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“I think that you‘re sick“

Words: 467

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You dragged your body into the train and plopped down onto one of the many empty seats. The whole train was quite hollow that day, since there was no one other than you and a guy sitting four rows across from you leaning against the glass with his hood almost covering his whole face. He seemed to be listening to music as well judging by his earphones wires sticking out, nothing strange. At least that‘s what you thought. For some reason he was staring at you for the whole train ride. Maybe it was your Twenty One Pilots shirt? Maybe he was a serial killer? However, you quickly forgot about it as the next day approaches. 

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Sam and Gabriel's Conversations No. 24

Sam: Hey, Gabe, where’s Dean and Cas?

G: Not sure, I think they’re in their bedroom.
S: Oh okay then. *snickers a little*
(Three hours later)
S: Hey, where are Dean and Cas?
G: Still in their room I think.
S: *smiles and walks off*
(Three hours later)
S: *walks in*
G: You would think they would at least come up for air! Or food!
S: *smiles*
G: And they complain when we spend all day going at it! I think they’re determined to make some angelic babies in there!
S: *covering mouth with hand*
G: I knocked on the door earlier and Dean-o started screaming at me to go away. Seriously, what is-
S: *bursts into laughter*
G: Sam? What did you do?
S: Yesterday, Dean asked me for Vaseline! *laughing*
G: Yes?
S: *falls out of chair* I GAVE HIM SUPER GLUE!

The Gaming Night Fanfic Part Six

~Part six starts the morning after your passionate night with Dan. I hope you enjoy it and I see you tomorrow for a little road trip.~

You just sat down to eat your breakfast, when Dan shyly asks “Today is Sunday, so we both have the day off, and I was wondering, if you would like to go on a Date with me?” You drop your spoon into your cereal bowl and look at him in shock. He seems absolutely serious, curiously waiting for your answer. You quickly nod, not quite sure what to say. He jokingly adds “Why is it that I always leave you speechless?”

“I just wasn´t expecting this question. I mean, we literally had sex last night and now you are asking me out on a date. I was just surprised.” You explain. “I know, but I feel we missed out on so much things, because of my stupid behavior and I really want to spend some time with you.” He confesses in a serious tone. You can feel, that this is very important to him.

“Ok, what do you suggest? Do you want to go to a Café or a bar?” you ask. He quickly interrupts you. “No, no, no! I really want to take you out on an actual date. I am going to pick you up in a few hours. I have something special planned.” He proudly proclaims. You are seriously impressed and agree to his plan. He is going to pick you up in three hours, leaving you enough time to take a shower and get ready for whatever he has planned. He quickly leaves after breakfast, kissing you passionately goodbye, leaving you hyped for your date. You take a long, relaxing shower and let your thoughts wander back to last night. You recall the thigs he said and you can´t hide a big smile. You´d never thought that you were this important to him. Still thinking about Dan with his cute hobbit hair, caused by the rain last night, you go to your bedroom to choose a dress for the day. While you pick out what to wear, you open your bedroom window. There is no trace of last night´s storm left. It is a bright sunny day and the warmth of the sun dried the streets and a sweet fresh scent lingers in the air, promising a beautiful day. You decide to wear a light white dress, hoping it is going to suit the occasion and complement it with a delicate golden necklace and earrings. Dan picks you up on time. You open to the door to find him standing in front with a small flower bouquet in his hand. “I know it´s cheesy, but I thought as this a real date, I need to bring you some flowers.” He insecurely explains, handing you the bouquet. “Thank you, it´s beautiful” And it really is. He picked out a bouquet with a single red rose in the middle surrounded by different white flowers. “You look beautiful! This dress looks incredible on you.” He comments your statement. You look up from the bouquet and smile at him. His complement makes your blood rush to your cheek, giving you a subtle blush. Dan dressed up as well. He is wearing his moth shirt and a light black jacket. He straightened his hair, put in his black earrings and you can smell his favorite perfume. He looks incredibly handsome and you can´t help but smile even bigger. He takes your hand and kisses it in an exaggerated but charming way, making you giggle. He has a basket in his hand, but won´t tell you what´s inside. Instead he takes your hand again, leading you a bit down the street, where a cab is already waiting for you. Dan helps you to get inside and the driver takes off, obviously already knowing your destination. You stop in front of Regent´s Park. Curiously you look at Dan, but he doesn’t say anything. Instead he gives you a cheeky wink and pulls out a light black scarf.

“Are you going to blindfold me?” you asked a bit worried. “Yes!” he tells you laughing “It is a surprise!” You surrender to his beautiful smile that reveals his cute dimples and let him gently blindfold you. He again takes your hand and carefully starts to lead you through the park. Even if you cannot see, you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the crunching gravel underneath your shoes. “Is it far? Are we almost there?” you ask impatiently, taking cautious steps. He just laughs and keeps on walking. Suddenly the gravel underneath changes to grass. “Just a few more steps.” He assures you. You walk for another two minutes, before he abruptly stops. He takes a step behind you and opens your blindfold without taking it off.

“Ready?” he asks. Your stomach tingles from excitement, so you simply nod. He removes your blindfold and you open your eyes. Blinded by the light of the bright sun, you need to blink a few times, before you recognize the scene in front of you. He must have already been here before, cause underneath an old oak lies a big plaid blanket with some pillows and neatly arranged dishes on top. He even set up a few candles. Next to the blanket stands an old basket, just like the one he carries at the moment, with two bottles of wine inside alongside some food. Dan puts the basket in his hand beside the other and sits down, expectantly looking at you. You take another moment to look at the beautiful scene in front of you. The lovingly prepared picnic and Dan, who never looked better in his moth shirt. The sun that shines brightly through the tree, creating shadows of leaves and branches and bathing Dan´s skin and hair in a warm golden glow. For the rest of your life you are going to remember him, sitting underneath that tree, looking at you with a shy smile and waiting for you to join him. Slowly you go sit down next to him. “Dan, this is so beautiful. I never had something like this done for me before.” You look around, still completely amazed by his romantic idea.

“Wait it gets better.” He proudly reveals. He pulls out is phone and starts to play a slow classic song, which perfectly fits the scene. He then opens the second basket and reveals your favorite pie. You let out a little happy squeak. You haven´t had this pie in ages, because the bakery selling this is located outside of London and it takes ages taking the train. “I sent Phil to get it, while I prepared the rest” he says, while laughing about your squeak. “God bless Phil Lester” you laugh. Dan hands you a fork and you both start eating the pie. You slip out a little satisfied moan, making Dan burst out in laughter. Within a few minutes the whole pie is gone. Dan stokes his tummy and lets a quite sigh.

You both lie down next to each other, looking at the leaves dancing in a soft breeze. You feel truly connected to him in this moment. Dan takes your hand and holds it affectionately. He turns his head: “You´ve been so great, when I showed up at your place yesterday. For a moment I was afraid I already lost you. And then you kissed me, making me the happiest I´ve been in a really long time.” His voice is nothing more than a husky whisper, almost carried away by the soft breeze.

“I understand that there a demons inside of us, that we have to fight alone.” You admit. “But I still don´t understand why you didn´t tell me you needed time. I would have completely understood. It all happened so fast, it took me some time too to actually believe what happened that night.” You look into his eyes and he gives you a sorrowful glance. You react with an encouraging smile “It´s ok Dan, we got over it and I don´t intend to ever look back. The only thing that counts is that you are here with me right now. We can work everything out little by little.” Your words bring back his smile. He kisses you tenderly, places his hand on your cheek and looks into your eyes as he had never seen anything as beautiful. Time stands still between you as you get lost in each other´s eyes. The sun paints sprinkles of gold on his warm brown eyes. Dan takes a deep breath and tastes the first traces of autumn in the air. Summer will soon be gone and he decides he wants to make the most of the last remaining days.

“Let´s get away together” he unexpectedly suggest. “Like, for a few days. Just you and me. We can stay in a small house by the seaside, away from all this. We cut down on Wednesday and be back on the weekend.” You agree without hesitation.

Hayes Grier (Smut)

Request: Hey! Can you please do an imagine where you’re dating Hayes and Nash and a few of his friends walk in on you two in your hotel room? And then they tease you about it the next morning at breakfast? Thanks! xx——————————————————-“Hayes stop!” I say laughing as Hayes keeps grabbing my butt as he holds me in his arms. We were in his and the boys hotel room but the boys decided to step out to go get something to eat. Hayes starts kissing on my neck as the music is blasting. “Baby your so sexy” Hayes moans into the back of my neck. I let out a whimper and turn around to face him. “Hayes what are you doing? The boys will be back any minute !” I say as Hayes starts grinding into me to the beat of the sensual song. I throw my head back as he starts leaving hickeys all along my collarbone. “Hayes please babe we can’t, not with the boys almost coming .” Hayes sighs against my tainted skin and says “but baby girl what they don’t know won’t hurt them.” He says as he pushes me onto the queen size bed. He takes off my black fitted tee and starts kissing down my navel. “Hayes oh my god…. You need to stop before we get caught.” I say breathlessly as his wet kisses get lower and lower. “Live in the moment y/n let’s have some fun that we won’t be having alone like this for a while.” Hayes says darkly as he takes off my bra while staring at me dead in the eyes. I breathe nervously and look at the door and nod unsurely at Hayes. He takes off my black push up bra and my nipples become taut and sensitive from the cold air of the air conditioned room. “Baby I’m gonna make you feel like no ones ever made you feel before.” Hayes says in a low whisper in my ear as he then proceeds to bite my earlobe and grabbing my boob harshly. He goes down to your shorts and unbuttons them and starts placing feather like kisses onto my clothed center. “Hayes please” I beg. “Hayes please what?” He says with a cocky smirk on his face. I get angry and push him off. He looks startled as I stand up and roughly push him on the bed. “Listen you asshole I will not be teased like this” I say harshly while grabbing his shirt and straddling him. He looks relieved and looks at you innocently “what do you mean babe?” He says ever so lightly while playing with the ends of your hair “you know exactly what I mean Grier now listen closely I’m going to fuck you and your gonna love it and it’s gonna be you the one that’s going to be begging I want you to scream my name while you come undone and I want you to moan like you’ve never moaned before, is that understood?” I say as I grab his penis through his boxers tightly while his pants are riding low on his hips. He struggles to respond but strangles out a low “yes baby” I smile and bite his pink bottom lip and he moans into my mouth wanting to get a kiss. “Uh uh you do as I say and as I do, I’ll kiss you when I want to kiss you ” I say while taking off his shirt and the rest of his pants I start kissing down his neck and down his sculpted chest getting to the waistline of his Tommy Hilfiger boxers. I kiss his happy trail and pull down his boxers ever so slowly while raking my nails into his hips. Hayes moans and holds my waist in an iron grip. “More ” he whines and I smile into his hip. I take his now hard member into my hand and start pumping slowly . “Who made you so hard baby? ” I ask innocently while peering through my long eyelashes. “Fuck y/n you did ” he says while throwing his head back and grabbing your hips even harder. I giggle darkly and kiss his tip. I lick his penis while moving my hand up and down his shaft. “Do I make you feel good babe?” I say while starting to suck on his hard on. Hayes only manages to nod and move one hand from my waist to my hair gripping it back like a make shift pony tail. I bob my head and suck as hard as I can moving my hand along the parts I can’t reach. He starts to breathe harder and moan lowly. I look up and take in a beautiful sight. He starts moaning my name and comes undone cumming in my warm mouth. “Oh fuck baby that was amazing."he says breathlessly. "And guess what it’s not over yet.” I say while slowly taking off my black thong. His breath hitches and he runs his hands up and down my body. I shiver and he puts his finger on my bare vagina and starts rubbing my clit fiercely while grabbing my soft breast . “Oh fuck Hayes don’t stop .” I say while throwing my head back in pleasure moaning uncontrollably as he puts pressure on my swollen clit. He rubs harder and stops just as I’m about to cum. “What the fuck Hayes ” I say angrily . “I want you to fuck meremember?” He says while gripping my waist and biting his bottom lip trying to hide his smile. I put my hair to the front covering my breasts and lower myself on his erect penis using my juices as lube. I slowly feel Hayes fill me completely and I slowly start moving my hips grinding into Hayes . The music is still blaring as a guide to my sultry movements. I start moaning as Hayes grabs my ass moving his hands with me making me grind harder into him. “Oh fuck Hayes don’t stop” I say as I arch my back into him. He throws his head back in pleasure as the music speeds up. We both start moaning as we approach our highs. Out of nowhere the track stops playing and Hayes tries to grab a pillow to cover me. I look confusedly and see Hayes desperately try to hide an embarrassed face. I get off of him thinking I did something wrong. I turn around and see Nash,Cameron,Carter,Matthew, Taylor both Jacks and Sam staring with bulging eyes at me. I look back at Hayes and shake my head. The boys start whispering and everyone seems to be frozen. The boys run out the room shouting never ending sorries. Hayes comes behind me and kisses my neck and says “I guess it was a bad idea.” I look back at him and take his shirt from the floor and leave to go take a shower trying to forget the last two minutes of my life

————- NEXT MORNING ————-

Me and Hayes walk hand in hand to the breakfast bar in the cafeteria and walk to where the boys are all sitting. They all silence when they see us. I put my head down in embarrassment and sit down next to Matt and Hayes sits down next to me. “So you guys seemed to have fun while we were gone yesterday.” Taylor bursted out. I cover my face and I can feel Hayes laughing as well as all the other boys. Matt and carter start mimicking my moans and Nash says “damn how is it my little brother gets laid but I can’t.” Causing everyone to burst out in a roar of laughter, Cameron and Sammy make fun of Hayes’ moaning making Hayes throw bread from the table to them. I get tired of the taunting and sit on Hayes’ lap and say “maybe someday you guys get to make another person moan and get turned on as much as Hayes does for me” making everyone stop everything and change the conversation. Me and Hayes laugh and plan to finish what we started because what they don’t know won’t kill them right?

the one who is drifting away ft. Louis Tomlinson

Hello loves, this is my third and also my fist requested imagine! I really like this one, though Louis is a jerk in this one, but i still like it! Also guys if you want your own personal imagine please request it, and I’ll write it! This is requested for Fiona, so i hope you like it love. I’m thinking about doing a part two, so you guys let me know if you like it! Also, Fiona, the requester didn’t specify what type of imagine she wanted, so I hope this is okay. XOXO  Part 2

Word Count: 2,191

“I’m sorry love, he passed out as soon as we got in.” Liam muttered into the phone, sincerity coursing through his voice. I sighed, knowing that what he saying probably wasn’t true. “Liam, please tell him that it’s really important, and that he may not want to speak with me, but it’s vital that I do.”

I hated this, I hated having to go through his bandmates to try and speak with him, but he gave me no other choice. Ever since he had left for tour three months ago, it seemed as if our relationship had been on the rocks. He promised to call, but he didn’t. He promised that we would video chat, yet he never tried to do so, and when I did he would ignore me. He never wrote, never texted, he never did anything. When I would try to do so he would ignore me, never saying anything in response. So when everything first happened I let him be, feeling that he probably needed his space, so I gave it to him for an entire month. But when he still never said anything, I took the liberty of contacting the people around him, and that is how I’ve been “talking” to him for the last two months. Though the boys didn’t mind conversing for Louis at first, the situation started to become problematic. They would exchange words for him and me, but Louis started becoming hostile towards his close friends, saying that they should stop talking to me, just as he had. Of course I was confused, because I didn’t even know what caused the sudden strain in our relationship. When he had left for tour those few months back, everything had been fine. I dropped him off at the airport, kissed him goodbye, and went home, praying that he would have a safe flight. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary then, but that was then, and this was now. Obviously something had happened between our last few minutes together at the airport, and his few hours on the flight. 

