission.” She informs.

“Oh, what is it? How long will you two be gone?” Natalie asks.

“It’s about collecting this herb that is pretty hard to get unless you have magic.” Wendy said.

“Eh, just a couple of days. This is more Wendy’s expertise; I’m tagging along for assistance if she needs it.” Romeo replied, giving her toothy grin.

“Ah, alrighty! Good luck!!” Natalie says while waving her hand.

“Thank you Natalie!” Wendy said as they began to leave. “See ya!” Romeo shouted as they ran out the door.

Natalie smiles and makes her way to Lance, the son of Levy and Gajeel, Cain, the son of Erza and Jellal, Ray, the son of Gray and Juvia, and Lydia, the daughter of Laxus and Mirajane. Lance was reading a few books at a time. He had red eyes and sported Levy’s blue hair, Gajeel’s tan skin, and gained Gajeel’s height, though you couldn’t tell at the moment. He wore an orange shirt that had two black lines come from the sides and down to the front of his shirt, and had black trim and cut off at the sleeves; with a black strap attached to his shirt and wrapped around his right arm, blue jeans, and brown boots. His left tricep was adorned with the Fairy Tail symbol in orange. He didn’t really notice when she walked up to him, but she knew he was engrossed in those books so she didn’t mind. He was a Script Mage after all. Lydia was twirling her blonde hair and making it curl with the use of her lightning magic. She has blue eyes framed by blonde bangs, and her hair goes down to the middle of her back. She wears black hooped earrings, a yellow choker, a yellow tank top with a black jacket that is sleeveless and ends a little past her waist, with a black spiked belt, a ripped blue jean skirt, and black sandals. Her yellow Fairy Tail symbol was placed on her right thigh. Lydia looked up at Natalie and nodded her head as her way of saying “hello”. Then Lydia cast her eyes to stare at Lance. Natalie just smirked knowing full well that the lightning woman had a thing for the bookworm. But Lydia’s too proud to say it, and Lance is too oblivious to notice. Ray was a good friend, since Natsu and Gray were rivals; their kids had a good relationship. So Ray was like a part of her family. He had dark blue eyes and blue hair like Juvia’s but had Gray’s skin tone. He wore a tight dark blue short sleeved t-shirt, a black jacket with fur around the collar, dark gray pants, and black boots. He gained Juvia’s Water Magic, but had Gray’s personality. Ray looked up from talking to Cain and waved to her. Cain was enjoying his cake that Mirajane had just brought over. He had brown eyes with short scarlet hair, just like Erza’s but he sported Jellal’s famous face tattoo. He had armor on his torso and arm plates that went from his elbow down to his wrists, a blue Fairy Tail symbol on side of his chest armor. Underneath his armor was a tight black long sleeved shirt, with dark red pants and black boots. He always had a sweet tooth like Erza, and even gained her Requip Magic. He gained minor magic from Jellal, but Requip magic is major source of magic.

Mirajane smiled when she saw Natalie, “Hi Natalie. Would you like anything?” Even after having two kids, Mirajane still looked as good as when she was nineteen.

Natalie shook her head. “Maybe later. Thanks though!” Mira nodded and walked away.

Natalie looked at Cain and when he looked up at her and smiled while saying hello, she got butterflies in her stomach. Indeed she had a crush on him, but she never felt it was the right moment to tell him. When they were younger he was sort of intimidated by her. But over the years, he got used to her and definitely matured, and grew into being more confident in himself.

Natalie put her hands on the table and leaned on it some. “So what’s the plan today guys?” She asked while looking at each of them.

Cain and Ray shake their heads. “Since we just got back from a mission we’re taking a break for a few days.” Ray informs while Cain nodded.

Lydia finally turns her eyes away from Lance and waves her hand. “I’m still taking my break until Max, Jax, Naja, and Ultear get back. I’m planning to go on a mission with my brother.” She yawns.

Lance glances at her and shook his head no. “I’ve got books that will help me learn more script magic. I can’t stop now.” And that was it as he went back to his books.

Natalie sighs as she sat down. “Well guess I’m stuck.”

Lydia smirks. “Aw too scared to go on your own?” She teases snickering.

Natalie glares. “No, I’d rather go with a team. Better outcome if there’s more members.” She sat back while crossing her arms.

“Oh? I think you’re just scared. Ever since eight years ago you barely-“

“Lydia!” Cain shouts, giving her a warning glare. Everyone stops and looks at Natalie sadly. Natalie looks down her at hands, balling them into fists.

Lydia looks away and sighs. “I’m sorry Nat. I didn’t mean to bring up memories of her..” She apologizes sadly.

