i bow to him anyway


leokumi children but forrest gets fujin yumi and kiragi gets brynhildr

kiragi based on a sorcerer and kinshi knight with some of his original archer outfit and forrest based on adventurer and kinshi knight with a touch of witch and also poof pants

(forrest made kiragi’s kinshi feather cape so they could match)

((kiragi got grounded for irresponsible magic-ing))


Hong Jisoo in his class yearbook…

cr. chiagiaa

I Should Get A Ring Now ( Kai x You)

Ever since you and Kai had gone public, a few modeling agencies have asked you to have a trial photoshoot and try out the modeling career. You were honestly quite baffled from those offers. You’ve never seen yourself as those model material type. In fact, you never even tried to compare yourself to those models since you felt you would never match up.

Another reason would be, during those short interviews some models have, they always seem so prim and proper. So well groomed and just simply elegant. Then, there was you. A girl who didn’t really care if you looked crazy in front of other people, as long as you had fun. You were slightly more on the out-spoken and cheerful, funny side. MBC saw this and offered an MC spot for you to try. 

“You should try it out! Maybe you’ll feel more comfortable with that, i’ll be supporting you!” Kai grinned, placing both of his hands on your shoulders. With your boyfriend’s support, you accepted the offer. Of course it was the job for you. You felt more relax and free, it was easy throwing in funny remarks here and there while being serious too at times. 

Alongside N, Minho and Yeri, you four were a great group. You enjoyed hosting with them and your practice sessions together. “So how are you and your boyfriend doing?” Minho wriggled his eyebrows suggestively as you guys were in the car on the way to have a practice run with the microphones.

You had stopped by at SM building, they were kind enough you let you ride along with Minho to reduce the hassle, and possibly Kai’s fans chasing after you. “We’re doing well.” You stuck out your tongue at him. The two of you continued talking about random things, you got to learn more about his past and you did your part of the sharing as well.

Your phone buzzed, indicating that you had received a message. 

Jongin - Hey! Does it sound good if I can drop by after my practice later? 

You - Of course!! See you later! Have fun (:

Jongin - See you later ;)

Minho peered over cheekily, you smacked his arm and he laughed at you. “How sweet, your boyfriend’s picking you up.” You felt your cheeks get hot and a smile threatening to show on your face. You kept a glare on your face and smakced him once more.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll stop teasing!” 

“You better!” 

Yeri arrived slightly later than the rest of you as she had an interview earlier. Most of the time, you four were joking and playing around, making weird noises with the microphones. The tech staff had to calm you four down. “Stay away from me!” You yelled, running onto the stage. Minho had been poking you persistently and you were extremely sensitive. 

Spinning around, you held your microphone as if it were a knife. “Don’t you dare take another step closer.” Minho gave a mischievous smile, “Oh I dare.” He said in a mocking tone. 

Staying true to his words, he took a step forward. “ Hak yeon-oppa! Save me!” You cried desparately. N stepped up to help but the next thing you knew, they were both chasing you. 

“Yeri! You’re my only hope!” You cried, hiding behind the smaller girl. Yeri laughed, “I’m sorry unnie! You attacked Minho-oppa a lot last week!” She admitted, stepping aside.

“Karma!” Minho laughed evilly, grabbing you and tickling you till tears were forming in your eyes. “Ah! Stop it ticklish so much!” 

You bit on his arm and he pulled back immediately. “What was that!?” He exclaimed. You grinned and pinched his cheeks, “My form of protection!” He shook his head and pulled you into his grasps. “This time it’ll be worse.” 

You heard the door close and assumed the tech staff had arrived back with Yeri’s fixed microphone. But no one walked in. Confused, you tilted your head and stared at the black door. N walked up towards you, “(y/n) I didn’t know your boyfriend was coming. Why did he go out though?”

Oh shoot. You thought, “I’ll be right back.” You handed Minho your microphone and left, hoping you were fast enough to see your boyfriend. “Jongin-ah!” You shouted after him who was walking down the corridor. The talented dancer turned back and you were taken aback by the hurt expression on his face.

“I’m sorry if you got the wrong message, we were just playing and Minho was getting revenge for what I did to him last week. I swear it’s noth—”

“It didn’t look like nothing. You guys seem really close.” He said in a soft voice. He wasn’t angry at all. You knew that. He was hurt and upset. You took a careful step forward, “I swear we’re just best friends. My boyfriend over my best friend anytime, I promise.” You pouted, hoping he would trust you.

Kai looked at his phone, “I have to go.” 

“I thought you ended practice?”

“I have to go (y/n).”

“But you just got here–”

“I said I have to go why are you so stubborn?! Go back and play tickle fights with him.” 

You were about to say something when the door opened. “Hey uh I’m really sorry if it looked like something else.” Minho approached Kai. Not forgetting respect, Kai politely bowed towards him. “It’s okay, I was just leaving anyway.” Minho looked at you and you gave an exasperated look. “I really hope this doesn’t affect your relationship in anyway, you know I don’t like (y/n) that way.” Minho gave a short nod and left.

Kai looked at you and you faced the ground, finding the while tiled floors really intriguing. “I don’t like seeing you with any other male idol being so close and…” He trailed off, feeling very shy that he was jealous. You gave a small smile, “I’m sorry if I hurt you.” You apologised. Kai shook his head, “It’s okay really. I was just being a jealous boyfriend.” 

He laughed and you knew you were both fine again. You smirked and pinched his cheeks, “Aw is Kim Jongin jealous? So cute!!” You gushed, squeezing his cheeks. He smacked your hands lightly, “It’s not funny.” He pouted and it was super adorable you wanted to scream.

You hugged him and he did the same, resting his head on top of yours. “Just don’t be so close with others. I don’t want to lose you.” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll always be your girlfriend.” 

“But what if I ask to marry you? Then you can’t be my girlfriend–”

“Kim Jongin!” You exclaimed, hitting his chest. He laughed and pulled you closer, “I may have to ask you to marry me so no one will steal you.” 

“It’s too early for that.” 

“Oh? But you didn’t reject the idea of getting married.”

“Hush.” You smiled sheepishly, you head against his chest as you felt the vibrations when he laughed. “Maybe I should get a ring now.” 

“I’m so done with you.” 

“No you’re not, you’re in love with me.” He teased. 

“Okay that’s it!” You laughed, pulling away from the hug. Kai laughed even harder, after seeing your pink cheeks and shy expression. “It’s your fault!” You frowned.

“That’s what you get for making me jealous.” He stuck out his tongue at you. You laughed and smacked his arm. “I have to go back and finish the sound check, wait for me?”

“Of course, wouldn’t want to leave you with them.”

“Hey be nice, they’re your seniors.” 

“I know, I was joking.” He said with a cheeky smile. 

“No you weren’t.”

“Okay maybe not, but it’s because I love you.” 

“And I love you too.” You kissed your boyfriend on the lips and headed back in. 

*** Extended Ending ***

“Are you two still together? I hope I didn’t ruin it.” Minho said, looking guilty. “It’s fine don’t worry, he’s cool.”

“Good because I wanted to be the god father of your babies.”

“Don’t think about that!!”

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Since I couldn't reach Ishida sensei, can you pls tell him that I'm sad cs he killed Arima? But pls tell him also that I'll still love him anyway. Thank you sensei *bow* Note: I still love you more (don't tell him this one)

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there are those who would say that crocodile is just as callous, abusive, toxic and entitled as doflamingo, and that they therefore "deserve" each other.

lol he’s not. he’s really, really, really, really not.

ok this ended up nearly as long as the Doflamingo post so

Why Doflamingo is a Completely Terrible Person and why Crocodile isn’t nearly as Terrible

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