i bow down to him

Alright, so I’ll keep this photo op story short and sweet. I absolutely loved the episode “Regarding Dean” this past season (on that note: dear show, please give Jensen more opportunity to challenge himself, he talked with so much joy about that episode today) and especially the bunny moment, so when I stumbled upon this pillow a few weeks back, I couldn’t resist to buy it thinking of using it for my Jensen op. And needless to say, I did use it and I do really love the outcome, though I am not entirely happy with my mouth, but shhhh, just ignore that! ;)

Anyway, so I walk up to Jensen and probably speak wayyyy too fast due to nervousness and he looks at me intently while I try and tell him in ultra speed that “I absolutely loved the episode and the bunny scene and that I wondered if we can take a picture together all cuddly” and he just goes: “DONE!”, smiles at me and pulls me into a hug. The picture is taken and while I go back he smiles once more and I say thank you so much and he says “thank you”. And I’m just thinking what on earth would you need to thank me for? :’) But it was very sweet and probably made me blush quite a bit.

me: get over helion you whack noodle

me @ me: think about the way he crosses his ankle over his thigh 

He’s got a cool head. He’s taken in the two people who insulted him the most, Carol and Daryl. He sees their insults as a defense mechanism. He can see pain in their aggression and find a way to work around it.
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Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/OC- Reader’s shower stops working and needs to use Roman and Deans. Things get a little carried away.

Warnings: I don’t know why this is so long but it is, also there aren’t any except for pure smut.

I don’t know where this idea came from but I’m damn glad that its here now : @alexispoo @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @sierrarukia @ambrosegirlforever

I smirked as my heels clicked on the concrete in the halls of the arena. Seeing that I wasn’t scheduled to fight tonight but instead I had a promo with Dean and Roman, my outfit had to be perfect. My heels made me feel a little bit more superior than my fellow wrestlers and the whistle that just left Finn’s mouth made me giggle in delight.

As I stood in the gorilla waiting for my cue, I checked my reflection once more and smiled as I saw how well my dress hugged every curve on my body. My music pulled my attention away from the mirror and I walked out the curtain to an audience chanting my name.

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Again I kind of adore the messages Yuuko is putting across here. 

Only the victim of a situation can decide whether their suffering was significant or not. Grudges are easy, unequal, and unfair by their very nature. And even then, spiders are more fair than humans. 

It occurs to me that Yuuko isn’t even explaining this as a lesson that Watanuki “needs to learn”, but rather as an explanation that “this is just how things are, and none of it is ever fair or equal”. 



My favourite resolution to this plot line would be Watanuki going, “Oh, the spider wants Doumeki to suffer? OK I GOT THIS.”

And then just like. Chasing Doumeki around his house beating him with a stick until the spider was satisfied and lifted the curse. 

It’s absolutely not going to be that simple BUT I CAN DREAM OK. 

Hector Barbossa - a legend

Honestly, aside from Jackie, Barbossa is my all time favourite character in any film franchise, he’s just so developed and his intimidation is unforgettable.

He’s scary but he has the biggest heart ever, even if he may seem selfish. He hated Jack and abandoned him, but came back to save him when he was in Davy Jones’ locker. Instead of continuing to be the Captain of the black pearl, he helped defeat Davy Jones, and even put on a wedding for Will and Elizabeth in the middle of a battle. He’s done so much for so many people even if they seem unimportant.

What makes him even better is who they chose to play him. Geoffrey Rush, I bow down to you. You remind me of Johnny as Jack, nobody else would be able to play Barbossa like you do, and I wish you won an oscar as best supporting actor along with john, because you honestly deserved it. Thank you for making up my childhood.

Camp Mockingjay - Ch 8

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Hi all, so sorry for the late post today! It’s a holiday here in Canada and I didn’t get to a laptop until now. At any rate, this amazing chapter by @titaniasfics, is well worth the agony of the wait! Enjoy!!! Since we’re pretty sure we know what you’re going to vote with this one, we won’t be adjusting the deadline to vote. So, reply with your choice by noon EDT on Wednesday! And don’t forget to reblog. Half of the fun of this game is the great discussion and debate you all have each week.

We stop by Peeta’s cabin on the way to the archery fields to pick up the cookies he promised but, to my surprise, he adds other items I’m sure belong to the cafeteria - soda cans, fruit, and sandwiches wrapped in cellophane.

“You’re not supposed to keep food in the cabins,” I say, watching him fill his backpack. Thankfully, everyone is at the party so the sleeping areas are quiet.

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Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Seven

Word Count: 1648

Warnings: Cursing. More Willy. (That’s a warning right?)

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

You couldn’t quite describe the emotions that were running through your body. You were still hurt from what happened with Alex the previous day. You were lost, not knowing what to do. Lonely, losing not only him, but Kasperi as well. Confused, as to why Will was now sitting on the couch in your living room. He leaned back comfortably on the cushions with his arms crossed. A nonchalant appearance across his face as you sat on the love seat across from him.

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too hot (hot damn)

When Bunce opens the door of their flat I am confused. Normally it’s Simon who will greet me at the door, not Bunce. 

“Where is-”

“Your boyfriend?” She finishes my question, sounding a bit on edge. She let’s me in and when I walk into their flat I get why Penny was the one to open the door.

“What am I looking at?” I ask. 

I hear Bunce sigh. “He’s been like this all day.”

In front of me Snow is spread out on the stone floor, laying on his stomach, his cheek squashed against the ground. He’s wearing shorts and his wings are sprawled out, covering his naked upper body. 

“Baz, is that you?” he asks without looking up. 

“What the fuck are you doing?” I ask him in return.

“The floor is nice and cold. The weather is so hot, this floor keeps me from dying.” 

I roll my eyes. “Don’t exaggerate, Snow.” 

“Snow. I’m Simon Snow. I’m snow and I’m melting. Fuck this weather.” He mumbles, his words sounding funny because of his squashed face. Penelope has left the room, probably done with Simon. 

I just stand there. This morning I had promised to come over after school, not really having anything planned for us to do, but this was for sure not how I wanted to spend my afternoon with Simon. And yes, the temperature has gone up by quite a bit, but still… This is ridiculous. 

“Are you going to get up?” I ask him as I walk closer to him. 

“And do what? It’s to hot to do anything,” he complains.

I push my hand through my hair and mumble, “For fucks sake, Snow.”

I bow down and reach for him, I grab his hand with the intention to pull him up, but as soon as I touch his hot skin his head snaps up. “Your skin is so cold,” he exclaims wide-eyed.

“Not that cold,” I say. “But yeah, I’m a vampire, remember.”

