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Change Your Mind || Part 2

Synopsis: Jimin is finally returning home to Busan after a few years of college. His friend, Jungkook, tags along as well. Rather than being interested in the new sights, he finds his eyes following Jimin’s old friend- you.

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook // (childhoodFriend!AU)

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Word Count: 6334

SERIES: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || FINAL

Includes: alcohol, fingering, & blowjob

A/N: i can officially declare that this series is the most basic thing i have ever written.

The next day comes by within a dream and the second sunlight rolls past the window pane of the kitchen Jimin calls you and proposes that you three hit the club for once instead of staying locked in his room to engage in more mindless video game playing. The thought of sweaty bodies drunkenly bumping into one another on the dance floor near other couples whose lips are attached makes you cringe. You would rather be lounging in the comfort of your cozy apartment while binge watching your new favorite show on Netflix, but Jungkook’s child like begs through the telephone line makes you give in.

That’s the first you exchange words with Jimin since you stepped foot out of his house. Last night when you bursted through the door, face too pink and being too flustered. He was confused and spammed your phone, but you ignored every second of it. You then realized how much of a kid you were acting so you finally picked up this morning.

You spend your day binge watching that show, losing track of time and is left with a mere twenty minutes to get ready. You change out of your grey sweats and white shirt and hop into a little black dress that rests right above your knee, hugging your figure as if it is made for you. After the swish of your waterproof mascara that follows the whole makeup routine, Jimin calls you to let you know that they’re both outside your apartment. You hear the constant blare of the car honk that is capable of leaving your neighbors bitter. Grabbing your bag and slipping on your pair of nude heels, you shut the door and see their smug grins plastered on their faces. Jungkook is still pressing the honk with a grin and you slide inside their vehicle in hopes of them stopping. Luckily, they do and he manages to press the metal to the pedal and bounce the moment one of the neighbors step out of their own apartment.

After you greet them with an awkward ‘hello’ and a forced tug of your lips, you scoot yourself to the very right corner of the backseat and divert your attention out the window, gawking at the city lights that illuminate the shadows of the night. The pleasing sound of the car radio is broken after ten minutes when Jimin clears his throat. “So-” he locks gazes with yours from the side mirror- “you still never answered my question from last night.”

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Live Life Golden Part 9

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2678

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He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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I’m sick of seeing these tumblr famous girls bending over and fake all these rolls that are just skin folds saying “I have rolls too” and being praised while the rest of us who actually have fat rolls when we sit or even when we’re standing up, on our arms, our stomachs, our backs, are given shit not only on our social media but also in every day life.

They’re not being “real” by posting these pictures. They’re selling a fake idea of body positivity by bending over to create “rolls” and calling themselves “thick” because they wouldn’t embrace a fat body if they had one (and I’ve never seen fat bodies on their blogs either).

They’re only positive about their skinny bodies.

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Sherlock x reader. The reader is just as smart as Sherlock, but is a selective mute. She'll only talk people she trusts. Like, Sherlock, John, Mrs Hudson, Greg and Molly. When she's called a freak by Anderson it makes Sherlocks blood boil

So be it!

Name: Do Not Open Your Mouth Again.

“The freaks are here,” you hear Anderson tell Greg, as you, Sherlock, and John walk upstairs to see the crime scene. You roll your eyes, but say nothing, hearing how Sherlock squeezes his teeth.

“Sherlock, Y/N, John!” Greg greets you, as you walk in the room and look at the dead body. “We’re totally stuck.”

“I do wonder why you keep bringing two of them,” Anderson comments. “One freak is enough, but you always take the second one as well…”

“What did you say?” Sherlock turns around, looking at Anderson with his face deadly calm. Anderson shuts up, but Sherlock looks too full of rage, as he approaches the man and grabs his collar.

“Sherlock!” you call him, but the Holmes is not really listening, as he keeps shaking the poor idiot.

