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Hasn't there been enough of people calling Lenalee abusive? It's like everyone finds any reason they can to hate her. Allen, Kanda, and Lavi all act the same way she does and have the same amount of anger, if not more. Why is it okay for Lavi to break windows out of rage or for Kanda to hurt people but it's bad if Lenalee gets angry because a friend of hers basically tried to kill himself and she was worried about him?

I have never seen anyone call lenalee out for being abusive or just.. not being a good friend. She means good but she is not the kindest one all the time. I have indeed seen posts calling her out for crying too much only because she is a girl, in which I agree is just stupid because a girl can cry as much as guys can.

But if I have to be honest.. I have seen her (physically) lash out on the other 3 main guys much more, than the main 3 guys at the others in the whole series.

Lavi has indeed 1 time got very angry and smashed a window, but he did not hit her and immediately stopted yelling/calmed down when he noticed that everyone in the room looked at him. Other than that moment I don’t remember him getting angry or lashing out, most of the time when he does feel negative he stays silent.

Allen gets angry at times but doesn’t really lash out. For example he can be angry at Lavi for taking his food but doesn’t hit him or punches him so hard that Lavi can’t feel his body anymore. No he just pranks him back (like the wasabi scene in Gray Log). He does fight with Kanda, but that’s because he KNOWS that Kanda can take it, and Kanda doesn’t mind. Them fighting or sparring each other is the only real outlet they have without holding back. Yet they still respect each other and don’t cross each others boundaries.

Allen also NEVER gets angry at women, the only one time that he did was when he yelled at Lenalee for holding him back when the akuma was about to explode (their mission in Miranda’s town). Even after that Allen apologized for his behaviour yet Lenalee made such a big scene and said that his actions hurted her. She didn’t even brought him somewhere private to talk it out and even try asking him herself on WHY he wanted to save that exploding akuma? ‘’Why did you want to save it? We kill akuma’s so why trying to kill yourself for nothing?’’.. she never even tried to ask. She just made a whole scene in public and made Allen feel guilty for his action. 

Kanda is mostly all bark and barely bite. Which is a wonder because at the start of his life he always yelled at Alma and calls him out stuff but never punched him (except that one moment where they both fought each other until their limbs fell out). And later on he never hit/hurt or even yelled at Lenalee, from when she was a lil kid until now. Lenalee sees Kanda like his own brother. And you know how Lenalee handles her brother. She loves Komui but she doesn’t hold back kicking him so hard that he might get a concussion. And even though we have not seen her harm Kanda as much as Komui in the series, she does still hurt him, even if it is out of ‘’(sisterly) love’’.. and we know she doesn’t hold back against Kanda because she knows that Kanda is much stronger than Komui. He has accepted every punch and kick and yell from her but never harmed her himself. Kanda never really hurted people. Yes he pushed/shoved people away hard or yelled or even threaten them with Mugen. But he never hit or actually cut someone down. And he does fight with Allen, but just as I wrote above, he knows that Allen can take it and they both don’t have to hold back yet they still respect each other and give each other space when needed.

AND Lavi even calls Kanda ‘’Yuu’’ even though Kanda told him not to call him that a million times. Even then Kanda never really hurts Lavi for that, he only yells at him and threatens to cut him. And it’s a wonder that he never lashed out because of that, because his first name might even remember/trigger him too much of his past and he wants to leave his past behind. And speaking about his past, Kanda has also had a horrible one. Even worse than Lenalee. Yes she was kidnapped and taken by force. But she luckily has not been experimented on and she had protection of Jerry, the Matron, and probably even from other scientists and/or even finders, and got protection from Komui too when he joined the order. Kanda did not have someone to protect him. Yes Alma cared about him and tried to help as much as he could, and even some scientist cared about both Kanda and Alma.. but they also manipulated him and he was experimented on so horribly and so much. But even then. No one uses his past as an excuse for his bad behaviour. Even with all the horrible things Kanda went through, he still doesn’t hurt others. And he, and the fandom, never uses his horrible past as an excuse to hurt others or for it to be justified..

Yet for example down here we see canon material of how Lenalee is. Kanda did NOT want to model. If someone says no, it means no. Yet Lenalee is like a sister to Kanda and I know for sure that if she kept asking him to model a few times.. he would eventually say yes just so she will stop asking him. YET we see here that she obviously used such brute strength that it makes KANDA bleed from his mouth.. just to make Kanda do something he initially said no to. 

And I just don’t like this potrayel or ‘’girl power’’ or ‘’female empowerment’’ it’s not even ‘’cute’’.. it’s just horrible behaviour. There is a difference about comical relief and just straight up hurting someone so bad that they bleed and and have a hard time moving. And now imagine this. If Lenalee were a guy and Kanda a girl.. would this still be okay? Would this still be cute or ‘’sibling love’’? No people would lash out and say that male Lenalee is abusive to female Kanda. So why is the other way around fine? And also ask yourself this.. would you like or even accept to have a friend to hurt you so bad like this? Not really right..

And the other bad behaviour was when Allen was about to leave the order, Lenalee flew all the way to him and asked ‘’where are you going?’’ but when he said that he is going to leave .. she told him to stay? Like.. really? Did she really think that the order would accept him with open arms and be nice to him? No. They would call him out for treason and even tie and hold him in a much tighter and confined place where no one can ever reach him, or even (threaten to) kill him. She never really thought about that? She didn’t even say something like ‘’I respect you leaving and I understand.. but I can not follow you.. I can not leave my brother..’’. IF she atleast said something like that.. that’s just more realistic than begging him to stay for his death and then break down infront of him, in which he feels guilty about, and then ALLEN is comforting LENALEE. Allen is comforting Lenalee in a situation where Allen COULD DIE and tries to calm her down. And when he does leave she reaches for him and acts as if her whole world broke down. She didn’t even stand up and face him saying ‘’goodbye’’ and ‘’goodluck out there’’. No she just made Allen’s last memory of her a bad memory and this memory will fill Allen with guilt for leaving the order.

