i cackled heartily at this scene


I don’t know what I did to @meangameofpolitical chess, but whatevs, I’m still gonna talk about this scene with her gifs. 

spectaclesinscript and I were just talking about this scene yesterday!
This girl got all gussied up, and looked so cute. She was really gonna try. A mere passing reference to Fitz, by Cyrus, on the phone and she’s all “how is he?”

Y'all have to remember they were in the shittiest place after the closet. And this is ONE episode after “you ruined me, I’m ruined/I’m ruined, too/I don’t care” . 

Again, the shittiest place!

And YET.

This girl cancels a date because Cyrus brought Fitz up for a hot minute. Listen, I cackled HEARTILY when Olivia opened the door to Jake, wearing her house clothes . #BaeOnTheBrain. Date canceled. Either that’s how potent Fitz is, or how whack Jake was/is. Both is good.

Anyway, booooooo bear tries some shitty ‘do over’ talk , and then had to instruct the girl to close her eyes when he tried to go in for the kiss. My dude, really? I bet she was  still thinking about Fitz after that car crash of a kiss. She just didn’t wanna hurt your feelings🏾.