i call her she doesn't answer

I don’t know why but I just imagined Aizawa, despite himself, waking up super early to train, thinking all his students kids were still in bed. Then Uraraka comes and even though he notices her, doesn’t say anything. She tries to copy all his movements, tries to understand and memorize them. Seeing this, Aizawa calls her over, slows down his movement so she can study them better and answers any question or concern she has. Morning training sessions became a thing which later turned into sparring sessions x)

omg so i called my therapist, leaving a voicemail saying that i would like to have appointments on march 23 and 30th, and i didn’t expect her to call back! i said that she didn’t have to and i didn’t want to be a bother, but she was like omg you aren’t bothering me!!!! that she was just getting off work so she was listening to her voicemails and since she doesn’t see me for two weeks assumed i would like have some answers.

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Hi! I have been looking for a cs fic where they were roommates and Emma hates Killian because he doesn't let her sleep. I remember there was one scene where she painted his room walls pink? If you could help me out finding this fic I would be so grateful!! Thanks!! :)

hey! i saw lots of notes from you and it makes me smile!

unfortunately, i don’t have good news for you. i know the fic you’re talking about, it’s called You Keep Me Up All Night, but it was deleted, as i said to nonnie a few weeks ago. the author’s profile too. 

it was one of the first mcs i read, it holds a special place in my fic heart