i call the master bedroom

imagine the first time genji sees tracer again after the recall and before they can get to talking about what they’ve done over the past years zenyatta enters the room and genji of course greets him as Master and tracer has that brief moment of “what the fuck really guys in public” before genji tells her what he’s been up to in nepal and she tries her best to smile and nod while hiding the fact she’s recovering from a minor heart attack

vader’s castle looks like a weird combination of a medieval prison, a steampunk rapunzel tower, and a dungeon. i’m sure the effect was intentional.

anonymous asked:

What's your favourite thing for us to call you?

In the bedroom, I quite enjoy being called Master, but I also like when you call me “my love” or “darling”. It reminds me that I’m special to you just as you are to me. 

Sick II Callen

Keegan had spent a good portion of the afternoon with Shay, meeting her newest addition. He had been texting Witney about her coming over to meet them, until she had said she was sick. He had been on the way home anyways, he picked up some supplies from CVS. He parked the car, getting out Elianna when they were home and the bag of shopping. He locked the car, making his way into the house and upstairs with the toddler. “Hey! I’m home!” He called out, walking into the master bedroom and setting the bag on the bedside table.