i built this!

The sheer will I’ve built up these last few weeks to just… not reply to anti posts in the tag. Quite frankly, it’s… astounding I haven’t blown up yet from the frustration, the utter ridiculousness and complete lack of any basic respect for other people.

I block and I block and I block and they still pop up every where.

*sigh* -____-

Why I'm so nervous

Recently I’ve had someone who runs multiple su rp blogs tell me that Bloodstone’s backstory is an incoherent mess.. I’m insecure about it at the moment and that’s why taking away the cannon I’ve built up so much could hurt me. I didn’t just pick Bloodstone because the rock looked cool. Bloodstone represents bravery and courage. It’s my birthstone and Bloodstone is everything I want to be mixed with everything I am. To have her taken away would be like having part of myself taken away. Her own backstory is a lot like mine. I am a biracial child born of wedlock. I am a lesbian. My adopted household is racist and homophobic and bigoted. She is the way of coping with and dealing with my own racial and sexualities. To have that taken away would hurt me mentally. So that’s why I’m so scared about it. She’s part of me and I’m part of her.

also fuck any of you all if you think i’m so hot shot blog that is too good for anyone. sure i’ve got over a grand followers but ???? open your eyes. i get like two hearts and maybe a reblog on ANYTHING- including my fucking work. i found this gem of work from blogs i still follow today- three blogs later. i built this shit. i did this, no one else. so fuck you. i’ve told y'all time and time again that no one is better than anyone here, and that it’s all for fun. so sit the fuck down. @ ANY OF YOU WHO THINK YOU’RE SOMETHING SPECIAL BECAUSE YOU HIDE BEHIND ANON. y'all got something to say, say it with your tag.. not a set of shades. won’t respect you until you do. i’m done with it.

by 2040 theres only going to be one person watching anymore and its gonna be me alone in a cave with a satellite tv that i illegally built by myself


Thumbs Up For Dave Senkbeil’s 1984 S-10 Long-box Pickup?

“I built this truck myself in my garage. The only part that I had to have made was the custom-length drive shaft otherwise I did all the fab work and paint myself.”

#thumbsupthursday #s10pickup #customtruck

ghoulchantsister  asked:

Have you ever read Samuel Delany's book Times Square Red, Times Square Blue? It's definitely more in the realm of cultural studies, but I think that he has some very interesting things to say about the transformation of New York City in the 80s and 90s and the ways in which personal encounters and relationships are intertwined with the built environment.

I HAVEN’T but I am familiar with it! This is suuuuch a good suggestion that I would not have thought of. I feel like I have this book somewhere, too…

lynne-monstr  asked:

Undercover as a couple!

sarcasmcloud said: For the trope thing: undercover as a couple.

I wonder if there’s a reason you’ve both asked me the same one?

And hmm. I almost wrote this for Eliot and someone else for your Christmas fic exchange, lynne-monstr, but I had not settled on whether it would be Hardison, Parker or Quinn. So I think I am fairly likely to write it at some point, but I don’t know whether it would be angsty or fluffy.

It would be Leverage, I think, as going undercover is built in. I’ve read a few fake dating SPN ones, but I don’t especially feel the need to write one.

Now I think about it, Eliot and Peggy. It would become clear over the course of the fic that they are becoming great friends, and everyone else involved starts to think maybe there’s something really there. After all, Eliot speaks with such passion and enthusiasm to her.

Quinn is also involved on the job, and he finds himself wound up by this, and Parker is having jealous feelings she never usually has over Eliot, because whereas Hardison has always been a heart on his sleeve type, Parker’s always felt safe in the knowledge that Eliot doesn’t form long-lasting bonds with the people he dates.

Only now he seems to be forming one with Peggy.

By the end of the con, Sophie, who has noticed the truth first and who has been telling Nate about it, ends up having to knock some heads together.

At some point, they also run into Tara, who works out what is happening and finds it hilarious to flirt with Eliot’s alias and see how Peggy has to pretend to be upset when actually she’s finding it nearly as funny.

Question about Primarch scenic bases.

So dry fitting the bases for Russ I can’t see a way to easily lift the, what I’ll call table top base, out of the scenic base once all it’s parts are glued in place. Naturally my mind immediately turns to magnets to hold the final piece of the scenic base in place while it’s on display and then just pop it out so I can use the table top base. Does this sound right to you? @fenris-calls I know you’ve built Russ, how did you approach the base? Is it as fiddly as I imagine extricating the table top base from the scenic base to be or is it all good once glued? @boilingcopper and @kaijuslayer were there any similar issues with Guilliman’s two bases?

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I’m so jealous. It’s taking ages to build up the connected revolutionaries, just to have a meeting with him! :

They are SO ELUSIVE! Meanwhile I gotta decide what I’m gonna do with all this Devilry I built up like it was nothing >_<