i butchered the colours a bit

Thrawn - Rising Through the Ranks

Read that he gained his high position due to his tactics and mission successes, which probably means he was a lower status officer at some point during the Empire’s existence… I kind of like the idea of him in a normal grey uniform, it’s a bit less of a Smurf colour scheme, you know?

“Hair concepts- Voltron OC”- Made a template last night to try out some hair designs for a Voltron OC I’m making. Their specie is a descendant of the Alteans, and their hair is made out of Quintessence so glows blue. It’s not apparent as my Copics don’t match, and my scanner butchered the colours, but their skin tone is the same as Allura’s. 

I wanted to try something that was a bit more striking for the glowing hair, so I’d like to try out a lot of designs and see which I like the most for them :) 


Thank you for the kind words, everyone! This jacket was so rushed (literally started it at 1AM, morning of the Melbourne concert because my excitement didn’t let me sleep) that I’m a little dumbfounded that it turned out the way it did.

I got a few messages asking about how I made it, so I thought I’d just put a short thing together. I’m horrendous at tutorials so good luck if you decide to follow this hot mess. I know there’s several other tutorials out there as well so, give those a crack too!

  • For the stencil I had to print out the design and edit the dimensions so it was big enough for the back of my jacket. An A4 wasn’t as big as I’d liked so I had to segment the design to get the size.

    Luckily for you guys, I’ve already done it, and uploaded them here.

    Just download the 3 parts to the image, print them out (100% zoom and in landscape mode so the width of the each image is across the A4 page, preferably)
  • Once they’re printed, set it up as they’re supposed to sit, should look similar to this:

    (I’ve cleaned up and cropped the one I uploaded for you properly so it’s not the rush job I worked with)
  • To get some strength going with the stencil, rather than just using the paper, I contacted/laminated the design and then cut it out. I just thought that this would help stop the placement getting dodgy and to keep everything together.
    That should look like this:

    (excuse how dodgy this one is, the one I actually used I already threw out so I just mocked this one up now so you get an idea.) Make sure to not cut all around it completely, but to keep small bits together to keep the placement.
  • EDIT: I forgot to add, please do a test patch of the markers/paint you’re using somewhere hidden on the jacket first, to ensure it’s staying power. This is something I wasn’t able to do because of my time constraints between starting the jacket, and having to wear it, but I strongly advise it!
  • I then did all the silver/grey parts first and the outline of the white ‘One’ and 'Road’

  • And I used an acrylic-based paint marker because I’m useless at tubed paint. (This part is why I was hesitant to even make a tutorial because I’m not the craftiest, nor did I do much research before butchering my jacket, but this was the 'paint’ I had at my disposal at 2AM in the morning.)
    This was the one I used:

    I initially used a regular permanent marker for the silver but it started to rub after the first concert so I went over it with the same brand as the one pictured above and now everything is perfect. I went over the design multiple times with the markers to get the colours a bit stronger.

That’s essentially it!

I haven’t coated it with anything (yet) and it’s held up quite nicely. But if there’s some kind of clear coat finishing spray or something that you know of, let me know because I’d like this to last until at least the next tour.

If you decide to make one, shoot me a photo! We can all be twinsies with matching jackets.

Older Hiro! Design by runescratch. (6 hours work.)

SO much for studying pfftt. Yeah Im procrastinating so have hiro here.I really love to butcher people’s ocs or anything I draw. heh.Changed the colours a bit and added glove cause I love gloves @w@ Sorry for this lameness and my lack of anatomy _(:3 7