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I read your dyslexic Lance post and do u think that maybe hunk said "good one Lance" when Lance had the bad come backs even tho it wasn't a good one because he knows and wants to make Lance fell better about himself ?👀

uhm absolutely?? Hunk is the bestest friend ever, he does his best to give Lance validation. he totally knows how Lance feels about people calling him stupid, so he is just. the most supportive friend ever. i love Hunk so much…

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Hello love ❤️ Do you have any relationship headcanons for Agent Kallus?

Anonymous said: headcanons for dating kallus?

I can’t believe there are like no x reader things for him?? Also as I stated in my last  headcanons I haven’t seen the latest season of Rebels so sorry if I’m not incorporating things revealed in the recent episodes~

  • Much like Thrawn he would want to keep your relationship a secret, though his reason are emphasized more on keeping you safe from potential enemies more than anything
  • Pretty much whenever he needs to go on a mission he makes sure you can accompany him
  • You are the only person who he feels he can confide his troubles in
  • There’s quite a few late night cuddles where the silence is broken by him telling you his doubts about the Empire and what he’s asked to do
  • If you give him anything he will be like so surprised?? And delighted but he honestly doesn’t know the best way to show his gratitude
  • Seriously though he’s not used to people giving a shit about him so at first he’s kinda terrible at expressing how he feels and how much you mean to him
  • Since he can never find the words he usually expresses himself through actions, specifically touch
  • I’m talking gentle hands cupping your face as he draws you closer, all the while looking into your eyes, his golden brow depths expressing all his unspoken affection
  • Then of course “touch” can mean much more heated stuff as well *wink wonk*
  • Fights are rare simply because he hates fighting with you. You’re the one thing in his life that isn’t a constant struggle or a never ending conflict, so the idea of arguing with you makes him sick

“thank you so much, finnegan, for being here when she got home from school.”
“it’s no problem. she’s a handful, that one.”
“oh, yup. I don’t know if i’m scared or excited about her teen years.”
“be very afraid. I can’t believe you’re having another one.”
“when will you be back in the city, uncle finnegan?!”
“hmmm… let me see. when you’ve thought of your scary new nickname, give me a call.”


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name :  Scott Edward Harris Lang.
nickname / alias :   Scotty || Ant-Man.
zodiac sign :   Aries (HC’d from Paul’s birthday and Ant-Man’s comic premiere tbh).
gender :   Cis Male.
favorite color : Red. Definitely red.
average hours of sleep :   Anywhere from 3-4 hours to 6-8; depends on his stress levels and what has to be done that day.
last thing you googled : ‘How to make people you owe a lot of money to like you again.’
height :  6′1″.


name :   Ya mom but also Deen, probably*.
nickname / alias :   Deen. Deen-Bean. Deenie-Weenie. Moron.
zodiac sign :   Leo
gender :  Cis Lady.
favorite color :   Red, Pink, mint green.
average hours of sleep :   Right now we’re at, uh… 2-4. I got upwards of 8 last night, though. That’s good.
last thing you googled :   You know, I don’t remember, but I do know the last thing I WANTED to google was ‘how do you know if an onion is a good onion?
height :   5′6″.

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused