i brake for yard sales

how to: color blocking thrift store paintings.

Step by step on how to not mess up this seemingly simple craft. 

Step 1: collect paintings from the thrift store- I like groups of three so I chose these 

Step 2: place painters tape across the painting and the frame. Make sure the bottom of the tape is over where you want the paint to stop. The tape should be pressed into the frame’s grooves so paint doesn’t drip. Also cover the remaining portion of the painting with a protective sheet so it doesn’t get painted  I used wax paper  

Step 3: choose the paint colors you want - I like to get my paint at fleet farm as it’s cheap there. Line up the caps with the pictures so you can get a feel for which color looks best on which painting without the commitment. 

Step 4: when you find a good color combo spray the pictures- one coat at a time! If you put too much paint on at once it will drop and won’t look as good. I have 0 patience so this part is the hardest for me… 

Step 5: once you have the frames and pictures covered completely- wait for it to dry! W A I T. Seriously, wait. 

Step 6: once dry remove the wax paper and peel the tape off of the paintings to reveal the final product! 


Enjoy your new art :-) 

Side note: this is what happens when you don’t wait in between coats of paint and it gets drippy. 

But it can be fixed by covering the paint drips up with some stain - I also water colored over the drips on the painting. But this is a pain so just be patient in the first place.