I watch Simon get onto his feet. He comes close to me and says, “Take off your shirt.”

“Well, calm down Snow, I just got here.”

He rolls his eyes and sighs. “Please. Your skin is cold.”

I take the hem of my shirt and list it up. As soon as it’s completely off Snow moves his arms around me, pressing his body against mine. He sighs happily. “Cold,” he mumbles in the crook of my neck. 

I hesitantly bring my arms around him as well. His skin is sticky and hot. Well at least we’re doing something. I breath in his scent, though I mostly just smell sweat. 

“You wanna lay down?” I ask him. 

He mumbles an agreement and then pulls me down to the ground. I make a surprised noise as Snow lies down on the ground again and makes me lay with him. 

“I meant on a couch or a bed,” I groan as Simon curls himself around me. 

“No. The floor is better, the floor is cold.”

I decide to just go with it and I wrap my arms around Simon. I feel his mouth pressing feverish hot kisses against my collarbone and I smile. 

That’s when Bunce comes back in. “Really?” She gives me a disappointed look.

“Shush,” Snow says and he waves his hand at her as a dismissive gesture whilst he kisses my collarbone once more. I just shrug at Penny with a grin showing on my face.

She rolls her eyes and is out again within a minute. 

I turn my focus back to Simon who’s looking at me with a grin on his face. Then we both chuckle and I kiss him. 


After making out for a little while I realize Simon’s problem. It’s way too fucking hot here.

He’s way too fucking hot.

But I would catch fire for him anytime. 

AN: So… Where I live the temperature has been going up and well… I really don’t like hot (or even warm) weather. Just give me winter. 

Luckily my way of dealing with this weather gave me some inspiration. What Simon does is literally how I deal with warm weather (the laying on the cold, stone floor part). Don’t judge me… Baz is judging me…

The Red Flower AU

Previous part summary: Going to the party was a bad deicison, because Jungkook only insulted you, resulting in you leaving the party.

Warnings: Cursing? 

Italic: Y/n’s thoughts.

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Romance

A Jungkook CEO AU. Enjoy sweets!

Part 3

Making my way out of the car and walking over to my house I feel like my anger has not subsided. Is he for real? I toss my bag onto the couch, the red flower catching my eyes as I exhale feeling Y/bff/n standing behind me I couldn’t keep my feelings inside anymore. Turning around looking at her I said

‘’ Your cousin is an ass. How dare he? Who does he think he is?? He insulted me by trying to give me advice? He can shove his advice up his ass because he has no right whatsoever. No you know what. It’s my fault, I wouldn’t have went there if I knew that your cousin was that bastard.’’

‘’Wait no Y/n, he is nice trust me. He just wanted your attention’’

‘’Well sucks to be him then cause he’s never getting my attention. No did you hear him? ‘’ Did you come here to convince me’’ What the hell? He seriously needs a reality check.’’

‘’Alright okay, it’s my fault. But hey you had fun with the parents atleast, look I’m going to sleep over tonight and we can do something fun together alright sweets?’’

‘’Yeah fine whatever.’’ I say and walk towards my bedroom. I undress, feeling like I need a shower as I take my towel and some clothes and necessities and walk inside my bathroom.

After a while as I changed and walked outside my bedroom and into the kitchen I saw Y/bff/n making some coffee. Feeling quite guilty for lashing out at her earlier I go up to her and give her a back hug, resting my head on her back. She taps my hands silently telling me to give her some space to turn around, as she did so, she just hugged me.

‘’It’s okay, you’re good. He was an ass but that’s why I’m here with coffee and dessert and we have some sweets here too.’’ She said, making me feel even more guilty about my behavior.  Shooing me away like the mom she is, I go to the veranda and sit there silently under the night sky, overthinking once again, like every night. I try to brush it off not wanting to let my past get to me as Y/bff/n is here and I don’t want to burden her with me crying. She came with everything we needed and sat down beside me, her eyes turning crescents smiling softly, returning back a smile I sip on the coffee. It tastes bitter, harsh and sharp but at the same time it tastes sweet, delicate and soft, the taste so familiar on my tongue reminding me of something buried deep inside my heart. Sitting there talking about everything together, having a peaceful night together.

I wake up to the alarm clock going off, trying to reach it to stop that annoying sound killing the peace. Noticing that I’m actually going to be late to work if I don’t get up and fix the current mess that I am, I start to panic. Showering quickly and making myself look presentable I sprint out the door with a quick goodbye to Y/bff/n.

Arriving perfectly on time I finally sigh as I sit down behind the desk. My boss arriving shortly after as I greet him, following right behind him into his office and starting to tell him about his schedule for the day.

‘’Sir, you have a meeting with the board in 30 minutes. And later on you have another meeting with Mr. Jeon…’’ I say and suddenly my mind goes blank, and I am annoyed just by thinking of his name.

‘’Y/n?? I don’t exactly have all day, go on.’’ My boss says bringing me back to reality.

‘’ Right, excuse me sir. Mr. Jeon will arrive shortly after your meeting with the board, he left a message saying it’s important. Also…’’

I continue giving him information about his schedule for the day and then I excuse myself to prepare for the meeting. The meeting ended nicely, and currently I’m waiting for that judging brat to arrive. Suddenly the door opens and here he is, wearing clothes that screams expensive and a smirk on his face that I wanna destroy. I stand up bowing down slightly as I show him to the office, seeing him make himself comfortable on the couch after greeting my boss. They start to talk about work as I stand there writing down the most important details.

‘’Y/n excuse us for a while’’ I bow and start walking towards the door but stopped as soon as I heard

‘’ Namjoon hyung, can’t she stay?’’  Hyung? What the..? I turn back around, meeting his stare with a confused expression on my face.

‘’Why? I thought you wanted to talk privately?’’

‘’Well you see hyung, I want her to be mine.’’

He’s definitely crazy.

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I’m contemplating on making a Jungkook P.O.V for you guys, so tell me if you do want that. 

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3(you’re here) Part 4

Supernatural A.I.

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Ghost // Vampire M.C // Siren L.H // Demon C.H

Summary: A boy who dies in his home hundreds of years ago, and a girl who moves into this old house. A boy who wants to be alone, and a girl who know that’s not true.

Word Count: 3.6k +

Warnings: Murder, Profanity, Abuse, Whipping



“This house is fucking creepy as all hell.” I sighed as my parents helped me move my things into my new house. My mom sighed, “Well, it’s the cheapest thing that wasn’t extremely far from your college, now quit complaining. It’s just a little bit old, don’t worry your pretty little head off.” She said and patted my head like a dog.

