i call her she doesn't answer

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Headcannons of stydia at a fancy restaurant?

  • Lydia looks hot
  • Stiles stares at her a lot
  • The first couple of times they go out to a really nice place together, Lydia convinces him to share dessert (the push up bra she’s wearing makes it hard to say no. ) After time number three, he calls her dessert monster and makes her get her own.
  • Stiles complains about the prices and the plate sizes
    • He usually eats again when they get home 
  • They only go to fancy restaurants for special occasions– anniversaries, Lydia’s birthday, to celebrate big work stuff. So Lydia gets all excited and looks forward to it and Stiles is always texting Scott under the table “Who the fuck would pay this much for brussel sprouts Scott? They’re disgusting. Who would do this?”
  • They usually drink some hella expensive wine and judge other people which honestly is their bliss
  • Also they’re kinda mean to waiters (I hate it but I think it’s true.) 

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can you tell more about your oc? she looks so very cute!

Ooh thank you anon!! but I’m afraid there’s nothing much to talk about her just yet! more like.. I haven’t decided her whole story… and what I have decided would be like the ultimate spoiler if I ever get to draw it (I promise I will draw your story, my darling)!

What I can tell you is she’s a really energetic kid that loves to interact with other people, stranger or not!! So she can be quite a bother to some haha
Truth is, I decided her design for one of those memes where you put your music player on shuffle and draw things based on the songs you get.. and I got world’s end umbrella - that’s why she owns that fancy umbrella! But shhh nobody need to know that…

aanyway! she’s happy you wanna know about her~

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Send me a symbol and I’ll answer ooc: ಹ - Share a story from your childhood!


AH- Ok so this one is one of my favorites!! 

When I was growing up in Mexico, dad wasn’t really around all that much back then and so it was just me and momma for most of the day! She used to call me her little best friend >o< <3 

ANYWAYS- my favorite memory is when she used to wash dishes. She would sit me up in the counter and she would start singing ‘our’ song. She would sing the first line and stop halfway through- then I would finish it! And that’s how we sang the song! And she would blow bubbles from the dish soap up in the air and we would just kind of goof off and giggle <3