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Dude I am begging you to make more Latino Jason headcannons!!!!

ask and ye shall receive 

-jason totally pulls the mom move of waking up early and playing loud spanish songs while cleaning the entire place. like he goes hard don’t even try to get him out of the zone 

-both the batfam and the outlaws have come to dread waking up to the beginning of ‘bidi bidi bom bom’ bc they know what’s in store (yeah jason’s a selena fan fight me) 

-jason can cook a lot of different varieties of food, but his faves are stuff like tamales or pozole bc his mom used to make it for him when he was a kid (and he took up making it for her when she was going through withdrawal and when they had the money for ingredients)

-jason has a slight accent still, it comes from growing up on the streets and speaking a hybrid of english and spanish slang so he got teased a lot for it after bruce took him in. bc the kids knew he was different 

-he still is kinda self conscious about it, but if he’s really comfortable around the people he’s with then it’ll come out. so far, only roy and kori have heard it. bruce, dick and alfred have too but that was before his death

-when jason was still living in the Manor, one day he accidentally called alfred ‘abuelito’ while they were cooking together and got really embarrassed, but alfred told him it was perfectly fine. (and he may of teared up some but shhh) 

-jason also calls him abuelita whenever alfred mother hens him and alfred cant even nag bc it’s just nice to have jason home 

-jason also calls kori ‘princesa’ as a little nickname. when roy complained about why he didn’t get a nickname too he also got princesa

-jason lowkey loves spanish soap operas he will watch them and get invested in the story but none of his fucking friends believe him when he tries to explain what’s going on bc it sounds so absurd they just think he’s pulling their leg

-jason still hasn’t called bruce any version of being his father since coming back, but he will call him ‘papas fritas’ because bruce is ‘one salty son of a bitch’ 

-one time jay left his ipod at the manor and the whole batfam kinda shuffled through jason’s music out of curiosity and it was all pretty normal classic rock, thrown in with some modern pop (a lot of niki minaj tbh which was unexpected but also expected) but then dick finds a playlist labeled ‘workout (hardcore version)’ and it’s just the song gasolina by daddy yankee listed ten times. 

5 Times Hannah Shepard Met Garrus Vakarian

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4 : Part 5.1 : Part 5.2 (FIN)

Summary: The Fourth time Hannah Shepard Met Garrus Vakarian, it was over the comm line, and she was terrified something was wrong.

- - - 

The Fourth Time Hannah met Garrus Vakarian, it was him buzzing her over the comms. Over her daughter’s comm line, specifically. Her heard dropped into her chest when she saw it, the small, insistant Jane Shepard dialing… with a turian face in the comm-cam. Like any mother, she’d feared he was calling to tell her the worst.

With the reaper war on, she didn’t talk to Janie very much. It was an understandable distance – Janie had never been the type of girl who dialed up her mom on vid-com every day, and both Hannah and Janie had jobs that were all-but-consuming.

But given all the families who were torn apart by the war – who didn’t get the option to talk to their loved ones – it felt selfish not to take the opportunity, from time to time, to check in.

So she did. Not every day, because neither have the time for that, and not all the time. But…When all the news coming in was overwhelmingly horrible and the comm lines were open, sometimes Hannah needed to see her daughter, just to make the universe feel a bit less horrible.

The calls were short, to the point – they never talked for long, and in this war, neither felt right tying up the bandwidth when vital info might be coming in – but it was enough. Hannah got to see her Janie, alive and…well, alive.

And that was enough. That was all that mattered.

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my so : mentions nei/l ga/im/an.
me : rants about plotholes, door’s non - existent character development, her almost non - existent backstory, thinly detailed family dynamics, zero explanation for 984094330 things that i’m apparently the only one who finds important.
also me : rambles on about at least 8327492342 headcanons i have to explain said important things.
him : ….do you even like him? i thought you liked his writing.

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Everytime I see that one Hamilton post w Arin as A.Ham, Dan as Gelica and Scooze as Elizard, I cackle at the "His name is Dangelica Schuyler" part. Save my soul.

It is entirely possible that this ask somehow inspired me to rewrite the lyrics to “Alexander Hamilton.” There’re some artistic license, some creative syllable-blurring, and a lot of references to weird shit. XD Whoops.

How does a raptor, gamer, animator, and a cat-dad
Slapped with a talent for mappin’ raps about his Pokémon
A general, a dragon, and a cyborg
Turn out to be Dick Elder and a sith lord?

