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Guide: Post-Apocalyptic Clichés to Avoid

Anonymous asked: Hiya! I’m currently planning a post-apocalyptic novel, and I was wondering what to avoid, cliches-wise? Thanks so much. :)

Quick edit for the many people who are confused about tropes and clichés:

Yes, many of these would be considered tropes of post-apocalyptic fiction, but what also makes them clichés is that they are often implemented in ways that make them unoriginal. The key to using tropes and avoiding clichés is to make sure you put a fresh spin on the element. Don’t just have a scorched earth wasteland as your setting for the sake of having it. Do something unique with it. in The Road by Cormac McCarthy, for example, the exact cause of the war that caused the scorched earth wasteland is shrouded in mystery, which made the landscape itself more mysterious. That was a fresh spin on “World War III happened, and there were nukes, and everything got blown up…”

So, by no means am I suggesting that your story cannot contain any of the following elements. This is simply a list of elements that have become clichés because many authors have used them and not put a fresh spin on them. When I say “skip it” I mean: don’t use it in its most basic form. Do something different with it.

1. Scorched Earth Wasteland - nuclear war was a common fear during the Cold War, so “scorched earth” wastelands were common in post-apocalyptic novels. The trouble is, now you see them in novels where there has been war, but not nuclear war. Even if there were nuclear bombs, it wouldn’t level an entire country. Whatever the landscape in your story, just make sure it’s a sensible result to whatever led to your apocalypse.

2. Cozy Catastrophe - cozy catastrophes occur when your characters have not only survived the apocalypse, but are leading a comfortable existence without any of the hardship that would come along with the end of civilization as we know it. Day-to-day survival should be your characters’ main concern, and everything they do should contribute to their daily survival in some way. They shouldn’t be overly concerned about trivial things that have no meaning anymore. For example, looting a store is one thing, but your characters shouldn’t be trying on cute clothing or obsessed with finding a pair of their favorite shoes. There can be stolen moments of joy, but the group isn’t going to get-up one morning and go ice skating or throw a surprise birthday party for one of the group.

3. Lions, and Zombies, and Mutants, Oh My! - clearly the post-apocalyptic landscape won’t be filled solely with friendly people and adorable animals, but maybe avoid escaped zoo animals, packs of feral dogs, and people who’ve turned into either mutants or zombies unless you can put a really fresh spin on them.

4. The Great Valley - a lot of post-apocalyptic novels feature a fabled Eden of sorts, which is a pocket of paradise in an otherwise bleak landscape, and typically the characters are trying to get to it.

5. Anything in Mad Max - if you saw it in a Mad Max movie, just skip it. Leather, hobbled together weapons or vehicles, tribes of ungoverned children, war lords, lone hero, Thunderdome.

6. Ice Cream, Guns, and Supplies Outta Nowhere - this could be called Cozy Catastrophe, Part II. Try to avoid giving your characters access to things they wouldn’t have. Ice cream, for example, would be pretty difficult to make without milk, sugar, and electricity, or ice at the very least. Avoid making all your characters experts at using weapons unless they’ve had extensive training, and make sure all supplies are obtained from a reasonable source at a reasonable price.

7. Paramilitary, Militias, and Pointlessly Evil Bad Guy - these are pretty common in post-apocalyptic stories, so avoid them if you can. Especially the evil leader who is horrifically cruel to everyone for absolutely no reason. If you need to have this group (or that guy), at least make them believe they’re doing the right thing.

8. Shallow Romance - some people think romance doesn’t belong in post-apocalyptic stories, but I call shenanigans on that notion, because few things bond two people together like dire or challenging circumstances. Just make sure that your romance is believable and well developed if you include one. Really think hard about how a romantic relationship would be different in a post-apocalyptic setting.

9. The Search for Lost Loved Ones - this is a pretty common post-apocalyptic quest, and not an unbelievable one. Just an overdone one. If you absolutely have to do it, try to make sure you do something really different than what’s been done before.

