i built a cottage for them


Mill Cottage I Robert & Aaron’s bedroom

Robert’s a bit old fashioned. He’s got Aaron searching the scrapyard, and Liv traipsing around the vintage shops for “charming titbits”.

Lisa crochet’d them a lovely purple blanket. Robert thinks it ruins the aesthetic, but is secretly fond of seeing his husband wrapped up warmly in it.

Aaron built Robert a swinging book stand with stuff from the scrapyard, so he has somewhere to put his nerdy Tolkien books. 

Liv even gifted them a butterfly dome to tease Robert about the butterfly blanket he used when Aaron was away.

Vic and Adam brought some lavender plant from Barton farm, because it was Sarah’s favourite. 

Anyway whatevers in it, it just seems to whisper home.

for @robrongaylyeverafter, we’re all glad these domestic husbands have found home in each other.

What I believe happened

I believe that Fine kept the fact that Izetta is alive from the whole world, and just let them believe that she had really passed on.

Only allowing those closest to her know the truth i.e: Lotte and Bianca.

Lotte decided to quit her job at the palace and had told everyone that she was going to move back with her sister. When in fact she was going to live with/ take care of Izetta.

Fine built a little cottage near the lake where they both had first meet, so that Izetta had a quite and peaceful place to stay. She would often visit Izetta as much as she could.

Bringing her gifts and the pie that they both love.
Fine would take Izetta outside and push her along the forest trails, talking, laughing and just having a great time with each other.

Fine would often tease Izetta by picking her up bridle style (que a blushing Izetta) grabbing onto the princess and burying her face under her neck.

Fine would alway carry Izetta to bed, help her get changed and tuck her in. She would also get in and cuddle with her and wait for Izetta to fall asleep, before getting up and kissing her on the cheek.

(The people at the palace would find it strange that their princess is gone every night. So fine can’t stay most nights, but she always visits the next day)

Also believe that Fine made a little garden for Izetta ❤️❤️❤️


Edie Cottage was the first house built for Edith Road and was based on a super cute image of a cottage that I found. It’s a cute 2 bedroom with a natural style pool in the back and natural landscaping.

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This lot is CC free but does require some of the expansion, stuff and game packs. (I own them all now, so there might be bits from all in there!)

Download it from the gallery! Or don’t! I’m not your mom!

Origin ID - sjane4prez

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When All Love Is Gone (Sehun) Pt 2

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Genre:Angst/ a bit of fluff

Word Count:1,306

Summary:Being on a hospital bed isn’t as fun as it sounds, so you resort to daydreaming which really is going down memory lane.

A/n:I really hope you enjoyed it, for one of the memories I actually made a scenario for it so feel free to check that one out HERE~J

Part One//Part Two//Part Three

You were on your hospital bed, flipping through the channels. There wasn’t much to do when you’re forced to stay in bed all day, till the doctors say  you can leave. The televisions channels were all boring, you turned off the television. You closed your eyes, finally catching up on your daydreaming. You were going back to a memory, it was full of warmness, happiness something you haven’t felt in a long time. Sehun was in there he was giving you a kiss on the forehead, he took you out to a cafe where they served bubble tea and treats. Then there was a walk in a park, he was cuddling you as you walked into the cold park, the lights turned on and made the park look beautiful. You were back at your old house, you saw him smile at you before embracing you, giving you a kiss on the forehead and then kissing your lips.

Then it became completely dark, before another memory showed up, you two were on a couch playing video games together. You could feel how happy you two were, the stages of fresh love. You were positive you had found the one when you had met Sehun, but that all changed.

You were remembering all the stuff that made you realise why you broke up with him in the first place, the moment when it all came crashing down. You told Sehun you had to work late, so you called off the date. When you came home, you saw his shoes by the doorstep. You thought he might of had come to surprise you after work so you went to your room, but there was no one there. You saw your sister walk out of her room, and right behind her was Sehun sitting on the bed putting his clothes back on.

It didn’t take a idiot to know what had happened, yet you felt as if you needed to ask him what happened. You approached him, seeing the smirk your sister gave you before you went to Sehun.

“Sehun, why would you do this?” You ask him, eyes starting to blur.

“Y/n, it’s not what it looks like, I didn’t want to do this.” Sehun says, you covered your eyes with your hands.

“Y/n, it’s completely what you think, he’s mine now” She smirks, you looked at your sister seeing how she didn’t even feel bad that she was ruining your relationship.

“How could you do this to me? I’m your sister, is being the same flesh and blood not matter to you?” You cry, as she gives you a shrug.

“You know how I hate when you have something I want, also we’re half sisters.” She says, heading to Sehun trying to kiss him, before she did you stormed to your room, slamming to door. Sehun pushed her away, giving her a nasty glare.

“I can’t believe I fell for your tricks.” Sehun says running to your door, knocking on it.

“Go away” He hears you softly cry.

“Y/n, I didn’t mean to do it, I’m so sorry” Sehun says.

“I don’t ever want to see you again” You shouted.

Another memory is shown, you moving out of your parents house. You were so young, just the age of 18 when you left your parents house. Your parents begged you not to go, but you wanted to go away from the pain, and sadly your sister was one of the main problems. You gave your parents a hug, before heading to your car. Then the memory ended.

You heard a soft knock on your door, opening your eyes you saw your family. Your older brother came as well, he wasn’t living in the same country, he left to another country to study. So when you saw him you couldn’t help but smile, they headed over with a box of food for you to eat. Your brother sat beside you smiling.

“How are you feeling?” He asks.

“Feeling better” You say.

“I heard about what happened with you and Sehun, are you alright?” He asks.

“No Jin, I’m not alright my own sister and my ex boyfriend were sleeping together.” You say to him.

“Yeah she’s a real bitch for doing that” Jin says.

“I really just want to leave the hospital and go back to my home” You say to him.

“Yeah I heard you moved, how is the apartment?” Jin asks.

“It’s great, better than living with her” You tell him.

“Hey, I’m going to be in town for the month, and the doctor said that you can be discharged today so why don’t I stay with you for the month?” Jin asks.

“Wait, I’m getting discharged?” You asked happily.

“Yeah, that’s why I waited till today to come and visit you so we could celebrate together.” Jin smiles.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s get going!” You smile, getting out of bed.

Jin chuckled, as you two walked out of the hospital into his car.

“So where is this apartment?” Jin asks.

“It’s by the little hangout place we had back as kids when we lived with grandma for the summers.” You tell him, as he gives you a grin.

“Can we check it out when we get there?” Jin asks.

“Yeah, I haven’t been there since we were like eleven” You say.

Getting out of the car, you headed to the little forest walking further in. It seemed the smell had never changed, the hint of a fresh treat baking in the oven while you and your brother walked through the forest holding hands. The forest hadn’t changed a bit, it was just like how you left it when your parents stopped letting you come to the forest. 

Jin held your hand while you tried to find it, seeing a little cottage covered with moss you knew right away that it was your hide out place. You gave Jin a smile while you ran towards the building, it was the little cottage your grandfather had built Jin and you when you were born. 

Inside the cottage you saw the little table with two seats, and a dusty tea set. A bunch of toy trains were on the floor, you two never took these stuff since your mom told you that you would come back. All of these forgotten toys, and treasures there were pictures of you two when you were little. These were the pictures you had thought you had lost, but they were all here. Not one of them was missing, they were all here.

“It’s a lot darker than I remember” Jin says, picking up one of his old trains.

“We should be heading back, it’s going to get dark soon.” You say, collecting the dusty collection of photos on the shelve.

“What are you doing?” Jin asks.

“I’m grabbing these to take home, so I can clean them and put them on my wall.

“Awe they would look so cute if we bought some cute picture frames to put them in.” Jin smiles.

“Yeah we should go buy some tomorrow.” You say.

“Okay let’s get back, the sun is setting.” Jin smiles leading you out of the forest.

When you got back home you saw a red rose on the door step with a note attached to it, it read. 

‘I’m so happy you got Discharged from the hospital, let’s meet up at the bubble tea cafe ~Sehun’

You rolled your eyes at the note, I couldn’t believe that a part of me actually wanted to see him after what he did to me. Maybe this would be the last time I would have to see him? I could talk to him and then end it all right there, you thought to yourself. 

You were going to see him one last time.

to care for wounds (without reopening them) | A KilluGon One-Shot

pairing: Killua/Gon
words: 4,022
disclaimer: disclaimed.
dedication: this one goes out to my best friend janogurt who asked for a killugon story and shall receive it.
notes: i just wanted my sons to be happy, what else is there to it? also this is so unedited and i wrote it in 2 hours #havemercy. shameless self-indulgence. may need to edit it on computer.

title: to care for wounds (without reopening them)
summary: Fear and happiness are both equally as earth-shattering in his body and even after all this time, he still isn’t sure which category Gon belongs to — Killua/Gon

On the edge of a cliff by a lonesome ocean sits a small, pale cottage.

It is an open place, all curtains and windows and sea-salt breeze, built on the bones of an abandoned summer getaway, molded back into a home by two boys barely out of their teens. Gon had discovered it by accident during one of his jobs, had seen beauty in the rotted wood and rusted hinges, and rebuilt it with his own two hands, nurturing it until it blossomed into something worth coming back to.

(But Gon’s always been good at that — the rebuilding, the stitching and bandaging, caring for the broken and battered and seeing the worthiness in the worthless. He has been since they first met. Killua knows everything about Gon, right down to the callouses on his toes, but this was the very first thing on a long-list that he ever learned. He knows it first-hand.)

There is salt in the breeze this morning, blowing and dancing with their curtains, shh-shh, and he can hear the ocean kissing the bottom of the cliff as if he were right beside it. Killua opens his eyes to see the room shining in the morning light, glistening artifacts from Gon’s adventures, their pale walls distilling the sun’s rays and making everything seem impossibly dazzling.

Sometimes, privately, he struggles to understand how this is his life, how this is his room and his house and his bed because everything is so, so bright and Killua knows that he wasn’t meant for it, that he was forged in the shadows of murder, and he shouldn’t fit but it’s just so easy to forget that in this new life of his with nothing to remind him.

He hears the sliding door open, knows that it means Gon is home, and something tightens and relaxes in his chest. Even after all this time — fifteen years, has it really been so long? — there is still a gaping wound left from Gon’s departure, from his carelessness and selfishness that will only ever be half-healed, but it aches less and less whenever Gon comes back to him.

Killua’s reluctant to leave his bed but he’s missed Gon more than he can quantify, so he gets up and trots into the kitchen.

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The lighthouse keeper’s wee 2 bed/1 bath cottage. I don’t even know why I built this. I don’t even have a lighthouse keeper in Hinterlands…but I guess I’ll have to “elect” someone to become one now… Maybe a Hinter. God knows there are enough of them. And apparently, they will have a dog. And the place is red and gray/white to match the lighthouse because I’m “clever” that way. Derp.

Anyway, the outside is done…ish. The inside…totally not. *laugh* Pics are captioned, if you care.

(previously, on Fitzsimmons Sims Shenanigans…)

RIGHT. So I didn’t update like I said I would last night because I spent too long making gifs and then my computer was a jerk. SO.

Jemma felt a lot better after she shared her insecurities with Fitz. It wasn’t very long at all before she was happy again and they were having a good conversation and telling jokes.

Then I noticed that Fitz had the option of asking if she was single. Naturally, I had to do this. Jemma replied that she was in fact single, and sounded pretty pleased to tell him this. Fitz was pleased too. THEN Fitz got a wish to ask Jemma to go steady (d’awwww) but he didn’t have the option of asking her that because their relationship status was still acquaintances/friends. (THIS IS SO CANON. SO CANON. IT HURTS ME.)

But Fitz still had his flirty mood boost going, so I was like, screw it. I know he didn’t accept Jemma’s confession of attraction, but I’m gonna have him kiss her hands. For some reason they had to get up and go to the kitchen to do this, but whatever. Jemma was pleased as punch! After he kissed her hands SHE got the flirty mood boost and then they both started flirting with each other like the nerds they are.

Jemma your posturing is killing me. All I can see is her trying to butter up Sitwell. Is Fitz swooning? AT LEAST IT WORKS ON SOMEONE.


At this point, Fitz’s mood got upgraded from Flirty to Very Flirty. I was dying. He also developed a wish to woohoo which, for those of you who don’t know, is Simlish for doing the do. Unfortunately for him, this was still not showing up as an option for him (LOL STILL SO CANON). BUT. He also developed a wish to kiss Jemma. THAT I could do. It was even better because this whole time Jemma had a wish to kiss someone, anyone due to her Romantic trait, but it wasn’t showing up as an option for her either (is anyone else thinking of season two?).

