i bought you all the sodas

How about Enjolras who stress cleans?

Combeferre and Courfeyrac both know from living with Enjolras that the state of the house is a clear indication of how stressed Enjolras is.

  • A clean kitchen means that Enjolras is stuck on a part of his essay or speech and needs half an hour to come up with just the right phrase.
  • Their bedrooms all tidied up means that he’s finished off a major piece of work and isn’t happy with the result but just can’t get it to work.
  • Enjolras following you around with a broom and dustpan and yelling at you for dropping crumbs on the floor means he’s just had a particularly awful argument conversation or read something that really made him angry and it’s best to stay out of his way.
  • Coming home to a house smelling like hospital grade cleaning products means Enjolras is worried about someone and doesn’t know how to express his concern

Combeferre and Courfeyrac have learnt to just let Enjolras be when he gets like this, knowing he’ll come out of it in his own time.

But Grantaire hasn’t lived with Enjolras before, so when they start dating, he doesn’t know that avoiding the stressed blonde is perfectly acceptable. So instead, he comes up with his own way of helping Enjolras deal.

  • Grantaire who introduces Enjolras to stress baking so that they can at least enjoy the fruits of all that energy spent.
  • Grantaire who takes Enjolras to his studio so that their fearless leader can take his aggression out on paints and then pass it off as Enjolras creating art (”people get paid obscene amounts to do this you know, and you’re a natural - I think you could get rich from this!”)
  • Grantaire who sits down with Enjolras one day and researches on environmentally friendly cleaning products and alternatives to store bought products (”all the blogs say baking soda and vinegar, E - we’ll need to go shopping”) because he doesn’t like how dry and calloused Enjolras’s hands are because the dope doesn’t bother with gloves when he cleans.

Enjolras learns to make the most delicious puff pastries and home-made macarons (and Grantaire starts complaining he’s putting on weight).

Grantaire sneaks in one of E’s artwork in his exhibition as a guest work and calls it “Fury” - it sells for obscene amounts of money (much to Enjolras’s dismay and Grantaire’s delight)

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i love your neighbour aus so much so can you do one for minhyuk when you have time to?

find wonho (here) , jooheon (here), kihyun (here) , shownu (here) & im (here)

  • adorable boy whose known by literally everyone because if you see him in the elevator or getting the mail he has a funny joke to tell or does something just to get you to smile,,,,
  • his personality is so warm and inviting it’s hard to miss him
  • because he’s probably laughing out loud, walking with a skip in his step, or just being cute with the neighborhood kids or the puppy waiting for their owner outside of the store
  • his apartment reflects his cuteness, but also his messiness
  • like he choose cute pink and blue bed sheets and covered his laptop keyboard in stickers ??? probably has plushies that sit on his windowsill and fairy lights over his headboard
  • but also,,,,,,dishes piled up in the sink and candy wrappers on his bedroom floor
  • changkyun, kihyun, and jooheon once came over to play video games and when they asked for minhyuk to give them some slippers he only had one pair + one slipper from a missing pair??
  • this is how he lives his life 
  • but it’s fine he manages to leave his house looking fluffy and cute everyday
  • and when his brother visits he’s like “everyone kept telling me to say hi to you??? how do you know the mailman??” and minhyuk is like oH because i told him that joke about the chicken
  • and literally like,,,,,minhyuk brightens up the neighborhood he really does
  • fun fact: couldn’t keep the plant shownu got him alive longer than a week so he replaced it before shownu came over again and said “look how it’s grown,,,,,i take care of it like my own child :’)”
  • shownu: i bought you an orchid,,,,that’s a carnation 
  • you’re minhyuk’s neighbor and ofc you know him and he’s told you countless jokes and you always like seeing him because he cheers you up no matter what
  • but you’re not like,,,,,,friends
  • mostly because he seems to have soOOO many of them????? you once even bumped into mark, someone you knew from work, who also knew minhyuk like wOW he’s a popular guy???
  • and it’s the weekend so you see minhyuk hauling huGE bags from the party store to his apartment and you’re like oooo he must be celebrating with his friends
  • but come like ten pm,,,,you hear a knock on your door and you open it to see minhyuk there,,,,party hat on his head but a very??? sad look on his face
  • and you’re like “??? is everything ok???” and minhyuk’s like “you’re the only other person on this floor who is close to my age,,,and i literally have a pinata in my apartment,,,,but no one to break it with because all of my friends CANCELED ON ME
  • and you’re like omfg why??? and minhyuk shrugs and says something about one of them having to go to see his significant other instead and then everyone else just deciding to bail or be lazy and stay home
  • and you’re like,,,im sorry
  • and minhyuk is like !!! don’t be,,,,,,im over it but ,,,,,,,here 
  • and he passes you a party hat and with a smile he takes your hand and he’s like “let’s go break that pinata?”
  • and that’s how you end up blindfolded, a bat in hand, minhyuk’s voice guiding you through his living room
  • and he keeps saying left left but you end up bumping into a wall and you’re like im sorry!! to the wall which leaves minhyuk cackling
  • and you’re like diD YOU LEAD ME in the wRONG DirECtiOn on PURPOSE
  • and minhyuk is like mAYBE,,,,,
  • but then he walks over and you feel his hands on your shoulders and he’s like “let me help you for real this time!!” 
  • and you’re like ok,,,,but also his hands,,,,are so warm and big
  • and he’s moving you gently toward the pinata and he’s like ok it’s right there - swing!
  • and he says it against your ear and you swallow but you swing and you feel your bat hit something and minhyuk’s clapping
  • and when you open it you see the candy spilling out and you turn to minhyuk and grin and you both sit down and pick your favorites
  • and you’re going to take a chocolate bar, but minhyuk gets it first and you pout because,,,it’s your favorite kind of candy,,
  • but minhyuk notices and before you pick another one up, he takes you by the wrist and drops the candy in your palm with a smile
  • and minhyuk shows you the bubble machine he bought and you guys turn it on and see who can pop more of the bubbles ,,,,, laughing the whole time and you eat all the snacks he bought
  • mixing the chips, the candy, the soda, and minhyuk takes out the beer but you’re like,,,,, i wISh i have work tomorrow!!! and minhyuk is like i understand i understand
  • but then the karaoke machine comes out and you both end up standing up on his sofa spilling out all your strength into singing along to your favorite songs
  • and as you’re singing, minhyuk gets off the sofa and pulls you down too and starts moving you,,,dancing with you and  you’re giggling, dropping the mic
  • until minhyuk snags himself against the coffee table and he topples over with you ontop of him but you’re still both laughing and minhyuk goes “this is,,,,,,,a great date,,,,,”
  • and you stop, almost choking on your laugh because da???te????
  • and minhyuk is like H sorry,,,i just,,,,i felt like that’s what it turned into,,,,
  • you wanna open your mouth but you know ,,,, you’re still like literally sitting on his hips and you get off,,,, looking around embarrassingly and minhyuk is like aH I ,,, made this awkward
  • but you don’t want him to just think you’re not interesting so you’re like “ac,,,,actually this,,,,could be a first date,,,,but will there be a second one,,,?
  • and you see the bright smile return to minhyuk’s face and he coyly like takes a chip off the table and shrugs and you’re like kghfjsed don’t leave me hanging
  • but he leans over suddenly and is like “second date,,,,,,,,,,,,how about the movies?” 

