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Hey there. I was at the pet store today and saw a beautifully colored albino cornsnake; fall colors of reds+orange and a little yellow, with some white. It made me wonder, why are they called albino's if they come in such vibrant colors?

GOOD QUESTION! So basically, albinism is a condition that knocks out a pigment called melanin. This is the primary pigment in many animals, including mammals and birds. It colors skin, hair, scales, feathers, and eyes. There’s different types of melanin that produce colors on a spectrum ranging from deep black to sandy blonde. But while melanin is the primary pigment in mammals, it’s not the only pigment in reptiles! Reptiles actually have two types of pigment-producing cells. The first, melanocytes, produce melanin. In an albino animal, those are basically turned off and the skin is white or pinkish from the blood circulating beneath it. But reptiles also have what’s called chromatophores. Chromatophores produce many other pigments. Two of these are xanthophores (yellow) and erythrophores (a range of red to purplish, depending on the species). Some reptiles have iridiophores (which produce iridescent colors) and there’s two other common pigments known as guanophores and leucophores (two different versions of white). Each of these pigments is affected by different mutations! So for example, my Kenyan sand boa is anerythristic, which means that the genes that control red pigment (the erythrophores) have been turned off- giving me a black and white snake instead of a black and orange snake like a normal KSB. My ball pythons are both axanthic, which means that the genes that control yellow pigment (xanthophores) have been turned off. These snakes don’t produce these pigments, and so that changes their color!

So that snake you saw was an albino in that they don’t produce melanin! But their other pigments are unaffected by the mutation, so they can still exhibit gorgeous shades of red, yellow, and orange! 

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what does Chalo's full name mean?

“Chalo” is the Malawian-ization of Charlie, “Chalosi” is the Malawian-ization of Charles, “Chambezi” is the Malawian-ization of my last name, and the leg bone’s connected to the hip bone, the hip bone’s connected to the back bone, etc.

His full name is Astronaut Chalosi Chambezi Esq., MFA, because he’s an aerospace lawyer with a degree in poetry.

Hello, it’s Kristopher - again - with another new podcast: Suburbia is Hell! This podcast takes place in a world where humans and monsters coincide - though there is a lot of prejudice for the latter - and more specifically focuses on the struggles and such of a found family of monsters, who not only have to deal with bigoted humans, but other monsters as well. This casting call only covers the primary family, but we will be posting another call for the first season’s primary villains! If you are interested at all in voice acting for this project, the information is under the cut!

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Catalan: school vocabulary

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Inspired by this post. I’ve also added some info about Spain’s educative system as well as the situation of Catalan in education (it’s different in each area).

l’escola (f) - school

el col·legi - school

l’institut (m) - high school (in Spain we do not have middle school)

l’estudiant (m & f) - student

la universitat - university

el professor - teacher

el mestre - teacher (normally from primary school)

el catedràtic - professor (university)

l’educació - education

l’educació primària - primary school

E.S.O (Educació Secundària Obligatòria) - secondary school (the first four years)

el Batxillerat - Equivalent to UK’s A levels.

(les) Matemàtiques - Maths

(la) Biologia - Biology

(la) Física i Química - Physics and Chemistry

Plàstica - Art

(la) Informàtica - IT

(la) Música - Music

Tecnologia - Technology

(les) Ciències Socials - Social sciences

(les) Ciències Naturals - Natural sciences

(la) Religió - Religion

(la) Llengua i Literatura - Language & Literature

(l’) Anglès (m) - English

(l’) Educació Física (f) - Physical Education (PE)

Llatí - Latin

Grec Clàssic - Ancient Greek

Filosofia - Philosophy

(la) Història - History

(la) Història del Art - History of Art

(la) Història del món contemporani - Contemporary History

(l’) Economia (f) - Economics

Geografia - Geography

el material - material

el pupitre - desk

la llibreta - notebook

la calculadora - calculator

el mapa - map

la carpeta - binder

el clarió - chalk

el llapis/la llapissera - pencil

el bolígraf (boli) - pen

els deures - homework

el diccionari - dictionary

la goma (d’esborrar) - eraser

el projector - overhead projector

el llibre - book

l’estoig (m) - pencil case

el paper - paper

la motxilla - backpack

la pissarra - blackboard

la pissarra digital - digital blackboard

la classe - classroom/lesson

l’aula (f) - classroom

la biblioteca - library

el bibliotecari - librarian

el hall - hall

la sala de professors - staff room

el vestuari - locker room

els banys - toilets

el laboratori - laboratory

el gimnàs - gym

el pati - the playground

l’esplai (m) - the break

el director - the headmaster

el menjador - dinning hall

l’alumne (m) - pupil

aprendre - to learn

debatre - to debate

l’uniforme (m) - uniform

l’examen/el control - exam

alçar la mà - to put one’s hand up

fer una pregunta - to ask a question

escriure - to write

apuntar - to write down

llegir - to read

el text - text

l’AMPA (f) (Associació de Mares i Pares d’Alumnes) - Association of Students’ Mothers and Fathers

C.E.I.P (m) (Col·legi d’Educació Infantil i Primària) - Pre-school and Primary education school

In Spain, children start school at the age of 3, in a level called “Eduació infantil”, which lasts until you are 6, when you start “Educació primària” (primary school). Most children spend infantil (as we call it) and primària in the same school, which means that we spend 9 years in the same school. Primary school has 6 years, and every two years your teacher changes. You have the same teacher for every subject, except for PE and some other subjects which can be more specific.

At the age of 12, Spanish students start high school. If you went to a public primary school, that means that you will study secondary education in a different place. Private schools, though, tend to have all the years, so most students start there when they are 3 and leave at the age of 18. Uniforms are only used in private schools/high schools.

The first four years of high school are compulsory, and they’re known as ESO (literally “that”, in Spanish), or Educació Secundària Obligatòria (Compulsory Secondary Education). You finish at the age of 15/16.

Then, students can study el Batxillerat, Formació Professional or they can start working. El Batxillerat is divided into el Batxillerat de Ciències (Baccalaureate of Science), Batxillerat de Ciències Socials (Baccalaureate of Social sciences), Batxillerat Humanístic (Baccalaureate of Humanities) and Batxillerat Artístic (Baccalaureate of Arts). It lasts two years, and it is not compulsory. Afterwards, at the age of 18, students can take the national exam needed to go to university PAU (Proves d’Accés a la Universitat). FUN FACT: There’s a huge rivalry between students from el Batxillerat de Ciències and el Batxillerat Humanístic.

Formació Professional (FP) is another path students can take. It focuses more on practical stuff, rather than theory. Students can go to university once they finish 4 years (or two, if they have studied el Batxillerat before) of FP.

University lasts four years, except for some degrees, such as Medicine, which take longer.

Catalan is compulsory in the Spanish regions where it is official (Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia). In Catalonia, students take all the subjects in Catalan (except for Spanish, English, etc.), while in Valencia and the islands students can decide whether they want to study all the subjects in Catalan (except for Spanish, English, etc.) or if they want to study everything in Spanish (except for Catalan, English, etc.). In Andorra, Catalan is the only official language, so it is obviously taught. In France, though, the language is not official. However, students learn the language, but they cannot study other languages in Catalan. In France, there are private schools where everything is taught in Catalan, and the number of students is increasing. Interestingly enough, these students often speak French at home. In Italy the language is not taught, as well as in the Spanish regions where the language is spoken but it does not hold an official status.

a quick vent on how our health care system blows part 794,386,121:

you know what isn’t fun? getting a voicemail from the podiatrist telling me “you’re on the hook for the cost of the appointment” because “the referral information was incorrect” & “your insurance company refused payment”

…& upon calling back, it was explained that it wasn’t even the most recent FOLLOW-UP appt, but the FIRST ONE in JULY, which, i handed you a piece of paper referring me to your office, how the fuck would i even have known to go there & you would have INITIALLY refused treatment?

so, she bitchily explained, like she is straight up snapping at me, like all of this is MY DOING somehow, that i need to call back my primary care doctor about the initial referral, because they “must’ve entered the data into the system incorrectly” & something something “post-date the referral” which, why the fuck can’t YOU do that, but ok

& when pressing number 7 for billing questions, i get rerouted to someplace in waterbury instead of cheshire, & after explaining this whole monstrosity, she says it’s the franklin medical GROUP, & there are like DOZENS of offices so call back & try yada yada & HOPEFULLY you’ll get through to the right place haha

& then again while talking to someone at the front desk finally in the same building as my primary care doctor, being patronizingly explained to that it wasn’t THEM that made the mistake, all defensive & barking at me that since the podiatrist’s office had such a long wait to get me in for an appt, it was bound to happen, it happens all the time, just tell her the date of the initial appt & OF COURSE ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD I REMEMBER THE DATE IN JULY GIVE ME A SECOND TO LOOK AT MY FUCKIN CALENDAR BRENDA & like HAHA THEN WHY if this issue comes up all the time aren’t all of you BETTER AT THIS & STOP BLAMING ME


I’m never going on a pump vacation ever again

The above statement might be a little extreme but I now know what to do, and most importantly, what NOT to do the next time I decide to take a break from my pump. I’ve learned multiple lessons on this day and a half reprieve. This one’s a long one so buckle up boys and girls, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Hey so I'm hearing a lot about dom, fix, and blind when talking about instinctual variants and I was wondering if you could explain what these words mean?

except for “blind/blindness” those other words are just borrowed from MBTI (dom) and Tritype theory (fix) but they are pretty useful in the context of instincts so we just adopted them

dom = officially called “primary”, being concerned with this essential human need the most
“sp-dom” = sp-primary = being dominantly concerned with self preservation related needs. includes both sp/so and sp/sx

fix = having this instinct in your stacking
“sp-fix” = sp/so, sp/sx, so/sp and sx/sp
“so-fix” is also sometimes called “sock” when referring to it in a derogatory way

blind/blindness = not having this instinct in your stacking / not being concerned with this human need
“sp-blind” = so/sx and sx/so

The Bestiary: Sea Pig

Boy oh boy was I looking forward to reviewing these guys. They are some of my favorite sea animals et al, they are echinoderms, and they are deep sea creatures to boot. What’s not to like?

So what do you get when you take a regular countryside pig, cross it over with a Metroid and add a touch of gummy bear, then dump the result into the ocean?

Probably not anything that resembles the sea pig, but the point still stands.

Look at this precious lil thing.

These guys are the genus Scotoplanes, a term which sounds very similar to “scuttling” and is thus perfectly fitting. Fuck you, I don’t know a shred of Latin.

These fuckos are some of the weirdest stuff you’ll find in the deep sea, which is impressive considering pretty much everything down there could cause Salvador Dalí to take a step back and reconsider his life choices, maybe even shave off his improbable moustache, Taxonomically, they are sea cucumbers, but their body plan is more similar to that of a fat slug that one day decided to grow legs just for the heck of it. The legs are pretty weird too, and function very unlike any other organ of locomotion on the planet. They are the same “tube feet” that starfish have, except a lot bigger. They are basically hollow socks of organic matter that the sea pig constantly inflates and deflates by circulating water in them. It basically does the job of an entire mall clown for each leg.

Despite the fact that they are more frail than a Fabergé egg made out of bath foam, and their exotic appearance, the sea pigs aren’t endangered. This is mostly due to the fact that they multiply with the vigor of steroid-enhanced bunnies, to the point where they constitute arund 60 percent of all seafloor life world-wide. Talk about the newest craze.

I weren’t kidding about the frailty though, these guys have the consistency of Jell-O. They are very vulnerable since they solve their water input by circulating entirely through their paper-thin skin, which makes studying them kind of hard, because, y’know, the sea pig you’ve brought to the surface will sometimes just straight-up fucking melt in your hands.

That’s not a big problem though,since there are lots of them. And when I say lots, I do mean lots. They act as the primary cleanup service on the sea floor, scouting around and getting rid of the organic muck in the mud. Their primary food source is so-called “marine snow”, basically a constant downpour of dead shit from the upper regions where other animals kick the bucket. Imagine it as the Biblical mana, except it’s much more macabre and not divine in origin. Hell, considering the place it falls down to, it probably falls right from Satan’s asshole.

This surreal corpse weather even has its own weather phenomena, most importantly the so-called “whalefalls”, which is basically a whale’s corpse slowly sinking to the seafloor. Whalefalls always involve the nastiest incarnations of pure NOPE dogpiling the carcass and gorging themselves on it until they can’t even move. Literally. The feasters include two-meter-long worms that sweat acid, cat-sized prehistoric isopods able to starve for five years, and bone-eating worms. The legions upon legions of sea pigs swarming these whalefalls look positively tame by comparison.

Speaking of legions, sea pigs have a tendency to gather into hundreds-strong groups and feed together. They usually all face the same direction, so as to better sniff out the incoming marine snow, but they look more like the minions of Hell marching to conquer the mortal realm.

The other reason they’re not endangered is because they don’t have many natural predators. Sea cucumbers tend to be a gourmet prey item on many predator’s menu, to the point where they have to defend themselves by firing their own guts at the enemy out of their buttholes. A sort of fartillery, if you will.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the shitty puns.

Due to the fact that most deep sea creatures are more preoccupied with contemplating how fucking ugy they are than with hunting, sea pigs are in less danger. So they can get away with more conventional defense tactics, such as being drop-dead poisonous. Their poison, called holothurin, is entirely unique to sea cucumbers, and is so effective that Indo-Pacific peoples are said to poison entire coral reef pools with it, since it can knock out lots of fish at once, which are then free to catch. So yeah, biological weaponry in tribal hunting, pretty much.

So what have we learned today? The sea pig feeds on death, tastes like death and is pretty darn cute. All in all it’s a pretty satisfying sea animal we’ve got here.


(As a man) if I choose not to have children, my masculinity will not be called into question. If I have children but do not provide primary care for them, my masculinity will not be called into question. If I have children and provide primary care for them, I’ll be praised for extraordinary parenting if I’m even marginally competent. If I have children and pursue a career, no one will think I’m selfish for not staying at home.  “Male Privilege Checklist” 

Lance after showing Keith the Ghost Busters movie for the first time: so what do you think?

Keith: How the fuck would I be able to call ghostbusters if they don’t have a number

Up side to a randomly convulsing body and lack of appetite is my stomach is definitely getting flatter again.

I originally couldn’t get in to see a neurologist until after I went and saw my primary next week. A woman from the hospital called me this morning to see how I was feeling and I told them I had a headache, was dizzy, and still just didnt feel right. She told me I needed to get my appointment sooner and I told her when I called all I got was a really bad attitude. So my mom called a few hours ago. My appointment (with a primary, not a neuro) is now this evening at 445. Go mom.

A 4th of July message to Heartland’s US Fans

First, I would like to wish all Americans a very happy Independence Day. Canada is still on a high, having just celebrated our 150th year of being a country and now although not a milestone, your 241st is a great cause for celebration in your nation, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

I say “you all” instead of “all Americans” because this is a special post that is only visible to those living in the United States. It’s not that I’m keeping secrets from the rest of the world, and certainly not from Canada; it’s just that I don’t want this information confusing anyone, so this is my July 4th blog just for you.

I wish to start by clearing up a misconception about Netflix. So many of you have enjoyed seasons 8 and 9 this year on the streaming service and figure that it is natural that season 10 should get added right away. That is not going to happen. No date has been set yet for season 10 to be added to Netflix in the United States, but it will not happen before 2018. Here’s why…

Netflix has many original series, such as “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards,” and those series premiere on their service. They have produced them and therefore they show them first. However, for many series, such as “Heartland,” Netflix is a secondary broadcaster; Netflix only get to stream series like Heartland after the series have aired on primary broadcasters in any country where Netflix operates.

