i c ant believ e this

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a - age: 21

b - biggest fear: That ants could crawl into my mouth while I sleep. There are so many ants here.

c - current time: 7:17 pm

d - drink you last had: Water

e - every day starts with: A phone alarm that plays the main theme from AC Black Flag. It’s pretty sweet.

f - favorite song: This week it’s I’m Gonna Win by Rob Cantor

g - ghosts, are they real?: I want to believe

h - hometown: St. George, UT

i - in love with: Edward James Kenway

j - jealous of: People who don’t work retail. I’m getting there.

k - killed someone: I’ve sure thought about it.

l - last time you cried: Not in the last couple of weeks or so which is a Very Good Thing :)

m - middle name: Don’t have one

n - number of siblings: 4

o - one wish: That I won’t have any major regrets when I die

p - person you last called/texted: My roommate

q - question you’re always asked: Do you work tomorrow? (The answer is always yes)

r - reasons to smile: I’m moving out of the gross and into the sunshine this summer :)

s - song last sang: Stairway to Heaven

t - time you woke up: 9 am. I got out of bed at 7am though. Mornings.

u - underwear color: Haha blue/white

v - vacation destination: Area 51

w - worst habit: Procrastinating huge assignments until the last possible moment. What I’m doing now, actually! :D

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