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I was wondering if we could report more than just your zine piece for art theft, I keep finding reposts of your piece and others from the zine. I usually @ the original artist and say that it's from a charity zine but some artist don't have an insta and I don't wanna spam your notifications (it's a me bookwormcosplay on insta btw)

YOU ARE AN AVENGING ANGEL OMG. Every time I see you calling people out/ @ tagging me it undoes a chunk of art theft stress, so thank you so, SO MUCH. 

As to reporting other people’s pieces from the zine, it’s important (both for your own account and the integrity of the process) that people know for sure art is used *without* permission before reporting.

As far as the zine goes, I know @hchano @toriitorii and @ferisae didn’t give permission to repost on Instagram/Pinterest, but other than that I’m not sure. You’d have to ask the individual artists.

Thank you so much for all you do! People like you are what keep artists from throwing their hands up and abandoning the fandom, so keep bein’ you <3

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When old people call digital art “cheating” I want to punch them in the mouth because digital art is actually super fucking complicated

so theres these things called the scholastic art awards and my art teacher basically runs it for our state. at one point she asked me and my friend to go through a bunch of entries in ‘mixed media’ and change the category if they didnt fit the ‘mixed media’ category (people got confused a lot by mixed media so there were quite a few entries that needed to be put in painting or whatnot).

Anyways, during this time i witnessed possibly the best piece of art I have ever seen and that shit needs to be put in the MOMA. 

basically. This person had opened up photoshop and put in two pictures. One of pearl from steven universe and one of texas senator Ted Cruz. then they drew red triangles over both of these picture pointy-ass noses. And that was it.

I wish I had taken a picture of it because this was the best piece of art I have laid eyes on. Beautiful.

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Ayy yo what a levels do you do?

english literature, maths (core and stats) and art (it’s the weird edexcel one that’s actually called like art crafts and design) + I did bio for AS :^)

Jorge R. Gutierrez on Twitter
“Who wants to see this movie? Asking for a friend.”

idk if anyone on tumblr has seen this yet but….. go blow up Jorge’s twitter feed and let him know y’all want more Book of Life!!!

It’s not unusual for him to like your tweets back too, he’s such a cool dude.  Keep this man making movies.



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