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Our Little Secret - Part Twelve

Summary: It’s your first hunt back from your injury. Dean thinks he has a way to help you through the soreness

Series Masterlist

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Kink(s): Wax Play

Word Count: 5000

Warnings: Smut, language, wax, angst

A/N: Thank you so much for reading. I’m really loving these character and this series. Thank you for your wonderful responses. A special thank you to the people who looked this over for me.

This is unbetaed, all mistakes are my own


“Your turn,” Dean hands you the shovel, “I dug the last one.”

“Oh come on Dean,” Sam protests, “she’s had more than a month off, she-”

“She’s standing right here,” you look pointedly at Sam, taking the shovel from Dean, “I got this, you boys just stand there and look pretty.”

Sam rolls his eyes, Dean chuckles, “Do you remember how to do this sweetheart, it’s been awhile.”

“Shut up, even rusty I can dig a grave twice as fast as you,” you can’t help but smile, pushing the point into the ground, taking out the first shovel full of dirt.

“Do you want me to time you?”

You flip him off, continuing to dig as they talk for a bit, discussing the corpse that in a matter of time you will be salting and burning. After about ten inches, another shovel hits the hard ground a few feet from yours and you look up to see Dean there, “You were moving too slow.”

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hypnotised (1)

pt 1, pt 2, pt 3

genre: angst
paring: baekhyun x reader

Sound of dripping water mixed with muffled TV in the background was the only sound surrounding both of you. The lights were off and you stared at the vanilla candles next to you with an uneasy feeling that had built up in your lower abdomen. You’ve never liked silence; and silence never was silent. It was tangling and creaky, leaving an unpleasant halo in the air. Sucking on your lower lip your hands trembled underneath white, wooden table. You felt his eyes on you, glowing in the darkness. His slim fingers tapped surface of the furniture and for a moment you thought that he is going to leave you without a word.

“I just don’t understand,” his pained whisper shook your heart with double force. “I thought we were happy, me and you” looking around your watered eyeballs glanced at his person.

“Because we were,” the smell of burned flambeau made your nose wrinkle. “We were and as you might have noticed it is in the past tense”

He slightly moved and emptied glass of whisky standing in front of him in one go. His ruffled, black hair looked oddly miserable while he sat in his grey t-shirt which you’ve bought him long time ago. Dark circles under his eyes showed his fatigue and your bony fingers almost reached out for him only to be stopped in a mid air.

“You know I love you,” his lips trembled and you felt tears leaking and dropping down your face. He searched for something, anything in you and when he spotted your anguish he stood up. “We are engaged, we have planned our future together” soft steps echoed in your ears before you could get up and leave. Baekhyun’s arms caged you from behind with comforting smell of his cologne.

“I know” your sigh was almost not audible when your shoulders shook with your quite sobs. “I’m sorry” you felt him kissing your crown of hair. It was too much. You needed to end it here, once and for all. “I can’t do it much longer”

“Why? Just tell me why” his presence was overwhelming, hovering above you as a hawk. “I need to know why

“It hurts!” he didn’t expect your outburst so he tightened his hold on your limbs and kept  you while you cried your eyes out. “Loving you hurts. I’m in constant pain, Baekhyun. I love you but all I gain from that is hate. I can’t go out, I can’t work because I’m being followed. How am I supposed to function? I’m so tired, tired of this flashing lifestyle and cameras. Sometimes I lay awake next to you and I feel as if my life has been sucked out of me, as if I was dying. It’s not your fault neither your career. I’m just… too weak for that” his chin rested upon your head and you could feel his tense body. “We don’t see each other for months and even when we are together we just don’t talk. We forgot ourselves, Baekhyun. It doesn’t work. We gave in” your hands shoot upwards and you faced him with a frown. “Maybe we did all of this too fast” he looked away, showing his hard jaw line and hidden neck veins. “I believe that we should stop this, now” without looking at him you started to fight with your engagement ring. You pulled it once, twice but it didn’t move so you cursed feeling new wetness on your cheeks. “Come on” your nails scarped skin around jewelry so hard that it almost broke.

“Stop. Stop it!”

Your head shot up. You’ve never heard him screaming, especially at you. His brown eyes shot deathly daggers at your person but underneath that anger there was raging love. His hands occupied your own and gently pulled the band off your digit. Silver metal with small, white diamond nested upon it rested on his open palm while both of you looked at it with different expressions. You suddenly remembered how he proposed to you; so simple yet so endearing. Just like him. Your throat let out terrible sound of your despair when he fisted his grip.

“It’s done”

Neither him or you moved. You could hear his heartbeats in the utter silence and you knew he could hear your heart breaking. Gulping you leaned over the table with sudden nausea. All of the facts hitting you like a waterfall.

“Sit down, you look pale” he guided you to the chair and sat you down as a child. “Do you want water?” when you nodded he went to pour it for you.

“Thank you” sipping cold liquid you felt as your whole body burned. “I’m fine. I just… I’m” you lost your words and your gaze fell upon his crouched form. He looked so young in the shadows. You tucked his hair behind his ear. It was silky and so familiar to touch that you had to back off. How could you survive without him? “Maybe you should go” it was for the sake of your sanity. He huffed and closed the distance between both of you.

“How about no?”

“Please, I’m not up to another argument” you ran your hands over your tresses and stared at his bare face with red eyes.

“I have an idea. I think we should try it” on his lips ghosted small smile but it vanished too quickly. Before you could replay he stood and left you in the kitchen. You followed him and you found yourself amused by his doings when he put his shoes on.

“So you are leaving?” your back tensed when he looked at you with a blank expression.  

“You’ve wanted me gone, right?” you managed to look unaffected by his cold voice and blinked away tears escaping your eyelids.

Yes, yes I have. Goodnight” he nodded and got out of your apartment.

Your whole person curled into itself so much that you could hear your bones cracking and screaming from pain - not only physical but emotional. You placed hand on your lips to prevent your soft screams of desperation from coming out.

Ding. Dong.      

Freezing you stared at the entry with unknown for you feeling.

Ding. Dong.

Your steps were cautious  and painfully slow but when you opened the door your heart leaped in your chest. And God, it hurt.  

“Hello, I thought that we could begin again. My name is Baekhyun and I love pizza with pineapple but I know that you hate it so you pluck it out and call me gross when I add it on my slice,” you gripped the frame so hard that your fingers almost broke. “I don’t mind staying on the corridor but I would be glad if you let me in. Both inside your apartment and into your life

You looked at him and with a heavy heart you decided. 

“Try Me” (M)


Member: Sehun from EXO

Genre: Smut (M), A little bit of angst

A/N: This is a scenario i had in mind for awhile and it’s inspired from the fic Talk Now by my favorite scenario blog @noonatrash so be sure to check them out they’re awesome!

Summary: You and Sehun have a strictly sexual booty call relationship and Sehun makes you submit to him a little too easily.

It’s been 2 weeks since you last spoke to Sehun. It felt good. It felt different. You’ve had some time to reflect on the way you handled things. “Never again” you mumbled to yourself, disgusted at your own behavior.  He made you feel so numb, to everything. He made you feel good but also so mad and you didn’t know how to handle a guy like him but you were hooked and there was nothing you could have done about it.

You were sitting at home on your bed, dim lights and the silence of the night coming through your window. Your phone screen lit up showing an unfamiliar phone number. You crooked your face to the side presenting a confused expression. “Who the fuck is calling me at 2 am? This better not be Chanyeol on about how I drank all his bubble tea again”. You decided to answer the call, already ready with an excuse for drinking 3 cups of bubble tea. You picked up the phone and waited for the other side to start talking but only silence draped the other line.

“I need you.” A familiar voice appeared as your eyes widened. “You have to be kidding me” you thought to yourself, letting out a scoff. “Don’t you have some other poor girl to booty call Sehun?” he was surprised at your sudden response. “Yes. But none of them are you.” He let out a breathy response. “Sehun, I thought I made myself clear last time we saw each other….” There was a short silence, “You mean when I fucked you to submission and you screamed my name all over my apartment?” he said smugly. “Sehun we’re over.” You announced once again before you quickly hung up.

Sehun hasn’t left your mind the entire week after he called you again. Why did he think you would act this stupid again? He really doesn’t know anything about you, you thought to yourself.  Sitting on your couch and drinking another bubble tea cup you stole from Chanyeol’s apartment.  It was another Friday night that you didn’t have a date to. The only company you had was the chocolate bubbles and the 5th season of Friends. You weren’t even bothered to wear pants, you were wearing your black revealing lace panties and a long V neck shirt that was a bit transparent but you couldn’t care less.

Your drink long gone and already on season 6 when you heard a loud knock on your door. You glanced at the clock, “2:30 AM” you scoffed to yourself. “If it’s who I think it is, then I might as well have fun with it.” You mumbled to yourself as you got up to open the door.  Swinging the door to an all too familiar face, you flashed your fake smile at the tall broad shouldered man. “What are you doing here Sehun?” you let out a laugh but he didn’t look too amused. 

“Why don’t you answer my calls anymore?” you remembered you blocked his number last week and didn’t even get those calls in the first place. “Sorry I’ve been busy” you put out an overly fake frown and crooked your head to the side. He pushed you aside and let himself in. he walked up to your couch and wrapped his arms above his chest, leaning against the side of your couch. “Busy? I see….” He laughed. “I’m sure watching Friends in your underwear is real tiring.” He crooked his head at you. “It sure is more fun than sucking your dick” you let out. He scoffed at your statement, “Playing hard to get are we?” 

you took one step closer to him sporting an all serious confused look on your face. You wrapped your arms around his neck and brought your lips inches away from his, slightly touching. “Is there something in the words “We are over.” That you do not understand Oh Sehun?” you looked straight into his eyes. He leaned closer a bit and grabbing your waist to bring you to a kiss right before you pulled away and waved your finger at him. 

“Ahah if you wanna touch my lips again then it’s gonna cost you way more than just touching my waist Oh Sehun.” You smirked at him. He let out an impressed giggle before grabbing you by your waist and lifting you on his shoulder, one hand on your ass. He walked over to the dining table across the room and dropped you on the glass table, throwing the candle stands you had on the floor and sliding you further. He spread your legs apart with one brief action before standing still between your legs. “fine.” He said, looking at your underwear.

He grabbed your underwear and roughly tore them apart, letting out a growl. Grabbing your hips, he slid you closer to his body and it only took 2 seconds before you could feel his tongue on your clit. He didn’t go easy at all. He flicked his tongue on your clit, teasing at first but giving in faster than you. He attached his lips on your heat and sucked on your clit while swirling circles around it. He bit it slightly, earning a loud moan from you as you arched your back and grabbed his hair. You could feel his smirk against your opening right before he licked it and entered his 3 fingers in. pumping hard back and forth until you finally graced him with another moan, trying to hold in to not let him enjoy himself too much. He crawled all the 3 and hit that spot in you he knew all too well. 

Another moan took you by surprise; you closed your eyes and shouted “FUCK” at the top of your lungs, encouraging him to continue. But it wasn’t a surprise to you when you felt emptiness again. He pulled his fingers out and stood still in front of your burning heat again. “Get up.” He said, panting. You sat up on the table and shot him a look, not doing as he said. You saw him flick his tongue and move his head from side to side slightly impressed from your persistence.

He grabbed your thighs and pulled you to his body. You raised your eyebrow at him, looking at his now hard cock. “See something you like?” he smirked at you. “Yeah” you said, he smirked again. “My lonely bubble tea that I didn’t get to finish” you giggled. His smirked dropped at your sound and his grip on your thighs hardened. He grabbed your waist and slid his lower body between your legs, expecting you to wrap your legs around his waist again like always, but at his surprise you didn’t. Instead you swung your legs in the air, shooting him an innocent puppy eyed look in your eyes. You knew exactly how to play him. 

Approaching your lips, intending to kiss you roughly, you turned your head away and blocked him with your hand. “It’s a shame you think that little tongue game of yours is enough for me” you laughed in his furious face. “My bad” he let out and pulled his jeans down, shoving his entire length in you in one sharp go. An instinct made you grab his shoulder with your fingers, leaving white marks all over it from the sudden pain.  He began to move his hips against yours, grabbing your thigh with one hand and his other hand busy on your clit again. His thrusts were rough and desperate almost like he was aching for you. His dick thirsty for you those past 3 weeks.  

Dropping his head back and moaning your name, the grip on your thigh marking blue marks all over. You could feel his hand giving up on your clit until you finally felt that spot you liked so much. Stars in your eyes and a ball of warmth in your stomach, you came breathing out a warm moan against his ear. He came too and made sure that you knew what name came out of his lips.

Avoiding his lips once more, you got up from his embrace and headed straight to the shower. He leaned his hands against your dining room table, panting and shaking his head at your actions. A dark thought dawned his mind and he was not ready to give up just yet. Not until he got to taste your lips.

You got into the shower, facing the wall and striking a smile at your actions. Before you could turn on the water, you felt a hand on yours. Turning on the cold water, it hit your back and you hissed at the sudden sensation. Before you could notice, you were pinned against the wall face on. His lips reached your ear and hands gracing your curves until they got to your hips, gripping them tightly, tighter than his earlier grip on your thighs. His cock stroked your entrance and without any words he entered you again. He pinned both your arms against the wet wall and bit your neck, drawing hickies all over it. 

His thrusts were even worse this time. He was really desperate and you could feel your walls responding. You let yourself let loose and you let your head drop back on the crook of his neck. He looked at you once before he sped his hips and went even deeper in. working on your G spot with a couple hits and your entire body gave in against the wall. He let his cock enjoy your orgasm a little longer before you felt his warm cum on your back, being washed away by the cold stream from the shower head.

Sehun turned you around to face him, pinning your back against the wall. He kept his gaze on your lips, not letting anything else distract him. “What’s the cost?” he asked seriously. “This thing” you pointed your finger between the both of you. “Is on my terms now.” You said, keeping your gaze on his lips too. Your eyelids closed as you felt the touch of his lips against yours. Kissing you passionately, his lips cold and wet from the water and drops falling from his chin, he gave into you.

Witchcraft Pennywise x Reader

Requester: Can’t remember sorry 😅!

Prompt: The reader is a girl who has powers without knowing how to control her power. Because of this she is ignored by her father who is a drunk who is always beating her or calling her a witch.

One night, her father humiliated her, she became angry and killed him and then fled for fear of killing someone innocent. Pennywise looks at everything and decides to help her control her power.

Over time, they realize that they are no so different and confess what they both feel for each other.

Warning: Abusive Father

Note: Got nothing. Brain fried. Enjoy. 

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You were just trying to live life.

Was that too much to ask for?

To just live as a normal average teenager.

But no.

You were born with powers.

Being a senior in high school was stressful but it was a hell of a lot better when you realized that once high school was over you could get away from your father. You could travel far across the country and go to some place where you’ll never be to hurt anyone.

So far you haven’t hurt anyone but over the years it’s been harder and harder to control your powers.

You couldn’t even control it in the first place.

You were able to lift objects with your mind which was more dangerous than turning into a werewolf for a power. You wished you were a werewolf so you could at least control your powers and only let go once a month.

But no, on a constant basis you had to be careful not to use your emotion against your power. If you were startled, stressed, angry or any other strong emotion like that an object would go flying.

