i buy lots of shit online

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Nintendo needs to make another Kirby Air Ride game, with multiple larger city trial maps, more mini games, an option where you can spend more time powering up in city trial and then competing in a series of mini games and races, and online multiplayer.
5 Things Meme

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5 Things I Keep in my Bag
1. Student ID! I never want to get locked out of the dorm in the winter again.
2. Tissues. I tend to get a lot of cuts and nosebleeds.
3. Sketch/ideabook. My friend got it for me in Taiwan and it has really faint gridlines and a nice hard back. I do a lot of idea dumps both written and drawn in there!
4. Earrings. I always have some earrings in the bottom of the bag from when I took them off either for shop or volleyball? And they change but there’s always at least one pair in there.
5. Pencil pouch. I have everything from super cheap ballpoints to really expensive fountain pens in that pouch. It is near and dear.

5 Things I Keep in my Room
1. All the prints and photos. I buy a shit ton of art at cons, online, in cities. Sometimes when I’m really tired and I forget what I like, I just have to look at my walls. It’s also color coordinated from warm yellows on the left wrapping around to pinks and then blues on the further wall.
2. A loft. I want to say that counts. I built myself a wooden loft to house my queen sized mattress but it’s kind of inverse? The bed is on the bottom because I hate sleeping on top of ladders and then I just have a guest bed and infinite storage space upstairs. It’s actually really effective.
3. My barley kernel pillow. I got it in Japan. It smells nice and is great to hug.
4. Hot water kettle and a rack of tea. Hell if I’m walking to the kitchen to drink tea when I’m tired.
5. So much food. Endless food. I try to keep everything that is well packaged in my mini-fridge because the outside fridges can be gross.

5 Things I Always Wanted to Do In My Life
1. Pan-Asia tour with friends. Pan-Europe tour with friends. Australia with friends. TRAVEL.
2. Write novels. (Stories in other media may also be acceptable substitutes.)
3. Go back and earn back my hang gliding license. I’d like to go mountain flying sometime.
4. Learn to dance. I love to flail and pretend to dance, but it’d be nice to actually know more past beginner ballroom and basic swing.
5. Build a beautiful library and invite friends from all over the world to tea. Have a writing circle.

5 Things I’m Into
1. Working on this webcomic of mine! It’s really addicting and I sometimes can’t sleep because I keep thinking about how to make it better.
2. Figure skating. I got really into watching the sport right before US Nat'l Champs and then everything went crazy with #2CHENZ domination. I think it was really only my family’s utter lack of sports knowledge that stopped me from getting into it earlier. It has everything I love, dramatic costumes, beautiful, genuinely nice human beings, death defying performance art, and so many emotions. So. Many. (I’m secretly salty I didn’t get into it earlier because then I might have been able to watch Worlds live. OTL)
3. Which leads into the Yuri on Ice. Which. Is a surprise to no one. It is such wholesome content and I am limiting my fandom intake because I want to never spoil it for me. So far, very successful!
4. Volleyball. I really love the sport and I’m glad I went back to it after my poor high school experiences. Being a setter does good things to my mental state and I’m aggressive for one too. @u@
5. Cooking, especially of the Japanese, Chinese, and Italian variety. I really like eating and I always like the meditative process of cooking, when I have the time. Out of all the countries I’ve visited, these three are still my top cuisines of the world. But I still experiment a lot- I kind of want to try mimicking the cajun food I had in New Orleans soon.

5 Things on My To Do List
1. Edit my portfolio and apply to more jobs.
2. Write up experimental methodology for thesis research.
3. Run a recruiting event for my sorority.
4. Claim my desk in studio aka my home for the next semester.
5. Thumbnail and edit the next ten pages of the comic.

5 Things You May Not Know About Me
1. I’ve been told I have really good posture. My back tends to stay straight when I sit and I also pay a lot of attention to my shoulders which helps.
2. I refused a dakimakura pillow twice from my friends. Dakis really weird me out. I lost my shit when my friend bought me a Lon'qu tumbler though.
3. I genuinely had no interest in watching Sherlock even before tumblr. I’m very bad at watching real person TV shows because a) it’s stressful af and b) I can’t deal with most TV show plotlines.
4. My right and left hands have very different utilities. My left hand is good at grasping, lifting, opening cans, etc while my right hand does mostly minute gestures like drawing or manipulating a toothbrush. I use a mouse in my left hand. I think this developed because I injured my right wrist back in the day.
5. I’m useless without a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. If you want me to be extremely happy, then ten is preferred. I can only pull all nighters for dumb emotional reasons now. I think I burned myself off them after studio and high school.

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ive been seeing a lot of scam blogs here recently. not calling any names but people that for example will reblog drug pictures and add an email or something where u can “order”. DONT. pls just remember that no actual dealer would turn on tumblr to sell. it is always a scam. so no matter how desparate you are, pls dont fall for this shit. if you want to order drugs online, you can do that via research chemical sites or the deepweb. (doesnt mean that i recommend buying/ doing drugs or visiting the deep web but its still better than to throw out your money for nothing!)