i call her she doesn't answer

anonymous asked:

Were you heavily punished?

Not at all! Well… um… Not b-by my parents? I guess you could call what the other students did t-to me… uh… punishment. Punishment for being weird… and s-stupid… and clumsy. Usually I only got beat a little after s-school. If I talked b-back they would h-hit me more often than usual. B-but… That is my fault. I s-should have been better behaved. Plus… I c-can’t blame them for what they d-did. There has to be something w-wrong with me. Why would so many p-people hate me if there isn’t something wrong? Oh… But it is my problem! I can deal with this on my own. Others have been through worse and it is s-selfish for me to c-complain. Sorry…