You class and especially your teachers were terrified of you knowing about your powers. The first time it showed was during a fire alarm that had clearly startled you and your powers caused all the desks around you to flip like something pushed all o them onto the floor.

Because of that people constantly teased you and called you a witch. More than once you’d find a broom stick leaning against your locker or “witch-bitch” written on with permanent marker.

Boys walking past you would cackle like a witch and girls would whisper and ask you if you had any pointed shoes.

At least they weren’t as bad as your dad.

Your dad was a drunk that could be found at the local bar, mostly in the alley way of the bar passed out cold and sometimes bleeding from getting into a fight. He started drinking after your mother died when you were 3 because of you.

You were fooling around with your powers when you accidentally knocked over a lit candle causing the cloth on the wooden table set on fire. She had died trying to save you from the flame.

Everyday your father blamed it on you as he beat you before continuing to drown his sorrows in whiskey.

You were preparing for it as you walked down back home from school. Neighbors you passed gave you strange looks or fled inside. The only neighbor who was nice or even looked you in the eye was Mrs.Rollin.

Because of her dementia she constantly forgot you were a witch and gave you cookies and sweets daily. You sighed as you arrived to your house where the lawn was getting a bit wild like from your father not mowing it for a while.

Patches of dry spots were all over and various tools and children’s toys covered the yard. Most children who lived around your neighborhood were too afraid to step anywhere near your home and choose to lose a toy then go anywhere near.

Your neighbors constantly said your home was like a 2nd 20 Neibolt Street even though your home was as bad or as creepy. You walked up the steps towards the front porch and smiled when you saw a familiar sight.

There was a black cat sitting on the porch swing its tail idly flicking. You didn’t own the cat but you were sure it was one of your neighbors cats from its bright red collar around its neck.

Engraved on the metal coin of the collar was Pennywise, but you liked to call the cat Penny. What you loved about that cat was that his eyes were a beautiful blue color and when they were alert they changed gold. Currently at the moment the cats eyes were a calm blue.

When Penny noticed you he got up and stretched before hopping off and walking over to sit down next to you awaiting for you to open the door.

“Hey Penny.” You giggled scratching his head which he purred at.

You opened the door and he slithered right in making you giggle. You walked over to the fridge and opened it but sighed noticing that it was mostly empty other than a a few packs of beer bottles.

So much for making a sandwich.

You noticed Penny’s eyes were an alert and dangerous gold color making you concerned. You walked towards where he was looking at and your heart stopped in your throat. Your father was home already tipsy and drunk.

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A NIGHT OUT (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: a modern au with Bellamy where your both stressed bc of ur workload so one night spontaneously he takes your kids to O’s and sets out a really nice dinner w candles and he just wants to show u how much he appreciates u being his wife an all and it’s really cute and fluffy but then like ends in smut, if you could :) Please and thankyou!


The office is always extremely busy this time of year. And your poor husband Bellamy wasn’t doing good either. His workload has doubled after getting a well-earned promotion and he hasn’t had a break in so long. And even when the two of you picked up your young children from school, being parents is a job of it’s own.

The tension in your neck hasn’t left your neck all month. You’ve been tossing and turning at night, unable to sleep due to all the unfinished work that was still on your mind. Like every December, things are even more rushed than they usually are due to the holidays. And work was no exception. 

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Classified 8

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

A/N: If you want to be tagged just let me know!! Feedback is always loved.

Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

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The Bitter End

Characters: Dean X Reader, Sam

Summary: You’re a civilian that got tangled up in a case with Sam and Dean.  Then you got tangled up with Dean.  What happens after it all goes south?

Word Count:  1210

Warnings: Angst

A/N:  This is the epilogue to my first ever fic The One with the Cop.  You don’t have to have read it to get what’s happening in this, though you might like it.  This is for the @pinknerdpanda and @hannahindie HanPan Punk’s Not Dead Challenge.  My prompt was lyrics from the song, “Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year” by Fall Out Boy, they will be bolded in the fic.

Thank you to my amazing MastaBeta @wheresthekillswitch!  I’ve said it before, but I’m so very, very thankful for you!  Love you squish!

We’re traveled like gypsies

Only with worse luck and far less gold


Dean’s POV

“Dean, do you think it’s smart to involve Y/N?” Sam asks, as we sit in the Impala watching the warehouse.  “I mean I get it, I like her too, but she’s a civilian, she could get hurt.”

I’m getting pretty tired of his lecturing, “Don’t you think I know that Sam?  But there’s something about her… I don’t want to lie.”

“That’s the rule, Dean.  We lie; we don’t tell people what we do.”

I roll my eyes and catch movement in the warehouse.  “Sam, someone’s moving around in there.  Let’s go.”

We climb out of the car and run up to the side of the building.  I peek in the window but I can’t see shit.

“Remember, Poughkeepsie,” I say.

“I know, Dean.”  And it’s Sam who rolls his eyes this time.

We slip through a side door of the warehouse to search for the shifter-witch.

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thats-what-makes-you-you  asked:

I have a prompt for one of my hopes for season 2. I hope it makes some sense... But, I want Sabrina to become friends with Jug (not too close of friends, but enough to cause some suspicions from Bughead's friend group) and Betty becomes super insecure/jealous/distant. ONLY to find out Sabrina is interested in Cheryl. A girl can dream... You're amazing! xoxoxo Mallory


Betty couldn’t stop the light flutter in her chest as Jughead’s name appeared on her phone screen.


That was all the text said but it was enough. Betty bit her lip as she clutched her phone tightly against her, giddy at the prospect of getting to spend some time with her newly removed boyfriend.

It had been tough, tougher than she’d expected. But she wasn’t one known for giving up - hardly, if ever, and she was willing to do everything in her power to stick to that.

Betty had been sceptical about Jughead’s motorcycle at first. A generous gift, he’d told her. She couldn’t help but notice that he’d been getting quite a few gifts recently and the thought sat uneasily in her stomach. Where the Serpent’s were involved, gifts came wrapped up with less than pretty strings attached. The last thing she wanted was for Jughead to be tethered to something with no room for escape. However, the trips he was managing to make over during their aligning lunch periods some days made her warm to the vehicle somewhat.

There were many stolen moments where possible, their frequency ranging from not quite enough to frustratingly few. Betty tried not to complain, though, taking anything she could get if it meant that she got to feel his hands caressing her cheeks, his cool lips brushing against hers. One look into his impossibly blue eyes could instantly lay all her insecurities to rest.

When she pushed the door open, eyes searching for that all too familiar beanie, her heart stopped. Betty’s brow furrowed as she walked slowly towards the booth he occupied - that he was not sitting alone at. Opposite him was the prettiest, petite blonde with short platinum hair, leather jacket draped over her fragile shoulders and ripped purple tights peeking out from beneath the table. Betty approached the pair, eyes darting from the mystery girl to Jughead as he turned, feeling her presence besides him.

“Hey, Betty,” he greeted enthusiastically, lifting his arm in an invitation for her to slide into his embrace. She did so hastily, settling herself against his side, fingers coming up to play with the lapel of his jacket in a move she hoped wasn’t too noticeably possessive.

“Hi, Juggie,” she murmured, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. He smiled into the action, pulling back to gaze down at her with unbridled affection. “Who’s this?” she asked, addressing not so much the elephant in the room but the bombshell at the table. The girl smiled, dimples appearing on either cheek.

“This is Sabrina, she goes to Southside High,” Jughead introduced. “Sabrina, this is…”

“The infamous Betty Cooper. I’ve heard so much about you, seriously Jughead won’t shut up about you,” Sabrina teased, throwing a smirk his way. Jughead blushed, ducking his head in embarrassment but not before sending her a threatening glare. Betty can’t suppress the smile that creeps across her features at this admission, burrowing even further into Jughead’s warm hold. The uneasiness still lingers, however.