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Part 2 of OVERCOME

BACKGROUND: You start teasing Jungkook in a library. What starts out as a game to test the young boy ends up back firing.

GENRE: Purely smut, library sex, youngerboy!au

Authors note: Told you guys I was thinking of making a part two. Nothing but sin for Jeon. Tell me what you think! Will edit errors later. 

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Pieces of Us - Disappointment

Word Count: 2240

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Flangst

A/N: Companion piece to Fragments Can be read alone. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

Written for @because-imma-lady-assface ‘s 300 Follower Challenge. My prompt was: “You brought liquor into a movie theater? That is so classy.”

Of all the arguments you’d ever had with your father, this was by far the worst. You rarely argued, but when you did, they had a tendency to be brutal. Both of you were stubborn and unrelenting, hardheaded and unwilling to back down. “I’m not going back there!” You screamed in Bobby’s face, so loud the books in the bookcase rattled. “I’m a full time hunter! It’s time you accepted that!”

“You’re 17 years old! You’re finishing high school!” Bobby yelled back. “It’s what your mother would’ve wanted!”

“Don’t you dare!” You abruptly turned, nostrils flaring with pure rage. “Don’t you dare bring mom into this! That’s low even for you.” You turned away and grabbed your bag and the keys to your Dodge Coronet Super Bee and marched to the door, swinging it open so hard the hinges busted.

“Where are you goin’, Y/N?” Bobby demanded, pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. “We’re not done here.”

“Out. We are very done.” You slammed the broken door and stomped to the car, throwing your bag inside and shoving the key in the ignition, speeding out of the scrapyard as quick as the old car would allow, leaving your father in a cloud of dust.

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Southern Motherf*cking Democratic Republicans (Jefferson x Madison x Burr x Reader) 2 (Final)

Words: 2000+

Warnings: Consistent mentions of sex, flufff

A/N: i’ve been procrastinating on writing a second part to this because i suck, sorry. enjoy! also just realized that the first got more than 100+ notes? thank you loves!

Part 1

After that day, it was extremely difficult to walk out of your apartment without reporters flashing lights in your face or taking pictures of you. It was the same questions, like how does it feel to have three soulmates? And did you ever think this would happen to you? Three eligible bachelors fanning for your affection? But it was not what you imagined. It’s not what anyone imagined meeting their soulmate (correction: *soulmates) would be like.

This was just the beginning of your odd relationship with them. Burr would drop you off at work in the morning, Madison would take you to a local coffee shop on break, and Jefferson would take you home. Once he asked if you would go to his house instead, with a wink.

You didn’t.

It was hard. It was extremely hard to deal with. Your heart was torn in literally three pieces, fighting to share your love with all three of them. You were stressed, and you cursed to the universe every night. There were being even more unfair, they were making you exhausted every day.

Eliza said that you were complaining too much, and that you should appreciate what the world has given you. You retorted back, asking if she could handle having three soulmates. She blushed, wiggling her eyebrows at you.

You decided to not bring it up to her again.

After a few weeks of this, you decided to have a meeting with all three of them at your home. There were few reporters still there, and Thomas made the last few go away, with threatening to call his “resources” to make them get fired. They quickly dispersed after that, never showing their faces to you again. You shook your head at Thomas’s threat, but he insisted that it was for your privacy, and that he would do everything in his power to keep the media out of your lives.

You ordered takeout that night, the boys wanting to buy it for you instead. You scowled them for the hundredth time that day, telling them that you had enough money to spare. You appreciated their kindness, but sometimes, you wanted to treat them instead.

You heard a knock on the door, and opened it, your three soulmates standing there in front of you. You couldn’t ignore the throbbing in your chest when you saw them, the universe reminding you that you loved them more than anything. Jefferson wore a dark purple shirt tonight, his hair neatly combed (if you could do that to the curls on his head). He walked in, kissing your forehead softly. Madison strolled by next, wearing a dark blue shirt. The smile on his face made you grin back at him, he kissed your cheek. Burr was the last, wearing a black shirt. He pulled you into a hug instead, holding you as tight as possible.

They all gathered in the kitchen, sitting at the small table. You lived alone, so a small table with four chairs seemed enough for you, at the time. Now that these massive men were in your home, you made a mental note to buy a bigger table. The three of them were cramped in the apartment, constantly bumping into each other. Maybe a bigger apartment instead.

“How are you, my love?” Jefferson asked, gathering the plates.

“I’m fine, Thomas.” You replied, pulling out the rice containers. James placed his hand on the small of your back, telling you to sit down.

“We’ve got this, Y/N. You bought the food, so we’ll serve you.” Burr grabbed sodas out of the fridge, and James helped, putting ice in the cups.

You were extremely thankful for them. As you four sat down, Madison next to you and Burr and Jefferson across from you. You wanted to enjoy your moment with the boys, but you couldn’t help but bring up the point that you needed to make. They were chatting with each other, ignoring your pleas and gestures. After a minute of this, you rose you voice, causing them all to look at you.

“Listen, guys, listen. I, don’t you think our situation is weird? We’re all soulmates, isn’t that strange to you at all?” Madison was the first one to shake his head.

“Not at all. Before we met you, Thomas and I grew up knowing that there was someone out there who had the same tattoo as us. Once ours didn’t glow or hurt when we saw it, we knew there was a missing link.” Madison glanced over at Burr. “Two missing links.”

“James is right, this seems okay to me. Why, do you not like us?” Burr asked, pausing in his eating. You sighed, putting your head in your hands. You were constantly bombarded with mixed emotions from the three of them all the time. There was research done that suggests soulmates felt the pain and other emotions of their loved one, and vice versa. Since you had three, you felt all of what they felt.

Right now, you felt nervousness emulating from all of them. It was cumbersome to deal with all their emotions at the same time. Your head was throbbing, and you tried to deal with it. “No, Aaron, that’s not what I’m trying to say. I just, I don’t know if I can do this.” You whispered.

