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Teacher cold: it’s like a man cold, in that you bitch to anyone who’ll listen about how shit you feel, but you insist on going to work anyway, because THE KIDS. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE KIDS IF I TAKE THE DAY OFF???

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Alarm -Tom Holland

A/N: This one is trash. This gif and the song Alarm by Ann-Marie are responsible for this imagine, please don’t hate me. Enjoy? Part 2

I set my alarm on 3am in the morning. No I’m not a psychopath and I really love to sleep but Tom just happened to be on a whole different time zone than me. It’s been a little bit over four months since he entered a plain to fly off to film his new movie. It’s been hard. It’s been lonly. Really lonly. This distance thing was just not compatible with my emotional state and I was having a hard time. So was he. That’s the reason why I woke up at three am in the morning everyday to see his stupid face.

My alarm went off and I shut my eyes open being a little baffled for a moment. As I remembered what my alarm was for I reached for my phone and unlocked it.
Seconds later I could see Tom facetiming me and I accepted his call with a sleepy smile.
“Hey.”,I said and rolled onto my back rubbing my eyes, trying to get rid of the slight burning sensation.
“You’re really tired aren’t you?”,he said and I put my hands away immediatly.
“No? Who said that? I could run a marathon.”,I joked and winked at him.
“Shut up. You wouldn’t run a marathon at anytime of the day.”,he chuckled and I smiled again.
“You know me.”,I said and we both fell silent staring at each other and I felt my heart sink.
“I really miss you Tom.”, I finally said and my voice sounded chocked up, not as confident as I would want it to be and he sighed.
“I miss you too.”, he said and ran his fingers through his hair looking really stressed which made me worry.

“Don’t worry about it. You just have a month left.”,I said quickly and put a smile on, which didn’t feel all that real. My heart was pounding in my chest and I couldn’t put my finger on why.
“Tell me about your schedule. What’s next?”,I added and changed the subject to take his mind of the real issue.
“Oh…uh-..there is this event we’re working for which really stresses me out because it is a huge deal. There’ll be an after party to that. I don’t really know if I’ll go there, I have to do this other thing which still needs a lot of work and I’m not even sure…”

“Hey.”,I interrupted him and he looked up into the camera .
“It’s all going to be fine. Don’t stress yourself.”,I tried to calm him but he rolled his eyes.
“Yeah that’s easy for you to say.”,he said and even though I knew that he was salty because of all things he told me about, his attitude still bugged me.
“No need to be an ass about it.”,I said with furrowed brows and he ran his fingers through his hair again. Rougher this time.
“I know! I’m sorry. It’s just so overwhelming and you’re so far away and I just can’t…concentrate.”,he groaned and pressed his palms over his eyes.
“Did you tell Harrison about this, T?”,I asked now really worried but he shook his head.
“It doesn’t matter anyways. I just have to get it done.”,he said and seemed to be annoyed but I couldn’t quite tell why.
“That’s not true. It does matter. I don’t want you to get sick Tom. Please talk to him.”,I tried to convince him but he let his shoulders sink.
“I gotta go, Y/N. We’ll start shooting soon.”


“I love you, darling.”,he said and blew me a kiss.

“Tom!”,I said now more persistent but he just cracked a half smile and waved into the camera.

“I love you too, dumbass. Go be awesome now.”,I said finally and and waved back before he hung up. It’s not really necessary to tell you that I didn’t sleep well that night. Might as well have ran a marathon. Would have been less tiring.


The nice thing about our relationship was that there were no hard feelings after a little argument like that. We just kept going on with our lives because we understood each other. I knew he was being a little butthurt because of the stress and it was understandable.
The next day I didn’t set my alarm because I waited it to be 3am like a psychopath. I was holding my phone in my hand excitedly and smiled to myself. As soon as it was 3:00am I dialled his number and waited with a big grin on my face for him to pick up.
“Hey pretty girl. What’s up?”,he picked up and I squealed while jumping up and down.
“Gues what?!”,I said inbetween my excitement and pressed my palm against my lips.

“What?”,he laughed and his eyes were glowing with curiosity which made me even happier.
“We got it! We got the apartment we were rooting for!”,I exclaimed and and threw my fists into the air.
“Did we really?!”,he said and got up from where he was standing.
“Yes. Yes. Yes! The agent called today. I didn’t want to wake you up from your sleep. You barely get any.”,I said and smiled from ear to ear.

“I wish I could’ve been there. I wish I could hold you right now.”,he sighed and let himself fall onto the couch in his trailer.
“I know. Me too. But keep your head up. We will be having our own apartment soon. Do you know what that means? I’ll be always there when you come home. Even if it is late in the night and you can come cuddle with me or not. I mean we can do lots of other things in bed, you know…Try to think of that.”,I teased him and he playfully glared at me.

“Can I tell you something?”,he asked suddenly. We fell silent and were just enjoying each others company when he broke the silence. I knew he would, I waited for him to break it because I knew something was troubling him. He had this restless expression on his face where he would furrow his brows slightly and chew on his bottom lip.
“Of course. Shoot.”,I said and looked at my feet which were leaned up against the wall. Was that a different shade of blue on my right foot? Damn it.
“I’m having troubles.”

My head shot to my phone and I saw him look down on his feet. But I didn’t say anything because I saw that he needed time to process what he was going to say.

“I’m really having a hard time over here.”, he said and fell silent for quiet some time and panick started to rise in my chest.

“What is it Tom? You can tell me.”,I assured him with a gentle voice and wished he was right next to me so I could lay my arm around him or just take his hand in mine.
He opened his mouth to go on when suddenly I heared a knock on his door.
“Wait a second…”,he said and put his phone on to the table so that I watched the ceiling for a couple of minutes.
“Darling, I need to go. There is a complication with the event next week.”,he said as he picked his phone up and I nodded.

“Yeah, thought so. Go. I’ll call you tomorrow. We really do need to talk Tom.”,I said carefully and he nodded but was lost in his thoughts.
“Love you.”,he said and after I told him also, he was gone.
That was our last nice moment I would ever remember about us. That was also the only moment he tried to tell me about his issues.


From that day on everything began to go downhill. While I wad at home, trying to organize the apartment thing, being excited, Tom was stressed.

“Tom?“I asked for the third time and he snapped.

“What? Y/N I really don’t have time for this and I don’t really care right now! I’m trying to organize last things about the event in three days and you are asking me about a contract? Hell I don’t know okay? I don’t care! ”,he almost yelled and I was shocked. He sighed and started massaging his temples with his free hand, obviously annoyed with me. The thing that I was bothering him with and that he didn’t really care about was our future. That hit me right in the guts. I was only asking him about when we’d be able to sign the contract. A simple question. I felt a knot build in my throat and my eyes started watering and I became angry with myself. I looked down not wanting him to see how much he got to me.

“Darling, I’m sorry. Everyone is pressuring me right now. I didn’t mean to take it out on…”

“I think we should hang up.”,I interrupted him and didn’t look up, trying to gather myself together before I would look into his eyes.

“Y/N please! I didn’t mean-…I wasn’t…”

“I need to go Tom. Go finish your work. I’ll finish mine.”,I interrupted him again and he fell silent.

“Bye.”,I only said and hung up on him without waiting for an answer.
He called four times after I hung up and sent me three messages but I ignored all of them. If I talk to him right now, this is going to become a huge argument. We’re both on the edge of our nerves and we don’t need to stress that.

We didn’t talk for three days in which his important event happened. I had time to cool off and called him the morning after the event but he didn’t pick up. He was probably asleep with a huge headache. I smiled to myself imagening him having a hangover and sleeping it out, on his belly, face burried into the pillow. I called him five hours later but he didn’t pick up. Now it was getting a little weird because he should be awake by now. I shrugged my shoulders and decided to wait and not push him. He was probably still busy. Post event things? Who knows. I made myself a nice cup of sugary tea and chose a movie to watch while I waited for him to call back.

But he didn’t.

I called him the following two days three times a day but he did not answer once. Finally, it was a thursday night, I called Harrison when my alarm went off at 3am in the morning.
“Hey!”,he picked up and I exhaled thankfully.
“Harrison! Thank god! Is Tom with you?”,I said immediatly and and walked up and down in my living room.
“Y/N! Hey- yeah,uh…i mean no. He is not. He is…out?”,he stuttered and I furrowed my brows.

“Harrison.”,I said with a warning tone.

“Alright I’m officially stepping out of this. You guys need to talk. That’s all I’m going to say. No Tom I won’t shut up. You shut up. Gosh! You’re the one with the problem and I am…”, he kept talking but the rest got cut off as he hung up. Oh shit. This was about the other night. I broke his heart. I should have been supporting him through his stressfull times but I blocked him. I pushed him away.

I took my phone and wrote him a message.

Dearest love,
I fucked up. I am so sorry for pushing you away when you needed me the most. I’m sorry for being a bitch (even though you were a dick to me before that but that is long forgiven)
Tom, I always want to be by your side even if you have to be away for several months for shooting and promo. I’ll be done with college in a year and than I’ll be able to travel with you. We’ll have the best time of our lives. I’ll be waiting for your return in two weeks. We’ll talk this out when you come back, just know that I still love you. From all my heart.

I sent it and waited for an answer with a big smile on my face. The smile faded with every passing minute. He didn’t reply and I was left a crying mess the whole night. I messed up big time.


I came back from college the next day feeling numb the whole time and threw myself on the couch. I didn’t eat much and my body felt sore. I was watching a TV show when someone knocked on the door. When I looked at the clock I wondered who it could be. It was past midnight.
When I opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Tom?!”,I squealed and threw myself around his neck, pulling his body close to mine, breathing in his scent.
“What are you doing here?! Come in!”,I said and pulled him inside closing the door behind us.
“I missed you so much.”, I sighed and pulled him towards me again and placed my lips against his. It took him some time to kiss me back but when he did I felt my heart lighten. Like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.
He pulled away after a few seconds and stepped back. I was going to say something but he held me off.

“We need to talk.”,he said and his chocked up voice made my body stiffen.
“What is it?”,I said and furrowed my brows worriedly.
He looked up from the floor and I thought my heart stopped when he looked into my eyes. His beautiful brown eyes were red and watery from crying, his lips were trembling and swollen because of the constant biting.

“Tom what happened?”, I said now panick rising in my voice and then it hit me.

“First I want you to know that I still love you with all my heart and I am so, so sorry for what happened. You’re the only one I love, you have to believe me…”

“What happened?”,I interrupted him and formed my hands into fists by my side trying to controll my rising anger. This couldn’t be happening.

“I cheated on you.”

My world stopped spinning. My heart stopped pounding. Everything was awefully silent. It was too loud.

“What did you say?”

“Please, you have to listen to me! I’m begging you. I didn’t mean to…I was anxious and stressed. Frustrated really. I know these aren’t excuses for what I did but…”

“Did you kiss her?”,I interrupted him without listening to him and he held his breath.

“Answer me! Did you?!”,I screamed and he nodded.

“I did.”

“Did-…Did you sleep with her?”






“I did.”

I fucked up. I am so sorry. My words echoed in my head. I am so fucking dumb.

Before I knew what I did I already had smacked him right across his face. My whole body was shivering and it felt like the room was spinning.
A sobb escaped my throat and I pressed my palm against my mouth to stop the rest. I just threw myself at him and kissed him like a fucking moron! My sight got blurry because of the tears in my eyes and finally they escaped. It was a silent cry. One where you know that it has no point. One you know, will destroy you.
I stumbled back slowly and shook my head trying to get rid of the images my mind made up of him being tangled in bed with another.

“Please you need to listen to me. It was a big mistake. You have to believe me. I don’t even know her. It just…happened. I was confused and on edge. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I need you to…”

“Shut up. Shut up! Shut the fuck up!”, I screamed and pulled at my own hair while shaking my head furiously. And then I went mad. I stormed towards him and started throwing punches and pushed him backwards out of the room while yelling at him.

“Get out! Get the fuck out! I don’t want to see you. Leave!”

I slammed the door shut and slid to the floor balling my eyes out for the love of my life. He did the same thing on the other side of the door.

The alarm in my bedroom went off. It was time to call him.

He fucked up big time.

Phone vendor gets more calls than he expected

This happened around twenty years back.

I was looking to buy a secondhand cellphone.  The place to go for such things at the time was a physical paper released every Thursday and devoted solely to classified ads for stuff being sold.  This paper didn’t actually charge you to place an ad - it charged you only if your item sold.  If you paid the fee upon sale they would kill the ad; if you didn’t, then your ad was run for four or five editions of the paper.   One consequence of all this was that immoral humans would tell the paper that their items had not been sold when in fact they had, thus denying the paper its fee and leaving their pointless ad to continue running.

So one Thursday, I buy this classified ads paper. I find a good phone at a great price (Nokia 8210 for anyone who cares…this was circa 1999), and I call the landline number listed in the ad.  The home’s patriarch answers and puts on the vendor, who I’m guessing is maybe 18. He tells me the phone has been sold that morning.  Okay, thanks, bye.

I don’t buy a phone that week, so the following Thursday, I buy that week’s paper to look again.  And the ad is still there.

So I call this guy again, and say I’m ringing about the cellphone.  This conversation ensues:

Him: I’ve sold it.

Me: But it’s only 10am.  When did you sell it?

Him: This morning.

Me: Well that’s funny, because you told me exactly the same thing when I called you last Thursday.

Him: AWWW FUCK YOU MATE!!! [slams down phone]

Well now I’m pissed off.  This guy has wasted my time and abused me because I called him out for his shit. Time to get even.

As it happens, every Saturday the major newspaper in the same city had a classifieds section that allowed up to five free ads per week for items priced below $100.  So I submitted five ads for a variety of items, with his landline as the contact number.  I can now only remember three of them:

1. “Trombone - used once, child decided he doesn’t like it, just want to get rid of it, $99.”  The other ads for good student trombones at that time seemed to mostly be around $300.

2. “Playboy magazines, complete series from 1972 to current day, great condition, only a few centrefolds missing, $99.”

3. “Nokia 8210, great condition, only a month old, $99”. At that point 8210s were worth about $300.   (This ad was designed to ensure the victim could work out who’d placed all the ads.)

Saturday comes. It’s mid morning, and my best friend is at my house. I commission him to place a call to the victim’s number.   The call is answered by a kid who my friend says couldn’t have been more than four years old.   Here is the ensuing conversation as relayed to me, verbatim.

4yo: Hello?

My friend: Oh hi, I’m calling about the trombone?

4yo: IT’S SOLD!!!!!! [slams down phone]

They’d received so many calls, they’d instructed their toddler on how to shut them down.

Revenge: acquired.

TL;DR- got screwed around when trying to buy a secondhand phone, made the vendor’s landline ring off the hook for hours / days.

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The Shield x Reader One Shot request - One Night

I fumbled with the key, cussing as I jiggled it in the door but it didn’t budge.

“Fuckin’ hell,” I muttered under my breath as I tried again. This time it worked but not because of my key. The door swung open and I was met with a pair of amused brown eyes.

“Can we get this stupid ass door fixed sometime soon,” I grumbled as I stepped in and tossed my purse on the nearby table.

“Well, hello to you, too,” Seth grinned down at me as he kissed the top of my head.

“The door works just fine for all of us, babe, so maybe you should work on learning how to use keys instead of complaining about doors.” Roman’s deep voice was full of laughter as he wrapped me up in a quick hug.

“Fuck all of you,” I grumbled as I untangled myself from him and made a beeline for the fridge.

“What’s up buttercup,” Dean came around the corner and gave my shoulder a quick squeeze as he walked by me in the kitchen.

“Not much, D, not much,” I grinned in spite of my foul mood as I grabbed a Stella from the fridge. Loud throat clearing from behind me clued me in to the need for a few more beers. I grabbed three more and spun around, placing them on the island. “Use your words, guys,” I smirked as I slid the beers towards each of them.

“Our method seemed to work just fine,” Seth said innocently.

“Savages.” I called back as I headed towards the huge couch in the family room.

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Day Three: Head of Slytherin

I’ve always wondered what Snape was like as Head of House. We don’t get to see much of him around the Slytherins except when Harry is pleasant (and we pretty much know by now that Harry brings out the worst in Snape). They claim that he favorites his own house, but he never awards points to Slytherin at any point through the series, not like McGonagall who gives Gryffindor copious amounts in book five–fifty each for Neville, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Harry, and then fifty to Ravenclaw for Luna. And let’s not even talk about Dumbledore’s blatant favoritism toward the Gryffindors. 

But we never see Snape award points to Slytherin, which is a feat in itself. For having the tales of playing favorites all the time, the best evidence for this is that he always seems to find the opportunity to rob Gryffindor of points. 

Yet, for the most part, the Slytherins seem to respect him as their Head. Moody-Impostor drags Malfoy off to Snape after the ferret incident in book four. When Slughorn was Head, a lot of Slytherins defected to the dark side; the stereotype of “There wasn’t a witch or wizard who went bad who wasn’t in Slytherin” could not have borne itself (though Snape’s memories from the Hogwarts Express indicate that Slytherin was already strongly disliked). And I think when you look at Slughorn’s rather inattentive teaching style, you can find exactly why. 

Slughorn did not value all of his snakes. He couldn’t even be bothered to remember his students’ names in the sixth book, only focusing on those who he felt would amount to something. And the young Slytherins needed someone to turn to and rely on. They found that in Voldemort, an incredibly powerful wizard who claimed to have their best interests at heart. Snape was a direct victim of this mindset, and I think that probably would have fed into his style of manning his house. 

So what was Snape like above Slytherin house? We can really only headcanon and dream about this, but I like to think that he was a little bit more involved than McGonagall in Gryffindor if only out of sheer necessity from the conflated hostilities directed at his house. He also had the strongest group of prejudiced pureblood students on his hands–and he had to find a way to save face in Death Eater circles while protecting his other house members from their influence.

Was he successful? The only major indicator is in book two–the password to the Slytherin common room, pureblood. But it also raises questions, as we don’t know who sets the password. It seems like in book three that the portrait sets the password, as Sir Cadogan keeps changing it on the Gryffindor students. And it would look incredibly suspicious for a Death Eater to argue it out with a picture on the wall that pureblood wizards are not superior. Snape had a lot of battles to fight. If he even knew about the password (after all, how often do we see McGonagall in the Gryffindor common room?), it’s most probably a battle he chose not to fight. 

But look at the turn out. The only Slytherin students under Snape who became Death Eaters were the ones whose parents were Death Eaters–Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. While book six demonstrates many of the Slytherin students to have bad attitudes regarding blood status, they all leave during the Battle of Hogwarts except for the three aforementioned (and I refuse to believe, honestly, that out of the entire Slytherin house, not a single student stayed and fought against Voldemort, especially given that both notable Heads of House were active participants in the war). 

Snape did something to spare Slytherin students from the Death Eaters. We don’t know what he did, but for some reason, they turned away from the option that their predecessors used for support. Now, I highly doubt that Snape had Therapy Thursdays where he called all of his troubled students into his office to have group talks about their feelings with a purring cat or well-trained dog for comfort. But support doesn’t necessarily have to come in open and blatant words and gestures. 

I don’t think that Snape’s wrongful victimization of the favored Gryffindor house was directed at Gryffindor at all. I think it was directed at Slytherin. Snape, who had never known solidarity in his school years, expressed in the only way he knew how, “I am on your side,” to the students who needed to feel that the most. Those students weren’t the Gryffindors, the most well-loved house, the ones that everyone supported, the brave and foolhardy and popular. They were the Slytherins, already high risk of turning to the dark in a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

How many students, following the second war, approached a marble headstone and bowed their heads to the man who had saved them from making the worst mistake of their lives? How many whispered quiet words of, “Thank you”? 

Because, all along, someone had their best interests in mind. 

Once a week, as a treat, usually on a Saturday, one of the other patients and I order a Dominoes. After 5 months of me ringing up they know me pretty well by now. As it’s my last night on the ward, we decided to celebrate with a pizza. I called up and they asked me why I’m ringing on a Thursday night, so I explained the situation and that this would be the last time I’ll be ringing. When the delivery turned up, they gave me a free extra pizza and they had written this on the box. So chuffed, that’s made my day!

Hey folks! Paul here with an update–Meg and I had a good week illustrating! Since we skipped a couple posts, I’m calling this FEATHERED FRIDAY, THUNDER THURSDAY, and TUTOR TUESDAY all-in-one.

Bird art? Check.
Project update? Check.
Tutorial? Let’s say…

How to Have a Productive Week (3 Steps):

  1. Work hard. (Bonus points if you have a great partner!)
  2. Get a lot done.

More to come next week! Have a good one til then,

- Paul

Met up with @yuzuruspoohsan today, and lemme tell you this guys, the world needs to know this, cause she’s so CUTE I can’t handle!!!! 

//she posted everything we did so this is just my post about her cuteness haha XD

I ran late to meet her at Kinokuniya (my bad luck is on its peak today hah), I got into the store, she turned around and wow. With a small silver pin, she was wearing a jeans dress, a cute pair of brown oxford and has this blue bag with many cute accessories hanging on her shoulder. And she talks in a cute voice and blushes sometimes. I mean, it’s such a shame all those things doesn’t show in photos and her videos.

Yes, don’t let her posts and blog fool you, she’s A REAL CUTIE!!!!

PS: Damn I should have taken a proper photo of her dress, but well this is the only photo I have, edited by Su:

The Sneering

I worked at a HomeBADS store last winter. The whole place was built in the ruins of an old SNEERS ROEBUTT & Co. department store.


My boss, Mr. U (officious little prick) trained me in my duties, such as helping customers, opening up and closing, heating different sections of the building, dumping the old boiler, and making sure the elements don’t get a foothold.

He told me that this HomeBADS was built on the ruins of an old SNEERS ROEBUTT & Co. department store, and that when they were opening HomeBADS here, they actually had to repel a few SNEERS employee attacks. He also informed me that my predecessor went crazy a few winters ago and killed his coworkers, then himself. One of my coworkers warned me to stay out of the old swimwear section (or rather what used to be the old swimwear section when this place was still SNEERS), something bad happened there once.


As I made my rounds, did my daily routine and duties, the place….seemed to take on a life of its own. I felt like I had been here before, but this was my first time here, as far as I knew. I was walking through the isles on a slow winter day, and saw two twin girls holding hands. They were wearing HomeBADS uniforms, and I said “Oh…I didn’t realize you two worked here.” They grinned at me and said “Come work with us….forever….and ever….and ever!” Then they disappeared.