“We were just discussing which Quentin Tarantino film is the best,” Jughead said, quickly turning the conversation away from they way he gushes about his girlfriend when she’s not around. Betty stilled.

Discussion isn’t exactly the word I’d use,” Sabrina replied, narrowing her eyes at him. “I believe I was successfully arguing my case for Pulp Fiction while you were floundering somewhere behind with your attempts to let Inglorious Basterds secure the top spot.” Jughead scoffed, clearly disagreeing with her assessment of their conversation.

Betty has gone quiet beside them. When she mentioned how few Tarantino films she’d seen in her life, Jughead had grandly informed her that it would be his mission to make sure she had the best complete viewing experience under his knowledgeable guise. Cuddled together beneath blankets, in the dark, sharing slices of pizza while watching Tarantino movies in FP’s trailer had become their thing. She knew is was irrational but hearing Jug even discuss them with someone else - let alone someone so beautiful and outgoing - just rubbed her the wrong way.

Sabrina seemed to be a perfect match for Jughead, a role that she used to think belonged wholeheartedly to her.

“Betts?” his voice pulled her from her reverie. She blinked, looking up at him. He raised an eyebrow, thumb rubbing against her shoulder. “You good?” She nodded, not trusting her voice and hoping that her smile wasn’t too watery.

“Bughead. Stranger.” Cheryl’s voice cut through the air as she suddenly appeared at the edge of the booth. Jughead sighed, turning his eyes to her. The grimace he usually saved for Hurricane Blossom - as he liked to call her - had been mysteriously absent in recent weeks. Betty liked to think that Jughead related a little bit more to the fiery redhead than he first realised.

“To what do we owe the pleasure, Cheryl,” Jughead asked dryly. Cheryl smiled affectionately.

“I’m glad you’re finally acknowledging the importance of my presence,” she said, placing one hand dramatically over her heart. Jughead huffed out a laugh, shaking his head but not making a move to argue. “I’m here for Betty. Don’t forget, we have a pep rally after school tomorrow. If you’re even a second late because of secret Southside smooches with Lord Byron over here you’ll be doing so many high kicks you’ll begin to think your leg belongs up there, capiche?” Betty nodded, knowing it was futile to even address Cheryl’s domineering, somewhat impolite, manner.

“A joy, as always,” Jughead muttered after she’d spun on her heel and stalked away, long hair flying behind her. Betty poked him in the side, pressing her lips together against a smile, his eyes glistening mischievously.

“Okay, who was that?” Sabrina asked, leaning forward over the table, eyes wide.

“Surely you’ve heard of the Blossoms?” Jughead began to explain.


Betty checked her phone one last time before sighing and chucking it in her bag, knowing that if she wasted any more time waiting for Jughead’s reply Cheryl would have her by the neck. He said he’d try and come by to see her cheer, adding a less than clean remark about how he loved to watch her spin in her cheerleading uniform, but he wasn’t making any promises.

Betty trudged dejectedly towards the rest of the Vixens, getting ready to take her position in the first number.

A flash of black from the edge of the stands caught her eye, heart leaping into her throat as his handsome face came into view, emerging from the shadows. The feeling turned sour when another body stepped out from behind him, Sabrina standing with her arms folded over her chest and a feline expression across her features.

“Who’s that with Jughead?” Veronica asked, suddenly appearing at her shoulder.

“Sabrina,” Betty replied, acid permeating her usually sunny tone. Veronica blanched, looking at her best friend in concern.

“Is she…?” she asked, trailing off, not really sure where to go. Surely, Jughead would never…

“Looks like it,” Betty supplied bitterly, wrenching her eyes from the Southside couple. Veronica looked after her pitifully.

Betty stumbled her way through the routine, not caring that she would probably be getting it in the neck from Cheryl the moment they finished. What was she doing here? Why would he bring her? Tears stung her eyes as they threatened to spill down her cheeks with every passing second.

Finally free of the first number, Betty stalked towards her bag, purposefully ignoring Jughead. His brow furrowed, a look of adorable confusion crossing his face as he slowly walked towards her.

“Betty?” he asked, stopping a few feet from her.

“Jughead,“ she replied, busying herself with doing absolutely nothing, fiddling aimlessly with the contents of her bag.

“Is everything alright?” he asked, concern lacing his voice. Betty just shrugged, lips pressed together tightly.

“Yeah, everything is fine. Are you having a good time with your new friend?” she asked, eyes flicking briefly towards Sabrina before turning back to avoiding his gaze.

“What?” he asked, genuinely confused by her frosty demeanour.

“Look, I get it, Jug. She’s more your type anyway. She’s seen all of Tarantino’s movies, and she goes to the same school as you, and doesn’t ask you to come to stupid pep rallies that she knows you hate anyway, and she’s beautiful and-” Betty is cut off by the rough press of his lips to hers. She squeaked, surprised by his actions before she can’t help but melt into the kiss, hands fisting in the material of his tshirt under his jacket. “What was that for?” she asked breathlessly, once they’ve parted.

“A twisted part of me likes how jealously looks on you,” Jughead smirked, rubbing his thumbs across her reddened cheeks. She swatted him playfully before looking up at him with wide, sad eyes.

“I’m serious, Jughead,” she whispered, all of the fight leaving her beneath his hands. Jughead’s face turned serious, his eyes burning as he holds her gaze firmly.

“There’s only ever been you, Betty. There only ever will be. No girl holds even a candle to how beautiful you are, inside and out. I like that I get to show you Tarantino for the first time, and that I can watch you prance around in this ridiculously short skirt,” he mumbled appreciatively and Betty let out a shaky laugh. “And part of me even likes that we’re apart because it makes it all the more worth while when we are together.” He pressed one more kiss to her soft lips, tender yet bruising. Her hands fiddled nervously with the fabric between her fingers.

“I’m sorry, I’m just used to having you all to myself,” she murmured, feeling silly for her outburst. “And who can blame me? You’re a catch, Jughead Jones,” she said, looking up at him from beneath thick lashes. Jughead rolled his eyes in response.

“Count yourself lucky,” he quipped, relishing in her resounding laugh.

“What is Sabrina doing here, though?” Betty couldn’t help but ask. Jughead shook his head, smile dancing across his lips.

“Seems like she took a shining to Cheryl when they met at the diner,” he told her around a smirk. “Wanted to come and watch the show.” Betty bursts out laughing, suddenly noticing the direction of Sabrina’s prowling gaze. They’d make a cute couple…

cloakerhunter  asked:

The lovely 3 female companions.. riding Male soles dick >:3



Cait – She could always tell when her man needed some lovin’, especially since no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn’t hide the longing glances and the fuller space between his legs. But lucky for him, Cait had a plan and rather unlucky for him, it was a devious one at that. They had just entered Goodneighbour and from staring at Sole’s crotch all day, Cait had worked herself into a rather flustered state of affairs. The Third Rail was their default destination whenever they were in the neighbourhood, so Sole never questioned when she led him inside and down the stairs to claim their usual booth in a darkened corner of the bar. He sat himself down and spread his legs under the table just the way Cait liked it, unconsciously showing off the fullness of his crotch. Cait bit her lip, trailing her hand along the inside of his leather clad thigh when she sat down next to him and ordered them both a beer with nothing but a nod to Whitechapel Charlie across the room. Sole leaned back, stretching his arm over the seat above Cait’s shoulders, but he tensed when her roaming hand made it to its destination. Cait looked at him then, watching as his eyes darkened as she squeezed, watching his breath catch when she didn’t let go. Their beers arrived and singlehandedly, Cait opened hers and took a healthy swig, watching Magnolia’s hips sway in the distance and feeling the blood starting to rush to Sole’s dick in her hand. She cast him a glance, seeing that his beer was left untouched and that his chest started to rise and fall a little quicker. Wordlessly, Cait lowered her beer to the table and started unbuckling her pants, lifting an eyebrow at him in a silent invitation. By the time she wiggled her pants and panties off her hips and to her ankles, Sole’s dick was hard and free from his pants, standing upright in all its glory. Cait licked her lips, wanting it in her mouth but also wanted it stuffed deep inside her. Deciding that her pussy – which was by then well and truly creating a bit of a pool in the booth’s vinyl seat – was wet enough for him to comfortably dive straight in. With her eyes on the still singing Magnolia, the crowds all around them none the wiser, Cait shifted into Sole’s lap and with her back to him, lowered herself down onto his awaiting cock. She felt him tense beneath her when her wet core accepted his full length into her, groaning softly in the back of her throat as she reached for her beer and began to gyrate her hips to the rhythm of the music. Sole himself settled back further into the seat, his hands on her hips as she braced herself on the table in front and began to bounce herself up and down on him. Cait closed her eyes, concentrating on the feeling of him stretching her walls and rubbing against that one damn spot within her that lit a fire in her belly and made her legs tingle. For half a song they sat like this, with Cait bouncing the lower half of herself up and down on Sole’s throbbing dick at a pace that got faster and harder as time moved on. Sole was panting by the time Cait leaned her back flush against his chest and tilted her head back against his shoulder, her breathing ragged and uneven. Sole’s hand had smoothed around her thigh and was then rubbing her clit, her juices coating their thighs and Sole’s balls, probably the seat too. “Cum inside,” Cait growled throatily into his ear. “Now.” The brawler came undone at her own words, hips jerking against him as her pussy clenched tight around his dick that immediately shot his load deep into her. Sole groaned as his entire body tensed, thrusting himself once, twice more up into her and stilling for a moment before finally relaxing underneath a gasping Cait. Panting, yet satisfied beyond words, Sole surveyed the bar’s patrons who seemed none the wiser. Pleased with herself, Cait cast a sly glance over her shoulder, wiggling her hips for effect. “Whaddaya say we see how many times we can get away with it, hmm?”

Curie – The ever curious little scientist had somehow managed to find an intact Kama Sutra book and of all the various delicious positions included within, Curie decided to settle for the sitting lotus position. Sole of course, had no complaints and was eagerly stripping down with his little synth scientist in their shared bedroom. There were candles, some classical music playing in the background and some cherry flavoured lube on the nightstand. Absent was a condom, which meant Curie was feeling particularly frisky tonight because she almost always insisted on using one except when she really, really wants it. And Curie really, really, really wanted then it because holy shit did she ever look good in lacy black lingerie. If Sole wasn’t hard as a rock before, he most certainly was then. She smiled sheepishly and climbed onto his lap once he settled himself in the middle of the bed, curling her arms around his shoulders as her legs spread either side of his hips. “Shall we proceed, monsieur Sole?” He answered her with a chaste kiss on the mouth and proceeded to guide her hips down to where his throbbing member awaited. They locked eyes when his tip spread her wet folds, Curie’s mouth falling open as she wiggled her hips a little to accommodate more of him inside her until all of him was engulfed in her warm depths. She closed her eyes and rested her forehead against his, breasts pressed against his chest so tight he could feel her rapidly beating heart. “And I move…like this?” She asked, her hips beginning to gyrate in tight circles upon his lap. She gazed at him with hooded eyes dark with lust, soft lips curling up into a sweet smile as Sole breathed a throaty groan, giving her all the answers she needed. Curie threaded her fingers through Sole’s hair, kissing him deeply, pressing her body close and sharing his warmth as she found a steady rhythm and kept with it. With their tongues smoothing over each other’s, Sole had a moment of bravery and smoothed his hands down Curie’s back to her butt, squeezing affectionately and following along as she moved her hips. She was so wet that she dripped down his dick and balls, allowing Sole to wet his index finger before slowly pressing it into the tight muscle of her ass. She tensed as he entered her there too, her eyes snapping open as she breathed a husky moan, her fingers tightening in his hair. “Too much?” He asked, kissing her jaw. Curie shook her head, spurring him on as he inserted the rest of his finger, up to his knuckle, and kept it there as she started to grind on him again. “Oh, it is…it is so - oh - so strange.” She tilted her head as he kissed her throat, drawing his lips across her collar while his other hand guided her hips into a faster tempo. With the added stimulation in her ass, Curie worked herself a little harder on him, clenching tight around his thick dick because the pleasure felt so good it almost seemed to burn. “Oh! Oh Sole, I-I am close!” She buried her face against his neck, panting and groaning out his name in slurred sentences that only ever increased in volume as she began to climax. Sole held her steady, moving her hips for her as she tensed and came undone, feeling the spasms of her pussy clench tight around his throbbing dick which in a mere few moments had Sole spilling himself inside her with a shuddering groan. “Sole,” Curie whimpered softly against his neck, breathing hard. “I believe I have found my new favourite mating position.”

Piper – Sole woke with a start, gasping and feeling a rather unexpected sensation at his groin. Above him, his eyes locked with a dark hazel gaze and swaying breasts, a sly grin and a very, very naked and horny Piper Wright. “Morning, doll.” She murmured, grinning down at him as she worked her hips on his very hard dick. “I couldn’t let your morning wood go to waste. Hope you don’t mind.” She purred, nails scraping the skin of his chest. Sole could only stare as she leaned back on her knees and sunk down fully upon him, leaving him groaning out her name on a raspy breath as she took his full length with ease. She closed her eyes and savoured the feeling of all of him buried deep within her, moving her hips forward and back a few times just to relish in the sensations. She moaned softly when Sole’s hands smoothed their way up from her hips to her chest, nimble fingers capturing and tweaking the hard nipples adoring the peaks of her full and plump breasts. Then she started bouncing on him and those breasts started jiggling too, her grin widening as Sole moaned loudly. Her right hand rubbed her clit leisurely while her left reached back to steady herself using Sole’s muscled thigh, eyes locked with her lover’s as she worked him, his hands on her hips both steadying her and pulling her down harder each time. Sole wanted those lovely bouncing breasts in his mouth but the view was just too good to pass up – a groaning Piper with her eyes closed and her head thrown back, a deep blush of arousal creeping up her collar and neck…with a view like that it was hard to keep control of himself but fortunately Piper was rapidly losing control herself. She leant down over him, riding him hard as she kissed him, her teeth nibbling on his tongue and lip until she moved her mouth to his throat and bit hard. Her nipples brushed the skin of his chest, swaying with her movements and even though he liked when she took control, even though he loved it when she used him as her personal play thing, Sole rolled them over and took the lead. With Piper’s legs spread wide and wrapped around his hips, Sole thrust into her hard and deep, groaning in satisfaction as her breasts bounced and as he wretched a pleasured yell from the reporter, her nails scraping down his chiselled chest. They locked eyes and with a few more thrusts, they came undone simultaneously, groaning out each other’s names as the sounds of wet flesh impacting on wet flesh slowed. Soon they were left gasping, clinging to each other and kissing tiredly. After a few deep breaths, Piper grinned and pulled back, running her hand down Sole’s chest. “Morning handsome.”

Shelter (Sirius Black x Reader)

Rain stained your skin like clear ink as it fell from the storm above. The sidewalk you were on was being overtaken by puddles, causing you to have an increasingly difficult time keeping your shoes dry as you hurried home. It’s not that the rain bothered you; in fact, you loved when the dark clouds appeared. Your author-like mind found inspiration most often when Mother Nature wept. But today you wanted to avoid the shower, and keep your newly bought reading material, which you were currently carrying, dry.

As you approached your home, you came to a sudden stop. On your front step, taking shelter from the storm, was a dog. Its fur was in tangles and matted thanks to the rain, and was as black as the night sky when stars would hide, leaving only an endless obsidian. Its body appeared in rough shape for such a young dog, as if the owners had taken their angers out on it like a punching bag. But the most distinguishable feature was its eyes. You had never seen a gaze more haunted and tragic.

Moving slowly around the animal, hoping not to aggravate or frighten it, you unlocked your front door, holding it open like an unspoken invitation. You had always loved animals, and there was no ounce of cruelty in your heart that would allow you to leave this dog (or any animal, for that matter) in this condition.

With a weary reproachful stare, it rose slowly, slinking into your home.

______________________________________________________________Rummaging through your cupboards, you eventually found some bowls to fill with water and meat, to help get the creature’s strength back. The dog gave you an almost human look, full of accusation, as if you had spiked the meal. But, the smell seemed to change his (you finally figured out the gender when you had checked its wounds) mind, as he gave into his stomach’s cries for nourishment.

As he chowed down, you started running a bath, in hopes of getting the grime off of him. His ears twitched at the noise, and he glanced up at you after his meal. He gave a face full of distaste (if dogs were capable of such) as though he wanted to say, “Do I have to?” like a bratty teen.

And, yes, he did have to. His fur was coated with mud and full of tangles, which you were determined to be rid him of. As if reading your mind, he snorted, almost like a “Fine.” and walked to the bathroom in defeat.

Stepping gingerly into the lukewarm water, he sat down and looked at you expectantly. Kneeling down so you were at his level, you began to lather his fur with soap, dying the bathwater brown from all the dirt embedded. He was tense at first when you began to massage and knead, trying to get a deep clean. But, he now was relaxed into your touch, leaning into your caress. As if he wasn’t used to such gentle contact from someone. And, in that moment, you had gained all of his trust.


After towel-drying him, and brushing his fur for hours (it didn’t take long to actually get the tangles out with the brush, he just would keep whining when you stopped, so you kept at it until your arm was tired) you got ready for bed. You worked from home, so you had time to tend to the dog, luckily. As you turned on your reading lamp, you heard the clicking of his claws approaching. Turning around, you saw him sitting next to you, looking from the bed, to you, and back to the bed.

With a smile, you crawled under the covers, and patted the spot next to you. With a shaky lurch onto the bed, he curled up beside you, leaning against your side tentatively. Grabbing one of your new books from your bedside table, you began to read. That is, until you were interrupted. You were hardly a paragraph in, when all of a sudden he nosed the book’s cover with a whine.

Thinking maybe your voice would soothe him into sleep, you began reading the story out loud to him. You weren’t sure if he could understand what you were saying, but he seemed to be enjoying it nevertheless. And he did indeed doze off, eventually. Only after you read around a fourth of the book, though. You both fell asleep, cuddled against one another.


Days passed, and he grew healthier. His coat was more shiny than mangy, and his eyes were happier and mischievous instead of exhausted. The two of you had formed a special bond, a beautiful friendship. You gave each other comfort and companionship, to a point where you became inseparable. He couldn’t relax and reach a peaceful slumber unless your voice filled his ears at night, and his fur against your fingertips, and simply knowing he was there, helped you reach contentment as your mind was engulfed with a sleep full of sweet dreams.

But, one day, instead of waking up to the sensation of hairs tickling your nose, you awoke to the feeling of a muscular arm around your waist. You blearily opened your eyes in confusion, but all you could see in front of you was skin. Glancing up, you caught a glimpse of long black hair.

Like the dog’s fur.

And you realized the man holding you in a tight embrace smelled like the soap you used to wash the dog.

As the puzzle pieces started connecting, the man stirred, and you found yourself looking into the eyes of the dog. You were alarmed, yes, but also confused. Your feelings were in a jumble since it wasn’t as if he was a stranger, and him holding you like he was didn’t feel wrong. But it still was weird. The man smiled as he gazed at your face with endearment and tenderness, but all you could say was, “You’re an animagus.” with wonder and confusion.

With a dawning realization, he quickly pulled away from you, apologizing for his actions. But your mind was too busy solving the puzzle to notice.

The bruises weren’t from owners, they were from parents. He was in the rain that day since he had no place to go, and the sadness in his eyes was from being disowned and kicked out of his own home by the people who should love him unconditionally. He was untrustworthy of you at first since he thought no one could truly care for him.

The puzzle now complete, you glanced at his form, sitting on the ground, with his hair hanging in front of his eyes. Kneeling down in front of him, you tucked the midnight strands behind his ears, and cupped his face gently. He leaned into your touch instantly, thankful you weren’t yelling at him to leave. And, of course you never would. You cared for him, as a dog and man, and he cared for you. Nothing could ever change that.


With his strength back, Sirius (finally able to tell you his name) was always in human form from then on. You became closer than ever, bonding over magic, quidditch, books, and many other things. And, you continued to live together, and share a bed. One would think that would be uncomfortable, but the two of you wouldn’t have it any different, though you were only friends. You still read to him, luring him to the world of sleep. And you could only drift off if he was holding you, so it’s safe to say you always slept well.

Bonus Chapter- Puppy Love

1 month later

You woke up to an empty bed, which never happened. Sirius’s arm wasn’t around your waist, and it felt wrong. Quickly getting dressed, you rushed downstairs, only to stop again in shock.

Your kitchen was filled with a soft candlelight glow, and your favorite flowers were floating lazily around the room, as if they grew invisible wings.

“I, um, well I tried to enchant them to change color, but that didn’t work too well. Probably should have paid more attention in Charms class,” murmured Sirius from behind you. Running a hand through his dark locks, he asked, “Do you like it? I got those new books you wanted, too. But I put them on the table by the bed already, though, so you can maybe start reading them tonight to me.”

Taking a step closer to him, you gestured to the flowers and candles around you, “You did all of this, for me? But, why?” His hands found yours, squeezing them tight. “You gave me shelter all those weeks ago, when my own family left me. You’re the first person to truly care about me, so this is my way of thanking you.” He paused, and looked into your eyes with nervousness and hope, before he continued. “I’ve grown to love you, (y/n), and I want to be yours. I want to be your boyfriend, if you’ll have me.”

Moments passed, and he began to pull away, accepting what he assumed was your rejection. But, with a quick rush of adrenaline, you tugged him back, and crushed your lips against his. Shock overtook him, but he instantly placed his hands on your waist like a reflex. Your palms were balled up in his shirt, as you kissed him in a burning desire, giving your answer of “Yes, God yes.” You ran your fingers through his hair, pulling his mouth closer to yours to deepen the kiss. He moaned, as the two of you locked lips again and again, deeper and more passionate each time, trying to express every emotion you two had felt for one another the past few months that you had tried so desperately to hide. You explored each other’s mouths, learning the shape of each other’s lips, memorizing every detail about the other’s face, until you both ran out of breath.

Resting his forehead against yours, you chuckled. Smirking, he pecked your nose, “What’s so funny?” Grinning back, you kissed him once more, before pulling back and replying, “I just realized I have a bad case of puppy love.”

The Fan Letter (Oswald x Reader) Part 02 (Stalker!Oswald - his POV)

Originally posted by the-great-snape-debate

Many of us have written at least one story, where Oswald breaks into the reader’s or OC’s apartment and, well, is a perverted little Pingu (I still remember @queencobblefreezestuff and @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction ones). Mine will take a slightly different route…  

Part 01 here

Warnings: bold language, jerking off, sexual phantasies, angst 

Editor: @amandajuly81

Tagging: @penguinsweetest@red-panda-on-the-loose @umbrellas-and-tallymarks@ascoolasathestral, @house-of-penguin @gotham-city-tales @aya-fay

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Sleep - pt 19

Originally posted by jminies

You had just finished your shift when she wanted to talk to you.