You felt a burning sensation on your arm, and looked at it quickly. The dragon tattoo on your arm was burning bright red, fading the tail of the dragon. You widened your eyes at your arm, looking at your soulmates. They were all looking at theirs as well, watching it fade.

“You’re rejecting us, Y/N?” Thomas whispered, a small bit of sorrow in his eyes.

“No, I’m not, I-“

“We’ve researched this for our whole lives, Y/N, don’t you remember? We know what happens to soulmates when one of them rejects the other. Your tattoo begins to fade. As you grow away from them, it continues to dissipate, until there is nothing left. We know what we’re talking about.” Thomas hissed, growing angry. You shook your head, looking at the dragon.

“I don’t know how I feel about all of you, about this.” You whispered. “I care about all of you, but it’s like I’m not myself anymore. It’s like, everything you guys think, everything you do, consumes me. I can’t think around you all.”

Burr grabbed your fingers, his eyes pleading with you. “We can figure this out, we are scientists. We can make it easier for you to handle. Just, just don’t give up on us, please.” Burr said desperately. You hated hearing his voice shake, but you needed some space, and space. To deal with this.

You nodded, hearing Burr sigh in relief. He was the most sensitive out of the four of you. Since you two have met, he needed constant reassurance that you were not going to leave him. You always wondered why, but never found the time to ask him about it.

“I won’t give up on you three, I need some time. I need some time to stop these headaches that I’m getting. It’s hard enough to deal with my own emotions, let alone three other people.” They nodded. You sensed relief from the rest of them, and it calmed your headache. Dealing with positive emotions were much easier than negative ones.

“Can we eat in piece, now?” Thomas mumbled, grabbing an egg roll from the pile. You smiled at him, picking the sweet and sour chicken out of the middle. “Y/N, I told you to get soy sauce.” He grumbled, staring at the sauces on the table.

“I asked the lady for it, did she not put any in the bag?” Thomas pouted, and you told him to check in the closet for sauce. Fortunately, you saved packages from previous takeout. He grinned happily, sitting back down next to Burr. “Guys, I have a question.” They all looked up at you. “Do you, do you feel the same way about each other like I feel about you. You know, romantic feelings?” Burr laughed, glancing at the two men next to him.

“Why do you ask?” Madison asked.

“Because, it seems weird that we’re soulmates and I only love you, but you don’t love each other.”

“Good question.” Thomas replied, lending you no more information. You rolled your eyes at his lack of a response.

“Come on.” You grumbled.

“We do, love each other.” Madison answered for them, twirling noodles in his fork. “Before we met you, it was more like a brotherly love. We knew we were soulmates, too, so that was kind of a given.”

Thomas interrupted Madison. “We didn’t know how many people were going to be soulmates with us, especially after we found Burr. Honestly, I thought it was going to be more than ten people, which sounds ridiculous.” He mumbled, playing with his mac and cheese. You made it for him yourself, since he was always unhappy when dinner didn’t include the “delicacy” (he called mac and cheese that constantly).

“I’m happy that it’s only four, Y/N. Three’s a crowd, four’s a party.” Burr winked, causing you to blush.

“But yes, we do love each other. Once our tattoos glowed, there was a click, at least for me, when I looked at the other two. It was like I was seeing them for the first time.” James replied, smiling at the other two. “I’m happy for us, I really am.”

“And we’ll have great sex.” Thomas murmured, making your face reddened even more than before. You were reminded of Eliza’s look when she mentioned the four of you.

“You’re embarrassing Y/N.” Burr chuckled. Thomas looked up from his food, smirking at you. He wiggled his eyebrows, nudging Burr. Burr grinned, putting his hand on Thomas’s thigh.

“Can we stop talking about the deed? I just want to watch a movie later.” You mumbled. Who knows what emotions you would feel when that happened.

“And after…?” Madison questioned, giving you an evil grin. You gasped, surprised at how blunt Madison was. He was usually the one to mediate and calm everyone down, but it seems like tonight, he was encouraging the other two. You snickered.

“Let’s just focus on the movie right now.”

“We’re definitely gonna f*ck tonight.” Thomas mumbled, and you threw a piece of bread at him. He raised his eyebrows, holding a piece of pork in his hand. You warned him with your eyes, and he grinned, tossing the piece of food at you. The sauce on it hit your face, leaving a trail of grease. You glared at him, picking up the rice container in front of you.

Thomas held his hands up in defense, looking at you. “Come on, Y/N, you started it! Just, not the rice, please. It would take me forever to get it out of my hair.” He complained, and you tossed it anyway, the pellets going on all three of you boyfriends. James sighed, picking the rice off his food. Aaron laughed, grabbing the noodle container. He looked at James, then placed it quickly on his hair, giggling evilly.

James frowned, the noodles cascading down his face. “That’s it, I’m going to stop this right now.” James grabbed the soda bottle from the middle of the table, and poured it on Aaron, and you heard a gasp come out of his mouth.

You three began this insane food fight, tossing anything that was close by. After a few minutes, all the food was on the floor, stains were everywhere; from the ceiling fan to inside your closet. When you were looking at the aftermath, they boys stared at you sheepishly. You broke out into a grin, and laughed.

“You guys are so going to help me fix this up.” James grabbed your waist and ran, carrying you in his arms. You laughed, hitting him on his back softly. “James, we need to clean this up! I don’t want it to stain!”

“We’ll clean it later, but now…” Thomas said, grinning. Aaron was hanging on Thomas’s back, all of them leading you to the bedroom. The happiness radiating from all of them made your heart swell with glee.

And that’s when you knew. You knew that you could handle being with the three of them. At this moment, you could not imagine your life without them in it.

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okay this is gonna be a scary imagine kinda 😂 Do a reaction of the gang playing and reacting to playing Charlie Charlie game or the Ouija Board. (Whichever you choose) Thanks fam!!!

BurLOVE THIS!!! gonna do ouija board, i’m more familiar with those ahahah

-It’s late at night
-Two-bit’s drunk
-Pony’s out of weed
-Steve is pissed at Soda because he keeps cheating during poker
-Legit fucking DARRY whips out an ouija board
-He bought it in high school as part of some teenage rebellion 
-Two-bit grins and turns out the light
-Ponyboy makes him turn them back on bc they forgot to light candles lmaoo
-Steve’s oddly quiet
-The gang is sorta like ‘…..’ but since it’s Darry’s idea, they all get in a circle
-Everyone places their hands on the planchet 
-Darry leads
-His voice is low and you can hear everyone’s breathing “Is there anyone here?”
-”Okay, who’s fucking around?”
-”Soda, quit movin it, I know it’s you!”
-”It ain’t Steve, I swear”
-”I’m too drunk for this”
-”Am I the only getting a little freaked out?”
-”Quiet, Pone”
-It lands on ‘Yes’.
-A nervous silence settles between the gang
-Darry places the planchet back in the middle
-”I’ve used these things before, they work, ya know?”
-”You’re fucking lying, Darry”
-”Watch you mouth, Pony. Okay…Is there something you want to tell us?”
-… ‘S’
-”Knock it off”
-”Hush, Pony!”
-”Wait, what’d that spell?”
-”Shit Two-bit, it spelled Stay, lordy you’re drunk”
-”Can it knuckleheads, it ain’t done!”
-The planchet quickly slides to ‘Goodbye’.
-Pony pales and backs away from the board
-”Stay gold…It wrote ‘Stay gold’”
-”Burn it, Darry. Just…Get rid of it”

Truth comes first ~P.2

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► Summary:

Everything in Riverdale seems to be a big mess no one can descipher not just because of Jason Blossom’s mysterious murder, but other questions start to fill the air of the small town.

► Pair: Jughead Jones x Reader

►  Word Count: 1,864

► Warnings: none

► A/N: Thank you all for the welcome you did give to this series! I’m so happy to see that you like it. I have to say that maybe these first parts don’t seem that interesting but… Believe me when I say I’m just preparing everything for the surprises and the plot twist that’ll come ;) 

Tags are open!

► Tags:  @matchesarelit, @armafoxx


Half an hour later you were on your way back home.

Everything between you and Jughead had been settled; how you were going to work as a team, what each one of you were contributing with and of course the promise of being the most discreet you could.

A pair of familiar voices filled the air making your walking stop. You were standing in the sidewalk in front of Betty’s house. At the same door of the house you could see two persons; none other than Archie and Betty themselves, and they didn’t look happy.

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How You Met // Preferences (DEH character x Reader)

My first Preferences, this will probably go in order.



 You looked all over your town for a job that didn’t make you want to die, and you’d found nothing. So you were at your last resorts, you needed a summer job and you’d take anything at this point. And as if sensing your need for a job, the local State Park called you about your application as a trail guide. Basically your job was to give tours to the Boy/Girl Scouts and anyone else who came for them, and if none were scheduled you’d be making sure the trails were clean of litter, safe for people, and clear of fallen trees. What they didn’t warn you about was fallen boys, you were free of tours for the day so you went out to clean up a trail Boy Scouts had used to get to a camp site. And about 100 feet away you saw a boy in a State Park uniform plummet to the ground, you dropped everything and ran to his side. He only broke his arm but you still made sure he got to the hospital and didn’t leave until he was allowed to leave as well. Due to his broken arm and breaking the park rules for climbing trees, you were is “buddy” at work. Basically you made sure he was ok and also not breaking more rules. He became your best friend and you his, little did you know how much that meant to him. 


 It was your first Lab day in your Junior Year biology class and you didn’t have a single friend in this class, over 3 years you didn’t have a single friend in this class. You crossed your fingers under the desk, praying that your teacher wouldn’t make you pick your partners. 
“Alright class pick a partner!” And with that your fate of being the only kid with no partner was sealed. You already knew you’d be the kid that was forced to working a group of three awkwardly, you knew that your teacher would announce to the class that you needed a partner and everyone would know that you have no friends. Than you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turned and you were met with black, you leaned you head back and realized Connor Murphy tapped you on the shoulder. “Do you um. Do you want to be partners? If not it’s okay, I’m know I’m a fucking freak and you probably have a partner already, I’m sorry,” You couldn’t help but giggle, his face was pink when he asked you and he seemed so nervous, it was sweet. Your giggles must have seemed like you were making fun of him because he instantly became angry and started stomping away. You grabbed his wrist, 

“Connor I would love to be your partner!" 

"Oh um well than we should um, fuck,” he whispered trying to form a sentence. You smiled and lead him to the supplies table, he sat in the open seat next to you. You walked behind him and gathered up all of his wavy locks 

“What the fuck are you doing,” he growled, ripping his hair from your hands. 

“Sorry Connor but you gotta pull your hair up for this lap, unless you want to light on fire,” you said holding up a hair tie. He didn’t respond, he just turned back to the lab table, so you gathered his hair up again, this time he didn’t refuse. So you ran you fingers through his hair, making it into a smooth little bun on his head. You didn’t know for sure but you swore The Connor Murphy, Mr. I’m so tough and I hate life itself, Connor ‘middle finger’ Murphy was smiling, and blushing?! 


You were at a new school and hadn’t made a single friend in three weeks, the guidance counselor was more than worried. She listed off every club you could join, but you didn’t want to join a club, you didn’t need friends, you were fine. You looked at your shoes as she continued reading off all of the club names, you zoned out, thinking about what you could be doing instead of this. You were about to actually fall asleep when you heard “video game club”. The three words caught your attention, you needed an out here and you like video games, so you told her you’d join. It couldn’t be that bad could it, and besides nothing was worse than listening to your guidance counselor tell you how you need friends for an hour. This. This could be and was definitely worse than that, you walked in the room and you could feel every guys eyes start scanning you. You felt like a piece of meat, and all of these guys were starved dogs. So you scanned the room and found a guy wearing a shirt with your favorite superhero on it. 

 "Oh hey I love (fav hero),“ 

"Oh really? Well than tell me who their estranged wife marries in episode 38,” he said rolling his eyes at you, you tried to think of the answer but apparently that’s the kind of knowledge a “real fan” knows in seconds. “Fake fan! Stupid fucking bimbos trying to be 'nerdy and cute!’" 

 felt the anger bubbling inside you, you noticed he had his own laptop out and his head phone cord was really freaking long and wrapped around his coffee cup. You stood up and quietly grabbed the excess cord, you wrapped it into the back of his chair and waited for him to move. 

 A hand grabbed your arm just above your elbow, you plopped into a chair next to a boy with boxy glasses and large front teeth, he also had a hand on your arm. "You’re already my favorite person in this fucking room, Derek is a total douche. I’m going to help you out here,” he said an evil grin or spread across his face. 

 "Oh you’re going to help me huh?“ You raise a single eyebrow. 

 "Oi Derek, check this shit out!” The boy yelled, Derek swiveled his chair in your direction, his head phone cord pulling his cup on its side. His coffee spilled all over his key board. After 10 minutes of panicking his laptop turned off completely. 

“I’m Jared by the way but you can just call me your partner in crime,” the boy in the glasses said once the humor had worn off of your prank. 

 "How can I can I call you if I don’t have your phone number?“ And as if the stars aligned you found your first friend and probably a pretty fucking great one.


 You worked at cafe on the south side of town, you saw hundreds of faces everyday, some new and some old, some you remember and some you didn’t, but you’d never forget hers. She came in every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and always had a black and purple duffel bag on her shoulder. But those were the only constants, some days she wore baggy athletic clothes, others it was skinny jeans and what you assumed was a body suit, some days her hair was in a perfect bun others it fell over her shoulders. She never ordered the same thing twice and after two weeks you realized she was working her way down the menu, although she always asked what she could get with whip cream. 

Today instead of leaving immediately she sat in a booth, she leaned against the wall her legs stretched across the chair. You were cleaning a table near her when you noticed the Stars on her ankles, they were drawn in blue pen. About a half hour she came up asking for a completely different drink to go, you made her order and drew a cluster of stars and something else on it. She thanked you and left, she didn’t notice your doodle yet, but you noticed she left her phone on the counter. 

 "Hey Mindy, that girl left her phone here I’m going to see if I can flag her down,” and with that you ran through the shop doors. She entered a building across the street, you ran after her. 

 "Hey hey Star Girl! You left your phone in the cafe!“ You said to her once you got through the doors. She turned around and your breath was taken way, she had taken off her jeans and you realized it wasn’t a body suit, it was a leotard. Suddenly all of the dots connected, the duffle bag, the athletic clothes, how she usually wore her hair in a perfect bun, She was a dancer! 

 "Oh my gosh thank you so much! If I lost this again my mom would actually kill me! Oh my goodness how can I repay you? And don’t say I don’t have to because I really do!” She chattered, her eyes lit up and you realized wow she’s more gorgeous up close. You ran through everything in your head and ended up saying the stupidest pick up line.

 "You c-could repay me by um going on a ddate with me,“ you stumbled, not only did you drop a stupid line you also stuttered through it. 

 "I would absolutely love to, but I don’t have your number!”

 "Oh really?“ You raised an eyebrow and turned her cup around so it faced her. 

She laughed "I guess our relationship is just written in the Stars!” her smile took your breath away, in that moment you prayed to every god there was 'please let this one be gay’


 YOU DON’T WANT A FUCKING MATH TUTOR. you definitely need one. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU W A N T ONE! You were failing math class, and if you failed this semester you’d flunk out and not even summer school could save your ass, aka you’d have to go through another year of hell. So your teacher told you that you will be tutored after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the school library by Alana Beck. You didn’t know her but you knew her reputation, literally the smartest kid in the entire grade, if anyone could save you it would be her. Also rumor has it she always smells like old books, that was weird as fuck but you shrugged it off.

 You were waiting for Alana in the library, she was ten minutes late, and you kinda thought she might just not show up. 

“Oh gosh I’m sorry I’m late, I was five minutes late and I felt so bad that I stopped and got us some snacks, and now I’m ten minutes late, you probably hate me,” she said all in one breath. 

 "Hey no it’s fine, I’m sure I’ll be late soon anyway!“ You said cracking open on of the sodas she bought you guys. After a hour of studying you felt like death, but Alana was so smart and funny and pretty and her voice was like honey and you were very tired. She finished packing up her books and you had just started, you expected her to leave but she didn’t, she silently waited for you to finish packing. You two walked to the student parking lot, talking about nothing in particular, when suddenly she stopped, you turned to face her. 

”(Y/n) I think you’re really cool and I was wondering if you’d like to hang out this weekend, as acquaintances,“ she asked not looking up to meet you eyes. 

 "No I don’t want to hang out with you as acquaintances,” she quickly walked passed you, the rejection hitting her hated than she’d like to say. “But I would love to hang out with you as friends!” You yelled after her. She looked at you, her smile so wide, you pulled her into a hug, and she hugged back tighter. And in this hug you realized old books smell pretty fucking good.

Close as Strangers: Chapter 5

Close as Stranger: Chapter 5

Word count: 4.3k

Genre: high school au, angst, fluff


You were rushing around your room, trying to figure out what to wear.

“I don’t understand why you’re freaking out, it’s just Jungkook,“ Yoongi stated, sitting on your bed flipping through the channels.

“Exactly, it’s Jungkook.” you said, changing your shirt shirt for the fifth time. You looked in the mirror smoothing out your outfit. You were in high waisted jean shorts, toms, an frilly top, with a cardigan. It was November so it had become a little chilly.

You started messing with your hair, trying to figure out what to do with it. “Leave it down,” Yoongi said, still looking at the TV.

You turned to him, “You sure?” He finally looked at you, “Yes, because it’s hot and Jungkook likes it.”

“He does?” you smiled slightly.

“He does?” Yoongi mimicked.

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Homemade laundry detergent recipe!

For those witches who are on a budget and want to save a LOT of money on laundry detergent, and also want to personalize their laundry scents and ingredients, this is for you!

I decided to start making my own laundry detergent two years ago when I got into college and couldn’t believe how much money I was dumping into laundry soap. So I looked up how to make it myself, and couldn’t believe how cheap and easy it was. For about $10-15, I could make myself a HUGE amount of detergent. To put it into perspective how much money you’ll save, I bought my supplies for it two years ago and still haven’t run out! I highly recommend this for college witches or witches on a budget.

I wanted to share this with you all, and I’d love to hear how you guys decide to make yours!

Recipe to Make 2 Gallons of Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent:

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup Borax
  • 1 cup Washing Soda (both can be found in most grocery stores, such as Meijer or Walmart)
  • 1 bar of soap, any kind you’d like!
  • Optional: an essential oil of your choice 


  • The largest pot you have
  • Something to stir with
  • Cheese grater 
  • Two empty gallon containers (milk jugs work great for this)

How to Make: 

1. Grate your one bar of soap with your cheese grater. Personally, this is my favorite part! Its always so pretty. 

2. Fill up one of your gallon jugs with water, and pour into your pot. Turn the heat on high. You could also add infused water, moon water, snow water, etc. 

3. Pour your grated soap into the pot and stir until the soap is completely dissolved. This might take a few minutes!

4. Add the 1 cup Borax and 1 cup Washing Soda and continue to stir until all ingredients are dissolved. If you have any other ingredients you would like to add, such as herbs or other laundry-safe substances, this is where I would do it. 

5. Bring the mixture to a boil. Be warned though, watch this closely! Turn off heat as soon as you see the mixture boiling and starting to rise. I’ve walked away from this before and came back to a overflowing mess due to the bubbles that start forming. If this starts to happen, turn off the heat and blow on it.

6. Make sure the heat is turned off and fill up a gallon jug with cold water. Add the cold water to the pot and stir well (clockwise for the witches in the northern hemisphere!). If you have an essential oil you would like to add, allow the detergent to cool slightly and then you can add 15-20 drops, or more if you’d like a stronger smell. 

Your detergent should be bubbly and smell wonderful at this point! 

7. Allow the detergent to cool enough so that if you spill it, it won’t burn you. Then carefully spoon or funnel the detergent into your 2 one-gallon containers. If you spill any on your skin, rinse it off with water as soon as you’re done, especially if you’re someone with sensitive skin. 

Allow up to 24 hours for your detergent to thicken completely. It will be thick upon first use once it has cooled, but if you can’t pour it easily, you can stick the end of a wooden spoon into the container to break it up a little. Shake well before each use and you should be good to go!

To Use: 

Pour between ½ - 1 cup of detergent into each load. Sometimes for extra dirty loads I just pour in as much as I want. It’s so cheap to make I never worry about using too much! 

I really hope that everyone finds this as amazing as I do! I love this wonderful stuff. I really enjoy adding some witchy element into my laundry. 

Blessed be, my loves!

My Hero (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

Request: OOOO what about “This movie is really scary, but you’re into it so I’m trying not to cover my face the whole time, but- WHAT IS THAT?” with Jared?? I feel like it kinda fits him lol

“can i hold your hand?” with jared :00

Word Count: 1554

Warnings: just some swearing

I put 2 requests into one bc i felt like they rlly fit well together also wow i love jared so much in this

You laid on your bed, staring up at the ceiling fan as it spun idly. For once in your life, you didn’t have some huge project to worry about, or a show to watch, or something you should be cleaning. Your schedule was empty, and you were oh-so-painfully bored. You sighed, sitting up and reaching for your phone.

You called the first person you could think of who wouldn’t have anything actually going on on a friday night.

“Hey Jared,” you said once he picked up.

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Night Stop

Description: Social anxiety can be a bitch

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Oh Sehun x reader

Word Count: 898

Originally posted by sehunnified

“Someone has to go inside and buy the snacks.” Baekhyun whined from the back of the van. “And I went last time.” “Why can’t we all just go in?” I attempted weakly. “Because that’s never how we’ve done it. Y/n, just go inside and get it over with. It’ll take less than five minutes.” He urged. I sighed, finally pushing open the door and walking inside the sketchy looking convenience store, slamming the door behind me. I grabbed one of the small, plastic baskets by the door and started searching for everyone’s snacks. “Hello Miss.” The cashier muttered from behind the counter. I uttered a measly ‘hi’ in return and dashed to the back of the store. My heart already beginning to race.

I hadn’t gotten through much, the basket barely held two candy bars in it, when my anxiety started to set in. I didn’t want to go up to the cash register, but the guys would get mad if I went back to the van empty-handed. I hated this so much. I was usually fine with this because literally any other time, three or four of us would go inside or even if I was one of the only ones inside, Sehun would come with me and would take care of paying the cashier. I didn’t wanna hassle the guys though. Sehun was sitting in the very back of the van; Not only that, but he was half asleep. I hated that I was so desperate for him for something so trivial. You’re being childish, finish getting everything and go pay for it. It’s that simple. That’s all you have to do. I tried convincing myself. It was stupid for me to just be waiting around in here, like me stalling was going to change anything. You were the one sent inside, stop being ridiculous, get the snacks, and go. I continued walking around, filling the small plastic basket with all sorts of chips, candy bars, and little cakes, as well as a few sodas and bottles of water. I stayed in the corner by the drink coolers. I wasn’t ready to go up there. I could feel my heart beat beginning to pound in my chest, and my hands starting to shake. You’ve done this before countless times. I thought to the many times I’ve bought all of us snacks. I have done it countless times… With Sehun. I let out a defeated sigh.


You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. I repeated in my head like a mantra. However, after several minutes, it hadn’t helped anything. In fact it had only made me more anxious. I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I realized I was going to have to do this eventually. “Why are you like this?” I stuttered. The next thing I knew, my sight had gone blurry. I soon realized that I was crying. “You’re so pathetic.” I mumbled, attempting to wipe away the tears. A hand pushed mine to the side and wiped away the tears for me. I looked up to see Sehun standing in front of me. “You’re far from that babe.” I shook my head, at the same time unintentionally dropping the small basket to the ground. “I couldn’t even go up there and pay for everything.” My voice shaky as I spoke. “Stop it Y/n. So what if you couldn’t do that. You’re still an amazing person. You’re still a talented musician with an amazing voice. You’re still one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. You’re still my incredibly beautiful girlfriend that I love to the moon and back.”

Sehun pulled me into a hug. “That’s only one small thing that you can’t do against the millions of others that you can do and you’re great at.” The scent of Sehun’s favorite cologne filled my nose, encasing me in a scent of familiarity. “I should’ve came in with you.” He mumbled, planting kisses to the top of my head. I slightly leaned out of his grasp to face him. “But you shouldn’t have to, I should be able to go in a store like an adult.” Sehun pushed one finger against my lips to shush me. “No, shut up. Everybody has something they can’t do, this is your thing, and that’s okay. Quit beating yourself up over it. Baby, you are the most amazing person I’ve ever known, and it makes my heart fly out of my chest knowing I get to call you mine. I love you so much.” More tears fell from my eyes and Sehun continued to wipe them away. I buried my head in his chest again, letting myself calm down before we did anything else.

“Finish getting everything and I’ll be waiting for you at the counter. I’ll do the rest.” I nodded as Sehun picked the basket up off the ground and put it back in my hand. I finally continued walking back up and down all the aisles. I got everyone several more snacks and a couple more candy bars, to hopefully make up for the wait. After grabbing a couple more sodas, I made my way up to the cash register. My heart began beating faster in my chest, but it subtly returned to normal once I saw Sehun there, waiting for me just as he said he would.


I’ll be stressing about something silently to myself and he will tell me “stop it, I can tell you’re freaking out over there. It will be fine”.

If we’re sharing a plate he gives it to me saying “ you need it more than I do. I know you’ll spill crumbs on yourself.”

If were watching a show he will ask me “do you know what just happened?” Because he knows how I confused I get with certain shows.

“What’s wrong baby?” He’ll say. I tell him “nothing” and he says “don’t lie I can tell by the look in your eyes. Tell me.”

He walks in front of me going in places because he knows that I hate being the first one in.

“I don’t feel good.” I tell him. “You’re not gonna throw up” he tells me because I have this stupid weird fear of throwing up.

“Do you wanna go for a bike ride?” I ask. “No. But I know you want to since you asked. So let’s go.”

When we’re in a group of people he refuses to leave my side because he knows how anxious I am and leans over and says “you doing all right honey?”

“Do you want a candy bar?” He asks in the store. “No” I say. He grabs one anyway. “I know you’ll want one later, you always do.”