10. Characters to Avoid - The Chosen One: the main character who is destined to save the world, The Unwilling Rebel Leader: the main character who inadvertently incites and then has to lead a rebellion against some oppressive force, The Convenient Survivalist - the uncle or family friend who just happens to be a prepper and has all the knowledge and supplies necessary to survive, and willingly offers them to your protagonist’s group, The Not-So-Good-Guy: the good guy who is cleverly hiding the fact that he’s a bad guy; Stock Characters: the smart guy/professor type, the jock, the nerd, the ditz, the old crone, the gentle giant, the sage old man, etc. Also, avoid emotionless, faceless, cardboard characters. Just because the world as they know it has ended doesn’t mean your characters shouldn’t be three-dimensional, well-rounded people.

I hope thathelps

omgbarbiegurl  asked:

How about something friendship related, non romantic relationship. Maybe sharing a bed cause Trini keeps having nightmares from Rita.

^^ Hope this is what you wanted. I tried to make it more friendly than romantic but I couldn’t help it. And sorry I got this up so late. I didn’t have wifi at my aunts. Cool. Enjoy. If anyone else had anything you can send prompts too. I like writing and need something to do at school.^^

Kimberly was laying on her bed in a sports bra and boxer, both a shade of pink. Over time all of the rangers had adapted to having signature colors. For Zach it was easy, black was what filled most of his closet already. Trini however took a little while to get more comfortable to the bright color. The pink rangers thoughts slowly drifted from the team to one particular ranger.

Kimberly’s gay-dar maybe hidden but it was well developed. From the first time she ever used it with Kat in the 7th grade to when she became the queen bee in high school. Kim-bi-ly Hart had always noticed the small girl in her biology class. Once she knew a name google was her best friend. She practically stalked her on all social media outlets. And when she became a ranger with her she had to hide it. Why would Trini like her back. Her phone buzzed on the night stand next to her bed.

T: hey
K: Hello. What’s up Trini?
T: i can’t sleep
K: Why?
T: nightmare why are you up
K: It’s nothing.
T: i call shenanigans
K: What does that even mean.
T: it means you’re lying and avoiding
K: Nothing. Just can’t sleep.
T: open your window

“Welcome to my room.” Trini feel into the room head first. When she looked up her eyes bulged out of her head. Kimberly’s toned abs were one of the most beautiful things Trini had ever seen. Her legs and arms only added onto her beauty.

“Hi…. hello.” Her whole mouth went dry. “I hope you don’t mind that I came over.”

“I don’t but you’re like 15 minutes away at all of our top speeds.” Kimberly pointed out.

“Yes I am. And what does that mean?”

“It means you must have been over here before then. Or at least already on your way.”

“Maybe I was sitting in that tree but you can prove nothing.” Trini said as she took off her jacket.

It was Kimberly’s turn to swoon. Trini had on black legging with a yellow tank top. The tank top didn’t leave anything to the imagination with the way it flowed around her. Kimberly laid on her bed and Trini followed suit.

“What are you doing?” Kimberly asked as Trini made herself comfortable as a small spoon.

“Getting comfortable. Your warm and I’m cold. And I’m tired but when I sleep in my bed all I see is Rita. All I smell is the salt water. All I hear is my body being thrown against the wall.” Tears began to flow down her face.

“Shhhhhhh. It’s ok. It’s ok. I’m here. Sleep Trini. I’ll be here all night.” Kimberly rubbed small circle in her back before her hand to her stomach. Trini grabbed onto her hand and pulled it up to her chest. It took all of Kimberly’s will to not scream. Her hand was completely on Trini’s boob. At the same time Trini was dying inside cause she had accidentally put Kim’s hand on her boob but she hadn’t move it.

The night dragged on as the two became more and more intertwined, both emotionally and physically.