I was walking about the aisles, when a doe eyed, red haired woman in sneakers, tights, legwarmers, a leotard, an elastic belt, and a sweatband with wrist sweat cuffs was staring blankly ahead at me. “Can I help you, ma'am?” I asked her. “I’m looking for a small trampoline. Where can I find that?” she asked in a sad monotone voice. “Well, we don’t carry…” I replied, but before I could finish, she let out a sad sight and vanished, she liked like dust blowing in a breeze as she faded away. “What the hell…!?” was all I could say.


A group of kids in bright colored clothes and hairstyles I haven’t seen in over 25 years approached me and asked me where the Nintendo Games were, they asked if we carried the…“Power Pad” and the games for it. I blinked for a second, and they were gone.


“Emily! The war is over! Come, I have a coupon! Let us gather the family, and have our picture taken at the portrait studio!”

A well dressed army officer, in an outdated uniform walked about the store, calling out to someone I couldn’t see.

“The hounds, Emily! The hounds are hungry! The hounds are calling!”


I walked about the store aisles, grunting, shaking, thrusting my arms. I saw the elevator doors open, and blood pouring out of them ahain, as I had been seeing for a while. Whenever I reported these strange incidents, nobody believed me so I stopped getting concerned. The phantom customers, spooky “coworkers”, and odd occurrences in general became the norm for me.

I went up to an old jewelry counter, and buried my face in my hands, moaning. Then I looked up and I saw Floyd at the counter. “Hello, Floyd! How ya’ doing?”. Floyd smiled at me, and said “Oh I’m just fine, madame. And yourself?”.

“Things could be better, Floyd. Things could be better.” I said. I looked around. “Things are kinds slow around here, huh Floyd?”. “Yes, madame.” I smiled and we talked about the store about things in general. Floyd suggested I try on this beautiful necklace that “just came in”. It was exquisite! I saw it in the small mirror on the counter and I said “I’ll take it!”. I opened my wallet but found no cash.

“Say, Floyd. I seem to be temporary light here. How’s my credit?”. Floyd replied with “No worries, your credit is fine!” All you have to do is kill your coworkers!“.

"Well, I dunno…” I said.

“They’ll be happier as ghosts, just like the customers.” Floyd assured me. “You don’t seem that happy.” I replied. “Oh, what? I’m happy, I’m VERY happy! ‘La-la-la-lalalala! I’m happy!’ Now waste your coworkers, and the necklace is yours!” Floyd replied in an exasperated tone.


I walked into a section of the store where I wasn’t supposed to go, and I saw swimsuits hanging up. And curtained dressing rooms.

A woman opened the curtain of one of the dressing rooms. She wore a one piece, striped swimsuit from another era. “Does this make me look fat?” she asked me. I took another look and saw a cadaverous woman in that same swimsuit. She walked towards me arms outstretched, and went “BWAAA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! AHHHH HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!” I freaked out and ran out of there.


I found myself at a typewriter, typing over and over again. I happened to notice that the words on the paper were “COME SEE THE SOFTER SIDE OF SNEERS” over and over again.

Later that day, a man who looked like Al from Home Improvement asked me where he could find the hardware department, and as I was about to tell him we didn’t have a hardware department, this is HomeBADS, he vanished.

I then ran into a man who used to be a manager here at HomeBADS, not long ago. His name was Grody…Dullbert Grody…he told me how his coworkers were upset by this place, and by him…one of them even stole a box of matches, and tried to burn the place down, but he…corrected them. He said I needed to do the same, if I were to be an effective manager.

My coworkers became concerned with my behavior. At one point, I had one of them cornered on the staircase, and she had to knock me out with a baseball bat, drag me to a closet in the breakroom and lock me in there. “You can come out when you’re no longer insane!”.

I ate the snacks and sipped the bottled water stored in there. Someone knocked on the closet door. “This is Mr. Grody, madame. The ghouls and I are concerned with the progress, or rather lack thereof, regarding you and your coworkers. We did give you that lovely necklace, and we would hate to take it back!” Said Mr. Grody. “Can’t talk, eating!” I said with a mouthful of ultra stale Eagle potato chips that had been in that storage room forever. “Oh for God’s sake!” said Mr. Grody. The door opened, and all of the ghost customers and my ghost coworkers, including Floyd and Mr. Grody, pulled me put of the storage closet as I kicked and screamed. They handed me an axe, and Mr. Grody told me to get to work.

I chopped open a door and said “It’s the Caroll Burnett show, brought to you by SNEERS…!” an empty room. “Damn!” I walked off, but not before tugging my ear.

I chopped open another door and sang the opening theme to the Tracy Ullman show. This time I was looking at an empty stairwell. “Damn!”

Finally, I chopped open a door someone had written “REDRUM” on for some reason, and I shouted through the hole “LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!” and I gave a devilish grin though the hole. “AHHHHHH!” My coworkers scattered like rabbits. I chased after all of them, limping as I held the axe, my necklace gently swishing about.

I went though what used to be the shoe section of SNEERS, and saw phantom customers sitting on chairs that were no longer there, just floating there, trying on shoes none of them sold here at HomeBADS.

I ran through the old electronics section past phantom kid customers standing in front of store demo game setups that were no longer there, as they help NES controllers that were plugged into nothing.

I ran past the exercise equipment, the doe eyed woman I had first seen now happily bouncing on a small trampoline. “I’ll take it!” she said.

I chased my coworkers all over the store. We ran through the old portrait studio, and almost ruined a phantom family’s photo session with the photographer.

My coworkers escape outside, and I chased them, shouting “I’m coming!” along with indistinguishable howling. I eventually sat in the snow, and I froze solid.

My brother came to get me. “I spoke to your boss. He was really mad about you chopping holes in the doors, and scaring your coworkers like that. He has no idea where you got this axe, but you can’t bring something like that to work. He says you’re fired, and he gave me your last paycheck, to give to you.”

I said nothing.

“You wanna go home, get showered and changed?” he asked me. “NO.” I replied.

“You wanna stay there some more and be frozen?” my brother asked me. “Yes.” I replied.

“You want me to bring you some Carl’s the Third?” he asked me. “Okay.” I replied.

“What do you want from Carl’s the Third?” my brother asked. “3 piece chicken tenders. Small fries, and small Dr. Pepper.” I replied. My brother nodded, put an amazing-on gift card in my shirt pocket, wrapped me in a blanket from his car trunk, kissed me on the forehead, and said “I’ll be right back. Nice necklace, by the way.” I said nothing more than “Thank you.”

A few minutes later, my boss walked up to me with a troubled expression, and showed me an old black and white framed picture that he had found in the building. It had a crowd of grinning people, in period attire, and at the front of the crowd was a woman who looked EXACTLY LIKE ME, but her clothes were different, and she was wearing the same necklace as mine. The caption on the photo just below her in the picture read



David Tennant and Freema Agyeman - Out and about

Reaction #39: “Brother’s Best Friend II”



Baekhyun walked into Chanyeol’s house with a large pizza box and a small one..  He heard the TV going, as usual, it was a thursday night, and Chanyeol watches forensic files with his sister on Thursdays.  

“I brought pizza!”  Baekhyun called coming into the living room.  Chanyeol stood up grabbing the large box and putting the little one back on his hand.  Baekhyun rolled his eyes walking next to you and dropping the pizza in front of you.  All three of you had fallen into this routine.  Every thursday night, Baekhyun would come over with pizza, either prepaid for by Chanyeol, or split between the three of you, on rare occasion the parents.  Than all three of you would watch either forensic files or some other I’D show, trying to guess who did.  Chanyeol would sit on the chair, he claimed as himself, while Baekhyun and you would be sharing the loveseat.  Baekhyun grabbed a slice from the large as you grabbed one from the small.  Sliding under the blanket, Baekhyun hit your knee trying to get you to move over.  

“Shush!  We are going to see if it was the boyfriend.”  Chanyeol yelled from his seat.  Baekhyun took a giant bite while you nibbled your focus on the TV.  After the second episode, Baekhyun relaxed in his seat, and noticed for the first time that your legs were thrown over his lap.  You relaxed against the side, your homework on your lap.  Baekhyun was sure that you had down this millions of times before.  Even Chanyeol wasn’t flinching of the contact between the two of you.  This was the first time, he noticed how you focused, the way your legs twitched at intense moments, the way you slowly move as not to disturb him.  You legs under his hand, he would absent mindedly run circles with his thumb underneath the blanket.  He can’t remember doing it before.  She moved her leg jerking, as Baekhyun’s snapped to attention.  

“What?”  He whispered.  Chanyeol had gone up to get a drinks for everyone.  

“That tickles.”  You nod.  Baekhyun looked down to see his hand on her knee, his thumb had stopped moving, but he knew what she was talking about.  


“Could you put the blanket back, my feet are cold.”  Baekhyun slide the blanket back up, not knowing what had gotten into him, but he could still feel your skin burned into his hand, the tingling feeling making his heart flutter.   