“Anderson, you know how much I know about you. Your cheating. Your incredible stupidity. And guess what?” Sherlock smiles with a terrifyingly happy smile. “So will your wife. If you. Open. Your. Mouth. One. More. Time. To say anything. Anything. About her,” Anderson starts nodding. “Are we clear?”

“Sherlock,” you reach out for him and grabs his hand, making him let Anderson go. “Sherlock, it’s ok.”

“It is not,” groans Sherlock, and you feel Greg’s stare on your back.

“Sherlock, let it go! It’s an Anderson. It is not the first time he is being an idiot, is it?” Sherlock grins and lets go of the man, then turns to you. “I am glad that you are trying to defend me, but… Come on, he is an idiot.”

“It’s… It’s very strange,” Sherlock notices, as he looks around, as if he is dizzy. “Very strange.”

“Sherlock?” John tries to get his attention, but the detective keeps staring at you. “Guys?”

“The way I was trying to defend you…” Sherlock starts talking incredibly slowly, as if measuring each and every word. Then his eyes open widely, as he is looking at you, not blinking, not even breathing, until you take his hand.

“Sherlock? You’re scaring us,” instead of answering, Sherlock turns around and runs away. You look at Greg and John, as you all sigh. “I guess…”

“He knows it,” nods John. “He finally figured it out.”

“That he is in love?” Greg grins. “It felt good to know something he didn’t know though, didn’t it?”

“Yes, it did. But now we have to deal with Sherlock who just figured that he is in love,” you murmur, rubbing your forehead. “Do you know how annoying that will be?”

“Oh yes. But you will be the one suffering the most,” Greg and John grin, and you giggle, realizing that they are going to have the fun of a lifetime. Looking at you two trying to figure it out.

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Can we get a Drabble for the 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏??? Cause that'd awesome 👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Sure. :) I’ve been saving this idea for a yucky day, and it was 27 below zero this morning. Seems like a good enough excuse.


Roy sighed as the cart rolled through the twin doors, the wheels clattering loudly on the linoleum. The door squeaked shut again.

“Got another one for you,” came a call. “That makes three today.”

He got out of his chair and limped over to the two women who were transferring their load onto one of the tables. It was a gray body bag, slightly smaller than the ones Roy usually worked with. His heart sank as he realized it was probably a child inside. He hated working on children; it always gave him nightmares. “Homicide?”

“Nobody knows yet,” the taller woman said. “Really bizarre, is all we’ve been told.”

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weaker girl

I want to remember the good things. I want to remember how you looked at me with eyes so undressing it left me breathless. I want to remember how you didn’t stop until you had me, how you held me with arms so gentle I’d shiver every time. I want to remember how you kissed me so fiercely, like you needed my mouth to breathe. I want to remember your high pitched laughter and playful hands, how they were always somehow connected to my body. I want to remember how you rolled over in bed one night, unconsciously searching for my own curled up body. But I can’t. Because all I remember is your eyes grazing a body that wasn’t my own. I remember the words you called me when you thought I wasn’t listening. I remember how you searched for something that wasn’t in me, but you thought in someone else. I remember the feeling it gave me, like I wasn’t in the room, but I was lit up because of you. I thought when you left I’d only remember the good, but a stain never leaves a perfectly good dress. 

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Prompt:  Can I request an imagine where Sebastian is having a complete mental health break down and is hearing things and is a hysterical mess and his girl friend helps him

Word Count: 700

Warnings: Mental health breakdown and stress

Authors Note: I wrote this one the best I could, the breakdowns I’m familiar with don’t have much talking so I had to kind of work around that.

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I was re-reading To The Pure and I was wondering. All the Knights of Ren have a call sign (shrapnel, dead master, bell, feet, blood and village, to put it short), except for Kylo. What do you think Kylo's call sign would be? And Hux's if he had/has one?

The Knights do have a call sign for Kylo, but perhaps I was being too subtle for my own good when I introduced it! This is Hux’s vision at the end of Chp 1: 

The knights were showing him white sand lit by an orange sun, the arid, barren vista suddenly overtaken by a black storm cloud, its pregnant body flashing with sheet lightning.

Then later in Chp 2:

They showed him the black, rolling storm cloud. Hux thought this image meant Ren. Ren in action somewhere: his huge, tattered form only ever elegant in combat. 

Hux is a very verbal person, so it’s in his nature to try and ‘translate’ all the images into words (he treats images like ‘shrapnel-embedded-in-a-wall’ as if they are proper nouns). He doesn’t do this for Kylo because he (Kylo) already has a name/title, but I guess if he did it would be ‘storm-cloud-overtaking-a-desert’ or something like that. The call sign was meant to denote Ren’s reckless energy and also the sense of him being an overwhelmingly destructive force of nature. 

Hux’s call sign is ‘void-where-a-planet-once-was’, for obvious reasons!

The Ghost Of You: Wonwoo CH4

“ Minhee, are you going to be coming with me to class or not?” Wonwoo calls.

“ I’m coming!” I reply before taking one last bite of a donut he gave me earlier. Now that we know my identity, Wonwoo is using my name as much as he can. When I was there with my physical body, nothing happened, I didn’t regain any new memories or go back into my body.

“ Heyy, don’t be so slow.” Wonwoo complains.

“ Says the sloth who takes forever to get ready.” I reply. He rolls his eyes before giving me a grin. We go the long way to the collage and as I follow him I feel someone stare at me. Turning around I spot one of the older souls, I call her grandma and she doesn’t mind it at all, I smile slightly before waving at her.

“ Hey Woo, I’ll catch up to you later.” I scurry away before I could hear him reply. “ Hi grandma.” I said. She gives me a smile, embracing me.

“ It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. Been following that boy hmm?” She asks with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“ Yes… But the weirdest thing has happened! He can see me now! And so I’ve been with him for the past couple of weeks.” I reply. Grandma’s face suddenly turns grim, I raise my eye brows. “ What is it?”

“ You say he can see you now?”

“ Yes. We’ve grown kinda close, it makes me so happy.” I smile but Grandma looks sad. Her gray eyes drop to the ground, I can feel she’s not telling me something. “ What is it?”

“…Honey…it is known the the ghosts,souls and spirits..That when a human can see you, they are to die soon.”

Shorter chapter but I’ll write the fifth one as soon as I can! school is kicking my ass right now.. send help :’(


season 9 first impressions

valentina: polished, charismatic; i definitely get what she means by her “valentina flair” and i’m really excited to see more. both of her looks were top notch. i was kinda surprised she wasn’t top 3 for this challenge.

eureka o'hara: i think she is stylish and fun and she showed us a little bit of camp which i think is always comfy. i need to see more of her before i form a full opinion, right now she’s feeling a little average to me. i liked her gaga look.

trinity taylor: incited the same kind of eye roll naysha lopez gave me when she called herself “the beauty” when she called herself “the body.” i think establishing yourself as shit like that makes it all the more easy to say that someone else’s body is better? idk. she seems fun, but her first look was weak to me. the gaga one was good tho.

peppermint: she’s so fucking cute, love her personality. her lady liberty look was the better than aja’s by a mile (in my opinion). didn’t care for her gaga look. i don’t think she will make it that far, i could see her as a miss congeniality though.

farrah moan: another beautiful fishy queen that people are gonna flock to bc she’s pretty. that alejandro look was SO CHEAP LOOKING. i did like her vegas look a lot. her beat is 10/10 but i don’t see much creativity or artistry beyond that. i’m bored.

kimora blac: her runway looks were very cheap looking, but she has a unique persona and a current, fresh aesthetic. she sexy but i don’t see her going far.

jaymes mansfield: you could maybe get away with not gluing down your wig and having muddy makeup if you were funny gurl

sasha velour: YES YES YES. i love that her drag doesn’t conform to the strict gender rules, that she is artistic and polished, so smart, she’s everything i want and need. i haven’t been this excited about a contestant in a long ass time.

nina bo'nina brown: i love her creativity SO MUCH. i feel like she will make it far but not top 3. she’s charming as hell and i’m so excited to see all of her ideas.

alexis michelle: this is a bitch who is good at drag, it just oozes out of her. i’d like to see more of what makes her unique though? her new york look was weak, but the lady gaga look was peeeerfect

aja: meh. i’m not as excited for her as everyone else seems to be. she’s not bad, but kinda like what trinity said, her makeup is a little rough around the edges. her lady liberty look was cheap, her lady gaga look was poorly constructed. she has good ideas but the execution isn’t there yet.

shea coulee: she’s one i predict will make it to the top 3. creative, great personality. her chicago look was cheeky and well executed, i didn’t love her gaga look all that much. her makeup is always great.

charlie hides: another queen who is just kinda meh to me. didn’t like her walk-in look, her boston look was also anticlimactic. her gaga look stunned me though. i’m scared if she has to do a comedy challenge based on what she and the other queens have to say about her humor.

my predictions are: 1) sasha velour 2) shea coulee 3) valentina 4) nina bo'nina brown 5) alexis michelle 6) trinity taylor 7) aja 8) farrah moan 9) eureka o'hara 10) kimora blac 11) peppermint 12) charlie hides 13) jaymes mansfield

did they say no one was going home the first episode or at all? i’m so unnerved by the lack of lipsync in the first episode. and someone is coming back. i’m so unsettled. thoughts? discourse please

1- Are your feet always this cold? 

@657mg - 1 and Sherlock because I get cold feet easily. I love this blog btw:)))

Anon- Sherlock #1 please :)

Thank you for requesting and thank you @657mg , you’re too kind!

-Mrs. Holmes

“I think that was our worst one this week,” You spoke tiredly, throwing your body onto the sofa as John and Sherlock walked behind you.
Sherlock merely rolled his eyes at your exaggeration as he took off his coat and threw it over the arm of his chair.
John, however, took off his coat and hung it safely on the hook on the wall before responding to you.
“This one did have a lot more dead bodies in it.” He agreed, walking into the kitchen to retrieve something to eat or maybe some tea. 
“That’s what makes them interesting!” Sherlock called after him, removing his suit jacket and throwing it over his trenchcoat.
You were already getting comfortable on the couch, throwing off your shoes and stretching your body in an odd position.
Sherlock shot you a look, narrowing his eyes as he watched you twist your back in order to pop it. 
“Sore muscles,” You remarked, before finally laying on your side and curling up into a ball. 
“You look like a child,” Sherlock observed, before sitting down on the couch himself and relaxing back against the cushions.
You smiled at his insult, having heard it a few times. 
“You’re losing originality,” You shot back to him, uncurling your body and lying straight on your back. You straightened out your legs as well, placing your bare feet in Sherlock’s lap.
He froze momentarily, you had never done this to him before and the action was making him increasingly uncomfortable.
With one small glare at you, he grabbed ahold of your feet with both hands, planning to move them away from his lap.
But, he jumped back once he touched the frigid skin.
“For God’s sake! Are your feet always this cold?” He asked, sounding about as shocked as he could possibly sound.
You chuckled at his reaction, your feet still remaining in his lap as you gave him an amused expression.
“They’re always cold,” You confirmed to him, wiggling your toes slightly for dramatic effect as he gave you his signature furrowed brows.
“You might have a circulation problem, you should look into that,” Sherlock advised, his hands going to your feet as he covered your cold skin with his warm palms.
You stared at Sherlock, a small smile on your lips as he looked straight ahead and tried to massage warmth into your freezing feet.
He simply sighed and tried to act like he wasn’t noticing the soft expression you were giving him.
You opened your mouth to either tease him or thank him, most likely to do both.
But, you were interrupted by John walking into the living room, a muffin in his hand as froze at the sight of you and Sherlock.
“Are you…?” He began, looking shocked and a bit startled as Sherlock continued to massage your feet expressionlessly.
“Giving her a foot massage?” He questioned in a tone of disbelief.
Sherlock instantly looked up, a sharp glare going straight to John.
“Not a word to anyone.” He warned harshly. 

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I'm gonna pop in here and just say that I love ur un. Yoongle??? that's so cute

thank you~ (✿◠㉨◠) a cute name for a cute soft(it’s lowkey short for yoongle-bear bc i’m a sappy nerd) i viciously relate to your un 

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Magnus really gets blamed for everything. Like, last season, he was accused of forcing Alec to come out/pressuring him/being manipulative. This season, what I've noticed is...Magnus is blamed for having a past(someone called his past relationships a body count and said he made Alec feel insecure. They wanted Alec to explore his options because of it), he even got accused of being abusive for pulling Alec away from Raphael, people got mad that he rolled his eyes in episode one(part one)

(part two)during Alec’s half assed apology. Now, there are people saying he doesn’t care for Alec as much as Alec does him because Magnus didn’t react how they wanted. They don’t seem to realize he’s also scared considering he closed himself off for centuries. Or that he showed how much he cared for Alec in episode three when he exhausted himself, trying to keep Alec alive with his magic in time for Jace to get there.

Hi! Yes, I’ve seen all of this in Magnus’ tags. It’s funny how these people conveniently forget that if it weren’t for Magnus their fave would’ve been dead twice (Magnus was keeping him alive in 2x03 and Magnus saved him from jumping off that ledge), not to mention that Magnus saved Alec from ruining his life by marrying Lydia. They invent every ridiculous reason to put down Magnus and villainize him, that it’s not even funny anymore. 

And then they have the gall to say it’s not about race (all the while calling Harry “rice” and justifying that gross slur). I’m really tired…

please consider

  • ronan lynch picking up adam parrish after his first year of college
  • kissing adam hello and whispering “congrats nerd” while pressing a little dream flower into his hand that plays a melody when you pinch the stem
  • ((it sounds a lot like the murder squash song but adam ignores that))
  • ronan complains about moving adam’s boxes
  • “how does one accumulate all this stuff on a college students budget?”
  • *adam parrish signature eye roll*
  • they spend the whole day packing up his dorm and its hot and they’re sweaty and tired but ronan is so fucking happy because adam is coming back with him 
  • no more late night skype calls, surprise visits, and loneliness; at least for the summer
  • ronan brings the bmw around (he’s packed everything in the tiny trunk because the bmw definitely has infinite space because Dream Car)
  • adam throws his exhausted body into the passenger seat, let’s out a sigh of relief and-
  • “let’s go home”
  • he means the barns but he’s never called it that before and he suddenly realizes what he’s said and his eyes go wide and he rushes to sweep it under the rug and pretend it’s nothing
  • but ronan just leans over the seat, kisses him, smiles and says
  • “let’s.”
  • and they do 

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"God, you're so hot," he whispered in her ear.

She grinned, licking her lips as she looked over to him with half-lidded eyes.

“God, you’re so stoned,” she mocked, lightly pushing him away. “Go get a room with someone else, Reggie. I’m not somebody you can just demean because you have a hot body.”

The jock rolled his eyes. “You called me hot,” he said.

“It’s one of the only compliments you’ll get from me. Cherish it.”

Body Positive Dancer Roll Call

If you’re a fat dancer, I want to follow you. 

If you believe that dance is for everyBODY, that size does not determine talent, I want to follow you. 

If you believe that dance can save lives and show people how strong and capable their bodies are at every size, I want to follow you.

Tell me about yourself. Post a picture when you reblog this post if you feel brave enough. Show the world how amazing you are.

If we haven’t had one of these on tumblr yet, I’d say we’re long overdue. 

Under the Sea

Requested by Anonymous

Author: Assbutt

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Reader gender: female

Warnings: cussing

“Yeah yeah, I’m hurrying.” You sighed, rolling your eyes while your brothers complained that you needed to hurry in the bathroom. “Just taking a quick bath!” You called and climbed into the tub, your legs feeling weak and numb as you did so. You just checked a minute ago and the water was a fine temperature.