“You know.” You said quietly.

You should have felt scared but you didn’t.

“Of course I know. Why would two young adults come to the middle of nowhere and work at a tavern?” Maggs sat down next to you at one of the tables.

She said she knew you and Jimin were in trouble.

“Figured you guys ran into trouble somewhere somehow. But I knew you guys weren’t going to give me any trouble so I was okay letting you in. But Jimin wants to leave and you seem to like it here?”

“I do. Maggs you’ve done so much for us. I love it here. It’s different here somehow…it feels like a world apart from the rest.”

“Then stay.” She shrugged.

“We can’t. It’s risky, staying in once place.”

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I had an ask to do number 72 of “One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’” for Rowaelin, and I accidentally deleted the ask. But heres the fic :)

72. I’ll meet you halfway.


Rowan was exhausted.

He was both mentally and physical drained. It was only Tuesday, and yet it felt like it should be Friday. Not that he really cared what day of the week it was anymore. His wife didn’t follow a Monday to Friday schedule, so Rowan stopped getting excited about the weekend. He was going to spend it alone anyways, grading papers probably.

He was a high school History teacher. Rowan worked the same hours Monday to Friday, with ever holiday off. Even getting some snow days in the winter months. But Aelin… Aelin was in the middle her surgical residency. She wanted to be a general surgeon, wanted to help people. Rowan loved that about her, just like he loved basically everything about her. But, he didn’t love her hours. Twelve to fourteen hour days. And Aelin being Aelin, she worked overtime all the time. Trying to help as many people as she could.

They hardly saw each other. The time they had together was a few minutes in the morning and just as Aelin was climbing into bed at night. If Rowan wasn’t already asleep.

This little time together, it wasn’t good for them. For their marriage. Rowan told her that much this morning, when he yelled at her that if this kept up he’d have no choice but the leave.

It made him cringe just thinking about it.

It broke his heart just thinking about leaving Aelin. She was the love of his life. But he couldn’t build a life with someone he only saw 30 minutes out of a whole day.

Rowan sighed. He took his keys out and unlocked the front door before pushing it opened. It was quick in the house, but Rowan was use to quick.

He absentmindedly dropped his keys and bag, taking off his jacket before walking into the kitchen to get dinner.

Rowan’s heart stopped. He froze on the spot as he took in the scene before him. Dinner was cooked and set on the table. Candles lit. And Aelin quickly stood up from her chair. He hair was down and she was out of her scrubs, dressed in black pants and a pain white shirt.

“I made you dinner.” Aelin pointed out quietly after a few moments. She sent a wary smile his way.

“You’re home.” Rowan slowly walked towards the table. He glanced down at the food then back up at Aelin.

She shrugged. “I left early. Bailey’s covering my surgeries.”

Rowan didn’t reply. He simple pulled out his chair and sat down. Aelin followed his move soon after.

Neither moved for the longest time. Neither knew what to say either, it would seem. Silence stretched out between them. And after a few moments, Rowan reached for the bowl of mashed potatoes on the table.

The two ate in silence. Rowan didn’t know what to say, which was a first for him. Especially around Aelin. But just this morning Rowan told her if things didn’t change, he was leaving. What do you say after you tell the love of your life that?

So the only sound in the whole place was the sound of forks and knifes on the plates.

Just as Rowan was eating his last piece of chicken, Aelin placed her fork down.

“I’m sorry,” She blurted out.

Rowan stopped chewing. He raised an eyebrow at his wife as he swallowing.

Aelin took a deep breath in through her nose before looking Rowan in the eyes.

“I know. I know my job sucks.” Aelin explained. “I love my job but it sucks. And I know I’m not the best wife, and I’m never here. I know you’re frustrated with me. You’re angry, at me, at my job. That’s fair. And I’m so so sorry. For all of it.”

Rowan sighed, Aelin’s unyielding gaze never leaving his.

“I know you love your job.” Rowan said. “But I love my wife. All I want is to spend some time with you. Not only getting to see you as you’re walking out the door or climbing into bed.”

“And I love my husband.” Aelin’s eyes started to shine over. “I love you so much. More than my job. But I still love my job. I love helping people. That’s why, I have to ask you to meet my halfway from now on.”

Rowan’s brows pitched together slightly. Aelin read the look on his face, because she suddenly stood up and walked over to her purse sitting on the counter. She came back a few moments later, standing next to Rowan’s chair.

She didn’t speak, just handed something over to him.

Rowan’s heart stopped dead in his chest. He took in the small black and white photograph in his hands. The swirls and shapes that didn’t seem to mean anything. But that little figure on the middle flipped his word upside down. And it was then that Rowan realized he was holding a sonogram.

“I’ve clocked enough hours in the OR that I can take an extra-long leave.” Aelin spoke softly. “And when I go back, I’ll take on less. It’ll be hard, with me still doing my residency, but I’ll talk to the chief. Plus, my residency is almost over so-“

Rowan stood up from his chair. He grabbed Aelin around her waist and pulled her to him. His lips claimed hers, cutting off her words.

The kiss only lasted for a moment. Rowan pulled back and looked down, meeting Aelin’s watery gaze.

“How far long?” His voice broke slightly at the question.

“Just six weeks.” Aelin said softly.

“Aelin,” Rowan whispered, taking her face in his hands. “What I said this morning-“


“I have too,” Rowan sighed. “I was upset. Angry not at you, but at your job for taking you from me. I know how much you love it. And I would never ask you to pick between me and your job.”

A few tears leaked from her eyes and Rowan whipped them away with his thumb.

“We’re both at fault here,” he continued. “It’s not just you and your job. I’ll do better too. I’ll take on less afternoon school actives. I’ll help in whatever way I can.”

“So you’ll meet me halfway?” Aelin asked with a watery smile.

Rowan placed another kiss on her lips before placing his hand on her flat stomach.

“I’ll meet you halfway.” Rowan smiled, his gaze burning into hers as Aelin placed her hand on top of his. “I’ll always meet you halfway, Fireheart.”

Caught Up | Yoongi

Prompt: There’s a storm and omg I’m losing signal are you okay?? Hold on let me drive 489432 miles to get you the night before Christmas
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2,966
Author’s Note: Is it too early to start with the Christmas stories because I don’t care, it’s December so that’s good enough for me. 


You can’t help the yelp that sounds from the back of your throat as the howling against your window grows stronger for just a moment, the shaking of your window echoing through the rest of your apartment and making you feel very small and very alone in just a sliver of a second.

“You okay?”

Inhaling sharpy through your nose, you resume your attention back to the voice on the other side of the line, slightly muffled and hazy with the swirling of storm clouds and snow outside, but clear enough for you to smile just a little. He gives you enough, even through a cell phone, to not feel alone. “Y-Yeah, Yoongi-ah. I’m fine.”

“You don’t sound fine,” Yoongi retorts, and you can practically hear the frown in his voice softening into concern. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come over?”

You look out the window at the snow swimming around, darkness etched far beyond what your eyes can see, even with the lights of your living room on. On the coffee table is your homework laid out, your feeble attempt to try and get something done in spite of the loud distraction and the fear in your chest that makes you want to bury yourself under 5 feet of blankets and never get out. No, even if you wanted Yoongi, needed him desperately to keep you company to stop the anxiety, nothing about you was worth trekking through miles of snow for. Frost bite and sickness would surely be inevitable if Yoongi tried to step outside tonight.