Even till now I have NEVER seen a posts about people calling Lenalee out for her bad behaviour or even called out her flaws. I have indeed seen people calling her a drama queen who cries waay too much (and even then you can see that they come from the kind of people who get annoyed at all female characters that cry) but even I find that stupid. Girls can cry as much as guys can and visa versa. 

But the whole fandom do call out all the male characters out on their flaws. Allen, Kanda, Lavi, Tyki, Link, Cross, Neah, Mana, and probably even more. And they STILL love them. They still love these characters and try to make content where they don’t ignore their flaws. They can bring out the best of them and also show their true flaws.

The only female character I have seen from the fandom calling out her flaws is Road, but even then they call her a sadistic demon who loves to hurt others, and even this is over the top. Indeed in the beginning of the series she seemed like that but over time you don’t see her like that anymore. The fan content has become much better of her WITH her flaws, yet some people still potray her as a sadistic demon who doesn’t care about others at all (in fics or art).

And even with Lenalee I have even seen people making fanart or even write fics normalizing Lenalee’s actual bad behaviour.. They accept her threatening her male friends (and never to her female friends) with kicks and hits or saying that if they don’t do as she says, that she will tell Komui that they did something to her or touched her inappropriately and that Komui WILL hurt them. AND EVEN THIS is not canon!? I don’t remember Lenalee saying something like this in canon yet some people make her worse by making her like this.

There are only a few rare fics that actually potrays Lenalee as a good character without making her lash out or threatening the guys with either her kicks/fists or with Komui.. but still show her flaws. I have seen content where Lenalee is more like a human being with actual flaws and not some kind of goddess. And that’s the Lenalee I like more. A girl who is nice but does have flaws but still tries to be a good friend and does NOT hurt someone with her kicks or fists.

I just don’t like the Lenalee that threatens to hurt someone of they don’t do as she says, in canon or fanon, and don’t even call her out for it. (Or even threatens the guys with Komui.. by saying that she will tell him that they touched her inappropriately?? Again.. I have never seen her do that in canon yet so many potray Lenalee like this) You can call out a characters flaws and still love them. So many people in our fandom love all the male characters and accept their flaws. They still make content of them in their best but also show their flaws and sometimes even portay them better than canon in a realistic way.

Why can’t people do the same with Lenalee? Don’t make her the softest and sweetest out of all of them, and then also make her the mother hen, and make her only cry and hurt the guys with her fists and call it ‘’though love’’ or even threaten them with Komui. But make her a realistic person who can be kind but can also make mistakes. Someone who might get angry too fast but then apologies after she noticed her behaviour AND that she was actually in the fault. Let her become angry and let her fight. But don’t make her genuinly hurt her own friends with her fists/kicks, and make them feel guilty by her tears, and say that she does that out of love.. There are a few rare Lenalee’s that fan artists/writers shows her more humanly and real without hurting her own friends and is even better than canon.

I understand that you might have gotten upset and thought that my reply on that question was hate.. but this was something that bothered me so much that it was ignored by both canon and the fandom. But sadly this is with a lot of main female characters. I have seen so many female characters who get angry so fast and hurt their own friends so bad.. yet media shows this as ‘’girl power’’ and ‘’female empowerment’’. This kind of behaviour has been added for comical relief and has been normalized in media with many other series and fandoms that I might not even know of. You can still call out a characters flaw and still love them and sometimes even make better fanon version of them than canon.

But I wish that canon would potray Lenalee much better instead of someone who gets angry too easily and hurts others too extremely. For either plot or comical relief. But I also wished that the fandom didn’t ignore her flaws and call her non-problematic. Lenalee does have much potentional. Yet we never seen any good plot or actual improvements of her. The only badass moment we got of her was when she was fighting the level3 akuma.. but after that she just.. mellowed down.. she promised that she will train and become stronger but we still haven’t seen any of that. And I don’t like it that Gray Log is trying to prove that she is actually doing something, when they don’t even show her trying to improve herself in canon/the manga. Show her actually training. Show her trying to find her way. Show her trying to do something for herself. Show her trying to get better and stronger. Show her as someone who tries to get better and notices her own mistakes and tries to fix them on her own.

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Can we please talk about "Every king needs his queen" on POTC3 script when Elizabeth is saying goodbye to Jack??? I mean he was obviously talking about himself and her omfg



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Rfa+v and Saeran reactions to mc breaking her phone or something and she doesn't answer for over a day. Thanks also I really like your blog!

Thank you so much!! 


- At first, when you don’t respond to his ‘Good morning!’ text, he doesn’t try to think much of it. Sometimes you slept in later than him!

- But you ignored his ‘Good afternoon!’ texts…And even sent a call of his to voicemail.

- Panicking, he started messaging Zen a bit.

- Did he forget something? Was he acting really bad? Was he being too clingy??

- After Zen calmed him down just a tad, he told Yoosung that you phone probably died.

- He tries to think that’s the answer, that he didn’t fuck up the only relationship he’s ever been in, but as it gets darker and darker out, with nothing from you, he Panics.

- He’s pacing in his house, trying to get Seven to answer his phone while holding his tears back, when you open the door.

- Before you can even explain your phone’s battery had died, he’s running to you full of apologies and hugging you tight

- When you finally calm him down and finally get through to him he didn’t do anything, he feels embarrassed by how panicked he had gotten, but your sweet kisses help him wash away those feelings


- Jahee probably wouldn’t panic as badly. At least it wouldn’t show.

- She thought you overslept at first, missing any alarms, and that’s why you hadn’t shown for work yet

 - I mean the two of you weren’t living together, so she hadn’t seen you since the cafe closed last night

- She can handle the cafe on her own, with the help of a few employees that were already there, but she is an anxious mess all day. 

- Accidentally bumping into things, nearly dropping cups, almost spilling coffee on herself.

- As the day draws to a close, she’s nearly sweating. She wants to call the police, but she knows Seven would be able to help better.

- She’s just about to hit his contact when she hears her name being called, and when she turns around your arms are instantly around her.

- After explaining you managed to sleep most of the day away, phone dead, her worry turns into small and gentle scolding since it’s apparent you’re overworking yourself.

- She’s so relieved that you’re safe, though you are going to get a small lecture about how to properly take care of yourself.


- He usually has set times to call you through the day. If you don’t answer, you’re quick to shoot him a message when you can to explain why.

- So at first, he doesn’t think much of it. He saw you in bed this morning, and after the rough night the two of you had, you probably were sleeping in a bit.

- But once it hits past noon, and the chef reports that no one answered when he tried to bring food, Jumin is slowly hitting ‘Panic Mode’

- What seals the deal is when he calls Driver Kim to make sure you didn’t go somewhere, and he reports that he’s just driven for Jumin that day

- So after one meeting that was very difficult to focus in, he alerts Jaehee he’s taking a longer break to check up on you

- When he gets to the house and you’re gone, it takes a lot of talking from the RFA members to not call the police.

- Because, lets face it, if he wanted to, he would have the whole area looking for you in seconds.

- So he waits a bit, setting a time for himself to give in and call, while Seven is checking any CCTVs of the place

- But all of that gets interrupted when you come through the doors, a shy smile on your face

- Guess who managed to forget her phone at home when an old friend wanted to hang out?

- Jumin frowns for a bit, but he can’t stay upset or even become close to mad- He just hugs you tight and asks if you can try to remember to bring it with you next time, or at least get Driver Kim to take you somewhere.


- It takes him a while to notice, due to how busy he always is at work. 

- On breaks he’s always sending you a message, full of hearts and possibly a selfie or two

- And you send the same texts back to him, and he’s set for the day!

- But when it hits his last break and there’s still no answer from you, and everyone reports that you haven’t been on the chatroom all day, he Panics.

- He tells his director he has an emergency, and that he has to leave asap

- Thankfully, they were close to being done, so the director let him go without any fuss

- As soon as he’s out, he hightails it to your place, running a few stoplights on his motorcycle.

- Once there, and once he remembers where the spare is, he busts in and calls your name

- No answer and he panics even more, until he sees you sleeping in the bedroom, a basket of used tissues near you

- Oh… He forgot that you mentioned you felt sick yesterday.

- When you sleepily wake up, he calms down and explains why he’s there, and after you weakly laugh, starts shedding his jacket.

- If you’re sick, then you definately need some loving care, right?


- It would be hard for him to panic about the situation.

- When you leave in the morning to run a few errands, he doesn’t think much of it, just assumes you’ll be back later.

- But through the day you’re not even responding to his texts! Not even the funny ones with the best memes.

- Or even his very worried ones

- Once it gets pretty late in the day, he’s looking at CCTVS all over the place trying to locate where you could be

- He’s not really hacking much anymore, but he still has some people after him occasionally.

- He’s so caught up looking for you, that he doesn’t even notice when you eventually come in. You even said hello and he responded!

- Quietly you flick his head, and that pulls him out of it pretty quickly. At first he asks why you hit him, and then remembering you were gone all day, he practically nearly breaks your back with how strong his hug is.

- Eventually you explain you accidentally left your phone home, and that’s why you weren’t responding to his jokes.

- He fusses about losing his touch since he couldn’t locate you on the CCTV, and when you glance you just laugh

- He was looking for yesterday’s date, and that’s when he realized that it was monday, not sunday. 

- You weren’t going to let him live that one down.


- At first when you don’t answer, he just shrugs it off. Sometimes he didn’t have a chance to respond to your texts, it was normal.

- But usually you…did..Around lunchtime. You always asked if he had ate. And if not, then you would suggest going to eat together

- And today he was really hoping to do that…

- But he let it slide, trying not to be too clingy. 

- Then again, he couldn’t let it last all day. When your phone sent him straight to voicemail, he panicked. 

- He checked the CCTV and found out you hadn’t even left the house yet, so he was quick to ‘borrow’ his brother’s car and drive out there himself.

- He spent a bit outside of your door, trying to make sure this was an ‘okay’ thing to do, but eventually he let himself in

-… Only to find you asleep on the couch, phone dead, and a game controller in your hands

- He scoffed a bit, noticing a new game case on the coffee table, and it wasn’t hard to figure out you had another ‘all nighter’ with a game.

- Though, since it was pretty late in the afternoon, he woke you up, lightly scolding you and telling you to get up so the two of you could eat.


- He would try his best to be patient about the whole situation

- He noticed this morning you were gone out of the house, but your phone was left under the pillow

- He needed to be trusting, to not worry. He had this happen several times before you, he could learn to deal with it again

- But he was so anxious the whole day.

- He wanted to send you sweet messages, to ask you how you were doing, if you were having fun

- But your phone at home meant it would be pointless

- But…He could leave sweet messages anyway, right? That wouldn’t be too bad. 

- So every time he worried, every time he noticed how late it was getting, that’s what he did. It didn’t wash away his anxiety completely, but it did help.

-Late at night, when you finally walked in, realizing you left your phone at his place instead of his, you were greeted by a tight hug.

- He was so worried about you, even if he wished he could avoid showing it

- But you just apologized and laughed a bit when he seemed a bit embarrassed.

- After a few more hugs and kisses, you left with your phone in tow, not noticing the cute messages until you got home

- It really did made you smile, and you were quick to send a few of your own.

Okay, tbh, i wasn’t gonna do this but i’m feeling extra salty and i can’t take all this homophobic bs anymore.

I made this post about an outspoken homophobe and some people knew who i was talking about, some people didn’t and, for that matter, I’m coming clear now: I was talking about the one and only @arc-17

Before everything, I’m NOT hating on religious people. I, myself, have a very religious family and I don’t hide from anyone here that I’m from Latin America and we all know that things here are pretty religious.

Let’s start with two screenshots: the original ask about gay marriage and another one with a call out. 

First of all: it’s not a choice. Being a lesbian isn’t a choice. Being gay isn’t a choice. Being bisexual isn’t a choice. Being trans isn’t a choice. I could go on and on but you guys got it, right? It’s not a choice. That being said, let’s move along. 

He says he doesn’t support gay marriage because of religious reasons (but he respect our choices guys :) such a good man wow) and personal reasons. “Love the sinner but not the sin”, right? To be honest? That’s bs. Or you respect this person as a whole or you don’t, you can disagree with them? Sure, different opinions are normal, but not supporting a person who wants to get married just because they’re marrying someone from the same gender as them is homophobic. And saying it’s because it change them don’t make sense? People have different experiences and just because one was bad (apparently for arc-17 it was, we can’t know for the said person) doesn’t mean the others will be. 

As for his beliefs, I know lots of religious people that aren’t homophobic. You can’t just use religion to excuse your problematic and hateful behavior. Religion isn’t about hate, it’s about love and some of you chose to ignore it.

On another matter, someone told me through an ask that he, a 28yo man, call Emma Hawkins, from high school story, a 15-16yo girl, “my dear”. She is a MINOR, jfc, stay away from her, please. 

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Hey Michael... Doesn't your mom know your dad is threating you this way?

M: I actually got this question a few times.
M: Like I said, I live in a religious fundamental household.
M: Were all women do is listen to the men.
M: I don’t blame her, honestly. He’s not exactly one to listen to reason. When he’s not around she calls me Michael and lets me dress as I want.

Hypocrisy of Sakura Fans
  • Sakura- age 12:
  • *arguably the most privileged person in the entire series of Naruto
  • *had loving parents
  • *punches Naruto for no good reasons
  • *belittles him for being an orphan
  • *a straight up bitch
  • *even until 16 all she did was verbally insult her parents and was happy in road to ninja when they were gone
  • Sakura fans: OMG! All 12 year olds behave like that, gosh like cmon picking on a kid, are you fucking serious?
  • Me: well I must've been a hella mature 12 year old kid, but hey I guess I could see where y'all coming from
  • Sarada age 12: *proceeds to be the WOMAN of the house by asking important questions such as to where her father is as she deserves a father who is there for her
  • *thinks critically about situations rather than her presumably first kiss
  • *although boruto can be a bitch, she doesn't abuse him like Sakura did
  • *never made fun of him for the fact that his dad is gone
  • *asks mother for a simple explanation, no insane insults such as calling her annoying, or embarrassing etc
  • *doesn't even answer the question
  • *SCARES THE FUCK out of Sarada to the point of her almost crying by breaking down the entire house
  • *LIES to Sasuke about explaining things to her daughter so that she could look good in his eyes
  • *VERBALLY abuses her daughter by calling her an "idiot child" like wtf? She called out on your bullshit and you called your OWN daughter an idiot.
  • (I wonder what she tells mentally ill victims who aren't even related to her. Probably the kind of bitch who would tell rape victims to get the fuck over it)
  • Sakura fans: UCHIHA QUEEN!! YASS Sarada was getting out of line, I'm so glad Mama Sakura knew how to keep her daughter disciplined when needed. Gosh what a mother and a strong af wife!!
  • Me an intellectual: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT?!?!

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Hellooooo could you do a Sherlock x reader one shot where the reader is Moriarty's little sister but she trys to hide it because she doesn't want it to affect her relationship with Sherlock plzz ^-^


Sure, let me try!

Name: Moriarty?

“Lord, it must be somewhere here!” you go through your bag again, looking for your passport. “Sherlock, have you seen my phone?”

“Nope,” the genius answers, looking at you from the table. “Have you tried calling yourself?”

“I would if I didn’t mute it every night,” you sigh, sitting by Sherlock’s side and looking at him. “Come on, you are a detective.”

“And you are an idiot. What’s your point?” you puff and ruffle his hair.

“I will be late for work.”

“That is why you should have accepted John’s offer and work here.”

“Oh no, mister Holmes!” you laugh. “I don’t think we will work together well.”

“Because you would be a mess of a person?”

“Because you would not be able to pay attention to the case,” you answer simple, and he smiles a little, nodding.

“True… You do have… A distracting effect on me. Go, I’ll find your phone.”

“Really? And you won’t set it on fire?” he laughs and shakes his head. “Fine. See you in the evening.”

“Bye,” Sherlock smiles, as you quickly kiss him and rush out of the apartment, hoping to be at work on time, when he catches you with a simple phrase. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“About what?” you turn around, fearing that he learned about your brother.

“Your brother.”

“What… What about him?”

“He texted you,” Sherlock sighs finally and hands you the phone. “He said he was worrying about you and how you are living alone. You told me you have a difficult relationship, but he is… He is a loving brother. Like mine, but human.”

“I…” you quickly type Jim to get away from you. “I didn’t want to tell you…”

“Does he hurt you?” Sherlock always sees the truth, but not this time.

“No. Lord, no!” you shake your head. “He is a criminal.”

“You didn’t tell me because I catch criminals? Y/N, I am not police, I would just deduce stuff.”

“No, he is… A special criminal. I didn’t tell you because you will stop… You won’t talk to me after that,” you breathe in and look Sherlock in the eye for a second, trying to memorize his face as it is now - caring and kind. You are pretty sure that won’t continue for long. “I am a Moriarty.”

“You are a… Moriarty,” Sherlock repeats slowly, and you see how the smile slowly leaves his eyes. “And your brother is named Jim,” you nod, knowing that you will hardly have your normal relationship now. “And you have been hiding that from me.”

“I have nothing to do with Jim’s behavior, I swear! I would never follow his footsteps!” you look at Sherlock, trying to show how much you regret your blood connection to your brother. Sherlock stares back, his face absolutely blank, as if he is thinking whether you deserve even a second of his attention. “Sherlock?”

“It is painful, Y/N,” you sigh. “Did you really think you could hide it from me?”


“I always knew that he is your brother, Y/N,” Sherlock explains, his eyes laughing at your face. “I was simply checking if you were working with him, but… You wouldn’t expect the best detective in all of England to not know who your only brother is?”

“You knew.”

“Knew what?” John walks in the kitchen, still yawning. “He knew everything, but what in particular?”

“Nothing,” Sherlock answers for you, and John shrugs his shoulders, grabbing a random cup and taking a huge sip. And then spits it out, as you and Sherlock break in laughter, surprised that John still would drink anything that has every been anywhere near Sherlock.

“Oh John…”

“Again? Salt? Seriously, are you checking my receptors?”

“No… We are repeating Pavlov’s experiment,” you mumble. “And you are failing because we can’t teach you that Sherlock near a cup is always a bad sign.”

“Not even funny,” John throws a towel and gets out of the kitchen, mumbling something about you two being horrible people and worse friends.

“It is funny,” Sherlock comments, and you nod obediently. “C’mon, go to your work.”

“Are we… are we good?” you ask quietly.

“As always,” Sherlock answers simply. “Now go, I know you are looking forward to this new position you are trying to get.”

“Have I mentioned…”

“That I am amazing? Yes. Every day,” you smile at him and put the beg on your shoulder, realizing that Sherlock didn’t only not make a problem from your brother, but kept the truth from John, as you both know that he would probably change his opinion on you, or at least act weirdly for a while.

During the holidays (Skype conversation)
  • Gryffindor : hey Slytherin ! Did you hear about Ravenclaw at all during the holidays ?
  • Slytherin : no... he's not answering his phone. And he was kinda depressed the last time I saw him.
  • Gryffindor : yeah, he's not returning my calls either. Best case scenario...
  • Slytherin : he lost his phone.
  • Gryffindor : worst case scenario...
  • Slytherin : he's dead.
  • Gryffindor : I'm not in town, you should go check on him.
  • Slytherin : I'm with Hufflepuff, she doesn't know him, I can't just dump her.
  • Hufflepuff : what are you guys talking about ?
  • Gryffindor : our depressed friend is not answering his phone.
  • Hufflepuff : well why don't you go check on him ? Slytherin, do you know his address ?
  • Slytherin : uh, yeah...
  • Hufflepuff : well come on, we gotta go see him !
  • Gryffindor :
  • Slytherin :
  • Gryffindor : she's perfect
  • Slytherin : I'm thinking about proposing
  • Gryffindor : can I be best man ?
  • Slytherin : yeah. And if Ravenclaw's dead, you can also write the obituary.
  • Gryffindor : way to break the ambiance.

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Hi! I have a question that I hope you could answer. Is there a specific, cultural reason for Rachel and Vincent to call our Ciel " this/that child"? In my country, a parent only calls his/hers son " this/that child" if he/she doesn't love, or is momentarily angry or disapointed in him, or wants to deflect responsability for something he has done. So I get the feeling that our Ciel is seriously neglected in terms of affection. Sorry if my English is not perfect, I am not a native speaker.

Hi there! :D

Well, in Japanese “this/that child” just means “this/that child”, no more, no less. It neither carries a good nor bad connotation, it’s just a neutral and common expression. I assume this really is a cultural difference because I’ve never seen someone from the Japanese fandom coming up with the idea that our Ciel might have been abused/neglected by his parents D:

That said, I think the only reason why Vincent and Rachel sometimes referred to our Ciel as “this/that child” is that otherwise we readers would have immediately figured out that the Phantomhives had two children! xD

Say our Ciel’s true name is “Thomas”, for example.

If Vincent had said “Oh pardon, Thomas is quite shy” instead of “This child is quite shy”, or

Thomas insisted on coming along” instead of “He insisted on coming along”, what would have happened? Every single reader (both Japanese and foreign readers) would have figured out that there must be two children in this scene, namely Ciel and Thomas, thus the 2CT would have no longer been a theory/mystery but a confirmed fact.

So yeah, considering Rachel and Vincent most probably loved both sons, I think there’s no real reason behind the way they sometimes referred to our Ciel other than “plot reasons”. I only recall 3 flashback scenes where Rachel/Vincent referred to our Ciel as “this/that child” to begin with and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they always called him that way :D

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I work at Ann-Jo's and had a lady today (04-24-17) get mad because we were completely out of a discontinued fabric. I offered to call another store for her to see if maybe by some miracle they had it, and she didn't answer me. Wrote down the stores address and number and she got super pissed and asked why I couldn't call. Stormed off saying I wasn't being helpful before I could respond to her.. tbh I hope she doesn't find her fabric.

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Lexa giving Alex her old phone (that obviously doesn't work anymore)because Alex wants to be like her momma then she takes it to show Mia and Mia somehow fixes it so Clarke gets a FaceTime call and is like "lex?? Why are you phoning me?" And Lexa is next to her like "I'm not????" And they answer it and Alex is just "hello mommies I miss you" with Mia grinning like a fool next to her

Why is this the most fucking adorable thing I’ve ever read in my life like first of all:
1. Clexa would SWOON
2. Alex would call them 24/7 just to be like “hello mommas!” And if that’s not the cutest idk what is
3. Clexa would wanna adopt the hell out of Mia like when they go to pick up Alex, Lexa just scoops her niece up and kisses those chubby cheeks and whisper “you’re so smart, baby girl” instead of punishing them and that’s beautiful

The Start of Us

“Did I miss it?!”

Max slammed open the door of the Price-Madsen household and nearly tripped over her feet. She stumbled down the hallway after flipping the door the other way and hearing it slam back onto its frame. She finally stopped when she hit the back of the couch, staring at the TV. 

Nope. Five minutes to spare, even. The ball in New York hadn’t dropped yet, and they were five minutes away from the new year. 

Max heaved a sigh of relief and nearly forward-flipped over the back of the couch and onto the cushions. “Thank dog… I busted ass to get over here…” She stood up and dropped her bag to the floor, then started to peel off her winter coat. It was light blue, insanely puffy, and unbelievably warm. She revealed a dark gray t-shirt, one of Chloe’s grunge band ones, and stomped some of the snow from her Converse. 

“Chloe, where are you?!” Max called, wondering why there wasn’t an answer. ‘If she fell asleep or went somewhere right before the ball dropped, I swear to dog…’ Max thought, holding a slight tone of bitterness in her head, before she walked towards the kitchen in search of her best friend. 


  • Jackie: A toast to the groom *raises wine glass to Marco*
  • Marco: *stands with a charming smile
  • Crowd: To the groom, to the groom!
  • Jackie: *face goes grim before giving a fake yet believable smile* To the bride...
  • Star: *stands as the crowd repeats*
  • Jackie: From your other bestie....
  • Crowd: Jackieeeeee
  • Jackie: Who's always by your sideeee
  • Crowd: By your side... By your sideeee
  • Jackie: To your kingdommmm
  • Crowd: To the kingdom to our victory!
  • Jackie: And I hope that you provide *winks*
  • Marco: Hehehe...
  • Jackie: May you always...
  • Crowd: Always...
  • Jackie: Be satisfied...
  • Crowd: REWIND... <i>REWINDDDDDDD</i>
  • Jackie: Rewind... Rewind...
  • Jackie: Satis... Ayeeeeee... Satis...
  • Jackie: *looking at a memory* I remember that night I just might...
  • Star: *runs away from Marco crying...*
  • Rewind...
  • Jackie: I remember that night I just might
  • Marco: Star! *runs after her...*
  • Rewind...
  • Jackie: I remember that night... I remember that night...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Jackie: *holds herself...* I remember that night I just might regret that night for the rest of my days...
  • *Looks at another memory that appears* I remember those Soulja boy wouldn't get over themselves just to win our praise... Heh
  • *Looks at another memory of Mr. And Mrs. Diaz shooing them out the house* I remember that dream like candlelight went out so simple and unfazed...
  • Jackie: *small smile as she looks at Marco confess because of that box* But Marco Diaz I'll never forget the time I truly saw your face...
  • I've never been the same...
  • Intelligent eyes and a hunger pain fame...
  • And when I said high you forgot your dang name (heh...)
  • That set my heart a flame... Set my heart a flame... This is not a game..
  • Marco: You strike me... And a girl who's never been satisfied...
  • Jackie: *chokes on drink* I'm sure I don't know what you mean... *Stares nervously...* You forget yourself..
  • Marco: Pfft... You're like me... I'm never satisfied...
  • Jackie: *turns to him* Is that right?
  • Marco: I've never been satisfied...
  • Jackie: *grins happily and held out her hand...* My name in Jackie Lynn Thomas...
  • Marco: *turns completely red and shakes hand wildly...* Marco Ulbaldo Diaz!
  • Jackie: *points to the Naysaya with a smile...* Where'd that head come from?
  • Marco: *face goes even redder* <i>Unimportant...</i> there's a million things I haven't done...
  • Present Jackie: *watches as a memory swivels around her to him and herself kissing... Tear comes out her eyes...*
  • Marco: Just you wait... Just you wait...
  • Jackie: So this is what it feels like to match with someone on your level what the heck is the catch it the feeling the freedom I think I've seen the light... Its like Ben Franklin with the key and the kite...
  • Present Jackie: *another memory swirls around her...* You see it right?
  • Janna: *walks up to her with wiggling eyebrows...*
  • Jackie: The conversation lasted one minute maybe three minutes everything we ever told and agree with it... Maybe three minutes it's a bit of a chance... It's a bit of a poster it's a bit of a stance...
  • Present Jackie: *watches another memory flow around her... Marco saying want me to kiss ya...* He was a but of a flirt and I gave that a chance...
  • Jackie: I asked about his family... What an answer!
  • His hands started fidgeting and looked like he had peed his pants (hehe)
  • Handsome... But he doesn't know it...
  • Peach fuzz and he can't even grow it!
  • I wanna take him far away from this place...
  • Present Jackie: But then I saw that Butterfly's face and she was...
  • Star: *calls Marco from the stairs...* Helpless...
  • Present Jackie: And I just know... She is...
  • Star: *crying as she told Marco she had a crush on him...* Helpless...
  • Marco: *speechless...*
  • Present Jackie: And those tearful eyes... We're just so...
  • Star: *runs away after a tearful goodbye...* Helpless...
  • Present Jackie: That's when I had realized three fundamental truths at the exact. Same. Time...
  • Marco: What is going on...
  • Jackie: It's a change in your life...
  • Marco: Then... Change it...
  • Present Jackie: *covers face*
  • Voices: NUMBER 1.
  • Present Jackie: I'm a girl in this cruel world *points to a memory...* And my only job is to be that pro skater... I don't wanna be rich but I'm the one who has the social climb for one...
  • I'm the only one and a witty one of this skater thing... The best one...
  • And Marco Diaz isn't very penniless... But that doesn't mean I don't want him anyless...
  • Jackie: I'm breaking up with you... Marco...
  • Marco: Why?!
  • Jackie: We've hurt Star... So much... I don't want to hurt her anymore... So... I'll leave you to let it get better...
  • Voices: NUMBER 2
  • Present Jackie: He's after me because I'm the one he had a preschool crush on...
  • I can't be conceited so I put that aside...
  • So I let him back to his shining Star...
  • Nice going Jackie... Even if it was right... You'll never be satisfied...
  • Jackie: *staring at the pair as Mewni is being rebuilt...*
  • Star: Thank you for coming....
  • Marco: Your my best friend... Why wouldn't I come?
  • Both: *gentle smile*
  • Jackie: (I'll leave them to it...)
  • Voices: NUMBER 3.
  • She'd say she's fine... BUT I KNOW SHE WOULD BE LYING....
  • Star: *magic is green as she watches Jackie and Marco walk off together...*
  • Present Jackie: But when I fantasize at night is that Diaz's eyes...
  • As I romanticize what might've been if that Butterfly...
  • Hadn't left so quickly...
  • Present Jackie: *watches as the memories fade...* But at least she's pure as his wife...
  • At least I'll still see his eyes in my life... *A small... Sad smile with a tear forms on her face...*
  • Music: *plays...*
  • ...
  • ...
  • Jackie: TO THE GROOM!!!! *tears stream down her face uncontrollably...*
  • Marco and Star: *looks confused at why she just burst into tears...*
  • Crowd: To the Groom... To the groom...
  • Jackie: TO THE BRIDE... *More tears...*
  • Crowd: To the bride... To the brideeee...
  • Crowd: Jackie...
  • Crowd: By your side.. by your side....
  • Crowd: Provide... Provide...
  • Jackie: MAY YOU ALWAYS...
  • Crowd: Always...
  • Jackie: BE SATISFIED...
  • Crowd: Satisfied...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Jackie: *walking off the stage and looks to Star and Marco who are staring at her* And I know... She'll be happy as his bride...
  • And I know...
  • I'll never be satisfied...
  • I'll never be satisfied...

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Can I have 22 for angst with Bakugou, but with a fluffy ending. I cry when angst doesn't have a happy ending. Also good luck with the blog😄

One of these days I’ll learn how to write shorter but UNTIL THEN!!

22: “Don’t call this number again.”

There it was again. This same number kept popping up on (Y/N)’s phone and even though she was ignoring it, it still riled up Bakugou. He had seen her answer the call once. She spoke for a bit, the conversation got heated and then she said something hurried and hung up as he was approaching.
That’s what pissed him off the most. She was doing everything she could to keep him from hearing the conversation or figuring out what was going on. They were dating, right? Wasn’t she supposed to trust him enough to tell him things?
If she couldn’t even tell him who was calling her, what did that mean for the two of them?
“Aren’t you going to answer that?” Bakugou asked as your phone on the table kept buzzing.
You didn’t even look at your phone. “I’m spending time with you, why should I be taking phone calls?”
“Your other boyfriend is going to think something is up if you keep ignoring his calls,” Bakugou spat back. He had no reason to think she was cheating on him, but at the same time he felt like he had every reason to think that.
“Excuse me?”
“Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong. But we both know that if I was, you wouldn’t be doing this much to make sure I didn’t hear your conversations with him and try so hard to keep your phone away from me.” Bakugou’s voice started getting louder until he was practically yelling at her in the lunch room.
“What the hell, Katsuki?” You had no clue where this came from or why he suddenly thought you were cheating on him.
“So, am I wrong?”
That was it, you grabbed your bag and walked away. “Where are you going?” Bakugou yelled after you.
“I’m not doing this!” You could feel the tears start to form in the corners of your eyes and it took everything you could to not let him hear it in your voice.
Even though all eyes were on him, Bakugou turned his attention back to his lunch and grumbled to himself about how sneaky this whole thing was. He didn’t even notice that Kirishima had sat down next to him and had started talking.
“Hey, man, what was that all about?” he asked.
Bakugou told Kirishima about what had just happened and what had been going on for the past week.
“Hm… There’s gotta be another explanation for this. (Y/N) is crazy about you, there’s no way she would mess it up by cheating on you.” He was trying to be reasonable because he could feel the anger radiating off of his friend.
That’s when the worst possible thing that could have happened, happened. Your phone started buzzing again. When they looked up and saw it on the table, Bakugou lunged for it. It was that same fucking number calling you again and he was going to get to the bottom of it! Kirishima got to it first though. “What are you doing? What if it’s something for a surprise for you? You’re willing to ruin it cause you have a jealous mind?”
Bakugou looked him dead in the eye. “YES!” He reached for the phone in Kirishima’s hand.
As Kirishima pulled away from him, it stopped ringing. “There, see? It stopped! Now go bring this to (Y/N) and talk to her like a civilized person and try not to yell at her! She’s probably back in the classroom.”

