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Yes Mr. Bieber (Mature)

Can you do one where he is your teacher and things get heated in detention?




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I couldn’t believe this . Here I was , spending my Friday night at school . In detention . But at least I was with him .

“Is this really necessary Mr. Bieber?” I asked , sitting down at the desk , crossing my arms .

Mr Bieber raised an eyebrow at me . “This is what happens when you disrupt my class Ms. Y/L/N” Mr. Bieber also crosses his arms , but instead of the same annoyed look I had , he had a smug smirk on his .

I tried not to focus on his very attractive face as I un crossed my arms , looking away from his extremely hot look before clearing my throat .

“Its Y/N” I mumble , fiddling my fingers on the table .

“Pardon?” He says , moving closer to my desk , and my heart started to race slightly .

“Y/N.” I repeated , looking up at him . “Call me Y/N , please” I say , staring into his beautiful fucking eyes that made my heart melt every time I looked into them .

“Okay , Ms Y/L/N” He says , and I roll my eyes , before looking away from him .

“Okay , so you have to spend three hours here. You can do homework , homework , or lets see. Homework . No phone out or anything that can entertain you besides your calculator” He says , and I cross my legs at the sound of his stern voice .

“Yes Mr. Bieber” I say , biting my lip and looking back up at him , my eyes wide and innocent .

I watched him suck in a sharp breath and my stomach fluttered slightly , before I smiled to myself .

“Good . Get started” He cleared his throat , before walking back over to his desk.

I patted myself on the back mentally , before sighing and opening my textbook, getting to work.

I bit the end of my pen as I worked out a few problems , but it was hard to focus when someone as attractive as him was in the same room as me .

“Mr Bieber , are you married?” I ask , and he looks up from the book hes reading .

“Excuse me?” He asks , and I cough .

“I said I need help with this problem , can you help me?” I smile sweetly , trying to hide the current embarrassment I was feeling .

Mr. Bieber closed his book before standing , moving from behind his desk and walking over to mine .

He stood slightly behind me and crouched down slightly , and I inhaled his cologne , my eyes closing in content .

“Ms. Y/L/N?” He questions , and my eyes snap open?

“Hmm?” I ask ,in a daze as I look at him , realizing how close to me he actually was .

“I said , which problem?” He looks in my eyes , and I look away , before pointing to the problem on the paper .

“Oh , that’s an easy one” He says , and I put the pen back in my mouth as I listen to him speak .

He was so sexy , with his light brown eyes , freshly shaved face and suit that made my stomach clench every day .

“I have a feeling you didn’t call me over for a problem Ms. Y/L/N” Justin says , and I look at him , his eyes focused on my lips .

“N-no I did” I defend .

“I get it now , thanks Mr. Bieber” I say , his face so close to mine if I moved the slightest bit my lips could be touching his .

“No problem. And by the way , no , I’m not married" Before I could think about it I connected my lips with his , my stomach bursting with butterflies as his soft lips touched mine .

I pulled away after a second , my eyes wide as my mind came up with three hundred ways to apologize , but before I could say anything his hand caressed my face , and he pulled my face close to his.

My eyes were still open as we kissed again , but after a moment I relaxed and they fluttered closed .

He bit my bottom lip making me moan , and it was as if he snapped out of it , pulling away and standing up .

“I-im sorry” He says , rubbing the back of his neck and turning away from me .

I sat in a daze , asking myself if that really just happened, before I got the courage to stand up .

“Mr. Bieber-“ I start but he cuts me off .

“Don’t call me that , everytime you say it it makes me want to fuck your brains out” He says , and my body freezes in surprise .

He faces pales after the words leave his mouth , and he turns to look at me .

“I- I didn’t mean-“

“Then do it” I cut him off ,walking up closer to him.

“W-what?” He says , his face blank with shock .

“Fuck my brains out , Mr. Bieber” I whisper , and he closes his eyes .

“Y/N , youre my student” He says , moving back slightly but I move closer to him .

“And youre my teacher , thanks for stating the obvious”

“We cant” He says , and I bite my lip .

“Please Mr. Bieber , itll be our little secret” I say , touching his arm .

He looks at my hand on his arm , before saying “fuck it” and attaching his lips to mine .

I wrap my arms around his neck and open my mouth , deepening the kiss and moving my tongue against his.

“Mr Bieber” I breath as he moves to kiss my neck , and I bite my lip , hoping I wasn’t in a dream about to wake up .

Before I can blink he picks me up , setting my down on his long desk in the front of the room. He swipes everything off of it before laying me down on it , his lips attaching to mine again .