“Yes,” You manage, glad that you can at least make your voice sound confident enough to stop Yoongi from worrying. You can even picture his face right now, probably back in the dorms with the other boys as they watch TV or hoard themselves with junk food as Seokjin-oppa shakes his head at the unhealthiness of the whole thing. At least Yoongi has the boys to keep him company. “You really don’t have to come over. I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself.”

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Difficult Times

Fandom: Brettonio

Tv Show: Chicago PD / Chicago Fire



Rated: M

Words: 2377

Part: 1 of 2

Characters: Sylvie Brett  Antonio Dawson  Kelly Severide  Gabby Dawson

Genre: Romance, Drama

Part 1

She was standing her ground, she knew she was wrong but was not going to give in anyway. The sun had already settled a few hours ago but she just came home because work had taken longer than she had expected when she told her friend to go home to her kids and she’d take care of her stuff as well. She hadn’t noticed time flying by as she was deep in thoughts. The radio had been playing quietly in the background playing music. She had really lost track of time, when she heard the vibrating of her phone inside of her purse.

She picked it up without looking who was calling. “Where the hell are you?” Antonio’s with anger filled voice shot through the line. Sylvie was taken aback by his sudden outburst, so much, she almost dropped her mobile.

“Still at work.” She snapped back. “Come down will ya. I have a lot of work. I just lost track of time.”

“We said we have dinner together tonight. I cooked.”

“I am so sorry hon. I totally forgot.”

“Don’t Hon me Sylvie. You better make this up to me or…-” “Or WHAT?” Screaming into the phone, Sylvie stood up not carrying that her chair fell over at her sudden reaction.

The line went dead.

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On the Importance of a Good Dog.

Requested by @halpdevon (enjoy)

A fire roared in the grate, the wind outside screeched; the branches of the trees tangled together and scratched at the glass in the windows, though Alexander was peaceful. There was a calmness that spread through their lodgings that night; well, it spread through Alexander, he thought it had something to do with the ball of fluff that was currently curled up on his lap. He was reading, or trying to read, Plutarch but the words were slipping past his eyes; without making any significant impression on him. The warmth from the fire seeped into his bones, and the wine he was sipping at spread more warmth through, he leaned his head back against the chair and sighed.

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Happy Birthday Mr.O’Brien - Smut.

Rating: 18+ NSFW
Words: 3009

Notes: @stilinski-jpeg and I wanted to do a birthday fic for Dylan’s birthday so we decided to collab. so be sure to go read hers. Also, I’m dedicating this to the sweet @thelittlestkitsune as it’s her birthday and she lives very far from me so I can’t give her a real present. xoxo

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Coffee Table

Reigen opens the heavy oak doors, and he signs the guestbook inside, and he recognizes no one.

He sinks into the fog of light chatter, taking in the small circles of well-dressed people. A few smiles are exchanged with him in greeting, but nothing much past that. The eye-contact is fleeting when he passes; most look away, strangers. One young man passes along a cordial nod, dark head bobbing and darker eyes inspecting Reigen. Then he turns away, and Reigen is left staring at the wall of black the man has become—hair, suit, pants, shoes—entirely unrecognizable. Reigen adjusts his own tie, adorned self-consciously atop his own dark gray suit. He couldn’t find black.

Silently, Reigen begins assigning labels to those he passes. All silver-haired women become grandmother in his mind, even by the third and fourth ones. The women younger he mentally dubs aunt, and those even younger become cousin. Uncle, grandfather, –oh, father and mother—Reigen does recognize those two, though it’s been years since he last spoke with them. They blend seamlessly into the mass of dark-haired, dark-eyed people, hidden behind the family resemblances. A larger circle engulfs them, and Reigen doesn’t consider approaching.

His eyes drift to the corners. He hopes for a table with coffee, something he can busy himself in for the time being. The standing around feels too much like a physical weight on his shoulders, a grasping, pressing discomfort. He sees Teru before he sees the coffee table. Teru stands a head shorter than the adults who make up the majority of the gathering. He’s relegated himself to a corner, decidedly separate. And—yes, Ritsu stands next to him. He’s harder to spot, nondescript against the backdrop of relatives. Teru has one arm extended, a gentle weight on Ritsu’s shoulder as Ritsu stares into the ground. Their mouths move, but Reigen cannot make out the words. Some breathless, hollow laugh from Teru, an emotionless twitch of Ritsu’s lip. Reigen doesn’t approach them. He seeks out the white-doilied table instead. Its cloth is dotted with droplets of brown and crumpled paper packets spilling out little sugar granules. Reigen takes a paper cup from the stack, eases it beneath the coffee spigot, and pours. He stands, hands warming against the paper, and does not drink.

“Hi—are you from the Kageyama side of the family?”

Reigen startles and twists. A middle-aged man with laugh lines stands behind him, hand extended, face set in a solemn gentleness. Reigen grabs the offered hand and struggles to find his voice.

“I uh—oh, no I’m—My name is Arataka Reigen. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The man shakes Reigen’s hands. “Yamagata Keizo. I’m from Miho’s side of the family—she’s my younger sister.”

“Mob—Shigeo’s mother, right? Miho?” Reigen subconsciously peels the edge of his cup. “I’m—sorry, I’m just not too familiar with most of the people here.”

Yamagata nods. “I don’t recognize you from any family gatherings. Guess there’s some catching up to do around here.”

“Oh—no, I’m not family,” Reigen adds quickly. “I’m Shigeo’s boss.”

“Oh, his boss,” Yamagata answers, and his hand drops, and his face closes off just a fraction. And Reigen feels suddenly 1,000 miles beneath the man. “Nice to have met you. I’m going to go find Miho.”

“Yes, sure. Nice to meet you too,” Reigen answers. The man turns away, and Reigen’s hands curl tighter around his coffee. He hadn’t grabbed a cardboard sheath, and the heat begins to burn through to his hands; Reigen hardly notices.

Instead, Reigen sets the cup down. He breathes through a knot in his chest, and he backs himself against the closest wall. Teru and Ritsu have vanished. Reigen is left staring at the crowd of unfamiliar faces; he studies them for a moment each—red-eyed, tissues stuffed into suit pockets or crushed in palms, quiet sobs muffled into fabric, Mrs. Kageyama buried in a hug with Yamagata, rocking.

Reigen fights down the twisting feeling inside him, the burning behind his own eyes, because he can’t shake the sense it would be wrong. He feels like a voyeur, prying into the quiet grief of a family he doesn’t know.

Reigen turns on his heel. He avoids eye-contact with the photos propped on the tables, wreathed and adorned in candles, the only ones willing to make eye-contact back. Instead he finds the front door, and slips through it silently, and shudders out anxious, stuttering breaths into the cold night air. They ice over, curl around him, his hands cold again. A shiver wracks his body, and he holds back the burning in his eyes for just a bit longer, until he’s out of sight of the funeral home.

No one notices him leave. 

No one knows Arataka Reigen.

unsaid things (part one)-Little Darling

[A/N so hey lol I’m the one that asked for biadore prompts etc. My final exam went okay and here I am! I’ve used the prompt - 

 Bianca/Adore, jealous Bianca when Adore kisses someone in the audience. Better if there’s other people there.

and will probably work on the double date one aswell as a second smuttier part to this one, unless the prompt gets taken :-)

idk what my tag thing should be lol maybe just my url like ‘little darling’ ?? I honestly don’t mind!

Hope this is the kind of thing that people wanted!

only warning i can think of is that there’s quite a lot of swearing???]

unsaid things (part one)

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Countdown to Halloween: Day 8 (Ghost/Spirit)

Happy countdown! I’m really really happy that you guys are liking these stories. I hope you will like all the ones to come <3

Also, please listen to this (X) while reading this. It will set the mood (also, the youtuber is an amazing musician)

-Admin Kat

Must Read First: [Day 8, 2016]

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