“Fiona,” Liam paused, whilst I heard shuffling noises on his side of the phone. “I really don’t think he wants to talk to you. Once I told him that you were on the line, he started cursing me out, telling me to leave him alone.” Liam sighed, probably not wanting to tell me, yet he did. I looked down, heartache stumbling through my body, as I took a seat on the barstool that was placed in front of my kitchen bar table. “Did something happen between you two? When he left, did you guys get into an argument or something?” My friend of three years asked, as I began to cry. “No,” I almost sobbed as I spoke. “Nothing happened, that’s why this whole situation bewilders me! We were fine when he left, at the airport he gave me a hug and a kiss, and told me he loved me. But I haven’t talked to him directly since then,” I paused once more as my nerves began to get to me, making my leg jump. “So what’s the problem, what happened?” He asked once more, as I shook my head, not understanding why the love of my life, suddenly didn’t want to talk to me anymore. “I don’t know Liam, maybe he knows something I don’t know.” I mumbled, running a hand through my hair, releasing a deep breath as I did so. “What is it that you want to tell him? Liam asked, now actually sending pity my way, making me feel even more horrible about the situation.

My breath got caught in my throat as I thought about the thing that I was both excited, and scared about to tell Louis. I wanted to tell him myself, not tell it to his friend, and have him delay the message; I wanted to hear his reaction. This was supposed to be shared between the two of us, but he was being so mean and stubborn, so I didn’t see any other way. “I found out that I was pregnant yesterday, and I wanted to tell him.” I breathed out as my hand fell down to my stomach. For the last couple of weeks I had been feeling really sick. I would wake up in the early mornings, having to throw up. I couldn’t eat anything, and when I did, I couldn’t keep it down. I had been catching bad headaches, even putting on a bit of weight, and I just wasn’t feeling good in general. At first I thought I was feeling sick because of everything with Louis, but my sister thought it may have been something more serious, so she convinced me to go get myself check out. Yesterday I found out that I was 4 months pregnant, and I was due for this winter. 

“That’s fantastic news, love!” Liam exclaimed excitedly, making a small burst of laughter escape from my body. “I’m happy you think so,” I mumbled awkwardly, still wondering how Louis would feel about it. “But I don’t think you should tell Louis. I mean it is bad enough I would have to tell him over the phone, it’s even worse that I wouldn’t be able to tell him myself.” I explained to Liam, receiving an instant agreement from him. “I totally agree with you, Fiona. So you can tell him when he comes home next week.” Liam voiced, now seeming even giddier. “He’s coming home next week?” I asked, confusion being my only emotion. He was coming home next week and I didn’t even know. “Yea, we all are, we have a three week break. I would’ve told you earlier, but I wanted to make sure it was actually happening first.” The short haired guy explained, as I slowly nodded to myself. “Thanks for letting me know Liam, but what makes you think he would come here. He hasn’t talked to me in three months, so why would he come here?” I asked him, taking in the home Louis and I shared together.

Sure this was our house, but he could just go to his mom’s, or get a hotel room. And yes he may need more clothes to take with him, but he could just buy new clothes, he was a millionaire for Pete’s sake. Anything that he had here was replaceable, so there was nothing that would bring him back here. “Um, because he lives there, duh Fiona.” He said it in a duh tone, reminding me of Louis’ sassy ways. “Liam he has been avoiding me for three months, I’m sure that won’t suddenly change because he wants to be home. More than likely he’ll go hide out at Johannah’s for his entire break. Isn’t that what he did last time?” I asked, remembering the fact that a couple of weeks ago, they had a five day break, and he hadn’t come home to see me at all. The only reason I found out he was back was because of social media, whom by the way were questioning why he was in Doncaster with his family, and not with me in London. Or why he hadn’t taken me with him to Doncaster. It had been a big mess, and he cleared it up by saying that he had already visited me, and that I hadn’t wanted to come with him. Which were both total lies, either way I didn’t get to see him. “Well this time I know for a fact he’s coming.” Liam replied as I rolled my eyes. “How is that?” I asked, jumping down from the bar stool. “Because he said he’s moving out, and he has to be there to do that.” Liam countered, almost making me lose my grip on my cell phone.

The next few days drifted by quickly, the week I was waiting for, seeming to come in a matter of a few hours. That’s how it felt, like time had passed by quickly after my phone call with Liam. After I had hung up with him I went up to Louis’ and I’s shared bedroom and brawled my eyes out. He was leaving me and I didn’t know why. All I knew was that when he came back, that was my chance to change his mind. Not only was I anxious about him leaving me, but I was also excited to see his face, in person, for the first time in three months. Considering the fact he never video called or anything, I hadn’t seen him for a long time. But thankfully he was returning home today, and though it wasn’t to spend time with me, I was happy he was coming home.

My thoughts slipped away from me when the front door doorknob began to jingle. I stood up from my spot on the couch in the living room, and made my way over to the door, deciding to unlock it for him. As I reached for it, the door flew open, making me retract my hand quickly so it wouldn’t get hit. “Woo, that was close.” I laughed at my close misfortune, bringing my gaze up to meet my boyfriend’s face. Is it weird that even though he had been ignoring me for the last three months that I still somehow got the butterflies, just by looking at him? My cheeks started to heat up, and I could only imagine that I looked like a red tomato. “Hi,” I flashed a bright smile for him, stepping out of the doorway, noticing that he was carrying two heavy looking bags. It was probably dirty clothes, I laughed to myself. “If you take those to the laundry room, I can wash them for you.” I told him softly, looking up to meet his gaze. Stone, cold blue eyes stared back at me, giving off no type of emotions, they just seemed to be there.

“Hey, did you hear what I said? If you-” I was explaining once more, but he cut me off with a grumble. “I know what you said, I just decided to ignore you. I can wash my own clothes, I don’t need your help.” He nearly spat, pushing past me, bringing his clothes to the laundry room, but I guess planning on doing it himself. I stared at him with an open mouth, not understanding what I had did. I closed my mouth as he walked out of the laundry room, sparing me no glance as he did so. Deciding that I should try to make conversation I followed him up the stairs of our home, noticing that he was making his way to our bedroom. “So how is the tour going, are you enjoying it so far?” I asked him, getting nothing in reply. He just ignored me as he took a pair of clothing out of his dresser. He probably was going to take a shower, I noted. “I can go get your towels for you if you want.” I offered, as he begin to take off his clothes. He turned towards me as he rolled his eyes, running a hand through his longer, than usual hair. “I can get it myself, once again I don’t need your help.” He replied blankly as I nodded. “Ok, just trying to help,” I explained as I awkwardly smiled at him. “Well could you go now,” He asked, motioning towards the door with an expecting look. I looked at him in confusion, not understanding why he wanted me to leave. “I’m about to take a shower, and as you can see there is no reason for you to be here. So can you leave so I can be to myself?” He asked, blatantly saying that I wasn’t needed.

Now that I thought about it, it was a bit awkward. Watching him undress as I attempted to talk to him. Though I had seen him naked plenty of times, this time it felt uncomfortable, something I had never felt before in Louis’ presence. Maybe it wasn’t me whom felt uncomfortable, but it was him, and it was drifting on to me. “Oh, yea sure. I’ll go make you something to eat while you shower, sorry for the intrusion.” I apologized, though I didn’t really have anything to be sorry for. It felt awkward and tense, and I didn’t understand why. “That’s not needed, I ordered a pizza on my way here.” He voiced, now walking over to the bathroom, still clothed in his boxers. “Oh,” I paused, a wide small etching its way onto my face. “That’s great, I didn’t really feel like cooking anyway, I’ve been getting everything ready for your return. So I’m a bit tired, if I’m being honest. What type of pizza are we having?” I asked, now imagining a hot, pepperoni pizza. Louis turned around, a smirk acting as his expression. “I said I ordered a pizza, I never said anything about you. It’s not like you need anything like that anyway, look at you.” He laughed, closing the bathroom door behind him, leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth.