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11 strange things about living in Germany.
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Moving to another country is exciting, but challenging. Cultural differences become more visible and you have to adapt to a different way of life. 

Here are the top things I found strange about life in Germany. 

1. Bureaucracy 

I thought Mexico was very bureaucratic, until I lived in Germany. Do you need to open a bank account in Germany? Are you a foreigner? you’ll need two weeks. First you need to ask for an appointment, then submit all the paperwork and wait until every single document, number and statement comes through the mail. Registering yourself at the local office? three days minimum. Germans know this and always complain about it. On the upside: Germans are very efficient and most things will be done right the first time.

2. Nothing is open on Sundays 

In Germany most restaurants, supermarkets and stores are closed on Sundays as most people use this day to relax or be with their family. Most Cafés are open though and there are lots of parks where you can take a walk.

3. Cash only 

The first two weeks I was in Germany I had lots of problems with my bank: I could pay with my card but I couldn’t withdraw cash from the ATM’s. This wouldn’t be a problem in most countries but German businesses rarely accept cards and when they do it is usually an EC Card issued by a German bank. Credit cards are not a big thing in Germany and most stores, bars and restaurants are “cash only”. 

4. People will tell you what to do 

Germans are very forward when giving advice and they will try to make you understand that the best way to do things is "the German way". When Germans are sick they drink ginger tea, so you must also drink ginger tea. Got a zit? rub some German ointment on it. For Germans their cars, beer, technology and everything Deutsch-made is the best (and it kind of is). I got told to “cover up” twice while walking from the gym to my house wearing shorts in the Winter so be ready to get free advice when in Germany. 

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5. Don’t jaywalk 

Germans are very anal about this. Most people will wait until it is their turn to cross the street. If you cross before the Ampelmann turns green, there is a possibility you will be yelled at. It is vital for Germans to set a good example for children so people disregarding order deserves a good dose of public scolding. Just be civil and wait until it is your turn. 

6. Internet censorship 

In 2011 several foreign exchange students received fines for watching porn online ignoring Germany’s strict copyright laws. Streaming video is not always illegal, but still many youtube videos and websites are blocked and downloading illegally can get you fined with a couple hundred euros. 

7. Remembrance

German cities and towns are full of beautiful buildings and monuments honouring historic moments, great people and also victims of Nazi persecution. Signs with the names of the most famous concentration camps with a big “Remember” on top can also be found outside several train stations. Other common sights are the Stopelsteine which are small golden squares found on sidewalks with information of people killed or sent to concentration camps during WWII. 

8. Planning ahead

Germans love to plan ahead. You should have seen the face of my friend’s mom when I told her I had come from Mexico and had not yet found an apartment to live in Berlin. I ended up finding a place a week later but Germans tend to plan everything with lots of anticipation. Germans are not big on being spontaneous and feel more confortable when everything is carefully planned.

9. Beer is everywhere (and is everything) 

Germans love beer. Legal age for drinking is 16 and people can drink just about anywhere: the subway, streets and university cafeterias. It is common to see people sipping beer at 11 a.m. and on the train heading back from work. Broken bottles are a common sight on weekends and passed out people laying in their vomit inside the train becomes part of the occasional scenery after a couple of months (in Berlin). 

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10. Disinfecting food

My friend Valeria who is also Mexican and has lived in Germany for over two years now told me how she looked everywhere for fruit and vegetable disinfectant when she first arrived, but couldn’t find it. Germans don’t use it. Need to wash vegetables? fill the sink with water, throw the vegetables in and stir a little. In Mexico people usually take fruits and vegetables, place them in water and then add some drops of chlorine, iodine or other chemical to disinfect, so that was a strange thing I had to adapt to. 

11. Germans are the nicest people you’ll ever meet

I needed to end the list by saying that Germans are some of the nicest people I have met. The occasional douchebag is present, but Germans will go out of their way to explain things, show you their culture and cook for you. Germans will stuff you with their food, speak English to you when you have trouble getting your point across and buy you a beer when you need someone to talk to. Something I noticed as well is people buying extra loafs of bread for the homeless and young children helping the elderly cross streets, and most of all… Germans are fun! 

Sneak Pt. 1 [M]

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Graphic smut, this is pure filth, i am not sorry, ceo!namjoon

Word Count: 5.3k

A/N: this shoot had me feeling all sorts of ways. don’t tempt me into making this a series because i very well could lol oops rip me. Also, this is unedited. I will be coming back to it to make edits once I finally sleep

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Part 1 Part 2

You stood behind the podium and stared out into the boardroom. The group of unamused business men clad in suits that costs 6 months of your rent stared back at you. The youthful face of the CEO stood out amongst the wrinkled frowns of everyone else in the room. You tried not to stare, or at least not let him notice you were staring. You had been working for this corporation for 3 months but you still hadn’t gotten used to the idea that Namjoon was your boss. Granted, there weren’t many CEO’s in their 20’s anyway.

But he was handsome. His dirty blonde hair always sat messily upon his head. Thick black framed glasses sat perfectly on his face while two dimples frame the sides of his perfect lips. Not that you had notice his perfect lips to begin with. Namjoon was your boss, a mantra that you had to remind yourself on a daily basis because if it weren’t for that then you would certainly be wanting to get him in the supply closet. But Namjoon was your boss.

Taking a deep breath, you started your presentation. It seemed like all the knowledge your fancy degree had given you went out the window as soon as you started to speak. You weren’t even sure if it was english, but before you knew it you had reached the last slide. Silence filled the room as the men in suits took in the last of your words. “Any questions?” you asked.

There was no response. Just pairs of empty eyes staring back at you. The overwhelming feeling of failure creeped into your bones as you stood awkwardly in place, unsure of what to do. Finally, the grumpiest of all the men raised an eyebrow and started to speak, “How is this relevant to our company? The ideas you are proposing are very provocative, but we don’t run the business this way. It seems a little out of reach, don’t you think?”

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anonymous asked:

Could you please point me to some Autistic owned stim stores? Thanks!

Sure! Please note, though, that unless otherwise specified, these stores are based in the US. For those willing to shop from neurodivergent-owned businesses (as distinct from specifically autistic) there’s a little more choice. If you’re not in the US, you’re very likely going to have to pay extra in conversion and shipping costs (which is why I don’t use ND-owned as a basis for what content goes on this blog, as cool as it is to support fellow autistic and ND creators).

If you’re an autistic crafter and you’re not on this list, it’s either because I haven’t yet heard of you, I’ve committed the terrible crime of forgetting you or I’m unsure if you’re autistic (as per the brief). Please comment; I will add your name and details!

I’m pretty sure most folks have heard of Stimtastic by now (@stimtastic), but on the off chance someone hasn’t, I’ll mention it! I don’t believe anyone has had any negative experiences with their order; the linked Tumblr is packed full of happy customers saying great things. There’s everything from fidget toys to chewables! I love my braid pendant, scented vial necklace and - while I didn’t buy it from Stimtastic because I found it here in Australia - crocheted stress balls. @werevampiwolf makes their bead rings!

@caseydickdanger on their Storenvy store Ca5ey sells handmade slimes, fidget toys, weighted plush, squishies and unique fidget jewellery.

@wiresandchains at etsy store Chain Mail Slime sells handmade slimes and very unique chainmail fidgets and fidget jewellery.

If you’re after cute crocheted plush toys, @stimwithoutshame runs etsy store Spacecraft Crafts.

If you’re after bean bags or marble mazes, @asenseofselfshop runs etsy store A Sense of Self.

@spacerobotstudio creates and sells amazing fidget jewellery, communication necklaces and pride accessories on etsy store Spacerobot Studio.

@dragonadventurescrafting sells a fabulous range of handmade plushies and bean bags on her etsy store Dragon Adventures Crafting.

@dollboy runs etsy store Weird Faeles where you can find chewellery and witchy jewellery.

@transsliime sells handmade dough and many varieties of slime on their etsy store TransSlimes!

Autistic Rabbit on etsy makes and sells weighted blankets!

Sister Cat Blankets (etsy, based in France) makes weighted lap pads, blankets and stim toy cases. (She’s one of the mods of @autistickitten but I don’t know her personal.)

@elsinore-snores runs etsy store PangeaMea (based in Greece) where you can find noise-muffling beanies and headbands.

@bartonnbishophumandisastersatlaw runs etsy store Wilde Spoons and Stims where you can buy marble mazes and dinosaur egg fidget toys.

@stevenuniversequartz runs Spoonie Studio, where they sell slimes, floam, glitter jar necklaces, putty and chewellery.

@neurodelightful runs etsy store NeuroDelightful, where you can find fidget jewellery and glitter/shaker bottle pendant necklaces and earrings. Some even glow in the dark!

@piefanart stocks handmade plushies and very cool gear/steampunk-styled fidget necklaces on etsy store PieFanart.

@papercrafthugs sells fidget bracelets and custom amigurumi from UK-based etsy store Papercraft Hugs.

Fidget Club is online retailer with a fabulous range of stim toys. They’re also one of the few autistic and ND owned stockists of Tangles!

@punkrockstimming sells a range of beaded fidget bracelets and beaded fidget toys at xyr etsy store True Trans Soul Rebel.

@fabulousfidgets stocks hot/cold bags and marble mazes on etsy store Fabulous Fidgets.

@luna-stims runs Etsy store Lunar Ocean Studio where you can find her Teeny Bean fidget bean bags.

Fuzzwumpet is an Etsy store based in Canada that sells marble mazes, monster bean bags and spoonie bag self-care kits.

@dailyspheal runs Etsy store Waggles Studio, which stocks handmade fidgets made from woven loom bands.

@yuuriandviktorkatsuki runs UK-based Etsy store Chloe G Crafts, where she currently stocks handmade bead bracelets and soft crochet bracelets, and will stock fidgety things made from split rings.

If you know more autistic-owned places to buy great toys, please let us know by commenting on this post or sending in an ask. Tumblr has stopped showing the notes in all reblogs, and we now get traffic enough that I (mod K.A.) don’t have the spoons to click on every reblog to see if there’s been an addition. We can’t miss comments, so you’ll help us a lot by commenting. Thank you!

cynicalmiles  asked:

hey do you have any advice for freshman? i start my freshman year next week and im incredibly nervous about going

Ahhhhh I’ll do my best but I’m also an incoming freshman, lol :3c Excuse the awkward formatting, I’m on mobile.

For me, I cope with my Anxiety by rationalizing to the point that my worries are abated. One way to do this is by over-preparing!!! I like to over-prepare because it helps me feel more in control of my situation. Here are some things to occupy your time with:

Start packing your clothes! My college is close to home, so I’ve been organizing my clothes by the season. That way, when I come home during a break/winter, I can easily switch out my clothes and bring weather appropriate attire. If you’re living far away from home, packing your clothes in advance makes it easier for your family to send it to you via mail!! (Better pray they don’t get lost though lol)

I really, really hope you’ve done your dorm shopping already lol. If you already have the essentials, maybe start thinking about the trinkets! The knickknacks. The crap you bring from home that drips with sentimental value. People always advise freshman to be out of their dorms as much as possible, but as someone who can be easily drained by social situations, it’s important to me that my dorm is a safe space. Also a comfortable one! Which is why I’m bringing lots and lots of pillows. I bought some dog pillows recently, they’re really cute!

I’d also email/text/chat with your roommate if you can! It’s an important thing to do because 1. You need to hash out who’s bringing the rug, and 2. First impressions, even ones online, are important! Also, it’s nice to talk to somebody before you’re even on campus. On that note, if there’s a group chat for your class, I’d try to join it. I’m not too active in mine, but it’s nice to pop in every once in a while. It’s a good way to get people to know your name :) Plus, you can find people who will live in the same dorm as you there! Nice.

If you have your class schedule for the first semester, then you know the names of your professors. If you’re feeling brave, email them and ask them to recommend some outside reading for the class or something like that. If the idea of emailing them makes you shit your pants, avoid talking to them directly and instead sleuth it up online! Google them! Go on ratemyprofessor and read the reviews! Analyze them for weaknesses. Just kidding! But no, seriously, figure them out as a teacher and plan accordingly.

I love school supplies shopping… I love the thrill of micromanaging every single purchase. Also the thrill of preparing for every sort of disaster, and then backup plans for that. Staples is my god. I find organization to be very relaxing! Especially because my executive functioning is shot to shit. Invest in a planner and also some sort of wall calendar that you can hang up so you see any upcoming consequences in real time instead of squirreled away in your book. Trust me, it’ll help. Also buy pens!! Especially sparkly ones. And mechanical pencils. I have a very big budget when it comes to back to school shopping.

BUY A FIRST AID KIT. They’re really fun to make, or you can drop some $$ and buy a pre-made one. Mine is $25 and weighs like ten pounds and has supplies for everything from a paper-cut to someone needing CPR! I love it.

Plan out what clubs you’re going to join! And it may be hard, but try to email the people in charge in advance!! In high school, I constantly missed the join dates for so many cool clubs… to circumvent this, email club presidents and ask for a calendar of all the meeting dates! Or ask them where their booth will be if your school is having a Join-A-Club day. Just make sure to get on the mailing list!!!!!!! Yes. Clubs are 1. A kickass way to spend time, 2. Looks great on a resume, 3. Opens the door to new opportunities like club promotions and other things, and 4. THE EASIEST WAY TO MAKE FRIENDS. For every douche in a club, there are like four overly nice upperclassmen who will gladly take you under their wing and mentor you to the point that it’s kind of overwhelming! So join clubs, but don’t overbalance yourself. College is a time to have fun, but also to learn!! Don’t waste your money on booze.

Hm……… I’m kind of tired so I may be forgetting some words of advice but here is a starter guide!!!!!! Good luck :3c

Who Are You?

Summary : The first letter you receive from Happiness Delight simply demands you to respond, and knowing full well you shouldn’t, you write one back. 

Word count : 5.6k

Genre: Fluff / Angst 

You stumbled up the stairs with your hands braced against Molls shoulder for dear life. The puddles your heels had had the unfortunate fate of meeting were lit by the orange glow of the street lamps, but still, you stepped into another. Molls nearly slipped on the cobblestone, but your hands were quickly at her waist.

“Shit, how are we gonna get inside!” she said. “Fucking wet stone. Who thought of this?”

Your hand aimed to place a finger at your lips, but the digit ended up somewhere along your cheek. “The neighbours!”

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Dark Chocolate|1| M

Originally posted by gotjimin

Pairing: Jung Hoseok/Reader

Genre: Smut. Mild Fluff 

Words: 5,329

A/n: SO! This is my first ever smut and I feel a little weird about it. BUT! I think you may like it. This will have 3 parts with varying degrees of plot mixed in with the smut lol. Enjoy my little J-hoes! Special Playlist

Part 2 Part 3(Final)

You smirked a little as you munched on your favorite treat, watching Hoseok pout at you while you sat on the counter. He ran his hands up your thighs, squeezing the soft muscle lightly and swiftly pulled them apart as you swallowed a gasp, smoothing out your expression as if this was nothing to you. He stepped in-between your legs, towering over you and put his hands on the counter on either side of you. He smiled like he knew you were only just pretending to be unfazed and licked his lips. His eyes stayed on your lips, only flicking them away to look longingly into your eyes.

“Baby, please?” He asked in an exaggeratedly cute voice. You held back your smile and shook your head. You took another bite and leaned away from him when he tried to take it from your fingers.

“Nope.” You said sweetly.

“I’ll make you come twice, tonight.” He bargained, leaning his forehead on yours and staring down at your lips as you bit them. You let your legs graze against his hip and you looked up at him with false innocence.

“Three times.” You countered in the same sweet voice as before.

“Deal.” He whispered, his lips brushing against yours, his tongue poking out to taste the chocolate that still clung to yours.

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anonymous asked:

How do you make pins? I been wanting to make pins for so long but idk how to even start its so confusing please help me ;_; no one wants to tell me how to make my own pins. I have my own designs and everything

Okay! This is a very long post and I’ll try to get you as much info as I can. I’ve found that the pin making community is very closed off with providing help to new creators since there’s been such an increase in people making pins. So I completely get that you’ve been having issues finding out how to start.

If you already have designs in mind the best thing to do is have them digitized if you haven’t already. The best option is to have a vector file where each of the enamel colours is on a separate layer with no overlapping of the colours or metal areas. This isn’t necessary since a lot of pin manufacturers can digitize your design from a drawing but having them do it can lead to issues and a lot of back and forth changes because they have to trace the image you give them. It’s a lot easier if you can give them a file that they don’t have to do anything with a can use right off the bat to make a mold.

Here’s a pin that I just got made recently that I’ll use as an example through this. The full design in the top left but you can see that each enamel colour can be pulled off separately and leave a solid background that shows the metal of the pin with no overlapping parts.

Also fyi I use Adobe Illustrator to do my designs.

Long post is long. So you’ll have to keep reading :)

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His Reaction ▾ Tom Holland

Note: Tom and (Y/N) are a bit older in this one, towards the end of the movie shooting for the Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel happening in 2019. They are close to their mid-twenties. And they still are growing stronger and stronger for the past few years after the release of In the Heart of the Sea, being introduced to each other by the one and only Chris Hemsworth. Not sure if Harrison lives with Tom (which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t), but Harrison does not live with Tom. Sorry if it feels kind of rushed because it kind of was. Also took me a while to write this because of writer’s block. Sorry for spelling and grammar errors. Enjoy <3

words: 2.1k
characters: 11.8k


“It’s pretty nice outside.“ Tom comments, the two of you looking up at the cloudy skies and very happy that the skies didn’t look like it was going to rain anytime soon. The two of you, walking hand-in-hand through the park in his hometown with Harrison and Jacob third and fourth wheeling behind the two of you.

“It is.” You agreed with a small hum. You snuggled a bit closer to your boyfriend of many years’ side when a small breeze slightly blew your hair back, a strand of your hair being blown into your face. A giggle escaping your mouth that didn’t go unnoticed by your boyfriend who chuckled when you showed your face that was covered by a few strands of your hair.

Your boyfriend, being the kind gentlemen that he was raised to be, lifted his hand up and moved the strands behind your ear which was the cause for Harrison and Jacob to making fake vomiting and gagging noises from behind the two of you.

“Fuck off,“ Tom swears at his friends, jokingly with a chuckle and playfully stuck his middle finger at his other mates. A laugh slips past your mouth as you tugged at your boyfriend’s arm for the two of you to continue walking through the park. Tom, Harrison, Jacob and your attentions’ were caught when hearing a baby’s soft cry, averting your attention to a woman sitting on a bench who held a crying baby in her arms.

“Look a baby.“ You cooed softly from beside your boyfriend. The four of you passing a young mother -probably in her early twenties- trying to soothe her -probably- newborn baby, but to no prevail as the baby continued to softly cry. 

Your heart aching a bit when the baby’s cries were getting a bit louder and you can see the tiredness in the baby mother’s eyes as she struggled to make a formula bottle for the infant, one hand holding the infant and the other trying to make the bottle.

“Poor mum,“ Tom sympathizes, looking away from the parent and child to give you his attention. Squeezing your hand, when your attention was still on the struggling mother, “Love?“

“Huh?“ You snapped yourself out of the trance and looked up at your boyfriend, “Yeah… Poor mum.“

“You really want to help her, don’t you?“ Tom asked with a smile. You bit your lip, nodding your head before making your way towards the young mother, Tom watching from a good distance with Jacob and Harrison beside the young British.

You took a seat beside the mother and turned your body to face the parent, “Hi, sorry but I couldn’t help myself from wondering; you look very young to be a mother.”

“I’m twenty-two,“ The young mother answers with an embarrassed side smile.

“Me and my boyfriend were just walking through the park with a couple of our friends and I couldn’t help but notice that you were struggling. Do you want me to hold your baby as you make a bottle?” You asked, adjusting the shades that somewhat covered your identity.

“I don’t know,“ The mother held her baby a bit closer to her body.

“Don’t worry,“ You lifted your sunglasses and gave the mother a smile, “I’m (Y/N) (L/N) and you are?“

“N-No way!“ The mother exclaims with so much excitement, jumping a little but was a bad idea as it startled the baby and made the baby cry a bit harder. The young parent soothing her baby as she started to fangirl, “I’m Amelia and I love you so much. I love your acting, I love your movies, I love your music. I just love everything about you from your personality to your character’s personality!”

“How sweet of you.“ You smiled, “Would you like some help with your baby?“

“Yes, that would be wonderful,“ Amelia smiles before gently handing the baby over, “Her name is Olivia.“

“What a beautiful name.“ You cooed, lifting the baby and started to gently bounce the baby, pursing your lips together and spoke to the infant in a baby tone, “Aren’t you the cutest thing ever!“

Your smile widened when the baby stopped crying and seemed to stare directly into your soul before erupting with smiles and giggles. You turned your attention to your group of friends and boyfriend, seeing the three already staring at you. You wiggled your fingers at them of not wanting to lose grip of the baby with a big smile before turning your attention back towards the tot.

“She’ll make a great mum, wouldn’t she mate?“ Harrison asked.

Tom smiled ear-to-ear when seeing your shoulders slightly shaking, indicating that you were probably laughing at something on what the mother said or what the baby did, “She would.”

A Couple Months Later…

“No..” You rasped, lifting your hands up to cover your lips of shock that this was really happening to you, “This can’t be true!”

But this was really happening. After a few weeks of feeling nauseous and your bras being a bit tight for you to fit into and after you missed your period. You knew something was up and you had a pretty good, but bad idea of what was happening to your body. 

When finished with your small shopping for the you-know-what, you were to quickly use the product and after waiting a couple minutes for the result, your concepts were very true as the results came out very positive. You were… pregnant. Being close to your mid-twenties and trying to balance your music career with your acting career was already stressful and now that a baby without a known gender was on the way was.. just the icing on the cake.

You wiped the tear the fell down your cheek just as your mind started to fill up with assumptions of how Tom would react to this big news; positively or negatively. Hell, you two weren’t even married yet so telling him would just shock the shit out of him.

Why now?! You thought to yourself, pacing around the bathroom that was in the flat that Tom’s mom bought for the two of you when the two of you were in your early twenties, Why not when the two of us are past our mid-twenties?! I think I’m gonna throw up.

And that’s what you did. After emptying your stomach for a minute or so, you came to a conclusion as you were heavily breathing over the toilet was that Tom had to know. And that you were to accept the consequences that were to come your way, but not before coming up with many ideas on how to reveal the news to him; good or bad.

Present Time…

Excitement flew through your body as the boxed package came through the mail. After throwing up when finding out that you were pregnant a few weeks ago, you were to quickly go online and find cute ideas on how to announce the news to Tom. Coming to a conclusion, that you would just buy a Spiderman onesie for the ungendered baby since Spiderman was Tom’s favorite superhero and was leading role as Peter “Spiderman” Parker in Captain American: Civil War, Spiderman: Homecoming, Infinity War, and Spiderman: Homecoming Sequel.

You were just browsing through the images of spiderman baby onesies (A/N: which was literally what I used to search up Spiderman onesies) when coming across the perfect Spiderman onesie that was sold on a website called Etsy, a website that focuses on handmade or vintage items and supplies. A bonus of the baby onesie being almost 12 dollars without shipping (about 14 dollars with standard shipping, a few cents over 15 dollars for 1st class shipping, and a couple dollars over 20 if wanting the package the next day).

Another bonus was that the business of the account’s location was somewhere in the UK so shipping wouldn’t take months if somewhere else, but you still bought with 1st class because of not wanting the package to be here the next day and wait with anticipation for your boyfriend could get home, which would be a week or so before he would return back to the UK from some press tour out of the United Kingdom. And not wanting the package to take a few weeks because the location of the business didn’t say where in the United Kingdom, just that it was shipped worldwide from the United Kingdom. 

You set the unopened box in your shared bedroom and waited for your boyfriend’s arrival who was just a few minutes away from walking through that apartment door. You quickly pressed the record button on your phone when hearing keys jingling behind the closed apartment door.

“Hi, baby.“ You greeted your long term boyfriend of 5 years when the door opened along with Harrison following after your boyfriend, “Hey, Harrison.“

“Hey, (Y/N),“ Harrison smiles before giving you a quick hug before pulling away to continuing, “I’m gonna go to the guest room and get some shut eye.“

“See ya later, Harrison,“ Tom and you say at the same time before Harrison waved the two of you goodbye and made his way to the guest room.

“Hey, love,“ Tom smiled, leaving his duffel bag and suitcase by the door before engulfing you in a hug, giving you a squeeze, “Why are you filming?“

“Why not?“ You asked with a small shrug of your shoulders, not seen in the video.

“Is there a surprise or something?“ Tom smiles, closing and locking the apartment door.

“Maybe.“ You sing-song, twirling around and motioned for your boyfriend to follow after you, to which he complied. The two of you coming to a stop in the shared bed and motioned for your boyfriend to take a seat on the bed, to which he acted. Quickly setting the recording phone to the side and made sure that the camera was catching the whole thing,  “I ordered something online a few weeks ago and I wanted you to open it.”

“Is it for me?“ Tom questions, grasping your hand in his when you returned back to your boyfriend’s side after closing the bedroom door shut. You stood slightly to the side of your boyfriend as he looked up at you through his lashes. Gently grasping the boxed package that laid on the bed with his free hand, you looked back to the camera and made sure the phone didn’t fall over.

“Yes, it is for you.“ You laughed, feeling somersaults jumping around in your stomach out of nervousness, “Open it. Tell me what you think about. Be careful, though.“

“Alright,“ Tom chuckles, giving your knuckles a quick kiss before slowly starting to open the box. Teasing you a little bit before starting to normally open the box after a slap on the arm and a small protest of his name from you, “How cool!”

“Is it?“ You smiled, nervous bubbles started to pop since he hasn’t really lifted the fabric up in the air yet, “You really like it?“

“Well, yeah,“ Tom laughs, reaching his hand into the box and felt the fabric, “It’s really soft, babe.”

“It is,“ You smiled when feeling the fabric, “Lift the fabric out of the box, Tom?”

“Yeah, sure,“ Tom gave you a quick kiss on the lips before grabbing the fabric and lifting it out of the box, “Wha… No.“

Tom dropped the baby onesie in his lap before covering his mouth in shock, “No! No way! Now way!! You’re… You’re pregnant?!”

“Yeah.“ You laughed a little bit with a small nod of your head, seeing Tom wipe his eyes with the back of his fingers, “Awe, baby.“

Tom wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled your body towards the grown male as you looped your arms around your boyfriend’s neck, “God, I love you.“

“You’re not mad?“

“No! Why would I be mad?!“ Tom questions, looking up at you with tearful eyes. Another awe escaping your lips when a happy tear rolled down his cheek, quickly wiping the tear away with the pad of your thumb, “I’m the happiest and luckiest man alive right now.“

“Really? You really mean it?“

Tom hummed, agreeing before lowering his head and pecking your covered stomach, “I love you so much, my growing baby.“

“You’re so cute,“ You smiled, running your fingers through his hair as your boyfriend returned a dreamy smile back.

“Me and the Ms’ with their baby.“

“You know you are gonna have to keep this a secret, right.“ You state more than questioned because your boyfriend was terrible at keeping secrets, even after years of hoping for him to learn from his mistakes but to no improvement, “I really want to surprise our friends and families and I can’t have you spreading the news because you can’t filter your mouth, honey.“


“Like I really want nothing to come out of that mouth of yours becau-“

“Can you stop roasting me, love?“


“But I’m serious though.“


Extroverts & Friends

Since I get so many questions about extroverts (can I be one if…?) I’ll just sum up my own experience as an introverted, a little-socially awkward extrovert.

No, it does not mean you make friends easily.

No, it does not mean everyone likes you.

No, it does not mean you know how to be social.

I have spent my entire life wanting friends. I make plenty online, not that many in real life. And when you just want to go to a movie with someone one, or have lunch, or talk about things in person, and interact, online doesn’t cut it. I’m 34 years old and for the first time in my life have 8 real life friends. As in, I can have lunch with them when I want to. We can catch a movie.

But for me, it isn’t easy to introduce myself to strangers. I don’t just start up random conversations with people. I can talk to them and be funny and charming and engaged, but often it goes no further than that. I feel as if I am imposing when I know someone is busy and I invite them to things.

So I tried the good old ‘things in common approach’ – and I took tae kwan do classes. Nobody talked to me much, and I was too shy to push it. I just went, hoped someone would talk to me back, and eventually quit since I formed no connections there to offset the anxiety of public performance. I tried a youth group. Did that for six months or so. Found out my values clashed with people a lot and/or they seemed to have enough friends, so they didn’t want me.

I’ve found if you can find one friend, often they come with others. 4 of my current friends all know one another and have for a long time. So, you can kind of social network once you make a connection somewhere – and it’s always good to ask, “Could I meet ____? You talk about them a lot, and they sound great!” But you have to be willing to FOLLOW UP. Can I e-mail you? Would you like to text? Do you want to see Wonder Woman with me this weekend?

Being an extrovert does not mean you have tons of friends or know how to make them; you CAN be an amazing extrovert who CAN make friends easily and has no shyness at all… or you can be a little self-conscious or shy extrovert who desperately wants to be included / remembered / invited / have people to talk to a lot but lack social confidence or skills. And, like me, you may be to shy to initiate but just fine once a conversation starts. That is just a process of figuring out how to connect, but I’ll let you in on a little secret – if you cannot think of anything to say, ask a question. A non-threatening question that invites the other person to talk about themselves. What drew you to this? What is your favorite thing in your yard? When did you get your cat? How did you pick his name?

And since people love to talk about what they love, they will think you are great because you took an interest in them!

Free conversation flows best when you can find an easy way to connect, that does not threaten either person – and often, their hobbies, interests, passions, or pets are the best place to start. How did you get into modeling? I see you really love Captain America, what do you most admire about him? Oh, you are buying cat food? How old is your cat?

Being an extrovert means you thrive when you have connections, and you are happiest when you have external stimulus: it does not mean you are naturally good with people or lack social anxiety.

- ENFP Mod

Logged in - Part 1

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Summary: Dean x Reader: Sam tells Dean and the reader about a new online community for hunters and they both scoff at him, but secretly use it and end up drawn to each other.

Word Count: 4803

Triggers: None really

Y/N = Your name  

Note: Wanted to try out a different format of writing. Let me know what you think!

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

“You found it where?” The question came out as more of a barked laugh as Dean threw his brother a quizzical look that mirrored yours over his raised beer bottle. You were enjoying a post hunt celebratory beer when Sammy let it slip where he’d found the last bit of day-saving info that got you your monster.

“I told you, I was talking to this hunter from Arizona online and…” Sam started parroting his earlier words over Dean’s laugh as you both looked at the younger hunter with a mix of shock and amusement. 

“Yeah, yeah… But a  forum? There’s really a hunter’s forum online? What’s next, tinder for demons?” You asked, your words only making Dean laugh harder as the younger hunter threw you both one of his trademarked bitchy glares.

“It’s not a forum, it’s more like an information sharing channel where you can chat with other hunters,” Sam said, standing up for the service that had saved your lives, not matter how silly it sounded to you.

“So it’s a chat then? Like… Lol, brb, just need to gank this monster real quick,” You threw the words back at Sam with a shit-eating grin, earning you another wink and a laugh from the older hunter that made your heart jump in your chest. Yeah, you really liked making Dean Winchester laugh, even if poor Sammy got the bad end of the deal. Still, you did find the whole idea of a hunter’s chat kind of silly. What happened to the days where you had to rely on wit and phone calls to survive a hunt? Maybe you were just being overly sentimental, but you doubted all the info you could get online was as reliable as some good ol’ fashioned research.

“No (Y/N), it’s just a place to share info with other hunter who might have hunted the same thing before. A place to get tips and tricks and…” Sam started, the big guy clearly not knowing when to give up. Hell, by now you were just pulling his leg as you smiled into your beer bottle. Sure, the site had saved your asses, but hell… Sam was your best friend, he was like a brother to you. And what sister didn’t enjoy annoying her brother? Sure, the service, from what Sam had told you before the ribbing started, seemed reliable and like an alternative way of finding info and getting to know other hunters, but that didn’t mean you had to completely buy into the idea. Especially not when you could annoy your techie best friend for a while. 

“So… Demon pinterest? Big baddie reddit? Ooooh! I know, I know! Hunter’s wikipedia!” You said, grinning at the frustrated younger Winchester as he rolled his eyes at you.

“(Y/N)…” Sam sighed your name over Dean’s barked laughs as you softened your smile into something sweeter.  

“Yeah, yeah Sammy. Sorry, I know it saved us. Thanks,” You said, raising your bottle to touch the neck of it against his and stopping your teasing of the other hunter before he rolled his eyes so hard at you that they got stuck in the back of his head. “But that doesn’t mean I have to completely buy into it,” You added, still not fully sure about the service Sammy had been raving about before the teasing started.

“Yeah, you never know who’s on the other side, could be some kid thinking it’s all just roleplaying. Y’could end up with bad info,” Dean agreed with you, taking on a big brotherly tone, as if he was admonishing his kid brother about internet safety and stranger danger, though Sam clearly could take care of himself. “Books seem safer, you can rely on ‘em. And when they fail you, Bobby’s just a phone call away,”

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‘This One Hawk Keeps Fucking Our Drones’: 5 Questions With Jeff Bezos

As the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has upended the world of commerce and entertainment, and he’s only getting started. We asked the tech visionary five questions about his online empire, and his answers will blow you away.

1. Where did you get the idea for Amazon.com?

Back in 1994, I was in a bookstore to pick up a copy of the Holy Bible, and the clerk had the nerve to ask me for money. I said, “Surely, there’s been some mistake. You can’t sell God’s word for cash. That would be blasphemy,” but no, the bookstore was actually trying to sell the Bible. It was revolting, so I decided to make an online store where the Bibles are always free, as the Lord intended. That’s why Amazon’s motto is “Bibles, Come And Get ’Em!” To afford printing all those free Bibles, we started selling other things, like toaster ovens and books that aren’t the Bible.

2. What’s the future of brick and mortar stores in the age of e-commerce?

Physical stores will always have an important purpose as a place to buy flowers after cheating on your wife by kissing a photo of Julia Roberts. Two-day shipping isn’t fast enough when your wife is furious at you for kissing Julia Roberts’ picture on the DVD cover of Notting Hill and you need those flowers stat to smooth things over. Amazon is dangerous for husbands because we sell DVDs of Notting Hill, but we don’t sell flowers that arrive fast enough to fix your marriage, and that’s why store owners on Main Street have nothing to worry about.

3. Why did Amazon decide to start making its own tablets?

If you look at other e-readers on the market, none of them are filled with a layer of caramel like the Kindle is. Anytime you need a tasty treat to perk yourself up, you can snap your Kindle in half to slurp out the delicious caramel. Compare that to the thin layer of yogurt inside iPads, which is also delicious but spoils just a few hours after you buy it from Apple. The innovative thing about Kindles is that you can shatter them months or years later, and although the caramel inside might crystallize and look kind of weird after all that time, it’s still safe to eat.

4. When can we expect delivery by drone?

Delivering packages by drone is still a work in progress because of this one hawk that keeps fucking our prototypes out of the sky. Every time we launch a drone, this goddamn bird appears and unleashes its passion on the robot until it’s just a pile of broken rotors and circuitry. I wish we could shoot the hawk, but it’s an endangered species, so we have to put up with it screwing our drones to pieces. The good news is that hawks only live about 20 or 30 years, and this one is already at least 10 years old, so you can expect drone deliveries as soon as it dies of old age.

5. What’s Amazon’s next big venture?

Imagine a ride-sharing app like Uber except the car is a fake police car. You could turn on the siren to breeze right through traffic, which is incredibly illegal, and the driver and passenger would both go to jail. In jail they’re going to want snacks, but they’re going to run out of commissary money before long. What they need is some kind of app that lets their family mail them snacks in prison, all at the push of a button. That’s why I’m excited for our new services Amazon FalseCop and Amazon JailMunch, which together will get people arrested for impersonating police officers and make it easy to mail snacks to their prison cells. Amazon values customer satisfaction above all else, and I think people are going to like being in jail and eating snacks.

Ruki lowkey roasting Kai’s clothes (Radio Jack June 23)

Ruki (reading mail): “I love shopping, so I’m always getting more and more stuff, like clothes, bags, and makeup. But recently I’m really into minimalism, so I’ve decided to throw away some of my things. Are you guys the type to throw your stuff away, or do you hoard it?”

Kai: What’s minimalism? Like, throwing stuff away?

Ruki: Hm like, getting rid of all ur clutter.

Kai: So she’s into that?

Ruki: Yeah, so the question is, to throw out or not to throw out?

Kai: Ahh…I think…I’m the type to just throw stuff away without thinking about the consequences. I’m like, ah if I don’t need it right now I’ll just throw it away.

Ruki: So what if it was clothes?

Kai: Throw em away.

Ruki: Oh, you do?

Kai: Yep, quite a bit. If it’s not something I would wear at that time, I feel like there’s no need to keep it.

Ruki: And what would that be? HUHUHU

Kai: (laughs) Like, what kind of clothes? Hmm…well like I guess I would hold onto t-shirts.

Ruki: Oh really?

Kai: Yeah and like, jackets and stuff like that, I’m like, I don’t need this.

Ruki: Oh, so did you throw out that black mod coat then?

Kai: No, that I still have. (laughs)

Ruki: Ur not a minimalist at all!!!

Kai: I like that one! I wear it!

Ruki: When I picture you in the winter I think of either that one or the Dolce&Gabbana one

(Kai dies laughing)

Ruki: So you still have both of those?

Kai: Yeah I kept those.

Ruki: And you throw away all the rest.

Kai: Yeah. Well like, I don’t really have…like those kinds of coats…

Ruki: Oh, so like hoodies and stuff you throw away?

Kai: Yeah, yeah, like hoodies, and sweaters….I throw those away often. I keep all my t-shirts though.

Ruki: Ahhh.

Kai: So what about you?

Ruki: I have this thing like, where I’ll throw it out if I don’t wear it in a year.

Kai: (laughing) Do you even remember whether you’ve worn it in a year?

Ruki: Yes.

Kai: You definitely don’t!!

Ruki: No like, I fold them all and put them away nicely – okay not nicely but I put them away.

(Kai laughs)

Ruki: I especially have a lot of t-shirts. So I put them all away. And then the following summer I take them out, right? And then, if I think, “ahh I’m not gonna wear that” I put it away again.

Kai: Oh, okay…but then wouldn’t you have to put them away in a different place? Or else you’ll just keep taking them out every year and going “Ahh I’m not gonna wear that” and put them away again (laughs)

Ruki: Yeah, so I put the ones from two years ago underneath. And then I’m like, “Oh I didn’t wear these last year. Okay I’ll throw these ones away then.”

Kai: Ahh, so that’s how you do it.

Ruki: Yeah, I just do that over and over. They pile up, and then I throw away the ones on the bottom first.

Kai: Ahhh…

Ruki: Like, I didn’t wear this all year, I guess I’ll throw it away.

Kai: Okay, so you don’t really have trouble deciding what to throw away then?

Ruki: Well, sometimes I throw things away as soon as I bought them. Like, I buy it, it gets to my house, and I throw it away.

Kai: Clothes!?

Ruki: Yeah.

Kai: Why, cause they didn’t fit or something?

Ruki: Well, like, sometimes I buy stuff online – I do go to stores and try stuff on too but – when I buy stuff online, sometimes I just get it and throw it away.

Kai: (laughing) Like you already have it!?

Ruki: No like, I just don’t think I’ll ever wear it. Like, sometimes when you get stuff online the colour is kinda different, or it’s not made of the material you were expecting you know? I guess I should look into it more before buying it but, anyway it happens sometimes.

Kai: Huhuhuhu. So, you don’t have trouble deciding whether you’re gonna throw something out? I don’t.

Ruki: So if you do keep something, it means you really like it?

Kai: Yeah. So don’t make fun of my Dolce&Gabbana or my mod coat ever again.

Ruki: Oh no no, I think it looks very warm.

open during construction

This is a post about weddings, and maybe about life. I was married on March 20. My husband didn’t go to college. I went to a school that in some parts of the country you can brag about until someone else brings up Yale. I graduated with a degree and bad grades that I never put on my resume, and they never mattered, for what it’s worth. (Thousands of dollars. They were worth thousands and thousands of dollars, and they never appeared anywhere but in a text to my parents.) 

My first job out of college, I got because I knew someone. I quit that job. The job that supported me between that job and the next comes-with-health-insurance job was on a boat. It was also because I knew someone. That someone was the boat captain and we were dating. Sorry—we were sleeping together. Is it feminist or very not feminist that he paid me?

Anyway, the next real job I got was because I knew someone.

Only my third job did I get on my own merit. And when I quit that third job two years later on good terms, my boss told me that when he’d interviewed me, he knew that I wasn’t the best candidate, but he liked my attitude. Back then, I wore pencil skirts with pumps.

The next job I got, I also knew someone.

It wasn’t until my fifth real job that a headhunter found me, interviewed me, and hired me. And then, a year after working for that company, I made an internal shift to my dream job because they were small and agile at just 30 people. In the year following, they would hire 130 additional people. Like most people, I have impostor syndrome and work as hard as I can, 80% of the time.

Right, I was talking about weddings. I got married on March 20 at the end of a fire road. Fire roads in Los Angeles, in case you’re not familiar, are dirt and gravel routes that allow fire crews access to open land to fight wildfire. But most of the year, people use them for hiking, dog walking, and bike riding. We used ours for a wedding.

I wrote the wedding script. I’m still not sure if that’s what it’s called. We had our friend Dev ordained through an online ministry service, because for some reason outside of the separation of church and state, your marriage certificate requires it. The script finished with, “I now pronounce you wife and husband,” because I come first. Dev’s wife, our dear friend Halley, took photos. She’s a writer.

What I’m saying is we walked down a dirt path, where I gathered a bouquet I picked from the ground, to have a friend read out loud some words I had written that included jokes about shitting and dogs and crappy houses, to get married in front of just our parents and a writer who was taking photos. I ordered the dress I was wearing from a site called “Lulu’s”. It was $60, and it was beautiful. That was our wedding.

We’ve been married for two months. We just got our marriage certificate in the mail. We’d fucked it up the first time by not writing in that Dev was a “minister” because he isn’t. We didn’t want religion involved in our wedding. Adding it as an addendum later felt fine. My husband doesn’t believe in religion. I believe in astrology only when it tells me my career is going to take off.

My career has taken off, compared to not having one at all. I’ve been reading fewer horoscopes, and I’ve been writing significantly less. I am pursuing a career. My husband is pursuing a dream. He is currently making unemployment dollars. I pay rent and attention to our budget. He cleans the house. Sometimes, I struggle with it all, but most of the time, I don’t. Most of the time the person I love and married picks me up from work, makes me dinner, I read a little, and I fall asleep with him and both our pets piled on top of me. I forget the weight of my ambition when they replace it 

This is the part about life. If your life has the opportunity to be good, let it. We can, of course, complicate things. We can add invitations and seating arrangements and showers. We can add mandatory partner checklists and gender roles and tradition. We can add whatever we like. But we should add the things that make us happy, if we are so able.

When I was young, there were many versions of myself that I pictured. But one that lingered was of a coiffed woman in a penthouse in New York. She made money and nothing else. She married in an art museum in an indigo gown. Her husband wore impeccable clothes, and they went to galas. He had a fancy degree, and a fancier pedigree. I don’t think I ever imagined us together, only imagined him like a check in a box. 

But that’s not what happened, and thank religion. I live in a house with no insulation but a great view in a strange town where you can always hear the coyotes. My husband’s fanciest pedigree is his dog and his kindness. I make money, but I also make art and love and occasionally the coffee. The only thing I would call impeccable is my taste in adoptable cats. Most of my life I imagined all these things I needed to do by an age, by someone else’s standards, by this checklist that never ends. As soon as I got straight A’s, as soon as I got 10,000 followers, as soon as I got that offer, as soon as I, as soon as I, as soon as I, ad nauseam.

As soon as I stopped and felt my legs underneath me, as soon as I stretched my arms high into the sky and felt my spine lengthen, as soon as I noticed how scrunched my face was and relaxed it, as soon as I remembered I could play Spice Girls literally any time of the day I wanted, as soon as I did that, I was happy.

I still get grumpy. I still get greedy. I still envy and boast and posture and plead. I’m still disgusting at times, and not because I eat in bed or use the restroom without washing my hands, but because I’ll see a beautiful photo and purposefully not like it. Because I’ll say something sucks because I wish that I had it. I still get jealous when I find out someone’s household income. I still forget that my income, my income alone, is more than most people in the world will ever make. I still get mad that it takes time to write a novel. I get mad at time, and it feels nothing time and time again.

On reality TV shows, the contestants who are ousted so frequently say something like, “you’ll be seeing me again!” but we never do. They’re forgotten, only to be dragged through the mud by a person making $5 per post on the internet because they were once average looking and are now older. You’ll be seeing me again. It reminds me of businesses trapped behind scaffolding, heralding fresh banners saying, “OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION!” Please don’t forget me. Please don’t let me die. But we are not businesses. We don’t die when we’re forgotten; instead, we are forgotten when we die. We have no mortgages on these bodies but time. 

So I stretch my skin and feel grateful. I don’t own a home. I can’t buy a new car. I don’t have an agent. I can’t beat my old times. I don’t have a following. I’ve never been to a gala.

But I am, at least, open during construction.

Bad Ideas (Chapter Five)

Welcome back! If you are missing any chapters, check out the MASTERLIST!

“Sweet cheeks?” Wade called, wandering through the office and garage. “Oh there they are.” He tilted his head and just stared at that long, lean body bent over the hood of a car replacing a battery. “I missed you boys, been hiding in an office chair for like weeks and–”

“Wade.” Peter straightened and grinned. “Stop talking to my ass. What do you want?”

“You almost done?” Wade tilted his head and made a point of trying to crane his neck around to see Peter’s butt again.

“Yeah man, just about. Two minutes if you’d just leave me alone and let me finish. What’s up?”

“It’s time for a grocery run in town unless you want baking soda and crackers for dinner. You wanna come?”

“Uh–” Peter thought for a minute, trying figure out what else needed to be done before they could close the shop. He was pretty sure all the paperwork was done, and this car wasn’t being picked up until late tomorrow. So–

“I could use my hand, or my mouth or—” Wade was talking but shut up when Peter’s eyes bugged out.

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Soulmate!Mark Lee Scenario

There is one universe where your soulmate is someone you share the same birthday with.

You and Mark often dreamed about each other, but there was no way for you two, to see each other. You didn’t even lived in South Korea. Nope. You lived in (your Country).

It was the night from the 31th july on the 1th august you two dreamed meeting each other again. “Man, this is bullshit Y/N! We’ll turn 18 and have na chance to see eachother!”, Mark was slidly pissed but you were aswell. “Right? What’s the point on beeing a soulmate without a chance?!”, you sighted. Mark pulls you into a little hug. You hugged him back and smiled. “You know what? I got it. I have money. When we’re awake, I’ll buy you an online ticket. You just have to fly over!”, Mark said with an excited voice. “No way! This is to much!”, you hit his shoulder. “Nah… I’m going to spend my money on you anyways.”, he was kinda right. “Jesus, but only if you take my present!”, you said. He smiley weirdly:“Of course.”.

When you went back to reallife aka waking up, you coulnd’t help but smile. Would you really be able to see your Soulmate?

You stand up and walked to you desk. You opend you laptop and waited for it. After about two minutes you checked your emails. There was Mark’s. You opend the mail.

<<Heyhey little girl,

as I promissed you, I bought a ticket.

You flight will be at 3pm. Better be ready!

I and Johnny Hyung will pick you up at the airport.

Take care of you, and bring your stuff!

Your suitcase can be 30 pounds, not more.

Just print out the ticket and go pack your things.


Mark Lee.>>

You smiled at yourself as you printed put the ticket. And than you looked at the clock. It was 9am. As fast as you could you ran down to yout parents. They were also Soulmates. “Mom, Dad! Mark bought me a ticket, we have to drive to the airport at 1pm!”, you screamed, waving the tickets inside of yout hands. “Mark? Your Soulmate?”, your Dad ask. He wasn’t happy when you met up with boys, but this was something else. “Yes! We talked about it in our dreams! My plane will be bording at 3pm.”, you said happy. Your mom smiled:“Then go, pack your things Sweetie! We will make you some food for the long way!”.

When everything was done, you and your parents headed to the airport. You were so excited and your parents were too!

“Come here my little girl!”, your dad pulls you into a hug. “Take care and have fun with your soulmate!”. You smiled:“Thanks dad!”. You mom hugged you tightly aswell:“You’ll be 18 without us… but it’s so cute you both will be able to see each other in person!”.

You checked in, left you suitcase an the band. Now you had to go the secruity check. Everything went fine and at 2:43pm you waited to get into the plane.

