i brought you thing

A smile.

The soft breeze blowing my hair sends me into cloud nine, making everything fresh and cool. The sun warms me up, comforting my little cells while the moments simultaneously happening feel so surreal. Everything is. I can’t believe I am actually living in a reality where I witness the one thing I would always love to replay in my mind—your smile. Being with you is my solace in the days when I feel sad without any particular reason. Being with you is the house I am going home to at the end of the day for I can’t just imagine a future without you on it. I just can’t.

A frown.

That was the last moment I spent with you. Your smile was the only thing I brought with me as I walked back to my empty house, leaving me with nothing but an aching hole. It felt surreal once again for the one fear I hated the most turned out to be reality. I don’t have a heart anymore. It’s just been pierced by thousands, if not millions, of arrows and spears. Every day. The agony and pain made me numb. My whole world crashed with just your single act and where was I? Where am I? 

A cry. 

I am nowhere to be found. I don’t want to be found. I don’t want to exist in a plane where everything reminds me of you. I can’t bear a reality where you’re only a ghost. I’d rather live in my little fantasies. At least I could still see you smile. At least I could still be with you. Sadly, I can’t leave this reality.

A question.

Is happiness worth it if the heartbreak that comes after is a thousand times more extreme?


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I’m slowly coming to accept that you’ll always have a big impact on my life – even though you’re no longer in it. Meeting you changed me as a person and so it’s natural to expect that you’re always going to affect the way I think and feel about things. I have accepted that there are going to be reminders and that they’re going to make me sad… but forgetting you is not an option because there were so many positive things you brought into my life that I wouldn’t change for the world and I try to hold onto those because they’re worth saving…
And I hope that somehow you know that you’ll always mean something to me – even if I don’t mean anything to you anymore. I hope you know that I will always love you… in some way… in some form… But most of all, I’d like to think that I still impact your life in a positive way, even after all this time. I’d like to believe that every once in a while when you think of me; it’s not with regret… but with a smile…

if I have one major beef with queer history (and it is one major beef with queer history) it’s that it seems to be just as allergic as everyone else to saying the word “bisexual.” 

like…I get it, on some level, compulsory heterosexuality and compulsory heterosexual marriage, you want to bring out the overlooked ways in which someone expressed their queerness and it’s important to recognize that “they were married” doesn’t mean “they weren’t queer.” but it also doesn’t mean “they were gay”. 

it’s like…what it reminds me of is this feeling that there’s a belief that saying someone was bisexual somehow dilutes their queerness. like, if you admit that maybe their attraction to a different gender was legitimate, you’re opening the door to people saying “so you mean they weren’t queer” but that is a shitty, shitty assumption founded on biphobia and the whole “pick a side” line and the insidious notion that bisexual people are “half queer” or “not really queer” or “only queer if they’re in a visibly queer relationship.” 

and…shit, man. that hurts. it hurts every time.

two rotten apples [m]

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❛❛we’re next-door neighbors and have hated each other since middle school but now we’re going to the same university how can we avoid the other person like the plague so there isn’t a crime scene— what do you mean you promised my mom you would keep an eye on me???? you fucking planned this❜❜ AU

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There was always that one person at parties—that one person who hid in a bathtub somewhere so they didn’t have to contribute to society’s norms of choking on their own vomit and passing out cuddling a pink garden gnome.

Or maybe that was just you.

Then again, it wasn’t just any party you were hiding in a bathtub at—it wasn’t some rager that had frat boys downstairs chugging so much alcohol that their livers probably looked like fucking dried out asparagus—it was your high school graduation party. And maybe you’d attended only the lamest graduation parties in your eighteen years of life, but there was no alcohol here—only fruit punch. Yet, there you were, still hiding in a bathtub for some fucking reason with a piece of chocolate cake balanced in your lap.

You should probably reiterate that it was your party, which makes things worse since normally you don’t hide in a bathtub when you’re the guest of honor.

Normally—but this was not a normal circumstance.

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Ok because I’ve talked about buff Donald Duck and my displeasure with human portrayals of him making him look like a child, I’ll share this.

Things we know about comics Donald:

  • wears a sailor uniform, fought in WW2
  • from the 1940s-50s
  • physically strong, probably muscly
  • in his 20s and 30s in most stories
  • kind of a ladykiller, is considered physically attractive
  • light-haired
  • (also does not appear to have weird voice)

With this in mind, I propose this human version of Donald:

hallelujah, lock and load.

Things that drive Yuri Katsuki a little nutso once he marries into the Nikiforov lifestyle
  • Why does this avocado toast cost 4000 yen
  • Where do all these marble busts keep coming from you can’t even tell me who they are
  • No really it is just half an avocado?? Mashed into a piece of toast?? Victor??
  • When I said I was in the mood for pizza I meant like those Tostino pizza rolls you can get in America, not that I wanted you to install a wood burning brick pizza oven in our house
  • Our dog does not need a solid gold collar engraved with a snowflake to match our wedding rings
  • Look I will just make you some avocado toast Victor I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with avocado toast 
  • I am not stoking the fire in our new wood burning pizza oven to make you these Totino’s pizza rolls you had express shipped frozen from America, Victor 

Tony: So, did you bring Bucky?
Steve: Uh, no, but I brought the next best thing.
[Sam walks in]
Tony: Sam. You brought Sam. The next best thing would be Natasha.
Sam: Normally, I would be offended, but Natasha is freakishly strong.

  • TJ: I brought reinforcements.
  • Mallory: You brought Alex?
  • TJ: Um… no, but I brought the next best thing.
  • Magnus: Hey.
  • Mallory: Magnus? You brought Magnus? The next best thing would have been Samirah!
  • Magnus: Normally I’d be offended, but Sam is freakishly strong.
  • Keith: I brought reinforcements.
  • Pidge: You brought Shiro?
  • Keith: Um… no. I brought the next best thing.
  • [Lance walks in]
  • Lance: Hey.
  • Pidge: Lance? You brought Lance? The next best thing would have been Allura!
  • Lance: Normally, I’d be offended, but she is freakishly strong.
  • Zenyatta: I’ve brought reinforcements!
  • Mercy: You brought Reinhardt?
  • Zenyatta: Um… no. But I brought the next best thing!
  • Genji: Hey.
  • Mercy: Genji. You brought Genji? The next best thing would have been Satya!
  • Genji: Normally I’d be offended, but she is freakishly strong.
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