i call the master bedroom

imagine the first time genji sees tracer again after the recall and before they can get to talking about what they’ve done over the past years zenyatta enters the room and genji of course greets him as Master and tracer has that brief moment of “what the fuck really guys in public” before genji tells her what he’s been up to in nepal and she tries her best to smile and nod while hiding the fact she’s recovering from a minor heart attack

vader’s castle looks like a weird combination of a medieval prison, a steampunk rapunzel tower, and a dungeon. i’m sure the effect was intentional.

I had fucked Theresa before,she was one of the best fucks ever and I was excited that she wanted to see me again,We both work busy jobs and she is married so seeing one another is harder than the normal fuck buddy.

Theresa knew I had many toys in my bedroom and she was intrigued mostly with my dominating toys but she wouldnt let me use them on her,but things had changed and now she was open to the idea of them and we were going to take our vanila sex sessions to a whole new level.

She texted me late one night while she was in the tub that she wanted to be dominated and that she trusted me to be the first. I assured her that she would be safe and better to be dominated by a friend rather than a stranger.We had even come up with a safe word using her dogs name chewy just incase things went to far.

She arrived at my house as sexy as ever I made her wear garters and she had a long zebra dress and high heels,her lips so red that people on the street would know she was getting fucked soon. I gave her some wine and let her get relaxed before we headed for the master bedroom or as I like to call it the dungeon.

I took her by the hand and without talking one word lead her into the dungeon,I removed her long dress but made her keep on her heels, I kissed her softly as I passed the dress over her head,tasting the sweet lipstick on my lips. I noticed she had no bra on and that her nipples were already erectic and her chest flushed with desire.

I leaned down and grabbed her right breast with my firm hands sucking hard on her nipples as she let out a loud moan biting her bottom lip. I then looked her in the eye and whispered ‘trust me" as I handcuffed her hands together,the look of excitement and fright was evident in her eyes and it excited me. I then got my silk blindfold out and put it on her covering her eyes,I was now in total control of her.

I layed her down on the bed and slowly removed her panties,they were very wet and smelled of lust and a perfume she uses,I kissed her ankles as I slid it past her feet,caressing her toes as I took them off,her feet flinching with my touch but I held them tight so she couldnt get away.

I then handcuffed her to my headboard using another pair of handcuffs, I then took hold of both her ankles and spread her legs wide exposing her wet pussy,Theresa has a dynamite body and having her spread wide was a pleasure.
I then took a feather and brushed her body with it,tracing her nipples and stomach and her pelvic area,she giggled alittle but the sensation was arousing her, I then took the feather and tickled her pussy with it,lightly touching her clit and moving down her moist slit.Her moans intensified and she arched her back with delight. I noticed that her legs were moving to much so I anklecuffed them to the other corners of my bed,I didnt buy a four poster bed because I like the look,I knew what I had in mind years ago.Theresa was now spread eagle tied to my bed and I am teasing her love hole with my feather,I noticed that her nipples were still sticking straight up so I seized this perfect moment to get my nipple clamps out that I have never used and put on her.She cried out in delight as I put them on her,never before has a man done this to her and now she was getting what she wanted.I kissed each one softly at first then used my teeth to tug on them.

I went away for five minutes and came back, I noticed that Theresa was sweating now and that her pussy was more wet than before, I went into my bag o fun and pulled out a glass anal plug,I slid it up and down her wet pussy and then slid it inside,Theresa moaned with delight as I penetrated her married pussy with this toy, I got her to orgasm on the plug by going deep inside her,further and further till she exploded.I used her juices to coat the plug and then I went where no man or toy has gone before and took her virgin ass,she screamed with pleasure as I eased the plug inside of her inch by inch till I could get a rythm going, her mouth opended like I have never seen and the moans that she made I had never heard her make before.
Theresa kept screaming"oh my god" every time I worked it inside her ass.She was in heaven and so was I.

I got undressed and rubbed my cock up and down her slit beating her beating her clit with my big cock head,the anal plug was still inside and Theresa was now gonna get something she never had before,a DP.

I inched my big cock slowly into her,I could feel the glass plug while I was inside her,Her pussy felt great and was more wet than usual,I grabbed her handcuffed hands and used them as leverage as I fucked this married slut.
I stayed deep inside her so that she could feel both the toy and me inside her.Her red lips stretching as she screamed for more. I was ready to explode and I cummed deep inside her married cunt,filling it full of my hot cum.I had avoided sex for days so that I could give her a full load of my hot seed.

I then pulled out and got infront of her face so that she could suck me dry wish she of course did,some of my cum when on the side of her mouth and the sight of smeared lipstick and my cum was a huge turn on to me.

I then released Theresa from the headboard and the anklecuffs but she was still blindfolded and handcuffed.
I forced her to get doggy and made her stick her ass in the air.The butt plug still deep in her ass and my cum had leaked down around the rim of he ass.

I then put a ballgag in her mouth and got out my best whip,
she gaged on it at first and I saw her spit leak out of the sides as I rubbed her ass with my whip,I ran it up her used pussy and got some of my own cum on the whip,I flicked her sore clit with it and she let out a hard moan but was muffled by the gag,I then beat her feet with the whip and made her toes curl with each slash.

I then rubbed her sweet ass with my hands and then replacing with the whip, I shoved the end of the whip inside her jerking it up and down her pussy,she looking back at me with pleasure.Because she had looked back I knew it was time for the leash and collared my slut wife and held the leash firmly in my hand.

I tugged on the leash and made her head snap back with attention,with my right hand I pulled her hair and whispered in her ear that her body belonged to me now.