The flight took really long. It made a small stop in Hongkong but that wasn’t special. When the plane landed on the ground in Incheon you and the people around started to clap. And than the reality hit you. You were going to see Mark Lee, your Soulmate. Thank’s to Mark, your place was right there were an exit was. You got all your things and the door’s opend. You were the fist on on the back to get out. The air hit your face. It was so freaking hot. Happy to be alive you went with the other people inside of the airport. You searched for your suitcase and grabbed him as you walked to the exit. You were fucking nervous, you could feel he was near. You felt a soft tickel. You tooked a last breath abd stepped outside. There he was. You both stared at each other. Johnny stood behind him but neither he or you noticed him. You started to run and a few seconde before you met him, you throw your suitcase away. Both of you running into each other, forcing you to land on the ground. “Y/N!!!”, he screamed. “OH MY GOD MARK YOUR SO TALL AND HANDSOME AND WOW!!”, you screamed back. Johnny picked up your suitcase and took a picture of you both.

As you two finally stood up, you went back to Johnny’s car. You and Mark sat behind him and smiled at eachother. Mark tooked your small hand in his ones and you blushed a bit. “Haaa young love, I’m happy that Hansol is my Soulmate and we hadn’t such a trubble finding each other~”, Johnny said and smiled at you. You blushed even more. Mark grinned at your cuteness.

The other boy’s really liked you, and the SM Rookie girls liked you aswell. It was 11:57 pm. You and Mark were forced to stay inside. You held his hand. “Mark, you know I’m so happy. We finally met and will turn 18 together…”, you said and er smiled. “I’m happy too. I never ever want you to go back, but you have to. I’m sure someday we can live together, marry each other and maybe have kids! That would be so-”. “PALLI!”, Taeyong and Jaehyun runned to you. Both of you hot a blindfold. “It’s 11:59pm, hurry up!”, Jaehyun said and the two helped you outside. All of them began a countdown, starting from 30. Marl grapped your hand. An electric feeling overcome both of you. “7…6…5…4…3…2…1!”. The blindfold were gone and the older members startet a firework. You felt a really strong energy inside of you and turned to Mark:“D..do you feel that to?”. He doesn’t answer. He cupped you face into his hands. Then the time freezed. Only you an Mark were there. He kissed you, and you kissed him back. The boy’s and girls clapped as you finished the kiss. “Happy Birthday Y/N”, he wispers into you ear. “Happy Birthday Mark….”.

I hope y'all liked it!

I had fun writing this little soulmate!scenario but it’s still difficult to write in english for me since I only write in german hahaha

anonymous asked:

hey there. i wanna buy something from FE clothing on storeenvy, and i checked your FAQ and you've said it's legit but i'm still a little nervous. i dont really ever use storeenvy, and all these clothes seem too....good? to be true. is this a case of you get what you pay for where its awful quality and 8 weeks shipping or something? id appreciate the information. thanks in advance!

Hi there!

What item were you looking at purchasing? I’ve personally only bought from FE Clothing once it was one of their most popular items, so I though I’d give it a try to test their quality. You can see the review of it here, I’ve been meaning to do an updated review but every time I have some $ spare something pops up (vet bills, etc) but my aim is to have one done within the next few months or so.

Anyway, I’ve written a How to Spot a Scam Store on Storenvy post before which details some things to look out for when shopping online. This isn’t exclusive to Storenvy however I know a lot of scammers do decide to use Storenvy as their main platform. 

FE Clothing, there aren’t a lot of reviews on this particular company. You have to be careful when looking up reviews thought because people also use the term FE clothing when speaking about Foreign Exchange Clothing - which isn’t related to this store at all. I don’t know if FE Clothing is a drop ship company, but you could e-mail them asking to send more photos, details or measurements of items you’re interested in. If they can’t give you this information for whatever reason, I’d skip them and move on. I have spoken to the owner/operator of FE Clothing before and they take a few days to reply and can have broken English at times, but this shouldn’t be a huge red flag straight up.

Shipping: it will take several weeks. Half the reason the products are so cheap is because the sellers use the slowest shipping method possible (often by ship) so that they can offer free shipping to their customers. Which in turn, allows them to lower the product price since they don’t have to account for expensive world wipe shipping. Often you won’t get a tracking number, or they might give you a one but it’s just their receipt number and won’t work in any tracking agencies you find. I really don’t think there’s an issue with this, being from Australia most of my packages take weeks to get to me no matter what. I understand in America you can get next day delivery, but never even expect same week delivery when ordering from these types of places - it’ll never happen. Doesn’t mean it’s dodgy, it’s just what you paid for. Don’t bother buying express shipping unless you’ve made contact with the owner first and understand what express truly means. There’s A LOT of things that get lost in translation, so do keep an eye out for that.

Quality: You get what you pay for yes, but it’s also sort of a gamble. One reason I don’t like online shopping (anywhere) is because you can’t feel for the quality of the material. I’ve often seen such cute pieces in store, then felt the material and have been so let down. This happens online too. Thin material with loose threads doesn’t mean it’s poor quality, it just means it was a little cheaper but will still hold up. Let’s be honest, your local mall probably gets the same clothes from the same factory but ups the price since they have to cut all the loose threads off themselves, then pay somebody to fold them up or put them on display. I’ve bought really cheap pieces off Storenvy before, like this gingham dress - I think it was $25 in total but I worn the heck out of it before finally retiring it. I’d say any place is hit and miss, their stock is from all different factories and warehouses so the quality and standard of each piece may vary but that’s just like any physical store you walk into. The only pieces I would avoid purchasing are ones that are clearly rip offs of popular brands or designs like RipNDip or Tommy Hilfiger.

In short:

  • Check for social media posts, reviews, photos, etc.
  • Pay with PayPal 
  • If you are really having concerns, email the store and ask if they can send you any more pictures or measurements of the items. 
  • Try to keep your first order under $50
  • Take photos of everything once they arrive (when they are still in their package as well) - if you want a refund this is the only way you’ll get one. 
  • Give them a review! It’ll help future buyers in the same situation you are in now :-) 
  • If you still feel uncertain about them, don’t buy. 

I know this is super long, but there’s so much to cover when shopping online from stores like FE Clothing. I hope this helps!

Reach an advanced level in German by yourself

Someone on tumblr asked me if they could reach an advanced level in German by themselves. They didn’t have teachers who worked enough with them and I felt really sorry because sometimes teachers/schools just suck and you can’t reach the language level that you want to reach.

So I want to give you advice and share personal experiences. I hope it helps. I already want to apologize for mistakes in this text because I’m not a native English speaker. 

Classes: I can’t stress it enough: Language classes are so important! If you are at A1/A2/B1 level, you really really really should take classes so you can improve your German. At B2 or a higher level, it’s still good to take classes but you have already reached a good level you so don’t necessarily need a teacher. Teachers are important, they can make it or break it but especially at lower levels, you need them. I want to learn Dutch & improve my Italian with an app and a website but I am too lazy. I really need a teacher who gives me homework, explains things, hands out sheets with exercises, who makes you read stuff out loud, wants you to write grammar rules down and tests you. It is important and it’s a great motivation to do things because you really have to do them unless you want to get in trouble. Teachers are very helpful. If you can’t take German classes at school or if you don’t go to school anymore, try to find a language club or classes in your freetime. I really recommend it. Language classes are very important and helpful. I don’t say that apps and websites are useless but take classes if you can!

Books: Reading helps you when you want to reach an advanced German level. If you read books in class, try to write down and translate the words you don’t understand. Start a journal about the book, summarize the chapters, add some descriptions of the main characters and their relations… I always did this (especially when I had a (oral) test about the book) and it was very helpful! Sure, it can be hard work but it’s worth it. I recommend to read books in your freetime, that’s what helped me to reach higher levels and to get an advanced vocabulary. You can start with simplified versions of German classics or with ‘normal’ German books. On my blog, there are so many posts about books and you can always ask me if you want me to recommend you one based on your interests. You shouldn’t start with reading books written by Schiller or similar authors because their ancient German can be quite confusing (even for native speakers like me). Read the books, keep a journal, look online for opinions and discussions about it. By the way, I always read foreign language books out loud so I see which words are difficult to pronounce for me.

Movies: Movies are perfect to improve your German skills. Watch them in German with subtitles in your language. Then start to watch movies with German subtitles. If you find a German movie without subtitles, try to watch it. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand everything they say! Actors tend to mumble so not even native speakers understand 100% of what they say! Watch as many movies as possible, check out the pages on my blog, ask me if you want me to recommend one! If there’s a film you really loved, try to find informations about it on the Internet or write a review in German. Movies are great to learn more about slang. You could also watch kid’s movies or shows because they speak slowly. German YT Channels are also a great possibility.

