i broke my iphone

Alright whelp to set up this current Twitch broadcast I #broke my #iPhone another collision with the floor. It’s at least working. I Watching the Playoffs live! #NHL #playoffs #ottawasenators more bad news I don’t need but I’m not gonna let this phase me. I’ve got bigger fish to fry! Also come watch me #LIVE https://www.twitch.tv/littlefoxx9/p/c497af14-af0a-4dcd-b1a0-09821480dd97?sr=i

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - a Justin Bieber imagine

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear mommy, happy birthday to you” Justin sang as he came into our bedroom with our 4 months old baby boy in his arms. I grinned and opened my eyes, then I slowly sat up and stretched my whole body. “Happy birthday” Justin said as he sat down beside me. He handed me Noah and smiled widely as Noah started squealing. I lifted him up in the air nuzzled my nose into his cute little belly! Noah squealed louder and started giggling. I took him down again and placed him beside me. Then I leaned over to Justin and pecked his lips. “It’s weird that I can’t wake you up with sex on your birthday” Justin said as he smirked. I gasped and covered Noah’s ears - even though he didn’t understand one bit of, what Justin said. “Stop it!” I told him as I held Noah close to my chest. I pecked the top of his head and laid down again with him laying on my belly. “Just saying” Justin told me, then he stood up and went over to our walk-in closet, where he went in. “Daddy is so weird” I told Noah in a baby voice. Noah didn’t say anything, he just placed his head on my boobs and closed his eyes. I hadn’t been able to breastfeed Noah, which really bothered me, at least the first couple of months. But I still had to pump out, because otherwise my boobs would hurt like crazy, and I wasn’t interested in that. So even though I wasn’t able to breastfeed him he still drank my milk. “Here” Justin said as he sat down beside me and Noah again. Justin grabbed Noah so that I could open the presents they had gotten me. I gasped and pecked both Justin and Noah’s lips. It was crazy how much their lips looked alike. Noah had the same, pink and plumb lips like Justin. His future girlfriends would appreciate that. I ripped the paper off one of the presents and smiled widely as I saw the box of an iPhone 6s Plus. I awed and pecked Justin’s cheek. It hadn’t been long since I broke my iPhone 5, and I had been talking about getting a new one, but I never got into action. “Thank you” I told him, Justin nodded his head and smiled. “You’re hard to buy presents for, you know that?” he asked me. I grinned and shook my head. “I told you I didn’t want anything! I have all I need right here” I told him as I nuzzled my nose into Noah’s cheek, which made him squeal and blow tiny raspberries. I was about to grab a present, but Justin was quick to grab it from me. “I want you to open this as the last gift” he nervously told me. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at him all confusingly. “Okay?” I said, then I grabbed the other present that was lying beside me. The present wasn’t heavy at all, it almost felt like there was nothing in it, but it was a rather big present. I ripped the paper off and opened the box. Inside it was an envelope. I grabbed the envelope and opened it. “Make your own perfume” I read out loud. I read further down, and gasped as I realized who I was going to make my perfume with. “I’m going to make a perfume with Marc Jacobs?” I asked Justin as I covered my mouth. I was so shocked. “Yeah, and when the perfume is made it’s going to be sold in stores” Justin told me, I was speechless. “And the company and I made a deal about the extra money going to the Cancer research Campaign since you lost your dad to cancer” Justin continued. Tears started pouring down my cheeks. I hurried to embrace Justin and Noah in a big hug. “You’re the best” I told Justin, I pecked his lips over and over again. “This is the best present ever!” I told him. Justin smiled and pecked my lips again. “You only deserve the best” he told me, then he stood up and grabbed the last present. “Get dressed, then you’ll get the last present at breakfast” he told me. I nodded my head and got out of bed, then I pecked Noah’s cheek and Justin’s lips and went into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and did my hair and makeup. Then I went into the walk-in closet and found a pair of black jeans, where I rolled up the ends a little bit. I found a simple, black, V-neck top and a black and white knitted cardigan. Then I pulled on my adidas superstar shoes and went downstairs. I grabbed my handbag and my new phone that Justin had already set up for me. Justin and Noah were already to leave, so they were only waiting for me. I grabbed Noah from Justin and pecked his cheek. “Ready birthday girl?” Justin asked me. I nodded my head and smiled. Then we went out to the car and got in. I secured Noah in his safety seat, then I got in the car myself. I thought we were going to eat breakfast at iHop or something, but I soon realized Justin was driving towards my mom’s house. “Why are we going to my mom’s house?” I asked Justin as I looked behind me to make sure Noah was okay. “Because she invited us to breakfast” Justin told me. I nodded my head and smiled, then a few minutes later we arrived at my mom’s house. I got out of the car and got Noah, then I started walking up to the door. Justin came up to us and wrapped an arm around my waist, then he knocked on the door. A few seconds later mom opened the door and greeted us. “Happy birthday” she said as he hugged me and Noah. I thanked her and went inside her house. I was about to take off Noah’s jacket, but Justin stopped me. “Don’t!” he yelled. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at him weirdly. “I uhm- I forgot a cardigan for him” Justin hurried to say. I nodded my head and placed Noah on my hip. “We can’t have you freezing, can we?” I asked him as I caressed his cheek. Noah said a few noises, then he shut up and placed his head in the crook of my neck. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” a bunch of family and friends yelled as I walked into the dining room. I gasped and covered my mouth with my free hand. “OMG!” I mumbled to myself  as I saw who it was. It was my closest family and friends. “You guys!” I shyly said as I went around to everyone to say hey. “Happy birthday” my aunt said as I hugged her, she was the last one I needed to say hey to. Mom told us all to sit down and eat, so we all sat down. Noah sat on one side of me, and Justin sat on the other side of me. After taking a bite of my food everyone suddenly got quiet. “I think it’s time for your last present” Justin nervously said as he handed me the small present. I swallowed my food and ripped the paper off the box, but before I could open it, Justin grabbed it. He stood up and grabbed Noah. He took his jacket off, and I was about to protest, until I read the words on his shirt. “Mommy, will you marry my daddy?” it said. I gasped and covered my mouth. Justin opened the box and revealed the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. It took me a few moments to realize what was actually going on, but as I did I hurried to nod and stand up. I went over to Justin and Noah and grabbed Justin’s face. I pulled him down to me and kissed his lips deeply. “Yes, I’ll marry you” I told him. Justin sighed deeply and smiled widely. “Thank God!” he mumbled. I chuckled and grabbed Noah to “thank” him for the lovely surprise. Justin took the ring out of the box and sled the ring onto my finger. “ARHG!” I quietly screamed so I wouldn’t scare Noah. I handed Noah to mom, then I jumped into Justin’s arms and swung my legs around his waist. Justin squeezed me tight and kissed my lips with all the passion and love he could ever give me. This had to be the best birthday, ever! I jumped down from his arms, then I went over to my best friends, Kelly, Kendall and Hailey. We all squealed and started jumping up and down. The girls had been 100 percent sure that Justin would propose to me, and they were right. Justin and the other’s started laughing at us, but we – or I didn’t care at all! I was soon going to be Mrs. Bieber, a dream of mine…

