i buy so much of it

(I’m clearly rewatching YOI because what else am I going to do until Level 2?)

This line from Victor implies that he pretty much always flies first-class. So, why wouldn’t he just buy another first-class ticket for Yuuri so that they can sit together?

Likely because Yuuri, being the anxious bean that he is, doesn’t want to deviate from routine. As an anxious person, I also don’t like to change my environment if I can help it, especially before a big event. So Yuuri will stick with sitting in coach because that’s a familiar setting where he’s most comfortable.

And Victor will sacrifice a first-class seat just to sit with Yuuri for the whole flight.

I love all these details.

"RFA + Saeran if MC asks them to do her makeup/ asks if she can practice putting makeup on them"

@amberdusk thank you for sending in this request. 😁 i love writing these kinds of heaadcannons.

- V -

- Makeup?
- He’s never really thought about it much.
- it seems fun though.
- says hell let you do his if he gets to do yours.
- he actually does a good job
- accidentally pokes you in the eyes with eyeliner
- you can bet he takes a bunch of artsy photos of you guys together.
- GoD V, sTOp iT

- Jumin -

- he will buy you makeup, but he won’t do your makeup.
- you learned early that this man has no artistic skill what so ever.
- thought your eyeliner was just a black coloured pencil.
- the only thing he knows about makeup is that there’s a trend called “cat eye”.
- Thats all he knows. Don’t even ask him what lip liner is.
- will only let you do makeup on him if its a cat eye.

- Yoosung -

- this boy does not understand all of the hard work it takes to put on makeup every day.
- when you ask to do his, he agrees and tells his LOLOL friends that he’ll be back in ten minutes.
- ten minutes my ass.
- it takes him that long to choose what he wants
- by he time he gets back to LOLOL (over an hour later) his entire guild is dying and they’re all freaking out.
- At least he looks like a princess.
- Dont let him do your makeup, ever.

- seven -

- Damn son
- This boy is skilled
- he’s a successful Cross dresser and Cosplayer. Of course he’s good with makeup.
- “ Babe, that’s not how you do wings. Let me help you.”
- loves helping you with your makeup.
- will get lowkey offended if you deny his help.
- can do Eyeliner like a pro.
- “Baaaaaaaaabe, can I borrow your nude eye-shadow pallet?”
- always looks beautiful

- Zen -

- “Pssshhht. I’m a actor, of course I can do makeup.”
- No he can’t.
- Sure, he’s worn it before, but he’s never put it on himself or anybody else.
- don’t let him even try.
- you will lose an eye.

- Baehee Kang -

- she doesn’t wear makeup much.
- but DAMN she’s amazing at it.
- Maybe because she has such a steady hand
- or because she’s a perfectionist.
- I don’t know, but she’s hella good at it.
- your eyes will thank her. No more getting jabbed.

- Saeran -

- “Saaaeeeeraaannn, did you take my eyeliner again?”
- This edgelord™ is amazing with makeup. I mean, have you seen his eyeliner skills?
- He knows what’s up.
- has a habit of ‘borrowing’ your makeup.
- is perfectly fine with you doing his makeup, as long as it isn’t overly colourful.
- will do your makeup if you ask.

/ Sorry this is short. I wanted to get it out for you as soon as possible. /

aaaa! aaah guess what happened

OKAY SO UM YOU KNOW HOW I WAS SAVING MONEY FOR A TABLET AND I MADE A POST ABOUT IT ON HERE? and i had like 4 dollars so far and it was pretty great but a long way to go still?



this still doesn’t feel real yet, i am so happy, i don’t even know what to say to correctly convey how much this means to me, aaaa,  but hhhh this was such a surprise and i’m so thankful and hppy and i can’t believe this just happened, omg/////////// thank you so so much

Story of my lifeu

Me: I’m going to buy A.R.M.Y bomb ver.2 and that’s it. The rest of my salary should be spent on my other hobbies, not idols-related. I’m currently broke so don’t expect me to pay for anything else.
BTS’ extended album: uhm hello there?

Sword Oratoria

So awhile back I picked up the first volume of the Danmachi spinoff LN in a buy two get one free sale thinking that it was a manga. I was initially disappointed because I didn’t really want a LN at the time, but since I bought it I figured I might as well go ahead and read it. 

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s certainly not the pinnacle of fantasy writing, but I was engaged in the story and wanted to know what was going to happen next. I appreciate that in the spinoff it focuses on Aiz and her familia doing badass things in the dungeon rather than Bell being a newb and getting stronger. Aiz is already basically a god among men, and it lets the story go somewhere different than the original. 