Writing: If you want to reach advanced writing skills, try to find a penpal. You can do this on my blog. Write them text messages, mails or letters on a regular basis. Ask them if you have a question about grammar, slang or the country. Tell them to correct your mistakes. Maybe you can visit them one day, it’s really so much fun! I highly recommend it! Try to write texts in German; poems, short stories, thoughts, diary stuff… None has to read it if you’re not comfortable but please write and look up the words you don’t know. If you have to write something for class, make an effort and try to write a very good text! Correct your mistakes afterwards and try to remember what exactly you did wrong so you won’t do it again. Join an internet forum and talk about your interests.

Grammar: Pay attention when your teacher talks about grammar stuff. Write the important things down, buy a grammar book if you don’t have one (you can also buy a more advanced one if yours from your class is too easy). Work with it on your own, try to understand the rules and ask your teacher if he/she could explain you what you don’t understand. Ask him if he/she could give you extra exercises or grammar stuff (that’s what my teacher did because she knew I had a higher level than others). Do as many exercises as possible. There are B2/C1/C2 level books with speaking, writing, listening and reading exercises, I highly recommend them.

Music: Listen to German songs. You find tons of examples on my blog. Listen to German radio, look at songs lyrics, try to translate them or look up translations. Try to sing along, try to understand the meaning behind the songs. 

Visit German-speaking countries: If you can, visit German, Austria or Switzerland! It’s great to be surrounded by native speakers. Try to order your food in German. Don’t be shy, people won’t laugh at you unless they’re verdammte Scheissidioten, die in der Hölle verrecken werden (sorry not sorry). If you speak to natives and they laugh about something you said because it sounds funny to them, don’t be sulky. Ask them what you said and how you should say it and let them explain why it was funny so you get a chance to laugh too.

Talking: Talking is very important and to reach a higher level, you really should take classes because that’s where you can talk and learn how to pronounce the words correctly. If you don’t/ can’t take classes, try to talk to yourself in German or to friends or sing or read out loud in German. Try to speak in German when you visit a German-speaking country.

If you want to reach an advanced level by yourself, you have to work hard even though you might not always be very motivated. Just remember that you’ll be very happy in the end! It’s worth it! Message me if you need help or if you have any questions!!!

Tumblr-Girl (Part 5)

Tumblr – Girl (series)

Part 1
Part 4
Part 6


Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: you made a new friend, didn’t you?
Word Count: 2.080
Warnings: panic attack, angst, depression, mental illness, self doubt


thanks soooo much to @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki​ for beta-reading so fast, so that I can throw it out for you guys even faster. 

Also I wanted to thank y’all for sticking around (it took a while writing this one) and giving me so much strenght with your comments! I really had some hard days, but your appreciation helped me a lot! Love you guys! 

Now enjoy chapter 5!

Your POV

Some time passed, a few days, maybe a week, the medication you got stood untouched on the sink in your bathroom, your arm hurt awfully, but you couldn’t get yourself to take the painkillers. You had some more talks with Dr. Richard; he was nice, he seemed like he cared about you. You found out he was just a few years older than you, he lived alone, a bit outside the city. Every time you met him you both continued your question-answer game, it never was boring, you got to know him better and your relationship turned. Dr Richards was no longer Dr Richards to you, but now Jacob, and you often met with Jacob for some coffee, lunch or even for a drink in the evening together. He became a very good friend and you found yourself telling him things that you would normally tell Dmitri. However you still didn’t feel that comfortable to tell him everything about you, so you weren’t as honest with the Doctor as you were with your your Tumblr friend. ,

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cloud’s p.o/mailbox is now open !!!! ~

i am so very happy to announce that you can now send me and cloud things to a safe mailbox!! (rules and stuff below)

and yes we will reply to EVERYONE because we want this to be an exchange of gifts between people who support us and we are excited to send things out!!

things you can send: 

well, anything within reason, but here are some suggestions: 

  • doggy treats - cloud favourites are bones she can chew etc, but she enjoys anything that is dog friendly!!!! (please make sure you buy them in like a sealed packet, so they can get to us safely and make sure they are 100% safe for cloud, or i probably can’t give them to her)
  • doggy toys - now cloud is quite, uh, destructive, so she likes harder toys that don’t break easy, like kong toys or balls, but anything would be welcomed, just… can’t guarantee how long it’ll survive lmao
  • art / creations - a few people have said they would love to send something but would rather make it and that is so so so fine!! we would welcome art and creations and love them so much, so if you would like to draw cloud that would be amazing, or if you want to write us a letter or make anything else that is welcomed very greatly too!
  • other - a few people have offered to send me (carlyle) some gifts too, like candy from your country, and other stuff etc, and that is very fine and i’m honestly so honoured you’d want to aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! pls don’t worry if you can’t/don’t want to though, like at all, i don’t mind.

you can send things physically or from online, just enter the address i provide and it will be aokay !

replies etc:

what we will reply with:

i really wanted to get cloud involved in the reply as much as possible, so i was thinking we would reply with a personal picture of cloud (taken on a polaroid sort of thing, so each photo is original) and on the back, cloud’s paw print and a little thank you message from me!

what to include to get a reply:

whether you’re sending online or physically; we need a safe return address so we can send things back out to you!! if you don’t want a reply that is totally fine, but if you do and i haven’t got your address/somewhere to send it back to, it would be impossible to reply, and i really really want to send something out to everyone who wants it

adding a note inside with the return address on would be great, or add to the extra comments/notes whatever section if you’re sending from online - also would be great if you could include your name (just first/preferred name) preferred pronouns just incase, and tumblr url so i can make the reply more personalised!

EDIT: would be really helpful for me if you could send a post stamp as well!! it is not Super Required but, yeah, would be helpful thanks

other things:

  • you can send things to us wherever you are in the world, and we will reply back always - we don’t mind sending replies overseas
  • it’s fine if you can’t or don’t want to send anything this is just for fun <3
  • it is open for a few months and i will post plenty of warnings and stuff if and when it is closing, so it’s ok, i won’t let you send anything to nowhere
  • if you have any questions at all, please do message me and i will answer!


Carlyle & Cloud
Suite 360
38 Sunbridge Road
England, United Kingdom 

shirtlesscaptain  asked:

idk if you ship it but winn/james?

who hogs the duvet:
winn. he sleeps burrowed under the duvet and a blanket, james tells him he looks like a human burrito

who texts/rings to check how their day is going:
winn texts james all about his day and what’s happening then asks about james’s days

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts:
def james

who gets up first in the morning:
james. if it was up to him, winn wouldn’t get out of bed before 1pm

who suggests new things in bed:

who cries at movies:
winn downright sobs

who gives unprompted massages:
winn, then he’s like “oh my god… Muscles… oh god” every single time

who fusses over the other when they’re sick:
both do, but winn fusses more. james fusses over winn when he’s sick but winn refuses to admit he’s sick

who gets jealous easiest:
totally winn

who has the most embarrassing taste in music:
winn but he’s not ashamed of it

who collects something unusual:
winn collects bubble wrap

who takes the longest to get ready:
JAMES! have you Seen how fine that and put together that man looks All The Time???

who is the most tidy and organised:
james. winn “my life is a mess so my things are a mess” schott doesn’t bother with organization because “it doesn’t matter if i know where everything is”

who gets most excited about the holidays:
both do, except winn is like a little hobbit jumping around the place

who is the big spoon/little spoon:
james is the big spoon & winn is the little spoon

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports:
WINN!!! “winn for the win”

who starts the most arguments:
winn “does it look like i have ever been wrong in my life? ever?” schott

who suggests that they buy a pet:

what couple traditions they have:
matching the colors of their outfits when they go out together, if one of them had a bad day then they have a date night to make up for it

what tv shows they watch together:
criminal minds, law & order (and they make ridiculous bets to see if they can guess who is guilty)

what other couple they hang out with:
alex/lucy, kara/lena

how they spend time together as a couple:
cuddling, watching movies & taking pictures to fill the lots of photo albums they plan on filling

who made the first move:
james interrupted winn (while he was mid rant about some video game and the incompetence of his online teammates) by awkwardly blurting out “go on a date with me”

who brings flowers home:
james, and they leave it on a vase in the middle of the kitchen table

who is the best cook:
james, absolutely

send me a ship and i’ll tell you all these things