Let’s pretend you serenaded me

Oisuga | Rating: T | Words: 1393

Actor AU in which Come and get lost with us is the tv show Suga stars in, the media finds Daisuga the hottest topic, and his boyfriend Oikawa is Not Amused.

They’re a tangle of limbs and blankets, and Oikawa has his face buried against Suga’s warm skin. The silence in their bedroom, only breathing and heartbeats and the room half in darkness thanks to the closed blinds makes it easier for Oikawa to say things which he keeps to himself, most of the time. Bottled up under layers and layers and layers of bravado.

“Why don’t you ever properly deny being with Daichi?”

His voice is quiet, and he tries to make it sound like it doesn’t matter, but they’re so close he can feel his eyelashes flutter against Suga’s skin, his lips move against it, and after six years, Suga knows. Of course he knows that it means something.

He shifts, or tries to shift so he can see Oikawa’s face, but Oikawa stubbornly clings to him, heart starting to race because he can’t look at Suga’s face right now, this is why he brought it up while they were like this. So close it felt like nothing could come between them, not even the fact that half the population wanted Suga to smooch the co-star in his damn TV show.

Suga holds him a little bit more tightly, and Oikawa hates that he knows how much it means exactly, how soft his voice is.

“You know we’re just best friends joking around, right?”

Suga kisses the crown of his head and Oikawa closes his eyes and stays like this, frozen in time a little. He regrets bringing this up so much, he knows all this, Suga told him a hundred times. But, part of him wonders. Part of him is scared. Their schedules never allow them to see each other as much as they want to. Meanwhile, fucking Daichi and Suga hang out all the time, have interview sessions and time behind the set together, go out to eat ice cream or do stuff the press immediately declares romantic dates.

“It’s you I love. You’re the one for me. Tooru, look at me.”

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The “oh my god I’m not good enough/smart enough/even capable of writing my own name legibly” stage of anxiety/imposter syndrome of prepping my personal statement for this thing is a pain in the ass. Just pisses me off that despite knowing I’m absolutely more than qualified, there’s always that little insidious voice somewhere. Sigh!

Stuck [Han Solo x Reader]

Summary: By little choice of her own, the reader is pulled into the Millenium Falcon for a mini off-base vacation with Han and Chewie. Though, when you’re flying on the fastest hunk-of-junk in the galaxy, things are sure to go wrong by the dozens.

Word Count: 3000+

Warnings: None that I know of! Lmk if I missed anything!

Notes: This was actually written by my amazing lil sis @imagining-imagines! I know I enjoyed it, and I hope you will too! Go check out her blog!

You hurried with a search-and-rescue team toward Hangar Five after receiving an urgent message from Han Solo. Since Han had specifically requested for you, they allowed you to lead the team. When you reached the door to Hangar Five, you typed in the code, the door opened, and you ran inside to see Han cleaning the outside of his ship, the Millennium Falcon. He looked up from the spot he was shining and smiled.

“Chewie, come out here! Our help has arrived,” he announced as he put his rag away. The search and rescue team shifted behind you and you heard murmurs of disapproval.

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And here’s LaF!  I actually don’t really differentiate much between Kaitlyn and how LaF would function in this band haha.  She’d also probably be in charge of synth related things with all that science…and stuff.  With all the info harvested from the Ginterviews though, I realize NO ONE in this hypothetical band actually likes anyone else. 

Side note, I’ve been enjoying all the banter in and out of hashtags.  Know that I can’t resist trying to look at ALL the reblogs for hidden little death spazzing.  It feeds me.

so every portrayal of Cesare and Lucrezia that I’ve seen, whatever the take on their relationship, involves that relationship falling apart in the end and the two of them turning on each other

(the Borgias’ cancellation prevented the swerve in 3x09 and 3x10 from going anywhere, but it was certainly planned)

like, you’d think this was some common element in the history they’re all drawing from, except

that never happened

citations below the cut ;)

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