And if you do not know this – Netflix has a different catalogue in every country where it operates. For example in Canada the national broadcaster known as the CBC is the primary broadcaster of Heartland. Since season 10 has aired on CBC in Canada Netflix will be adding this most recent season to its Canadian catalogue very shortly. But that is Canada. In your country it is different.

It took over two full years to find a primary broadcaster for Heartland in the United States. I often get comments asking why Heartland doesn’t air on (NBC, Hallmark, ABC Family… etc.). In order for a movie or a series or any program from another country to air on a US network or station the network or station has to want to broadcast it. If there was a main national network that wanted to show Heartland it would be very simple. They would be the sole primary broadcaster. However, because none of your major networks were interested, the people responsible for selling Heartland in your country – and the CBC in Canada has nothing to do with this – have had to look elsewhere. And so…

Here is the list of primary broadcasters who are playing or will play season 10 of Heartland this year in your country – UP, LeSEA, Family, RETRO, and the Heartland Network (the Heartland Network is not connected to the series; it has been around for a long time. It is a coincidence that they play the Heartland series and share the Heartland name).

Some of you may have been watching season 9 on the CW Plus network of stations. The CW Plus has elected to not renew Heartland so their stations are no longer an option for you to watch season 10. However, in locations where the CW Plus broadcasts other independent stations may decide to broadcast season 10. At this time I do not have a list of those stations.

UP, who used to be called UPtv, has been currently airing season 10 on Sunday evenings. Once they have finished the season they will be repeating it and then will eventually add it to their streaming subscription service, which is called UP Faith & Family.

The other primary broadcasters – LeSea, Family, RETRO and the Heartland Network have yet to air season 10 but are planning to do so later this year.

The purpose of this post today is to let you know who the primary broadcasters are. I cannot however, give you dates and times. You are going to have to look those up and research them on your own.

And if you don’t want to seek out other stations playing season 10 then Netflix, Hulu, Feeln and the others will eventually air the 18 episodes of season 10, but not until next year.

Now some of you may find methods of watching season 10 that are not licensed. These are illegally uploaded and in some cases are on pirate sites. Please do not post these in the comments below as a way to watch season 10. Doing so will get your comment deleted.

And please note – There are no legal uploads of Heartland episodes on YouTube. None.

So that’s how America can watch season 10. There are lots of networks I have not mentioned that broadcast older seasons – LightTV being the latest, and eventually they will air all seasons, but if you wish to rely on them you will have to be patient.

And a couple of final notes just so everyone is clear – Heartland is filming season 11 now in Canada. It will premiere on CBC across Canada beginning in the fall and ending in April. Season 11 will not be available for any other countries to broadcast until after the season finale has aired in Canada.

CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It is not available to most Americans, but is picks up in part of Washington State, Michigan and New York which are close to the Canadian-US border.

I hope this post has been helpful, although it may be disappointing for some of you. But know that in Canada we sometimes have to wait for over a year to watch some of your series.

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Someone on a Facebook group I’m a member of just asked “How many fellow teachers have been assaulted by students, especially primary students?” because a student told him he was a piece of shit when asked to get off the iPad and do his work. There are people going “Oh my god, how do you even know what to do in that situation?”

I’m just sitting here, quietly laughing myself to death, because I’ve lost count of the number of kids who have called me a bitch. I’ve had primary school kids call me a cunt and tell me to go fuck myself, and my response was to say “That language is not appropriate at school, and if I hear it again, you’ll be going to the principal” and then keep on teaching. I’ve had a kid threaten to bash me. I’ve had a kid actually try to hit me (and had I not grown up with an older brother and therefore developed a good sense of when to duck, they would have succeeded). Where are these people teaching that they wouldn’t know how to cope with being called a piece of shit and/or view it as assault?