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do you have twitter :o

I do and I post about very serious things such as


Murata stream update: while working on the next chapter, he put together and doodled a whole roster of characters in Halloween costumes! In order drawn on stream, we have:  

  • Mumen Rider + Kuseno (Kappa)
  • Glasses (Harry Potter)
  • Psykos (in a bowl of soup)
  • Puri Puri Prisoner (as an angel/cupid)
  • Watchdog Man (Cerberus)
  • Flash (9-tailed kitsune)
  • Sweet Mask (as a Prince)
  • Saitama (as jack-o-lantern)  
  • Bang, Bomb, Rin-Rin
  • Stinger (looks like Journey to the West/Dragonball theme) 
  • Garou (wolf)
  • Metal Bat + Zenko
  • Sonic (cat)
  • Genos (two, as a demon and casino bunny, both with cleaning supplies)
  • Drive Knight (headless horseman)
  • Pig God (Marshmallow man)
  • Snek + Tareo
  • Zombieman (two, as Jason and a literal zombie)
  • Black Sperm + Gums (Totoro theme)
  • Lightning Max + Genji
  • Bang + Stinger
  • Chain n’Toad (Reaper)
  • Metal Knight (as Wizard of Oz theme, erased; then a literal slab of metal)
  • Child Emperor, Charanko
  • Darkshine, Boros

Pidge: You can call me Katie if you want, seeing as we’re dating.

Lance: I dunno… I think I’ll

stick with Pidge. It suits you better!

Pidge: Oh thank god. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you’d actually started calling me Katie.

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So wait, all of the children fell without any injuries? No broken bones? No concussions? I call shenanigans.


And then several more children fell and it was the best time ever until the reader remembers that Tem!Frisk is writing this… :3

Basically Chara’s powers are the same as they used to be and Chara has to die to reset every time, None of the kids have enough Determination to take over that ability

Technically happening I guess. But it’s only gonna progress with asks, :3c The ending won’t be far away.

WHELP. We had always intended the kids to be ambiguous(minus Anna/Kindness) so that people could decide for themselves while reading the story what the kids are. That makes less restrictions if they related to a character ya know? :D

But I also realize it could be used against those who do decide what they think the kids are and get into fights about it. And I’m not okay with that. So here are the canon pronouns:

Perseverance: they/them
Integrity: She/her
Patience: He/him
Kindness: She/her
Justice: He/him
Bravery: She/her

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something from i hear static! like i dunno something with ghost donnie and casey doin more of that thing they do 😜 thak uuuu friendo

hey friend, here’s something i hope will make your day, since you’ve been ill lately. <3

(this isn’t technically canon, but it could be? idk, have some dumb friends being dumb.)

Casey had been a hundred percent right about how agonizing it was going to be, waiting for the plan to come into effect. Barely two days in, and he was starting to really wonder if it was possible to grab time by the collar and make it go faster.

At the moment, that remained something he personally couldn’t do. Cue him skulking around his apartment, nursing a frustrated and nervous mood.

He was stuck in the weird zone during the day where he was close to when he friends started waking up, but not close enough he could call or drop by without cutting short their sleep. His sister was at a friend’s apartment, his dad was at work for a few more hours… usually this would be an ideal time to chill out and have the television to himself, but at the moment he just felt squirrely and useless.

He stared at the digital numbers on the clock, set on top of their VCR player.

Time. Move faster. For the love of god.

Time didn’t comply.

Casey sighed, and put an arm over his eyes. Flopped across the whole of their shitty old couch, even with the drone of mindless television in the background, he couldn’t relax more than a little bit. Too much was happening lately, but also not enough was happening.

It was a little hard to properly chill out, knowing one of your closest buds was stuck between life and death 24/7 and another was looking too close to that for comfort.

Maybe he should go find some Cheetos. Cheetos made everything better, for however long the bag lasted.

Casey decided that would be a good plan, and rolled himself off the couch and onto his feet.

A spine tingling shiver went up his spine; right to his brain and through his skull.

Casey froze.

Static started to cover up whatever the game show host had been saying; garbling the words and whining through the speakers.

He slowly turned around.

Donnie’s blank eyed face stared at him from inside the television screen, shorting out the picture and filling the whole TV with pixels.

Casey stared at his friend.

“…dude, really?” He gestured at Donnie’s disembodied self inside his electronics. “With the haunting again? I thought you were over that stuff.”

Donnie didn’t answer, but the channel behind his head changed. Jaunty jazz music started playing, but slowed down and warped in parts so the saxophone sounded just plain creepy.

Casey rolled his eyes. “Oh ha ha ha, yeah real funny. I’m getting some Cheetos. You better get out of that thing by the time I’m back, because if you break my family’s television so help me.”

His friend’s image blurred on the screen, and for a moment Casey swore Donnie was sticking his tongue out at him.

Casey rolled his eyes again, and went to find his processed cheese snack.

It figured that when he opened the cupboard, the bag exploded in his face and sent orange dust everywhere.

The television channel changed a second time, playing a laugh track loudly from the living room.

Fucking poltergeists.

Casey wiped his face off with a grumble, rescued what Cheetos were salvageable enough to put in a bowl, and returned to the living room.

“Donnie, whenever you’re corporeal again I’m gonna- oh no you don’t- don’t do that, for fuck’s sake-” Casey sighed, and covered his greasy feeling face. “Donnie. Come on. That’s just freaky looking and kind of dumb.”

He peeked through his fingers.

Yep. Donnie was still hauling himself out of Casey’s television The Ring style.

Fucking. Poltergeists.


This is one of the best and dumbest things I’ve tried to draw so far…

(I forget who it was who said that Obi-wan probably wore a t-shirt with a pumpkin on it for Halloween, and even then only under great duress. Let’s just say that Anakin and Ahsoka had fun making this for him…)