i broke my iphone

funny story..

i was watching ghostbusters like 20 minutes ago and we all know what this part

does to people.

so naturally when this part came on i slammed my phone down onto my table resulting in it being destroyed.

i am a mess.

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I keep my options open. I like writing so I wanna be an author. I paint and draw so I wanna be an artist. I like forensics, nursing and wanna study the ocean so I took biology and grade 12 chemistry. How do I like it so far? It’s pretty cool.

I am currently writing requests and I broke my phone :( It’s an iPhone 5c and i dropped it from my desk during World Religion class and it wouldn’t turn on when I tried to press Home and on/off button and wouldn’t work on my laptop :( so I’m stuck with my iPhone 4 for music and the laptop for texting and social media.

I’m so sad :(

Bright side, its the weekend and I’m gonna write, paint and gush about the fact that my art teacher looks like LEE THOMPKINS FROM GOTHAM.

She mostly looks like Lee from the first season, though. They both share similarities; super nice, both have black hair, it’s short, a few face features including the nose and she sounds like her when she talks … I’m shook. The only difference is that she teaches art, she’s not a medical examiner.

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miiraal  asked:

Hi hun, I know you've been busy answering only Newt requests and with you being a newly wed etc... but I'm wondering when are you update CWH? It's been like two weeks now, I'm not rushing or being rude though, apologies if I seemed so! Plus I requested a Negan short fic , dunno what you call it, more than two weeks ago and I'm still waiting, do you want me to send it again, or not?? Again, I'm not being rude, I'm a fan of your blog, or else I wouldn't care at all. Have a nice day , love.

I wish I could give you a straight answer, but truth is I just don’t have much inspiration for it right now. With the walking dead on hiatus and all. So, it’s a bit harder to update. On top of that whatever notes I rewrote again are currently floating around my icloud, and I broke my iPhone a day ago…and I’m stuck with a droid until then. *sigh*

I’m really trying, but I can’t make promises. You’re more than welcome to make your request again. Give me the details for it once more. , inspiration isn’t something that can be forced. I can totally do that if you want though lol I’ll try and write some of it today.

What is the life…
I want to kick myself who broke my Iphone
I want to change my phone to Iphone 7
but my dream was gone…..
I can’t make my dreams come true…

Mums are the best, legit they’re psychic. My beats headphones broke last week and then I lost my iPhone headphones today, I asked my mum where they where she was like “I don’t know but I bought you some new beats headphones ages ago I’ve been saving them because I new they would break eventually they’re at the top of your wardrobe” - my mum is the best she understands the struggle of no head phones 😭 I love her 💞


Spring Vacation ♥

Heys there! I know I’ve been MIA so much but my computer broke and I doubt you’d want iphone quality pictures so I just waited until I got a new laptop.

Meanwhile, Sayoko (a fellow blog mom) and I got together for spring break and planned a trip to my beach house in Puerto Rico. It was SO fun and exciting to finally meet a mommy who I’ve felt like I have known online for so long but never met.

Trip Details..

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i guess the thing with dating in general is that, regardless of whatever anyone says, you still have to “date” their family and their friends unless you plan to lock them away in a tower of malediction or something

and if they’re white

that means you have to spend inordinate amounts of time around their whiteass friends

and their whiteass family

and interacting with people is tiring enough

but if they’re white also

catch me all sucked dry and blowing through the desert like an old cantaloupe skin


Malcolm Tucker’s Lost His Phone - the The Thick of It phone app.

Six bucks - for iPhone only.

I nearly broke my fingers buying it.


Some of all the taylorswift things ive made over the months and for 1989! Theres so many things! Never realized! theres even more i always try to go out of my way and be different and unique to show how much i love tay, even broke my iphone making a video for keds contest , and drew in my entire driveway, and i didnt win, never won a contest to meet u lol after how hard i try 🙈i even took nine hours to make a style video of all polaroids i don’t think shell ever see but its ok! Cause this is all my stuff i love making almost every day filled with extra amounts of love even when im sick like today i stay up late for u for u taylor hope uve seen least one of the many many things i do cAUsE I LOVE U ❤️ xoxo lisa