You couldn’t find your phone and had no clue where it could have been. Silently you prayed it wasn’t still in the lunchroom. There was no way you were going back there and dealing with Bakugou again. Where did he get off yelling at her like that. He didn’t even know what was going on! If she had told him who had been calling her then-
“Looking for this?”
You looked up and Bakugou was standing there, holding your phone. You snatched it out of his hand, “So what, now you’re stealing my phone to prove your insane theory is right?”
“Well-” he started to yell again and cut himself off, “well, if I’m not right, just tell me what is going on,” he said calmer this time.
“Don’t get mad,” you knew it wasn’t the best thing to lead with, but you definitely needed to say it before he blew up again, and literally this time. “A boy I had talked to like three years ago had decided to try to insert himself back into my life. He had completely ghosted me and when I ran into him the other day he gave me all these excuses about why he did, but, like in hindsight I dodged such a bullet by giving up on him. But now he won’t leave me alone and keeps texting me and calling me trying to get me to give him another chance.”
“Three years later?” Bakugou asked. “And why did you try to keep this from me? He has no right to continue to bother you like-”
“Because your first reaction is to start yelling and getting angry about it. It’s my issue, you don’t need to get involved,” you said placing a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.
That’s when your phone started buzzing again and you both reached for it. Bakugou got to it first and you almost flew off the handle at him again. “I got this,” he said in a tone that you very rarely heard from him. He swiped the screen and answered the phone before you had a chance to properly argue with him. On the other line there was a guy asking why you had been ignoring him and rattling on about how he knew he messed up and just wanted another chance. “My name is Bakugou Katsuki, Hero in Training. Most people know me as number one at UA. You can know me as (Y/N)’s boyfriend. Don’t call this number again.” Then he hung up the phone and gave it back to you and kissed you. “If he bothers you again tell me. It’s my problem just as much as it is your’s.”

—Mod Zap

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. When getting ready to free Han from the carbonite, Leia insists on using the Executor's well-stocked and almost completely top-of-the-line medbay. Luke doesn't even try to dissuade her.

“What are you- hey! This is a restricted- You haven’t got clearance!” the poor doctor ran about, on the verge of tearing out his hair. “Someone call security! Why isn’t anyone calling security?”

“Because I told the guys at the door not to,” answered Luke in an offhand way before returning his attention to the woman who had come in with him. “Where do you need me, Leia?”

“Levitate the frame,” she answered, motioning to a block of carbonite with – oh good heavens, there was a man inside. The doctor felt like fainting. “I don’t want him to fall out when we thaw him.”

“See here, Commander,” the doctor squeaked, trying not to stare, “Lord Vader may give you an unbelievable amount of freedom on this ship, and unheard-of leniency, but you can’t just go about bringing the royal poster-child of the Rebellion into the medbay! People are going to notice!” 

“Everyone aboard attended the mandatory briefings about on-board security and military secrets, didn’t they?” Luke asked.

“Well, yes, I assume so.”

“Good, then we don’t have a problem. Here, stand by, we’re going to need Captain Solo monitored closely for signs of hibernation sickness once he’s out.”

Leia hadn’t even spared a glance at the doctor thus far, but now she looked up. “I trust this will not be a problem for you, Doctor?” she asked, almost sarcastically.
Something about her vocal inflections was uncomfortably reminiscent of Lord Vader, and the doctor winced. Given the badly hidden smile on Skywalker’s face, he’d noticed too.

“No, your highness,” said the doctor with a resigned sigh, “I’ll get the scanner.”

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Lexa teaching a 6 year old Alex football, endearingly calling her "Bud" so when they're done with the day's lesson, Alex is like "Thanks Air!" kisses her on the cheek and runs to play with her playmates. So Lexa is dumbfounded like whu??? So when she tells the story to Clark she was laughing so hard but Lexa doesn't get it yet so she's like asking Clarke why then she just simply answers: "Airbutt" and Lexa can't do anything because Alex is smiling cheekily at her.

I LOVE that munchkin omg

I don’t know why but I just imagined Aizawa, despite himself, waking up super early to train, thinking all his students kids were still in bed. Then Uraraka comes and even though he notices her, doesn’t say anything. She tries to copy all his movements, tries to understand and memorize them. Seeing this, Aizawa calls her over, slows down his movement so she can study them better and answers any question or concern she has. Morning training sessions became a thing which later turned into sparring sessions x)

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After being away from my main shop for a while, I learn that the GM hasn't shown up to work for 3 days and isn't answering any texts or calls from anyone including corporate. I wonder if she's ok because there are she made a lot of enemies at this shop. No one in the store likes her, not even me because I see the way she treats others, but she likes me and she doesn't give me trouble. Despite everything I do hope she's ok or just decided to quit without notice