i bow down to this man

Meeting Kentucky (LAX to SDF)

the plane strips power, I sit passive
dutiful, click my belt, tepidly
smile at the man beside me

he ducks his head to fit in our capsule,
speaks and green grass pops up on chairs
prismatic tulips bloom in backseat sleeves

the slightest lilt of syllables,
slight slow down of words coming out
no one else hears it, warm and thick
like burnt orange clay souses floors

no one raises arms at clouds filling
his slight bow like distant thunder
no one giddy at deferential smiles
like lightning crackling far away
like humidity fuzzing hair,
my smile back is everywhere
home pours down, flooding over me



Based off of THIS post. Just a quick drabble.

Summary: Bucky is always questioning why there is a random hammer lying about during their “family meetings” in the Tower. 

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“It is not my fault that you are all unfit to drink alongside a god,” Thor smiles as he lifts up his tall glass of ale. When he puts it to his lips, Tony walks by behind him and pushes the bottom of the glass upward so it spills all down the front of Thor’s tunic.

The god growls, “Armor-Man, I do not appreciate this.”

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Guest written by @cleverfoxhound


You can see a blush on the man’s face as he stares back at you. You watch as his eyes roam over your naked form stopping at your busty chest and roaming at how intricate it criss-crossed over your arms and how the ribbon cradled your breasts. “My love…” the man uttered as he quickly approached you.


McCree’s jaw drops as he sees you laying seductively on your shared bed. You had wrapped yourself from the hips up to your breasts.Your hands cupped your breast as you looked at the man across from you.“That red looks mighty good on ya sweetheart heart”  McCree smirks. “How about you unwrap your present Cowboy”


A deep chuckle rumbled from his chest as he gazed down at you. His eyes roaming all over your body, the black ribbon squeezing gently on your thighs, your hips and the bow just below your neck. He growled deeply as he took off his mask as he approached “I hope you know what you’re getting into, carino.”


You thought that explosions got him excited? That yellow ribbon nicely wrapped around your shapely thighs, waist, hips and that busty chest of yours will have the man on you before you can utter a “Hello.” Needless to say that the ribbon was torn and he wears a piece of it around his wrist.



Again I kind of adore the messages Yuuko is putting across here. 

Only the victim of a situation can decide whether their suffering was significant or not. Grudges are easy, unequal, and unfair by their very nature. And even then, spiders are more fair than humans. 

It occurs to me that Yuuko isn’t even explaining this as a lesson that Watanuki “needs to learn”, but rather as an explanation that “this is just how things are, and none of it is ever fair or equal”. 



My favourite resolution to this plot line would be Watanuki going, “Oh, the spider wants Doumeki to suffer? OK I GOT THIS.”

And then just like. Chasing Doumeki around his house beating him with a stick until the spider was satisfied and lifted the curse. 

It’s absolutely not going to be that simple BUT I CAN DREAM OK. 

Yuri Plisetsky episode 9 recap

Ok, I know that everyone is focused on the marriage proposal and Victor and Yuuri being reunited, but there is something else I wanted to point out. Truth to tell, we were expecting the episode ending like this, right? What really surprised me was how Yuri Plisetsky acted in this episode. The first thing in here is his Grandfather actually arriving…

He brought him pork cutlet bowl pirozky, which means that not only he listened carefully what Yuri told him the other day, but also made the effort to find out what he was talking about (this can be super complicated for some elderly people, especially if they can’t use the internet), which was something he never heard about. He literally managed to make a dish from another cuisine he never tasted before. Bow down to this man’s cooking skill.

We also heard that he did not come to see Yuri’s last performance because he was ill. This can be really serious for someone his age, but he still manages to come today and I think that Yuri fully understands this.

I do not think though that it is only his grandfather that affects him, though. Can we please also notice that his first thoughts after learning he is currently first is about Yuuri? Niether Victor, nor JJ (or any other of the competitors). But he doesn’t seem angry at all, does he? This isn’t about anyone else now, he fully understands that he can’t win Victor back, but he also realizes he does not need him. He does not need to be angry at anyone.

And after the whole competition, he comes to see Yuuri. Not to scold him (almost), but probably because he sees him as part of his family now. It would be different if he just came to him right after, but he made the effort to look for him too.

He knows when Yuuri’s birthday is. He really reminds me of a cat in this one (the fact that I am spending all of my time in the same room is a coincidence, the fact that I am sitting on your face means nothing at all), especially like he tries to make it seem like it is not a big deal at all. 

And he gets him the pirozhki his grandfather made especially for him to win the competition, the ones he is so eager to eat. He could have gotten him just some clothes or simply wish him happy birthday.

Also notice that he was calling Yuuri ‘’the pork cutlet bowl’’ the whole time in this episode. When he eats this pirozky, he thinks of Yuri, but it doesn’t make him angry at all, he seems more content.

It must be a great sacrifice to give away one of the rare gifts from his grandfather, but he is not looking sorry, right? He is proud about it and it makes me fell warm and fluffy, because he is finally able to feel the love others give him.

And oh my gosh this is the smile that can cure cancer and make world peace. He is so happy, probably for the first time since the beginning of the series. I think that this is his agape, the one where he can not only feel and receive the love around him, but also give it back and it is so beautiful and I am going to cry.

And Yuuri is also happy, even if Victor is not there and he responds to him in Russian, which is not only Victor’s native language, but also Yuri’s. 

anonymous asked:

I always thought they were older in A Study in Scarlet too! Do you know approximately how old they were when they met? :)

I was just talking about this with a friend the other day…

In His Last Bow, Holmes is described as “a tall, gaunt man of sixty, with clear-cut features.”  So this would place his birth in approximately 1854.

He met Watson in A Study in Scarlet, which is set in 1881, so that would mean Holmes was approximately 27.  

Watson is a bit harder to pin down because (as far as I know) no exact age is ever given, but I think it is generally assumed his is in his early 30′s based on some of the events he mentions.

They do appear to be quite young in some of Paget’s illustrations.  Holmes especially.  This is one of my favorites from The Adventure of the Greek interpreter.

Person A: Hey! Its such a bright day today! Oh… its you

Person B: Yes, what a lovely day. Now bow down on your knees and help me!

Person A: *seductively smirks* What ‘help’ do you need exactly for me to go down on my knees?

Person B:

Person B: *stutters* I didn’t mean it like that! *pouts* I’m leaving now. Farewell.

Person A: * bursts out laughing and follows along* I love that man. 

You curtsy back with a laugh before shaking your head.  “What god awful thing did you do this time, Negan?”

“Ya know what, that fuckin’ hurts my fuckin’ feelin’s.  Who the fuck says I did any-fuckin’-thing bad?”

“Beyond the shit-eating grin and bow?”  He was too charming for his own good…for your own good as you grip the lapels of his jacket and let your lips brush his.  “Give it up, big man, or I’ll have to get rough with ya.”

Negan’s pulls you up against his chest, his laugh shakes your bones, before his lips brand yours with a demanding kiss.  When he pulls back you’re both breathless.  “I got ya somethin’.”

“If you say your dick, I swear to god —” Another kiss stops you as he stuffs the gift into your hand.  You break the kiss, look down in shock.  “Oh my god!”

“Fuckin’ A,” he grins in pride.  “Did fuckin’ good, didn’t I?”

You smile up at him.  “Oh, you did very good.”

“Do I get fuckin’ prize?” He smirks, pressing into you.

“For this?  Abso-fucking-lutely,” you grin, pressing back.

“Fan-fuckin’-tastic!” He cheers, before yanking the Twinkie from your hand.  “This one’s mine,” he cheekily grins as he steps back, raising the treat high above your head to open it.

“Negan!”  You scold, laughing as he stuffs it in his mouth.

“Fuck me hard, these’re fuckin’ amazin’,” Negan declares, eyes nearly rolling back, before smiling down at you. “The rest in the truck are all yours, beautiful.”

Requested by @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash for my 500 Followers celebration.  Turned out cuter than I expected, but I couldn’t resist doing a bit of a throwback to my “Negan loves Twinkies” headcanon, lol!  Hope you like it!!

The details on this whole shindig is HERE.

Christian Louboutin Masterpost

“People say I am the king of painful shoes. I don’t want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness. I’m not against them, but comfort is not my focus.”

The only man who has every really been honest about the extent of his downfall. This post is an update of an old post. Now, for some reason I picture Louboutins being every SB’s first go to pair of designer shoes. Why? Because they are sexy, gorgeous and the bottoms make any man want to bow down. That being said, they are the MOST painful pair of heels I have ever owned. So every little step to stretch/protect them has been worth it. 

How to Make Heels More Comfortable
As he said, louboutin’s will never be comfortable heels - they are not supposed to be. But, here are some tips and tricks you can use to make them a little less uncomfortable. Before we start, I have the So Kate that I wear to functions/dinners/events aka events where I can sit for long periods of time without looking out of place.

1. If your pair has a narrow front, you will need to stretch the leather. If you want to be a badass, then you can stuff your feet in and walk around for hours and eventually make them form - you will hate yourself. OR, you can use the extra help. Double up on some socks, stuff your feet in and shift all of your weight to the front of your feet. Using your blow dryer, apply high heat directly to the shoe. Make sure to relocate weight to the front of the shoe, the back will stretch as well! IF it stretches too much (that’s okay), then use fashion tape on the back to prevent sliding of your foot. I think it is better to stretch too much then not as all and with the tape, you’ll never notice the difference. 

2. Beauty is pain ladies and these epitomize both. Bandage your third and fourth toes with some medical tape, removes pressure from the nerves. You’ll hold out longer.

3. INSOLES for these brand of heels are a MUST. I didn’t realize how much of a difference they made until I did not wear them. HUGE HUGE HUGE difference.

4. When you are walking, be aware of your posture. If you’re an SB then your posture should always been good, in or out of heels. That being said, in these heels relocating your weight to your heel with an erect back makes it less painful. If you’re not used to this then this would feel awkward but you’ll get used to it - I promise. 

How to Protect Your Red Bottoms 

Yes, I like saving money. However, I chose not to go to the cobbler because they wanted to charge me 70 for the base. And, they would not have been able to protect my babies in time. You can do this for under $12, without any damage to the red after. 

Buy the ZAGG InvisibleShield Military Grade Screen Protector (I recommend this brand only because it’s the only one I know that will NOT damage the red.)  

You will want to buy the OG iPad case just in case you mess up, you can do it more than once. OK, so what you will do is clean the bottom of your shoes with a damp cloth and then outline them on the non-sticky part of the protector. DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY BUY THE GLASS PROTECTOR. Now, it is arts and craft time and you will cut out the base the outline of your shoes. Peel the plastic away, spray spray spray your shoes with the provided solution and slowly apply the sticky face, while being aware of air bubbles. You will want to use your windshield wiper thing to remove as many of the air bubbles as possible.

These are my protected So Kate that I have worn so many times and they still look perfect. It may have costed me more time but saved me a little bit of cash money. DISCLAIMER: If you are walking on floors in a kitchen/restaurant that could be greasy then you will want to be EXTRA careful. When you scruff the bottom, you get the real grip of these shoes. But when the bottom has the protector on then there is a little less traction. 

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hello!! may i please request rfa (+v and saeran) seeing that their s/o LOVES LOVES LOVES spiderman, and wants to do an upside down kiss like in the movie???


Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • He loves your passion for the spider man
  • He likes it too! You guys look perfect together.
  • When you said that you wanted to do like spider-man and do an upside down kiss
  • He’s super flustered and with his face all red
  • He wants to do this right!
  • He somehow managed to put a rope on the ceiling, you don’t want to know how and when he did this.
  • He said he was going to climb that rope, and then he would bow to you with his face and then it’s done!
  • That’s no way this would end badly…Right?
  • Oh, and he put a cap on his head to be just like spider-man!
  • He’s not even seeing what he’s doing
  • And then the obvious happens, he falls to the ground, you keep asking if he’s fine
  • He makes a thumbs up, and you lean into him while he was sitting on the ground in pain
  • You take that cap off, and he looks at you, you are behind him, you’re leaning to him while he’s looking up to you.
  • And then you kissed him, spider-man style.
  • He forgot the pain…


  • Do you like that movie? No, watch his movies.
  • What?Do you want to remake that scene? He’ll keep that in mind.
  • When you go to him to see him rehearsing, he sees a rope attached to the ceiling, probably it’ll be used for some training.
  • He’ll use it to kiss you.
  • We have to take the opportunity!
  • He’ll not put a mask, cap, anything to cover his pretty face!
  • While you were not looking, he goes to that rope and be just like spider-man.
  • Instead of Yoosung, he can hold himself there.
  • And when he called you, you laugh and run to him.
  • He’s prepared for the kiss, come on!
  • Oh, the excitement!
  • And then you kissed him, looks so cinematic, so romantic!
  • He looked at you right after that, looks like he’s in the clouds.
  • “I like spider-man now…”


  • This is child’s thing,right?
  • Jaehee, stop.
  • Ok, that’s fine, she prefers to watch and read about Zen.
  • When you mentioned the kiss from the movie, she secretly searches on the youtube.
  • This is impossible!
  • One day you were lying down on the bed, well, kind of, only from your stomach to below, your chest and everything above it was lying down on the bed.
  • You were upside down, with your hair touching the ground, and your head almost too.
  • You were whining about getting up.
  • Jaehee saw the opportunity there.
  • She got on her knee in front of you and kissed you.
  • An upside down kiss!
  • You froze, this is the best day of your life!
  • Jaehee just smiled as she leaves the room
  • This was not a bad idea.


  • Who is spider-man?
  • It’s a new species of spider?
  • What you mean is a superhero?
  • Superheroes don’t exist.
  • Who would call himself SPIDER-MAN?
  • You commoners are so strange.
  • So you must watch the movie with him, then he would understand.
  • At the kiss scene, you said how much you wanted to do this and he just said: “Oh i see…”
  • On the other day, Jumin was upside down on the couch, looking at you seriously.
  • That’s a funny thing, Elizabeth it’s just like: I don’t know him.
  • “Kiss me.” He said, now you understand, you go to him, get on your knee and kiss him.
  • After that kiss, he looks at you “How about you bend over now? You can do this is bed”
  • Jumin Han doesn’t fuck play man


  • You fucking made a mistake
  • You told him about your love for spider-man, you fucking told him
  • And you told about that kiss.
  • The next day…I will let you guys guess…
  • Did you guess it?
  • why
  • And he has the glasses even with that mask
  • How those glasses are not falling down??
  • And he’s upside down on the ceiling, with his feet on the chandelier
  • Wait…Was this chandelier here before?
  • Before you could say something Saeran is beside you “Please kiss him, he’s in there for 5 hours…If he throws one more synthetic spider web in me…I’ll kill him”
  • You laugh at that and you run to Seven, lifting a little that mask so you can kiss him.
  • And you did, he kissed you fervently, he waited a long time for that.
  • After that you laugh “I’ll do something to eat” and you walked away
  • “Uh…Saeran?” Saeran looked at him “Could you…Help me get down?”
  • Saeran gives him an evil laugh and get closer to him “Call me Venom”
  • And he walked
  • away ,Seven gasps


  • To your surprise, he knew about spider-man, and about the kiss.
  • People always want photographers taking a picture of it.
  • So he was not surprised when you say that one day you wanted to do one upside down kiss.
  • One day, you were sitting on the couch, V just walks to the back of the couch.
  • “Hey, love…” You lift your head up, and then he kisses you like that.
  • You were not upside down, but this was a spider-man kiss!
  • Don’t even say otherwise
  • After that kiss, he just smiles
  • That smile that kills you
  • “Maybe sometimes we should take a picture kissing like that…What do you think?”


  • You showed him who was spider-man…He prefers Venom.
  • When you said that you wanted a kiss like the one in the movie, he starts to think.
  • He always tries to give you an upside down kiss here and there, but he always fails miserably.
  • If you ask him what he’s doing, or if he wanted to give you an upside down kiss, he doesn’t answer.
  • Maybe you could help him…But he’s too grumpy to it.
  • When you saw him with his head almost on the ground, upside down on the couch playing on his cell phone you ran to him and then kissed him.
  • He was surprised, but he kisses you.
  • After that, he sat properly, looking at you, and then he gives you a little smirk.
  • “I’m not a fan of spider-man, i’m a fan of Venom, what me to show you what can i do with my tongue too?” He laughs getting closer.
  • Oh god…
“What’s Wrong With You?”

My visibly disabled friends know the struggle- the personal questions with a side of perceived entitlement… from total fucking strangers. Some people take the time to educate these people on their conditions, or gently explain the annoyance of having such questions asked. These people are better humans than I, as I go for biting sarcasm… every time. So, here are some fun things to say when you’re asked obnoxious questions:

Why are you in a wheelchair?”

It’s my throne. Bow down, peasant.

Why are you in a wheelchair?”

Walking is so taxing, and I’m just that lazy.

Why are you in a wheelchair?”

Why are you NOT in one, huh? They’re fun as hell, my dude.

Why are you in a wheelchair?”

Long story, man… You see, an old friend of mine who is also like kinda my worst enemy accidentally redirected this bullet into my spine. It was an accident, sure, but then like he left my bleeding out and paralyzed on this Cuban beach???? Anyway we still play chess sometimes. (Marvel, don’t sue me).

Why are you in a wheelchair?”

Polio. But ssshhh! You can’t let the press get wind of it or they’ll never elect me again, and SOMEBODY has to fix this depression.

Why are you in a wheelchair?”

Asked a disabled kid a personal question. She rolled over my feet.

Why are you in a wheelchair?”

Chicken nugget accident. I don’t like to talk about it…

Why are you in a wheelchair?”

*looks solemnly off into the distance* Viet Cong, 1968… *sniffles, holding back tears* (Only works if you’re a woman and/or look young)

What’s wrong with you?”

Well I have a bit of an ego and I tend to put up emotional walls… oh, you mean the wheelchair? I can’t walk…. idiot.

Te Amo

When tensions over Jack’s status spill over into violence, he has to fight to prove that he’s more than an Omega and that he’s not about to bow down to them just because they’re alphas. Sequel to ‘Mi Corazon’

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its beautiful characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

Inspired by @infinite-atmosphere‘s ABO comic HERE and HERE

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Hercules x Reader

Requested By @bubbles2416

You hummed to yourself as you tended the garden, caught in your own thoughts as you dead headed a collection of plants.

“Excuse me, this is the temple of Demeter?” When you glanced up you found a handsome man smiling down at you.

“It is but there is no one inside, you must wait if you need the Priest’s assistance.” You informed him and he chuckled.

“Actually, I am looking for a young woman, (Y/N).” The man told you and you stood up, bowing slightly.

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Nightwing x Reader~ Chinese Food

(Y/n) – Nickname Grayson calls you

Originally posted by xxeyesonlyxx

(not my gif)

           You quickly dodged the combat boot currently flying towards your face by ducking down with ease. After doing so you spun and used the gained momentum to slash the side of the assailants head, causing them to stumble backwards. Your partner then delivered the final blow causing them to fall to the hard concrete sidewalk unconscious. “I thought you were going after the funny masked guy?” The masked man aiding you remarked. His bow staff was now folded away and he looked at you through his black mask with a piercing gaze.

           “I was.” You stated with a motion to a man at the corner of an alley way further down the street. He was slumped against the graffiti covered brick walls with his hands cuffed behind his back. “This one showed up after.” You added pointing the fallen robber between the both of you. Your partner nodded in understanding and the both of you looked around the block taking in and assessing damages.

           “So much for covert…” Nightwing said looking at the smoke rising from the partially collapsed building. “Bats is gonna be pissed.” He wiped his dark locks to the side while he huffed a sad sigh. You put a hand on his shoulder reassuringly before heading to your motorbike.

You sat down and grabbed your helmet, “So what? It’s not our fault Slade backed this.” As you pulled down the visor Nightwing walked over to his vehicle beside yours.

“Yeah, what does Wilson want anyway? We need to find out how he’s outsourcing and track down his main location.” Grayson stated as he placed his helmet over his head. You nodded knowing that was the only lead you both could follow at the moment. He got rid of the kickstand and took off down the now less busy street at a high speed. You followed after him in a flurry of engine noise. Both of you later arrived at the apartment complex, ditching your bikes a couple of blocks down and changing out of your ‘business’ attire. You entered the familiar hallway with the taller young man walking beside you. Nightwing was now wearing a pair of dark shades and a grey hoodie, now he was Richard Grayson once again. You wore a simple outfit of jeans and a band t-shirt, going by your actual name once more as well. The building security officer greeted you with a wide smile and wave like he normal did, you waved back but Richard didn’t. He must be too focused on everything that has been happening in the city, you couldn’t blame him. You both strode into the elevator and you looked over at Richard, he had his hands in his pockets with a distressed slouch. You frowned not knowing what to do for him, there wasn’t anything that could cheer him up at the moment, well except maybe for Deathstroke’s head.

“Grayson.” You finally broke the silence softly, he finally looked over towards you and you shot him a small grin.

“Yeah (y/n)?” The blue eyed boy replied coolly.

“We’ll fix this, please stop fretting about it.” The elevator made a sound as it opened at your floor and he walked in front of you. Following him to the door you watched him unlock it and once inside you closed the door behind you both. “Seriously Richard, please, you’re going to lose yourself in this case if you continue like this.” You shoved the mopping man onto the couch with a quick push and he let out a yelp of surprise. Ignoring his surprised gaze you walked over to the kitchen area and pulled out two root beers, no need for him to be depressed and drunk, and tossed him the second one.

“Thanks.” He stated still shocked at your unusual actions as he opened up the bottle. You smiled for a moment and then went to your small bedroom to assess your wounds. Richard was fine, he luckily only dealt with the detonator wielding perp but you got into a few tussles.  Pulling your shirt over your head with a small wince you looked over your physique with a large frown. A nasty gash carried from your side all the way to your stomach from where a knife caught you. You grabbed the first aid kit and found the antiseptic, dousing it onto a small bandaging cloth before putting it on your cut. The sting was sharp and fiery as you cleaned the deep cut and you couldn’t help but wince a little. “(Y/n)?” You heard Grayson call you from the other side of the door.

“I’m getting changed!” You replied with a quick lie and you found a different shirt lying on a piece of furniture. Quickly you pulled the shirt over your head, it hurt like hell when you stretched the skin around the wounds area like that. You grimaced but called to him, “All good.” He opened the door and held a half grin.

“We should look up Deathstroke’s movements on Oracle…” His blue eyes fell to your new top, and you realized the drastic mistake you just made. The shirt was bright white. Mentally you were hitting your head against the wall as you knew there was no way to hide your injury. “You know you’re a bad liar, but that fashion choice really didn’t help your case.” You chuckled lightly and he gave you a look. You sighed and pulled off the now red tainted shirt and he walked over grabbing some more bandaging. “You shouldn’t have hid this, it’s pretty bad…” Grayson began carefully wrapping the wound tightly. You held a strong poker face and barely flinched at the aches from the injury.

“Sounds like I’ve heard this conversation before, though not from you.” You stated looking at him with a knowing glance.

“Looks like we swapped roles.” Richard replied with a chuckle, though he soon frowned a little when he reached the deepest part of the cut. “I think you’re gonna need to be stitched up.” You reached for the small and overused kit inside the case but he grabbed it from you. “I’ll do it.” As you stuck your tongue out childishly he began prepping the needle. Grayson put some of the cream for numbing around the injury before beginning with an apologetic look. You clenched your teeth and looked away as he carefully and precisely sewed up the spot. “There.” He smiled reassuringly and you mustered up a grin as you put on a shirt.

“I think we can wait on the Oracle search, though tomorrow we’ll begin a full swing operation.” You told him walking back out to the main living area.

“Alright, though the Chinese is on you.” Richard remarked with a grin grabbing a cell.

“Fine, I deserve Chinese after being stabbed.” You said putting your nose in the air jokingly causing you both to burst into a fit of laughter. He placed an order for Chinese to be dropped downstairs and then sat beside you on the couch. You kissed his cheek lightly and he blushed in surprise.

“What was that for?” His blue eyes looked into yours, you smiled blushing a little.

“For stitching me up.”

Imagine: Being afraid to tell Peter you like him because he and your cousin, Caspian, don’t like each other.

You pushed your hair behind your ear and leaned down to help the wounded man with the cut on his arm. You wrapped it slowly and looked up to see Peter watching you from across the tent, arms crossed over his chest as he smiled.

“You’ve wrapped that wrong,” Susan said, coming up beside you. “Watch.” She showed me how to wrap it and went back to help Lucy string her own bow.

I stand and head over to Peter. “Are you watching me?”

“No, of course not. I admire how gentle you are with the people, we made a good choice in choosing you as our caretaker,” he said, following me out of the tent.

“Please don’t call me a caretaker, it sounds like I’m your babysitter and I really don’t want to be your babysitter,” you said, laughing. His hand brushed across your back and you stood straight, cheeks on fire and hands sweaty from nervousness. “I-I’ve…gotta go! Caspian is waiting for me.

He grabbed your wrist before you could leave. “Well, meet me by the cliff later? There’s supposed to be an amazing sunset tonight and no one wants to watch it with me.”

You nodded, biting your lip, and ran off.

Later that evening, after admitting to your cousin that you liked Peter and arguing with him about going to the cliff, you finally convinced him to let you go. You turned around one of the large rocks blocking the view and saw Peter sitting at the edge of the cliff, head tilted as he watched the sky.

“Peter?” you said softly, walking up next to him.

“Oh, hello. It’s just starting,” he nodded at sun which was dipping below the edge of the ocean.

“Wow,” you murmured, sitting next to him.

There was silence for a long time, the sun eventually disappearing behind the ocean. Peter turned to you and slowly crept his hand into your own, holding your fingers in his. “I like you, y/n…Susan said I should do this, I thought she might be wrong but she’s never wrong…”

You giggled, smiling shyly. “She was right this time.”

“I knew it,” he joked, laughing and rolling his head back. “So…do you like me?”

“What a childish thing to say,” his face dropped. “Why would you even have to ask? I’ve been trying to tell you I’ve liked you for months.”

His face filled with relief and he turned your head slightly, kissing your cheek softly and rubbing your arm. “Caspian won’t be happy.”

You shrugged, kissing his cheek like how he had kissed yours. “Caspian doesn’t matter. He’s an old man.”

“He’s our age,” Peter corrected.

Oh well.

december fourth

December fourth; The Man With the Bag by She and Him

“Tape.” I call out.

“Tape,” Shawn replies, handing me the cut pieces of tape. I fold the pieces of wrapping paper down and tape them.


“Bow,” he says. He hands me the bright blue bow and I remove the sticker protector and stick the bow on the middle of the present before sliding it under the tree. “And that’s all of them.”

“Finally!” I say. I lie back gently on the floor and let out a little groan. “Why does a beautiful holiday have to be hectic?”

“Happy Hectic-days!” Shawn jokes, lying down next to me on the carpeted floor.

“That is such a terrible dad joke.”

“Good thing I’m not a dad yet.”

“Yet,” I whisper under my breath. I get up from the floor and head into the kitchen to grab the brownies from the oven and place them on the table to cool down. Shawn walks in and opens the fridge. “Are you looking for something to eat?”

“No, just a little snack.” He replies.

“You practically begged me to make you brownies because you wanted a snack.”

“Yeah, but they have to cool down.” He shrugs his shoulders and grabs a can of whipped cream before uncapping it. He tosses his head back and sprays the cream in his mouth before swallowing the edible foam in his mouth. He motions the can towards me and hums. “You want some?”

I bite my lip and take the can from his hand. I squirt some whipped cream in my mouth before he takes the can back and sprays more into his mouth. He walks around before grabbing a knife from the drawer and then cutting into the brownies.

“Shawn,” I chuckle-groan at him. “Give it just one more minute.”

“What am I gonna do for a whole minute?”

“You act like a minute is an hour,” I giggle.

“To me it is. Look, it’s my brownie, and I want it now.”

Shawn cuts into the baked batter and cuts a messy, yet shaped rectangle. With his fingers he grabs it and it breaks in half. The other half falls back onto the pan while he eats the other half. I grab the fallen piece before popping it into my mouth and chewing at it. It’s warm and gooey, just how I like it. I pull out a stool from under the island and sit down. Shawn grabs two forks and takes a seat on another stool adjacent from me. We both pick at the brownies with our forks instead of cutting them into rectangles.

Outside the weather calm. A blanket of fresh snow had fallen early morning but all day we had wrapped presents for both sides of the family. We had been up since nine in the morning wrapping and gathering all the presents together by family. And now, nearly eight hours later, we had finished.

“I just realized that this is all we’ve eaten today,” Shawn comments as he picks through with his fork.

“It’s only five thirty,” I reply with a little shrug. “Maybe we can go out and eat.”

“You want to?” He asks.

I pick my head up and look out the window for a couple of seconds, then turn back to Shawn. “Or we could just order in.”

“Yeah, that sounds better. What’re you in the mood for?”

I purse my lips to the side as I think about what to eat. What am I craving? My eyes spark up and I face him. “Can we order from Al’s?”

“You want Al’s?” He replies.
“Yes, please! I saw on the menu the last time we ordered that they had green spaghetti and I really want to try some.”

“You sure?”
“Yes, please,” I nod my head.

“Alright, but I’m ordering from Lois’s. I’m in the mood for some sushi.” Shawn says as he gets off the stool and walks towards where we have the take-out menus.

Shawn orders from both places and I continue to dig into the brownies. About thirty minutes later, our food arrives. I go to answer the door and pay while Shawn grabs the food and brings it to the kitchen of our apartment. I dig into my spaghetti and begin eating while Shawn eats his sushi with chopsticks.

“You know,” he begins, “I don’t think I ever really asked. What do you want for Christmas?”

“Nothing,” I shake my head.

“Oh, come on. What do you want? We can go to Paris again if you’d like.”

“We were there about a month ago. Why would we go back?” I reply.

He shrugs. “In case you want to pick up what we left.” He winks and I playfully roll my eyes at him. “But no, seriously. What would you like?”

I shrug my shoulders. “Honestly, I really don’t know. What do you want?”

“I kind of want to go to Paris again.” He replies.
“Shawn, we are not picking up where we left off.”

“I mean in terms of being away from people. Like a little vacation.”
“How about we go somewhere sunny? Maybe Bora Bora?”

“That’s what you want?” He asks me.
“Yeah, it’s what I want.”

We’re silent for a moment and I continue to stir around my pasta. “Okay. I kind of already have a present for you.”

“Really?” Shawn asks me.

I nod my head. “Yeah. Um, wait here for a moment.”

I hop off the stool and lightly jog towards our room in the back. Lying in my nightstand was a long and skinny box that fit in the palm of my hand. I grab the white box wrapped with a skinny blue ribbon and hold it behind my back as I nervously walk back to the kitchen. Shawn had grabbed my fork and started to eat some of my spaghetti while I was gone.

“Okay,” I say. He drops the fork and takes a drink of water from the glass. “I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now. And I wanted to give it to you Christmas morning, but I couldn’t wait any longer.”

I stick my hand out and lean against the kitchen island. He takes it and the box looks small compared to his big hand. “Can I return it if I don’t like it?”

“Uh, I think it would be pretty hard to return it from where it came from. But you can try.” I say. My hands are behind my back and I no longer lean against the counter.

Shawn slowly removes the string from the ribbon and it falls loose. He looks at me as he slowly lifts the top up and then looks inside. The smile on his face fades and he furrows his brows while placing the top on the countertop. He blinks a few times before smiling again and looking up at me. Shawn grabs the pregnancy stick and holds it between his fingers and gets off the stool, towering above me.

“Positive?” His voice is happy. Shawn presses a hand against my stomach and bites his lip while smiling.

I nod my head before placing my hands on top of his hand. “I’m pregnant.”

Shawn wraps his arms around me in a tight embrace that lifts me off the ground. He carefully sets me on the ground and looks back at the stick and then at my stomach.

“This happened in-in Paris?” He asks me.
“Yeah,” I nod. “It happened in Paris.”

He smiles and then drops the stick down on the floor. “This is the best gift ever, but I just realized you peed on this thing.”

Prayer to White Gods

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