The Game Grumps’ founding father who never falters
With his dance partners
Or with his WoW starters
Or ninja pool-darters
Or Crunchyroll’s dollars
As a teen, he loosely defined the D-Club charter

And every day as fame was bein’ fronted and shunted away
On Newgrounds’ page, he toiled and got his art up
Inside, he was dreamin’ of somethin’ that he could start up
Our raptor was ready to move, shake, and game-show tart up

With a buddy who fit, the inspiration hit
Our man saw his future: grump, not-so-grump, and shit
With a JonTron to rely on, developed the channel’s bit
Dazzled us with their wit, like damn, this show is lit

And the word got around: open YouTube up and sit, so
You can hear ‘em banter while they’re gamin’; this is it, bro
Get your earholes ready, ‘cause this dude can really spit
And his name’s what you’re gonna get
Say your name, it’s—

Egoraptor Hamilton
My name is Egoraptor Hamilton
I mean, okay, that’s not my legal name
But just you wait, just you wait…

But in a year, JonTron quit, then he split, New York-bound
Two years later, see Vader sprawled in pain on the ground
In space, hackin’ up all that ick, raccoons thick
But when they went Solo, son
The dancin’ got sick

Then somewhere in the distance, a ninja committing homicide
The deep, snarly roar of a manticore goin’ for a ride
A voice singin’ “sandwich that I would like to fuck”
And a list of things that somebody named Brian likes to suck

It could’ve been destiny or chance or YouTube gods or fate
But Danny was just outside the gate
Assuring his friend he’d masturbate

They started gamin’, tamin’ every console in the Grump Space
Throwin’ stuff at shirts and drawin’ dicks on Ross’s dry-erase
Crammin’ gross Bertie Bott’s beans into their mouths and
Jammin’ to the rhythm, table flippin’ Dan’s “the South”
Run the intro again, and they start a new band
In Starbomb, you can wear a headband

In Starbomb, you can wear a headband (Dan’s is blue)
In Starbomb, you can wear a headband (Brian’s, gold)
In Starbomb, you can wear a headband, in Starbomb (Starbomb)
Mine is pink!

Egoraptor Hamilton
The expedition will wait for you
‘Cause you gotta go fast
And Specs the Tiger wastes no time

Yo, Egoraptor Hamilton
What’s the internet’s fate for you
Will the hero of rhyme set flame
Will they know that you grumped the game
“Watch shows on sushi?” we exclaim, whoa

Barry’s doing edits now, add a happy burger
And Ross is making them all consider murder
Suzy’s got the paperwork, and Holly is the bird-er

We work with him
Me, I game with him
Me? Play tunes with him
Me, I hug him
And me? I balloon-poppin’ shot him

He still hasn’t seen the spotted one, space-raccoons

Say your name, dude

Egoraptor Hamilton!

when the moon fell in love with the sun (pt. 2)

u thought i was done with this?? *cackles* NEVER @slutorama

(part 1)


Tara’s not nervous. No really, she’s not. In fact, the thought that Faith’s slyly avoided hanging out at her place until today hasn’t even occurred to her, so there’s really no pressure at all.

So yeah, she’s not nervous.

“You’re late,” Faith says, opening the door to her motel just a crack so she can peak out. “Said you’d be here at 4:00, remember?”

Tara feels a smile unfurl, slow and pleased, on her face. “You were waiting for me.”

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AU in which everything is the same except all horses in Westeros are replaced by segways
  • Sandor Clegane going back into the riot to find his segway
  • Jaime Lannister owning two segways of different colors, which have been named “Honor” and “Glory”
  • Arya Stark finding a segway after the Red Wedding and naming it 

“I don’t see it.”

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This is kind of random, forgive me, but I was reading your ALDNT story and in chapter 12 there's a small part that goes: "he has an arrangement with the owner of the Whole Foods on third: she looks the other way when inventory doesn’t quite match up" and I wanted to tell you that that part had be cackling for a good five minutes because I actually work at the third street Whole Foods in Brooklyn, so please thank you for this delightful image

Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING!!!!

No joke, when I was writing that chapter, I spent way too long looking up grocery stores in and around Brooklyn to figure out which one I thought Magnus would use. I didn’t want to leave it vague, and then I thought maybe there’d be a tiny chance that someone from the area might pick up on the fact that I’d used a real Whole Foods location and appreciate it.

So this is just a million times better than I ever could have hoped!!!!!!! Honestly, thank you so much for sharing this with me! You’ve just completely validated that afternoon I spent clicking around google maps street views of grocery stores. This absolutely made my day and I can’t tell you how happy I am! 💜💜💜

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If you ever have the time, could you maybe put together a small compilation filled with Stevie laughing? I think she has the BEST laugh in the world, like it's so contagious. And every time I watch the in your dreams doc. I always have to replay the parts where she just starts cackling because it's just so funny!!

Oh anon, that’s my favorite thing in the world too! She has the best laughter. I’m afraid I don’t know how to edit videos, but I’m going to learn and post a compilation for you in the near future. ♥

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My favorite thing about Zayn leaving the band was Harry's comment 'The paperwork was the hardest part' I'm still cackling till this very day.

He was so… sassy. Those were the good times. And when he said something about a zebra or something during the Loose Women interview. That was fucking hilarious. xx

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The absolute BEST part is the last snap when Mully comes around & he has his shirt off and Niall's old man smokers' cackle! Like I could watch 36758393983 times just for that part lmao!! Listen I've decided I've ship 'Nully' more than anything else lol!!!