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What is the life…
I want to kick myself who broke my Iphone
I want to change my phone to Iphone 7
but my dream was gone…..
I can’t make my dreams come true…

thought i broke my iPhone’s speaker today because it was so quiet. turns out it wasn’t broken, the iPhone speaker’s maximum volume is just so damn low


Spring Vacation ♥

Heys there! I know I’ve been MIA so much but my computer broke and I doubt you’d want iphone quality pictures so I just waited until I got a new laptop.

Meanwhile, Sayoko (a fellow blog mom) and I got together for spring break and planned a trip to my beach house in Puerto Rico. It was SO fun and exciting to finally meet a mommy who I’ve felt like I have known online for so long but never met.

Trip Details..

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Malcolm Tucker’s Lost His Phone - the The Thick of It phone app.

Six bucks - for iPhone only.

I nearly broke my fingers buying it.

funny story..

i was watching ghostbusters like 20 minutes ago and we all know what this part

does to people.

so naturally when this part came on i slammed my phone down onto my table resulting in it being destroyed.

i am a mess.

i guess the thing with dating in general is that, regardless of whatever anyone says, you still have to “date” their family and their friends unless you plan to lock them away in a tower of malediction or something

and if they’re white

that means you have to spend inordinate amounts of time around their whiteass friends

and their whiteass family

and interacting with people is tiring enough

but if they’re white also

catch me all sucked dry and blowing through the desert like an old cantaloupe skin



Okay so I had the absolute pleasure of seeing these amazing people in person. Oh my god, the costumes. THE COSTUMES. They were so incredibly beautiful, YOU GUYS ARE SO TALENTED. 

And I’m so so grateful and humbled that you wanted to cosplay my characters (and gleeful that you looked so goddamn awesome doing it).

Seriously. SO AWESOME. 

Amber is Sadie

Jack is Lady Delerium

Pitch is Lithe-Finder (who wasn’t dressed as King Pitch but gracefully assisted for photos)

(Sadly my camera broke and I only had my iPhone to take these pictures but even with a crappy camera, the awesomeness of these costumes - and these people! - shines through!)


Some of all the taylorswift things ive made over the months and for 1989! Theres so many things! Never realized! theres even more i always try to go out of my way and be different and unique to show how much i love tay, even broke my iphone making a video for keds contest , and drew in my entire driveway, and i didnt win, never won a contest to meet u lol after how hard i try 🙈i even took nine hours to make a style video of all polaroids i don’t think shell ever see but its ok! Cause this is all my stuff i love making almost every day filled with extra amounts of love even when im sick like today i stay up late for u for u taylor hope uve seen least one of the many many things i do cAUsE I LOVE U ❤️ xoxo lisa

Mums are the best, legit they’re psychic. My beats headphones broke last week and then I lost my iPhone headphones today, I asked my mum where they where she was like “I don’t know but I bought you some new beats headphones ages ago I’ve been saving them because I new they would break eventually they’re at the top of your wardrobe” - my mum is the best she understands the struggle of no head phones 😭 I love her 💞