Just then Max, Jax, Ultear, and Naja walk in. “Ugh! Finally I can relax!” Naja calls out loudly as she rubbed her sore arm, and rotating it. She has red eyes and a black mane like Gajeel’s although she prefers to keep it in a pony tail, with tan skin. She wore a tight sleeveless black top with a gray trim that stopped above her belly button, and black gloves. With a gray spiked belt, tight black skirt and dark gray leggings, and black boots with a gray spiked trim. She had some fish netting that covered her midrift and her left bicep, along with the black Fairy Tail symbol on her right tricep. Of course since she gained her father’s Iron Dragon Slaying Magic, she was adorned with two piercings on both eyebrows, two piercings on her lower arms, and a belly button piercing. Jax smiles behind his glasses as he watched Naja. “Ya know I could help you relax Naja-” but Naja acts as if she didn’t hear him. He hangs his head in defeat and sighs. Jax had blue eyes hidden behind glasses and brown shaggy hair. He wore a green long sleeved jacket with a yellow trim that exposed his chest, a green Fairy Tail symbol on his left peck muscle. Wearing camo cargo pants and brown boots. Jax is the son of Elfman and Evergreen. So he gained Elfman’s Take-over Magic but gained Evergreen’s stone eyes. Max just kept walking to the bar ordering a drink from his mother, Mirajane, as he sat down on a bar stool. He had gray eyes and white spikey hair that formed into a medium length pony tail. He definitely had a bigger build that was defined by his tight long sleeved dark blue shirt. He sported Laxus’ black coat with fur along the collar, dark purple cargo pants, and black boots hidden under his pants. Max gained Mirajane’s take-over magic as well. Lydia jumps up and her eyes sparkled. “Max-niisan! I wanna go on a mission with you!!” She ran over to him and began to talk about what mission they could on. Max sighs, “Can’t I have five minutes to relax, Lydia?” But she acts as if she didn’t even hear him.

Ultear came over to their table and looked down at Natalie. She had blue eyes with straight black bangs, with the left side of her hair chopped short up to her ear and the right side of her hair went down to her neck at an angle. Sporting Gray’s cross necklace she had a cropped off white tank top with a black jacket vest that had fur around the collar; blue jean capris and black sandals. Sporting a dark gray Fairy Tail symbol on her left tricep. Ultear smirks. “What up, flame brain.”

Natalie grits her teeth but smirks. “You’re back, Icicle?” She responds as she stands up in front of her rival.

Ray sighs and looks at his sister and Natalie. “Everytime. Can’t you guys just chill out and not fight?” Ultear smirks. “Chill out? Good idea little brother!” She laughs as she put her right fist on the palm of her left hand, getting ready to use her ice-make magic. Natalie summons fire to her fists, smiling. “Come at me, Ultear!” She taunts.

But at that moment the guild doors opened. A woman walked in a few steps then stopped. Everyone in the guild stopped what they were doing to look at who came in. Natalie and Ultear look over while still having their battle ready positions. The woman smiles as a tear falls down her cheek. She had brown eyes framed by blonde shoulder length hair. She wore a lavender colored tank top that had a gem star dangling on the front right side. With a tan short sleeved jacket, she wore a blue jean skirt with a tan belt, and brown boots. The woman suddenly starts running towards Natalie, and once in front of her, she hugs her. Natalie, whose flames were now extinguished, is stunned and confused. “Ah, um..who…?”

The woman steps away from Natalie while she wipes a tear from her eye. “Sorry, you should be confused.” She clears her throat as she looked at everyone. Ray stares at her and something clicks in his mind. ’It..it can’t be…’ His eyes widen.

Everyone else stares curiously, or looks confused. The woman stands up straight and puts her hands behind her back. Breathing in and out she smiles a goofy grin that looked a lot like Natsu’s. “It’s me, Lucille. I’m back!” She informs smiling.

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

And this is part one. I know not much has happened and probably seems boring. But it usually is when trying to start out. So I’m sorry if it’s boring but bear with me! Chapter two will be longer and more will be explained.

So I hope you enjoy it and will look out for the next one! ^_^

Creepypasta #921: I’m Sorry I Cant Help You, Dear

Length: Super long

“Come on! We’re late” cried Isabella from outside my house. I looked out the window and held out my open hand to signal “wait.”

I grabbed my backpack and ran down the stairs and out through the door to meet one of my childhood friends. She was a fair-skinned, polite and easy-going girl who liked to keep her black hair with a pink bow. I smiled at her for a greet and she casually smiled back. This has been our routine every school day since our first year in high-school, when her parents realizing she was old enough to go to school by herself let her ride with me on our way. I unlocked the chain on my bike and we rode off.

School was pretty dull. Math is hard as ever, Social Science a badger, and Reading as boring.

I ran, as the last bell for the day rang, to get ahead for the cafeteria line. I bought three brownies and a bottle of orange juice. I was halfway through my second brownie when I got to the field where I would usually wait for Isabella and Ford. Ford, by the way, is a pretty stout guy, with a very fat brain for jokes.

It wasn’t long when Ford arrived. We sat down by the field to watch the soccer practice game. A few minutes in and Isabella came. She smiled and sat down with us. Goal! The red team just scored a ball. We clapped.

“Hey! Let’s go to the culture fair” Ford said, smiling eagerly.

“Yeah sure! I wanted to go there too” I answered enthusiastically. I’ve always loved trying new things.



“Alright then!” I said, satisfied. “How about we go in 5 minutes? I’ll just finish my drink.”


The culture fair was held in the university just two streets down our school. As it was open to anyone, we saw a couple of our teachers lined up for a burger stall and some schoolmates walking all around. It was a cheery atmosphere. We went and tried different booths. There was a marksmanship booth, a puzzle booth, a quiz table, and even a potato enthusiasts stall.