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Chanyeol and Kyungsoo were friends since middle school.  Kyungsoo was a baseball player, while Chanyeol was in soccer, but the two found that they had a lot in common.  It was just like every day at lunch, when Kyungsoo sighed nodding to his sister sitting out under a tree.

“I wish she would dig her head out of the books long enough to meet friends.”  Chanyeol kept his gaze on you, your hair blowing slightly in the wind, the sun hitting your skin just right, the perfect scene where he thought he had never seen something as beautiful.  You looked up, wondering whose eyes were on you.  Connecting his his for a second, Chanyeol found his heart beating slightly faster than normal.  Feelings came after him, wondering how long it would be until he could talk to you.  

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Jong-dae was over once more at Jongin’s house.  Watching old film reels of their rivals trying to find new ways to beat them at the next game.  You were in the dining room, your glasses on, as you were typing away on your laptop.  Jongdae grabbed the bowl of chips heading into the kitchen.  You pulled in your chair to let him through, his eyes glancing over the open textbook next to you, heading into the kitchen, you went to drink a sip of tea, but you were out.  Sighing you stood and walked into the kitchen, Jongdae was just about to leave with his snacks, when both of you bumped into each other.  His arm quickly wrapping around your waist to keep you from falling, while he quickly put the snacks down as not to spill.  Your hands gripped his shirt close, as both of you regained your balance.  Your glasses had slid down your nose, almost falling off.  Jongdae reached up straightening them.  He smiled as your cheeks red.  

“Sorry.”  You looked down away from him.  Jongdae liked how shy you were being.  Your hands against his chest, he found himself wanting to prolong holding you.  

“It’s no big deal.  I’m glad you weren’t hurt.”  You nodded, letting go of his shirt.  Jong-dae unwrapped his arm from you.  Grabbing the snacks he went back to the living room, but paused to look over his shoulder, you quickly looked away, smiled thinking of how cute you looked when you were blushing.  

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Theft isn't victimless and yes I did take it personally.

(warning: long story)

This was about 2 years ago while I was living at my buddys place. His place wasn’t in the best part of town, so theft happens all the time and for the large part most of these crimes are met with a “sucks to be you” attitude from the police who then create a report and forget anything happened entirely.

OK, so i wake up early on Thursday morning with a call from my roommate who was running to work at 5AM and he explains the detached garage has been broken into. The thief broke in through the window and stole a bunch of stuff with highlights being Milwaukee drills, motorcycle jackets, and the receiver and the sub from one of those “surround sound systems in a box” packages deals but leaves the speakers around the rest of the place. Saying I was livid is an understatement, I work hard for my things and have no intention of replacing them so some dick can sell them for a very small profit. So for roughly then next 4 days my focus is entirely on this and you’ll see why shortly.

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History we never wrote…

Saturday - 18 Feb 2017: I met a wonderful human being, we connected.

Sunday: Spent the whole day with him and my friend..eating, having drinks, talking having meaningless silly funny conversation.
We parted that night, he gave me a warm tight hug.

Monday: We spoke on the phone, reminded me how drunk me and my friend were on Sunday night and I apologized. We were making plans to spending more time together.

Tuesday: We texted, I replied to his last message almost an hour late and never got a follow up text. I tried calling him and his phone just rang.

Wednesday: I texted him a ‘hey’ and still my text went unread, didn’t get a reply. I tried calling him that day and the phone just kept ringing and he never returned any of my calls…

Thursday: I figured he just didn’t want to talk or see me anymore since my drunk behaviour and I needed to let it go. I texted my friend telling her how strange this was that he just disappeared; she told me she also hadn’t heard anything from his cousin since we last saw him on Sunday morning.

Friday: My friend got a text early in the morning from the cousin saying “ Hey there, sorry I’ve been quiet but my cousin was killed on Tuesday” and she forwarded it to me. We wondered which cousin this was and had to wait for a call back. I went to work and couldn’t stop thinking about him and I knew that it was him…that he was gone.
Around lunch time I got a call confirming it was him…he was no more.

It’s only been 6 days and I am still in disbelief, in shock.

I wonder what was the point of meeting you only have you killed 3 days later??? I know I’m one of the last people you spoke to and I hope you never forget me.


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My job fired me bc I was sick for two days and was removed from the system. It was my last day anyway but like ... I called in sick on Tuesday and then y'all wanted me on Thursday but I was still sick unable to call in??? & no one told me I was fired?? I was told WHEN i tried coming in for work on FRIDAY when I was a little bit better. Also my mom (bc I'm a MINOR) is gonna write a letter to corporate bc there were a lot of problems (like eating peanuts in the back & never finishing my training)