“I got you a soda with your milkshake because I know how much you love fountain soda.” He says

“I bought a new book yesterday.” I’ll tell him and he’ll say “you already have it finished haven’t you?” I smile “I knew it” he says

It is such an amazing feeling when someone just knows you. Even the little things that don’t matter. They can read you and you don’t even have to say a word. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

—  I couldn’t ask for anyone better

I just took a peek inside the front cover of my Silver Palate Cookbook, and it appears that I bought it back in 1982. That sounds about right.  That would also be the year I started baking this Irish soda bread, one of the many recipes I fell in love with from this beloved classic.

There are a few places in my well-used book that easily open to favorite recipes. You can see evidence of batter-smeared fingers that turned pages, or places where splatters of soup or stock got too close to the action.

Like all quick breads, baking soda and/or baking powder are the leavening agents, rather than yeast. This recipe calls for a teaspoon of baking soda, a full tablespoon of baking powder, and buttermilk – a powerful combination that makes the batter rise immediately as you stir it together.

I’m pretty sure that most of the world eats Irish soda bread piping hot out of the oven, but I like to refrigerate the baked loaf overnight and then toast thin slices. A crisp, buttered piece of Irish soda bread, chock full of currants, goes perfectly with a cup of tea or espresso. This not too sweet bread is equally good alongside a bowl of soup.

Irish soda bread, a well-loved recipe from The Silver Palate Cookbook, by Sheila Lukins and Julee Rosso


  • 6 tablespoons butter, divided
  • 3 cups all purpose flour
  • 1-½ teaspoons salt
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 1-½ cups dried currants
  • 1-¾ cups buttermilk
  • 2 eggs, well beaten


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Smear 2 tablespoons of the butter evenly in a 10-inch cast-iron skillet. Line the buttered skillet with a circle of waxed paper. Melt 2 more tablespoons of butter and set aside.

Sift dry ingredients together. Add currants to dry ingredients and toss well to coat.

Whisk together the buttermilk, eggs, and 2 tablespoons reserved melted butter. Add to the dry ingredients and mix until just blended. Do not overmix.

Spoon batter into prepared skillet and smooth top. Dot the top with the remaining 2 tablespoons butter.

Bake until golden brown and puffed, about 1 hour. (Mine was done after 55 minutes.) Either serve warm directly from skillet, or let cool completely on a rack, and then wrap carefully and refrigerate overnight. If serving chilled, slice thin and toast.

Covetous (Part Four + a Mixtape)

Prompt: @ruth-hamilton-delrio requested “You can’t be jealous if we aren’t even dating! man up and ask me out if you’re going to act like that.” I wanna see your take on that, for Lin x reader” and I happily turned it into a slow burn, multiple part series fic.

The Mixtape: I made a very special playlist just for this fic! Please listen to it in order for maximum pain. 

Find the mixtape HERE! 

Author’s Note: Phew, this was a doozy to to finish! There’s so much pain and so much angst and just… wow in this part. I’m sorry it’s so long, but there’s so much I wanted to put into it and there was just no good stopping point except for where I stopped it. 

After this part, there’s only one more part!! We’re almost done, you guys. This journey has been so painful and long and I’m thankful for you for sticking with it and me! 

Words: 7,529 (I’M SORRY!!) 

Warnings: i don’t remember but i’ll put cursing, drinking, and hospital mentions just in case 

Tags: @ruth-hamilton-delrio @strongenoughfoundation @linslovelylocks @hamilbye (I made you your own character, love) @ourforgottenboleros @fragmentofmymind @constellationsniall @drawbloodwithmypen @apolypanperson @manuelmirandamn @sempiternal-mooses @always-blame-jefferson @nesthemonster @theoverlordofeverything @night-persona

Without further ado, enjoy the extra long pain! 

You were waving over a second round of drinks to the table you now shared with Lin, Ruth, and Sarah as your voice floated over the room, telling countless stories of your days with Lin as Ruth nodded, laughed, and frowned at the correct parts. Your drink had switched from whiskey to a red wine and Sarah still nursed the same drink she’d started with.

“Oh, and then there was this period during our sophomore year of high school when Lin would literally wake me up every day by screeching a Britney Spears song into the phone.” You laughed to punctuate the sentence, your mind whirling back to the days of carefree youth.

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When you and Rocky kiss for the first time

Thanks for requesting~ I hope you like this and if you didn’t, please tell me! ^^

okay but like can we talk about how rocky is also my bias wrecker because like astro is 99% bias wreckers and 1% bias like??? WHY???

Words: 883

Fluff all the way yasss this is 201% fluff you guys

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by beyondastro

”Hi,” Minhyuk smiled widely, looking at you.

“Hi,” you greeted him and opened the door you were holding a little bit more so he could enter your apartment.

“I brought these,” he said, lifting a plastic bag, probably filled with snacks.

You smiled widely. “Nice,” he gave you the bag and you left him in the hallway and went into the kitchen.

“Wow,” you exhaled, looking at all the things he had bought. “Are you sure you didn’t need to rob a bank to buy all this?”

He came in, chuckling. “I promise nothing.”

You nudged him while chuckling too when he stopped next to you.

“What are we watching tonight?” he asked.

“I was thinking superhero movies,” you said, taking the snacks out of the plastic bag.

He smiled at your statement. “Sounds nice,” he helped you with the snacks.

You went into the living room after grabbing a few cans of soda and a few bottles of water from the fridge. You laid all your snacks and drinks on the small table in front of the sofa and sat down on the sofa. Minhyuk did the same and sat down next to you.

“Come on,” you said. “He’s pretty handsome.”

Minhyuk shook his head. “I beg to differ,” he gave you a look. “What’s so great about a blonde man with a huge hammer?”

“Look at his eyes!” you pointed at the TV.

“Mine are prettier,” he said.

“Well, yeah, but he’s still handsome,” you argued.

You looked at each other, you both wanted to have the last word in this playful, silly argument.

“Admit it,” you said, narrowing your eyes.

“Never,” he said, narrowing his eyes.

You nudged him and he did the same. You kept nudging each other for quite a bit until it turned into a pillow fight.

“Yah!” you yelled when he chased you around the sofa, holding the biggest pillow you had. “That’s unfair!”

“No it’s not!” he said, not giving up.

You pouted. “You’re going to hurt me!”

He lowered the pillow and threw it on the sofa, looking somewhat apologetic. “Sorry, I didn’t think about that.”

You acted like you accepted his apology for a bit before grabbing the pillow with an evil smile. “Ha!” you laughed, holding the huge pillow up.

“I knew you would do that!” he said, grabbing a smaller pillow.

“Then why did you give it to me?” you asked, proud of yourself for getting the pillow.

“Because you are my weakness,” he said, making you both cringe at the cheesiness.

“Okay, look,” he approached you carefully. “Let’s make peace?” he reached out his hand.

You looked at him for a bit before sighing and grabbing his hand to shake it.

“Throw that away please,” he said, looking at the big pillow you were holding with your other hand.

“You throw yours first,” you said and he obeyed immediately. You threw yours away too. You tried to make him let go of your hand that he was still holding but he didn’t let go.

“Ha!” he pulled you closer and wrapped his arms around you tightly.

“Hey!” you whined, trying to break away from him but he didn’t budge.

“Got you,” he grinned and you looked at him with a pout.

“You’re so sly,” you said.

“Sorry,” he chuckled but didn’t let go.

“Come on, let go of me already, please?”

“I’ll never let go,” he said and you cringed, making him chuckle a little. “Sorry,” he apologized, amused, and let go of you.

“I’ll go get some more soda,” you said and walked away, into the kitchen. You opened the fridge and took a can of soda out. Minhyuk came into the kitchen too but you didn’t notice him until you shut the fridge’s door and turned around. He made you stand against the cool fridge.

“What now?” you asked, surprised.

He smiled a little before leaning closer and kissing you. It was a gentle, sweet and warm kiss. It was the first kiss between you two so it felt really special to you.

You couldn’t help but giggle when he pulled away.

“What?” he asked, amused.

“Nothing,” you said, blushing.

“Why are you lying? What is it?” he questioned.

You looked at the can of soda in your hands because you were nervous.


You just smiled.

“You liked it that much?” he was amused by the sudden change in your behavior.

“It was okay,” you walked away, unable to stand so close to him any longer. He followed you.

“Okay?” he asked with disbelief.

“Yeah,” you couldn’t help but smile at the thought ‘we just kissed’.

“Come here,” he chuckled when you put the soda on the small table in the living room. He grabbed your arm and pulled you closer gently. This time you dared to look at him.

“Are you shy?” he asked with a smile.

“No,” you lied, forcing yourself to look at him.

“Yeah, and you are as red as a strawberry for no reason,” he pointed out, making you put your hands on your cheeks.

“It’s not my fault, you kissed me out of nowhere,” you mumbled.

“Is it a bad thing?” he asked.

“No,” you said.

“Good,” he grinned and then leaned in to kiss you again.

@new-recipe asked: When the chocobros are out for a night of drinking, who is most likely to get drunk? Who can hold their alcohol?

Gladio holds his liquor so well that nobody knows if they’ve ever seen him drunk. They know that after a while he turns a little red, and his shirt (if he’s wearing one, of course) is coming off. They know that they watched him down enough alcohol to down a behemoth and Gods, he’s still going! But is this gentle bullying his normal way of showing affection, or is Prompto in a headlock because Gladio’s had a few too many? Whatever the case, Gladio’s the one in charge of the others when they go out drinking.

Ignis doesn’t drink enough to get drunk when they go out. He likes to be able to look after himself. He gets a little loose, and then he’s in the corner shoveling pretzels into his mouth by the handful. By the end of the night, the boys look at Ignis and he’s in the same corner, but he’s somehow got food. Real food, and not even the food they have in the bar. A burger, an entire pizza, a tray of hot wings. Nobody knows where the hell he got it. He hasn’t moved all night. 

Prompto’s tolerance is on the low side. After a couple of drinks, he’s very loud and very fun. Even when he’s crying (usually because Noctis is passed out, Iggy won’t share his food, his hair keeps brushing against his face and it’s tickling him), he’s still fun. For some reason he keeps drinking because he thinks he can keep up with Gladio (he can’t, and he usually has to be carried home). Prompto is already a friendly little guy, but everybody’s his friend when he’s drunk. He’s the most likely to try (and fail) to commit a minor crime.

You’d think that because his metabolism is so fast, Noctis would at least be an average drinker. But you would be wrong; one drink in and Noctis is down. How long he has before he decides it’s time to pass out depends on what he drinks and how much he’s eaten. People think he’s cool and mysterious because he’s a quiet prince, but when he’s drunk all the shit he doesn’t say is coming right out (”I bought green tea soda from a man for thirty bucks and it turns out it was just ginger ale. Do you think he tells his wife about me. He had such a trustworthy face.”). There’s no warning when he’s done. He passes out wherever he is.

anonymous asked:

How can I cut the perfect circle on craft foam. How much those my soul cost to get consistent size circles, from huge shields to tinnie-tiny for belts and gadgets. Any tips on tools and techniques?

DUDE YOU NEED ONE OF THESE. I bought one and I have NEVER LOOKED BACK. PErfect circles of any sizes, for all things cosplay. 

In a pinch though, I always use google eyes, spray paint cans, bowls, pots, soda cans, etc to trace around. :D 

Imagine always walking home with Rafael after work

Imagine always walking home with Rafael after work 

“You don’t have to this, Reagan,” Rafael sighed, calling down to you as he came down the steps of the DA’s office to meet you.

“But I actually do, Barbs.” You corrected for the umpteenth time that day yourself, turning in your position at the bottom of the stairs so you could face him, “It’s part of the whole protect and serve thing and you know. My boss told me too,” 

“Still don’t understand why I need a police escort to walk me home,” He commented huffing.

“Might have something to do with those death threats you’ve been getting?” You reminded, “But hey what do I know,”

“From my experience, very little,” He smirked.

“Shall we?” You suggested, giving him a little playful shove forward but ignoring his comment.

“Let’s go” He grinned, walking past you.

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VIXX Celebrating the 4th of July

dont know why they would but if they did..this is how they’d be 

Originally posted by hyukgifs

Hakyeon: You sat him down outside and told him the story of George Washington and how he’s basically the Santa Claus of the summer and that he brings all the little children fireworks and freedom. Hakyeon believed you ( up until you snorted at his awe-struck face.)

Originally posted by hakyunie

Taekwoon: The family barbecues and bonding time made this holiday special for him and if he fell asleep with all your baby cousins and missed the firework show, so be it, he was happy nonetheless. 

Originally posted by jongtaekwoon

Jaehwan: “Where’s my keys?” “Oooooh say can you seeee?” “I bought the pecan pie, potato salad, soda..am I missing anything Jaehwan” “The home of the brave?” 

Originally posted by jongtaekwoon

Wonshik: Screams. Yells. Howls. Bawls. Shouts. Bellows. 

Hongbin: *You introduce him as your friend* *Your grandma refuses to believe yall aint banging* *Somehow your grandma persuades him into asking you out* *God Bless America* 

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Sanghyuk: Eats. Everything. On. The. Table. and is now your family’s favorite boy you’ve ever brought over.

Originally posted by thisisjustforfunval