I shoved my hard cock into her married cunt and fucked her doggy while at the same time holding her leash with my left hand,she let out several screams through the gag.I stood up so that I was deeper inside her and could hit all her favorite spots,If she buried her head in the pillow I would pull on the chain so she understood who was in command.I smacked her white ass while I fucked her and made it bright red,I could feel my balls tighten so I knew it was time, I removed her plug and saw a gaping hole and shoved my cock straight down in it, I was now the first human to take her ass and I wanted to mark my territory by cumming inside it,Theresa moaned for all she was worth,she had had several orgasm during the fucking so I tensed up and cummed deep in her ass watching as my cum leaked out when I pulled out.My slut wife layed spent on the bed.I removed the gag and she had spoken for the first time all day telling me how terrific it was,I kissed her softly and rubbed her body with my hands caressing her,I then took her into the tub and bathed each other, I got her on the edge of the tub and ate her pussy and made her cum hard on my cock,she then rid me like a cowgirl and I shot my third load of the night straight up inside her.

I kissed her goodnight and we promised that we would make this a routine at least once a month and so far we have including sometime getting hubby to watch his shy slut wife be taken by another man to the breaking point.

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I was wondering if Blake had included a workout room in the current ranch house, the Lake House and the not yet confirmed new home. I just realized he did; its called the Master Bedroom.

Gotta get that cardio!

- B

Cute Daddy Michael Imagine for Charley


“Sweetheart where are you?” I called out as I looked aimlessly for my 2 year old daughter. We were playing hide & seek and to be honest this is probably the hardest game of hide & seek that I’ve ever played. I searched everywhere for her; the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, bathroom, everywhere! “Princess?” I called out once again and finally I heard a small giggle close to me. I looked to where I heard the precious sound and saw the closet door slightly open. Tip-toeing towards the closet I opened the door fast and growled playfully earning a small scream from the small blonde haired child. She giggled again and ran past me her little legs running as fast as she could. I chuckled before jogging after her keeping a close eye incase she got hurt. I scooped her up in my arms and twirled her making her laugh and throw her head back. “Gotcha Emmy!” I laughed as she clung on to my neck, her small hands tightly wrapped around. “You hungry princess?” I said as I smelled my wife’s cooking and began walking towards the kitchen. She nodded before hurrying her head into the crook of my neck. As I entered the kitchen I saw My beautiful queen placing three plates on the dining table. I placed Emily on her high chair before walking to the cup board and getting some cups. Pecking my wife’s lips quickly as I passed her I quickly pored some juice and placed them on the table before sitting down in next to Emmy. Grabbing her small plate I began feeding her mash potatoes. “Open up baby?” I said as I placed the spoon in front of her mouth. She shook her head stubbornly before pulling a disgusting face at me. “C’mon princess just a bite” I pleaded as I pushed the spoon further trying to get it in her mouth. She shook her head again and looked away making my wife chuckle next to me. I sigh before pulling her chin softly towards me pulling the spoon towards her mouth once again. She finally took a spoonful her nose scrunching up in disgust. “Swallow” I said sternly knowing she still hasn’t eating it. Instead Emily looked at me then at her mom then back at me. Much to my surprise Emily spit the mash potatoes at my face making me scream and drop the plate on the floor and stand up. Next to me both my wife and my child laughed loudly. I sigh before whipping the mash potatoes off my face making it fall to the floor. I looked at Emily playfully mad my hands on my hips. She giggled and murmured a small sorry before laughing once again. “Your lucky I love you” I said jokingly walking towards the bathroom to clean the rest of my face.


The master bedroom - or as I like to call it: The only bedroom in the house.

On the shelf Marty’s collection of vinyl toys.

I fell immediately in love with one of the motifs of baufive’s Man Amplified mesh, and wanted to have that particular yellow in the room. First it was also all over the wall but since this is a bedroom I decided to go for a more soothing colour, and used the yellow only for accents.

First Day (Extended Sneak Peek)

So I heard we’re spreading positive vibes because of stupid rumors. How about a super long sneak peak of the first chapter of First Day? Remember? That time travel au I started writing back in like March of last year? No? Too bad. You’re getting it anyway.

Takes place five years after mid-season four. Canon divergent from the end of 4a.

It’s been the kind of week that cranks the tension in her shoulders like a wet rag being wrung, only her sanity is what’s bleeding away instead of water. A vague sense of unease creeps along her spine as thunder rumbles in the distance, but she brushes it aside as she reaches for the black waffle iron in the upper cabinet. Lingering stress, likely, from long hours spent in budgetary meetings and longer nights spent rocking, walking, and driving a colicky baby to sleep.

She needs to stop moving for five seconds and have a seat, remove her heeled boots and rotate her ankles, fold her toes into the floor until the joints pop and release. If she does that, though, she may never get up again, and she’ll be damned if she doesn’t see this dinner through with Roland.

Tonight, they’re making his favorite: homemade waffles from scratch. Breakfast for dinner, for his report on the science of cooking for the fifth grade science fair.

That’s the idea, at least.

Thus far, two eggs have rolled off the counter, a light dusting of flour continues to choke the color from Roland’s curls despite her efforts to comb it out with her fingers, and not five minutes ago he’d sneezed straight into the batter, prompting an abrupt restart of the whole process. They’ve come full circle now, accident-free long enough that she’s a smidgen more optimistic they’ll be able to start actually making the waffles soon.

As she walks toward Roland’s mixing station, she clips the kitchen island with her hip. Her grip tightens around the waffle iron as she stumbles forward, biting the inside of her lip and smothering a stream of cursing as the fine threads edging her temper fray even further. This is the third time tonight she’s snagged that corner, and the already tender bruise screams in protest.

She sets the appliance on the counter next to Roland’s workstation, hand drifting to her hip, gently probing. She’ll need to ice it later, can almost feel the purple mark spreading under her skin like an ink stain.


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