“OH MY GOD!” You shriek, seeing your body change before your eyes. “Sam! Dean!” You scream for them and they bust into the bathroom.

“Y/n! What’s wro- oh my god.” Dean started laughing hysterically and Sam’s jaw just dropped as he tried to fight a smile.

“It’s not funny! What the fuck happened?!” You cursed at them.

“That could be a side affect…” Sam shrugged.


“Wait wait, we have to kill freaking Neptune? Like, King of the sea, Triton, Neptune?” Dean grumbled at Sam around a burger.

Sam grimaced and nodded, looking at you. “Whatcha think, little sis? Can we handle it?”

“Hell yeah, Sammy.” You grinned. “Vengeance for the little mermaid.”

Dean laughed a little, patting your back. “Atta girl.”

You smiled and a bit later you all left the diner, driving to the nearest harbor you could find. Thank god tonight was the full moon and he could be summoned properly.

“This is he weirdest thing we’ve ever done.” You sighed, adjusting the seaweed you wrapped around your head.

“Tell me about it.” Dean looked at you and Sam snapped a picture. “Nice crowns, guys.” He winked and dropped a match into the bowl before dropping it into the ocean.

The water swirled up and he was exactly like you imagined. Merman, beard, trident, and crown. “Yo, Triton!” You called.

“I, am not Triton. He is my lesser counterpart from another sea.” His voice boomed.

“Whatever, anyways, I have an important question.” Dean beckoned him closer.

The figure gravitated towards the three of you and Dean threw the driftwood spear dipped in shark’s blood at him. He dodged it and tossed it back at you. It grazed your leg and you felt a zap before passing out.

You could only assume that everything went fine after that, as you woke up the next morning in a motel room with the boys looking over you.

You hissed in slight pain, shaking your head. “God, what happened?” You groaned.

Sam sighed and frowned slightly, “Neptune knocked you out. Long story short, we killed him and you’re okay.”

“Good. I just… I need to sleep a little longer…” You rolled over and fell back asleep.


“You’re joking. No no no, there is no damn way that Neptune turned me into- into a god damn mermaid!”

Dean snorted, “Cool it, Ariel. We’ll get it fixed.”

“How?! He’s dead and I’m still cursed. How are we going to fix this, Dean?” You frowned.

“Can you breath underwater?” Sam cut in.

“I swear to god…” You started climbing out of the tub.

“Come on, flipper, fight us.” Dean giggled.

You couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“Just… Go find a spell or something and let me be.” You failed at stifling a smile. “I’ll be out in awhile.”

“Peace out, Ursula.” Sam snickered as they left the room.

“Ursula’s an octopus!” You yelled through the door and relaxed into the tub.

“Hm. Maybe this won’t be so bad…”

Reality is Better

Prompt: Emma Swan keeps having erotic dreams about her roommate Killian Jones. But what happens when one night he overhears her calling out his name in her sleep?

CS Roommate AU, M rated (nothing but smutty, smut smut), 3600+ words, unbeta’d (sorry for any mistakes).

It was the third time in a month that it had happened.

Emma wasn’t exactly certain how it had started, innocently though she’s sure.  Maybe it was the day she had caught her roommate exercising in the living room (“It’s raining, Swan, and I don’t want to go to the gym. Please just give me one hour”), with his clothes tight and muscles bulging, beads of sweat rolling down his body from exertion and she wanted nothing more than to lick them off, to run her tongue all over his gorgeous body.

It could possibly be the nights (most nights unfortunately) that she knew he brought another woman home; long sleepless nights with his headboard rhythmically thumbing against her wall and obscene muffled moans filtering throughout their shared apartment, leaving her alone with nothing but her hand to relieve the building pressure inside.

Or perhaps all of her lust filled thoughts of Killian began the day he had moved in three months ago, the way he looked when he picked up a box and moved it with ease, the way he had introduced himself with all of his innuendo laced words (“I know this is an two bedroom apartment, love, but I wouldn’t mind sharing a bed every now and then”), sultry wink included.

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