So anyway, I seized my chance and took a gamble. AND BEHOLD:


After all of this:


It’s probably worth noting that the game dumped them into the cottage at 8:30 in the morning and that right now it’s probably 9:30, maybe 10:00 game time? If that, even. And my original intention was to quick-play them to noon so I could get shots of the cottage exterior in good lighting. I think it’s safe to say that my attention has been hijacked and I am WAY too emotionally invested in these two idiots. What will happen next??

(They both have the option to ask the other on a date, but the neighborhood in which I built the cottage is totally empty sooooo there’s literally nowhere for them to go? I might try it anyway. Also, the cottage only has the one bed, so what happens at bedtime? Can unmarried roommates sleep in the same bed, burgeoning romantic interest notwithstanding? Or will Fitz be kipping on the couch? STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT.)


Okay so here is my very rough Bates cottage layout/floorplan thing. With my diagram here, I want to implore that my scaling is… off… especially in terms of S3. I think that in S5, the cottage sitting room has expanded a bit in in size in order to fit the camera crew in there better. But also I am bad at perception, even though I can remember were things are lol. I also don’t have all the paintings marked, as I said, things changed between seasons (i mostly used S5 for the decor, as it’s most recent), and I think that the furniture gets pushed around a bit. And terms “dressers” and “tables” are in some cases interchangeable.They have more chairs that I assume are pushed in at the table, but they aren’t always visible in the shots we have. But anyway, this is a guide, but not like… 100%

Sorry for the super long post, but this was the best way of posting it.

Please click on the pictures for full view, and open the diagram in a new tab.

0. First and foremost, it should be pointed out that the exterior just…. doesn’t match the interior. The shape, the windows… none of it. The exterior is shot at Highclere and the interior is built and shot at Ealing and yeah. The cottages are also seen in S1E4 when Matthew is fixing them up, but I haven’t included them because I think it makes it more confusing.

1. Starting with this view, we can see some sort of see an entry way behind the sitting room door. O’Brien comes in from that way, so it seems to be the front door. In that entry way, we can see a mirror on the part of the wall that juts out, and a table to the right of it. In S5CS, the sitting room door is closed.

We can assume that the entry way’s hallway leads to the staircase, but I left it as unknown in the diagram.

2. Here we have where that wall connects to the corner with the china cabinet. In S5, the Bateses have a new bigger china cabinet.

3. That leads us to the table. The wood paneling was blue when they moved in, but they painted it. In S3, it doesn’t seem like the table is pushed all the way against the paneling, but it seems like it might be in the later seasons. Also in S3 we got a view of the that panel from the other side of the sofa.

4. From here we will slid over to the wall with the windows.

5. And then we go into that weird corner thing were there is a side door that’s only ever opened when they paint, and then a little closet thing to the left of the fireplace that is rarely visible.You can see it better in the episode stills. I also don’t really have the shape of this right in the diagram but please bear with.

6. Next the mantle and the fireplace.

7. And then the shelf and the little dresser that had Mary’s stuff in it. In this shot you can see the little closet thing’s door as well. This loops us back to Point 1.

So now when you look at the last collage there, from S5E6, you can see behind Bates’s chair curtains to the big window, the side door, and the closet door. When the camera angle changes, there’s the fireplace to his left. Anna, sitting on the sofa, has the table behind her. And then when the shot is from the wall with the windows, we can see the entry way door and the dresser next to it.

I hope that this all makes some sense (and I’m sure I have a mistake in here somewhere…)

If Anyone Falls

A birthday gift for @pollydoodles featuring fake marriage, mutual pining, and much tropey goodness. I couldn’t get it all written today so you’re getting it in bite-size chunks instead.

Darcy stares around at the living room of her new home, wondering if all the remaining chintz in the world had been dumped into it. There were a lot of clashing florals happening, and they weren’t even fashionable ones.

“So, do we get a redecoration budget?” she asks, poking at the nearest armchair. It’s the height of grandma chic—she believes her grandma does, in fact, own this chair.

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