While the writing is for the most part fairly simple (though I suspect this is partly because of it being translated and also that LNs are typically aimed at a younger audience and tend to not use a lot of advanced Kanji, which probably translates to the somewhat punctual and simple sentences that LN translations seem to have) the author has a real knack for describing large scale tactical battles. Sure Aiz is pretty OP and well wreck things, but in the really lower levels of the dungeon if they don’t work together and have a strong battle plan they’re just gonna die. 

I also appreciate that in the LN the world is fleshed out a lot more. World building is one of my favorite things in a show or book, and the Danmachi anime didn’t go into too much depth about the various things. The LN goes into much much more depth about how all the systems work, the various familia, cool little things about the world and so on. Also the dungeon is just fucking cool. Each floor can be completely unique, with almost no restrictions placed on what it has to look like or be which leaves the author with incredible freedom to dream up the wildest floors they possibly want. 

I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy this book very much, but it’s a solid fun read. Something like a 6-7/10 if I’m going to give it numbers. If you liked Danmachi at all, or sort of liked it but wanted a different view of the world this is a nice book to pick up. Only the first volume has been officially translated, but they seem to be coming out with new official translations every couple months. I’m sure there are fan translations floating around too, but I haven’t looked for them. 

So ya, fun book. There is an anime adaption scheduled sometime this year too. I think next season, but maybe the one after. That should be fun. 

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You ordered both Epilogue in Seoul and Japan? Wow!! Do you know when yours will arrive? Will they arrive at the same time?

i should get the seoul one tomorrow but the japan dvd wont be released until 1/25

Anonymous said:Hello! TT__TT Thank you so much for sharing and uploading BTS stuff. It means a lot to people like me who love them and would have gladly paid for their stuff but has no way to always buy everything. Your effort makes me hopeful I can give back someday by sharing stuff too when I’m finally earning money to buy my own. Thank youuuuu~~ <3 And quick (probably stupid question) is the vid from The Best of BTS really only the photoshoot or did I miss anything? Sorry if I did, I’m still noob at tumblr.

thank you! and yes it’s just the photoshoot :(

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I know people keep saying "it's so cheep just buy the chapters!" but I cannot. All my money goes to bills, food, and necessities. As much as I wish I could buy the chapters I simply can't, I'm poor.

I understand that there are similar people who just can’t afford spending money on entertainment. If you guys still really want to support Koogi however, you can spread KS’s popularity to others who can buy the comics. 

Emergency Commissions!

My current job is coming to an end and it is my main source of income. So I’ve decided to sell some cheap dolls to try an help. I have bills due at the end of the month and I’m struggling to figure out what I’m going to do. Anything helps right now. If you can’t buy a reblog could also help! Thank you so much.

Message me if anyone is interested! ;v;

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can you explain me how the reptile fairtrade is ethical? i love reptiles and i'd love to have one but i just feel like it's maybe harmful to the animals?

I’m going to answer this honestly–some parts are and there are some parts that are not. That’s why there is such a push for captive bred animals. 

There are certain species, like Ball Pythons and Leopard Geckos, have an oversaturated market. 99% of the animals that you buy are captive bred and probably have been for several generations. To buy those animals? It won’t affect the wild population at all. I think that those are completely 100% ethical. Some others? Not so much. 

Some others can chime in on this as well because I am in no means an expert in the pet trade and how ethical it is. There are others on here that are much deeper in the pet trade than I am. 

So very torn over the issue of Barbara’s engagement ring.

On one hand- she deserves diamonds, Tom! Trixie did NOT deliver that wonderful speech to you in South Africa so that Babs could buy her OWN ring and I wouldn’t be surprised if Trixie gets wind of this and returns to Poplar early just to tell Tom off for it (wouldn’t it be amazing if Trixie’s first words upon returning to London were a verbal smackdown?)

But on the other hand- fuck outdated traditions that assume men are the only ones capable of buying engagement rings! 

I DO enjoy Barbara buying her own ring in as much as that it demonstrates her independence, financial and otherwise, even while preparing to marry. Like, everyone remember shy Barbara who had to stand and watch dogs fight over her bra?? 

Now she’s cocktail-drinking Barbara who is not only able to buy her own ring but also is the one to just announce to her husband that ‘this particular tradition doesn’t work for us, it’s stupid, I’ve decided we’re doing something else!’.

Barbara Gilbert throwing off and subverting old traditions is a Barabra Gilbert I cannot wait to see more of.

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Just a quick question! :) (other than birthday sex lololol) what do u think the members of nct would like as a gift on their birthday from their s/o...? Idk if this counts as a request....... if it does u can totally ignore this haha

A/N: Kekking at you, you’re so cute
This just counts as a simple question^^ It basically turned into what I would suggest getting them and just my opinion.
- Admin Finn

I think none of them would care much what it is, the meaning would be more important, the fact that you bought them a gift would be what mattered. [That being said, you can’t buy them trash…]
I think all of them would greatly appreciate something practical, something like earphones [who doesn’t lose theirs?], a cooking utensil of some kind [for those who cook], clothes [who doesn’t like clothes-], cologne, etc…
They’d also enjoy more meaningful non-material things such as maybe a pair of train/plane tickets to your hometown, a party, etc… [!!!Also things that relate to your hobby/profession, like if you are an artist, an art piece, something you made by hand!!!]
They all have a great sense of humor too, so ‘gag-gifts’ would be fun too! Silly things such as a feminine apron or an avocado.


  • a fur coat [he mentioned once he felt wealthy being able to wear the fur coat in Limitless, so as a gag-gift it would be funny, of course don’t spend a lot of money on it since it’s a joke.]
  • some new cooking utensils they/he doesn’t have to make his life easier
  • a bunny? [another possible gag-gift… pets actually are good for health and stress, so I think he’d actually grow very attached to it.]
  • a surprise party [this would take a lot of planning around his schedule as well as his family’s, but I think he’d be very touched if you hosted a birthday party for him and invited his family and brother as well.]


  • couple rings [Tae is pretty cliche, so I think he’d find them really cute and make you swear to always wear yours.]
  • whatever new & cool products febreeze has released as of late
  • some t-shirts [to lowkey replace the ones you steal from his closet on occasion.]
  • a massage


  • a sad movie [make it your favorite sad movie- Mark said Yuta’s a pretty sentimental guy, the type to cry at movies, I think it would be a cute bonding experience as a couple to watch together.]
  • some food he misses [I’m not sure what, but I’m sure there’s some kind of food he misses from Japan-]
  • beauty items [he takes a lot of pride in his face and for good reason, a collection of little things such as moisturizers, face masks, etc… would make him smile.]


  • a date [a simple date alone would make him happy, no matter where you went or what you did, you’d find a way to make it extra special~]
  • stuff to make his life easier [whether it be cooking utensils, or the laundry detergent you had noticed he had run out of, he’d appreciate anything to make his life easier, tho he’d probably feel guilty.]
  • a humidifier [to keep the air in his room from being arid, I hear it’s good for singer’s vocals as well-]


  • a jacket? [to keep him warm, he’s so precious.]
  • some books [both in Korean and some in Chinese- if he ever feels bored, he’ll have something to read, and if he ever wants to study his Korean he’ll have a way to do so at his level.]
  • some food he misses [I’m not sure what, but I’m sure there’s some kind of food he misses from China-] 
  • a diary [it sounds cliche, but Sicheng seems to keep some of his deeper thoughts to himself often since he can’t communicate well, I think it’d be a healthy outlet to encourage him.]


  • two plane tickets to Canada
  • a mixtape [highkey Mark is into mixtapes and no I don’t mean the ‘rapper’ ones, I mean the ones ppl used to pass around in the 80s and 90s- a collection of songs, maybe it’s meant to express your love or maybe just song recs, but I think he’d hold it very precious knowing you made it and listen to it often.]
  • some food he misses [I’m not sure what, but I’m sure there’s some kind of food he misses from Canada-]
  • a party


  • a meal [cooked by yours truly]
  • body-care items [such as chapstick, vaseline, face masks etc… just to make sure his “erotic” body is taken care of, he’d appreciate the thought and probably take care of himself better.]
  • a vacation [again, a lot of planning, but if you could manage to plan out a weekend vacation, even just a city away, he’d love it as long as he was with you.]


  • some food he misses [I’m not sure what, but I’m sure there’s some kind of food he misses from the U.S.-] 
  • shoes [you could go the casual route or the fancy route, either way we all know his shoe size now, so use it to your advantage]
  • a party [he’d be really touched you took so much time to organize such a fantastic gathering.]


  • two tickets to a Beyonce concert
  • some food he misses [I’m not sure what, but I’m sure there’s some kind of food he misses from Thailand]
  • some hats [he likes caps, so finding some cool ones, whether they are from your hometown or just good-looking I think he’d enjoy them and wear them often.]
  • a massage

If you can’t tell I’m a pretty bad gift-giver tbh

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So... JustJared featured Cait and Sam in their coverage of the premiere (SC "smile big"). There were much bigger names to cover but I guess the big smiling SC was more gossip news worthy?

JJ’s wheelhouse is pics. (Fun fact: every time you click through a gallery on one of these sites, it ads a hit to the counter. More hits = more revenue, which is why galleries are so prevalent these days.) They actually use so many that one of the major agencies specifically prohibits them from buying certain ones. I’m not surprised at all that SC ended up there. I saw another media outlet that accompanied their pics with a rehash of the “they’re not together” narrative with a recycled quote from Sam about it. That’s also incredibly common practice.

emissary-of-orange  asked:

I really just wanted to say you guys are doing an amazing on this page, im very happy to have you in my feed. I especially appreciate you putting locations of the minerals posted. That being said, I'll submit a question. If one were interested in a career mining minerals such as these, how would someone pursue that?

Thank you so much!  :)  As far as a career as a prospector, You’d have to look into purchasing a claim. I know some places have leasing options and sometimes if you know who owns the land, they will let you dig and only ask for a portion of whatever you find. You’d need to figure out what kind of mineral you’d like to dig for and where it’s commonly located and then go to the local courthouse to buy mineral rights to the land. Definitely do your research before purchasing anything and talk to the other prospectors in the area. they’ll have the most knowledge about digging there. I hope that helps :) Thank you :) 

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Hello! Do you know when the pre-ordering for BTS' comback will begin, if there is any pre-ordering? I'm new to ordering albums and stuff, so sorry if I'm really ignorant about this. Thank you!

it’s okay! preorders will begin 1/25 (in a few days) you will be able to preorder from different online stores ktown4u, kpopmart, kpoptown and the official shop

Anonymous said:i saw your twitter and I just want to say even though it’s not like I need any uploaded vids, the amount of work you put into this blog and answering the same questions all the time and providing videos for the armys who cant always buy content like you and me is really sweet and I’m sure 100% appreciated. you don’t owe anyone anything but you still try and that’s more than a lot of people would do ♥👍🏻

this is really nice, i’m happy that i can help and thank you so much for taking the time to come and say this i really appreciate it

Have I told you how excited I am about Riverdale? Because I used to be an Archie comics junkie. They were cheap when I was little, and I went through a phase where I was constantly buying them at the store. Like EVERY grocery visit. AND then I found out Sabrina the Teenage Witch was part of that canon, so naturally I started buying Sabrina the Teenage Witch comics too. And it makes me super excited because I’ve already read articles where they are talking about bringing Sabrina to Riverdale which HOLY SHIT with that aesthetic, man, it’s going to be creepy as fuck. And this excites me because as much as I loved the original Sabrina, creepy Sabrina would be freaking awesome and gives the potential for a spin off. 

qunaributts  asked:

Hello! I'm absolutely IN LOVE with that little Vex drawing you made and was wondering if you have a Redbubble account where I could buy a sticker of it?? I would love to put her on my laptop and D&D binder!!! (Also lowkey in LOVE with your artstyle, oh man)

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! ;A; I’m glad you liked it! Um, I actually do have a Redbubble account but haven’t really done much with it. However I went and dusted off the ol’ account, hopefully it works?? Haha!

Here. (If it doesn’t work or something is funky, let me know u3u)

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I feel like people are making too big of a deal over the manga fox thing. I read it off of manga fox occasionally, but I usually buy the chapters as well. Some people may just not want to buy them when they can just find them on the internet. Everyone just needs to chill out. I posted something like this on my blog and so much hate came out of it. Idk, maybe I'm overreacting, but that's just my opinion on it haha

Yeah I didn’t get why that anon had to be so angry. That’s how it is, mangas/manhwas are pirated every day by many people. You can only inform people of the official source, give them the knowledge and choice of respecting/supporting the author, and let them decide. Or if you feel really strongly about it, go and report illegal sites to Koogi. Insulting people is not gonna do the trick. 

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Everybody is telling me not to use the binder that I got recently from the super cheap Wish app. They say that it can cause bruising and that it doesn’t bind properly so it’s unsafe. I can breathe fine in mine and I don’t feel like it’s too tight at all. So I really don’t know what to do. The other binder that I have was bought from the lesloveboat site. So I don’t know how much better that is. I'm only an A cup so I don't see what harm it can do..

Be EXTREMELY cautious and seriously pay attention to your body. If it hurts, TAKE IT OFF IMMEDIATELY. ‘Cheaper’ binders tend to work on smaller chested people BUT that doesn’t mean putting your guard down.

I understand money can be an issue, so I’d say as long as you’re being EXTRA careful those binders could work, for now- as a temporary solution.

If you can/when you can, PLEASE buy a safer binder. I recommend GC2B or Underworks.