I smiled and rolled my eyes, “Yeah, yeah. Alright then. Thanks for helping me get my boxes in Mom, I appreciate it, but you can head back home, I can unpack by myself easily.” She was about to complain, but I just shook my head.

“Don’t think I forgot, but I know you have a doctor’s appointment, you aren’t fooling me, now get to it.” My mom hated the doctor’s so I new she would try and do anything to put it off for another day. She sighed and laughed, “You’re right, I’ll head home now, and I’ll visit whenever you want me to come.” I smiled and gave her a hug goodbye.

When she closed the door, I sighed and looked around the old house. The house was already pre-furnished and I looked around at all of the colors. It was a tan colored living room, and the kitchen was stone tiles. I walked up the stair with my clothes and pick the room furthest in the back. There was two more rooms, so they could just be guest rooms for if my parents or someone came over.

I set my box down on the room I picked, the biggest room that is, and went back to grab my other boxes. I brought knickknacks, clothes, and pictures to place on the dresser in here. I set everything up and walked back downstairs to put everything away in the kitchen.

I jumped, and dropped the pot I was carrying when I heard something fall upstairs. There was only one room up there that I actually put things in, so I ran up there quickly into my new bedroom. When I got in there, I saw my picture of me and my younger sister on the floor, shattered.

“Dammit, that’s going to be messy to clean up.” I said as I looked around my room cautiously. I checked everywhere, and then I heard a low noise coming from the closet. Timidly, I walked closer to the closet, and touched the door. I fucking touched the door like a dumbass.

I chuckled to myself and walked a little bit closer to the closet door, it had nothing in it, I hadn’t put my clothes away yet, but it was still intimidating me. I took a deep breath, and opened the door. As I suspected, there was nothing there.

I turned around, and was met face to face with a guy. I screamed and jumped back in fear. “Fucking hell man! How did you get into my house?” I asked as he stared at me. “This is my house. And you need to leave.” I scoffed, “I’m not fucking leaving, I paid for this house, pretty boy.”

He grumbled and turned away, when he turned back he went invisible. My mouth hung open, and I searched the room for him. My eyes were wide, and I felt something on the back of my neck. I spun around very quickly, and saw the mystery boy sitting on my bed.

I stared at him, and he disappeared again. I looked around my room, and slowly started to walk out of it. The door slammed shut in my face and I yelped with a jump in surprise. I looked around quickly with my eyes wide open.

“What are you doing? Why are you doing this ghost boy?” I assumed he was a ghost, because there is no way in hell a normal person could do all of these things. He appeared again and smirked at me.

“Like I said, human girl,” he mocked, “I want you out of my house, and I want you out now.” His voice got deeper towards the end, and I growled, “I’m not fucking leaving! My parents paid for this house and I can’t leave it. I don’t care who you are, or whatever you are! But I cant leave this house!” I demanded and he sighed.

“Fine, have it your way.” He disappeared, and I continued on with my cleaning, “You know you could always clean up the mess you made!” I shouted into the air. I grumbled when I didn’t get a response, and walked out to get a broom.

When I walked back into the room, I noticed the picture all back together and a little note on the dresser. I’m sorry about your picture, I lost control, and I apologize. Just stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours. -Ashton

I shook my head and smiled. “Thanks for picking this up Ashton!” I screamed into the air and finished unpacking my belongings.

When I finally finished unpacking, I laid down on my bed, and sighed. I was super curious about Ashton and about why he was a ghost and how he got that way. I was mostly curious about why he was haunting this house. I sat up and looked around my room for any trace of him, “Ashton! Can you come out? I’m bored.” I groaned and looked around the room.

It didn’t seem like he was there, but in reality, he was. He hid in the corner of the room, invisible, just laughing at Y/n’s stupid ways.

“Ashton! Hello?” I called out again and I heard chuckling, which made me groan, “God dammit Ashton just come out, I want to ask you some things.” I sighed and noticed his figure starting to appear in the corner of the room. Soon enough, he came out from hiding and floated towards me with a scowl. “What?” He barked out harshly.

“I thought I told you to leave me alone, remember? ’Stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours’. I told you I didn’t want to talk to you. I want to be left alone.” He said with a roll of his eyes.

I smirked, “Well, if you really wanted to be alone you wouldn’t have come out when I called for you.” I chuckled and he growled. My eyes widened in shock as snapped his fingers and the room got darker.

When he snapped them again, it was bright in the room, but Ashton was gone. I groaned, “I didn’t mean leave!” I protested, “I was just messing with you buddy old pal.” I joked and sighed when he didn’t come out again.

“God, if we’re both going to be living here, you might as well be civil towards me, because I’m not leaving. So if you don’t want to deal with me, you could always go somewhere else.” I said in a smartass type of way. I heard another growl and Ashton appeared again.

Instantly, I smiled a large grin, “Ashton! You’re back! Hi!” I said over-enthusiastically. “How’ve you been buddy? I haven’t seen you in forever, I’ve missed you. It was so boring in here without you!” I said with an overdramatic sigh, as if I really meant what I was saying. Well, I half meant it, it was boring without someone to talk to.

He chuckled, “I didn’t realize you missed me, how nice of you. I am quite fabulous aren’t I?” I grinned, “Only the most fabulous!” I giggled. “Ok, but honestly, it’s so boring, why wont you talk to me?” I asked with a pout. He sighed.

“Sometimes, I cant handle how I act. It’s like a natural thing for ghosts, they can’t usually control their emotions. We’re normally supposed to be rude, and angry at the world all of the time, but I try my best to control that urge, and I try my best to be nice, but it’s kind of hard when your body is telling you to be something that your mind and heart don’t want.” He sighed and bowed his head down.

I stared at him with wide eyes, “Wow, I just thought you were a douche.” I joked, trying to lighten the mood a little bit. He chuckled half heartedly, “Yeah, sorry about that, but bare with me ok? I’m trying really, and like you, I’d like to be friends fi we’re going to be living here together.” He smiled and I giggled.

“I actually said to be civil with one another, but if you really want to be friends, than I’d like that as well.” I teased. He smiled and shook his head, “Yeah, I’d like to be friends with you. So, hi, I’m Ashton.” He said and held his hand out.

“Hi I’m Y/n,” I said and looked wearily at his hand. I tried to poke it first, and noticed my finger went right through it. “Hey!” I complained, “You were trying to trick me!” I pouted and he just laughed. He floated over to me and ruffled my hair. I looked up in confusion and amazement.

“What the?” I asked and he laughed again. “I guess you didn’t know I could control when I want to be touched or not?” I shook my head at his ridiculousness, “Of course I didn’t know, I know nothing about ghosts.” I chuckled.

After a few months, Ashton and I had become really close friends, he obviously sometimes get moody like he did when we first met, but he’s been controlling it a little bit better. I still really want to know about what happened to him, but every time I ask, he avoids the question, or he gets mad and loses control like before.

I’ve learned to not ask him, but my curiosity ended up getting the better of me this time. “Um, Ash? Do you think, maybe you could- just putting it out there you don’t have to- but I’ve really been wonder if- well actually-” His laugh cut me off and he ruffled my hair like he always does.

I pouted when he started talking, “Just get to the point Y/n, spit it out,” He urged and I sighed but nodded. “How did you die?” I asked timidly, he opened his mouth but I cut him off this time, “And don’t give me no bullshit answer or say something like ‘I don’t have to tell you’ or like, 'It’s for the best you don’t know.’ Because I’m sick of it Ash! I’m your friend, and I want to know what happened.” I continued my rant.

“I care for you, and it hurts to know that this things, the reason you died, eats you alive inside, and I want to talk with you. I want you to know I’m here for you, and I want you to know that you have nothing to be worried about if you tell me.” I said with a gasp after I rant was over.

I looked over at him and noticed his eyes were darker than they normally were. “Listen Y/n” He spit my name out, “I don’t have to tell you shit.” He said and vanished. Nothing good ever came out of that, but at least he wasn’t as violent and destructive as he normally would be.

“I’m sorry Ash, I’m just really curious, and have you heard my speech? It sounded rehearsed, but I swear it wasn’t.” I joked and heard his chuckled from across the room. He reappeared, he always came back after I said or did something dumb, but he never came back this quickly.

He sighed and looked at the ground while floating in the air with his legs crossed, “I’m sorry for snapping again. But I think I’m ready to tell you what happened to me.” He sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. “It started back in 1986.”

“Ashton Fletcher Irwin, get your ass in here this instant.”

“My 'Father’ was always a bit of a prick, he never liked me so I guess that’s why all of this happened.”

“Get the fuck in here and clean the house. You don’t want another beating now do you?” Zack, my mother’s husband of four years rhetorically asked me. I sighed and walked around the house cleaning anything that could possibly be dirty in his eyes. “Hey! Don’t forget to clean up the blood on the floor from last time.” He grinned maliciously.

“By, last time, he always meant the previous beatings I would get, my siblings never got them, which I was thankful for, but he would surely kill them if anyone tried to get help.”

I grumbled and scrubbed the floor in the kitchen. Zack sat in the living room watching a show that I paid no mind to. I kept scrubbing until I could see my reflection and decided I was finished.

“I’m going out, you better have the whole house cleaned and polished before I get back, or I swear, you’ll be beaten so bad, you’ll fucking wish you were dead.” Zack said with a wicked smile and walked out with his keys.

I kept cleaning, but noticed something, I saw that he left his cell phone on the couch and took this as my opportunity to call the police.

“My family was always too afraid of Zack to leave their rooms, they often cried at night and there was nothing I could do for them. If Zack found any of us out of our rooms, without permission, we’d be beaten ten feet under the ground.” Ashton cringed at the memory and continued on with his story.

I dialed 911 (or 999 wherever you live) and tried to tell them what was going on. “Please, please help my family and I, my step dad beats me and my family isn’t allowed to leave their rooms, I need help, and come soon, he’ll be home soo-” I was cut off by a slap to the face.

“You disrespectful little bitch!” Zack screamed and smashed his foot down on his phone. “You tried calling the fucking police! I could get arrested for this you son of a bitch.” He screamed and lifted me by my collar. I tried to get away from him, but he brought me down into the basement.

“Let go of me! Mom! Please! Someone help me!” I shouted.

“They never came, and when people finally got there, I was already dead.” I had tears running down my face and tried to get Ashton to stop telling me. “You don’t have to say anymore Ash.” I said as I wiped my tears, but they wouldn’t stop.

“You, asked, and, and I need to tell someone. Finally tell someone exactly what happened. You deserve to know.” I sighed and nodded.

He slapped me across the face and my head flew to the side. “Now listen up, by the time the police arrive, I’ll have you dead, and you’ll regret ever calling them.” He said menacingly.

He tied me to a support pole that held up the basement with my back against it, and my arms around it and tied up. I cried, and pleaded for him to stop, for someone to save me, because I knew, this time I wouldn’t be getting out alive.

He beat me, he cut my shirt open and off the proceeded to whip me with a thick and heavy rope. I cried out as he whipped me all across my face, and on my stomach I was whipped. When my body was scattered in bright red slashes from the rope, he continuously punched me. He punched me in the face, in the gut, and even kicked me.

I could feel myself slowly falling out of consciousness, but he refused to allow that. “Wake the fuck up, I’m not finished with you yet.”

By now, Ashton and I both had tears rolling down our faces and I was heartbroken. “Ashton stop! I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want you to have to relive that Ashton, don’t put yourself through this.” I said in exasperation. He sighed and sat down next to me, with me cradled in his arms.

He kissed my forehead and sighed, “I need to tell you everything, and then I need to ask a favor, but for now, just let me speak.” I nodded my head and leaned into Ashton’s warm embrace.

Zack pulled out a knife, and with my blurry vision, I could barely see what he was holding. I could only determine what it was when I felt it go right through my stomach. “Ah! Stop it!” I screamed as he twisted his knife inside of my stomach.

“You don’t like this? Well I didn’t like when you called the cops on me!” He shouted in my face, and sliced the knife across my arms, and with one final thing I could muster up before he slammed the knife into my chest, I stared up at him and said, “See you in Hell.”

“After that, I became a ghost, I could see everything that went on, I saw his evil grin when he realized I was dead. When he realized the police were near, he hid my body in a compartment in the walls. He shoved me in and closed the door. Before he could get any further, the police came and shot him, automatically killing him.”

My lip trembled and I buried my head into Ashton’s chest. I could feel the tears falling onto my head from him and I sniffled really loudly. “I’m so sorry Ashton. If I had known I wouldn’t have asked, but, if he was killed in the house, shouldn’t he be here too?” I asked timidly and looked up at him.

Ashton sighed. “So, maybe I didn’t tell you everything about being a ghost. You know, if you get murdered, you turn into a ghost, but actually, it’s also if you have some unfinished business, you could say.” He said nervously as he looked at me.

“So what’s your unfinished business?” I asked wearily and he looked at me with innocent eyes, “I need you to get my body out of that compartment and I need you to set me free.” His lip trembled as he tried to hold in the tears. Me on the other hand, just let them flow freely down my face.

“I mean, if I have to, but I don’t want to see your beaten body Ashton.” I cried and he gave me a hug and ran his fingers through my hair. “It’ll be fine, and I’ll miss you so much Y/n, but this is what needs to be done, I need to be set free.” I nodded.

“Of course I’ll do it, I want you to be happy.” My words were chocked up, “And I’ll miss you to Ash, so fucking much.” I cried and closed my eyes shut tight. He lifted my chin, “Open your eyes beautiful, I want to see you before I have to go.” He said and I complied. He smiled at me and I smiled a small, watery smile back.

He looked down at my lips and back to my eyes, “Can I, can I kiss you?” He asked in a small voice. I nodded, and he looked down at my lips, “I’ve wanted to do this ever since I laid eyes on you.” He said right before he slowly, and gently placed his lips on top of mine.

I kissed back, and could taste the tears mixed in with it. It was a slow kiss, neither of us wanted to take it a step further, we just left it as an innocent kiss that laid all of our emotions on the table. I pulled back and rested my forehead against his, he sighed and smiled, “Now I’m really going to miss you, but, I can’t stay, this world isn’t where I belong anymore.” I sighed and nodded.

I got up from my room, and walked down into the basement with Ashton following behind me. He pointed to the left wall and sighed, “That’s the wall and if you look closely, there are a few tiles that are pushed out from not being closed properly.” I nodded, and felt my way to open the door.

“Why did you never open it yourself and leave?” I asked confusedly and pried the door open. “I’m not allowed as a ghost to touch my body.” I gasped as I saw Ashton’s body curled up and all limp. I started to cry and turned to look at him, “I’ll get you out of here.”

I turned back and reached out for the limp body. I cried harder as I saw the gashes and the whiplash marks all over him. I cried even more as the smell of dried old blood filled my nose.

“Just place my body in the middle of the room and I should be able to escape, and my body will disappear into nothing.” I complied and sniffled. I placed his body in the middle of the room, and as soon as I did, his body started fading away. I looked over at Ashton and he was already staring at me.

 "I love you.“ He said as he waved goodbye to me as he started disappearing just like his body had done. I broke down into sobs, but still managed to choke out a rough sounding "I love you too” to Ashton.

 I saw him smile, really widely, and even with some tears running down both of our faces, and my heart wrenching sobs echoing in the basement,  I could faintly hear him say, “I’ll see you again, and until then, I’ll wait for you. Until then, my beloved.”

I’m so happy how this came out and the ending was so sad and cute and I want to cry. Hopefully you loved reading it as much as I loved writing it, thank you for everything.

I Am An Alpha Ch 8: They’re Here

The sun is barely coming up. A pink hue takes over the sky mixing with the blue to create a beautiful purple. A large wall of tall windows seems impractical for keeping this massive castle warm but it does look beautiful. I try to crawl out of the bed but the arms around my waist keep me in place. Rolling over I come face to face with a sleeping angel. Yixing looks so peaceful as he sleeps, I find myself reaching out to stroke his cheek.

“Hyung, I have to go to the bathroom,” I whisper hoping it will work it’s way into his sub consciousness or something and he would let me go.

“I’ll walk you there,” He offers without even opening his eyes.

“I can get there myself, thank you very much,” I chuckle, “I just need you to let me go.”

“You make it sound like it would be so easy,” He grumbles as he pulls me closer and tucks his face into the crook of my neck where it has been all night.

“I know it’s hard but nature is calling.”

He squints at the clock behind me realizing it’s only 7:30, “We’ve only been asleep for a couple hours, go back to bed.”

“That’s because someone kept talking,” I tease. “Come on Hyung, I’ll be right back.”

He groans but lets me out of bed. I scramble away at the chance and make my way to the bathroom. I rush in and catch sight of myself in the mirror and almost give myself a heart attack. It has been along time since I’ve actually looked at myself in a well-lit mirror, oh god I look horrible. My hair is a mess of caramel colored waves that are a few shades darker than my skin tone. I meet green eyes in the mirror that don’t even look like mine, it has been too long since I’ve seen myself. Even in Yixing’s baggy clothes I can see how skinny I am, I don’t have to weight myself to know that I’m too thin for my even my small height.

Speaking of that, Baekhyun never brought up the food, so I’m starving, which is something I’ve been used to but I not used to there being food so close. I come out of the bathroom to find Yixing peaceful sleeping once again. Nibbling on my lip I tip toe to the door hoping to find a little something to eat. The idea of just asking someone for help occurs but I shut it down, I don’t need them for everything. Oh so slowly I make my way down the hall and down the stairs, the house is completely silent as I shuffle my way to the kitchen. I’m faced with things I’ve never had to deal with before, a stove, fridge, and microwave. Things I’ve seen or heard of but never actually used myself. Maybe I should have asked for help.

As if sensing my panic a large silver wolf comes running in sending me up on to the counter in an attempt to get away. The wolf looks at me and whines, he comes closer slowly, his ears flat against his head showing he isn’t a threat. I sniff the air looking for a scent to figure out who this beautiful wolf is, he smells sweet, like cinnamon, I cock my head as I try to place the smell.

“Baekhyun hyung?”

The wolf nods his large head.

“Good morning,” I bow my head to him as I climb down off the counter and take a step closer to him. I offer him my hand that he eagerly rubs against.

“You are all so beautiful in your wolf form, I’m jealous,” I chuckle.

He whines again and licks my cheek.

“What are you doing awake? Did you smell me?”

A nod.

“Ah, I see, I was just looking for something to eat but I didn’t want to wake Yixing hyung up. But now I realize that I’m not equipped to cook for myself here, I’ve never used this stuff before, so could I bother you for some help?”

He nods eagerly again before turning around and running off.

“He has to transform,” I remind myself. I hop back up on the counter and begin humming to myself. The main floor feels a lot colder than before. I remove myself from the counter once more to go explore a bit, following the cold blowing air. I’m surprised to see the living room from yesterday but with the massive wall of windows pulled to the side opening the whole room to the bitter winter cold. My arms wrap around my shivering body in a sad attempt to protect myself from the nipping air. Something in the distance catches my attention, a light brown wolf running out of the forest towards the house, and towards me.

I sniff the air and crinkly my nose, a small growl rumbles in my chest. It’s another alpha but not one I know. It seems to hear my warning to stay away and stops in the middle of the field. He smells the air before letting out a growl of it’s own, I forget I no longer smell like an alpha, to him I’m just a weak omega. The alpha charges at me, teeth bared, it’s growl rings in my ears. I can’t hide the smile growing on my face, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a good fight with this strong of an alpha and it would be a lie to say I’m not excited.

I don’t hold back and charge at him right into the ankle deep snow but I ignore the cold. The wolf jumps and is able to take me down to the ground, basically burring me in the snow but not for long. I manage to roll over so I’m on top using his own massive weight against him. No matter how small I am in my human form it’s all about skill in these kinds of fights, strength is important but not always necessary to have the upper hand. I get ready to do my usual moves when another unfamiliar scent hits my nose but this one is different.

Mate, my wolf howls. That’s impossible, there can’t be more, I already have six! How the hell can I have anymore? None of the others mentioned anything about there being more, fucking great. The scent of coffee tickles my nose, what a yummy smell. I’m brought out of my thoughts when the wolf suddenly kicks me off on to my back. I quickly scramble to my feet, crouched low, ready to attack. He is in the same position, teeth bared, claws out. For a brief moment I consider transforming to even the playing field but it’s been too long since I’ve done it and I’ve never actually fought in my wolf form. The extra strength and speed would be useless if I can’t use it properly.

He takes a step closer, I mirror his action and take a step back, he’s going to lunge for me again. I just have to do it right this time, I try to push the delicious calling scents out of my head to focus on the wolf in front of me. As expected he comes at me again, I prepare myself, letting him take me down without any fight. But what I wasn’t expecting was his paws managing to pin down my hands. His massive paws the same size as my hands, keeping me locked in place.

Oh no.

I growl loudly in his face, regardless of my position I’m not going to submit to this bastard. I swear to god I hear him laughing, but not for long with I begin fighting him with all my might. He snarls in my face, flashes his teeth to show that he means business but I don’t care and I don’t stop. His snout goes for my neck, I resist the urge to scream when his wet nose brushes against my neck, followed by the sharp point of his teeth, waiting and ready to rip out my throat. That sends my body into over drive. I have not lived this long to let some bitch alpha do this to me. This isn’t about testing out my strength anymore, hell it’s not even about my pride right now it’s my fucking life on the line.

My heart is racing in my chest, not a panic attack right now, I have to finish this before I freeze. I pull my knees to my chest, wedging them in between the wolf and me and manage to kick him off me. He slides into the snow, I don’t give him or myself a chance to breath and run straight at him. He doesn’t even have a moment to get to his feet, I jump on top of his, straddling his rip cage that I know must have a least some damage and use that to my advantage. I squeeze my thighs together making the wolf whimper and freeze for a second. I reach for his snout to keep the fucking mutt from snapping at but only manage to wrap my hand around the bottom of his jaw, landing four my fingers right in his mouth He quickly snaps his mouth close, making me grunt in pain but I don’t try to let go. Again, I use his eagerness to attack against him and pin his head back against the pure white snow that slowly turns red from my blood dripping from his mouth.

I glare down that bastard, it’s about to get a lot messier. With his throat exposed to me I draw my free hand back to get enough force to shove my hand right through his neck. He realizes my intentions and frantically begins kicking his back legs but I have him pined.

“There is no getting out of this Alpha,” I snarl in his ear, pissed that this wolf would dare start a fight with me on my own mates’ territory. I would be lying to say I’m not still shaking with fear and I know my panic attack will be setting in soon leaving me useless. I need to finish this.

“Insoo!” Kris roars from the patio.

I don’t look at him but I can feel the rage pouring not just out of him but four more of my mates that are standing there. The wolf beneath my whimpers at the presence of my mates, whether it’s because he thinks they will save him or if he’s afraid they will kill him, I’m not sure.

“Insoo let him go and come here,” Kris commands, his voice thick with dominance.

“He attacked me first! Why are you upset with me? What is he doing here anyway?” I snap back, angry that he would be mad at me when I was just protecting them and myself.  

“I’m not mad at you little wolf, I’m concerned, now don’t make me say it again,” His tone is softer but carries the same authority. I’m about to obey when four more wolves appear from the forest. My mind is still in defensive mode so I can’t hold back the growl rumbling in my chest. “Ignore them right now,” Kris demands, “Just look at me right now. I know you are on edge but just ignore them, they will not hurt you.”

“This wolf-“ I stammer out, glancing down at the still whimpering wolf below me.

“Will be dead if it tires to fucking touch you again, don’t think about that just come to me.” He holds out his arms to me, his scent intensifies as if he’s trying to draw me in with just that amazing smell and his pretty face. Lucky for him I’m a sucker for pretty boys and I could also really use a hug right now. I let go of the wolf and shuffle across the field to his warm embrace. My hands act on their own and lock themselves to the soft fabric of the back of his t-shirt. He leans down to give me access to his neck where I quickly bury my face. “Can I pick you up? Your feet must be freezing.” I nod. He easily lifts me up without removing my face from his neck, my legs wrap around his waist automatically.

“When did you two get so close?” Baekhyun grumbles as Kris carries me inside.

Kai answers, “She bared her neck to him last night,”

“I’m awake you know,” I look up briefly to glare at them.

“Close the doorway once the others come in, Tao go grab a blanket, Kai you get something warm to drink, Sehun,” Kris eyes the younger up and down, “give me your socks.”

They all scatter while Sehun struggles to peel off his socks and hands them to Kris, I can’t help but chuckle, “Thanks Hyung,” I grin. The older gives me a small smile in return. Kris sets me down on a chair in the dining room before kneeling in front of me and helping me put the socks on my freezing feet. I glance down at my hand and grimace at the sight of the nasty bite marks on my fingers. Kris glances up when he is done and notices me staring at them. He follows my gaze and automatically snarls at the sight.

“He fucking bit you!” The head alpha roars, unleashing a massive amount of dominate pheromones.

“I thought you knew,” I grumble as I slouch under his gaze. “I’m sorry.”

His gaze softens at my apology, “I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at that bastard.” He strokes my head before placing a short kiss on my forehead, “Tao! Yell up for Yixing and tell him to bring his medical kit.”

“It’ll heal soon,” I remind him.

“I don’t give a single fuck, you are my mate and you were hurt in my care,” He begins pacing in front of me, his hands run through his hair in frustration.

I chuckle, “True, my hyungs are going to be pissed.”

“Forget about yours, I’m worried about mine.”

“That reminds me!” I jump to my feet, making my mate panic. He reaches out to grab me but I swat his hands away, “What the hell did you guys neglect to tell me?” I can tell he is taken back by my suddenly aggressive personality, so much different than how I was only yesterday.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m talking about the wolf that is running through the forest towards us right now. I think there might be more but I only caught the scent of one.”

His eyes go wide, “They’re back early.”


“The rest of our pack, the rest of your mates.”

“The rest? How many are there of you?”

“Twelve all together.”

My jaw drops to the floor, “Twelve? Are all of you my mates?”

“We are guessing yes but we won’t know until they all get here.”

I sink to the floor and pull knees to my chest, whether it’s my panic attack finally settling in my chest and making me basically catatonic for a minute or the realization that I have 12 mates, I’m not sure. Twelve, seriously? I can’t handle twelve guys, let alone twelve alphas. I can’t tell how possessive they are yet but from what I’ve heard alphas get extremely aggressive and angry when anyone even looks at their mate. This going to be interesting.

“What the hell happened?” Yixing roars the moment he sees me on the floor and Kris pacing. He hasn’t even seen my hand yet.

Kris spins around and looks about ready to murder the other, “I don’t know, why don’t you tell me what our mate was doing out all by herself!”

“I let her go for a second, she said she was coming back and-“

“And she almost got killed by Taemin because you let her run around by herself!”

“First off,” I step into the conversation, my panic attack suddenly feeling farther away with the more familiar wolf’s presence. “If anyone in that fight got killed it would have been this Taemin fellow, you saw yourself that I was winning so don’t make me a completely helpless victim. Second, I snuck away while Yixing hyung was sleeping to go find something to eat so don’t blame this on him.”

“He should have been watching you,” Kris protests.

“I don’t need a guard or an escort thank you very much.”

At this point we a pretty much chest to chest, our eyes locked in a silent battle for dominance that I don’t back down from. Tao returns with the blanket in hand, Kai has a mug of some herbal tea, Sehun is just standing there looking utterly confused and scared for me. They all stare in shock that I would dare argue like this with their head alpha especially after seeing me so weak yesterday. But that fight got my blood going and reminds me that I’m not some weak little pup, I’m an alpha, well at least personality wise I am.

He sighs and looks away first, he closes his eyes and surprises me by resting his head on my shoulder. His nose slowly inches closer to my neck until I feel the cold tip of it brush against my skin. I let him breath in my scent, I even wrap my arms around his neck to bring him closer. I can tell he doesn’t want to fight with me and I feel kind of bad for even trying to start a fight but they need to know I’m not some weakling.

“The hyungs are here,” Tao pouts.

“They’re here! Already! We haven’t even had a chance to spend time with her,” Sehun almost whines.

“I’m with Sehun hyung on this one,” I sigh running my hands through my hair. “I barely know you six, I don’t know if I can handle six more already. I think I need to sit down. I also think I need a bandage before someone has a conniption. You alphas do that when your mate is hurt right? You freak out and stuff?” I hold up my hand for everyone to see, which apparently is a very bad idea. The whole room feels like it’s vibrating when every alpha lets out a terrifying growl that has me curling up on the chair I had occupied before. “Does that mean I don’t get a band aide?”

“Lay,” Kris has to close his eyes and take a minute to calm down. The others just watch on, completely pissed while Yixing comes over, a small smile on his face and a first aide kit in his hands. He pulls out some antiseptic and sprays my hand making me whimper in pain, and making the others take a few steps closer and let out a small growl.

“I don’t like it either but I don’t want it to get infected,” He glances over his shoulder at the youngers and glares at them.

“Fix my hand please Hyung,” I wave my injured hand in front of his face to get his attention back. He look back to me with a much kinder face and pulls a bandage out of his first air kit. With gentle hands he wounds the bandage around my hand and through my fingers until the whole bite mark is covered. He kisses it softly making me smile, “Thank you.”

“You are welcome love, now are you ready to meet the rest of us?” He offers me his hand that I happily accept.

“Not one bit but that seems to be the way I’ve been doing my whole life so why stop now. I can totally handle twelve mates, six more of you should be no problem. Plus you are all the scary ones right? The others should we fine and sweet, right?”

I look to the others hopefully but find Baekhyun shaking his head, “Minseok hyung can be a very scary guy, I’m actually starting to feel less angry with Taemin, I think I might pity the poor thing. He’s going to be slaughtered.”

“If Minseok hyung doesn’t one of the others definitely will. Soo hyung has been pretty vicious lately,” Kai grimaces.

“You guys aren’t helping,” Yixing snarls, they look to me, finally being able to sense the panic coming off me.

“Please don’t be scared little wolf,” Tao coos coming closer, he’s even brave enough to put his arm around my shoulders, which I don’t mind. He smells like new leather, his scent makes me think of my days in the army but fun days with my pack, I find myself smiling and leaning into his embrace. “We got you little wolf, so don’t be scared. Remember to be brave, you’re an alpha if I’m correct? Aren’t you supposed to be brave and daring? You just tackled a strong alpha a few minutes ago, what changed?”

“It’s different,” I grumble, “I can fight off some of the strongest alphas but I’m not fighting you guys. I want to be warm towards you guys and I’m not used to doing that so it’s the complete opposite of what I’m used to doing.”

“You will do fine, you radiate warmth with just a little smile,” Yixing strokes my head.

“I think you should bare your neck to everyone here, if that’s okay,” Kris suggests glancing towards the living room doorway where I’m guessing the rest of my mates are waiting.

“We haven’t really had a chance to emotionally bond with her though,” Tao worries even though I’m already half way in his embrace.

“I’ll be a lot easier for her if at least half of us have physically bonded with her, it’ll give her more people to depend on other than Lay and I.”

I sigh, “He’s right, it’s okay Hyung, go ahead,” I close my eyes, tilt my head to the side and expose my neck to him. He’s hesitant for just a moment before I see his eyes flash gold and his alpha takes over, his head dips down to burry his nose in the crook of my neck. I didn’t realize how intimate of an action this is until I open my eyes to see everyone watching on with envy. Our arms are wrapped around each other holding the other closer.

“You smell like flowers,” He muses.

I chuckle,  “Thank you, I’ve been getting that.”

“So sweet,” He mumbles. It only lasts a second more before he is pulled away by Kai, whose eyes are bright red, I’m guessing with jealousy.

“There are others waiting,” The younger reminds him. Tao glares but steps back more. I gulp when Kai takes a step towards me. Again I bare my neck, this time I’m a bit shakier. “Don’t look so scared love,” Kai says in a much sweeter voice. I take a deep breath to calm my racing heart as he takes the final step so we are chest to chest. “Flowers,” He hums, he leans down and takes a deep breath.

“Caramel,” I mumble back, “You smell just like caramel.”

“See?” He leans back and gives me a handsome smile, “I’m not scary am I?”

I chuckle, “Maybe just a little.”

“My turn!” Sehun interjects eagerly.

“What do you smell like Sehun hyung?” I smile at the cute alpha that can change so quickly.

He sniffs his own shirt, “You tell me.”

I reach up and grab him by the back of the neck, I pull him down to my level and tuck my face into the crook of his neck, “Vanilla.”

“They are right, flowers.”

Kris claps his hands together to get everyone’s attention, “I know that we would all like to sit down and talk about how amazing she smells but right now we have six very angry and jealous alphas outside on the patio and I can feel seven more approaching, we need to go out there quick.”

“My pack is coming!” I grin.

“And they are about to run into our hyungs who have no idea who they are,” Sehun grimaces.

“This isn’t going to go well is it Hyung?” I look to Kris.

He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose, “No, Little wolf, it this will not.”

Long Live the Queen (M) Pt. 3

Pt 1  Pt 2  Pt 4 Pt 5  Pt 6 Pt 7


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: Rated M for possibly mature themes in future updates, probably smut, swearing, murder, violence. I might get a little crazy with this

Summary: Jungkook’s name on the streets is the ‘Golden Prince’ for all the fanciful things he’s taken as his own. As a thief he can steal anything, even when he’s propositioned to steal the Queen herself. Stealing her heart however, will prove to be another matter completely.

A/N: here it is guys! Part three!! I hope you guys enjoy ^~^ 

Credit for this idea and the artwork goes to @baepsaeboyss

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A Bit Shy (part 1)

//Part 2//

Author’s note: This story freaking wrote itself, man. 

Songs: I actually listen to piano covers of kpop songs for this story. Go check out Smyang piano on youtube!

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook(BTS)

Word Count: 1036

Genre: Fluff and Humor?( Well the word vajayjay was used so that a sign this is not that serious of a story)

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

How does one get someone who is afraid of girls to notice them? I tap my spoon on the edge of my bowl watching Jungkook eating his lunch with Jimin. They were laughing and throwing bits of food at each other. Ok “afraid of girls” was a strong phrase. My mind wanders back to the first time we met as I watch the two boys acting like idiots. Just thinking about it makes me want to dunk my head into my burning hot soup.

    It was only my first day here. I found myself down a hallway that I wasn’t probably allowed down. This is what I get for not asking my boss where the bathroom was. But I am an independent girl who needs no man to her where the bathroom was. I turn myself confidently down yet another corridor with the same gray walls, somehow everything looks big surprise, the same. I sigh out in defeat as I lean against the wall. Ok, maybe I do need someone to tell me where the bathroom was located. I close my eyes and wish I was back at my desk with a computer that won’t even turn on. At least I had no control over that issue. I’m lost because of my own stupid pride. If it was only my bladder, I would have held my pee in for the rest of the day at my desk but mother nature has other plans for me. My desperation to find a bathroom became more apparent by the cramps and uncomfortable moistness of my womanhood. If I didn’t find a bathroom soon, I know I will have a nice red stain on the back of my white skirt. Nice way for people to remember me by, right? I run my fingers through my hair trying to clear my head.

    “Excuse me, are you lost?” there was a sudden intrusion to my train of thought. I open my eyes slowly, trying to rack my brain on what excuse I should use on why I was most certainly was not lost. But with my luck, this person was probably a higher up or my boss.

    “No, I…” I stopped mid-sentence, once I took a good look at who was the owner of the voice. No, it wasn’t a higher up. No, it wasn’t my boss. No, it was Jeon Jungkook of BTS staring at me with a weird expression on his face. Out of all of the employees of this company, the one I run into is my first bias of BTS. Truth be told, I knew I was going to meet him eventually because we both now work at Bighit. But I never knew I going to meet him with blood coming out of my vajayjay and a desperation to find a freaking bathroom so I could just put a goddamn tampon in.

“Well um..uh…yeah I am-m…wher-re is the umm..bathroom.” I sputter the sentence out. I push myself off the wall and look down at my flats, suddenly interested in the floral pattern etched across them.

“Oh it just around the corner, you won’t miss it.”

“Thank-ks.” I walk past him with my eyes still on the ground.

“wait…uh …miss.” I turn around and look jungkook in the eye. His face was a flush red and he holding a long sleeve flannel shirt that he was wearing moments ago.

“Uh take this you have uh something on um the back of your skirt.” He looked down at the floor and held out the shirt a bit farther to me. Oh, God. I whip head around and lo and behold there was a bright red stain forming on my butt for the whole world to see. Oh God. Embarrassment boiled in the pit of my stomach and need to throw up became the first thought in my mind. All I wanted was the floor to give out from beneath me.

“Thank-ks.” I took the shirt and bowed to him. Oh, God. I shot down the hallway and turned the corner, sprinting the last steps to the bathroom. I pry the door open and run straight into the first open stall I see. I leaned against the door of the stall and took deep breaths. I looked down at the shirt in my hands and rubbed the material in between my fingertips. At least he was nice enough to give me his shirt.  I took one last deep breath and started to fix my issue down under.

The rest of the day went smoothly without any more little surprises from mother nature or hot male idols. But still to this day, over a month later, embarrassment still surges through me just thinking about it.

Today was the first time I saw him since our little run in. I watch him from the other side of the small cafeteria. Seokjin had joined the two boys and was now scolding them, probably about throwing food. I laughed into my now cold soup. I stirred my spoon around chunks of meat, not feeling a bit hungry. I wanted to give him back his flannel but I had no clue where I could find jungkook. But even if I did know where to find him, I would have been too embarrassed to even give him it back. For now, the shirt’s home was at my apartment laying on the back of my desk chair, mocking me.

I finally take a small sip of my soup, scrunching my face up at the taste. I drop the spoon back into the bowl and pushed it away. I look back up from my soup and got this sinking suspicion someone was watching me. I scanned the small cafeteria and found a pair of dark eyes watching me. They belong not to jungkook but to the smaller boy sitting next to him. He had a smirk on his face and never broke eye contact with me. I was bewildered to why Park Jimin was staring at me. He leaned over to jungkook and whispered something into his ear. He then pushed back his chair back and stood up. He started walking not to exit but straight to my table.  

More to come.(sorry not sorry) As always I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it!!<3

and at last (i knew i was not magnificent)

This is for @geekprincess26 for the first round of @jonsaexchange. I hope you like it! :)

The two of them had escaped to the corridor, tired of all the drunken happiness of men who have crowned a new king. Their cries and shouts are faint now and it feels as if it is only the two of them. It is for that reason, her words slip out, unbidden and spontaneous.

“I dreamed of you,” she tells him slowly, her head bowed down. There is a halt to their swaying and slow dance before it continues on. 

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