There was one booth with a tent set up. The tent had starry patterns and some sort of tribal inscriptions. “Fortune-telling” the sign outside read. 

“Let’s go check it” Ford said.

There were three people lined up in front of us. Just when the customer inside was done with her consultation, Ford’s phone rang.

“Aww man! Sorry, guys, looks like I have to go. My dad’s here waiting in the car. See ya!”

We said our goodbye’s and see ya’s.

It wasn’t a long wait until we were up. We peeked inside before entering. There in the far side of the fabric-built room was a middle-aged woman politely signalling for us to enter.

“Good afternoon, ma'am” I said.

“Good afternoon, dear. Please take seat and relax.” she kindly answered.

She promptly began her reading. She reached out a hand in my direction and asked for mine. Upon the first touch of my hand, her light-mood face seemed to shift to a wearier state. She carefully examined the lines on my palm. I remember comparing it in my mind to how a forensics investigator would examine a crime scene.

After examining it, she let go and reached for a small, obviously worn-out, brown book. She flipped through a couple of pages and whispered very faint phrases to herself. She put down the book and looked at me with those now weary eyes.

She gave a long sigh.

And another.

She began to clear her throat.

“Dear, have you seen supernatural things?”

“No” I politely answered.

“Have you seen anything you think is unnaturally mysterious?”

“No. Uhmm. No, I don’t think so.”

“Well- dear, I’m-” she stuttered. “I’m really sorry. You went here to get a reading on your future but I’m afraid I have disappointed you.”

She paused. I stared silently.

“There is something that clouds my vision of your life.” she reluctantly continued. “Now, dear, I give you the choice, the full option, of whether you would like to know or not what clouds my vision.”

Scared as I was, as I admittedly am very easy to scare, I was naturally intrigued on what she had to say.

“Please go ahead, ma'am.”

“Are you sure, boy?”




She looked at me questioningly and at the same time very wearily.

“Let me warn you. This is grave. What I see is very grave.”

“Please tell.”

As she opened her mouth to speak, she suddenly stopped and cleared her throat and wrinkled her forehead as if she was thinking of another thing to say.

“Someone-” she finally began. “Someone is following you” she said.

“What?” I cried. Chills ran through my back and a cold shiver passed my arms.

“Someone is following you. Every-e-everywhere you go."she said with an obvious stuttering of fear. "I’m sorry I cannot help you, dear. I strongly suggest you go ask a man of the church to help you. And pray harder if you pray. And stay close to people who you think can protect you.”

This ominous warning scared the shit out of me. I was too scared and too confused with what I felt that I stood up and bid the lady goodbye angrily. Just as I was exiting, Isabella, who I had actually forgotten was with me due to all the mysterious tension, stood up and walked towards the exit too. She went out first. As I exited I briefly looked back and saw the fear-stricken face of the woman.

I remembered something about what she said earlier and decided to ask.

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crazy4orcas  asked:

Clint/Natasha and Oliver/Felicity -- figure skating AU -- one couple is pairs, one couple is ice dancing and they're on the same team OR they're competing pairs but friendly

Hold My Hand Because Here We Go, rated G, no warnings. Oliver/Felicity, Clint & Natasha (can be shippy or gen, up to you), no real knowledge of Avengers canon needed


The first time she actually saw Oliver Queen in person—and not more than a glimpse of him at a regional skating competition where she wasn’t even in the same category and he was probably listening to Laurel Lance explain something—Felicity skated right into the boards.

She probably could have saved it and stayed on her feet. It didn’t even hurt, but she still let out a squeak and careened into a particularly scuffed area of the boards. She flopped to the ice and sighed. Maybe if she stayed there, Coach would just let her give up. She didn’t understand why she needed a new partner after Jeff was a jerk and faked a broken ankle to get away from her. Couldn’t she just quit and work on computers instead?

A shower of ice hit her in the side and then there was Clint Barton, leaning over her and grinning. “What’d you fall for?” he asked.

“The ice looked really super inviting, duh,” Felicity said.

Clint scratched the back of his head. “But you don’t even jump,” he said.

His partner elbowed him out of the way, muttering under her breath in Russian. Ever since moving to Starling City, Felicity couldn’t deny she’d learned to curse in new and inventive ways. She accepted the hand up from Natasha Romanoff with a thanks. “How pink am I right now?”

Natasha wrinkled her nose. “Less pink if you were not wearing that color, I think,” she said in that measured way she had. Where Clint Barton did nothing but smirk at life, it took a long time to tease a smile out of Natasha. “He did not laugh.”


“Queen. He saw you wipe out and he didn’t laugh.” Natasha tilted an eyebrow. “I like him better than Jeff already.”

“Yeah, but he still saw me wipe out first thing,” Felicity said and Natasha shrugged in that very-Russian way she had. With a sigh, the blonde left the pair behind and skated across the ice to where Coach was standing by the hockey team bench. Oliver Queen stood by him, looking kind of sulky now that Felicity was close enough to see his expression. He wore a green hoodie that matched his blade guards.

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